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Sunday, May 7th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh Lacey. Good morning everybody welcome to another edition of slice of life it's twice as nice and it sounded via a slight smirk carving out. Some interesting topics today a lot of it having to do with women in business. And there are some of the women who Wear presenting at women in business conference and the clearance chamber of commerce. Which is coming up and Wednesday may seventeenth it's a wonderful way to kick off your game starts dating Cameron still too. In the keynote speaker is a woman who's in the news quite a bit these days sector calpers to. And actor bursting herself will be with us a little later in the show the doctor is in the house. Hopefully she launchers and co pays law tractor and a bit later. In the show but first it's a pleasure to welcome. A trio of women here who were very active matter only with the chamber of commerce and parents but also in their own businesses. Nina some motto is here good morning Nina and Brenda and what is your business you know. I'm the French manufacturer of on north last. Located on transiting Casey. And for us or people in the bank this year lovely face nonstop and you're seeing customers I do. I do. My expertise is small business. But obviously I help filed both sub business. Individualist and I'll soul consumers beautiful awesome with this is Amy per hour Amy welcome to a slice of likely to hit you with us this morning thank you for having me what is your business Amy. I'm the president of RV roads we do organizational development consulting work for clients and our goal is to really help people create a workplace that they love. I there's nothing aren't there we spent so much of her time at the workplace it really makes it makes a difference if you enjoy where you're doing. And my aspirin at least is Jerry. Nolan who is with Nolan and timer and Gerri good morning as financial solutions firm good morning absolutely yes I'm a financial planner and wonderful and how preview our sponsors. The Clarence chambers seventh annual women in business conference and Gerri what are what prompted you to become a sponsor. Your company. Well. I have been a part of the chamber of commerce on the board of directors for several years in and I have been involved with the women in business conference almost since inception for about five years now. And it's just a great opportunity for women to network. Locally we have had some great women that we've honored we've had some great women that have been you know speakers Ian. I have clients in time I also give coworkers that attendance just announce a great opportunity. What are I'll order for later it's China light and women. Amy particularly when you utters a bit like actor the upper Steen who is a medical doctor and Erie county department of health. Doctor I guess there will get the full title a little later in the show. But I'd better Percy has been in the news quite a bit she's theory carry commissioner of health as they said. And there are so many topics that we can touch upon. And touch a time when we talk about healthy work healthy home helping me. Sheer view and Amy when it comes to working with different generations of people. Well in some many people think that there are these huge differences between millennium holes and Jan lion traditionalists and baby boomers and there may be differences in terms of how we look at how we drafts how technically savvy react. But selloff and when we do employee surveys for companies while we find is that the differences. In terms of what people are looking for in the workplace. Tend to be more similar from generation to generation they're looking for. Clarity of the mission and purpose where we going where we heading. A collaborative way to solve problems a way to build commitment around their ideas. And the ability to have good conversations with their co workers. And these transcendent different generations so our panel discussion having at the event. We'll highlight certainly some of the differences in how to manage them but really focused more on the similarities in how we can work together to accomplish what around trying to achieve well. I think women have a particularly enact a particular neck about being able to multitask would you agree ladies absolutely I think it's an air DNA and you know we talking in particular Amy about healthy work. In the generational. Linked that we all share about this type of thing life I think is more frenetic than ever for most of us especially. If you're working a full time job your families in you wanna participate and opportunities like this as well so Gerri when. But somebody thinks about joining this conference faith can come and just pay at the dirty hit two call ahead and reserve or stop. We would prefer that they call ahead and that they can't take dust on the can Cullen number they can reach through that chair clearance chamber web site. We will. Think anybody in the comes at the door but if they can on lettuce selling at a time it would be obviously better for planning for it mean for our purposes today what numbers are dark people call it comic directly and at my office at 688352. Q. 68835. 22 and it's a full day's activity isn't an Amy from AM to two on Wednesday the seventeenth. Erin Jerry taxpayer fitting people on and I think you have any trouble in tennis grand manner right it's quite a large for salary. It is and they are very accommodating there and it's going to be a day packed with not just different speakers but we have. A number of vendors that are coming and there's a full lunch that served and it's a great networking opportunity for people as well. Indeed and pushed you know it doesn't take up the entire game you began by to a onkyo beef that is so good to go and then back to work perhaps or. I tortured young woman today who is new to the buffalo area and has had a good management position here. And I mentioned the chamber and she's coming to. So it's all about networking and getting to meet people and that's something that I think the buffalo areas particularly known for. You know the old saying six degrees of separation I think in buffalo it's too if that you've brain at these particular networking events Gerry. Ten to generate. This type of opportunity where people are exchanging parents are trained to understand. Healthy living perhaps Asia looking to do with this event. Oh absolutely we have quite a crossover from large corporations small businesses. People that come from Ali areas that the community and either they ever work in the Clarence area some of them don't even. But I am absolutely they hear you see somebody as a vendor or hear somebody speak and then they you know have an opportunity to it you know check in with famine and exchange opportunities. This is the seventh annual ranking there it's really how many people does this event attracting as it dozens as hundreds. Well I started with about fifty the first year were last year was a 150 were hoping for 200. This year every year we be grow. The topics obviously a great topics on the networking is fantastic. And it's a great day away from the office perhaps and learn and network. And we think that we put a program together that obviously. It's important to everyone. Healthy home healthy Meehan healthy work. I think we can all learn from it and how to balance personal life and Intel work. It's challenging at times as you know. So we hope to be able to always every year inspire and help bomb women in business and it's also open to men as well her not this particular our system. Sprint businesswomen crack them be plenty of estrogen plowing Sanders ran out Erica had it there it's from eight to two and Wednesday may seventeenth. And for folks remain happy for Myers and his grand manner it's tough to miss it on. 8750 main street in Williamstown plantation style facility. With a great ambiance. And when it comes to sponsors for any of and it's so key now in Allentown march areas your place at. Amy here with our V broad view and of course in a year with a bang northwest's. As we wrap up and what is skew. Is it a difficult sell to go either to your colleagues or your managers say I really want to pitch in and this is that on Korea. Well obviously marketing ad dollars are that they don't. They're not easy to come by it but bland the when there is to me out particular. If fact that. They did in particular this event is I'm very passionate about again because we're helping women in business. North virus is very happy to commit. Dollars to read and it's very well worth the money and it's and again we began a lot out of it obviously because for me. And make connections without the women in business and over the years have been able to help and many businesses and and into the chose that either. I work for others com or. And thinking about maybe starting a business and I can help some so it's a great way to meet new business owners Jerry and Amy de image in you echo those sentiments. Absolutely I think there's so many amazing small businesses or Western New York but unfortunately sometimes they are best kept secret. And so anything we continue to invest in our community invest in these businesses to help them grow is money well spent. It'll leak from supple as a little bit different relatively newly formed partnership after many many years and industry. So it was an opportunity to get our individual name out there my partner myself or both from the Clarence area. In the feel very strongly has invited several clients and you know. That have the opportunity to learn and meet and network is laugh. And attendees. Vendors sponsors still welcome if you need more information and amber to college 688. 35226883522. At the seventh annual. Women and business conference presented by the Clarence chamber of commerce. Coming out on. Wednesday may seventeenth. From eight to two ladies thank you so much for coming and I wish you great success at the seventh in Iraq. And I'm sure to be wonderful fun and informative day thank you for coming in this morning think if they can't give me support. And we'll be talking to the keynote speaker of and women in business conference sector dealt bursting herself is here and not talked to doctor bursting. 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And it is a real pleasure to welcome doctor calpers scenes to Wear show that doctor is and and dad and there's a lot to talk about certainly doctor Percy rocker as possible and thanks for having me it's my pleasure and we were trying to cheer your jury in the last segment because we were talking about you being the keynote speaker for the upcoming. Women and this is conference presented by the Clarence chamber of commerce and you're one busy woman and now I see you on the news all the time and Natalie do you word is the Erie county commissioner how you also teach at the university. How do you manage to squeeze in these public appearances and why is it important to you. Well it's really advocate health communication is part of my shot it's I think it's a very important component of public health meet people in the community. Ire are not educated about what the health issues that we're facing we're struggling is. And you know what people continued to really change around those behaviors or teens around he would do better with some chronic diseases or even acute diseases. Then and it's you know it's when it whatever I'm doing is a waste time. I mean it's you know I'm really not isolated in an ivory tower revealing new clients need to work with us to make their community healthy. Is to add via commissioner how that's a pretty lofty title actor what does it mean in particular with what you're dated do you like this like. It depends on the day hand hitters every day and it brings a different challenge different problem I mean. Under it under my department we have six different divisions that I'll work in different areas of public health and on different issues pop up at different times and know that what he's really been at the loudness on people's mind his in the OP eight epidemic. On and that even touches many different divisions. Of the Health Department but you struggle ahead. We stumbled is not unintended teen pregnancy we struggle is sexually transmitted diseases including HIV so. There's a whole variety of health issues that. Our media's face seeing and sell its ultimate department's job is to. You try to make this is healthy arts media is healthy as we can and and work together to try to address those challenges well there's certainly no. At a search of information and preparing for the interview I went to your website this morning Erie county website and there's a lot of information about the topics that you just mentioned press releases frequently ask questions is very user friendly and let's face it docket listing agent I think the first thing we do is gone to the Internet and for looking for information may. Not true if you don't have a website right yes I think it's a good matter how Iran let's talk about the all too prevalent problems with OP or addiction. First off currently people like me what is an open. So I know you'll lady is a it's you know chemical. And it signs to. Specific sectors and our preen its lease them you know we PP generically referred to as open UA sectors. And do there throughout our actually our central nervous system. And there are some obvious sector is you know it in our more peripheral nervous system that are really targeted towards clean and so when people have pain. And AT. CN narcotic pain medication. That's an adequate dose. Not too high. The open label preferential Lee goes to those OP lately sectors and come help dissipate the pain in the person would not necessarily experience Annie. Euphoria or any teams have mental status or what you're caller hi lightly and people take these at and narcotic pain medication which is an open UA. When they don't have pain or if they take no more that's necessary to control their pain. On and those those. Open UA. We'll go to different population sectors in your in your brain area senior equaled his palate as European your pleasure centers. And in year here at the centers that tried in apples and ninety blows in and you will experience that high. Now but if you take these doses repeatedly of these OP relates your brain will develop new pathways. I mean we don't really have you creek used to have this urge to you expected to this week at peace cravings. And so am after even as repeated time for some individuals. We know from. Greed and a evidence based on research eight. It can do is be as little as five days means no wiring is done it's done deal and people need to have. That next fix. It's incredible how quickly this can happen how quickly the high end aid the desire for and how I can occur in people and it really is that a reflection of somebody being weak or. Other sort of character flaw right is is it fair to say that this can happen to anybody at any time. To our I mean there are more people that are susceptible to developing an addiction when they're exposed some medication and others. I think he you know overall from a population standpoint. The each group indeed the people who are most at retire is based on each young people so remember your I had a green is not fully mixture until. Somewhere in the mid to. Early to mid twenty's. And so in part of the brain that actually pitchers last unfortunately. Is our pre frontal cry attacks and that's kind of our executive planning and our impulse control so. A younger person doesn't many many young people don't have those skills available. So lives on so it's difficult for them to sneak. You really good decisions to plan ahead or to control in port palaces and showed their it's very into the ear of their brain is you'll continue to develop. And it's very they're it's very pliable and it's very easy for new pathways. To development that unfortunately will be permanent. And and that's really one of the reasons why the hours are susceptible to ditch and and then you know I know expressly on the statement that you made about you people are seeking net next high. On they'll never get it to know and it's it's very unfortunate because you know initially with that first dose when there really appealing Nike they they will have that high in the continue me seek get high again but everybody everybody develops tolerance. And anybody who has been struggling with community shall tell you is that they're seeking their high name never tee it'd be easy it's just impossible. It's I can't brass ring us counseling out of their reach it sounds like it Torre hit yes exactly and so you would. Characterize this as a disease of the brain right. Yes it's a chronic disease of the brain mean there is mean ol'. Captive Vizio actually changes in the green that causes people to to have that effect creating. And anti if and if they do not satisfied they get creating the actually become very ill so. For many people it's not really just. Status and getting that next high it's there also. You know what I mean. The the possibility of become very ill with withdraw so there's on positive and negative reinforcements there. Is it fair to say to actor that there is an epidemic in Erie county of opiate addiction yes and it's sad but true how many cases. And it's got to be a fluid number obviously but how many cases you see. Where you hear about. Well I have unfortunately. In the Health Department leave only sees the pieces that cases that have Arab victims. Of open UA overdose best medical Examiner's offices one of fire. -- important divisions of our Health Department and they really are islands unsung heroes here in this epidemic. The ACC. Unfortunately individuals of of all ages. You know and going through their doors and with suspected of drug overdoses. And they are able to do some of theories is this to keep us past the autopsy on that include. Theory very sophisticated toxicology testing and really let us know what we're dealing with community. You mean no debt fentanyl is killing people and our community everybody had thought that it was here when I mean he's in here you hear about Caroline. And you know Caroline is part of the picture by it. On in 201675%. Of our OP late overdose death they downs had a positive toxicology screen for effect. While he talked about an epidemic. Jacket and this really this epidemic crosses. Urban suburban or rural life for your seeing it across the board. I mean he had even have and fortunately. More OP I needed overdose deaths and the combination of suburban and rural areas compared to this city so I think and again people have been speaking of what it. And I hate to use this word and in addict looks lake on because that's not veolia angle fair terminology. But it's it but it's really com you can look at them aaron's he liked somebody who is it's struggling with. And it will be Lloyd Dixon looks like it looks just like us right where it is our stereo type apply here right I mean we see people all ages. We've had our youngest. Deaf dumb is sixteen. Her oldest is eat eat me unfortunately the majority of you know the highest number of of cases occur. In people among their twenties and thirties which is also very very sad. On different people in Erie county eat people in their twenties and thirties account for. About 25%. A cop out our population. But they count for about 60% of our overdose death victims and people their twenties and thirties their children. Their parents. You know me you know we have a lot of work things because of this season ends at their past friends that mean it's. Aries yes indeed I am so glad that you're here to shine a light and this tell only worsen the warning signs we should look for if there's. Suspicion perhaps somebody is addicted to and I'll be doing. Well you really you would see is really kind of cute teen behavior performance so. Say if it's a young person and who has been a good student in to and or a good athlete. And all of a sudden you are not you know not down performing if they had in the past. And they may have a change in friends. On the you mean not complete tasks where in the past eight he had completed task. You unfortunately he might find. Items of value disappear from your home. Because they need feel forced to. To get instinct cast to be able to purchase these drugs at their creating and so. Actually can disappear fairly camera Ireland's condemn it here. So. And in cash from your wallet can disappear. So enforcer egos are all warning signs and like nobody wants to think it that you're that somebody struggling with an open UAE Dixon. Is it steel green from them and somebody in their household that they love in me trust in the past so usually takes allow her. But the reality it's effective for people to actually just be honest with themselves than admit it gathers somebody in my house is struggling with this. Just a couple of months after a doctor dale bursting who is the Erie county commissioner of health and has an MD is a pediatrician and has a whole bunch of alphabet soup after her name lots of credentials and education president says they always look good picture at. Well in in person to over here. But I am you mentioned to me before we ran there about a new certification that you have that may help folks who are in this situation. Well I don't play well yes on ion non. On this past Friday I have. Did complete might treat me. To be to be able to apply to get certified on night he licensed to prescribe puke and our friend. Conflict to treat people who are struggling wit that the chronic disease populated Dixon. So for to screw prescribed deepen our friend on health care providers I need to take a specific eight hour course. On the and that is regulated by the EPA and then once they complete that course the are able to apply did the to be able to prescribe people are frank so currently it since I'm happy trees and I am very concerned because we really don't have a bus. Medication assisted treatment program for minors and sewed me really have to not have access to Annie. And really good evidence based on long term there apiece so we have to teams at around and my pediatric colleagues I'm just really admire and they really stepped up and we have about. 25 health care providers registered to at TV this is straining. It's at a recent encouraging you don't exceed treat these folks yourself do I spring well like he Asians well no I haven't done I am out just eLearning myself so I'm an I'm learning so that I will be able to do this is night clinical work. Actor we can talk for hours or so much to get into I am and it's such a wonderful thing you're being showcase at the women in business conference coming up. I went on I 70 and I am so honored him granted there will be another outlet that you can answer your name and and thank you so much recovering in the screen really appreciate your time and insights of being different by eating me that's always a pleasure will be back next week with more slice of life we appreciate your time and interest in a toxic and thanks everybody. Coolest thing friend over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen want me.