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Sunday, May 28th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody and welcome to the holiday edition of slice of life thanks for carving out some time force on this Memorial Day weekend and you're seeing dry and semi warm. We got to are really interesting shout there's a theme here with them. Our first guest who will be Greg as a raskin who was talking about a unique insurance program that helps folks who. Maybe diagnosed with cancer down the road and then a little later in the show it's believed that at the Susan G. Komen race for the cure in question here. Is coming up on June 10 and we'll talk about some new innovations that are happening with the komen race for the care. And there will be down air river works or we look forward to that as well. Well with our further due. I am here to introduce you to Greg Mansur ASCII who he has more than two decades of experience in the insurance business you may have heard his commercials recently and WP and talking about AFLAC cancer care policies as a disease insurance. And the numbers frankly are staggering because. Our statistics show that one in three women have a chance of getting cancer in their lifetime. And mourning two men. If a lifetime risk of developing cancer so. Those numbers in and of themselves can now throw some fright into your day but in question Europe is even slightly higher sort of a lot to dig into here. With Greg Mazur asking who joins us this morning good morning Greg good morning Brenda and thank you very much for having rejoinder show. While I'm here he have you on board and I tell you what Greg I Lewis started to hear. That there is something called cancer insurance and Hersh your commercials and I have no idea. That a policy like this exist is for people who are diagnosed with cancer or for those who have a family history of cancer. That's a good question it's really. For people that want to protect. There assets. Because. Who knows if you leopard be diagnosed with cancer. If you have a family history of cancer. You might not get cancer. Or the opposite there might be no family history of cancer. And you would be the unfortunate one. To be diagnosed. So. Years ago AFLAC established a plan. That would pay cash. Directly to a person. That was diagnosed with any form. Of internal cancer. In money would be paid directly to the policyholder. Above and beyond. Any other form of insurance that they have. Now in today's crazy world of health care. We're all paying a lot in co pays and deductibles. I mean 40050101000. Dollars is very common for people to select. For their major medical plan to have high deductible plan. While if they were diagnosed with cancer. That first. Amount of money would have to come out of their pockets. So to receive benefits from AFLAC. To receive different cash benefits for the steps that you go through and being treated for cancer. Our hopes you financially. Well that's a tremendous boon to because as we run our Greg anybody who is diagnosed with cancer I think has. I'm instant fear and anxiety capsule comes into their life and the last thing they need to worry about. Would be bills and how so how cats are going to be covered and what their potential out of pocket expenses might be. So we we all know people who have been affected by this disease drag and it. It it really does take its tall much more than just on a physical sense emotionally financially as we said. When we choose suggests that the best time to look into a policy at this for a person who does not have a family history. Up out what kind of go back to question that you that you cast what is the best time to take the south. If you are diagnosed with cancer. You don't have this policy. Eat your idol it's kind of like taking out fighter ensures our house. Once the house started on fire okay. But if you have had cancer. Indy period of five years. Have passed. Since your last treatment. For that cancer. You know become eligible. To take this policy out for yourself. You are also eligible to take the policy out. For any other family member during that period of time who has not been diagnosed. With cancer. Within that five year window correct okay program. Because they know arm there's a lot of philosophy in the medical community that after five years if you're cancer free you're considered cured quote unquote. I've heard people say they're really is no cures Barbara manageable and the disease from it happened so I'm that's a procedure you say that. Five years is sort of the benchmark correct but an important distinction has to be made Greg and when I reiterate that that. It's something that one should consider well before any diagnosis. Yeah so let's say. Somebody like me for example has a strong family history of breast cancer should I look at something like being announced today snappy ending diagnosed with. I would say absolutely it would be a time of its time to protect yourself from your styles yes and how does it work in terms of costs as a base on a sliding scale based on one's age and income toward the parameters for there. Nothing is based on income. Okay. Rates or stay published one of two ways. On many people in Western New York have are cancer care plan available to them. Through their employer. Their employer has elected to make AFLAC offered to their employees. And they can pay for their AFLAC policies. Through payroll deduction. The death rate is a bit lower. Because we're now dealing with a group human with the company OK almost like fall shopping. Her you're correct but there's a there's another great benefit to payroll deduction. Their payments. Are coming out pretax. So there saving flight. New York State income tax. In federal income tax and their employer. It's saving like two dollars. Which is approximately 8% of every dollar that Steve doctor so that goes right to the bottom line for the employer. If your employer. Does not want to make this available you can buy it on a direct basis and paid for through your checking account on on a monthly basis. The rate is a bit higher because we're now dealing with an individual not a group. In it is what we call age waded you can start taking it out of the age of eighteen. At the age 25. If you took it out at that point the rate would be a little higher. And what have you it's called age weighted. You can take the plants out up to age 65. That's an important distinction as well it's up to age 65 doesn't interfere manner when an affair later that none of those things Specter and that's currently pay the bill you get your convert its current. We're talking with Greg Mazur ASCII was a special product projects coordinator with the AFLAC about. F quakes cancer care it's a specified disease insurance really interesting and enlightening information here Greg can be reached at 4802004. 4802004. Greg you mentioned to about internal cancer. And and they caught my attention because does it exclude things like skin cancer or something more might see externally and the body. In this policy if someone is diagnosed with a form of skin cancer. A benefit will be paid. On towards the surgery to have that lesion removed. OK it is a minor benefit that's paid. But it is in the policy. The the real benefit. To this. Cancer care plan is to hope people that are affected with any form. Of internal cancer. It could be breast cancer prostate cancer liver cancer again any form of internal cancer. Just a couple points and I'd like to make. We pay a benefit of 75 dollars a year pop per person just when they go for their cancer screening exiting. So that's actually money in people's pockets these days because major medical plans. Because of obamacare. OK one great thing that came out of is your wellness exams okay like a mammogram. Or prostate exam what have you. We no longer have to pay for through our major medical plan but AFLAC. We'll pay you 75 dollars for one cancer screening per year per person. For as long as you. So could be a colonoscopy a mammogram prostate exam and it's Gretchen now what are some of the other things that come with the diagnosis of cancer grant for instance. If somebody needed blood and plasma or perhaps a bone marrow transplant you often hear about. Those kind of really sophisticated transplants whether it's stem cells are on Merrill. If people are being treated with it as the technology evolves are any of those things property as well. They are. And when it comes to bone marrow of bone marrow transplant whoever the donor is even though. They don't necessarily have to have an Affleck policy we even get the benefit to the dollar because there's certainly some discomfort. Share some inconvenience that's involved. What I would recommend. You know two people. Certainly used to give me a call in I can answer any of their questions. One on one basis. There's a total of approximately 25 different benefits that are paid. With our cancer care plan. Upon being diagnosed with any form of internal cancer. Affleck immediately Asia with cash benefit. That pat cash benefit grows every year. To kind of fight inflation. There are benefits that are paid if you receive blood plasma platelets chair and others from. Reading through your Burress sure aren't preparing for our conversation today I was really impressed with some of the other ancillary things. Transportation benefits lodging benefits mean this seems in very comprehensive plan that's been well thought out. Let's face it you know if somebody is diagnosed with this and it's his a domino effect on him like. And it can affect so many aspects of her life. Greg Mazur ASCII is the gentleman to talk to about this he has a special projects coordinator in Western New York with AFLAC at 480. 2004. It's Greg's numbers you'll get I'm he's the guy here and the commercials. 4802004. Greg I wish you are the passer blocking getting the word out about this really important cancer care specified disease insurance thanks for coming in enlightening us this morning. Thank you Brent I appreciated and hopefully this has been helpful to lump people throw Western New York. And they also wish you happy Memorial Day weekend thanks so much contact use Durham back right after this without bliss Karen from the komen race for the cure. Q coach your Memorial Day barbecue with Julie gourmet all American Dad! burgers. They're juicy delicious 100% beef aid in the USC with true. Great American pride. 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Thanks for tuning in to slice of life. Now back to your host this when the most this Brenda how lazy. And welcome back to slice of life Edger curving out some time for us and this holiday weekend thank you so much for tuning in and spending some time with us on Memorial Day weekend. And our thanks to Kevin Karen who is that pushing the buttons and is the staff photographer to. We weren't able to do to show that the K Karen who's always striving us in the right direction thank you Kevin. Well it's a pleasure to want to target our next guest her name is Liz time and this is the executive director. Of the Susan G. Komen upstate New York division and this is a cause near geared in my heart I am the team captain. Once again for teen Norma in memory of my sister Norma and my mother he'll learn. Who both succumb to breast cancer my sister is only 48 my money was considerably older it's still a Palawan on the last. When we lose a loved ones to this insidious disease out. And hippie to shine a light and the researcher and work being done in Western New York true. Many organizations including the and the komen race for the cure which is coming up on June 10. And this is the executive director as they sit in the upstate New York division good morning has good morning nice to have you on forehead and you know I am you Sammy some information about the race this year and I love what's on your email are bold goal. Is to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% within the next decade tell us protector their particular. Number was arrived at for the call. Well we wanted it to be realistic goal in this came from our overall iron global organization. Course where national organization. Were under the umbrella of the Susan G. Komen organization. But we're very locally focused as well. So together all of us are looking acts their realistic ways that we can cut down on the mortality. Linked to this disease it's a very difficult prospect to consider crafts chorus but we're really focusing on. The research dollars and where they're going on metastatic breast cancer which is where most of the breast cancer tests come from. And really focusing our work in access to care. So so there are disparities. In care and health care right industry absolutely. Asks a lot it is a big goal and you feel overwhelmed some ten neither the magnitude of that almost. It's the work we do and yes I mean certainly it eat you know working the next ten years toward that goal is is. Somewhat overwhelming but when you see things like the race for the care acts and you see the people and you see the efforts that we output into it and then. Where the dollars go their research that we're funding through common is I I'm lucky NAFTA it's talked to some of the researchers. And the cutting edge work that they're doing is very exciting what. Some of the things you've seen and then that he'd been executive director for three years now we had you seen advancements even within the answer period of time. We see advancements. All the time there's there's been. Even locally there's been some research done at Roswell and research done at the university at buffalo. There was a big project a few years ago they where. Working with African American women in Western New York. Looking at the genetic ties to breast cancer. We see a lot of changes in the medications. The key Mo. I'm now we're looking at oral chemotherapy. A lot of things are changing all the time and by oral chemotherapy we mean basically taking pills. It instead of going to a clinic in gang IDs and more and more at the drugs. These days to fight cancer are coming in pill form and so now what we're doing is fighting for. The access to host the Paris medications because. A lot of our focus is the disparities in care that people have so we want. Equal access for everyone. Now they have this signature event I think answered assays the race for the cure and it's coming up and you intents are here before you know it's just a couple of weeks away last man. It buffalo river works which is I'm kansans street what a terrific location wise I know I've been a member along time higher participant I should say for a long time. Why the switch down to buffalo river works. You know we where at Delaware park for fifteen years and it was a great venue and it great five K course. But it is that communities changing. And it's a lot of people wanna be downtown where the excitement is that was part of it another part of it was. Disallowed assay. Moves some of them money in two different things that we can do so we're obviously the idea is to raise money to fund our programming. But the time. In Delaware park we had to put up tents and we had to pay for a lot of that Sony infrastructure that now exists at river works. And so it didn't help us in our fund raise and so it's it's still not an A you know still a big lift to putted on anywhere but Adam but this was part of it but really with that the excitement downtown and that was some real terror. It's great to be downtown and of course your parking to at least there's parking lot there and some other areas to park and I look forward to it every year and it ticked up your whole day innocent you look at their extremely early in. It'd very moving parade of Vista drivers clocking across the stage in music is playing and and now I usually end up in tears watching all of this hump but there's a real sense of camaraderie here. Among survivors loved ones people who have an interest and now preventing and and training a cure for this disease. When you're hair what sense do you get do you do you find yourself getting goosebumps is tenacious character walking and their morning. I think they get goose sounds almost every day in and the work I do but certainly at the race for the cure. Like you said the camaraderie is you can feel it again as best part of our mission is to create a community for breast cancer survivors is really. One of the main focuses that we have especially at our events. And people it's people have been through a lot as you know and they've been to realize they may not have known each other. When they were going through it but they all share something and it is. Extremely. Gratifying to watch stand them all in with their tears of joy they're at their survivors they fought through something can turn and it's wonderful there in the pink for a reason frankly and I can tell us about that the lineup on this Saturday the tenth. Well it's starting very early in the morning like you said it RE 7:30 AM is the survivor breakfast that is all breast cancer survivors. Courtesy of wegmans get a free breakfast so they go inside and it works and they have we decorate the tables and we have wonderful volunteers who put on this whole part of that day. And they. Decorate in and really make fun simply about Gibson and we have some of our other sponsors ski about gifts to the survivors. Winds sung had breast care is the EP survivor sponsor and they give out kids and it it's wonderful and then after that. The programming starts at 830 out on the rinks the main part of the day and we give outs and a volunteer award. And I we call the Norman choir volunteer award norm McGwire is still ahead of the operations of the race for the cure she was one of the founders of the race for the chair in western new rec. And we. Iron. We also have the mayor times in some other lawmakers from the community congressman Higgins. And we have all of that television personalities and Debbie year's senior come up and they. Hud all of the survivors as they buy all of our VIPs is now up on stage. And as each survivor and we have close to 400 that they each walk kind of crossed the river and up on the stage and hug everyone in come off and you can't help but cry when you see any of these women are so excited and meant. Yes and there are male breast cancer survivors and they're so excited to be survivors and to be there with everyone else. And is truly a moving time and you know it's such a few look at fame because in Western New York komen has granted out over four million dollars the community. Since it started sixteen years ago on this or question people ask me sometimes you think the money really seized locally round. Here the executive director Tellme does the money stay. Yeah and and saying that's the real point of the holes. Day at their race certainly this survivorship. Is scared I am is part of this about a ship is part of our mission. But the money that net proceeds go to these programs where we're educating women about early detection and screening mammograms. Where helping them. With transportation. Were helping. Them winds. Just access to care so issue Rick nineteen to five local organizations and their everything from. Programs at Erie county cancer services for uninsured and underinsured individuals. To the international institute where their trans slaying for people. To educate them about screenings if you can imagine being a refugee. You know being an immigrant and and not really understand the language and then someone telling you to get this test well it's really important that these people get these tests because wean now. That early detection and the best treatments can save lives so we're really we're refining to programs like that the EC and CNET McAfee coach. You may have seen the big paint us as it goes hurt us today retro fitted it with this wonderful equipment. And they bring it right to the neighborhoods who need it and that's one of our grants as well so. I of these programs and and we do one year cycles so it changes year. But a lot of these programs are long standing substantial we were you know in helping thousands of women. In Western New York. Is the race for the cure your biggest source of fundraising in absolutely and so all the more reason to come out and June 10 and the more the merrier. So wonderful event it's very festive feeling it's finding a you know you're doing at. Really good work for a wonderful cause and who hasn't been touched by this according to statistics. One in eight women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer and her lifetime it's really a staggering numbers. And you know list people off and say do you think there's a higher incidence in Western New York it's seems like somebody knows somebody everywhere with some type of cancer. How often times breast cancer. The truth is the latest statistics we have show that we do have a slightly higher. Rates. Of more talent peace in Western New York not necessarily in numbers of breast cancers but in mortality is if and a lot of that is what we were talking about the access to care and we're talking about the African American community where nationally. An African American woman has a 40% higher chance of dying from this disease. Than a Caucasian woman incredible and via the standing to say that you really need to focus on that and we do we got about twenty seconds toss the out of our on one again and the the date to an allocation. June 10. At buffalo river works 359 kansans street piece of tiger breakfast starts at 730 the program starts at 830 there racer X ten. Discount executive director of the Susan G. Komen upstate New York it was a pleasure to see it was thank you so much and I wish you great success and the Tampa CO there. Thank you so much based attorney and a slice a letter pretty see you next week at the same time that I. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN 1520.