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Sunday, June 4th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody welcome to another addition of slice of life thank you for curving out yet another half hour with us the outlets sound known and slice of life import we have an interesting show. Today we're going to be talking about when in my favor festivals of the summer. The dragon boat festival coming up on June 17 which you believe it is a pleasure to welcome Susan times two's Susan mama is here. From the hope chest dragon boat team and Susan Gately. The president of the act company called looming Nina ladies good morning and welcome. Good morning and a nasty mean and Ellen Davis is here Allen is usually seen standing on a window at act up. We're happy to have Allen who has the voice of the dragons. It before we get into that Susan tell us what. The dragon boat festival is and how it got started. Sixth annual irony six and how to write about that's it is as many as marriages. Vegas event of the year. To raise funds for. Local busting our breast cancer survivors. And it includes dragon boats and if people aren't familiar with it it's just in name but there's also their they're essentially canoes rates as they Arab forty plus. But canoes. That Aaron specifically designed. To look like aid to rank. The battle of the that rang again is to tag in hand and that stern free tempers the ten yet and quite striking. And one at the opening and that is called the awakening to. And we have carotene that's gonna be hosting an advance and I takes a few minutes. But it is a ceremony for doubting the ball team Chinese that carved. To making. Attempts at vote in the sense. And dean its slumber and re energize them for the festival season. Now this is that just for breast cancer survivors rates who's and it involves other teams corporate entities. Police fired private businesses that's correct we have. Community teams as well as local corporations that compete each year and in addition to breast cancer survivor teams come from across the region. And there are a lot of different relays that hip and throughout the course of the day and what day it is Allen Allen and Davis is the voice of the dragons. And when you could Ender river works you'll hear his voice booming throughout the area how you get involved in this wonderful concert. It would have been in the ninety's actually in Toronto. They were a running drag of operations there you know these these women are modest than it is that users are modest and as. This events is exploding and I've said it year in year out it's because of the hard work that they put into it. But when I was in Toronto. I was asked to come down and and basically. Just Marshall the teams to the docking area in other words is Cannata microphone and tell him to get down there and get ready to you know vote and then make announcements for a number of the sponsors. Things like that. And when I said to a woman says and I'll do it if I can call races. So what they did was they arranged that I can actually call races. At Ontario place and I did it there for about four years. And with Mike Kirkland who will Menino works with for the subject. And swab into an ever since then and I'd I thoroughly enjoy today and I've watched this event grow I'm so impressed with how well they do. And the passion. And insists it's just a terrific terrific dale a lot of fun. It's great fun and it's open to anybody earnings to be a breast cancer survivor or hit any sort of connection to the disease because as Susan daily points out. There are people from all different walks of life to participate. Ellen how do you see it grow and buffalo since you've been involved. Well let OK I'll I'll tell you it was what do we have like thirty teams I think we started with us and the festival. Six years ago. I was down in the garrison area correct at Debbie Allen Gallagher each hands. We had a terrific day. And you know the water just wouldn't cooperate it would allow for there to be competitive racing that was going on but the people who are their for the very first time recognized. That this was something special this was something that people really. Thrilled about. Being able to to participate. So. Even though it had to then moved to the waters over UB for a few years before settling laster down a river works it continued to grow in its popularity. And issued these spinone it's the fastest and largest growing participatory sport in the world this this is going on everywhere I called the the world breast cancer survivors. Championships in Sarasota two years ago there were over hundred teams from all over the world. And on a competitive. Nature on the other side of it all walks of life. All ages. Are participating. And it's it's just it's growing and growing every community you go to now others discussion about if you don't have an event you should try to get an event itself. But it doesn't come easily you have to work very hard to put it altogether which is what these. Well and as frank I salute both Susan and also your entire corps volunteer is because everybody's life is busy certainly have other things to do. And yet here they are getting in and day out helping. Really further declines here. And it's on to it isn't just something pilots to refer fuel tank. These women that I see where survivors and where currently fighting the disease are really competitive. Yes they are and you see he other people who are seen firefighters nurses police officers there's are real sense of rivalry and in good fun include competition. But Susan speak Hewitt to that idea of these women who are survivors and how they train year round to participating at a high level and the sport. Our program offers exercise and nutrition counseling so that our women are prepared for the summer when they began paddling. They paddled a couple times a week to practice. And then they compete in regional dragon boat festival so they're actually preparing on a year and really concentrating. And increasing their endurance and their upper body strength. For the sport. I like to say to Susan editing enhanced. And it's an incentive for these women to practice year round. It isn't just threw three weeks before the race in June and I know friends who are in that. And the dragon boats who guard the BAC and a regular basis and it leads me to another set out to the BAC who has done a tremendous job and partnering with you. They hit they certainly have they we are really struggling and how weak. Further our message and reach more women and the BAC approached us and the between Rick. And Allan they've gotten the word out there and we are gaining in volume of women sadly. Because he had to be it breast cancer survivors to join a team but one other thing that I would like to note about the team. Is to support that they give one another. It's really very very moving. To see when someone has a bit of a struggle. The phone calls the car it's the the support. Lets you know driving them back and forth with food anything it they need to do this team is ready. To provide. It's really sound encouraging and you get a sense of camaraderie and and kinship when you're there even as a spectator. I'm Susan how many people do you expect participate this year. Well we have 52 teams and each team is comprised of twenty people ministers percent Astor person so we have quite a number of teams we've sold out. And we expect as spectators. Over 5000. It's tremendous it's a great turnout on what do you think about the location IU Bennett Gallagher as you said you can happen very UB. And now one of them Austin time in our coveted spots are now in Western Europe and the hottest spots is river or. I love that I think it's it's a natural for this event. If if they could if they could grow I didn't and afford that the ability with the river to be able to accommodate more teams that this event could do it easily but. I think they're they're managing it properly by. By holding it to 52 teams so that would be an incredibly. Competitive day where you know four lanes of racing now gone all day. But river works is a terrific location to be able to view the event. Yes and to enjoy the day you're right there with the racing. And you're right there among the teams all day law. And you know the facilities down there they can they continue to improve them and it's it's perfect it really is and I think that anybody who has been at other events who come to this event or are walking away saying the same thing it's difficult nation. It's an idea of and you sort of getting wet I felt like Everest participating it was a fantastic. It's so close to everything we took a walk over to the other island. You're in the heart of downtown and so much activity you wanna take a walk in the area. It's not an isolated area there's a lot to do you you can really feel the synergy of what's building in downtown buffalo. Something I never thought I'd see in my life times it's very uptight or somebody asked did you get a good reaction when he made the move their Susan. I'll absolutely. Nine I have to really thank city river works team though I'm Becky. And Rachel for are really helping to create. A wonderful event and experience for all the participants. You know you asked about location. When as he tried he. Actors plus to get us back down into the city a par four because we are a lasting knee York teen. Of that. And so let's location and as I said spectator view lane. And most important for me. Was the water the water is so content and the only thing that will stop us this year is that there's lightning which that's never gonna happen yeah. And I will make service. Any intuitive than if you wanna watch the races are longer they're going on alternate but there's any other activity there. Including an a purge your commercials Susan everything from face painting. Ask your raffles or Sammy wonderful baskets from which to choose a silent auction. Even King Kong and you have a number of vendors set up. So something for everybody ready bring your children your grandmother or something to care it's definitely family oriented it. Now that you've really grown and they respect hearing Susan there's been so much more attitude as cheery lapses. Yes we've we are constantly looking for ways to enhance. That the events so that it draws families and spectators. And on each year we've we've been proved it. Let's face it we all know there's a lot of competition every weekend in the summer everybody tries to fit in as much as possible during our. Relatively short summer seasons are pretty archer had anything you wanna answer. How do you compete with other festivals and events that happened throughout the summer what makes you unique or different manner and with this kind of approach. I think it's really comes corporations look at it as a true team building experience. And you half to one year and that vote and you get funny on people you have to work together as eighteen. And I think that's why we drowned out at the corporate. It's so much different than Nina and it's a locks or the Ryan's if he'd never seen dragon boat racing you have to come down. And just experience said and see it firsthand how exciting it. That's true red and keep in mind dragon boats are centuries old. Yes there uses mode of transportation centuries ago the rebirth is because of team building. That's really how odd how it started to grow gam was corporation recognizing that they. They were seeing a real benefit from and they exist around where they're reporting resources toward. And then what happened was a doctor out west in Vancouver doctor William McKenzie recognize that this could be very beneficial for breast cancer survivors as well. And they've embraced it and I'd like to colleges their own they've they've really done. An amazing job of growing the event themselves and so. I I I will tell you I don't see it stop stopping brought I think this will be. Something that will continue to grow and grow and grow. We should probably point out to the the actual benefit for breast cancer survivors is the that the helped with the therapy with lymph edema in case some women have any sort of swelling. In their terms or RBC trainer regain muscle control so this practical benefit to. Yes there is our programs specifically targets breast cancer survivors and their unique. Exercise needs. And our protocols designed specifically for breast cancer survivors Ellen Helen is each race typically last. Well you can now of I was are we having 400 or 300 meters depends on the length of the course but it may have made it can be sixty seconds can be ninety seconds something like that I don't think you'll see much over two minutes for race. And then the turnaround time one of the nice things of a river works is that you can get loaded and unloaded quick actually be able to turn it around pretty quickly so we'll be racing. Every ten to twelve minutes. From about 8 in the morning all the way through. Till final races which will probably be able force something in the afternoon semester a lot of coffee there. No I don't I don't. My way you know I drink a lot of water I don't drink a lot of water as it migrated yet and I stay hydrated that way about I I have. A perch that's beautiful animals call racism right at the finish line I could see the full course so. You're working to get Susan your senior took a lot of Durant and that's better than us it's a pretty easy Dave currently up. But don't worry if he's Nestor race we Arab video lane. And down at river works their act TVs to Al facility and there's a huge TV. That we're able to re run. And replay. The racist so he missed your favorite team don't wary it'll be up on the screen later this ticker princes and I'm glad you said they had to because the whole area setup it's really conducive to watching whether you're watching live are on the screen as you said and people who Weisz Susan for the coveted dashing Drake and trophy right yes that our teams are very competitive they've really want to to win so it's a very competitive exciting day. June 17 at buffalo river works. Be there it's a great time it's a unique experience and you have food bill all right and yes have ever works had their concession stand. But he can also go online MP order felt even better because of thought a very thing I really salute you for all of your volunteer work your vendors your sponsors. And Allen Davis the boys of the dragons that they wouldn't be the same with Larry Allen at any time it would absolutely. Thank you all very nice. Thank you all ladies and now Allen for coming in the spring we appreciate your time. No home who worked for do you wanna learn about home brewing. Tune in at 9 AM on ESPN 1520 for just really just ruined hosted by Jeremy White advertisers from Niagara tradition home group. Tune in Saturdays at 9 AM on ES PM 1520 we just threw it. And William attire we are proud to be named one of 2017. Best companies to work for a New York State let our teams help you have to be heard in the motor vehicle accident. 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This is Susan mammoth event chair at the six and counting both fest on please join us on Saturday June 17 at buffalo river works as over seventy teams compete in a majestic sport of drag boat racing to raise funds for breast cancer survivors that competition doesn't step there still the best teacher and custom contest fenders and merchandise and a fabulous basket raffle jointly sponsored team and participate in this signature event and June 17 at buffalo river where expressed Q I hope chest. For more information visit hope test upload data bark. Welcome back to slice of life on this first Sunday in June thanks as always goes out to the case parrot heaven parent. Who is driving driving mr. on the right direction which an honorary funds and setting us up we can and we got. Impairment is the staff photographers well look for pictures on my FaceBook page thanks to Kevin pair weakened in recount. Well I'll tell it it's hard to believe we were just talking in the last segment. About. The hope Chester about teens and all the fun things that are going hammock that their organization. It's their sixth annual and by the way they might eatery 92 that there's more information at their website. Is it hope chest dot org. And there's a price for teens can donate online online called Fonda for hall. So if you're looking makes him donations online for the hope chest dragon boat festival. Look for a fund for hope and hope chest dot org and another tradition that happens at this time of beer into me it's the unofficial kickoff summer. Is the annual Greek festival and I am delighted to have an old friend on with me. This gentleman is so versatile one of enhance that he wears is as chairman of the publicity. Committee for the Hellenic are Greek festival every year. Lou posing TDs so good morning Lou Intel swap when is the arm and the first was ripping up today out with a with this being Sunday it's amazing how quickly it goes each year. Lou well new indifferent about the tiny seventeen addition the Greek festival. Well this year actually you know where the ball a lot and and you're still. You for a loan us through this this wonderful. That is one of the largest fund raisers event. That are comparable to every year the church as the number of small or great Google would give director of the community too as well. On what the orthodox obviously a good Thanksgiving and I know there. I'll drive so on the sole or but as far as financially consensus of the largest fund raiser and all the money in the right here in the Western New York so. Our this year there was a lot of different things that have happened for example in a town we grew up different groups in drama. Couldn't produce some you know happenings on social and this year. We have decided. Let's focus on all the answers that we. Over the weekend and you know on this year 2017. And vehicle to show me. The many different levels of dance that we have from smaller. All the way to the adult and physically get a chance to see you want homegrown talent we do so it hasn't worked out to be wonderful man. And this year I'll recoup could be successful because. The main thing is that we're showcasing our own our own opera partners. Our old from the youngster at all of the adult and I think it was a good it this because. If you think somebody and you're not bringing you know. 1520 people from Greece. What you also do in the main thing was showcasing. What we have here in the western new York and one of them. That was one of the major things you know. Yeah absolutely Lou and it's how wonderful way to show as you say to showcase home grown talent. And a today with the dexterity in the last day in that Greek fastow ran Friday Saturday and until ten tonight. So in just a little I you can head down to the annunciation. Greek orthodox church on west Utica and Lou I imagine the crowds are strong as ever and of course for me it's all about what he. Now knowing the culture but also they'd be wonderful. Greek food that is so delicious so fresh insert reflective of the culture. That you hail from some of the the dishes that are most popular group. The more popular vicious that we have as a comical become. What's that the British allies with Europe sometimes you know people like a little extra credit ease in the air. You know the one that will be called the it'll be a little bit I really achieved out. On what that may quote you don't know which is simply delicious. And of course the usual check and so Lockheed. The that your role as well oh really they're recovered well. Received throughout the year probably people come through and the wanna be as art and desserts are concerned. We have of course the sparkle all cordoned. And and you know it it's just because every year something. View that and this year we've got to go week I'm wrong 811. Week in the event that was downstairs. And and now is in the gymnasium area because there's an art rule. Was different paintings and all that as a jewelry home and a tough up and disappear because people enjoy that a couple of about political York city. The spurs beat the young Julian concern and this year we have we can't beat that one in Bangkok. And a lot of Greek life the company and of course so people would do in. The room was full. I wonder. And political. Goal at the same time when you're eating. You know little quick line whatever the case go red light sweet line about something you know people enjoy the most as well as they have. And I think. We were what people wanted a few years ago. It was a situation where people would comment. And that they would do all in Haiti with the flu whatever and this year an excerpt three years. What we have done is your goal it used in the what you want you by the cricket. Exactly put them out so quickly and you have exactly the amount that you eat for the book is called boot them but one credible reliable and credible. And you know the blue it was it was behind you it's writing opera that we have. We have them let them look forward to get rid of rhetoric and match here Brenda let it we that we actually get rid of Bob. Everything football we have we have not been lapped by 8 o'clock that night I was completely gone. Knowing more hours of Internet waste any time today. You know don't act. Actually what do we had a our closing down about eight. And and that was because of who grew up on agreed to act. Yeah that's a great dilemma and anything. You know west Yorkers individuals on our on the mount Holyoke amendment and individual officer command from Butler that a Greek orthodox church to convey what the orbiter and in town as well as a certain. So again there's there's a number of different things that the you know. It's something that everyone comes out and enjoy the music you don't have the Greek that we recruited. Into the joint. Western New York. But in the open but if possible. If you're your you know. The area so much. Diversity implement the city. He conjured up holes from Oakland from one festival about the result this moment for many more. Others obviously the congress and so that cruel and really cope as best we can and hand out. I don't if you haven't. Coming in yet mixture in a monetary because time is running out author who it is your answers. Here are really popular is horrible mother and general and a funny volleys like animals. And I don't know I think sandy beaches Toluca Manning is and the on the map below. Big east tournament and note out. And so it's and there are. Then you call it debacle could I ask is well known restaurant. No one or two restaurants in Western New York or those in so there really is a lot of pop. You know a lot of interest in heaven knows them and of course the front and back it was the right. And that's quite a dramatic presentation as well. You mean you are and that is what Mary series. So you know people that like who actually on the lot of people going there under the honoraria. And they're going to meet and greet bureau regular beer bitter that your power up at. Probably people have a good time but what we're really the most important part about the possible. Is focusing on being up there that have been or forty years now. The late father George and palate. DiMarco in India back in 1979. And it was something that you came up where the economy that they look Olympic success. Forty years later it still successful so like I guess what I plan that basically all it too late father George Paula. That it's too early. Doing like I'm the one of the things that he's ready at the church and make a major. Fund raiser and make a lot of money let's do this well and I'll a lot of tape and all the volunteers the volunteer. Well did you know you've got the idea you know grandma. They're all working together as a family. Really really. Nice event and again that you smoke coming to quote optical and a lot has been out. As far as the food and cooler yeah. The number. Oh really aren't that much rest for the Leary. Yeah you know. Kurt it has a lot of playing difficult thing to let. And most of the chirpy over actually burger restaurants or public this year it was built records center. He won't a couple of restaurants and and in buffalo and and before that it was going to be a little TDs in the other car and my. Spoke at all. More moderate front or they know what they're doing but. Without the volunteers. That mom and pop the ten year. With a beat them grandma grandpa that it would move it would make it could not so a lot of gratitude goes. Yeah absolutely Lou at the volunteers are the lifeblood of organizations like this and I salute you for. Showcasing your culture not only with food dancing. Wind for that matter but the aren't there have academic that it takes cheering in year out to hold a festival this magnitude. Rain or shine no matter what it's a lot of logistics involved online app. Time and effort by a lot of people and Deseret Kapalua you can give us the signature that you say and your commercial I'd appreciate it. Are you know what went at it he could first 2007 and so it was Utica becomes a little bit of grief what. What a perfect read and they show. Mr. honey ball himself Lou posing TDs my friend thank you for joining us this Sunday morning. On my best if Brenda thank you for the support. As always thank you Lou my pleasure if folks faced a turning this week I hope you I have a wonderful week ahead amnesty next week at the same time. I'm slice of life that I. Coolest thing friend over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.