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Saturday, March 17th

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Welcome to the rust report Aaron ESP NAM 1520. We have with us today Peter Murphy and he's vice president of the invest in education foundation. And it's held this position since its founding in 2012. The organization supports policies to improve educational opportunities for New York State's children. Including providing access to quality school options for children. He previously served as policy and communications director at the New York charter schools association. The statewide membership organization charter schools in New York which advocates and B yeah. The State's more than 200 charter schools and operation or prove to open. Our guest today Peter Murphy. And I was with Tom Carroll in New York City on Monday and he. Is one of the leaders are with this and why don't we are first talk about this. Our program. And a little bit about the and tax credit fifty coalition may be could tell us a little bit about that. Sure well the F tax credit victory. We started last year. And we've built up a coalition of organizations. Across the country it's more than two hour fifty. Organizations and we are advocating in congress. To enact a national scholarship tax credit. Which would which would encourage people to have to donate to make charitable donations. Scholarship. That's Brian that would increase the pool of money available to give out. As for K12 education. So that working and middle class people low income. Folks. And better afford a better education. For their children. And basically what wealthy in upper income Amitabh and safer granite. We wanna bring that opportunity to more people. Up particularly those who just are not immigrant district schools setting right now most people are. Across the country and many. Thousands of over and we're trying to improve it's change for them. Very good. Now you have and invest in education coalition. Who's involved with this is this state wide is this national as we reach seventeen states let's talk about this coalition. Well in our net coalition has is face before lobbying organization. And primarily. We're investigator or working in the legislature. And parity state specific group or art collection of organizations. That advocated for state tax. And we have turned that effort. In to a national effort. And as we. Name the name of the initiative a tax credit fifty. Because of this international concern only in states have a scholarship tax credit. And we wanna make that national and so because children in new York and California and many places of the country. Are are just don't have those educational opportunities that we wanna bring up and fight. By encouraging more donations. By turning it into a tax credit which. Is greater incentive for people and make donations. Because the donation amount of course some percentage they're out of awful what you owe in taxes. So a much bigger. We're gonna see a lot more money flowed of these scholarship fund of children and have. And can enroll in the schools of their choice whether it's parochial or. Private or or even another district school and a better school that's for. Very good let's talk more power promoting school choice why is this important work people at different options for their children go to school. Well educate their that the quality of education chart of these. Is gonna affect their current and certainly her future life I mean it it's so light. Experience for good or or from mediocre or not good. So we wanna get this weight and look for a consent before for many families from most apparently it's district's schools are just fine for them. But for thousands upon thousands of others particularly low or pass people expect struggle. And they're not in good neighborhoods or. Good suburban school districts. And having an educational toward spine by. Telling financially empowered. To afford. A parochial or private school education. You can improve their their prospects and improve their learning and improve their future exponentially. Put them you put a child bearers will be more suitable. That's providing it you actually want for them. They can excel they can stay at school they can graduate college career right. So the next step and life whether it is calendar or break in jewelry. Trade or whatever group that that. They desire. But it's just very important again right and educational choice policies throughout the country of that program. To improve quality education and and bring that. Needed. Improvement in the trial life. So they can go on to adulthood. Wonderful. A lot of people are concerned who have children between kindergarten and twelfth grade there are millions of kids in New York State. In the seventeen states that we blanket from. Montreal down in northern Florida west of the Mississippi. How can we improve kindergarten to twelfth grade education. Voters there's so many important areas to do. However most people would differ tree actually beer many people would say certainly the people who work in the postal system we need more money so it's about money but. There's no politician nine now Bryant. Who doesn't wanna spend more money on education right. So much money. As possible is being spent. And it's never not at for most people send looking into a lot more. When you have more. By knowing that it's much money as we can extract is being spent on education particularly in a state like New York. Which has which spent substantial amounts for her trial popped up opera the 20000 dollars. We have to look elsewhere and find ways to do more with the money we have coastal choices wobbles way to do it. In providing greater accountability in public schools and student or teacher. And and so. Greater accountability systems and and a responsibly use of of this aspect I think there's there's a myriad of ways. A group of its age. We focus on the school choice period because that it is what our parents. To put children and what they believe would be a better. Quality school of their trials so that that's our focus. As always is to improve education but that we've got our canceled just try to expect the choice. The state throughout the country. We're learning a great deal from Peter Murphy vice president of the invest in education foundation. If you're listening in Cheektowaga New York Manhattan or crowd around drop the snow to Brian rusk. ESPN radio 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Buffalo, New York 14226. We always treat cards and letters were Canadian European listeners. Like to thank those calls regarding our shows and the consul general poll and noted dentist. And the leader doctor Todd chicken and chipped Milan involved with packages for our troops overseas. And coming up we'll have a program. MP. Problem gum gown program giving out gowns for the problems for. Inner city children with colon cleaners in the Allstate foundation. Little bit more information about Peter Murphy. He has written for the association's web blog the chalkboard it was a regular guest blogger on the NY and reform block. Mr. Murphy praises served in the office of New York. Governor George Pataki. Where he helped develop the New York charter schools. And school. Texture at least our program. Our guest today. Peter Murphy and the rest report at ESPN. Radio. Recommended by Tom Carroll to be a guest on the program today. Let's talk a little bit about. Promoting a school tourists who were a national. Kindergarten through twelfth grade scholarship hicks credit let's talk about that experience. Over tax credit is something that would it. Drive more donations to scholarship fund so right now if you get out front and non profit charitable and you get a tax deduction effortless and as your old generation right it's it's tax taxes that. Donations or what that means it is. You. Don't pay taxes on the amount you donated. What we're used and erratic greater incentive by paying the tax credits. And on that donation. What you hear it. Or or high percentage that would actually. Use which you owe in taxes. A much ignorance but the event would drive. Exponentially more money into these scholarship fund. Which in turn. This is more. Family and yet how can get the school trips are pretend that we desire so for instance in Western New York right now. There's upon that's been around well probably Europe or yours Oprah buys and children's. Yes we years ago Chris Jacobs senator Bradley Jacobs senator Christian. State senator restrict the founder of disorder nation. In the late nineties and it's alive and well today it's doing great and fabulous work. And it's supports. Several thousand children from the state county region in Western New York actors not just buffalo and Erie county but it is it goes beyond. And it that he got to I think seven other companies out there are wider reach. But it it raises you know healthy trust on every. But if you have a scholarship. If you have a K12 orchard tax credit. Biden on good rays two street for crimes where race exit reach. Many more children in need exit exit exit touched not just. Children from in poverty but the children from working class and middle income helpful. So. You're really. Expand educational opportunities. Buffalo Erie county throughout the region. If we get congress or for that matter the state legislature. To do the kind of scholarship tax credit we're talking about. For a great deal today firm Peter Murphy vice president of invest in education foundation. And the rest reporter and ESPN team fifteen. Twenty. I'd like to mention. We received information here yet ESPN radio about the night of champions. A benefit celebration for city kids at summer camp. And they're going to have a night of champions gala. Steeler city downtown buffalo. May 24. From six to 9 PM. Chris del prince is the chairman and he's at 716316. 4327. And that's the night of champions to benefit city kids at summer. Camp so it's all about education today and the rush report. I ES PNM 1520. Let's tackle about. School choice advocates are taking advantage of the Republican control. Of the White House let's talk about that and president trump. You well yeah out of the green president trump is favored in some favors for Detroit talk about it during the campaign. He appointed. That education secretary you know Austin has spent. Most of her adult life in pro choice Serena goes quicker on. A personal fortune behind efforts to. Improve education for for young people in and provide more we'll try our Chinese boat people are children low income families. So we have a prayer every. A station in Washington that and favor. And so the challenge for our asses to. Work with them and getting something done in congress. And Congress's good large and unwieldy. That. I would democracy. Works slowly. App but we've had some progress already in fact we. Would be back in December as part of the tax reform. Bill that passed. We expanded the use of part 29 college savings account which thirteen million or so Americans have many workers have this cult savings. Our program. And what this allows for is to take. Savings that. And have as. Very favorable tax basis. And use that for K12 to Asia so that an additional expense that they can choose they can actually access the same thing. Opt for college. If they want to help their trial. Or high school or. Just to better education setting making music for clinical solutions and I would. Great victory. The president and secretary. Of thought supported that so we still want that. That while a few more mechanical scholarship or which will affect particularly low income families in a way that apart from an expansion did not. We want to make sure we reach those most in need. To provide school correct options for them. Now what about the support of both houses of congress to promote. An aggressive school choice agenda in 2018. And getting support from the house and senate. Are over we're Catholic getting or whether it will be. In trying to get something done this year something we're working on so. But what does what by 29. I just mention what that show was that there is support. Personal stories to expand school choice congress voted that is partly out legislation. Am but that was the first time congress actually expected something quote sort in over twenty years. On the last makers which choice act like it was back in 1990 that are so it's so that was that was a big breakthrough. Efforts have been stifled before that. No we have an uphill battle here and so it's it's real important for people to the talk to people like Chris Collins and and Brian Higgins and Todd Reid and other other Western New York congress spoke. In truth in it we get moving on net and and to really do some things to build on that except. So more children's health but they leave for the education that's what you're if in into many district public schools. You know places like buffalo another matter all over an area. If if and we wait around for the school's slow improvement in many cases they're cute they're going to be growing up and and and out of reach. So we have to pick this thing now and this is one way or we can provide immediate tangible benefits to children while we're young while our school. Those are just tuned in to the arrest report we're speaking with Peter Murphy. Recommended be on this program John K castle. And Thomas Carroll. Peter Murphy is vice president of the invest in education foundation. And he's been in this position for the past six years. If you're listening in Buffalo, New York Montreal. Or Washington DC. Or 50000 watts a clear channel power preface and no please write to Brian ross'. ESPN radio 500 corporate park quite. Suite 200. Powerful in New York 14. 226. Little more information about Peter Murphy. Previously served in the office. New York governor George Pataki worried helped to develop your charter schools and act. He also previously held positions of the New York State division of the budget. State Senate Finance Committee and the empire foundation for policy research and man profit think tank. Our guest today Peter Murphy. Let's talk about this becoming a reality. This making the only national K through twelve scholarship tax credit. What are you see the hopes for this there. We we always optimistic these. Continue to lobby. EC congress members. Where there each each and every day of section. And yet but it it. That word there's a lot of issues on the table as a lot of arteries for for folks in democracy moves slowly. By design. But we you know we're remaining very delusion on its. And and typically at the end of the section at the end of the year a lot of issues get wrapped up together. And get done and so we're opening that. Congress will not forget school choices the president met promised towards that there's a lot of interest and that. But it's gonna depend on on our efforts. Popping it depend on organizations stepping up. And a from across the country and and reaching their congress members and shelling that Israel. Battling needs to this but our our real desire for. We we demonstrate that previously and amber just gonna keep working it. And these things do take time but we made a lot of progress already and are excited about the efforts. Very good again our guest today. Is Peter Murphy vice president of the invest in education foundation. For the past six years. Let's talk about the picture for legislation how does that help your efforts Peter Murphy. Tax reform legislation. Well you know dealt. It. Hundreds of different provisions that that. Overall lower taxes for. Almost every American. And it's. And one of the provisions that we were able to get included in that was this expansion 05 point nine college savings of counselor mentioned earlier these are savings accounts that. Nine of American utilized. To shape for their children's college education and they've been around for about twenty years and you can. If you earn as they are making. Contributions in these accounts. The interest. Investment earnings you make our tax rate and not act like a lot Feyerick for. But from the state double you your contributions are tax deductible on the stating facts well so they're really acts. Very favorable tax treatment of the count and they're designed to encourage people to save the children's college and so what we're able to do. Back in December we got congress to include a provision that would make. Qualified with rule. Not the college expenses. But for K12. Election and the and the thinking behind that Brian news. We can pay for college for many years. But. But you know in children need to be prepared for college children need equality. K12 education or. Figures if the child was graduated from high school for their palaces there there's schooling was with inadequate or. It just didn't prepare them well look at this continent to a child outrage. Who's don't have the skills they they should learn in a better schooling situation K12 and so parents need very much want to invest. In their K12 education for the children they often black and means to do so. So we up a fight for an expansion as a good step to help toward that that. But we don't want stop air and parents in a lot more help and that's a pursuant to a twelve. Scholarship. Tax credit. Little plug here western New Yorkers love their traditions in the ample legal has been writing a polish American traditions and events for over fifty years. News and features from polish American perspective can be found in this weekly paper. As well as recipes and calendar events don't miss out on the next cultural presentation or polka dance by reading the ample legal. The ample Eagles an album mini tops and wegmans stores for home delivery call 716. 8359454. At 716835945. Ford in the latest news from Poland and polonium in your mailbox each week. Getting back to Peter. I'd like to talk a little bit about encouraging her. Charitable donations to nonprofit K through twelve scholarship funds Peter Murphy. Well you know encouraging that is sort of it is to get favorable tax you're changed. Incentivized people is that it's really about. Getting congress to change how donations her. To change that tax treatment of those nations so you can. Turning into a tax credit which which come awful what we've which which means that if you make a donation. You're tax liability what you the government. Will will be reduced by the that donation or percentage of a much better tax treatment. And the sentencing if you want people we want people to give more true scholarship fund. So more money is available for help more and send their children to schools of their choice. And you know peep when people think a scholar or are they normally think of college. College scholarship. Opportunities. They're they're they're throughout. Our society. But. People often think of scholarships applying so much Kate well. And that's what we're trying to do it for a scholarship this is a great thing for college or certainly decree thing for gates well. We wanted to see more scholarship opportunities at the K12 level. And by changing the tax treatment of donations we can make that happen is if congress will will pass our legislation in that. We just have a few minutes left and the rush report wanted to talk Coleman about ensuring families and members of the US military. Are afforded the broadest choice of public private religious schools for their children let's talk about that Peter Murphy. Sure. And others we are also part of our schools where it's separatists. To help military tallies in particular. With their education. Expensive because. If you know military families. Often have to move frequently. Based on where they're. Bomber that is is station where there are signs so away to. Social oftentimes you have military calendar school districts that may not be providing education they desire for their child but. It's it's very difficult as they have to move quite a bit and you know the best areas so we're trying to provide something called an education savings account. And yet say that you Hastert count which which the federal government. Would finance. By a certain allotment of money for each family and that they choose. In and serve going to the district's school near the parent military base they can take and an education savings account. And use that funding for home school expenses or online education. Or for private school. So. This is a modest program there's there's several well and altered facts that would that would no doubt access those. Six states already have this kind of yes say on the books so we want in education savings account. Be accessible. If they choose for military families throughout the country. So we have a better. Quality of life for military families. And we and it's also a way to ensure that we keep experience. Cable military personnel. Defending serving our country. Knowing that their children are getting the quality education they offer them. Charity to bring the roast pork to a close and learn to greet deal from Peter Murphy. Vice president invest in education foundation. To improve educational opportunities for New York State's children. Including providing access to quality school options for children. Special thanks to Jack Cassell and Travis Carroll for recommending this program. And special thanks to Kevin Kerr director of production for the last fifteen years for the rush reporter ESPN. Aim 1520 thank you for enlightening us. Peter Murphy. It.