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The Rusk Report with Brian Rusk
Saturday, January 6th

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This is the rusk report a program that takes an inside look at Western New York with news features and special guest. Now here's your host Brian rusk. Welcome to the roster for that ESP NAM 1520. And I've been involved with the organization. The last ten years. Probably board member of the challenger learning center rock it's a wonderful. Providing young people the opportunity to learn about space travel. Science and math and engineering. And we're very honored to hit three guests on the roster for today. Or are New Year's program we can't speak about who is chairman of the board challenger learning center. He received a bachelor's degree in physics and education from Hamilton College in Clinton New York. And a master's science and applied geophysics from that and read from school minds at Columbia university in this city of New York. And then we hit the people who run this thing usual. Company called giant monkey and I am this sticker here. And it's sort of defiant mode it reminds you Eddie the ball close to the monkey who. Used to be very ill mannered music. That that. But anyway there about improvisation. And we share with us today and used Bragg and care and eye care. And in group a mission commander with the challenger learning center airing. Is experiences and improvise here after corporate trainer. And teaching our base is young. Audiences western new York and defiant mode easy. Two person to person improvisational. Group for formed in 2009. Creates on the spot theater. Base that audience suggestions. Ian participation. So let's talk about this tremendous. Tool in the Western New York that you all involved would. The challenger learning center. And that's always me because our lives there in Erie county votes. Paul. And Brian the calculation. I'll say under development. Since 2006. And you've been around pretty much at the beginning I got much shorter tenure we've killed. But our little awkward you're we are occupying. Former administration building of conversion rate you lose. Writing down low block or so were simply look into what we'll. Challenger learning center is really. We're one of forty. Four other challenger learning centers nationwide. All right. Each challenger learning center is from all living memorial. To the crew of the challengers space shuttle that blew up shortly after takeoff. In 1980s. There. We've had so that families of the challenger crew Rosen wrote some sort of it was too early memorial. Of that nature they decided to. Develop these learning centers. As extension of the vision that was never completed. Which was quote as of which was education. So each challenger learning center. Nationwide is focused on promoting scientific literacy. And training and hopefully you keep young people. And they're really excited about science. Engineering and mathematics. In their communities. And then all. Doing outreach. And through space science education. The common. Components of all these senators are a mission control center. They transporter room and space station where. Participants. Can go a simulated mission space to do various steps. And it's all hands it's immersive environment. Itself of the wonderful experience work. Children 10-Q eighty. Today. Read this targeted the lowest bolts are targeted at about history. Reading level wizards strips that are follow through execute missions. Each mission takes about two hours conduct. But it is a real. Exciting. And well exercise. For all purposes. To work through problems. Associated we do. Simulated space mission in coverage of the same problems that are realistic. So the exercise. Is Natalie educationally and also promotes teamwork and communications. Problem solving and decision made so it works at a lot of different levels. Or whatever from. When I wanted to come in and run a mission are the so. Our mission facility has been an operational since January. 2017. Was just better about a year. Since we've had our mission simulator ride in car. Let's hear from me in respecting here I hear about. Your feelings about this. Oh well I've been working with the challenger learning center for a year now I was brought on as a mission commander attitude. Bringing kids. And the other groups through the simulations. Typically in the spacecraft. As the commander there. It's. Yeah I love this whole experience. People who come through this. Have so much fun and school kids particularly me. Learn. While there having fallen which is really the trick there that he gave no problem solving communication skills teamwork skills. While being able to attend the air and space flights. I keep telling them if they'd had this when I was a kid they would have dragged me and it. Could have been able to get there. Karen Wright are. I think you need. I I don't Qaeda for any emissions myself I am absolutely fan. Sclc is so cool Indy gets eight. These links soon to be they didn't execute looks like an astronaut. He sounds like an astronaut. It's so cool they had monitors. You go in there and it looks like mission control. And they take them. Through these doors that slide it like they're going through an airlock and into our shuttles sit moved them up to the station it's cool. And I'm hopeful and I think it's fabulous. That important. Although it was a nice gas. And vision and hope it hit him. Let's talk more about it a simulated space mission experience common to all the challenger. Learning center is. What is it like for these young people. Well. Whatever group comes. Whether it's question or some of the community group India. A birthday party you could be. A rotary and rotary group we pit you and Rhett yeah. Lose ladies this event upwards of 85 years old go through and have a great. Well we break. The group. Well into two. Two individual teams. So we might have groups of all sixteen to thirty that's what we can handle hope apple. If we haven't put. Sixteen we'll break them up into groups of eight. As I have two teams. That teams are. Going to be their mission control or the space station initially. There are eight teams like medical team and navigation. Troll is certainly team. The group. Who. That stated mission control. Helps the group. We've goes into space station actually future cast through communication. Instructed. Transfer instructions. All. Warnings about things that are me to be quite right hitters in her. And so it's a collaborative effort to do admission by these two separate teams. What based emission control. It's his parents and transported space. To execute. The cast Spacey. So. Over the course they have our vision that this team sport performs specific tasks necessary to successfully complete. Data collection and analysis. Our mission provision which. Rendezvous with Kyra it would. And that was actually one of the big one of the objectives. Of the original challenger mission through 96 was to examine. Evaluate. Company aliases passing near here at the space shuttle's launch. So about midway through the mission the two teams get to exchange positions. Those space craft over the mission control. Both division drove it going spacecraft. And proper for the same teams in both locations. Therefore. During the course of the hour an effort to our vision. Who wherever you start out you had to do OK you get to experience spoke with mission control. Experience. And that is basically. As any. If he's. His mission commanders so he's spent most his time and space station directing the entire mission then it. So any from your perspective. What do people do. Well we bring into the spacecraft and mail get put into their respective positions. We have. Communications people to talk. Mission control we get kids that different stations and get to run different tests. Some send data back to mission control and mission control gets. To analyze that data and we assembled a probe and fine I'm an Alley and launches and then everybody gets out of congratulate themselves for a job well done. And care and you aren't there something about this experience. Thing patent law boxes. Can reach an ending June science experiment then mandate guy very I'm better. And opening up a law they've got a clean room and steam and stuff. Ali Al Mahdi Army trying. They act college confidently yeah arms go robot arms control remotely. It's so cool try to make it as realistic as possible for and it says why didn't design it because I wouldn't be alien autopsy. But it is realistic. But it what do the kids when we were doing one of the missions is working robot arms and he turned around so I feel like it at all. Not that well hopefully whatever else. Listening to this program as we reach seventeen states and Canada. 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Bank or pipe organ the latest news from all of them alone here in your mailbox each week yeah. Very good. I think I think it was called regarding air recent programs that he leads kindness and our young women. Afflicted with cancer the new in the military Kyocera. And sweet home voting in person in this poker tourism. In great partners until they are coming up we'll have to world famous authors on this program. Larry lemur. Who has seen you play notes. In Chicago and involve or don't Florida. Roles are roles Kennedy and Charles Scott Walker twenty mystery murder you know Apple's will be on this programs as they do. We have many exciting programs. Quote more information about our guest. Stephen a patent as chair of the board of the challenger learning center. Followed by years of teaching physics involved the high school and college levels in Jordan twenty to pay you value your career with council. Energy advancing consoles aren't V department. From geo physicist and director of the mining section finally serving as maintenance. Systems manager Harris polls I ski. Department. And more information on our two guess about was defiant monkey improper. They perform their monthly in prop comedy show Keenan center in the theater or locked for. Caron began performing improvisations. With comedy sports and 97 graduate from Center City Toronto. Any under began improvising in 2005 apparently sports and has been acting and directing. Since 1982. And he had many people who Peter on this program Loretta swept. A man she's been on the program Marie has been has been on the program. And world famous actor Douglas Fairbanks junior has had this program a few times he castaways for years ago. Yes he hasn't been there reason that he who doubt that somebody would like to go. Ten dollars 500 dollars and 5000 dollars I understand your 501 C three. All donations are tax deductible. Palace where should people send these tax deductible. Contributions for the challenger learning center are Ontario. And Erie county. All right our mailing address is 160. Washburn. Street. In lock work and the zip code there's 14 point 94. Or you can look yourself out our web address. Which is www. CLC. Block work. Dot org. And now heavily worry donations. People might want me. We are looking and expanded maintain our program. Our location bar or is. I think that earlier stuff we're located it's also. Located very close to me well adjacent to America because there are four and we'd like you begin outreach program enters. Four below neighbors. Where can offer our programs which an auto emissions but also we have after school robotics program. You based on Lagos. And we label planetary monetary projector or we shall planetarium shows. Plus we have a very large equity space which is open beauty. You do other. Types of meetings or educational exercise. It back in January start preschool program. We've our volunteers come in and what do something called you to give me. Or preschool to kindergarten. True. As one example things that we can offer to get community with a donation. Another exciting thing that we are. Doing is. We're using the mission simulator we've talked about earlier in the experience. And past experience and capabilities. Require of you product we offer corporate training. Work a professional development. It's a good review of the excellent. Combination of collaboration offers capabilities. Paula Andy Harris speak about what they'd like what they will do but having visions simulator. There for corporate. Would allow. Some. Action well people that actually exercised what they're training they were injured in the fire monkey true. And demonstrate and also be observed in critique. Before you vote them. Please tell us how the check should be able theaters again perfect. It checks can be made through. Either challenger learning center of Orleans. Niagara and Erie county's. That's the long version or you often make about UC LC. Dash hole and he. That's the shorthand version either one or. Very good now Andy and your wife. Care I'd like. Please. Tell why people should be giving this kind of money for this exits. What that. The challenger learning center it's it's an amazing. Places where so much is going so much learning Mandarin Immersion. There have been. People. Who are ever gone into. The space program we've got originally gone through the COC. Challenger learning center experience when they were younger. It sparks their curiosity. Gets some interest did indeed be the stem programming that's so important these days. And it it. It shows them that they can learn. And have fun things. Care. When you and here and space and science this is the perfect thing to help support. Because it gets people excited about space and science. At. And it need to know he's such a the United States and its school. It seems there. Okay be be very good. Glad to hear that but those are just a little bit frustrated or I guess that bears even cock. Chairman of the board of the challenger learning center and performers in the spray. And Karen. At quarter end. Andrew is a mission commander and Karen I clerk isn't supervisor and actor. If you're listening in Cheektowaga. Or Toronto or Manhattan the opposite no we let me give me please write to Brian Ross ESPN radio. 500 corporate park which we do monitor Buffalo, New York 14. Two cruise ships. We'll have more information about our guests that chairman of the Florida challenger learning center. Wow with. Consoles. You patent student development and implementation of technology. And methods four holes dean characterization. Old steam. He gets vacation coal mine ground control the valuation of the environmental effects of mind. Rampant long wall and speed development and let them rule. Equipment maintenance practices sounds very complicated he helps speed the diet you can. And that that Caron. I color. As perform and stages across the country she teaches public speaking at Niagara university and college writing it Empire State College. And spread. It's thought so except that they've they've math and science and worked as. Corporate trainer over fourteen years are just across the board on ESP NAM. 1520. Let's talk it's more about potential audience. Answers for that mission experience. And well. As I mentioned earlier Bryant the mission experiences targeted. Primarily for for student perspective fifth grader. Fifth grade reading level or below. So we we reach out to local. School districts that are three county area to bring in fifth graders sixth grade classes. Or the mission experience. So that's our primary target for the academic world however. The missions are also enjoyable for anyone else. All of that and so we've got her big groups. Me and we've had other community groups come and her vision. It really it is appealing. Karen says super or fun. Portrait cool cool. For the record so all all any and all ages. So. Our target so we can. Polls. You've got a group of 1012. Or more people. We can bring him in remission for them and we guarantee. Very enjoyable time. It might even learn something along the way. Very good in the air. Well. One thing looking at doing. To expand our audience is to bring on the professional development. Portion. Karen and I don't professional development through to find mocking him for with groups play play health americorps. Albright Knox art gallery in such. And we looked at the challenger learning center we thought this is a perfect opportunity. To our partners together. So we can bring in businesses and organizations. We will run an hour long workshop on. It could be team building customer service communication leadership. Whatever the client needs. And then. Run them through a simulation. Of an hour and half long simulation. So they can actually hate this skills that they learn. And apply them immediately and see. But they've learned how it works and how they can implemented in the world organization. Or. Yeah. You can. Expect. It is and. It is an interesting way to get into the professional development. And have. The mission and that goes with it because it's like he said immediately. Applicable. And. And. It saddened different than what they would normally get through right. What you think might think guys like oh let's do eighteen building exercises. Conduct that the group. And you know you read out of it but how you. Today leak of love our trust falls or whatever is out there that we we take them. Our personal lives. Professional development. Design it for what they need. And then make it immediately applicable and ours is different. When we do or if I am and he and have professional development it is different than what they usually get and it's personalized. And they will get to do. Fun and cool CR. Things I'm gonna bust out the source of funds and more. So ours is more effective it's memorable. I am. And often you get to go into space to workshop exactly. A lot of times people they they go to professional development and they might get excited while they repair and then you know they leave. And it takes days to go back to their work environments and apply it. Right here it would be immediately applicable because they're going into space and relying things and relying on each other. Right then and there and say this is a latter. A lot of fun OK I'm so fun. Well that gives it tomorrow and see attitude I would like a special tribute. To a lady who could not be here today can't be Michaels who really is the person who got this all started twelve years ago she's given. Thousands of hours of the a lot of money a lot of effort she's really an indomitable woman who never gave up on the screen. And now Steve is the chairman of the board of the challenger learning center. Again quickly the actress wears them tips deductible checks and how to make them pay. Checks can be made out to. Challenger learning center of Orleans Niagara and Erie counties or CLs seat dash or anti. Are mailing address is 160 Washburn street. That's him walk were New York. 14094. Thank you so much for enlightening us about this program chair of the board challenger learning center Stephen eight. And we have people weren't problems defiant monkey improper. In groups brag and his wife Karen I Clark. And special thanks to cap our who's been drug production for the last fifteen years for the ross' report wish all of our listeners. I hear it and helping you here. You've been listening to the rust report a program that takes an inside look at the western new York community with news features and special guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to Brian rusk 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 14226.