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Sunday, June 11th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody welcome to another addition of slice of life thank you for curving out yet another half hour with us and the out lifestyles town known and slice of life import we have an interest in show. Today we're going to be talking about when my favorite festivals of the summer. The dragon boat festival coming up on June 17 which you believe it is a pleasure to welcome Susan times two's Susan mama is here. From the hopes are stricken boat team and Susan Gately. The president of the act company called looming Nina ladies good morning and welcome. Good morning and an athlete. And Ellen Davis is here Allen is usually seen standing on a window at act. We're happy to have Allen who is the voice of the dragons and before we get into that Susan tell us what the dragon boat festival is and how it got. Started sixth annual clarity six and how to write about that's it is Lou many as marriages. Vegas event of the year. To raise funds for. Local busting our breast cancer survivors. And that includes dragon boats in of people aren't familiar with it it's just in name but there's also their they're essentially canoes rates. They Arab forty plus. But can news that Daryn specifically design and to look like aid to rank and the bout of thing that rang again is to tag and and that stern breeze embers the ten yet and quite striking. And one at the opening and that is called the awakening to. And we have our eighteen that's gonna be hosting net advance it only takes a few minutes. But it is a ceremony for doubting the ball team Chinese that carved to making. Attempts at vote in the sense. Ending its slumber and re energize them for the festival season. Now this is that just for breast cancer survivors rates who's and it involves other teens corporate entities. Police fired private businesses. That's correct we have community teams as well as local corporations that compete each year and in addition to breast cancer survivor teams come from across the region. And there are a lot of different relays that hip and throughout the course of the day and what day it is Allen Allen and Davis is the voice of the dragons. And when you could Ender river works you'll hear his voice booming throughout the area how you get involved in this wonderful cause and I. It would have been in the ninety's actually in Toronto. They were a running drag operations there you know these these women are modest that that is the users are modest as. This events is exploding and I've said it year in year out it's because of the hard work that they put into it. But when I was in Toronto. I was asked to come down and and basically. Just Marshall the teams to the docking area in other words has gone on a microphone and tell him to get down there and get ready to you know vote and then make announcements for a number of the sponsors. Things like that. And when I said to a woman says that I'll do it if I can call races. So what they did was they arranged that I can actually call races. At Ontario place and I did it there for about four years. And with Mike Kirkland who will Menino works with for the subject. And slug into and it ever since then and I if I'd thoroughly enjoy today and I've watched this event grow I'm so impressed with how well they do. And the passion. And assist assist a terrific terrific dale a lot of fun. It's great fun and it's open to anybody you don't have to be a breast cancer survivor or have any sort of connection to the disease because as Susan daily points out. There are people from all different walks of life who participate. Ellen how have you seen it grow and buffalo since you've been involved. Well Leno okay I'll I'll tell you it was what do we have like thirty teams I think we started with and the festival. Six years ago. I was down in the garrison area correct at UB LA galaxy match. And we had a terrific day and you know the water just wouldn't cooperate it would allow for there to be competitive racing that was going on. But the people who are their for the very first time recognized. That this was something special this was something that people really. Thrilled about. Being able to to participate. So. Even though it had to then moved to the waters over UB for a few years before settling plastered down a river works it continued to grow in its popularity. And this year he's been noted it's the fastest and largest growing participatory sport in the world this this is going on everywhere I called the the world breast cancer survivors. Championships in Sarasota two years ago there were over hundred teams from all over the world. And on a competitive. Nature on the other side of it all walks of life. All ages. Are participating. And it's it's is it's growing and growing every community you go to now others discussion about if you don't have an event you should try to get an event itself. But it doesn't come easily you have to work very hard to put it all together which is what these. Well and is correct I salute both Susan and also your entire corps volunteer is because everybody's life is busy certainly have other things to do. And yet here they are game and in day out helping. Really further declines here. And it's on to it isn't just something pilots to refer few goods and these women that I see yours survivors and work currently fighting the disease are really competitive. Yes they are and you see he other people who aren't seen firefighters nurses police officers there's a real sense of rivalry and in good fun include competition. But Susan speed few words to that idea of these women who are survivors and how they train year round to participating at a high level and the sport. Our program offers exercise and nutrition counseling so that our women are prepared for the summer when they began paddling. They paddled a couple times a week to practice. And then they compete in regional dragon boat festival so. They're actually preparing all year and really concentrating. And increasing their endurance and their upper body strength. For the sport. I like to say to Susan editing enhanced. And it's an incentive for these women to practice year round. It isn't just threw three weeks before the race in June and I know friends who are in that. And the dragon boats who guard the BAC and a regular basis and it leads me to another set out to the BAC who has done a tremendous job and partnering with you. They hit they certainly have they we are really struggling and how weak. Further our message and reach more women and the BAC approached us and the between Rick. And Allan they've gotten the word out there and we are gaining in volume of women sadly. Because he had to be it breast cancer survivors to join a team but one other thing that I would like to note about the team. Is to support that they give one another. It's really very very moving. To see when someone has a bit of a struggle. The phone calls the car it's the the support. Lets you know driving them back and forth was food anything it they need to do this team is ready. To provide. It's really sound encouraging and you get a sense of camaraderie and and kinship when you're there even as a spectator. I'm Susan how many people do you expect participate this year. Well we have 52 teams and each team is comprised. Twenty people ministers percent Astor person so we have quite a number of teams we've sold out. And we expect as spectators. Over 5000. It's tremendous it's a great turnout on what do you think about the location I you've been at Gallagher as you said you can happen very UB. And now one of them Austin time in our coveted spots are now in Western Europe and the hottest spots is Revver or. I love that I think it's it's a natural for this event. If if they could if they could grow it and and afford them the ability with the river to be able to accommodate more teams that this event could do it easily but. I think they're they're managing properly by. My holding it to 52 teams so that would be an incredibly. Competitive day where you know four lanes of racing Ellen gone all day but river works is a terrific location to be able to view the event. Yes and to enjoy the day you're right there with the racing. And you're right there among the teams all day law. And you know the facilities down there they can they continue to improve them and it's it's perfect it really is and I think that anybody who has been at other events who come to this event or are walking away saying the same thing it's difficult nation. It's an idea of and you sort of getting wet I felt like Everest participating it was fantastic. And it's so close to everything we took a lot or heard the other island. You're in the heart of downtown and there's so much activity you wanna take a walk in the area. It's not an isolated area there's a lot to do you you can really feel the synergy of what's building in downtown buffalo. Something I never thought AT and violent times it's very confidence and he asked. Did you get a good reaction when he made the move their Susan. I'll absolutely. Nine I have to really thank state river works team though I'm Becky. And Rachel for are really helping to create. A wonderful event and experience for all the participants. You know you asked about location. One has the tightening. Actors plus to get us back down into the city a par four because we are a lasting need York team. Of that and so that was so location and as I said spectator view lane. And most important for me was the water the water is so com. And the only thing that will stop us this year is that there's lightning which that's never gonna happen. I will make service. Any intuitive than if you wanna watch the races are longer they're going on alternate but there's any other activity there. Including an a purge your commercials Susan everything from face painting. Ask your raffles or so many wonderful baskets from which to choose a silent auction. Even King Kong and you have a number of vendors set up. So something for everybody ready bring your children your grandmother or something to tear it definitely Stanley orient hate it. Now that you've really grown and they respect your right Susan there's been so much more attitude is Cherie lapses. Yes we've we are constantly looking for ways to enhance. That the events so that it draws families and spectators. And on each year we've we've been proved it. Let's face it we all know there's a lot of competition every weekend in the summer everybody tries to fit in as much as possible during our. Relatively short summer seasons are pretty archer had anything you wanna answer. How do you compete with other festivals and events that happened throughout the summer what makes you unique or different manner and with this kind of approach. I think it's really comes corporations look at it as a true team building experience. And you half to one year and that boat and you get funny on people you have to work together as eighteen. And I think that's why we drowned out at the corporate. It's so much different and you know and it's a walks in the runs if he'd never seen dragon boat racing you have to come down. And just experience said and see it firsthand how exciting it. That's true and and keep in mind dragon boats are centuries old yes there uses mode of transportation centuries ago. The rebirth is because of team building. That's really how odd how it started to grow gam was corporations recognizing that they. They were seeing a real benefit from and they are there's Doral where they're reporting resources toward. And then what happened was a doctor out west in Vancouver doctor William McKenzie recognize that this could be very beneficial for breast cancer survivors as well. And they've embraced it and I'd like to colleges their own they've they've really done. An amazing job of growing the event themselves and so. I I I will tell you I don't see it stop stopping growth I think this will be something that will continue to grow and grow and grow. We should probably point out to the the actual benefit for breast cancer survivors is being out there that helped with the therapy with lymph edema in case some women have any sort of swelling. In their terms or IBC trainer regain muscle control us additional practical benefit to. Yes there is our programs specifically targets breast cancer survivors and their unique. Exercise needs. And our protocols designed specifically for breast cancer survivors Ellen Helen is each race typically last. Well you can now of I was a Wii having 400 or 300 meters depends on the length of the course but it may have made it can be sixty seconds can be ninety seconds something like that I don't think you'll see much over two minutes for race. And then the turnaround time one of the nice things about river works is that you can get loaded and unloaded quick actually be able to turn it around pretty quickly so we'll be racing. Every ten to twelve minutes. From about 8 in the morning all the way through. Till final races which will probably be able force something in the afternoon semester a lot of coffee there. No I don't I don't anyway you know I drink a lot of water. I don't drink a lot of water as it migrated yet and I stay hydrated that way about I I have. A perch that's beautiful animals call racism right at the finish line I could see the full course of. You're working idiots listen your senior took a lot of Durant and that's better than us it's a pretty easy Dave recently I. But don't worry if he Nestor race we Arab video lane. And down at river works there act TVs to Al facility and there's a huge TV. That we're able to re run. And replay all of their racist so he missed your favorite team don't wary it'll be up on the screen later this current prices and Reggie said they had to because the whole area setup it's really conducive to watching whether you're watching it live or on the screen as you said and people who buy ice Susan for the coveted dashing Drake and trophy right yes that our teams are very competitive they've really want to do to win so it's a very competitive exciting day. June 17 at buffalo river works. Be there it's a great time it's a unique experience and you have to develop all right and yes of every works had their concession stand. But he can also go on line MP order felt even better because of thought a very thing I really salute you for all of your volunteer work your vendors your sponsors. And Ellen Davis the voice of the dragons that they wouldn't be the same with Larry Allen at any time it would definitely thank you all very nice. Thank you all ladies and Allan for coming in this morning we appreciate your time. And William attire we are proud to be named one of 2017. Best companies to work for a New York State men team help you have to be heard in the motor vehicle accident. William retired deferment to focus in one of 2017. And best companies to work for New York State if you've been her new car. Call William tar 40444444. Means she will himself. Call 4444444. This is Susan mammoth event chair at the sixth annual dragon boat festival please join us on Saturday June 17 at buffalo river works as over seventy teams compete in a majestic sport of drag boat racing to raise funds for breast cancer survivors that competition doesn't that there still the best teacher and costume contest fenders and merchandise and a fabulous basket raffle jointly sponsored team and participate in his signature event and June 17 at buffalo river where extract teeth I hope chest. For more information visit hope test upload data pork. Since we extend. It is over read his rights to slice of life. Like us on our. We're talking about everything under the lifestyle umbrella. And I am delighted to welcome back to the shark actor Jack bird lean out. Who is in the house once again this week chart are different things connected to. His unique medical practice and the heart of Williams now Decker bird Leno is the app is at the helmets of Smoot solutions medical aesthetics. The office is located right on main street near Evans in blames we had doctor Jack and last week. And there's so much toward get to the reaper and that this week Derrick bird Alina welcome back to slice of life. Thank you Brenda again thanks for having me we were talking last week about around some delicate issues really when people are aging the body obviously changes and sometimes. People really want to maintain their quality of life or perhaps restore their quality of life. And that's a big focus of your practice and amoral that you know you if something can't hear me by the can help women. Yes with different problems connected perhaps distressing parents and asked and countenance. Dryness. Sexual pleasure. If you did you skip folks a little bit of a 411 and her Amy works in case you missed it last week. Well for me Eva uses radio frequency waves and for the longest time we've used radio frequency in the cosmetic realm. For skin tightening and force out your lead. And way back these platforms. Call us a lot of pain. When I looked into the meat I could not believe you can use that technology like radio frequency to rejuvenate. A woman. But the new platforms that are out there and now the new technology. Is completely painless. And what it does it is. There me about it with its radio frequency waves is what's called Ngo. When the vaginal vault. Is. Traumatized by childbirth. And that the lack of hormone as the woman ages. Her. Circulation her vascular rarity in that region goes down. That is what contributes to her vaginal dryness that then causes painful and of course. Their meat that can take that away third beaver can. Take away the laxity. That woman feels that by giving Europe of more pleasurable experience. The incontinence I think is the biggest quality of life. Issue because the radio frequency waves were shown to tighten the pelvic floor muscles once those muscles that tightened. That. Stress incontinence. We're leakage of urine. Goes away within the first treatment. The with respects to. Sexual pleasure. You gotta remember also that the G spot and the clearest have been desensitized over time. What this does is it pulls of those structures back into place. And re sensitized. That is a quality of life issue that nobody wants to talk about but it is part of life and these days we have enough to worry a out. So I think it that is this is a great opportunity for women. To not only fix their hormonal status but to actually. Achieve what they had 2030 years prior. And it's got to be great for there woman's partner and her own peace of mind and enjoyment of life as you set disturbing things that you hit Allen's task. I sir respected figure doing this year an MD obviously. And he worked in emergency medicine or your career your family practitioner and now you can in a functional. Madison. With this medical aesthetics practice it's an innovator of medical spa. That Iran actor Jack and I really appreciate if they appear opening doing this in educating people. I'm and it doesn't matter how many Keiko exercises are womanizer how my hunch. Natalie is different types of KY products that in no way can ever replace what you're talking about. Exactly if you eat it the way things are going to women would have to stay. In. Diapers and use those products for the rest of their lives. None of the pharmaceutical products work to stop incontinence if anything they make a woman's mouth dry air. And then they drink more water and have more and cut robs it never circle that it has never worked. This is a quick easy way with three treatments to read yourself of those problems and dangerous Pete maintained yearly. And you're doing charity in your office or you hit with our female patients command and administer the term even treatments and it's ready in office has ranked and somehow. I don't yes we've done this now for about a year and a half with excellent success rates and our review showed that. It is a half hour procedure with myself from the nurse. There is no pain associated with the it even can help you externally and in some regard take the place of of of the late be a list which of course is a cosmetic procedure done. So it it has the number of functions that are positive and I think when she linking it with the menopausal woman's brain. By fixing her her female hormones and possibly her thyroid. Then you have a completely. New person who. Not only wants feels better apple wants to look better that's part of my advertising we want she did not only feel good that we want you to look good as well. Yes and you can happen Mary they're too because they know that you have done. Like a sculpture available it's your office and let's face it summer's coming. We don't wanna Wear the the cover ups all summer and honor your return to implant comments I think he. So issuers you can turn back time mentally for a woman. But it's important to look good as well as feel goods or what something like my pulse archer sculpture Dudek is it's sort of shave off that basically put in layman's terms. Well there are a lot of modalities for fat these states that can be huge market. Liposuction of course as is the old fashioned way of doing it and and for some morbidly obese people it's still the standard that has to be done and hospital. But for most people looking to achieve. This the best that they have body scan each can can give them. We use. A technology called face are high definition phase there it is not laser it is an ultrasound. Is an ultrasound that will break up the fat. This is a minimally invasive procedure because we do we do go in there break up the fat. And suck it out and then that sculpture part of it is a learning curve based on. Pace under the skin interpreter in the skin texture and be the your ability to huge bomb. Use your hands to create the anatomical line and the definition that person is looking for so. It's it's very novel and in that it got only get your facts. It actually shapes you're your your body. And I think it it's a novel thing for the right individual again it's not right for everybody. But it does work and there is really limited down time. There really begs the question too because I know some women who are not having and they think they nursery USS each person. And I would imagine to some degree psychologically about whether it's a good fit for them to do this and men as well as women yes. At that we. Also turn away people yeah we feel are not get a benefit from the procedure. The trick is to see what their what their realistic goals are. And then see if their body can pretend can give them. There is a an enormous amount of information out there on pacers that. Shows that it is probably. The best body sculpting tool in the world in in what it can do. It also doesn't kill the fat so if you want to take that person's fat and transplant that somewhere else. You can add on like a laser that burns and kills. This kind of procedure doesn't burn you. You do have to be under some. Degree of oral sedation. You have to be driven to the appointment and driven home. And I like old body sculpting procedures the ones that are legitimate you do have to Wear a contoured garment for four to six weeks. Now this surface and you might hear about an LA Miami and New York for example on the red carpet and shows like this. But you have brought this to buffalo and you pick great success image and mature track record and best. When we started using phase there. Probably dying years ago and I'm on its. I just five years ago took on the second generation. Technologies and we've been very happy with that. And current Jack. Don't just say that you know we brought it on all those years ago and I haven't changed. My thinking about using and other technologies at this point what do you find most people in Western Europe are looking at him John. You know this is viewed as Canada greedy blue collar town and I think their perception. Rightfully so is changing that there is much more forward thinking how we have people coming back to the city there's millennium is moving and do you see a trend where there's more awareness of these types of procedures in the city medium it's a city that buffalo. Yes and it what you see even with things as simple as doing Botox or to sport type. Procedures which are very simple. You see a younger population. Of women especially doing them as a preventative means so that their skin. Looks better. When there in their mid life so they are more conscious of the skin which you remember is the largest organ of the body they have more conscious of that. In a younger minded these days because they're thinking about what what's gonna happen to them when they reach midlife. Yeah that's very interesting to Kenneth tee it up ahead of time so now. Actor Jack bird Alina are really a wealth of information. I wish you continued success in your practice smoothness of the region's medical Hispanics. Maine your hammonds in lanes are super detector burly alcohol. Just even as a consultation to get more information certainly go to the website or call 633. 6100. For smooth solution to medical aesthetics 6336100. Jack great to see you thanks for coming in this morning. Thank you Brenda thank you very much appreciate it. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen point eight.