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This is on target with any Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host penny Wolfgang. Hello and welcome to a tie everybody and thanks so much for joining us. I am your host penny Wolfgang and it's my pleasure to be the pew every week in and tried to talk about subjects that we hope reentry staying in. Important in educational for all of us who live here in the western new York community. Of course we are concerned about our health that's probably one of those saying is that you. Don't have your health you don't have anything on eighty goes the other way if you have your health you have everything and that it's it's like that anyway whatever whatever way it is. We always tried to land. See if there's subjects that we can talk about. Improving our health or learning more about health issues. I learn. Every week because I am getting your degree from adapt from Grey's Anatomy. And I am getting my do my residency this year on Chicago men. And other than that how high so my guess is laughing cause she really knows about jammed health and nutrition. And she's laughing because and she knows that when I'm saying it's ridiculous can she. Is the real deal she is a health coach now I'm sure you've heard of the soccer coach. And her OSHA. Let's see two bills coach in the sabres coach that have been in the news a new coaches but have you ever heard of a health and nutrition coach. I'm I'm listening he's saying no well I hadn't either but I read story. About this lady and about the work that health and nutrition coach does. In a local paper and then I also read that and the nutrition and health coach so going to be talking to him in a minute Kim. Worked at the what do bundle women's or whiskey what about women's medical associates. Who are around friends of mine Jack disturbing is my doctor and and love her she's a wonderful wonderful gynecologists. And since I saw that. Kim worked with them I knew that she had great credentials and that she had a lot to offer a lot a lot to help me with a degree than getting. Ever since post went off the air. I fell a few degrees off to a few a few lessons less or wait a few courses on fantasy courses. So I thought well I'm gonna I'm an ask list content. And maybe after that I can take a test and work work up to my residency what do you think I think that's a fine everything I think what that everything and learning though I just found out. Is emergency room medicine analysis themselves. Even though they perform major operations in the you know there in me. Emergency room on TV. I found out there really do that in real life and some of the specialties. That I need to are not they just don't. Treat like dermatology and things like that they only have people that have shiner. Food or stand tour. Having heart attacks or strokes so I need to learn a little more than that so in the studio with the state is Kimberly. F center. And downs Kimberly in this as we told you certified health and nutrition coached. And that is it's something that has stooped and letters after it degrees and indeed. And the CH NC. A a which I have no idea what that means but. Kimberly is here to tell all hello and welcome thank you so much. For coming to join is today and on target. I'll thank you penny thank you so much for having me hit the pleasure as he said it's and it's helping me to its money degree my fake degrees at getting my vote degrading. You might have heard of fake news and they have a flow and meet foe doctor. Could you go Percival started out by telling us a little bit about yourself fewer credentials and how you came to have these letters if your name and what they mean. Of course. My credentialing begins who waited to actually having a passion in health and nutrition and really passion in helping people in our community. I do have a certification of doctor of natural path he threw. Trinity school of natural health I also have a certification of holistic health coaching from the institute of integrative nutrition. And a third. Certification of what is called lean expectations. Health coaching which is a specialty. It's a specialized certification. Which allows me to work with pregnant. And pray and postpartum clients. Currently the only specialized. Lean expectations. Helped coach in Western New York so I'm very excited. To be able to share all of this with human give you a little bit of an example of watts. Health coaching is and how we can help our community. It is a passion of mine it's it's something very near and dear to my heart. Especially when we talk about health nutrition and wellness in our buffalo community. We are at the community of our most famous pizza and. Chicken wing assets and fortune Hanna into Anna I have to mention mess that was coming so early enough our new fish and coaches. It Jim as you if you had taken this morning and you said no and Jim and I said yes we always try to have some baking in as part of my day. So when you're talking about the chicken wings. And lesbians in the image and aren't at Pete Best pizza would be may be should put that they can initiative that that they can especially since we have all of the eight specialties recently. You hit a microphone and laughing yeah I am sorry. And don't you think they can and should be a part of everybody's diet bacon makes the world go around absolutely. As gracious yeah we take two different if you beams sheet and X percent. And therefore you before we have continue. What is and CH NC what do they mean Andrew. And this CH and and that the CH. CD is at a certain size and saved. Certain I'd health and nutrition Al like pitching unit that's ranked as saying and the pressure. OK so now what is. At what do we mean when Amy and I holistic that's what you're your ears saying can just kind of a specialty that. This oil involves what's what is holistic mean even more. Natural. In a row how you are. Shrieking are not eat treating because I don't treat patients or clients I actually. Helped to make their lifestyle. Batter by you working with natural entities whether it be the water we drink whether it be. The food that we eat. Whether it be how we. How we look at our life in a positive manner but being very holistic or whole or in natural. So is this opposed to what's the opposite. Already got the safety and that they can't. Honor at the idea that may be if you I am being holistic kind of late to start Wii is. But the course start with our natural items and then if it is needed. Look at and working with your doctors and actual prescriptions. But if you are able to. Be. Healthy happy and whole working with the foods that your eating. And living in and in an environment that is very clean and healthy. And I prefer for my clients to be there verses in a world full of prescriptions and I'm sorry to say that putt. Oh definitely will we know of the nevertheless drugs anyone takes a better. That's just the fact that were going through this horrible opiate addicts. Problem issue epidemic here in western new York and and all of the countries so we know that it. That it treating without drugs is the best is the optimum way apps and what the issue. Absolutely so then I was thinking more to get back to what he says thinking about food. Probably we are supposed to avoid like attitudes or around. Probably that. Missed fake stuff I put in my coffee a thousand times today it's probably no good. That wonderful Kremer yet we know enough yet to create two but the with CN that this does sweet and low lord Stanley alone are just probably no good race. Not very known for us so it. What if someone is Lina made to start yeah okay if consider a fact. One quarter when we're talking about anything looking at all of those holes citizen and people last name Ken would you rather me eats. Good example margarine or butter from 5% to rather you have butter than margarine because. It is naturally an entity from paying you well that makes sense I know attitudes are no good. And my sister used to tell me all the time are you growing up literally going to have Chinese food she would say have a headache and a headache and then it to its. And we didn't pay attention to ring now after woods they found out that MSG was something that was gated Pepsi and gave me a headache but close we know it. So what do we do what is your health and nutrition coach would do pay. How you pick nutrition approach is actually. Com and and I a lot of people have no idea what that means so when they cut us who they don't enter office. And they and they see a big sign as they walking into my office or into our facility in general that says Kim offend her health and nutrition coached. A lot of people never make it to my office because of that question so what is a half coach oath holistic health coach as a professional guide. Meant to her an educator who empowers individuals to take responsibility for their health. And support them and making sustainable lace styles choice was does that mean that mean except a few comments like obsessed. And you all. If you have goals of being healthy. Whether that means being healthy in trying to reduce the amount of prescriptive drugs you're taking their medications you're taking. Working with the diagnosis that you have high blood pressure cholesterol. And and or being overweight. Or being underweight. And sticking those goals that you may have. I am a man terror and educators someone to guide you run away on your way to obtaining those goals. So step one. Would be I assume that the person Purcell has to be motivated to come and see right absolutely this speed because that they're having a problem already or there. Referred by their own doctor or something like that could be a little bit of bulk. Sometime this calm my referrals come to me or someone com's once they've been referred from a physician. And they're not quite ready to embrace. Looking at their lake sale choices whether European food whether it be and activity. They're not ready to embrace their lifestyle choices and when that happens they're really not ready to meet with the hope coach. In which case I will be very honest with them and say I want should go home I want you to really. Think about the choices you are ready to make or Horry did choice that you are making it entails you working. Because let's go let's face it anything we do as far as change. Encompasses workings. And the person has to work themselves and do something absolutely. Absolutely it's not only in working in the foods in the choices that they make. But also working in the activities that they are involved and so I have to be motivated is step number one is enough to undermine his daily patient. The weather comes from outside somebody telling you ruin their own selfless I mean their family something like that yes yes okay so let's say they ire motivated and if for one of the reasons that you said. What do you do next well the first step. Once they they realize that they and they have motivation that they are they will come into my office they want to be in my office is. Really assessing what are your goals. Are they wait Gloucester event. Are they helped strip and Ari what are your goals why do you want to be in my office and establishing niners those school president Kabila. Lots of different reasons right next somebody once again to getting married they want to look good for the wedding for Boris or they could be. Have had it at the health issue assets could be any debt that kind of thing that that is true. That is very true. I just made that up but you can guess it's OK so I have attacking and that trend take huge Kimberly I am talking to Kimberly F center. And she is a health and nutrition coached and you listen to on target with penny Wolfgang. And even keep listening 'cause so we just begun. Our rent good advice for you here for free hot if you listen to my target and that how to live their lifestyle. And how to and I guess correcting it have its two is set ups that trying to say now we've got. What we've told you you know what what their goal is you know which is said it may be to lose weight for this reason or maybe. Because you've had a health issue like maybe that the worst a heart attack stroke or anything like that. Or high blood pressure I guess it could be any of those kind of things right knee so then what you have to do wound and it is that some medical involvement or residual next story. Most of that is when it is in my office it's incumbent we begin with food. We really it's taken assessment that an what the goals are what are you doing currently. What does that do what is your take a look like what does the food on your table look like they re write down I just tell you are gonna get a Lister my philosophy is that if you write it down it's something you're very truthful about it hits home. Hingis are utterly true for everybody I think it is see it in writing you see if there. It's all so when you write something down you don't like to have to write something down that in May not like to see on tape yeah all right so it's twofold. It challenges you to really put some thought into what you're doing so. When we we assess what we do most of the time. Quite frequently I find that a lot of my clients are not eating regularly throughout the day they're not fueling their body. For energy they're not feeling their bodies for health and wellness. So we begin there. So what are they doing instead. There late and skipping breakfast you've got it or they're having like jelly donuts when they can get one needs to Sanford Marianne you and Jim do you think yeah I know who you know I had seen I think about it and he. Yeah and meet yep me too you know submit to and then a may be in ninety day in and eating like and it allowed ignite your snacking or in he what is what is some of the day at the infant agreements doing. Really hit number one was editing is not eating practice ending a practice again or it it. Eating a breakfast that's full of sugar. Which is Teflon and show. Happening in senator. And or hate him not eating snacks and it held there and make which is not a good thing maybe you should come visit me about a pound women to. They're an iron that's coming in good I give up I did have its. But let's continue so as we go. Through the rest of your day. Meat is not feeling your body through. Energy or for energy throughout the day not eating smaller meals or meals every three to four hours. And that's fueling your body for energy just like you would fuel your car you do need to fuel your body so you feel good. And you don't have those high a low blood sugar. Spikes and peeks through our peaks and valleys throughout the day. And what I often see are people who skipped practice. They have. Something sugary at a snack time with a cup of coffee. Their lunch they will eat a sandwich. And it may be afraid it may be salad but mostly sandwiches are goes to. They go through the rest of the afternoon they're damaged by the time that they leave their office so when they walk in the door every cupboard and refrigerator door. Calls to them. And we grab something sugary. To make it through that time period before we had dinner or we're stacking throughout dinner and we don't have a very good are nutritious dinner. Second thing I see quite frequently as we as Americans we is our buffalo community we don't need enough vegetables. Our fruits and vegetables where. Weytman says strive for five I'm gonna tell you I strive for twelve. Servings of vegetables a day which is extremely challenging if you don't eat them more than 122. Servings of vegetables today. Water. Most people don't drink water are common goes to his soda are pot or coffee threw out today. I'm making sure that we're drinking enough water through out today. When we don't drink water we have been very dehydrated atmosphere in our body metabolism doesn't work while it does not like that environments. Creates an acidic in retirements in the got. So it makes us feel it's not great. So those tend to be my challenges as I'm sitting and listening are reviewing watch. My my client goes through during the day and my mentoring is to the education is really beginning there. Striving to eat three meals and two snacks throughout today. Making sure that each of your snacks and meals has a protein and a vegetable. Making sure that your eating fruit but not too much fruit throughout the day. And making sure that your eating are not eating and drinking at least you're 64 ounces of water day. And I believe that you or your water intake should be more than that depending upon hearing the size of your body your way. Okay now that is. A bit the eating part it was a daily part of how we should be eating but I soon. That along with this when you mentioned coach you mentioned lifestyle and that kind of thing. Various tests and get psychological aspect to it is and no phones. If that's the right way to say that but some mental a mental. Part. And if there is because if you think about it too we. Especially women and men and mostly women we eat emotionally. With the emotional ups and downs of our lives so our days. We reached make choices serve food choices as a result of being happy or sad. And those food choices most fully. Are drawn toward those either comfort foods or foods that make us feel good and most of them are sugar based are carbohydrate. Simple carbohydrate based. They make us feel good. Part of coaching and is coming chewed the root source of why you're making choices. Whether it be. Being very happy in your life style. If you're very happy in your lifestyle how do we change the foods that we associate happiness swift. How do we make those food choices and better said that your feeling healthy. And alive and energized and five patients as a result of those food choices verses. Going to the sugars to make you feel high and happy and citations for very short period of time to UN you got to change the person's mental. Outlook you do right I mean do you. And that's what a coach just as we you do bagged by talking to them about like you said what makes them happy in what makes him saying it significantly. The mostly by listening and who by listening to them because a lot of what we keep inside. And bottled up. Affects us ultimately. So it's an opportunity to come into I nonjudgmental. Atmosphere. That really it it is an environments of positive. An understanding. Philosophies. That you can unload. Those reasons why you make may may make choices. And and start there. Because you always he. Are bad people who are who are very successful on a diet with energy diet may be. But within a short period of time they go back to their old habits or their old eating ways or whatever. And they they have to start over again so I assume that that's what you have to do. Can deal with the work with so they don't do that to people don't do that. It is it is our old habits are diehards you're. They should or are they are simply under the surface. Meaning any time that we scratch the surface and they are going to your rear there that there had. And and some people for myself as an example bread it tends to be my warm Fuzzy feeling food. And I know that I just cannot eat bread. Because. I don't feel good when I mean Brad. So as a result I try to keep bred out of my diet every once in awhile I am human coaches are human I will tell you that as well. And I hope we do will give you lots of stories about what we have been through as well but. Once you know what you're triggers are it's easier to deal with those traders it's easier to make a lite sales choice or sustainable choice. If you know what dose. Habits are to begin with the poor habits and Muster coaching is. Introducing better cleaner healthier habits. To hopefully over power those older habits that are in not so healthy. And then me. You mentioned to me earlier that there's follow up another worry is once they get on the right track went to a patient client gets on the right track. Instead of just going off on their own and like I said regressing after allowed. You have like either follow up exercises a follow up visits or something to lamb and watch over that. Can't salute. Any. Part of being successful part of a sustainable lifestyle for most of us. And merit in V individuals who are highly unique. That can walk away and say this is my lifestyle forever and they are able to sustain. Change is very well. But for the majority of people myself included. You need that accountability you need someone to be able to come back to two code issue as you may falter. As you may have happy or sad. Obstacles throughout your life being able to be there to speak of them and guide you in the right direction to say hey. Let's stay on course you feel good you feel better when you're making better food choices. Let's not let this do you rail yet. They're happier with yourself and happier with yourself. If famine this is whiz television instead of radio. People would Napoli one who worried that you're saying because they would see sitting opposite me. A stunning blonde woman. In a designer dress with a beautiful blonde hair and who never could have had an eating problem or any other problem. So. I feel lucky that aware that there are just listening to you not being. Then I wanted to just before we Greenwich time mentioned use you more specializing. In assisting or was it it's pregnant women have different issues obviously they have different nutrition they need different coaching and postpartum as well. Yes yes and that is the newest certification that I've just. Become certified winds and it is very important working for a no beechy wearing an office to be able to assist with that does that particular. A group of individuals clients suck patients that we have that are practiced. One the are well not one of ROB but one of a group of our patients came to us and said we really. Are lacking in that components. Of caring for patients in. And that's not to say that our. Practitioners to not care for our patients in that manner they do gives nutrition counseling. But the time that they spend in the room we is a pregnant patient a pregnant patient may have more questions. About what should I do. What are some of them more macro nutrient. Information that I may need for my pregnancy to keep myself in my baby healthy throughout the pregnancy. In so they do need an episode of additional help pages. But anybody that down pregnant or not paying the haystack it's German for balanced German for doctor doesn't need any other help protect him because she is so perfect. So teller said that please. And earlier talking. As to when we haven't talked into Kimberly venture so one and she won in due to give your elect a web site number and so forth. Kim is with the eight or an abundant women's medical associates. And that is out of on women. Medical associates is actually an OB GY and that is located at thirteen sixteen north forestry road and Williams felt. And I am very happy to which you share with you doubt we had had our groundbreaking for a new building which is located on the island half. South on north forest and Miller's court. That we will be moving into our new building in the end of September of this year. Tom we have seven. Physicians. On staff we have five nurse practitioners. We have to licensed clinical social workers and we have myself and we have a health and nutrition coach who is conducting US today. And you are on net WWW. Point of buying women's dot com that this crash so thank you so much project talking to us and for giving us what judge Jim and I consider the bad news but thank you anyway we know everything you said is right. And please join us again and on target as soon as you can next week. Have a good week and goodbye everybody. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please rate depending Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.