Mickey Osterreicher and Mitch Flynn


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This is the Russell report. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York with news features and special guest now here's your host Brian rusk. We're honored to have a program leaders of the ride for Roswell. And I've received many solicitation letters. The last fifteen years from. He asked striker where former classmates together you bees and for decades ago. And we have Mickey Auster riker who lit the flame in you be brain cancer survivor. And a writer with right for Roswell. And we also hit with a us Mitch Flynn. Founding member of the Roswell park alliance found your board. We had Mitt speak it Mari your personal story Carly gave such great speech I asked both he and Mickey striker to be on this program. Little bit more Mitch are Flynn right for Roswell under whose auspices he created the ride for Rosalind 95. Since then the rye. Has raised more than 45. Million dollars for research. In patient care Roswell personally he's raised more than 350000. Dollars. For the event are Mickey our chargers are one of the top. Fund raisers for ride for Roswell he's writing Marshall. Participant. And he is of counsel to Barkley Damon in the median First Amendment law practice area and surgeon General Counsel to the national press photographers association. And PP hey let's talk about the details. Coming up soon June 23 Saturday. Let's talk about the details Mickey. And Mitch. Well thanks friend it's a pleasure to be here to just say that your audience which analysts and throughout the culture throughout the east. And the right for us all takes place in Buffalo, New York on June 23 which is exactly nine days away from the day we're taping this will be someday is live from the day that it actually years. And it starts that 5:30 in the morning and wraps up about 330 in the afternoon covers. Eleven different routes ranging from three miles to 102 miles. Has Stewart's a go into nearby Canada along the neck river and sees the majestic. Natural wonder of Niagara Falls. And the money that's raised will be. Put towards patient care quality like programs and seek funding for novel researcher Russell Kirk comprehensive cancer center and buffalo. Iraq and it's it's great to be here thanks for having me it's good to see you again and of course seeing each other for so many years. Yeah I've been writing for quite a number of years. Never did I think when I started doing their ride that I would eventually be patient there. But it is a an amazing Roswell is an amazing resource I mean we are so lucky I think it is. It is just as important as is sabres in the bills. And our cultural institutions and and are great like it is just an amazing resource that people come to from all over the world. For treatment. For research. And to be able have it as a patient and have it only twenty minutes away and is truly a blessing is. We were talking about earlier. They had the Pellicano ride which. It requires a minimum amount of money and believe it's 15100 dollars. That you have to pledged to raise. I've been doing that since the beginning. But this is the first years it starts out on a Friday night in front of Roswell. And I was wondering if I was actually going to be able to do that because the cancer melanoma that I had been detected a few years ago I decided to well metastasized to my brain. I had a creamy economy. They were they removed. The the cancer cells. And literally 4 days later that morning I got out of Roswell and was able to be outside and and and light that flame and it it truly. I'm so grateful to be here a year later and feel and only healthy. And you looked tremendous thank you and I. Here he had are at least for problems any more here than me it just authorities and instantly. Now let's start about donations if we have it's Alan in buffalo or Montreal or Manhattan listening to ESPN. 1520. Of their 50000 marks a clear channel power and they wanna send a dollar. Or 101000 hours how can they contribute to ride for Roswell. Well I couldn't answer it if anybody wants to donate 101000 dollars they can donate to my fundraising. I was at a dead horse or might find that these fighters are right now the what slate. The dress is really the key to donating online by credit card and it's WWW. Right for Roswell dot word to ride for arousal that work. And it's really simple to make a donation online easier for occurred you can give any amount from five dollars to. Let's 101000 dollars for a handset and you can end. If you know a writer or if you wanna. Donate to me Mitch Flynn or to Mickey Yasser maker were both. Fundraising for a small I'm still I'm that he 83%. Of my goal for twenty TM treasuries. 50000 dollars amendment about 425. Right now and I'm sure Mickey is summer in that range. Now all I only wish. I set my goal it my lucky number of 16161000. And I'm fourteen and something. But you know the interesting thing and the beautiful thing about raising money is that. I was writing for a team called kids just wanna have fun and the beauty of that team is that we get some matching funds there. And while I was on that team and we had quite a number of team members and I think for this ice team we have and we were the number one team in fund raising. But I said to Mitch Mitch you know you really should I join our team. You know you really can increase things on the number one fund raiser on the team anymore but it all goes to the same place and that's all we can. We're real and raw and I was OK so I I joined the team management team this year and it's. Captain by a friend and a joke for total was a financial advisor with church on capitol buffalo. And join his C foundation he set up that allocates funds raised by his team through the right for. Particular pediatric cancer purposes so anything that make you races or the diaries will be matched to the limits of Joe's. Matching funds for that purpose so if there's anybody out their crew has either an interest in cancer research in general patient quality of life for. Pediatric. Cancer. Benefits. This would be again WWW. Ride for Russell dot org and easy way to. Meet the need an interest in human heaven that. Beyond the interesting thing also about Joseph. And I think I get the story right is. The reason he's into student and in pediatric cancer is that his wife was either the first or one of the first pediatric patients. At Roswell and you know she's still around today. This can't see into his wife Cathy is the oldest pediatric patient at Russell and I. A said the seal the day I can't divulge raise the age because snow and you have to Kilmeny. But she's not a kid but she is young at heart which is what counts. But she is and that is the reason why Joey is particularly gotten behind this particular. Side of cancer fundraising. Because kids do just wanna have fun and the ones that. Are so brave and go through these treatments and it's just amazing. When it one of the things about. Pediatric cancers that the most some of the most dramatic. Cure rate increases in the last 2550 years have occurred in childhood cancers some were. Relatively fatal. May be in the 191960s. But he's the if you Trace the arc of cancer researcher wants done for. Cures in cancer. Pediatric cancers might be the most dramatic. Evidence of the power of research to find cures for cancer and here we are talking about it in the context of Russell park. If you just. And in we're learning all about ride for arousal founding member Mitch Flynn. And Mickey Auster riker who is a participant in writing Marshall. We incursion all of our listeners to giving give generously to this cause if you're listening in buffalo or Toronto or Washington DC. Any thoughts or comments please write to Brian Ross ESPN radio 500 corporate parkway suite 200. Buffalo, New York 14226. We always read cards and letters from our Canadian and European listeners. We have applaud the New Yorkers love their traditions in the ample legal has been writing about polish American traditions. And events for over fifty years news and features for a polish American. Perspective can be found in this weekly newspaper. As well as recipes in the calendar events don't miss out. On the next cultural presentation or polka dance by reading the ample legal you illegals available in many tops and wegmans stores for home delivery. Call 7168359454. That's 716. 8359454. In the latest news from Poland and polonium in your mailbox each week. And now we have to give equal time to two other publications because these men have better acts and Alan Goldstein. As with the Jewish journal editors are wonderful. Positive proactive publication. And Kathleen Curtis who was with Damon college is now a leading to photography and she's a flurry of photography Minnesota and thought about who were were both married to women who are journalists and Melancon publication the Jewish journal of Western New York is the sponsored by the Jewish. Federation of Western European of course the Buffalo News sponsored by Warren Buffett. He is deeper pockets is out of millions ask him the future yes and they don't either billion streak so Warren if you're listening out there Mickey on striker Michelin both fundraising from the right for Russell Tara let him write a million dollar check. A little bit more information about Mitch Flynn is receiving various honors for his work on the right for Roswell. The Russell park alliance is Catherine and joy inspiration award. Individually in 98 and then with the other members of the ride for Russell steering committee. In 2013. Some more information about Mickey. I striker and I handle it there from the days of the buffalo workers' stress and channel seven. Irv Weinstein proper world of Nicky asked her coroner has been on this program. A thousand times. Mickey's on the governing board of the American Bar Association communications law form co chair of the fairies committee the American Bar Association intellectual. Property laws committee a member of New York State our association media law committee. Mickey I striker with Mitch Flynn here today. Now you've got to eleven routes from three miles 202 miles let's hear you talked about the lakes let's talk about the roots and where you're goal and let's talk about that. Okay well. We start. At the north campus of the university of buffalo and hammers New York just outside Buffalo, New York. Forward nine of the routes and those regions links from three miles 202 mile Soria of everything from. Short resound like pass for kids to. Long routes through the countryside for season cyclists and we can warriors in between we have 62 point 545. 3020. And ten miles roots the second starting point. Is downtown buffalo Russell park comprehensive cancer center and to root start their own one goes to Canada. And then won Canada route actually has to. Choices of distance one's 26 miles loans 46 miles. Travels over the peace bridge which closes Elaine forests for about 700 writers. This coming Saturday June 23. Travel along the nagger parkway we it is a beautiful. Scenic. Seventeen mile. Beautiful road along the river nine wide Niagara river and culminates at Niagara Falls in Ontario on the prospect over the rainbow bridge. The 26 mile hours cut off and get bused back to you be in the four to six dollars continual on the American side of Niagara river right after the university at buffalo. And and just you know. So people don't think that there is utter chaos out there on these writers and all these rides. On Saturday that times are staggered. And believe it or not the people that work on this including Mitch and so many others that are. Truly interested in the safety. Of the writers and the enjoyment of the ride have planned this out they usually go out. The day before few days before and check out the route. Mark. Any things that might be obstacles war or might endanger the writers. Umps spread at times out. And then you know another thing that I would invite people to do it that the maps are available to come out if you're not even gonna ride. Had come out along the mountain and cheer underwriters. I mean one thing that's it truly moving is the Pellicano we do. Which consists of 200 riders it starts out on Friday night from Roswell. It's pretty moving we all fill out cards. Some people that where honoring more patience and we kind of look up at the windows of the hospital and a lot of the patients there come to the windows. To see us start out. There's a bag piper and and then there's a route that is stuff. I helped along by on the law enforcement agencies from all around Western New York to sheriff's department. Buffalo police state police. I think Amherst and Cheektowaga I mean everybody is actually. They're trying very much to participate. And volunteer and help out so if you wanna come out along the way on the ground that really. Is a big boost to riders when people are out there waving and cheering and clapping. The Pelton is a ceremonial procession for. Writers who have raced each of thousand dollars or more qualified. Through training ride and it trails of the city of buffalo through some of the most scenic herds of Buffalo, New York which is in remarkably. Beautiful city with a lot of the a lot of turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Architecture mentions. Olmstead parks system Darwin Murton house by Frank Lloyd Wright. Twelve miles out to UB. Led by a procession of police motorcycles. And as Mickey said it's a very moving. Impressive. Formation of about 200 writers stretches about a mile long. So it takes it takes an hour to go from downtown buffalo Russell park to the university of awful rumors campus. It's a wonderful are certainly encourage all of our listeners in seventeen states and half from Canada giving give generously for the ride. For Ras I would like to thank those of call regarding our recent guest congressman. Chris towns author Ron Kessler with the bestselling book out now on. Donald Trump Russell. And we have coming up Tim Rice is executive from Rochester John cots with TDs who owns united refining. In the quick through gas station chain and Kerry Nowak why from. Supreme Court justice Henry nowhere on the Ross report on ESPN. AM 1520. And you got a lot of big sponsors she was tops in Dunkin' Donuts and Georgetown capital and many others. How importer of these sponsors and how can one become a sponsor. For ride for Roswell. R&R. Major sponsors less true automotive group which is not only significance responsible also see. Participating fundraising team for the ride. In fact the rides. Number one. Fundraisers in its history is an executive at west her and he rides. Number three all time fund raisers also an executive westerners and allegedly participated as a sponsor. But also individually and as as a team. And there are a church or temple or there are plenty of other sponsors too if your interest and sponsorship. For this year WWW right for Russell dot org again though website for both. Donations from writers if you wanna support someone who support me Mitch fallen or McKeon striker if your interest and that. Or you can go to a page for sponsorship opportunities to contact the right to see what's available at this point. Honestly because the event is a week from the day this will air. The sponsorship opportunities are somewhat limited number for 2019 they'll be funny and for 20/20. The rights 25 anniversary. There will be. Natalie Colonia of sponsorship opportunities but tremendous opportunities for exposure for anybody whose interest it. Where soaring to you if it's just been tremendous. All outlast her has done. Over the last few years both corporately. And individually. And they're just so many a teams so many of the wonderful companies in Western New York. And their employees. I mean it's it's quite an amazing event to see all these people. At the end of the ride. Daryn number that here's tense there's refreshments is volunteers out there feeding people are but seeing all the corporate tents that are out there. I just. Everybody in the community coming together. And it's just incredible to think about I mean I know this is being heard all over the country but. You know we hear about rides and fund raisers. That our nationwide this thing of beauty about to run for Roswell is that it's completely local. Mean Mitch came up with this idea. Kind of a crazy idea hit a one time. You know had a few people raised a few dollars. And to see the wave that it has grown and blossom just because of that outpouring. Of those folks in this community and throughout the world really because we get donations from from everywhere I mean it's truly heartwarming. As somebody. Who rides as somebody who raises money but in more in particular somebody's been a patient Roswell. Wonderful effort. If you're listening in Amherst New York or Montreal. Or northern Florida drop us a note please write to Brian Ross. ESPN. Radio 500 corporate parkway suite 200. Buffalo, New York 14. 22620 history cards and letters for a Canadian and European listeners listeners are 50000 watts of clear channel. Power a little bit more information about Mitch Flynn. His honors include national association of fundraising professionals volunteer of the year. Leadership are flows values towards Erie county senior of the year award even though he's too young for that. And Mickey Astor riker has also been active with the media law resource center. News gathering committee in the first amendment's lawyers association. He's an award winning photojournalist with a over forty years experience. In print and broadcast and he was a tremendous. Video journalists with channel seven and also with the courier express. Let's talk about this eighteen miles slow roll what's a slow rule in this city about let's hear about that. Slow rolls off. Really it sounds like witches they. Massive writers probably about five or 600 who travel. In intentionally slow speed. With. Marshals who will blocked traffic and guide the way for them and they. Go past some of Buffalo's most outstanding architecture. And forms a parkway. Roots in the course of the right from Russell park and loops actor Russell park at the end so. Unlike the other some of the other guys which are not at all slow this one is intentionally. Orchestrated should be. A good. Scenic. View unemployed for. Anyone who's interest it and raising funds for Russell park. Again one of the things that people stayed in the volatile so when you race. Try and stress and it's not a race problem there are some people I think. On the century write that down probably go. Fast enough to be considered racing. And I think they probably look at it talent but it's a ride it's really out there for people to enjoy themselves. On to ride safely. To participate with their families. I know one year my son's surprised me and flew man. And rode with me. And that was you know my Father's Day gift and that that really was a yeah but we see so many families running together it's become a tradition. For families and for her companies. And it's truly a wonderful day for a ride I want to raise money for a great cause. I'd like to throw in the culture aspect to Brian and we've talked about sponsorship we've talked about ridership and fundraising. The third leg of the event the right for arousal in Buffalo, New York is volunteerism and we have about 2000 volunteers every year. In addition to the approximately 8000 writers weekend. And this actually is a very timely question you asked about sponsorship by. Punted and it and so really it's probably for 2019 or for 20/20. That are vulture knees are immediately and if there's anyone listening who's in the Western New York area. Who has the interest in time to volunteer specifically on Saturday June 23. And even more specifically what we are looking for our help. Managing the writers. In the capacity that we described as route guides. Again you can go to the website WWW ride for Russell dot org. You'll find section for volunteering their and we would love to have anyone with the interest and a the availability to come out and help us a week from today when the sooners. Very hurt again if somebody would like to donate to and Brooklyn or buffalo or Toronto. Aren't they donate and if there's still time to register was this a week away how to they register. OK and there's still plenty universal. Plenty of room and almost all the routes and again it's the website address WWW. Ride for Roswell Dunn Warrick. We have availability and everything from the three mile to a 102 mile we have availability on the two. 26 mile in 46 mount Canada roots. We have availability on the 624520. Mile and thirty mile route so there's something for everybody and still plenty of room. So again only have to do is go to the website WWW. Ride for Russell dot org. The registration fee is twenty dollars in the minimum fundraising. Qualification is 200 dollars except for the candidate Bruce which are 500 dollars. Because they are premium roots. Going to a foreign country and seeing our local world wonder Niagara Falls. One last question a few minutes left and the rest report on ESPN aim fifteen when he Mickey you're cancer survivor. You're doing well you're healthy you had a tough time a couple of years ago why does this mean more do you. From where you came from. Well. Treating melanoma has always been difficult and the fact that Roswell. Pot has done a such tremendous research and come up with a new treatments. My father. Had melanoma. Back in the seventies. He eventually succumb to that. But they were just starting. Experimentation. And because much back in the seventies and and times before. Having. Malignant melanoma was pretty much a death sentence and that's not true anymore as a matter of fact. And some of other treatments that they have I almost feel guilty I went and I've gotten them because I haven't. Fortunately had to go through sell so many of these. The other things that other patients have had had to go through and I think as more and more research is done as more and more treatments are found. And hopefully one day as total cures are found rather than just treatments. I can't stress enough how important it is to be able to raise money and how gratifying it is to raise money to give back to a place that. Tell me to be here and talk fugitive. Or or an area again before we close out selling donate churn donating is as simple as going online. To the right for Roswell web site which is WWW. Ride for Roswell dot org. If you are interested in supporting an individual Ryder we have to the right here to my left you can't see him but I can't. Mean kiosks are currently is deduced like in his name. On the key like it sounds a striker OS TE RR BI CH ER. And my name is Mitch Flynn and it's an easier one to stall. That if you're Russian citizen in supporting cancer research and patient care at Russell park comprehensive cancer center in Buffalo, New York. On introduced on that website right for Russell dot org and make a donation by credit card. Leo says so just really quick you know maybe I should go and it's now and again over easy but you know I think and one of the only. Not the only Mickey's on the right so if you typed and MI CK Eli you'll have to be burned out and find my last. All right two great guests help paying for cancer research are ride for Roswell. And our guests have been Mitch Flynn and Mickey Estrich a special thanks to captain Carter for production for fifteen years please boost this event. Have a greatly. You've been listening to the rush to report a program that takes an inside look at the western new York community with news. Teachers and special guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to Brian rusk 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 14226. Stand by for a test of the emergency alert system.