May 13th Segment 1: Show Open

One Life Radio
Sunday, May 13th

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Contents of the filing program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis treatment or care always consult your physician or health professional with any questions you may have regarding. The EU wanna go higher they mean he's her in there right playing. Here are listening don't want life radio. This is Vernon dad win the diamond ray I've got Audi and up at the end I was in studio Whitney Alexi Brinkley. Or rabbit Harry Ron and seasons down linebacker. Hello ladies and and yeah. That image in a funny joke. I I don't think it wasn't tighter government of Atlanta the joke opened it should always have a good joke and your answer and really get did you guys have any good jokes in your pocket that you keep our like if you're in a social. Environments that you might want to allow the crowd with. I think Goodmail blind to scan lines that can go and it's OK okay so we have all the time killer now really got had a wanna hear a kid says there's. Here's Heinrich. And public ruins and friend and they're all construction workers and so there there on the lunch break and eating lunch and so you know pop. Pulls out his slashing his unknown tacos again and he does she makes me I was every gaining. Since you know I just I love the voice well I love our own people. I let people do voices and I love doing voices myself and did you Susan do you do during a crisis more authentic. I. And others I just can't take it anymore if I have puck was again to Ireland going to jump off and I'm going to jump up and give myself. Okay no and then for me is he in his Bologna sandwich chain. There was I don't know of my life makes me in Bologna sandwich again tomorrow and then jump off this thing and just kill myself. And then the blind and Friedrich egos won't be nationally it's again and when he goes if it being arsonists again tomorrow I'm going to jump off the stinky at least. That's that's about to jump off the wind chill of some other construction workers or I were on holiday just a ghetto. Next in Austin of their for once in her little bit tentatively opening into box. You know in Atlantic in disc into your life to making bad but anyway it would be telecast rights tainted now on you know public isn't that sad. Uses all of them are goes again in the jumps off me and need to Eisen and then and the Fred goes my group or leasing it which at. Its eyes. And Heinrich opens against. Love being urged Neitzel again is. Happening kills themselves the wives are few other girls and I was life is like. He told me that he did his tie and if you did or didn't. I would have given them something. In him Fred's lapses like. Free speech just tell me that he didn't like well which is that what am items of the different. And then let's do a Frontline now. I am excited sustaining that she's crying like to use it you know he'd be at its. Who's he makes is much. I oh my gosh. That's funny and I really had to battle is that Yemen as its very authentic I actually made in that time to practice they're better next time he'll better prepared. Well you know that that was very gonna actually am in my gym my joke is the same one that I had for years it's my Dixon drilled joke. About the farm the new pharmaceutical long on Viagra have you heard of it it's liquid Viagra. It's called my Dixon drone I'm seeing the moment take a shot. Have kept our I got to Playboy yup that or else via. OK so diamond you have won our Susan we have one you like to share those guys go down apparently diamonds have a good plan now diamond hasn't him when she says shy. Time is shot in there was so you know Dimon speaking of diamonds she gave me this book of questions by Gregory Stock Ph.D. this is revised and updated. But it's a book of questions is it it's the book of questions and so I told Abby to pick one out so this is when she picked out. Would you have one of your fingers removed surgically that was somehow guaranteed. That you would be amuse you have immunity from all major diseases. And you and you finger. I guess yeah. I would have absolutely are just getting meaner or we can just stay holistic medicine I can't wait to take. What you know but you know your immune system gets compromised severe I fight for weeks you know and even just in you can be exposed to things accidentally. Follow yeah. Will this all started with me when the wind was blowing so crazy about 34 weeks ago it temperature kept going up and down and then I was you know of course we all have stressed that. Somehow the stress finally got to me I haven't been sickened like I don't know five years something like that even want my best I I didn't get sick you know its cumulative maybe your body just needs to detox you know what you know wet and I had a relapse and I think it's because this week and I went and got a massage for the first time in like five years and I really believed. That it release all these toxins and might not because I at almost like flu like symptoms. It's the neck and he was in the size like that yet your your really shouldn't get a massage appeared not feeling is it will kick into detox. Now I'm getting infrared Sauna that's and so yes actually were after our staff meetings rod gonna be in for reading. I. Not pitched since accumulated near muscle. And I lie gets released this time well I have hazardous fashion five years so my body was loud it was enough. Well and so I recommend to you if you're gonna get massage accurately is to either dry brush. And treatments to use your it can be foolish to do Cyprus I've heard a lot of talent on that right it's just a little. Looks like of course Russia right a little stick or you pressure skin and it helps you. It's invigorating at the same time it really takes that that scan like you do it yourself you do out pressure body it has a handle your back instead of those in my did issue a pitcher. Yep you do dry and vigilance system flowing Jalen systems' flash is in your body's. All of this information I didn't mouse yeah just do I get older Atlanta's top. I mean it's tough to keep the form that. I just my girls in Russia's. Just about a mile final impressions lint brushes and where'd they silence brushes. An Amazon will of course you can yeah you can get at it gigabyte card and Amazon probably probably houses. Yes that's right. I would like saying you can't I cars right isn't ours actually I am thinking. EBay eBay eBay person he and a I've that I've shop for cars and I got to bully them Hampshire pretty well I you know I finally did I tell you Robin that I got a new car Agassi broke. I got a Subaru absolutely love that I got it it's a little. And everybody told me oh you don't go when there's a single goal when their single like just a woman you know you can do and they're gonna beat the hell do you you know right now is that I know you can't look at first about that would never happen because I wouldn't allow it I think lockout but but I did it to Costco. By cost of car I got eight elite 8800 dollars over invoiced eyes no baloney no pastrami none of that stuff that typically people go through. Oh gosh what was might igniting handle me his name he was so sweet I'll find out. I'll think of an and I give the shadow Lee maybe later on the show or two rounds but he was selling he's been selling cars or 45 years and he was so nice. And he just told me you know. Let me assure you that we're gonna give you the best deal possible and with the Costco. You know I think you just don't even have to worry about it you know it through their. I still haven't OK I'm I think the silent act ugly. I really am because you you've done a 120 miles an hour now enough time where it's not colonized dominated Chinese still have a little race car or something I don't know I am I. I can't imagine not having that article don't have a little bit of fun land via you know early morning when no one on the street and so that's gonna test I better race car driver I really could have like. I I graced many a guy in my time mostly my employees after we check on the pizza place that I don't particularly I'd like to in the morning and I shouldn't say this publicly backed -- there. I can't get a ticket percent that happened I don't think that I don't now I don't know OK and you we did it very safely there was nobody around it as a very are just like. Unity get on the freeway in mini camera and it does have an interest. And I kind it funny artists I would deep down in my Lincoln town currently ten Hillary package on his and a lot of extra horsepower. Because it was at a livery package they put on cars. When they sell them to Arab countries at because they sit in in the heat for a Long Island when its average temperatures a 120 degrees in so. It just was it it was a stronger Town Car in at least to deliver pizzas and it. Is it carried 200 pizzas that wanting to go that deep gas that's what it is buying it wings it that at the first way to stop and deliver UPS's as we're gone back a few years now that. Other yes I used to beat down on the free whale attack that news out at an A you know let you know do you wanna talk about a guy selling his car fast if a girl beat some. And the town catch it and Latinos are. What December is it's cross track. Roster has nothing fancy began at drive out twice with 800 over invoice was like 289. Something like that sounds. Really good about it and I think as islands in saint Anna is there a high note except as excellent not so. I pressed pressed the accident at bat and I can go down into the river. Thanks to I want to play or I could climb mountains of violence. Doing your pocket list. Well you know I've done it before yeah intervenes in dense and Griese staff lieutenant Rick started radius accidentally. Well. I can't wait I can't wait to get to Colorado house that's Michael. All right well you know we've got a great show coming up David asks oh my gosh I love this guy going to be talking this is so funny we're going to be talking about engagement rings and the engagement ring. Dilemma guys you're not gonna wanna miss says. And rabbit Perry Ron is going to be talking about why people stay in abusive relationships. And Susan's right Steinbrenner Brecher. 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