May 13th Segment 2: Dr. David Essel - The Engagement Ring Dilema

One Life Radio
Sunday, May 13th

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Hey easy easy to vote. Mean that's a window broke the ACC code. So wind it will. Oh welcome back in one online radio this is burning that wind died in ray I have rabbit Perry Ron this idea as well as soon as citizens stunning record. And I had David Cassel on the line I love this guy. He's always such a joy to be on the air when he holds a master's degree and he isn't he is the number one best selling. Author cot counselor master light coat. And international speaker whose mission is to positively affect two million people are more every day regardless of their current circumstances and I like that I really do David's work is so highly endorsed. By by guys like the the late Wayne Dyer who we all love and respect so much also the author of the power of intention. And mark mark Victor Hanson the author of chicken soup for the soul as well as many other celebrities radio and television networks from around the United States of America. And celebrity Jenny McCarthy ads says that David Cassel is the new leader of the positive thinking movement. Such a pleasure always have you on the show how you doing today David and. Learn that that bit ot them. While so that it is not good news. Yeah and I you know I love this topic I'm gonna try to keep my own personal. Sorry that it has a I have some that would Florio actually but I love this whole story because this something that women really actually do talk about. Believe it or not like behind the scenes that men don't really realize how women really talk about death at times so we're talking about the engagement rain. Alama so can you tell us about the engagement ring dilemma. And what it is first and you. Electoral as well Bernadette Bentley and song he'd waited or picked up about about the at a gold digger OK so loud that there. We don't agree that there is eleven said that you know what I want some somewhat for the rest of my life due to watch. Why are we nearing somewhat what is that wouldn't bet saint Bernadette and everyone wants out that last the rest of their life. I love right insult we have these incredible fantasy about finding the man and the woman Bart trains were talking about the the engagement during dilemma. Everything changed. From Lyle who appear. In a very high percentage of women because of social condition. And you know and and it's really sat at the Bartlett said at that they're just bad partly there's some reality art. Aren't that bad part is that what about the window as that written in my article that in my books. When I client came in and she had been falling in love with this guy for a number of years and becomes ill with a ring that was once and for her age. And all the sudden everything strange like these years of eighteen but. Fantastical conversations they had about what they're gonna be quite a number of children were the got a bit. It all went out the window or about. Yeah I I read and got out I look like I would say to you guys you remember what I said. What it. Q were your member Alexi what I said when I read we were talking anyway. I think I said something like who will she didn't love them in the first place because. If the rain is more important than the man then he then then you're you're not a good person first of all anybody that thinks that would put so much pressure I know what I sat. I said that the little if a woman. If the size of the ring was more important in the love and she didn't really Levin in the first place. Well over. I love what and that the level. Common sense about what met a lot she couldn't really loved him. But not at the level they could overcome a ring that we use mops all over her for her you know her presentation her girlfriend and her family and everything else. Let you know what may be needed to tester anybody ever think that because I have to tell you if I was a guy. I almost would wanna have that test and see how my home my girl would re at serious. You know what unfortunately in this case because I work with the gentleman as well you say for six months he had yet saved every penny credit while. Popping. From one jeweler to the next to get the very best deal. Q so crowd Bernadette that he didn't ask a quarter while money. He didn't anyone help him he'd get re search on the Internet. And of course it crushed their right thing you know he could he expression outer space is well and. And so and then there's another story act how about a woman got this call will graciously simple sterling silver band at an engagement. And she was so proud of that silver like yeah her book and couldn't believe it there aren't. All it is. That yeah is that glorious is that you'd all like. She was wild it in this really how old man. Whom I had the same experience I I got a little silver ring it's that I love you in the middle of it and and it is the best spring I've ever gotten in my life. Yeah. That's really about. Meaning what what meaning did they give the green more than what does it mean to them well they influence I can give you countless examples of people that I now own you know friends of France or whatever I think this one. Person who has a five carat diamond ring with 41 carat diamonds around it. And her husband. Was you know dissing her behind your back like four months later because she gained a little weight to me that's not lots. Yes and you know how we need to get incidents in eight recurring dilemma it's a Cuba that our masks are choose. Now it is if we weren't in a society we didn't limit our country we live somewhere where we're where there was very little resources. The other eight they would put like maybe go. You know into the wedding party hallmark art and we gave you know them the article go to there the rights advocate. The grooms family boat and that was a big deal because they had. Raised this goat for ten years and wobble block. In our society when I talk about mass consciousness and you look at what's going not you know in program photos of large negate their brains. The celebrity's. If you look at home shopping network QVC. Even though those rings are small. Don't short small she'd be a colony. And these are all right a one that didn't quite hear. I think is polish David because diamonds are worthless anyway any anybody that knows anything knows that it's just. You've been you've basically been duped by the industry into believing that that they that is what what means how much a man loves you is how big the dye business. That all time staying and all that stuff. Oh exactly and an act mass consciousness because that we are at it if we didn't ever see the act. And the pictures. You would marry someone for blah. And you would be crowded and outlaw right when you're inundated with all these people with large trees may be girlfriends that beautiful very great. And you feel that when you're getting engaged in your article ought meager and Earl. And they all have rang twice or three aren't aren't aren't as aren't the year. If you're really grounded in love and your how I look at myself as invert that you'll be so damn proud and you go look at. That's right well I've got a three and a half carat sitting in a safe deposit box that I thought it's okay. It's brings a joke. Well he what you look around at their your you're far from the only person verdict act as that ring. I mean a lot of people on their third series the big expensive diamond ring when the relationship and I'm a you know I don't know I kept quiet in my office. Yet the switch it to the other. You know because they still wanted to show off act that that that massive brain. Now I'm not gonna shut people what YouTube after divorce if you would ordering a hundred act because I don't work because it's beautiful bay I don't care. If you really believe. That song little man's love is how much he can afford and don't get around with guys that don't have money. I love it and I love I just love police say Dick around I guess the latest out there. I think he's absolutely right I mean you know a Disney gift to consider the concept of love languages though for some people gives you are a sign of love and from people their nod and I think that's a factor than it has value in this. League and I think it this this this whole belief system about the diamond ring needing gays marrying. Just keep some women. It isn't a very backwards place in my opinion and why why doesn't want have to pony up an ice rink for the guy I mean it's silly. Why me why now why don't think a ring is so important data it. Well I will be good because let's look back. At some point in time. Thousand years to bout yours though they started doing all these things about weddings and engagements. You know they were giving. Yet like that it go. You know also somewhat make up that very valuable goat they won't somehow transformed over the years into it at the city engagement ring. But we I'm an app because Bernadette you're really opened its capital reminded you're listeners mock the year it would be going into your shell. Sharp because this is the way it and dark doesn't mean that you have to be sheep. Now eat the slaughter. You know make your decision that you talk your boyfriend or your girlfriend you hate lets you don't article. I wrote about the couple that tiny little silver. It made a decision how to climb the eradicate the market that you gonna put into writing and they opened at bat did it in their future you're you don't like. Don't see it sheep following the slaughter. You talk your partner about what's important Q&A but not important just that 2000 or 101000 or 20000 hours on an eight crank. Don't kill it. Either that or something else be Cree eighth of the independent quickly or. You are shell as people a chance Bernadette this start to re saying. What we then soccer in the line in two from a a mask are supported view this start to become their own. I love that I love the messages that you bring to 221 life radio David it's always a pleasure I should talk about this little more though because this is this. This goes far beyond the engagement ring misses the whole mail FEMA now. Would I would support I wanna use your help me out game. Traditional role models. It's roles it's almost as societal pressure and yet there's this might shatter some people belief system about as well thank. It is a sign of ownership. Yup they brought back. They branding branding. I'll its debris you're right you know and so can all of this per cent and put up big ring so no one else you know and Butler says. Some of my favorite choir who have been married for 101520. Years don't even Wear rings at all yeah. Yeah he you know bait but this system years ago in you know what that's ridiculous thought process we don't even waste our money on it. And they are more committed than many people would a parent Eric I'm an honor thank. Absolutely I mean I. I hate to say Dallas the Dallas you see in a lot in Dallas you know these women that just think that's the most important thing and they Aaron terrible marriages terrible marriages. And it's just I don't know I just love your attitude excuse me and I and I love always lovely have to say thank you so much. All agree that you are welcome him for. More patient has sent him to talk David dot com and I look forward to being with you soon Bernadette. Talk David dot com or David astle dot com right. 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