The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh 01/06/18

The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh
Saturday, January 6th

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Are you ready for the raw truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He has BM fifteen money presents the rock true it would help the nutrition practitioner Robbie raw RS and join Robby is she discusses faith. Family food fitness detox sleep and stress management and Europe overall hell can you handle the truth. And now here's the raw truth with a one and only Robbie Iraq. And good morning everyone thinks he's so much for joining us goal bills oh my gosh it is such an exciting weekend here but. Baby it is cold outside. Oh my gosh Solis in Korea at your warm green team maybe have my Satie. I'd love to tee off it is the best screen T. Grab it because we got an amazing show for you and I can't wait to introduce you to my next guest before I get into that. Is I think whole foods say I was hit the opportunities speak their last weekend. A wonderful group of people came out in zero degree weather and snow. And it was just awesome just talking about eat this not that why. Taking care this temper pursue this temporary mobile home that we have. I'm going to be doing a a series. Of seminars at catalysts fitness. Every month so look for that make sure you. Go to my website Robby right Jack come in sign up. For my newsletter from my black because I always think of recipes I just felt went out with my favorite chocolate. Cookie recipe. So I don't know cookies but this is all healthy stuff and I so I should even Colin cookie because it. Listen I wanna tell you that are 21 DD taxes starting this week. Starting this week to 21 day detox act up I'll wellness center and I'm so pumped about it we our already. Pretty full and several of the classes and that's amazing and so we have day an evening class available for weeks. It's a two week detox and then you learn so much. And with like minded people so checked it out I am so excited about our first guest. And our only guest this time is pastor Marty McDonald from. These city church in Batavia and also. Saint Anthony's when we come back a minute and introduce you to them he's one of my favorite people in the whole wide world is his wife is that she's sitting here too. So don't go anywhere we have a lot to talk about an Iraq to this morning will be right back with the right trees stay with us. But this Jim Kelly for west mark mark down here over the years I think it's pretty big hits some really big guys that really never on the but the damage here that's a whole different story because a friend of mine introduced me it was hard work down here a couple of years. And now. Actually don't mind going to. Just thankful that he should and is about to just one little know when it. It's about what they'd been. So it will be up. Rated news 020 please are feeling. All come here just like me so if you have stalled chip even visiting team that they could be Jim Kelly. Oh what's my mark don't care. That's 652. 7645. Protect my on the web at W and smiled. To get you back in the game to break. To calling penalties plus Mark Martin dental care. You don't love your question mark smile and I know I do. How will lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Powell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me in my family had no cost. How I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you in your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. 0716 hospice. Hi this is Robbie brought you know god gave us all different look and age and we can't change that DNA. We can change the wave DNA expressed themselves to write dietary habits and our lifestyle. And I'm telling you what. We test nineteenth two genes nips at the right trees so that you can have a blueprint. For your body in terms of fitness and food to find out what your body is going to respond best to. Set appear playmate at Robby rock dot com. And we are back I'm so excited about my guest today pastor Marty McDonnell's from a that's city church of Batavia and also Saint Anthony is good morning Jeanne according rabbit hole are you doing very good value is so great to be here but like I said to you a few minutes ago and everybody didn't hear me. How can you talk about deep tax cookies in the same. Sentence well actually you know I don't have the cookies during the detox but right after I can't because the ingredients are all. Whole foods the wonderful. They don't flip on him out of box which but I now we gotta talk about debt and there's so much to talk about it I am so grateful. They came from the TV it's and I'm honored to be here the rules were that bad it's really good. It's really beautiful except it's a little chilly out but it's worth coming. Just hang out with my friends. Well I'm so happy to hear viewing curing here and you know mr. Marty it's as if to tell you I I met you a few years ago when you have been such a blessing you and your wife in my life. And such a prayer warrior in such and encourage her. And you are for sole many people in saint Anthony's in the feature to Batavia. And it there's so much want to talk to you about today I wanna get into. How we need more than will power Erfurt to meet our New Year's resolutions but before that. I just want it tell our listeners a little bit about your testimony and I know you had a a rough you know Perini. Yeah I was and I think about it this time of the year in particular because during the holidays you know it just brings so much reflection. Back out childhood and things that you went through I was raised and a very dysfunctional alcoholic home my dad was incredibly abusive. A loss of sister when I was a baby she was eleven. I lost a brother when I was eleven he was killed as he was coming home on leave program. Being in the navy is an active duty and my dead one thirty days drunk. And when he at the end of the thirty days he ended up in a mental institution for the next. Two years or when he got out just a few months later he died. At 59 years old and 62 my in the so I was thirteen. When he died seventeen my mom collapse at work. In August and its seventeen years old I was picking out her casket. Is that September's is that I was homeless and I had met this girl that it was just absolutely infatuated with the and dumb her dad said. If you're gonna date my daughter you have to go to church so I did. I made a commitment to Christ he changed my life I married my girlfriend. And I fixed my father on line Natalie attended church but I became the pastoral one. So. Through that you know tons of changes in our lives now. Fast forward you know I've I'll live my mother and my father which is you know something. That I just stand back through a maze met Ben through some things hadn't have told the story from that have blood clots. While I was working out in the gym that could have taken my life for us thank god that his grace. Protected me through that I wife went through breast cancer three years ago. She sitting next to me 100% cured and hold it so we're incredibly grateful for the time. That we have together here and now I go to the gym. Almost every single day and stronger now than there was 25 years ago. Well praise god praise god to him bead Gloria nice seat that you go to the gym every morning of you can file PS temerity and social media and mr. Graham and and FaceBook and you do those posts every morning and just getting up at Mikey at his work out. I do that to motivate my friends don't. A lot of people say things you know I can't do that I wish I could do that and I used to say that. As well when I was actually when it's 57 years old I just celebrated my fifth anniversary. In the Jemison cross fit yet as well. My oldest son said dad comets Breast Cancer Awareness Month were raise money which come with me and I ended awed and finally I went. And then. He just encouragement sedan we've come with me Monday and gently completely to. So I started doing what I thought I never could do I'm 72 pounds laughs again. From when I started you help would that immensely to helping. Change a culture of how we live it eat but. Being active on a regular basis and continue to move forward and move our bodies has been such a a great life changer for me it really happens. Well you know. I remember you seen this and that. When you were culled through the how. It was it was that you said that when you're preteen you just hit more. Korea totally and even to this day. I'm clear have more clamp clarity more stamina. Everything is brighter invited in my life now people even said my voice changed that. Change for the better for the worse oh it makes it admit it made a huge difference in this is. You know to talk of well a little bit about what we're going to speak out. The resolution saying this is the great time of the year where everybody makes all these resolutions but what you follow through with makes all the difference. Amen and you know it takes more than will power we're gonna talk about the act. We're gonna go to learn to our sponsors and when we can be apple continue our conversation with the one in only pastor marry the McDonald. From this thing serious is it throw at Zain in cities. Listen again don't we got our 21 day detox starts this week. And it's it's awesome okay for a week program at the fountain wellness energy in the evening classes available. Do not miss it I am teaching I wanna see you there. We'll be right back with a rod to stay with us. So you remember where you work for who we were aware. The fast way. Work out of your life hi I'm Amy Wendell and when I think actually I'm only big kettle of fitness. With a trainer pushing me I love the feeling of working out with women and acted differently if traveled more would be able to be had passed version of myself. And when someone hit their all dad the energy I paid to keep catalyst fitness. While winning the best way to get results of the PMA group that they walk into any capital vocation compatible or not or needing some direction we will have a perfect trainer. Well you cannot have been about bragging equipment and dynamic training area to make your results happen. The fact certified trainers teach training classes who has no flash. Iceland indoor turf area. Weight loss program Hydro massage recovery and felt much more nice mini nine makes you remember. Had a look at everything you need to be it ever priced at a perfect. Thanks for your project 1999. 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With thirty plus years experience in the industry she will teach you how to increase your energy he fit in feel healthy deep crease your body fat and increase your muscle mass shape your body cut cravings and focus your energy to fulfill your calling God's word actually gives us a clear direction and all of these truths if you wanna get clean then you need to lean on the lord do you need inspiration and motivation to either dead or stay on track and this book is for you get your copy of the rock truthful and And Barnes & Noble dot com today. How will lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Powell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me in my family at no cost home I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you and your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. Phone 716 hospice. Life can take it hole and their bodies that the doctors at Buffalo's buying in sport medicine can now they treat injuries of the spinal muscular skeletal system non surgically to decrease pain and resource function they listen they help. They explained this is doctor Michael to candy so if you suffer from back neck joint. Nerve pain or headaches take back your lifestyle and contact Buffalo's finest sports medicine today call 7166260093. Or visit buffs buy dot com. And we are better than Roger about the fate the only food fitness detox sleep and stress management and chocolate cookies. And how it's how vital to your health and that's what my books about all of those seven truths and yes I do we have cookie recipes in my book I'm gonna change the name it's going to be cookies anyway it's going to be balls chocolate balls up. Because it's an yeah you know I'm just had our rights on the catalyst guys and asks. Girl and 48 you know tomorrow we better be healthy for the McCain and relaxed gait would better be praying for that game yeah sell my. Friends out there. Sadness. Last week. How many. Of bills fans went to church last Sunday go to church pray forum that we want him to win I know it's going to be amazingly great great great day so cool. So yes and Marty. You are at the city church that's your church the city church of the tees yet saint Anthony's you just talked in case someone who's just joining us about how. Your upbringing you have lost your sister Hewitt lost your brother. And then your father was an alcoholic UN and a drinking binge. And then you lost your father in each thirteen thirteen and your mother at 1717. And most. Most people would save my life is over I'm I'm I'm done. I think it was so low. And so despondent. That I didn't really realize. That I had it in me to say. I remembered just. There was nothing I I didn't even know what I was gonna live for I would've it's the wrong person. What do come into my life at that time I would have gone in a myriad of directions thank god for the right people. In your life is so important you're listening to me today make sure you have the right people in your life because of the wrong ones came men. I could have gone in the myriad directions when I met my girlfriend and she took me to church and I begin to beat some healthy people. That could help me navigate through the most difficult time in my life. That's saved me because back then. You know the very thing that I said I wouldn't do what my dad was doing I was becoming I was because it was in my DNA it was in my. In my blood line and so I gravitated to that very thing had I had gone that direction. You know I don't even know fight I cut I know I wouldn't be here today. God only knows what would've happened. Well praise god that you Larry and you know I know what this time of year there is a lot of depression out there are a lot of people are going through some tough stuff. And you know it. Are toxic spots we have toxic thoughts don't we that rig activity in all they have that the enemy wants to kill. And destroy relationships families everything else. And and we know. Debt will we focus on most toxic thoughts. It's almost easier to be negative then due to focus on the truth sometimes when you're in the dark space. We have the propensity to you know. Sink to what is ever easiest thing going that direction this seems to be easiest force you know. People tell me all the time if you really love me you'll agree with me no matter what there is nothing more. Foolish statement than that one if I saw that you're going to drive your car off a cliff. And kill yourself for my go to stand there and say I love you go ahead no I'm gonna get in front of you and tried to stop human. I'm gonna encourage you don't do that and that's why we need the right people. To help us say the right things to us at the right time and we need God's word. As a instruction book for allies to teach us and to train us. This is the way Walken is that a set of rules do this don't do that. It's a set a blueprint that god had created for allies that will help us to be whole and healthy. And and whether but he wants to believe it or not the Bible says godly misses a form of great gained some people are busted war. Because they are not allowing god to be a part of their lives and when he comes in and he doesn't change one area he changes in all areas but you know and also learn Robbie. You've only got to make I learned this just a little bit and no University of Florida do the study why. Resolutions won't work is because people make so many of them. And the reality is if we focus on one. Significant change in our lives and that's what the apostle Paul said. And full appears three said this one thing I do not several but if I focus on one thing like. If you meet Robbie Ross and you start to eat right that's what you think that's one thing but it evolves into a complete. Change of your life so instead of saying I'm gonna do this a bit to do this I'm gonna do this and you just get overwhelmed that you don't do any of choose something. That's very helpful healthy positive in your life. And begin to do that one thing if you could change you know just you're eating habits. If you could change maybe for some of you listening and you have an issue with a alcohol. Maybe you're addicted to drugs or maybe it's pornographer or when or if you change one of those things would change life. I absolutely amen I believe and Matt and and pay a sorority effort to preach your amazing. Amazing. Minister encourage her preacher. You're just teaches such. You just hit such. Against so many gifts that is true you know you you you're the real deal because you've Ben through. What you've been through and it's it's actually enabled you to meet people where their ad I believe and you know I. I truly runs talk about will power to but this is so good because really. It all it uncles together because. When you go through what you've gone through it's easy to you know get angry punter while. You know. Fight with I wonder what punched a wall because it was a right to it affects. Well you know that soon they you know. We need that self control and they will power in the discipline that we can only get through the holy spirit. Our flesh is lazier flashes no self control where to talk more about this when we come back. Talking with pastor Marty McDonald from this feature to achieve and also Saint Anthony is but don't let me forget because you gotta tell everybody when. Get your services are tomorrow morning and don't forget detox is start. This week for a week he tackles and if you can't dedicate four weeks to improve the quality of your life the link to your life your level that is your bike a position your health. I don't know what to tell you will be right back with direct you to stay with us. How were lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Howell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me in my family had no cost home I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you in your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. 0716 hospice. But this Jim Kelly for west mark mark Dell here over the years I think it's pretty big hits some really big guys that really never on the but the damage here that's a whole different story because friend of mine introduced the west are born deaf hear a couple of years. And now. Actually don't mind going to. Stay focused and patient and is about to just one little bill when it. That's what Wednesday. So it will be up. Incorporated news 020 please are feeling. All come here just like me so if you have stalled chip even at this team they could beat Jim Kelly. Hope what's the harm mark don't care. That's 652. 7645. Or check on the web at WM smile. To get you back in the game to break. To calling penalties it was far more dental care. You don't love plus mark smile and I know I do. It's quite the journey in fact it's been a lifelong journey. Hi it's scary credit Nellie if you're anything like me when it comes to eating healthy and exercising properly you need someone to walk beside you on your path to health and wellness for me that person is Robby Iraq. From food choices to nutrition team doing the right exercise Robby has the answers. I finally found success on the Iraqi street church Robbie sport eighths or twelve week program. That includes a seventy detox. Robby will teach you how to eat eat and exercise properly because honestly we need to learn how to be how deep it does not come naturally. Robbie also offers private and semi private fitness and nutrition coaching if you've suffered through Yo-Yo dieting or type two diabetes this is the health even looking for. Do what I did find out more about the raw truth recharging at Robby rock dot com. Me and we are back with a Roger is listen and go bills Frist about. And we are talking. To pester Murti McDonald from the city church. In Batavia and saint Anthony's what are those services tomorrow by the way tomorrow morning at city church 830 and ten man. That's sent to Tony's main street the team that won fourteen liberty street that Saint Anthony says that's it no. I'll and then you take any. Maybe your committee's senior only like hearing kids if if I'm fortunate I I encourage everyone to come. So customary you know. People need more than will power you know will power is can only take Q so far but then. You know I always say to wanna get leaning need to lean on the lord what a save your marriage help your kids Scott get a better job help your finances whenever it is. You need. The lord had. Absolutely and I go back to what I said the Bible as a great blueprint for you for us to live by the viruses that I can do. All things through Christ who strengthens me. You may not like in my own life as I shared. I don't have in my DNA that things and I'm doing today I have in my DNA whole lot of other things but when. Christ is a part of your life he strikes and you beyond anything that you can do in your natural he comes. Alongside David and on a sound. Weirder flaky. But he helps your natural in a super way that's worth. Super natural comes it has so you you may not have the ability to do it in your own strength but with he's on your side. You could do it you can focus on making some changes and making good decisions that will push you. And push the ones you love and your family and to a whole new direction lies. Amen I mean you know what helps me you know it would especially when we're talking about eating healthy because is that tinier everybody's thinking that. Is there I don't wanna put junk in my body because I don't wanna feel like John but also. Because I know that god gave me this body and then where the holy spirit dwells so why do I wanna put junk in my body right. There's a lot of people that. You know Christian people assay I just wanna get out of here really. We are the only people that god has placed on this earth. And given us dominion over and many people that have that opportunity and an ability to stay here and have influenced. Want to leave instead of getting their lifetime contract. Making the right decisions are moving in a positive direction that will not only changed their lives but will help bring others into a life changing experience with god. Amen and its netware your edits for your witness in knowing the lord of lords. And is heavy week could be in Hawaii right now I know you're recently hit a look at it. That beach house they can about it this morning playing in that speech at quarter after 8 in the morning here in the water come up around our feet. Feeling that warm sand hill listening. Just visualize visualize let me tell you something we wouldn't have been buried there. Had it not been forgotten allies he blessed us he helped us by wife and I celebrated forty years mayor. And she still likes me we have forty years you don't look forty what's up with that we get married when we're eat. Well that means it's BC you know so. We we need to close here now pop history so grateful that you king today. You know. In courage our listeners rate now. If there and a dark place what can they do you can come out of that you don't have to stay there I don't care would anybody's told you how you've been brought up. God has a great plan for you if you just ask him to come into your life perfect and I pray real quick before we're close look at just thank you for each person. The soliciting today if they're going through hardship and difficulty in life I prayed. Board that they will reach out to you would find that love and peace that only you can bring to them I Escude in Jesus name. He man thank you grab you for letting me be thank you so much for joining us today as temerity in Cary. And out we we are will be praying for you guys have a wonderful week. We up pray that you have a safe I pray for a hedge of protection around everyone in your travels stay warm and gold bills they can only bills. Our right was he right back here next week cap last. Join us next time for another episode of the rock truth and feel great and look great in mind body soul and spirit we've Robbie Ross and the rock truth. Right here on ESPN 1520.