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Just Brew It
Saturday, June 16th

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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional home brew here's your host Jeremy White and merchandise there. Good Saturday morning welcome to dire conditions for a good. Clijsters and Saturday that. Happy Father's Day weekend you know it's a beautiful week when the weather's been tremendous and you know so get out there and. Deuce and stuff to some brewing. Father's Day what specials for you guys that are going on today 10% off all our yeah actually hit it well we mentioned last show sorry. But all circuits beer wine won game five and six he and all on sale 10% off the credit and two year defensive unit total opposite if you start of his own yup. To temper some off you guys are open but today close tomorrow on actual club Tuesday. Last week we talked Mexican loggers against American waters the differences in the twosome if you wanna. Go back and find those are all episodes run amended WG or 550s on demand web site and yes in 1520s as well. Four summer brewing supplies it feels like summer has arrived a little bit later than usual but summer mid June now and not at its arrived so for summer brewing supplies. We have everything and have all your party BTU propane burners work chiller all sorts of large stainless steel pots. A lot of thirty imported so if you want imported product you don't wanna go to while -- kid you know one have to take it to somebody to machine. Mean we have reported sixteen gallon. Pots for under a hundred personal trips up you're looking to upgrade your size. You maximize your days you're new to big burner and you work -- and neither of the problem you have those all covered keg line cleaning kits we have those stacked up our efforts half Erica it's a lot of folks going to their you know Calgary during kind of realizing that it's Donald at south over the course of the winter. Armed soldiers in the future carburetor you can in absolutely try to salvage social large you don't necessarily need to replace everything since he got a little bit. A bacterial film and that we have the cleaning kits and so you can just losses this amount so hopefully taking an apartment anti India until you know. Propane burners were chiller things that'll help you get your brewing outside yep we got at all okay. Very good. And one of the thing you've been mentioning a draft system over a hand pump have you been talked about the policy and Tracy you're spending with 150 dollars to you know on tag rate even if you're hitting a six hole. And you into giving the rental hand pump to your your pain almost as much as you would to bite him pumped to wrap one's so one if you. Definitely wanna go hand pump common embargo human need that we don't have to count on the distributor having one today you'd rather pick up your cac. Armed and they always in urged people to go with a CO2 system if they can. And we have one starting in under 150 dollar super simple party tapped CO2 sets of there's no more pumping. And there's no spoiled beer soaked days weeks after the parties on if you keep the keg cool. You can go back to back I can keep tracking it it won't park's eyes and so pushing your bureau CO2 obviously most hole members noticed. You're not a whole number it will protect your beer. Sorenson seeker error you CO2 we have kits for under 150 dollars. It you know. Our weekly check in on hop rise ohm planting got a couple laugh too we are still people. Planting your team to be having so good results keep them watered. Nominal in on the reins kind of been hit mess around Western New York. In the Fuhrman dry area keep those crop plants water especially if they're younger planet they're all with Campbell's plant you don't have to worry about this month. But for those first year second your plants keep from water. Right now we still have some rights on slot. You're not gonna get a harvest this year for sure that you fewer wanna get them in the ground if you wanna miss an ornamental. You are still probably going to be able to get ten Fiat by the end of summer. In for calling upon to shoot so you can have those cosmetic cops and the we're gonna get to a couple different things today milk shake I PA's because I Texas Jews in the week and I wanted to talk on the fake IPA's. But before we do that. There's two of the things that we've we've mentioned a few times. The brewing controller and the and sobering pop up to those have been very popular so in global republic the sixty dollar plastic had to bring home. On this good control for the rim says some sperm or if you just wanna create natural circulation. On a cool so for a lot numbers trees coolers out liquor taint is unmatched on. You can really find it hard to spend 150 dollars on a stainless steel at home. And so this is a nice alternative. So that you don't feel like you have to you know really out shoot your equipment. The party have with the new poems so. It's nice it's been reliable people really liked it some rush list so it's very quiet that's a big bonus. On specially cuter endorsed humble we have a pump. Kicking controller has been very popular people of color display. It's easy to program and it's easy to use in and it looks really nice write up the box sits on the table opera and copy of perjury here. In can control your fermentation hotter cold both at the same time and it. On to that big especially with the temperatures going back and forth you know we conceived twenty degree temperature difference in 24 hours. Around here and so this will help keep your beer at a steady temperature okay. Very good all right so. Oh in the brewing pumps start before that got some of Europe's Eritrea so the new milk shake I PX yet so I or my PA out the other night. And I just didn't say no check ID when they care comes over on the glass this thing was. What caller was I mean I've seen cloudy IPA and this looked like. Clicked off the full look like Alka-Seltzer. Take it it was. The stunning. I I mean I've heard this term and I camps confess I never had one before. So we knew you know that the guy brought Cedric over Ernie set I should warn you it's a milk shake IKEA so I took a settlement and it wasn't terrible. I immediately knew I didn't want to drink this right now like he was you know 75 degrees I don't want this in this notre adopted what it did give me thinking like is this a new and blossoming style because it's like what it's a New England on steroids and what. One would go kind of kind of in an actual area I think the first ones through kind of creed the he's the New England kind of craves and as they know most people would point these you know weird New England and style. It appears towards that put the blame on America amber. This next one comes from our Swedish. Not from the US for good and there's a Swedish beer. Army polo. Armed that was made in collaboration he can give which are pretty close severe. With tired hampering accompanying the US Sosa collaboration a recipe bird here. Arm and it's fear early interest thing I mean there's a little bit I think two of and think you kind of fell victim to this we can bring this up with the first topic here. Should all these new styles be called IP case. You mean they're they're very different and I think it's getting a little confusing. On because I PH fans. The only means like a bitter focus beer and they're not always giving what they're looking for. In a bureau like this I don't think mean naturally appeals. To that theater to write finish the year like this off year is pure Mort like Belgian like wheat beer. You know fans and stuff like that slick I think would you have if this was called like you know. You know if it was called milk shake. The year or something like that appears movies you would have a little more idea what you're Guinean maybe a small class after dinner instead of you know starting out afternoon with one. But and he harder fairly common to the New England style. They're both heavy on the boat people have a sweeter finish and lol I'd be used with happy to ride hop. But that it is weird dissimilar these end for the most part. On so obviously we call to milk shake I PA's so what gives it this like theory like quality. A bomb in debt is Oates just like in the New England. But also lactose. Sold middle threat to lactose sugars which would you have been Tuesday in the oaks doubt. Or something like that obviously given this creamy rich sweet body. He hand these military Nikes are loaded up with collect Oxford from homer listening here -- looking at lake at least pound. Her five gallons. In decades that this intense freeing the theory is kind of sweetness. Now that isn't where it ends too often you'll see things like Vanilla in the spears added to the boil as well to hold in the Levine's. But also funds and tons of fruit and I think the milk shake is kind of a bad. Bad terminology for its more like a fruit smoothie. Beer than it is like milk shake. Beer officer exits almost always here with lots of fruit. Armies he green apples strawberries to edit secondary entity in Boyle. Arm and one of the things that upper with the style or actually trying to do is fine fruit that is not quite right. So if you were to go back to our. You know from Europe and so we talked about how you don't wanna put fruit and you wanna make sure. Fruit is fully right. You don't want a mastery the living daylights out of it and you want impact and a lot of those things we're doing. We're trying to do to avoid. Free packed in inside the finish the year which will make it extremely actually a Little League green. You know and really easy but in this case in the style all those things we said not to do in the premiere episode. Do for this style OK all the things we talked about not doing you wanna do here. Arms so this we Pittsburgh company. Often takes green apples and actors green apples on the outside like beer you know green as opposed to Macintosh. We're talking about agreements in the are now fully ripened yet in the turn these into an absolute puree and add them to appear. In this gives it an edit kind of almost GME. Chewy goodness of that combined with a Vanilla combined with the lactose. And then combined with usually political heavy load of dry toppings exit from mosaic galaxy laws don't thirty cops. It comes outpacing. Morally that fruit smoothie than it does definitely an IP. All of not trying to turn. Bremer is off to this necessarily. But it is that different beast is not going to be an everyday kind of beer and conflict similarly to the New England. You're gonna wanna consume and fear early fresh you know through this is definitely. Me the kind of purely wanna experiment in one in three Yale batch size or you have a lot of friends come over like really we're yours. Arm you may wanna try for five. But I don't have to be true of all versions of it but I wanna say it. This cattle it read defines the concept of Amal field. Yeah this oh yes I don't have used three different facts and there just contributing. To the mouth feel and it's extremely. Should heavy viscous yeah bomb used to gritty gritty yet yeah you take a sip of this and that if it stays with you for minutes you are still tasting that beer yeah and Alex compared to the fruit smoothies here and fruit smoothie and are you kind of find like little greedy it's in your tease him you know enemies the next couple couple minutes. That happens with these milk shake I PA's and implementing the bad thing. But another analyst and whenever you put something in your beer and I think it's more ethical question for all emperors like lactose like peanuts and a whole lot of these other. Things. You probably should be. One on the menu. Putting award and you know and anybody who may be lactose intolerant or have an on air allergy but that's also something if you meet this your home you may want warn people. You know of it you know be put lactose and two and you put it on to green apples don't just say here's my IPH would you like to give it neutral site. Because I think when you do that you're gonna almost instantly turn people off because like I think like you did. Use an absolute shock. To the system and an enemy the first time I can't one it was a friend who you know travels far and wide. For beer. In your over his house and she tried means he gave me the full warning. He's like hey you wanna try it really weird beer it's extremely. You know thick hand sweet. And I got a good warning about what it was expecting and I really enjoyed it. But at same time give somebody warming before you serve something like this hand. When he said if you're ordering one yourself you wanna be kind of planning when you're going to be drinking. It yet label them appropriate depth in the weren't tough thing about this are all about like 7% like the person alcohol too so it's the same time looking for fruit smoothie might not be. The same time a day you're looking to basically you know consume the equivalent of two beer for alcohol. Really quick so that's another warning I think this is agreed beer for Ehrlich lead in the evening on the patio juices that heats kind of giving over. On this would be one to go to begin you have three elements. Making it extremely. You know rich you have the votes you know providing. Some proteins you have though lactose providing an informant sugar level raise the gravity and you also have that packed and and fruit sugars are also gonna race grabbing me this is likely to set like a smoothie. Without most of solace stole so now. All right so proceed at your own risk numerous apparel yet you seem like not the biggest fan right arm. I'm I'm I'm a fan and I never I would never does and he beer Peter I just am freed they're going to take over. I don't feel like every Parikh micro probe should fuel efficient need to. Milk shake I PA which is kind of what happened with the New England you know style armed and they're just they're not. Third you know everyday. Com and clicking you know like you found a lot of times because you put this right PA at the end of that and you don't give vote hum of descriptions. Com. He lives tend to think it ordered by mistake. Until that problem as well to do that turns people off. Let's get a break in here to talk fermentation back fast and furious fermentation. Events on the way enjoy milk shake I gave a great back. Activision just. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need the Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in town want to open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com Snyder tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I was back on United Nations just look at you cracked open up OK got you for. Breakfast fear that we talked about the good breakfast dinner and he a lot of fruits and sugar low of something in your stomach if you're the kind of person -- in drinking for the one I had tastes like a screwdriver and in that kind of really really good or Rogers as resilient. All right so you wanna get to fast and furious fermentation we have a ten minutes left in the shall what is it do you want to bring up about that bush is in as the temperature rises here we're starting to hear a lot of folks coming in with fragmentation problems especially if you're in new emperor round here. In partially because it's hard year. You know ward down to temperature quickly and often than it's hard to maintain those temperatures and if you are now my house on on the patio having a couple of Beers. The kind of seen that com that you know. And the oil pitching may be forgotten until we're giving a lot of calls rate now about people who statement beard and start. Took off for 24 hours and now doing nothing is it. No it's not ruined but it's probably not as good as it could have been muscles kind of talk about what happens when you have bad firming case. Seizing control and what are the signs that the first when it's a slow start. Means you Kevin pitched enough Easter Easter heavily stressed there was enough oxygen for them as well. And you're gonna see this theory slow start fermentation then sometime after 48 hours. The usually absolutely those thoughts on so you speak involving Nancy but with an exponential factor. Well what the small number all the sudden goes nuts. Hand what you see is this I went fermentation that you usually finishes off and dear to and usually blows right through lit. Soul one what is this going to do to the beer it's gonna make it finale and possibly under it annually. So your IP eight mean he's like it was fragmented with the late in all. Port and waiting tendencies on. The elements hopefully you know floral. Intense rose four. You know musical that opening burnt or smoky flavors to it. And at the same time you mean ample apple flavor from Segal I'd from the east now being healthy enough to finish off. He and you also may be Albert and it's only been sweeter than you initially intended. So how can we kind of fix source look at the slow start so if you notice too slow start you're worried about you know not giving up your reaction. When your finished brewing. It's very simple and more east and another packet of what agrees to start with so these are going to be fresh and they have put up with the stress yours. Of warm. You know ward low oxygen environment the Beagle more rate ago. And go ahead in the the deal. Are whipping again even here you know at day's end fermentation and hasn't started yet. Though he should opt. Oxygen. Now if you realize this is happening 48 hours you know plus into it and now you have an exploding fermentation. There's not putt on you can do the first thing you wanna do is put on a blow off post. So take directing to stick in and year lock poll put the and in two out and try to start collecting stuff it's boring office in government making them mass. Now initially with Mac people do if they take it in the oath wrote in the coldest spot in the house. Which is now which now you'll definitely end up with that Siegel old hide under attenuation. While he wanna move to cool area and you don't want girls and drop it from the 75 degrees down to sixty degrees and you wanna try to get right round 68 if you bring it down its lower debt batters so usually okay into the basement. Off the floor and keep the temperature on it if it starts to drop below 68 albeit moving him back to one place. On. So that's when you can do once you have the exploding from temptation. Sam Lee there's really not a lot you can do to fix those problems in this spear if you catch it early. You can do something about it. Teaching will help in the secondary although it won't get rid of all those penal. Now it's not going to be ruined your parts are absolutely still be drinkable but it wasn't as good as it. It is bin wanna try to fix these mistakes from next. So the first thing you can do is get the Wharton school at the start it's always better to have a will be cooler award. And let it come up into the fermentation temperatures and to be released in the and come crashing down. It was fermentation begins starts to try to get a little bit cooler start refer a patient. If you're worried about it adamantly yeast packet. It's really hard to over pitch and affect you getting off labor often in robbery if you over pitch but we talked about three shows ago. You're just not in the yet the pastors that you were looking for. But that over pitched and also if you have mr. instrumentation. Prevent the theme halls the you're not looking for so nervous. Am more yeast you know worst comes work you just won't him be pastors that you were one on that and more year. Here read the living without a few using your map oxygen in the first twelve hours you can't over to support back in force you know between the balked him pepper pot. If you got to speak about new group let it rip. You know couple feet into the pockets so that it's giving it you know contact time all the way down. If you're working with here you can't overdo this is often is that happened. You know altered the earned remembering out on the patio viewpoint from sunshine. Now we're chilling in the temperatures drop it like you know 1015 degrees that we are talking about earlier it's hard to kind of force yourself. To stick around for an extra twenty minutes innings sticky. You know splashing this war around to make sure that if properly we're rated. But if you wake up in the morning and you've only been on for the ten hours. Nervous about oracle had open performance for its more sanitized. You know spoon get in there and relief with the ground and the last thing I can tell you always helpful and hands a little bit of no reassurance on your part is having something like that tag king. Mark three for because if you can just put it away in the basement you're not worried about what is the temperature doing. You know meaning you can peek into the basement look at that nice red temperature indicator you are shining decades you've across the room. And see exactly what aperture. So having temperature control over an hour and the only time I mean purchased Amanda Beard correctly for. Normally only the purchase of a new gadget in my ears works for two or three batches efficiencies. You know I'm having trouble reaching full boil Lori have clogged fittings. A controller is one that's gonna meet your beer batter from first match. So I would highly suggest that you haven't thought about like having controller. On into your upper seventy Evan or refrigerators obstacles are meant style and for it to only once into the Bakken and two. Those are perfect. For projects like that how how big is this controller. It's about two inches by three inches of fortune by forces look at sports where about two inches high. Ominously for you know beat rubberized buttons on. And all the controls the backs you plug into the wall to play your heater you refrigerator and that. You put temperature probe beaver and by the refrigerator elected just he bit rate to the outside from center. Eons. That's it. It's really like fifteen minutes via so in that will make your beer batter. Problem it will at least avoid problems with loss of temperatures especially if you brewer Sunday and then you're rushing and work Monday morning. On gives you an assurance that your Beers are amigo control. So if you do all those first part for cold start at Maurice Aretha living daylights out of it. If you put in your living room and all of a sudden it's seventy degrees and and for 24 hours have problems have eagles' worst if you have a can control this. You just put it. Into fragmentation chamber aren't too he'd played you don't mean and you don't have to. Is generation the easy and often all lockstep absolutely. Super easy and most people assume that they're just giving an often transfer and stuff like that but make it a habit yet because you you really are trying to. Get a lot of oxygen into the east with in the first hours after that it becomes your enemy. But in those first Paula oh hours a friend one trading in and as much as possible. I'll sort of an overlooked. On impartial because it answers outlet even if you have these problems it's not what you appears to be on drinkable. It would mean a lot of times people find out they're not here reading enough and accusing the temperature down off the first time amateur competition. In another judge. Takes a taste of it in the pick up. Those minute females and then all of said when they say hey you have this hour Cherie. You know back flavor in there and you have written on paper you pick it up. And and you want to change. All right well good to note that make that a habit yep. The visualizing something takes three weeks so the next three times your group or group for three weeks stretched every day for three weeks and a lot of ammo can take. Take a whole year off to the next competition seasons at an all girls. All right before we wrap up again Father's Day the specials 10% awful start up kits now until 1 o'clock today OK and so will be there was a starter kits that and a lot of other gadget thing gift certificate has always can be picked up in store. Or online in print it out from your home computer and gift certificates work both ways if you wanna mind making incidents or if you buy one in store they can absolutely. Also concerned at a party email list and it's again or written hugs and my effort to sign it right up there and sure to enjoy it. He can always. On subscribe quickly. But that tip for us. Milk shake I PA's and fast and furious fermentation and he should join us midway through oral late. We're back next Saturday here on ninth mission just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brew or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.