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Saturday, June 10th

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This is the Russell report a program that takes an inside look at Western New York with news features and special guest. Now here's your host Brian rusk. Back by popular demand we have the dynamic. Chair of the Erie county Republican Party. Nicholas Lange worthy to tell you a little bit about our first parliament. Ladies and in great position of influence having been selected to serve our president Donald Trump's transition team. Nick Lang already was unanimously elected as chairman of the Erie county Republican Party. In 2010. He is reelected in 201214. And sixteen. First elected at 29 years of age he's the youngest person ever to be elected chairman of any political party in Erie Carol. In his ten years Jerry Karen your problem can share nick playing or these reenergize. And modernize the Republican Party in place. In major emphasis on growing. The grassroots. Of Republican committee in the digital age while sticking to core Republican principles of smaller government. Lower taxes and greater personal responsibility. Let's first talk about this transition team. It's very prestigious. It's an important committee and I know you worked with Geneen Piero. Who was the speaker can't cure function. It Salvador's a couple months ago what exactly is the president from transition team all about McLean worthy. Think first things let me Brian it's great to be back and show him can touch your listeners. It east. It was a tremendous honor for me to serve on president comes and it shouldn't. It's you're working accepted government. Particularly you know the effort or is required to between Election Day and an operation so as a very you know quick period time. You know discussing. Key appointments for. You know many of their border 5000 you know cost position that against the government that are key conditions that need to be built at. Unfortunately. You know due to a lot of obstruction. We don't see enough of those issue in this still yet today here we are we shouldn't you know. August 1. You're an office so. But and I know that the president put many great candidates up. For positions in the he's being treated very unfairly not just by though the mainstream media but. You know by by many in congress that you know he had a crock. They get big they don't seek to. You know per providing it stronger you know some double and it out of court. It sure is now let's turn over to local politics we have a tremendous polish Americans chairman of the Erie county legislature. Whose mother's name. Is dumb brows ski and number referring to John Mills very popular in the polish community. A very quiet leader but a very strong. Leader. And it's sort of amazing how nick languages chairing the eerie kind of public and committee. Can deliver a majority when he's a 150000. Dollar and affiliation. Of Republicans vs Democrats. First far how you do that let's talk about Jon Mills and where you might wanna pick up another cedar true. What gamble in the air like had a very strong eight. You know I someone that tests. Yeah he can pull from from both sides of the aisle I think you treat your colleague fairly regardless of luckily it shouldn't bought. The end of the day pushes his agenda and the agenda which. I think it'd. Really the key to how we're able to win. He shouldn't in areas where there might be more significantly more democratic and what it is because. Our party. If Chris Collins they put taxpayer first. And that's the message that goes back to the people at home is here the ecstatic that we put forward our. They put the taxpayers' interest. Or there'll. And you've seen no results out of this legislature which helped out. Count all it is reckless spending plans. To carry you look at. Yeah and he hadn't done reckless borrowing to county executive order to do attack really were just. Basically give him eight slush fund in rainy day fund or four. But. You know it's also just. Legislators that fit the entry to put the community first. Service set to become the politics. And though. Very proud of legislators have. Very good now that you alluded to. The media and her. It's really such a different story today purses 1020 or thirty years ago the adversarial relationship. Com and and and I hate can't understand are just talking to Jimmy still early January director production before the program. About this Russians. Situation and I don't know why they appointed a special counsel when it's all hearsay. I mean I don't know how all the stuff that's on national press and then I hear the nine ounces of congresswoman Maxine Waters of California. And she's saying how president trump should be impeached. For firing call me. And the reporter ask congresswoman Maxine Waters. What if Hillary Clinton won the election in chief fired combing would there be all right and congresswoman waters had absolutely they'll be okay. So how can a congresswoman have the press cover this saying. That trump should not be allowed to fire the FBI director where Hillary Clinton. It's perfectly okay. Where is depressed or airport is a homeless tell us about that nick Lang worthy. Well and unfortunately we each year so actually skewed by the year against pregnant crime but also answer hell yeah. Really rate on the local level and in the term great news is one that. Becoming reality because I believe the media is becoming a parody of itself. Where they're finding he is a story. In extrapolating. You know they're their own narrative to it there's more editorial content in what would be your great reporting and backed. If there ever has been in the street public. If they're buying a ticket this president is Sri. They're no error for government and that's what that crime against the expired this country is we had our election we elected president. Instead of allowing him to try to achieve an agenda that the public clearly supported on Election Day. By by you know the trunks or. The country. We have upper actual campaign. And that is not healthy for democracy. And that it not help the opera attacks or future. Mean but they want a campaign like atmosphere all rights or you have met yet checked. There's there's not statesmanship left are watching Indy the I really didn't think it silent majority is going to stand in all because they seen what epic that this current either the first yet it was strong. Supporter of our president on Election Day is probably lower or. It get any change your opinion. Or or says that they want their bulk. I think that people think that this president putting America first. That's what we need to view eyes is put our country first it is brilliant trip overseas. Or issue a tremendous leadership to the world and you bury our coverage of many of the key breakers that president chief. Major show the agenda driven politics of nuts at the Democrat in congress but the mainstream media. Before we talk about that trump agenda we first have an announcement west New Yorkers love the traditions in the EM poll legal news papers and writing of our polish American traditions. And events for over fifty years news and features from polish American. Perspective can be found in this weekly newspaper. As well as recipes and calendar events don't miss out on the next cultural. Presentation or polka dance by reading the ample legal. The ample legal is available many Thompson wegmans stores for home delivery. Call 7168359454. That's 716835945. Ford of the latest news from Poland and prolonging your mailbox. Each week again our guest today is that dynamic. Erie county Republican chair very popular man when are Republicans and west are Nicholas A Lang worthy. If you're listening in Cheektowaga our Montreal or Washington DC. For 50000 watts covering seventeen states in march of Canada please turn to Brian ross'. ESPN radio 500 corporate parkway suite 200. Buffalo, New York 14226. Oil discrete. Cards and letters from Canadian and European listeners is this station has received letters as far away Scandinavia and New Zealand and like to thank those who call regarding our recent guest Ukrainian. Leader Diana der hack more wise gain or expert on. Counter terrorism from Israel senator pat Galvin coming apple and Jon Mills. A very effective chairman of the Erie county legislature. Little bit more information about Nicholas Lange worthy since he was elected chairman. The Republican Party in Erie county has been growing winning and leading. In 2013. Republican majority was elected to the Erie county legislature for the first time for decades. His air party leave your leadership has led to great victories including the election a congressman Chris Collins county controller staff on my colleague you. County clerk Chris Jacobs and the reelection of share Tim Howard dissolved and down and economy were Democrats outnumber Republicans by two to one margin. Chairman Lang worthy continues to grow local Republican representation. For recruiting strong taxpayer focused candidates. To serve at the state county town and village levels of government our guest today. Chairman Nicholas Lange worthy let's talk a little bit more about that trump agenda I know he wants to get Obama care finished and and replace it. Then we took we hear a text that we hear about Forrest Dodd-Frank. Let's talk about this agenda. What is it why it's so important chairman nick Lang worthy. Well if you look at health care we've got one out done and certainly the bill not a perfect. Hey you know and nothing comes to unite the congress is. By is a start in obamacare is collapsing in L. That is a matter fact. Do you see just I think headline in today's paper that pierce there's some. Blue cross. Plans that are going up 48%. This is failed policy and it's it's it's wrong. It had not worked it will not work and it kill jobs across the country you know we need a common sense approach to health care. And they beat bill that was passed by the house represented that he got the right direction in Alex's in the senate. My hope is that we keep connection by the end the year. The US senate just doesn't move quickly. Up many would like but hopefully we can get a bill truly get some real health care on the table a bit too big protect key you know parts. The popular parts of obamacare but also just. It may create more business friendly approach to health care that. That is that Skype could grow the development are. When you look at pet reform it's a bit early and we were the highest corporate entry in the oral. We have we got that. You bet so that we. They have the ability repatriate. So much American money dictating how important country. That would be eight U Kooks. To our economy that they're repatriate their money. He beat it echoing in the war economy and I think it would be great wit first on infrastructure. In this country. But tax reform can make the economy home. Greater than ever or we have the lowest unemployment rate under president trumps first quarter office. Then we hit it over a decade. Mean these are great are important things that you don't hear competent in the media. But you didn't hear you know the cockpit and regulations. The press are. Did agree to everything. Every single. And but by your tax reform healthcare reform an infrastructure improvement all you to hurry to discredit it well but couldn't hear our record. And you've seen you know small victory air so our but my work out. Let's talk about a friend of yours and you got him back again involved in politics. He was county executive is out for a little while you brought him back and for racist are shining as Lou. Liaison between the president in the united straight states and the US congress. Our friend Chris Collins a man who's a businessman and not a a political hack somebody proven successful businessman. Who ran Erie county government like a business now EZ US congressman. Very popular Republican district let's talk about his star rising in shining. House Chris Collins Stewart. I think he's done an amazing job in Intel. Is doing and in a great job be very effective by the amount of scrutiny in a neat. He ET check out where regular basis. Not a policy but but they're trying to in the ticket. It's accepted business. And many here he Ichi life that means that they know he's a key player. Particularly you know as an ally to president. First member of congress to endorse Donald Trump's present that took real courage and guts. And data on that occurred counter act and Timothy he's someone that is it still it down in the race and eat it is for the taxpayers of this count. In you righted the ship. I'll put it varies very broken government under drilled yeah. In and Chris Collins sit down picked it probably so well that he ruffled too many others the why what is reelected eaten curry went. A little too hard on reforms he probably a couple of years where the reforms and or. And did its job to get it change comes so. I think get ultimately why he looked like it but there's that was really important is now he's gone on to you know service now how are presented in. And take that same comment that leadership. An actual. Now I she's selling so unusual a government. Our New York State fighting. Believe it's five Republican congressman. Bringing in the minority leader in the house at two New York campaign to get rid of five incumbent New York State congressman. I never seen anything like this before adding ascension and antagonistic. Relationship with the incumbent congressman in New York State. Wouldn't Cuomo will be better off trying to work with these congressmen. And trying to throw mile. That it Bryant it'll never happen in the here's the reason why is president on the run against Donald Trump as it. And if charade. Is. Trying to move house. In democratic hands it simply is effective at it democratic central committee and Democrats all over the country if he years. Working to try to Election Day progressive left wing agenda in congress. May make no mistake he had an insincere politician. Just so. I left and say the governor copper district they beat its. The city going to go work will be congressional district so those. That he does not agree with if you look at a map of the counties. I hate it which beat districts or contain go back when he or she got what and most of the counties in the theatrics. Bit that he talking about. He widely loss. In his reelection for governor or wanna overwhelmingly. Statewide. Sell it on the area he should be blended affect real change in its ten Republican. Members of congress in. He wasn't popular got defeated under funded of course there. Unbelievable. For those just tune in the Ross report whereas you know bright gifted. Chairman of a political party Nicholas A Ling or he's the chairman of the Erie county Republican committee. If you're listening in west Seneca Toronto warming in Manhattan drop us a note. Please write to Brian Ross ESPN radio. 500 corporate parkway suite 200. Buffalo, New York 14226. We always treat letters for a Canadian and European listeners felt that more information about our chairman lying worthy. In recent years eerie Caroline become the epicenter. A New York State Republican politics potential statewide candidates usually make a visit with Lang where the Erie county Republican headquarters the first stop. Of their campaign tourists this has led the Buffalo News political. Reporter Bob McCarthy came nickname Lang worthy as the GOP's young elder. In his weekly column and are talking about statewide. Candidates. We heard speak many times in Western New York he's come many times for nick playing Rooney Harry Wilson the man of turnaround. General Motors a proven self made Harvard graduate. Who is a tremendous leader in finance and industry nationally and internationally. He's been to buffalo at the invitation of chairman Lange or the let's talk about Harry Wilson. Sterling wiped clean. Business person about running for governor. I have. I've been strong leader in area take a look at running for governor. Ever in conversations out here. Maybe maybe a little longer. Sherri is a very intelligent. Business leaders some one day. There's no greater broken company. In the world the New York speak they're not swamped they need to be trained more drastically. Altered. It that the swap it eat a lot of bleached at this track. It but Harry Wilson is. Exactly what the doctor ordered. He would background his knowledge his ability to. Six. Broken organizations. Make them to see. Is what the taxpayers that they eat on Shaq. The economy of this I mean we have some of the best people on planet earth that are New Yorkers. We have the potential. You know that greatly. Wonder of the world that we capital world a New York City. We have so much to offer. Yet our policies. Bankrupt us and in take away our future Roberts apart you'll. The brain drain people that have to leave here better opportunity. If it was great tragedies. That it people in this state. After that was it their children. Quite possibly not because they want to but because they need better opportunities. Will likely leave after they graduate college. And we need someone to bring an optimism back. It is going to unleash the economy is steeped in taxes and regulations that back a small business. So that we can allow our people to do what you paid you back to sixty. Harry well he can do all. He has the knowledge he has the know how he'd get the experience. Two in the cards effect. We have to get into the race. And I know he's giving great spot to. And talked about a regular base so my hope is that. It'll take it straight it will Null sometime this fall. Whether or not he's going to move ahead with a race. Jaron lane where he lets talk about. These ridiculous stories and I said to Jimmy before the taping of this collusion. Where are all the intelligence agencies. Have found no collusion. And where do people get this hearsay and make this outfit there's collusion between trump. And the Russians when there's no evidence anywhere obvious word is it's all come from. Followed it is that simple which continent since political theater at its very that he met. We're going to do this in prior year trumps Pete is. Yet democratic congress look to create. False narrative this so why they lost the election. You know they're and it blew it may the American people weren't buying what Hillary Clinton would sell it she ran as. Eighty heir apparent. That wishes you broke their betray cheat when. She ran a terrible if there was no message. And she wondered why she lost normal divisive figures in history our country. And lost her third read. And Donald Trump one for good reason. Because he would offer you credit big different future. Than many people bought into many people. I'll believe that we do need drastic measures to six nation. I certainly do I know you do Bryant and you know we need a better opportunity for future or. End there was nothing but platitudes and spoke it's in Hillary Clinton's message and we had just finished living without. So last eight years and the American people say it now. Let's talk about the coal industry and I was talking to him. Gentleman was 43000. Employees and I'm from New York City and he said that Hillary Clinton lost the election over Cole. And how when she kept saying that you wanna get rid of the coal industry over and over again for years people in Ohio Pennsylvania. And West Virginia and said no. Can Hillary Clinton. So did she lose this over cold. I think it certainly with a large contributing factor I don't know that there's one single. Situation or position that ended her campaign but certainly at tech he entire industry of people made a whale like generate. Nicole is western. Coal is West Virginia and be sure I'll. We leader important industry if we're on the table for many of its part of their Stanley ability to end and she is the environmental. Do gooders in congress. Have done so much crippled that industry. Instead of finding new technology in new ways to make it better major issues develop. And people don't wanna be need to be ashamed of the way at their way of life. In a that is how you torture food on the table do you put it honesty hard work in to earn that salary you shouldn't be made to be actually. And in our species not Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are that good artwork. You mentioned this earlier in the pro where on the arrest report an ESPN aim fifteen twining. Of the headline in the Buffalo News of the blue cross blue shield rates going up 48%. On the inflation rate. May be one or 2%. Would Obama care Howell is this conscious of. I'm sorry Brent I said how is a 48%. Increase of blue cross blue shield under Obama care the result obamacare. Acceptable to the American Parker. I don't see how is I don't see you know other there's a few ski areas that they're. Protect its people and obamacare one is that you know. No exclusion for preexisting conditions in the in the other July of people out CH 26 to gender parents. Beyond that I. I don't know that it's done this thing to lower the cost of health care. And you know you see the results but he providers have stopped by the mean you're state. It have exchanges with virtually no providers are one provider that that it actually get in or care that planned or not or. And they have 40% premium increase is you're driving people Lotta market. You cannot tell me that there's not a cheaper and better way to provide health care trust first mosque. If successful nation it treatable it to cry. We're going. Here in in really high in make she believes that some of that before right when they said that Obama here. It's been created to fail because it's a slippery slopes so I met collapse. We have arm in just a few seconds left torn about Mickey Kearns skinny win this seat. I feel very strongly that currently go to the next county clerk. May yet just actually. I'm traveling back from Albany great now I just that was their money so I'm Laurie. So oh worked very hard on some legislation. Mickey has been someone it's gone against the creation. And he's not been intimidated by. Anyone no matter how powerful or he was the first Democrat in the assembly and up the call her Kelly shall. I'm sorry we have to bring the Russian port through close thank you for teaching us so much of our. And local and national politics that dynamic Nick Cole playing worthy chairing the Erie county Republican. Party thanks for teaching us so much have a great week thank you. You've been listening to the rust report a program that takes an inside look at the western new York community with news features and special guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to Brian rusk 500 corporate parkway. Suite 200 Amherst New York 14226.