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Sunday, August 5th
Buffalo Broadcasters Hall Of Fame

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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host Tony Wolfgang. Hi everybody. And welcome suing target and thank you so much for joining us today and the host penning love game. And it's my pleasure to talk to every week and we tried to discuss subjects we think Jack interest seeing an important and topical for all of us live here in the west near community and we tried to talk to guest. Who are in C insulating and enlightening educational. Entertaining. I can't I what I'm. Ready out of adjectives to describe my guest today because I'm really kind of excited to have in the studio with me today a really good friend. And one of the most well known people and in Western Europe radio ratchet Christian and what are the reasons that we are honored to have. Roger in studio with today he witnessed today is because he is going to be inducted into the buffalo broadcaster. Broadcasters. Association hall of fame. Very shortly on Thursday September 27. At the studios of WNEDTV. In buffalo. And we I am so excited that I'm going to have an opportunity before at his induction and before. The whole world learns all about him. To talk to him on target and find out what you are listeners may not know everything you ever wanted to know. About the famous Roger Christian hello. I was just psyches or whatever having the union that toys in these people who say they're recognized by voice but yours I'm sure. So they just they distressing as long as it's not law enforcement I'm okay hit fifty. Well I'm here I don't know I know I don't know of Africa draft I can. You know I want it to. Have an opportunity to talk to before the induction and because I know at the induction they're going to be discussing your whole life in you and your history in your. A work. Ethnic and the work achieved and here Western Europe and I thought well this is a really good chance to get hits start amendment to tell my listeners on target. But all of that he's so I was going to do it myself but now I decided since you are the real professional. That you are going to be able to help me by telling you telling me like from day one. How you let's start in radio. Well I started with a friend my friend Ben Freedman who lived down the street with me. And Ben had its has has gone on to beat what they called the jingle guy were he would do radio station jingles. He since passed away but before he did a couple of years ago he was. One of the world renowned jingle producers forging goals for radio station is what Dallas Texas. This did this with zero I I grew up in Snyder. I'm hearing and try and Snyder and tell you a live boy makes good yeah okay rates right by V with whom we called it the Emerson junior high school then. And I remember when it was being built at that time so that's how far back I open band live. Right in front of that and we would do. Get a little little box that was of a radio transmitter a hundred Miller watt radio box and we would do our own radio show that would go right around the neighborhood for about a quarter of a mile. And we can drive our car her around here this period song on the turntable for about a quarter from mild and it would it would sort of go out anything creeping in and yup. And that's just what we did we tried to emulate all the DJ is that were on all the different stations. So now you're I didn't even realize that you are from here so I'm I'm really excited to learn that because we always from the main Asian everybody in the media succeeds. Seems is to come from someplace else so I was very lucky I was born in Children's Hospital on Bryant street and gas engine. Just kept at it and went through all of the the Amherst school systems. So. When you were all the way back let's say. Jim is listening he's going to well learn from the listened and it and find out himself. How you how you made it locally when you are all the way back in high school did you do things like. Oh when he cut. When you do when you go pro tip proms and ended DJ a four parties in decades now not so much then but we would go around to that would be different record distributors they were were a lot of from around here. And they would give us the promotional copies of the records like the Rolling Stone we would get and then we would be able to play that on our radio show off. Now did you let MA is in fact you would. You do this as a career that you would be on the radio as a career. I you know I I just sort of ran with the flow so to speak and it just to. Became part of my history it's. But people probably only says he is like say a young person is listening now we hope they because you know war on a lot of Entercom stations. Where young people listen we hope like. Kiss and star and of course. And KB. And it thinking I would I wish I could do that I I think I can do that. But could they what should they do with the thinking of that as a career well it's so different than when I started with a all the technology and everything but if you if you. If you have the passion for it. You should go for it. But that. And I always listen to I'm so not even supposed to say this but it's my program on target a containment and whistles and Howard. A stir when we did I remember you did and had a fresh start the seedings LSU was finished right exactly right and so he. Always says oh I didn't have. Everyone says oh like kissing scene radio because it didn't have the voice thing you'll. Over who had heard this deep authoritative. Voice and smoke my folks in pay people counselors as you know you can't succeed. But isn't until I ran his right problem myself because I don't have that. Deep voice right didn't at that time and everyone used to tell me why do you can go take voice lessons are nice I don't want to pretend. Because of the people besides sounding more real and not so free Republica. It just sort of evolved and I was lucky to get in on that train when it involved in what way you mean it it they didn't just mean they just don't Disney did dig deep below voices and a because I remember the time one out when when when I was trying to get into it. They would have and a staff announcer at WB EN. Just for who who breeds to legalize G at the top and the bottom of every hour and that's all his whole job was. And he had to be the most wonderful voice in the world and then that slowly evolved out of that out of the scene and so. I'm again lucky lucky that it did when. Yeah I think stinks changed pages and Casey just tuned in you you have the right station you have the right program you're listening to on target. Early in the morning and to react tacking to very familiar person voice is probably familiar with talking about the voice to. Roger Christian queen you usually listen to on. Star 102 point in time winner from 10 AM to 3 PM every weekday every weekday in this case to blow my own horn always and your show we will continue to weird where I hate to 92 of so now. Where we talked to ratchet because he is soon going to be inducted into the buffalo broadcaster is. Association hall of fame. Which is a great honor will deserved and so we thought we thought well let's talk about his history in his background how he got 22. BWAY in these distinctive. In distinguished members of the group of the class of this year's class. We said it says that Roger Christian began his radio career as eighteen. Discs (%expletive) Jockey on WYSELFM. In and says the year you set I can save the practice is so how does that tell them well in in 19640. OK when I was fourteen. Yes and that was YS LFM was part of WYSLNWYSLFM. Gordon McClendon from Dallas Texas owned it. And they were in the studios on the thirteenth floor of the Stadler Hilton at the time. And before WB EN used to be there and are on the eighteenth floor and had wonderful beautiful studios. And they had since moved out to. The present location on elm wood avenue were channel four days they were all part of the same WP ENAMFM. In TV. So WYSL. Then move to their eighteenth floor studios. And my friend and I as I said Ben Freedman we would take the bus down from. Amherst all the way down and do the change in the eight a bus that took. These vote this city line at air university at buffalo the only campus at that time and we would take the bus down two or three times a week two of the Stadler and coop on the elevator on the eighteenth floor and do our little radio show for four we each had a one hour show. And this is before you even went to college yes even before I went to college week before and then so we did get that expertise and then you did go away to college and did leave our area for a short right only for lake about a year and a half hour of the session yes the short time did you and then there. In Indiana than you already became a station manager was just what to college maybe we're just. College radio so that WFC Ryan Franklin College which is about twenty miles south of Indianapolis. And they were just starting out their stations so. I had had some experience and they sort of leaned on me and I had that title and then when I left to come back to go to. The UV so that I can work on the AM station WYSL. Overnight. That is put me in good stead. So are you thinking like where we're thinking young people listening who want to get into the business quote unquote. That would be a good way for them to start like at the college radio CS exactly a lot of a lot of people that are working for us now started out at. At buff steed or drug. For join you at the college stations and then they've mean on the may debt into a real full time career and you and it's looking at Jim. Really think about that for an idea I like that idea a lot starting starting small and work your way into. Roger shift or breaks like Roger's not his style because he's not going anywhere now known never whenever reader and go but it's it's probably a good way to get extra audience oh sure in college which is all learning as Greece right in the not too threatening or not are too demanding don't. And I'm sure there is no money in it but we won't go into that ranked. Oh no we can't this week eight yeah I judge WE EKELY. Yeah that doesn't show people yeah. OK so now after you graduated you came back to buffalo right OK and you said that you Lara. At what did we say Wyeth sell WW YS LIN WT BWW in IE those with a three big. Top forty type stations at the time. And at that time they had an opening for an all night shift which I was lucky enough to get as a full time. I'll tell us a little bit about the the music to different kinds of music that you've been involved with playing at the different stations. It's how do you you know how do you just have you learned a different I just love. I loved the music ever since when I was the teenager we used to go down to these what they would call. People record distributors and they would distribute different record labels and there was one down at Tel 8875. Main street. And there was another our crop right across the street and we would get to the promo copies of the of the big hit singles at the time in the sixties like The Rolling Stones and I remember we would get. The the copies of the Monkees songs and the association. And all the Motown songs and we would take those back and we would. Make up a little radio station with with the with the music and I was just so involved with the music and still to this day to. So do you have to like and it's a certain type of music or all types or. How do you you know decide going to be a tough forty ever going to be a country. Blaster and going to be lacked pop rock what the other view R&B will miss R&B right. And there was the underground rock at the time to which was like a little more. It was a little different from the top forty lay up with a The Grateful Dead and people like that at at those times but music music is all evolved now so at that time. Top forty was the dip the popular genre of what people listen to. For four for top forty music for for young people. And you have had to keep up how do you keep up. I mean when he keeps changing and goes from one type two and I just like all types of music and I do a lot of outside. But you know DDG work for weddings and parties and things like that so I have to keep up with all types of music for. Young people old people and in everywhere in between. Did DJ. Weekly cells DJ Jim is here last yeah Jimmy stealing now. Great and we still wins this deal with the same company and Indian we ginger and things. Dad does more promising an all too more anniversaries like for fortieth anniversaries that's more my my gig and then less of a prom guy. He vote Roger knows the music so well I find myself picking his brain all the time for the of the songs that maybe I wouldn't ever thought of he just knows all the music in his it's it's pretty amazing when you're making up the list like for let's say a wedding or prom or an occasion yup they'll be at a wedding and also hey Roger won't know what song would you play for this or give an idea. And he'll go on and on and on and he goes on at a CDO give a Tia. So and then just like it in the same token if I'm doing something for younger I'll ask Jimmy what. Songs out now younger songs will work in the same way. But that's rare Roger east so hip to the he says he's he's so happy knows everything heap partly picks my brain as much as I do. You just being Mount Snow should be I think you say it's a good cooperated Ethel what is so now I wanted to move I went you know like to go three career in to keep go sure I wanted to get on with when you came back and you look first at. Had to have them. WYSLYSL. And then it was 1970. 'cause I know there's some. Music director. Involved or direct and I station manager in new music music director type take a program directors involved and wanna talk about. Right that you bounds and then I at WYSL. I have to move. Up in this the three years that I was there to become the music director. Then a new station was coming on. Across the street down on Franklin street from where we work. That was called WG RQ which was WG r.'s FM and they were gonna become a top forty station and I knew the program director Gigi Jordan who was coming in from. WRKO in Boston. He knew me and he hired me away from WYSL. To be his music director at WG RQ. And I was there for three years before I came to. WB yen and and now WB ENFM in 1976. It's pleasant music director dale. Well each week did you pick the different current music to play for that week. So you have to be really in tune with the different set. The different hits and music and and something that might be alt a local hit that you wanna play but usually every week you would add new songs. They note we knew it you're proudly around during in the old days when. He's to have control and they said you had control over what you could play in the record companies milk could be the labels would come in talked to. And then it changed because. I am. Natural what that it wasn't good well good. Gordon McClendon who at that time was the owner of WYSL. He created the top forty format where you would play the forty. Bit biggest hits of the day over and over and over again and so that's. Open sort of eliminated what you could play. For the free form they called it but W. WP HD which was WYL sells FM. Wouldn't have beat what they called the album rock and at that time when I was in it. Those that the did the guys on the air there could play pretty much what they what they wanted for their whole shift. And it is this computerized. I. I'm getting to the point where a miniscule of course how things have have radically change from right to not come from matters minus now. And we had we've we've played actual phonograph records the 45 rpm records. Then it would it devolve to to keep cartridges were you could record. The song from the record to a tape cartridge which you would also play commercials on and you have actual machines. To plug in to play those songs and commercials. And now it's evolved where everything is on computers. Is that better or worse say doesn't make a difference. But the quality set video across sound equipment quality is better indeed the convenience as much better you're not shuffling. Things are dropping things on the floor and breaking things and it in that regard it's a lot better you know they didn't want to dim Genesis in the studio insisted Jimmie this. A famous and a local disk jockey you know ahead of other than the computer right. And you know what it's funny back when I was in middle school I would come into the radio station and it's time there was. DJ Anthony and Johnnie Walker now holds old school kissed DJ is. They would pull CDs. On the rack and I remembered you doing it that way but never had to do it myself. Yes so what evolved from records reviewed tape cartridges CDs. And now everything on computer and. I can't think that that would be that easy for somebody who started out aiming to learn it I think it would be like even difficult. For well it it everything just fuel everything is difficult for me is ready with a computer is I was access opponent when CD's first came on I was saying oh that's gonna. Take records in every ocean on a wall always have records. For radio and and you know three years later there were no more records it was all on compact disc. And now there's no more compact disk it's all on computers. If you just tuned in today you are listening to a target with your host penny Wolfgang in I am talking today have the privilege and honor. Of talking with our very own magic Christian who is soon going to be inducted into the hall of fame here is the buffalo broadcasts his hall of fame. Which cliche time which I should talk about more okay is seek buffalo association hall of fame induction ceremony is on Thursday September 27. At WNEDTV. In buffalo. And it's a fabulous ceremony in a fabulous fabulous invention I am pleased to be. On the board of directors of the buffalo Burgess is honored to be association and it is open to the public. And they can get tickets I don't know how but not for me I'll hear WWW. Buffalo broadcasters dot com. We're I think right you know I. I think so yes they say they're going fast but it's not on my anger out. Oh I know it's great that there is no I'm sure is okay because. We want to say they're going to be honor we're going to be also honoring. Other but buffalo Bob Smith award recipient this time or Tom Lang my hair and my speaking English today. And my very good friend in everybody's I think is going into the hall of fame John beard who as we know provides a combination of journalistic credibility with Hollywood flash. And he's going to be in this year's class so we're all excited about that should be wonderful I want to tuck a little bit before I forget that two things one is in all your career did you ever. Meet in person. And he. Personalities famous in the business that everyone that are listening audience would be going not really like a beetle. Or Horry. Much or I have wonderful stories. The band YouTube their second performance in America they were in Philadelphia then they came to uncle Sam's out on Walden avenue. And I was the only radio person in the audience. For them and I think Bana was eighteen years old at that time so I got to meet him. Then later on in 1980. On Bruce Springsteen's born to run tour. They told all the radio people now and that have been up at the last song make sure you could down by his dressing room and then you'll be able to go into a meet and greet now. Tomorrow the last song. So I ran down there and I told the bouncer and he says okay go on and there's no one else have come down at that time. And then the other people have come down but the bouncer said no you can't come in yet. So I'm alone in the dressing room and coming into calling himself off was Bruce Springsteen. And I just got a quick chance to talk to my said Bruce you're the greatest and he says that's a good start and then. And all the other radio people came in and I sort of faded out the those my two great precious with with greatness and and rock star. Pretty give Iran and Syria has anybody been that you've had crossed paths with or tried to get on the air into view. Blake I mean do you work or room rude or know what we are now assistance Nelson coming up as everyone's been very nice so acres UCL nice. And you pretty goods likes a lot of stories about people in the business so that are. That our hearty deal with so high to request yens and that's more of up a personal vendetta thing I think that if you're you know 11 on one with someone it's always have a good experience. Register nice right to admit yet because it's you know even if people were high to work with saying he proudly can get along with them yet and you know they just yet. That one out this the difference in in radio as far as like the personality type radio. As it was I think in years ago as opposed to now. Right now I think things are little more range in do you have the time constraints of the songs in the commercials and things like that and it's so but it's a little more that the reined in but still you know if you know what you're doing you can have your personality shoe shine through even today. Anything can elect will only talk about talk radio. And AM an FM is thick radio is gonna survive with all this going on. I think so because it's still locked in to it to everybody and it's still a great medium for people driving in their cars to. Then that's the thing without. The competition of satellite radio and terrestrial radio. Well it's been around for some years and it really hasn't made in big of an indentation in in local radio people still like local radio in the personalities and. People they hear on their on their local stations. It's funny I was gonna ask you that if you think that there is still a a place for personnel and or else may be called personality maybe sure just that's what we talked about you like Dan Roger Christian Millar and actually read the moment can't think. As anybody else except talk show people children I can at all. All right so O'Neal or write up people the exact day yes playing ever news we all have personalities. And with rob and this in the morning and I'm in the mid day and ensue in the afternoon and John Anthony and I and I often joke. We're all on the same station we do the same thing. But we all have completely different shows and a different way we approach what we do you can't forget DJ Anthony Henry. John Anthony John Anthony Wright learned everything he knows I hope she's gonna tell him to listen. By being my producer Jim. And working on on target. And ninth I was crying when he left work display after becoming just Jackie instead of helping me to you is he he's the best but I mean and there's and Jana in the neck and showing your Latvia so there is a place Hilfiger ads on radio address that also plays music. Sure absolutely not a talk show car all stations and on all of our politicians in action and. No it is sorry satellite radio goes. You think that because it's more it's national and doesn't have the low. They can't react like we can't. It's true and you just can't re athletic and right so people still need sure death clinic high you know ever heard once heard somebody say which I totally agree with. I want to wanna be that kind of radio or Wendy at Rupp kind of radio station a personality where when you listening in the kind you get we've going you can't you can't get out of the car you know right and exactly till it's over Brazil right. And and I explaining it right no that's right of I know Howard Stern used to do that to you all the time. Still doesn't know what to say oh Ashe people are listening had a big hit and so Charlie yeah okay listen guys thank you so much tragically talking to us it was a pleasure and death. Thank you Jim but he's not that you have the choice because we are here in Europe. A prisoner in in the studio say it but debt with talking to Reggie Christian and we're so happy to be able to congratulate him. I'm being inducted into the buffalo hall of fame is sat in September and thank you for joining us and thanks for talking to wireless news and on target. We hope you've enjoyed a conversation see you again next week same time same place by everybody. You've been listening to one target with penny Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions. Please rate depending Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.