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Saturday, November 18th

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This is the rusk report program that takes an inside look at Western New York with news features and special guest. Now here's your host Bryan rust. Walk across the floor. We're very equity Hamlet that's all Lonnie is doing just a wonderful. A program with the coats for kids campaign after questioning art this is the 22. Annual. Colvin cleaners colts for kids program and I know. Our sister stations are involved here that are radio with this because they see Andy barrels. And here on corporate parkway they reaching 98 point five count that's at radio right in its nighter yes she's a voice and does a great job for us where our very honored to hear you on the program it's wonderfully doing key keeping their kids warm. I'd like to mention that Michael Lonnie. The out older brother recommend a program here today with Paul. And little information on all aligning he'd be in his career in the family business Colvin cleaners. In August of 76 following the lessons of his father and uncles working hard and helping others all his wife Cindy. And San Crist for grown the 86 year Yahoo! business tremendously. Today called on cleaners and Colvin draperies at 75 employees are presenting. Eighteen countries all started cold and draperies and ED screens currently presidency you'll Colvin cleaners all when draperies. 2385. Al lord. 2375. Though and vice president Joseph and G ink. From 8085 as a board member of the building owner management association a tremendous civic leader. Paul Lonnie. And his Brothers in the studio Michael today let's first talk about this important 22 annual poll them cleaners. Coats for kids program what does it all about. Paul Lonnie. Well Brian. It it to kind of speaks for itself coats for kids kids that are called. Need coats and we wanna make sure that every kid in Western New York has a code you know what I wish the program wasn't needed. Then then we know our goals have been achieved if no kids in Western New York need. Coats. You know we we'd be happy as can be but until then. We collect coach you around. Hats gloves scarves. In those those are those are headed necessities. So. The combination of the hits the gloves the scarves in the coats. We have three giveaways. Were people who otherwise could not afford these items. Are welcome to come in they don't need identification. You know we trust effect that they're in need. You know parents with their kids there each allowed to select one coat. This past week we were. And east fairy and her true Bethel Baptist Church. And we distributed. Were worth thinking in the range is sixteen to 17100 because. It it gets so crazy toward the end they had a lot of coach in their in their rug garage they brought those and we got a month anchors we just had so many people. We did with 300 people at 9 o'clock waiting. At the doors and it was like eighteen degrees out. So there's there's definitely need in buffalo. And we feel that by collecting these coach cleaning them all. They can assure the rolling good repair and having them ready for people to. Gulf rule. Is is. Very necessary. Charity as you Cullen in questionnaire. Now you have different sponsors you mentioned kiss 94 and five our sister station here and Entercom radio. As you are now on ESPN aim 1520. Which reaches seventeen states and Marie have received letters as far away Scandinavian New Zealand. But you have other sponsors involved the Allstate foundation for Dallas key error. What other people and groups are involved with this 22 annual cold and cleaners calls for kids program. Will vote to sponsors. They really facilitate a tremendous need for us. The money that comes through those two companies goes directly toward media. So that we can let people know where they can donate. And we can let people know it there in need when when and where they can get a coat so the so that's what our sponsors to all. All other costs error. Picked up through us. We handle everything. So the only money that is spent is really spent on marketing. The program. We have. Other locations public locations like. A BAC of women's. Now there not a financial sponsor but they do have barrels of all the locations. And people can go in their publicly in a deliberate coach all of the Allstate offices throughout Western New York there's one in Wright's sister. One in spring bill one up and locked port Niagara Falls so there's not an area in Western New York where you don't have a location close by. That you can go over to and not drop off polished donuts just came on board so it all the Paulus don't want to believe there's three of them. You can publicly donate so in that regard. There are sponsors in a way of giving us a location for people to drop off coats and what we've learned in businesses that it's not convenient. Typically it's not going to be used so you've got to make your business convenient just like we've got to make it convenient. For people to donate and then we've got to make it convenient for people to. Show up and I get coats of their innate. Okay let's talk about these distributions. Sites. You have a more open at different times and so for this program is airing on the eighteenth. Of November but let's talk about I believe you hear true Bethel Baptist churches involved also that was this past Saturday. OK well what's coming up them. What's coming up this cold and cleaners on the eighteenth. OK give the address that are 2365. Al morgues. It's four blocks north of Ken Moore avenue going toward shared and if you're coming from the city. In two you'll see a large truck up there would banners coats for kids. Opens at 9 and at 9 o'clock like I said we had almost 300 people outside of true Bethel are. So. People that came in at say 11 o'clock because we say coastal one. They had slim pickings I mean they they were still label they get something but boy it was nothing. We had. Oh gosh we must do if he had 7800. Hats. Maybe more gloves and scarves they were all gone. Now this surge just colts but you makes standards this Paris arms. And it's nips you absolutely are and what's the next expansion. Our workers next year you know Brian we've got enough on our plate now I mean because when we finish this then raided two gallons for prom season. And that that's another another charity that we do but you know rent right now that that pretty much covers it you know hats gloves scarves. Coats that keep you war. Let's start over Europe is grounds for ramseys. And here's the only car company who's really pushed this. And why do you feel others in need to use these for these young ladies for these problems low last year there were over 750. Young ladies. And that acquired accounts from the program for pre. And out of those over 300 of those were altered by air taylors. So if they count doesn't fit week tailoring it. Two very inclusive program. And you know just imagine you've got a daughter yes OK now how do you think she would feel if she couldn't go to the prom not because she didn't want to. But because you were telling your honey can afford CV crime. So. We don't know how many life changing. Moments there are. With these types of situations. But we do know there you know there there's numerous and whether it's like changing and that. The young lady has wonderful time at her prom and were able to. Very good we're learning a great deal about the 22 annual Colvin cleaners colts for kids program. And we have the gentleman who's been pushing this for twenty years civic leader panel on a hall but Lani. And our program today also were very happy to have Michael Lonnie who's very active helping the veterans of Western New York. In this studio. If you're listening and tunnel on that Toronto or Washington DC two or 50000 while it's clear channel are our. Drop us a note to Brian Ross ESPN radio. 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Buffalo, New York. 14226. I like to thank those who called regarding our recent program. With the new effort to help keep federal hall in Manhattan alive and thriving moaning on involved with the commissioning of the new ship. And assembly Republican leader Brian Cole coming up former ambassador to Finland Earle I Mack Andrea consummate TV's the chairman of the Manhattan. County Republican committee. And rob Collins with a grave and Hearst misspoke on Canada. Chamber of commerce. Little bit more information about Paul maligning Hughes president of the buffalo. Executive association from 2005 to 2008. He was involved. With as president of the alliance of professional restoration dry cleaners. He served as the youngest trustee ever for the village of can morph me 81 to 95. He was also one of the founding members of the buffalo Niagara premier soccer association. Our guest today Paul Gilani. And we have a little plug here west New Yorkers love their traditions in the ample legal has been writing about polish American. Traditions and events for over fifty years news and features for polish American perspective can be found in this weekly. Newspapers wells recipes and calendar events don't miss out on the next cultural presentation or polka bands for reading the ample legal. The ample Eagles now were many tops and wegmans stores for home delivery call 716835. 9454. That's 7168359454. You have the latest news from Poland and blowing in your mailbox. Each week and I bet a lot of your customers according cleaners or polish to. My gash. And tell you pray in the polish homes and at that I've been in in Cheektowaga and the east side. Cleaning their draperies their homes are immaculate the sidewalks are swell up. You know just like the old Italian Graham is same thing outs weeping as you know sweeping the sidewalk sweeping in front of the curbs. Everything in the house is immaculate. Quite a generation. Of you know immigrants. You know in this city and were were losing a lot of them. You know her from soaring. Let's talk a little bit more about this out. Program our coats for kids. You're looking for coats jackets gloves hats and its errors how can people listen the Ross reporting ESPN radio get involved. Especially if they're not watching Erica they're listening in Toronto or Ohio or Pennsylvania. Or New Hampshire how can all these people get borrow. Well. Yeah first step by going in your closet. In you're gonna you're gonna see a lot of coats lot of hits close scarves that you haven't worn. In quite awhile where your kids have grown out of I mean younger families I mean the kids are growing they they need a new code every year. Because because of the growth so once once you gather up all these coat. If you go to our web site called and cleanest netcam. You'll see. You know a logo for coats for kids you click on that picture rate Wear coats for kids web site. You scroll down and you'll see a map and the map will show you. All the locations throughout Western New York you could highlight over the doubts on the map and it will give you the exact address she could see where you live you expand the map. You know bring it into your own neighborhood you'll see that would typically. Within a mile you'll have a location. And Allstate officer who won opposed doughnuts or one of the BAC women's or. Colvin cleaners. You know all these public location for all you do is just walk in drop your coach structure gets closed scarves. And you know be rest assured that somebody's gonna be using those this year and you're gonna make somebody very champions people warm this winter. Very good now I know you have a photo. Two young boys from last year's distribution. What is the significance of that photo that you then Schering on your website. Another epic I mean. There. In the you know what's what's nice is through through this program together for probably have a number of high school kids. The community get community service for working with in the programs whether the sorting down coats. Or there working the day of an event and helping young kids select votes in select hats and gloves and things like that. And the reason they're doing it is because. If they they feel we feel there are they're happy to see kids. Put in a different frame where they're leaving with a code around with it head on with clubs in the pocket. That they know they can use this winter. Without those. Com. There's teachers and school we've we've had a number of teachers in schools say. We've we've if I come in can we pick out five coach we know these kids don't have. Coats and we don't know their parents are gonna take them. To anyone of the distribution so will command will pick up the coach. So there's there's so much need out there Brian infecting tunnel Wanda there's an organization called the content closet. They were very closely with the content schools than you think can more tennis title Wanda you know how much need could there be and can Montana town Wanda. Well this content closet is probably the most organized. It. Distribution. Closets of school goods socks underwear. Detergents clothing. Yeah you know outerwear. Underwear everything that I mean there are so organized through donations. Through volunteers. And what. What we do for them as we collect all the all the codes that are donated. Through the content schools. They come in select the coach after the raw clean naked you know pick of all those coats. And then they take those in the we actually deliver back to the content closet and these are all for need to people that living can more time with analog only. Very very very good organization. And we shall we partner with a lot of organizations. And then after all over three giveaways Brian there's you know Lenny lane from fathers and the sizes. Sam chief it but that's in the church in the city I don't want to. His church we donate hundreds of coach there's. Radical landry's gonna soup kitchen over and now Riverside. And and they have giveaways for people that. You know our regional to their immediate area and we take care of those organizations also along with the three distributions that we. He really grow in this business Colvin cleaners. And that's the fuel they'd used to give back to your community. For the success of Colvin cleaners now you're much younger than 86 with the businesses that are found that for 86 years and you grown tremendously. I think when I was helping you with your sixtieth anniversary. You may have had 13 the number employees let's talk about the growth and success of Colvin cleaners and can mourn New York. Well we've. M back in the eighties we got involved in draped reclining. In and got involved in Draper manufacturing. That. That portion of the business get to the point where we. Made it a business. Unto you know. All by itself or her show. That business operates independently from coal and cleaners we obviously you know we share information we have to put. That they are two total different operations couldn cleaners focuses strictly and cleaning clothes picking up and delivering. Throughout Western New York one of one of the changes we made. We had a drive stores is we call them satellite stores. And we decided the closest satellite stores and put more attention and a pickup and delivery routes residential pickup and delivery. We pick up and delivers in in offices but we find once we get you in your office. And we see your home address we let you know we could be at your house it's much easier dropping your bag from the Eudora and are going carrying it into your office and things like that. And we really focus on the customer one of the things that the customer really needs we've got six full time Taylor's now. So were able to do tailoring. If if let's say your pickup and delivery coach when we pick up your bag on Monday by Thursday when your clothes are being delivered back here how's your tailoring tunnels so. If you buy clothes and you need them fitted you come in one of our two fitting room she get fitted. Leave and your next delivery day. Your clothes or delivered or very convenient yet it is in and that's what that's what it's about we've relieved a lot of bottlenecks we've really invested in technology we've invested in a lot of new equipment. In the end. You know what I love and our businesses. You know really studying efficiencies. And educating employees I mean what are management does is we catcher employees doing things right. And we acknowledged that and that's what 80% of our management date is spent doing identifying people doing things right. And then paying attention customers they. Have a concern. To pay attention to immediately and were very easy are you do is go to our web shade in Foote cone instead camp. I think there's three or four of us that get it and it's almost like we almost raced to. Answer than I a may have a situation where. Pastor of a church she heads. An anniversary event 9 o'clock two weeks ago Sunday. And it 82020. Minutes after restore closer and store close since Saturday. I had a voice mail and the voice those from the cleaners and wrecked myself. So listen the voicemails she's kind of in a panic that she needs these garments for 9 o'clock the next morning. It was a rolled in some other things. And we don't open until eleven and so there were open eleven to four. Sort color red back and I told erected meter at the cleaners and a half an hour. She ended it she said you know I have always telling people about your cleaners how great you guys and here's just another example. And that's a routine for us. I have to say the maligning family are great promoters. And that I know how to promote charity in honor of promote business. Paula is our guest they recommended by Michael. And they leave no stone unturned relate very dynamic family. And we are honored their palm maligning who's in charge of the 22 annual coats for kids program. If you're listening in Montreal south buffalo or northern Florida. Drop us a note please write to Brian Ross ESPN radio 500 corporate our query. Suite 200 are flowing York 14. 226. Little bit more information about hall aligning. Who's the president of Colvin cleaners. Colvin cleaners also won the 2010 buffalo Niagara business ethics award. Palm Lonnie receive the 2017. Buffalo 612 C level executives of war. The 2007 Citizens Bank SPA. Award. Let's talk a little bit more about how gently used these colts jackets gloves and hats and scarves. Should be. You have certain standards. Absolutely if found. If if they don't meet their standards. They get donated to the goodwill and the goodwill has their standards and I can't tell you how many pounds of garments they sell. Overseas so we we've we've got to means for handling you know all the garments we're not gonna put anything out. That is now usable and that clean and having good ship. Very good. Now you have a web site. Triple W dot colts for the number four kids WNY dot com. Let's talk on the significance in the activity was this website. It's it's very active we've got a young lady that manages all of us social media marketing and she gives us all the numbers. After the things he talks about Brian you know I don't quite understand but I know it works if between governments and Christopher. If if we wanna get in touch with the more meals are we wanna get in touch with the younger generation the role for they know how to do it. And the number she comes back with narrow our web sites are very very active. A rather our other partners. Channel four on the TV side. In then Entercom radio here with. You know Pakistani point five inch units that are so they incher. Mix all of that though you know Facebook's in the twitters and things like that. So that everybody is being shared all the all the different people that follow lawsuit filed on them. You know so it is really interesting how it all works and and the message gets out. So anybody with a Smartphone or I mean most of the people now I mean. I actually got a phone book delivered to me the other day Brian. A couple books in its and I remember the day when we would fight over what we're gonna spend and at full book as we needed placement that we needed this. And it's almost like a paradigm shift work. Who uses a phone book anymore. I mean most most of the people that are doing business of looking at the phones globally in. You know finding a location in the unit tells you how to drive and it's really amazing that's way get a kick out of people that say the good old days. You know I'm sure there were a lot of good things going on those days but I think if those people in those days that were working on the firms and you know movement across this country if you put him in today's day and age. I don't think they would sit there and sick. She's a wanna go back to all that hard work and all that struggle and things like that so it any any way we can utilize the technology to help us get messages out but really the easiest thing for people to do is just go to Colvin cleaners that count. Bingo and click a button picture rated. The website for a coach for kids. How are these forty donation locations for. Coats for kids Wear out and people drop things well once they get to our web site. In the go to coats for kids. They'll see a map. On that web sites have very interactive map that Megan came up way. You'll see all the locations the map can expand so looking to close for the year all of you can go recuse street and see that four blocks away there's this a little. Red doubt there that you could put your icon over. And your arrow over and all listen to give you the address to you exactly where it's at so it's it's so easy to find any one of the locations. You know the BAC women's that's it those are busy stores. The Apollo is doughnuts at the telly a busy those conference from all over the problem okay our yep we are hopeful calorie. I kept friends for later polished Panasik why you tortured me like that I wanna come back to buffalo. And then all of the Allstate offices and I mean Austin offices are very visible. Colvin cleaners very visible and can more so were every one drive to drop off your coach this week. In particular. Were and where gridiron. Is there any significance that you're doing this for around Thanksgiving coats for kids program. Well you know I think it's ironic that you know Thanksgiving columns when it gets cold out and we do our program when it gets called out if it's really no significant at Thanksgiving it's route you know moralists. You know in the fall as one. The call comes to buffalo. And we're we are struggling. Three weeks ago when it was seventy degrees. Eight degrees so we didn't have many coats the real coach really didn't start rolling in until two weeks ago. As to the weather really is a factor you know you can do all the marketing you want. You know that that's why I always say you know when it comes American in the civil. That you advertise for draperies in January when you're slowing so we're slow for a reason. In a raid after the holidays people are winding down there now thinking of you know decorating their houses and cleaning their draperies may be in the spring now is a different story when they're opening the house. She kind of have to fish when the Fisher we ran our coats for kids program. In the middle of the summer. I don't think we'd have long lines outside because who's really think of the stand warm in the middle of the summer with coats. To good time I mean it's good proactive thinking. But you're just not gonna get people to read to react but when they are called they'll react to get warm. Sorry to bring the Ross report to a close are we incursion of our listeners in seventeen states to support this. Wonderful humanitarian effort led by Paul maligning. Whose family has been very after the Colvin cleaners for 86 years. Special thanks to Michael maligned for recommending this program into Kevin Kerr director production for the past fifteen years. Thank you for enlightening us about coats for kids. Paul Gilani have a great. You've been listening to the rust report a program that takes an inside look at the western new York community with news features and special guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to Brian rusk 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 14226.