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Sunday, April 16th

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Welcome to slice of life because of spike was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody welcome to another edition of slice of life and this Easter Sunday morning I hope you're having a wonderful season wonderful holiday season. I hope everybody who celebrates a pass over isn't during the holiday season as well. And I thought it was only fitting to invite sister Janis and assistant director Mike totally to Wear microphones this morning. These folks are from their response to launch center and it would be an honor and a privilege to have both sister and my curing Easter Sunday we made at work. And sister mica welcome welcome back to slice of life. It's so great to be here and thank you for having us it's our pleasure Mike Dunn great to see you again it seems like only yesterday that we are on the studio together again. Yeah SES for folks aren't from higher with the response of center which is located at 132 Stew scout street in buffalo easy for me to say. To produce a little bit. The main focus and mission of the agency. We are there to empower people to take control of their own lives. Wherever they are apt as far as. They're in poverty if they have domestic violence issues. If they don't speak the language if their fresh to this country. We wanna give them the tools and resources that they need. In order to be able to thrive in our. Economy in an environment and with everything they need to do. We trying to address their needs sister's very good in identifying the issues and problems that the people have. And we do our best to try and provide the services that address those needs and issues. Sister Janice you really are the face of the organization I think many people order recognize issue. From your many appearances on television and the way you help people you know just face to face. Does it feel like things are getting better in our society perhaps or do you feel like so many challenges to overcome when it comes to what might just describe how people on many different facet to think. Are always gonna have challenges and Patrick you really surrounds us and now with the increase of different countries. Bringing their people into our building. We teaching them they're becoming American citizens. They're learning the new lifestyle at the American way so the challenges are there in the in the poverty just from individuals who know low income families people. Who really had the need for food for clothing for shelter. We had advocacy program right now so that we can really meet the needs of the people. But that hit them BD DB dependable. Depending on us but really reaching out to them to teach the self sufficiency. So they they have to come in mask but rather. Be very very happy that they're coming to a place with their welcome. Is there a sense that they appreciate his sense of welcome. The hand that's put out there to help them. Do you feel that they appreciate this type of gesture. They certainly do and it doesn't only come from myself from Mike but it comes from the beautiful volunteers that we have vehicle there 120 volunteers. And they take pride in serving the people those who weren't the dining room the thrift chaps there's always a warm welcome. And when people come in to become a volunteer at the C there's something special about the place we want to be here and we wanted to come back. So it's really kudos to the volunteers who come to us to accept partisan ministry. Well I don't important I don't think there's any doubt that the leadership is is your reach about you and Mike's sister for what you do because let's face it there's plenty of other. Wonderful causes in centers in agencies out there. Mike what do you sort of stand apart against mature competitor badges we retain the marketing world. I would have to say that it is. Working in a place like the response to Los honor in our neighborhood. There's a lack of hope in you there's joblessness bothers a lot of issues. But what we can provide and we do that so well on sisters done for 33 years. His provide hope for people. Spiritual. The physical needs and you know we talked about are volunteers. The people that come and see this may need food they may need closing. But the volunteers need something they need a spiritual fulfillment ends. Working in the private sector for 35 years I never got that until I started to volunteer at the response to Los and I realized. There was a gaping hole in my existence that got filled with doing for other people and it. What sister does it is she assesses a situation. She suspected she prays or not. And then we address at the best we can. The new we have so class we're gonna talk about me reporting in is because other senators have closed the underperformed. We over perform and the reason we over performed is because we have complete wraparound services. Not only can they learn English but they have the support of our sister's care center for other issues they have there. You know food if you're not if you're hungry how can you learn right. If you have issues at home that you worried about your children are your worried about rats and yourself or anything like that how can you learn it does not conducive to learning situation. So we help address what we care. And that turns around and as to the successful numbers in all of our task programs are yes so programs. Even something simple as a client that all the said you don't see for two or three months. As because they've gotten a job. And they don't have time to come in during the day and they don't need this anymore his schedule so encouraging separate bank wonderful gas we just had a fellow come back into the office who graduated GE. And that's our task is that ged anymore. But he's now going on to further his education and he came back to BB can play for the people we're still in the class and we see that repeatedly. Who bettors. Who better to talk to those folks in the class and somebody who has succeeded and move straight up that latter I've done it no reason you can't answering there's nobody quite like somebody who walked the walk to lie to inspire others. Sister we're talking idea selling my eyes or get into an hour now he is so stands for English as a second language. And you are and helping people from all different countries nine I think is what you had mentioned to me in both adults and younger students. Yes they come to us and they're such a sense of joy because we have different levels on its answer to the public school systems so. I chose the students. And it shows the people to coming to teach the volunteers to help in to assist in the classroom. But the good hard days when you see someone come in who doesn't even know what word in English. Which isn't even know and a pencil is like to hold pence in their hands exceeded July. Become an AC sister sister I can speak. All are when one becomes an American citizen and get their little flag and I had attended the ceremony with them. They are so proud of that. They come Mecca niece a sister. I know the language now I don't need in in temperature. I can go to the bank I can do my shopping and now I know the language and that is such a sense of joy for all of us. And when we first started a few years ago. They were afraid they didn't understand where the sisters this is a Catholic place. Yet where all embracing we take everyone in the building it doesn't matter who or what they they ER. So they come in. In all of a sudden you look and he began to back end. When is the people from another country came from Bangladesh which was having surgery if she said will you pray for me. And it was such a beautiful experience for me to share my faith. Send your tired afterwards and then she came back and she said I'm well thank you for the prayer. So we've really come to band with each other to accept one another for whoever we aren't winning effort we. What are some of the at countries that Dan EC citizens firmer at their folks who ultimately become citizens is it mostly am per month language and English is real Lanka El Salvador Cuba. And grant. The F nine different countries Sudan. An and it's so beautiful to see how they all come together. And you just saying how can the teachers teach that one language in them and yet they can. And in the beginning we had some difficulty in the food pantry because they did know what the foods work. They're very used to fresh produce and we hit canned goods so we. We devalues depiction Mary for them so when they come in they could see the picture see the vegetable and fruit. And now they're learning what they it fruit Fitch believes in the American language so if there's such a growth and a beautiful spirit. One of the joys we took him for them made in the midst and you were so excited that they were gonna put a raincoat and he's we're gonna get wet we're gonna get wet and sent he and a now they want to go to the aquarium they wanna see the fish and so we try to provide expert for these people as well and their family. Now in our county so you really are fast tracking their assimilation. Add only with language you have bit of fun things is you say the made the mess what a great experience to see one of them wonders of the world. Come and practice and sister and myself a goal or you is there and ladies were avail I am a little hard of hearing and this 1 early every morning good morning good morning good morning she went past me. One more sugar more. Good morning and she says you I didn't hear her sick over you so she turnaround she called me yet or Howard got. And I appropriate response absolutely but it's you know it to me is the best in these things it's it's. It's something different that they have been exposed to sorry but they need to use the language. I think another thing is on being sister contrast with the feeling habit it's different for them to when and where mystery. So when it and came sent out the where is your husband. Do you have children so I took him into the hands intonation than where we live and they said your make children near my family and I don't have a husband. And just to teach them in that way. It was a new experience for them which I would take for granted. And yet they did know that. And I went there to pose any edit it must be so gratifying for you to to feel like it's a mutual law learning experience you must learn so much about their individual cultures as well and you know. Think news I never. Went out to look to do business they came to lessons and we have the need could you start school in comic it is stared at school. But than scientists thought about it since maybe we can do this so we lynched and to be GE. Now we're putting in another classroom. Great so will hip we have a waiting list straight now students how are you funding for something like ants and donations are donations all donations that. We do not receive any government help I think from the county quick cut edit the budget. But just to get anything like that and we really icy Providence of god. And that's winning turned it over its aging a look at I work for you year the glossy you can provide. I'll do whatever you want but you make it can't mean yes and it looks like Tampa beat and kicked as I have my little talks with him sometimes he's a little slow in an organized. But why announcement it's a path that's what they say they win every reasonable. Presumably every American. Where errors sister Janis and also with might go believe who is the assistant director sister Janice your official title is executive director only after a lot of didn't want to Manny had islands are there undergone of course in their response senator. And the return this again. At 130. Cushy school history expert Gary I can't and they a teacher looking to visit the center it's open to anybody current its care and it's 14212121. For two went to Mississippi -- cage and looking to put it into your GPS system. Do you encourage folks to step by do you want people to make an appointment which your view on people who are interested in this manner it would like to see if. Firsthand so many times closes or statements with them and see. Recent data that was on Mother Teresa that was her whole slogan come and see in this way. People have the experience. Hands and have seen what happens beacon read a leaflet a brochure I can tell on the story. But unless they see and feel. They won't get them but the whole idea of what the sentry sell about you have to get the blood is going through you you have to see the joy and the faces. And it's just wonder focused people say Whittle welcoming place everybody's so happy here. And who doesn't want to be in an environment especially the stresses of the day you know that we faced day in and day out and inner things or silencer and and her political climate it's nice to have senator refuge. And Mike I loved the point that you products you know are you hoping people on the community. And people literally from around the globe we use your services but it's helped you as a person. It slowly and all of our other volunteers yes I reserves and we're there yes and there's a need for us and it just for me hopefuls hole. It it becomes part of you become hard and we've had people say I feel god in every corner of this building and you know what it absolutely is true and there are people who volunteer who are now particularly religious we have. People who are not religious sister has a wonderful science we don't show of the dove. He offer what we offer. Is in got a lot of good lines yeah. And you know what we we provide what we can for people and Saint Francis said that you know we live the gospel and use words of necessary and so that's what we try and do. Well and it looks like it's working but let's face it everything turns out money many things are torturing our society. And we talked about having so much need and competition if you round among agencies in Erie Niagara and the other counties are Western New York. So folks mark your calendars Thursday June 15 and NPR millennium hotel in buffalo. It's actually on Albany avenue in Cheektowaga. 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The Glen park tavern Maine near tight you know Williams still tavern food and more including high kick in for dessert. And yeah. Welcome back to us by satellite from this Easter morning after holiday season is going well and we appreciate you spending a little bit of your time with us this morning slice of life. My thanks as always to cabin parent who is. Pushing the buttons in making sure that show it's off the ground. Every week the cake hard drives us every week and we do appreciate it now we're here resistor John Harris who is the executive director. Of the response to a lot center anchor excuse of street but a repayment say it is it a little differently. And he said buffalo and also with us is Mike totally it was assistant director yes hippies to one now. And I'm sister and my we're talking about your upcoming benefit it's Thursday June 15 at the millennium hotel buffalo. Course located on Walton avenue Richie daughter right across from the gallery area. This major fund raiser for you be used need some things if people like to donate gift certificates are being baskets. Give parents anything of their ilk might us about how you use those out prizes and gifts. We have three separate functions we have a silent auction we have a basket. Auction are basket. Raffle like he didn't call it. And and analyze the auction. I'm Mary Alice Tumblr is our emcee and she does a wonderful job of running a live auction. We have. That kind of a unique thing because with our baskets we don't have a big board at the end the event. We actually will deliver the best just to the winning tables. Which becomes an event in itself because people might get a when this one met look at look at if people start panda baskets around him. But it's it's it's a very fun event the food is fantastic the millennium has been outstanding for all the years we've been there. We have family style dinner C sit down and you can pass the plate kind of get you know it's it's an amazing. Entertaining. Fun filled spiritual evening. I answer real sense of kinship system it really is it's a family family event. Some of the kids will calm the kinesis students and employees who. We'll carry the baskets to the table so he's still waiting at the end with the numbers and all. On the life auction as a real big hit everybody likes to be and the things we have peaked in Pete we of the tour the capitol. On days like dropping and what says he's ready and bring Hague in he has lunch with all this rain and then delicate film. That's a weekend and we even have Jim results. Was going to do a gourmet meal for ten people can eat in the backyard it could be a family sit down so these are it's a real real lot of fun. On the silent auction people can bid and things. I am right out. Or else they can do the regular theme baskets in advance funds so we try to gear it to. Anybody and everybody who comes those are little more affluent those who can't afford. But it's family and we all come together and make it special is their feet and two. There is snow feed but you can buy the tickets. Ahead of time in the I was there eighty galleys for their early bird special. You and Mike you're church at the iBook thing happens when you sit OK you're vacuuming I mean this is a nice curve and that really delineate everything that's happening yes what the prices are how the process of slamming her. Adds we give credit where credit is due and the people that that donate you can donate ten dollars and he'll be in the book I'll really. Wife are announced is losses exact moment too small we're we're we're happy to say yes to anything. It it's a very good chance for businesses to get associated with the works of responsible summer. Not only will they be in the book because they'll be copy of the booklet and web site so they get. You know credit again Barbara is due. Many chances though someone won't try this out and sponsor a little bit and action they come back and double letters they want double the dad. We have a lot of ads already that are repetitive combat every your name on an ad because of the traction again. It's that's the true test turning you can bring there they are repetition year in and year out. So the senator really does touch a lot of lives and the east side and it's open to everybody it's and you do everything from. Your dining side of food pantry clothing and personal care items. Thrift shops. You talk about we know we talk about English as a second language. So strain out here very cognizant of the needs of veterans in our community as well which you do specifically for those folks who have served and or military. Well we have our own veterans corps that runs the program. And to through the generosity of some donors we have two special rooms when we they can come for appointments to meet with the vets and now we put in another room for support group. So that's helping vets. We tried to give career assessment. Employment searches we do some coaching we do some counseling. So people are coming their very very beautifully and being handicapped accessible they're able to come in there we'll cheers now and they meet here. From Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays in their building from nine to till 1230. And there's such a dedicated spear it. Some of the veterans square and staff there will leave and go to the homes and bring the veteran into the building so that they can have a meal with us and Japanese thrift chapped. And just to see what benefits they need in fact I myself have gone. Two of them that's because they needed some help with my brother who PS2 weeks in east we went there and they helped us with benefits as well comes back to you as loudly yes some are gratifying it's it's just abuse filled experience and why we did this with my brother was of that. In Vietnam and I just wanted to continue that mission seen in need of how we should reach out to. So way to pay tribute to your brother and all who serve it's during their time and yard return we talk on the line where about the scope of what you do. In the wondered that how we sticks in my mind when it comes to food is the face that you serve by an average more than 121000 meals a year. In your dining room and it includes Thanksgiving and Christmas Day tenors. Where do you get the food. Let the food will come from vendors. AT&T hits sponsored fresh fruits and vegetables. Convention center will help us with food food bank helps us. Many of the schools will do food drags her us and what we did now during the Clinton season. Five different parishes collected food summed it cake mixes some did fruits and that they did vegetables. This way there's an added duplication that's an also. Personal carry items that are coming to us. I just yesterday. We received 26 baskets. For children. All Easter baskets in another place they said no where and it did it for you to date. Dove tailed and it in brightest when he desk it's so we have enough biscuits for children it for the adults who come to the pantry. You know the adults like to get these little gifts to little stuffed in a leader Bonnie and you know it and that's what makes it so friendly in in the also accepted. We that you sort of categorize it say you don't have now a thousand bottles Barbeque that's it go a bit of everything occasionally we don't yes. It currently is you know there are really does I'd be remiss if we mentioned there difference with a match at least I know they did a food drive for you earlier this week which included. Box in boots were made us. They really can't have distributed debt yes and they distributed the boot to fill it with cash. Right in the boot strapped to the side of the horse and they filled with money and nice we had our van there and as people sometimes will leave the Broadway market they would be given his hands are. Canned goods or whatever it. And were close enough to our facilities so things that are perishable we laws laden and take back government refrigeration right away. Last year it was cold and upwards and have to worry about that but if it's who you know you wanna make sure that. I think you know like what we should really share about is that just pure rookies poll we've got a Carl. Couple weeks ago and options. Parolees it's that we have if you peruse it you're interest and they just made a donation of 2200. Per Rockies to us talk Mike and we have fifteen cases of potato Perot wow our people are going to be injuring. And I went dances sisters and I party in turn if you ask. Hello carrard overblown there and it's well worth it great how wonderful. Now we've only got about ninety seconds left what's your biggest need is of this moment our talking April 2017. With so many different folks who need banks. I think a financial contributions would really help us a lack. And if someone would really care to sponsor us for grief and for the Geneva and this would be great because it's their only fund raiser and we really depend and the financial assistance. For that to keep the operation going. And reinforce a fit the you do that receive any government funding milk now this is all. All through your efforts with fundraising through the generosity there's irony that. I describe shameless plug bass response to love that or G. And may the world that origin you'll find his or go to Google responsible of. We're listed number one thank you just artists misspelled the name of the street era Harry is back I love RG. Easy enough to remember. Sister Janis Mike normally what a pleasure to see you again and I so appreciate you being here and Easter is very significant to me thank you it's wonderful being here and thank you so much for the support Ukraine to excellent and hippie to reduce our. Folks have a wonderful rest of your holiday and we can be safe pair final attacking next week. It's always nice to be on the slice thanks it was. List named Randall we back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.