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Saturday, April 29th

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Welcome to the ross' report on ESP NE a fifteen to when he. Months or Gaal see it in executive with headquarters in buffalo the national fire adjustment Ronald. Our hole as on this program a few years ago. He recommended that I put on the program and author of the book that will be coming out by the end of the year. The book is called the American fix our guest today from Rochester New York who drove in with Brian Jackson today for the program. His name is Richard eight can't play and I'd like to a little bit about him. Richard Kaplan has an extensive background in economics accounting management and executive leadership they have benefited many corporations start ups universities and other organizations. He specialized in start up and business turnarounds he's currently CEO role on. Cure rages that CU RE EG IS technologies. A developer and manufacturer of unique. Fatigue management technologies. And commercial hydraulics. He's past president of and CEO of Potomac tree international corporation. He is also for president of rich land industries and mix eyes floor coverings in retail. Floor covering change our guest today. Richard A Kaplan again the book is coming out I mentioned will be available. On Amazon and at the end of the year. Are you talk about in the book the American fix and I've seen or known Newt Gingrich wanted to. Read this because I talked with the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. And you talk about government becoming more dysfunctional what's wrong whether governor wise it detached from the mainstream American artwork well. Nothing's really wrong with government. The problem government is government and government is has been it was made to be competitive and adversarial. The problem is we US government over the last eight years or so to do a lot of things that it's just not capable of doing government is very capable of regulating. And it's very capable auditing. But it's not capable of managing. In stack people who administrator implementing and in the book we gave eleven reasons. Really why it's Nat and enact conservative or liberal reasons or just common sense reasons. I'll give you one. As I said government was made via adversarial. When. Jan Adams running against Thomas Jefferson actually hired slander to. To slander Thomas Jefferson so it what's going on now is nothing new. But what is happened is we've given government more and more responsibility so its. Its flaws are showing more and more. So the question is if you have programs as important as health care welfare Social Security. Do you really care and education of course you really went organization running it where at any one time half the organization wants it to fail. When the Democrats are in the Republicans went to fail you when Obama came in the first thing they said is one term president so we want. When. A Republican is in the Democrats President Bush is a great example made a lot of mistakes instead of trying to help them they crucified. And but this is typical this it's a power game it's more of about about power. Than it is about actually doing something so. It would be would you want investment company where if the ministry wants to go broke or which one go to surgery after surgical team wants you to die. Were asking an entity to do something that in here we can't do it's not the people's bodies in government's fault. It is the way government is made. So that that's one of the premises the book we give exceed ten other reasons like that they're pretty much common sense reasons are not really in he could server liberal view. And we don't blame the people we don't blame Democrats we don't blame Republicans are concerns are liberals would this is a systemic problem that people prop. Now around hopper president national fire adjustment company headquartered in here Hersh New York with offices throughout the US and Canada. He said in the beginning of your book Q you have a wig in story right. Now tell us about the way historian and people are interested in December when the ball comes out right they can read about it in depth what is wagons to run. Proper targets of metaphor for that IE I use. To explain why things are happening you know it's frustrating for people. To see all of our social programs are failing in one way or the other and it's frustrating. For people to watch it and so the way to store Islam and for the kind of explains it and it goes like this to start this country was like the start of a journey. And take the journey we built this big beautiful wagon and the purpose of the way it was carry all the supplies we need but I was also make room for all the people. That couldn't take the trip otherwise the very old the very young people that weren't firmed for one reason or other couldn't take a trip so we load up the way whether it's flies. Loaded up well the people and we got behind the wing and start to push it. We soon realize that pushing away in the nobody was steering was kind of unproductive so we elected some people permits go to the front. Grabbed the the war piece of wood connected to the front wheels and scout ahead in steer the wit and force. And it became a very very good journey and a very instinct in camp and the people in the there the way in the we're on the way in and the people that were pushing way to right next to each other. In these people that were in the way and saw these people working so hard to push the wagon and help them. That they want to get involved they'd. Metaphorically bring drinks and food to them if they could get off the waiting for a little while to walk goal late below ruled that. In a very wonderful relationship started between these people very human relationship giving in and and and helping each other room. The people on the front that we're just hearing him we're seeing this and they want it in and part of this say they they saw was tipping they want and it's so they said what we can do more instead of we just work one week. But a trend away in three or four times a day. We can do more so we can help pull. So they grab those pieces of wood there were tests with the start pulling away. Well all of a sudden the people that were in the Beck started. Lauding these people this is great you guys didn't have to do this you're doing all this well the more insulation they got the more they pulled them all the more they pulled the stronger they got the stronger they got the more the people. Until the people that were pushing the weight and start to realize that it's a step pushing the weight and kept going because the people in front were pulling so hard so little by little they stop. They stop pushing which is human nature. Well what happened is a relationship between people in the wagon and pushed away and broke down completely 'cause now the people weren't helping each other they weren't. Were relating to each other everything was done by these people aloof bootable people in the front. That could even talk these Cubans are so far away but they were doing all the work and they were the ones or being lauded for doing everything pulling wagons during weigh in guiding everything. Well after awhile somebody that was walking behind the wave used to be pushing its old space the way and so they jumped out to be gradual while. Well let me start argue about whose turn it was so. After awhile they start pushing that despise and pushing picked the people. That can't be on the waiting to make more room for these people that were piling. The more people Taliban the heavier the way and got harder was to pull so slow down slow down slow down. And the people the front and we couldn't push him where they looked back. And saw awakened full of people that used to love and care for each other now. Arguing over space and awake and it was even moving anymore. And that's gonna have this country in my opinion we stepped helping each other and we've had asked the government to do everything for us which you can't do was a pointed out before. In its polar ice tennis and that's the way can story and it's little metaphor that I think explains. What's happening. Well it's a good story and your talk reminds me mrs. Clinton said the world is a village sort of hinting that it is the responsibility. Of government. They care for every one. And I'm many people said that our welfare programs become sugar coated employees and because we have developed a dependant population. That doesn't wanna take care of themselves which was always the pride of Americans exit he independent and self sufficient. Our guest today is Richard A Kaplan recommended by the president of national Tyre just around pop but to be with us on this program. He has a book coming out in December called the American fix we thank him for driving and from Rochester was Brian Jackson. To be on the ross' report on ESPN. Radio. If you have any thoughts or comments of your listening in Rochester buffalo Toronto or Washington DC with 50000 watts of clear channel power. Please write to Brian ross' ESPN radio 500 corporate parkway. Suite 200 Buffalo, New York 14226. MO NG cards and letters where. Canadian and European listeners all cells. I'd like to mention our future guests include. Circle navigator of the world who went for years and 55 foot sailboat all across the globe. Eric Wright card the Kaiser. Author of twenty books senator pat Galvin. All coming up on the Ross report on ESPN aim fifteen to when he. Thank you to those who listened and commented about Carmel baron off whose nationally. PBS with their health and coking. Program Maria Krause with the must industry association. And rabbi bear should Jupiter Florida. Little bit more information about Richard eight Kaplan. He was chairman and coal founder of Resnick media associates an advertising and marketing company. Agency in Atlanta and communications income computer software company. He was president REK. Realty corporation a real estate development company he's former chairman. Of the board. And founder of works mart international ink a human resource development publishing and training company for multi market multinational. Corporations and organizations. Richard eight care plan. We talk a little bit about the welfare programs and I think they were originally supposed to be a temporary fix what Lyndon Johnson. Devolved the great society programs but they've become a lifestyle for 34 generations. Talk about the failures what's wrong with our welfare pro. It's such as well term ends Aaron our systems are failing education is failing were knighted in the top four in the world anymore or health care system obviously everybody knows falling apart. Are smaller part and there's no fix that anybody as a president trump told us was running he had this great pics of many to choose right inspects it was so. Apparently there's nothing out there but let me just before he can solve a problem you have to understand cause the problem let me talk a little bit about that sure. We operate on three systems in in a society and this is in oversimplification. But it it is very true. We have a political system a legal system and economic system I believe our legal system political system. Is the best of the best systems ever devised by man to govern themselves. They'd but they do have some. Some flaws to workers some negative dynamics personal legal system if you talk to a police officer. Some time and asked them what would happen if you took away all of the rules of evidence all the search and seizure rules Brandeis and everything. They would tell you their honest that in ninety days in a police state. It doesn't mean you don't have the police department it doesn't mean they're bad people it's just the way of the organization what would happen. What it means is you set boundaries around it and what we we've done a very good job with that. Our economic system is capitalism which again is the best system ever devised by man. To deliver goods and services and efficient effective way to create jobs create wealth. But like the police department it's got some negative dynamics to a particular. Number one it creates dislocations. I'm from Rochester which is a great example of that Kodak. Went from film to digital and 80000 people lost their temper on the route many eighties outs and but that happens all the time in capitalism in the in the Japanese came in in the eighty's and ninety's and all of a sudden. Millions people us or Japanese auto industry. Capitalism does that. It's a strong enough system that eventually those people will be rehired but usually at a lower price but in the meantime there's a lot of pain so that's one negative dynamic the second one which is more serious. Is that capitalism polarized as well I starts in the CDs and everybody's at all know of tide raises all boats. And you can see now how the tremendous polarization it's like the Napoli game we've played long enough one person it's all the money's the same thing so you don't want a stroke capitalism while. So you have to find ways true mediate those negative aspects of that without hurting the the basic premise of capitalism. So. You can't do it in in the legal system you can't make Italy will be pork. He can't do in the political system because as again it's so polarized over the can see what happens when trying southeast from the political system and the economic system causes the problem. So the government can't do it in the private sector can't do so what do we have there is no place to solve these problems. Every decision we make with the tools we have now are the wrong decisions and let me give you two examples of that. The minimum wage raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars the reason we should do it is because their people that are terrible pain that can't. Take care of their families can't take care of themselves can't get health care and can't afford to live a decent life. That's the reason we should do it but the problem is if you do it number one you're gonna raise prices on five years those People's Bank are pro will be better and is now. You're gonna be giving raises to teenagers who don't need it. Two and causing businesses to it to spend more money in and raise prices. I'm on the board of a company that is in competition and in fishing company competition with. India and China and remain efficient plants here in Maryland in Mexico when it goes to fifteen dollars which after all those jobs to Mexico. Now because we're capitalist pigs because we're gonna go to business of we don't. So all the people that are working now making 1213 dollars an hour eleven whatever the making and paying some taxes are gonna be unemployment so we get a double whammy. So if you don't race to fifteen dollars to continue to have these people in pain and Poehler right under our culture. If you do do you you screw up all of capitalism basically and chase jobs out don't solve the problems so let's example no matter what you do it's the wrong decision. A give me another one I don't know if you ever heard of Dinesh D'Souza. Yes it is very good itineraries are yeah brilliant man and he went to jail by yet eagle for election fraud or something I don't know we have got a very Gary there and he's had. Internationally famous films rice produced yes he asks. Very Smart guy what he was at the University of Oregon exodus is on the Internet thing for college president ghetto. Very bright guy. And he was and doing a presentation to a a triumphal students and it's gentlemen I think his name was Mike who was EMC. And Dinesh tells a stories and B to snares that story Mike and higher on a beach in walking towards each other. And Mike is starving and he comes up racist initially thought and very hard times. I'm starving could I hit your sandwich I hit it initiative sandwiches and a bit after sandwich. And in this game is also much Denish felt great about what he did. Mike felt wonderful things towards initially given the whole sandwich and everything although wouldn't solve the problem human symmetry delete for a day but he still it was a very human. Event and very good event and so that's Arial one Dinesh says scenario too is Mike that are walking towards each other Mike starving and I sandwich. Before we get to each other government agent rides up on his way course gets off the course puts a gun to buy and says diminish give bikers image so I give my Mike the sandwich. The agent holsters his gun gets course in Lee's. The same thing happened I gave Mike my sandwich and assess. But I feel like I was robbed and the guy doesn't have any good feelings towards me so it's dehumanized and polarize the whole event. And that is an argument about government doing things but then a young girl got up and said to diminish what happens if you want to give them. Mike your sandwich which a lot of people want to. And finish one on some he'd even in an answer for so here's. This shows that the problem I'm talking about either YouTube clearly dehumanize and polarize ourselves and don't solve the problem by having government. Do these things. Or. A millions of people follow through the cracks no matter which decision you make it's wrong. We don't have the right tools to solve these problems so. When we came to this is 2324. Years of research I went to Washington bright 3040 eyes met with. Either of the principal or the staff of most senators and house represents they should talk to check basic at that time and many others. And these ideas were came up through a lot of and came up with the so what we came up with a is that we need a fourth system. We need a system of we also remediation await people can help each other in democracies. That works and what we came to bit decision so what should that system look like and just look who we have four pillars. That we do we we made port number one it's got to be fiscally responsible. If you as an income producer give a dollar to help another person be in an education and welfare health care whatever. Most of that money should get that first. We did a study and it's been series that really confirmed at least thirty cents out of every dollar that we pay taxes actually gets tort supposed to be plus seventy cents just go to that press errors government wasteful and it's not their fault it's this it's just separate entity is they said before. So it's daddy as the responsible. Number two well and actually just saying MF for second if you look at most well run. Charities well run charities they are usually a charge for an eleven cents or administration fundraising so 89 cents of every delegates to the people. We could just replicate that we saved a fortune obviously. The second thing it's gonna be practical and what we mean by that it's going to be easily accessible by people in need. In easily managed in audited and transparent. To us but the other thing it should only go to people in need and only went there and meet. I get Social Security I get Medicare I don't need my kids went to humorous about the one might kids went there. I could've paid full tuition. It is actually stupid for people who are waiters and waitresses and plumbers to pay taxes and paid are so scared so I get money. It should only go to people in need only when they're needed if you're in need also went lottery the next year you don't get the money next year so we have to set up a system. That does this that is practical. The third thing is the most important the system's gotta be psychologically and philosophically compatible with who we are as Americans who we are human beings. And the book we ferret it down has got to be it joy in giving in has got to be addicted to receive. If you don't have that you crushed human spirit and both parts and you just polarized you yours yours society and lastly it's got to be cultured nurtured its gotta be. Make us proud to be Americans it's gonna make the worker world look at us is good caring people which we are riven capitalist pigs which people look at us like that. So we devised a system. A new system also for mediation. Around that and that's. What the last through two or three chipped as the books about so we Natalie we try to define why we have the problems to people so they see it from a different perspective it's their please stop blaming each other. That it's and it's a systemic problem that people problem. And by the way it is the same dialect it in every democracy in history the if you look the average. The life of societies are 200 years and every direction histories failed. And so I see this happening to us to. Around Reagan used to say if you want it. Anything gone wrong you let the government do it absolutely but what rate you know don't is that the best definition of immortality is a government that. Agency and that's true in any it's a systemic problem though it does mentally Republicans and or your Democrats or liberals and service. You're gonna have the same problems as a systemic problem. And were asked. It would be Brent if you asked me to be yours charge the next Olympics in this mean to be the next pole vaulter. Well I go work my butt off for the next three years but I got over three feet without killing myself I'd be lucky. They did that people would be Americans we may yet because we have these great athletes that are poll votes but won the medals and everything and I blame you for picking me you blame me I cried and work hard enough. You this do something intrinsically can that do and I took on the responsibility. And and we all failed and that's what's happening with government we asked it to do things in intrinsically cannot do. And all you get his failure and polarization and hate and it's and that they at all those qualities are simmering right down into our culture. Yes that's why they called and nanny state right we're listening and learning great deal from Richard eight Caplan he's the author of the American fix. That should be available at the end of the year and Amazon. Little plug here question Yorkers love their traditions in the ample eagle's been writing about polish American traditions. And events for over fifty years news and features from polish American. Perspective can be found in this weekly newspaper as well as recipes in the calendar of events. Don't miss out on the next cultural presentation or polka dance by reading the ample legal the ample Eagles available many tops in wegmans stores. For home delivery call 7168359454. That's 716. 8359454. Of the latest news from Poland and Polonia in your mailbox each week. We'll have more information about Richard A Kaplan. He's the author of the American fix that will be out. Later this year he is the founder and chair of the board of the common group which is a franchise. Initiator. Its first franchise being a retail for darker free chain called clicks he is chairman of the board of the business start up. Cerebral assessment systems. He has done private consulting and guest lecturing and marketing economics organizational development and universities. As well as business groups. And he also holds a black belt in karate so very respectful I'm the ross' report today. Let's talk about our education system you're from Rochester New York where Brian. Jackson and we see. Graduation rates and our inner cities are fifty to 54%. What has happened to our educational system Richard A Kaplan well. Actually I've been involved education for about thirty years now I've been on a lot of companies have been on the Mir fractures. Committee for education. And I've been very involved with charter schools and with the organization nonprofit numbering charters and to register. It's the same problem though it's it's it's. The same cause we have government that is running educational system. Charters are a good start to get away from it because government doesn't tell charter schools how to teach. They just say if you're students aren't at a certain percentage are certain level in five years we close you. In the district schools because charter schools are public but the district schools that don't clubs they just keep getting worse and worse and I could. We could take this whole program talking about education but. The point I'm trying to make it all stems from the same problem you know. If god forbid you have for cancer in your brain Karen cancer kidneys cancers stomach cancer in your prostate cancer breast or what where ever you have any of all these cancers. And somebody comes and says well I can get rid of the skin cancer you have now well that's not really gonna interest you because it is such a terrible thing. We have these cancers we have we have educational system we have have our our. Health care systems all these systems are bad. But it thanking you in it and I said I could clear all your cancers because it's a systemic problem I can get I can turn on your immune system then you'd wanna talk to me. Well that's what I'm saying about this we can sound the education promise the same problem is there healthcare problem in our health care system province the same premise or welfare system Social Security problem. They're all stemming from the same thing and what we need is a system that that changes that. And that's what we're talking about the book and the book covers philosophy cover psychology it's got a lot of very interesting different perspectives and it. But it gets to at the end heard the last three chapters are so the cure for and Adam. You know I could go much deeper into this would allow more time but. That it's a very different perspective than I think anybody's talking about now. And it's not just my ideas as if this was done with hundreds of people and and input from a lot of people we kept going down the system what you think that some people say well that worked because of this that so each engine and this week it would the system. If somebody listening the roster Portman. I'd like to contact you what's the best way to reach you by email or phone or if somebody wants to email me about this my email is DE CK. Which has the icy KK it courageous. It's the company I'm with right now but I do starts in turnarounds that's where there's so many okay there. But courageous is spelled CU RA EG I guess. Deck that count so decayed creatures that count. I'd like to read one thing at a ball that's in place this is a quote not my quote this quote from Dexter Gordon Black whose political scientist. In any wrote the book the politics of American discontent. And when I richest people before I talk about. These things they don't understand it as well as they do now so I'd like your listeners to maybe they'll understand this in the context of what it just explains. He says we are ruled by tyranny more dangerous than a dictatorship. It's a tyranny of the velvet glove that tyranny that spends a fortune. Each year to persuade us its intent is B nine. All the time stealing our future and our children's future in the process. We all of us have permitted ourselves be lulled into complacency. While our own office holders accomplished what communism and fascism failed to achieve. What our ancestors fought and died for this generation of Americans has given a way of its own volition without outrage and without revolt. And what he's talking about his when given away our responsibility helping each other and love each other care for each other. To our own office holders and they have taken NN. Because the more responsibility yet. The more important they become our office holders are the royalty of our society they have their own parking lots airport date travel around the world. Talking to people sought F by wealthy powerful people for their opinions and power. It's in and it used to be a service your country now it's the best job in the world make entirely if. They bring their Oscar pork to a closing learned a great deal from the author of the American fixed which will be out later this year on Amazon. Our guest is Richard A Kaplan the book is the American fix the great their Christmas or Chanukah president. Later this year special thanks to Kevin current director of our production and to run copper for recommending this program thank you for enlightening us Richard A Kaplan have a great week program.