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Just Brew It
Saturday, November 18th

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Do you feel there. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Heard diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight positions just threw an audience in 1520 would mean Jeremy White and Bert dice are more happy week before Thanksgiving. Bird celery. Expert bill season is going on this isn't. Almost as early as Thanksgiving can be right yeah the only that can only be the 22. And it's the 23 this year. So as it is the fourth Thursday via and this is while. Let's became fast ya know wondered feels it came fast it is is all of this has to drop all of a sudden now and Halloween. Christmas decorations are up in the lobby year. So it was like a rock I've I've put some Christmas lights up this week I'm not ashamed I found them. Yeah from a demand that work emotion at all being proactive what can I say. All right so anyway after Thanksgiving in advance on next week will be Thanksgiving will be on next week as well. This would agree to a holiday gift giving guide to stay tuned for that. But before we do that. We will not be on again before Black Friday now they know guys do have a Black Friday event. Yes we do movie we have we don't have an event this year we have a black freight small business Saturday sale. It's going to be 10% off any beer wine starter kit that one gallon kit fight in on six scale it's and the starter kit. 10% off Black Friday small business Saturday. Are you can do that in story can do it online for in sort picked up sorry not for mail. But other cabinet members and officers your thinking about giving somebody. A home rootkit mean you're hurting your number you know somebody who's been asking a lot about helping you're now. Or you know somebody who says he likes craft Beers. Cooking you know and it tinkering person this is going to be RB for this is a little knowledge. To get your movement if you're here helping shopping early parties see people coming and starting. You know check people off their 10% up beer and wants our kids on non Black Friday and small business Saturday. Supplies you guys are loaded and ready to go yep Malia all earlier draft supplies we still obviously have. And Nina winemaking supplies features an awful season so later it's just starting in full swing. Com if you are giving like late press Joost it's just starting to come now. So and we'll have all the way through christmases. And one other thing I wanna actually bring up and if you don't mind. And on the gift giving season I sent you a link or something up on the catalyst for meant Haitian system. Which reduced stock you do have that yet okay so. If if you would mind like tell me what about it makes it. Good at what about it makes it will bat it's a PET plastic comical from so obviously being PET classic. It brings the price down for looking a couple of the assets over 5600 dollars and in for something and everything it's like 200 dollar down just about. A bomb you get to see yet so there's actually advantages stainless steel you can see what's going on. On their advantages or you're gonna wanna cover up yeah it's got its got a later on she'll but I mean that's when comes to the other. So now you have this big from entry of the stand you keep at all the tap. And I need to beef and patient chambers and a wrap with slick oil social down. When you're doing pockets and car wheat and shop around in the house and move from theory easily and put into it to incite. My standard refrigerator. You know and then meet the big difference as far as controlling temperature. So what I do believe like that is ours all plastic chemicals though there's a bunch of different ones out there we have I think three. Four available. At the store arm to that we rate Ehrlich stock pot that is one of them. You know and I like the plastics a lot thicker a lot firmer than some of the once it's also clear obviously conflict fats from man stuff like that you have opaque plastic and armed. It doesn't have a near Rhode prop which mixed with when you're trying to clean it you love that. When your witching you can to a second gear in there eating that but anytime you comical from entry of a couple of pitches you can dump your probe. So you can take really clean Al east who if you re using the chemical from meant for something you might want to invest in a W and I was is adding a step here yeah yeah so with two instead of doing like quick rack primary rant. You'd take that sediment off the peers that he can be the sentiment duplicate commercial. And then uses lethal transfer to other things as well as. You might Ewan Manhattan but it makes the rant in a little bit easier. On enemies transferred walls kind of picture you're watching your fermentation after doing a locker something like that means that a lot easier then that said. When you have a single B primary fermenter if you have would be expensive conical. You can only have one and delicate to use every time. When using for monsters Chatman some pockets you can have an army of women have multiple pierce going at once especially because you move around house. You can have a logger going in one basement you know on the basement steps you could have been deal. You know up in the kitchen and you could have a Belgian if allowed may be in the master bedroom is heating duct NC to move here from interest around and find different temperatures in the house. When you have something like that you need to have been designated spot. In media temperature control there in need to be able to get water possibly skew to pressure to batteries as well as a while they are nice. Capping the the bomb. You know comical now from hunters to often. Pose more trouble okay when they're sitting on a shelf. One their running people. Look very would you say it's a better suited for the casual home brewer or. For. A really experienced one that wants to get. Like Buchanan made one different devices like who'll be could be both OPEC could it could be both and I think it's generally mean and how you're doing a lot of experimentation numbering. You know sometimes on the weekdays sometimes on the weekend and until two to three years in a single week upper for a month. It's not relief great fit for me especially because peppering multiple pierce on the same day. One comical what beard like but conical. So if you're an upper that you covering every week and moving stuff over religiously or maybe every other weekend and you're keeping yourself while supplied spear. Something like that's going to be greatest enemy the process easier if you're bringing a couple of Beers emperor danger of stocking up for a month or two. Might not be realistic there's only one ear piercing your format actually it's. The option open wheel to cool Letterman maybe it's. Right up someone's Alley and you guys do stock and reduce our and it's called the catalyst for reputations and the catalyst fermentation system has a couple others evil fats from and others another one on the comes with liner can remember the mayor but in gas well. Equally catalyst fair estimate these all come through regular distributors can get replacement parts thinking with the green top one of the reasons we stock debt. It's not like we can just get the unit music all replacement gasket parts of mine too and that's why we're gonna stock. On. But the same time with these these are kind of get into debt which kind of novel he. Well not so economic leaders yours be Europe that. But I just feel like when you're the you know number in the hobby there's not going to be that standard deduction so. Even if you get basic starter kit with bottling bucket car who he you know micrometer. In you wanna get catalyst or uber crow rate cut. You're gonna enjoy your little heaters to news outlets often basic starter kip beam me wanna get Patrick to him first. And the other thing with these all systems that don't take the place of the stuff the comes start excellent high drama Ronald Fowler. You know and I mean thermometer there's a lot of appears need outside. Just welcomes and look at very good. Other things that are still and you still have some vick's secret pops yet we do entry and good feedback from those new interesting op. And yellow excitement excellent galaxy we still have Nelson's then we've seen the kind Russia and that supply vehicle that. More study is balls crow hops are starting to move more people complain with the more. On it's we played with some more routine removal and the one thing I think we noticed. Initially there were pretty thorough Katy Perry's super potent we meet copier Beers is that really what we need you appear pretty popular he problem hitting. You know century threshold for bitter the one thing that we found between midnight key witness in the spring we kept around small tag and we keep tapping phones while. In the prior oh ops just seem to be much more stable it comes to Roma and flavor. Mean this year case that it's a couple weeks old not a couple months. For those of you who have stopped offering BI PA's because you're afraid to let them set you there and stolen from flavors and become really grant seemed rats any. You know cops don't do that. So you can make a big IPA you don't have to drink it a couple of weeks because it's always homers always enemy I keys to the best for experimentation Mexican. Ruling mix up now high top shoes and Wear your place going recipe. But the definitely tastes better fry actually are always worried to 55 years of a single IP yourself be different. This will last if you want a repeat rightly want to put it on the carburetor habits that girl winter this is going to be your best. All right taste of home taste of buffalo homer competitions some details on that the entry deadline is. January 2. You're twentieth sorry to second to twentieth we don't have a definite entry deadline but they have put together a list of the categories countless terrorists too long. To read on your fury in tow through any focus it's kinda late summer buicks I'll see him pale Wilson and our session I EPA's run there. Belgium on sack and a stuff. Armed they're gonna have that list up in the next couple of days and actually it up later today on two you can check out what those styles are going to be. And I know were going to be a drop off point they don't Andy's act at entry deadline is going to be but that's something to keep them Cahill and kind. Taste the buffalo homer competition so you cannot keep Nero will keep you updated that on that week to week. And the Santas of swig is coming up in a couple weeks home brewed fund raiser for the Matt urban hope senator. December 2 wanna for an awful iron works tickets are twenty dollars you go to sultans of swing dot com for that donate an unwrapped toy. Of a ten dollar value and you get ten free raffle tickets for that so cool event coming up in a couple weeks. That's you marker down for. Let's take a break we get back we'll do it VI gift giving that guy the holiday gift giving guide. It's up to prepare you for Black Friday small business Cyber Monday and Saturday which. That's up next here on not traditions just threw it on ESPN if you. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in town want to open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Holiday gift giving guys time here on tiger traditions. Just threw it. From the white guys are all right so. The gift giving guide for the existing home brewer for the first timer for. Everybody under the sun are getting and a shopping season and Black Friday and small business Saturday on the way so. So. Let's talk about where you get them home so it can be kind of tough when you're buying something. The Scotty hobby oriented beat you don't do that exact copy your at least you don't. Dude that author. The easiest options always going to be gift certificate you can spend what you're comfortable spending in the other person is going to get exactly what they need because 211. They know what the need if you can always just flat out somebody. Arm but that you know kind of brings open expectation would you don't wanna buy them they ask for and then a lot of people feel like you're kind of speaking out. Some of these primaries too. She's always get a gift certificate throwing some kind of stockings stoppers if you wanna wrapped in cops ask staff what's new rugs we've been talking about the big secret. Army can get stopped that you often used to replace in height murderers auto site and second us office walls are in suffers but often. People want to get them the equipment upgrade. And if you wanna get them that kind of the equipment accurately wanna make life a lot easier for your gonna have to do a little bit of homework to meet even he could be the run with them and see what their processes like. You know see where they're giving Obama. In often than not if you ask homer about how they're hungering it's going. Strangely enough they're not gonna talk Cuba all of their successes and the lime often guilty if somebody asked how many wondering is going I think about what sticking in mind that most and that's like my biggest problem. Usually so on the last year was that I catalog current fermentation chambers I forgot the temperature. And so if you talk to me today about number. That's. My last mistake. And you can kind of use these mistakes what they're talking about the kind of it low feedback and what they mean you want or need. So they told you missed a match temperature last year all the sweeter than I want to do the meeting some new the rom. If they say that they lost control we're fragmentation it's all over living. Maybe they need to chemical fermenter or maybe they just news service that the electorate controller fermentation. Armed if you for somebody complaining about the number and their family making a big mass of the kitchen. Maybe it's time they get a propane burner. On just a reminder for trying to think about buying a printer for your poorer. Day after you broke in our site. You know after the can't use in the kitchen Cantu in the basement has to be outside while ventilated area wanna use that nice new burner so you're trying to push her own opera house that might be looked at there that that's a good one that like for me. I don't know thawed by myself but I would really love and as someone bought a formula yeah all right fine now I'll brew moral spent time outside whether it's winter or summer. You get me out there and I. I know that it's gonna be much more reliable and like the heat the controls going to be better via a disagree better experience especially when you buy one particularly for home over Turkey following your gaming like twice the pressure going in you're getting new and better distribution better control the Sunnis from actions that a lot of these home brew. Burners. Come on 150000. BTUs. They are gonna heat up you know ten Galen batch of the year outside faster and stoves and I. See you kind. Savior some effort and keep the mass outside. Arm if somebody was talking about how they were up only during that took forever there are patched it she'll. You might wanna think about it worked chiller. With somebody's complaining about the at remembering my back is killing me from last match previous time the approach pump failed hip removed from renters can just move the beer from. One fall from actor to an empty fermenter me like life easier that policies that ended. Do the Russians are urgent but he who's. Hasn't done all going to say it don't lift their house liquor taint that's the solution for that. And if you ask them about their last year how is it and they say I don't know I haven't had time to let me EB. The need to kings. This is about that time. So. Talked to a home within a five minute conversation. You're gonna find out what he from problems like what their thinking about doing next in probably what it appears most often group. So for quick and mercy and T have that opportunity you'll be able to yet kind of a lot of information. In the experience birds are very often the artists. To write for. Com and this is what I replied don't know. What's causing the problem what during the beanie cap everything it's you know now sums up my before they've got their routines have got their habits they've got their likes and dislikes him not to say that there's nothing that they. There's no gadget that they could users don't want but Italy you're talking about the birds the often. When something you look at it as oh this is an eight sincerely me figure that are. It's for means you don't often by. I mean I never feel guilty about buying ingredients this army that beer product GAAP friend will drink it. When it you know comes down to buying like in news you know thermostat and thermometer. You love and vision care and the story now you seem my temperature from another room. You're not an about it if herself off so think about sometimes maybe not what they knew what they want you know well spoken. So that's the current brewer and and what to do there can't go wrong guess certificate to. Starting starting new brewer is a little bit easier here because you know they have nothing in there it's a pretty sat. Kind of pattern for where you start out like we talk about even if you wanna go for catalyst for you start off with a basic root kit. In and if you were covering your buying for somebody starting the best if you give them at the route to peace it's you know bring with somebody taking him through the first that. You're gonna save them from a couple little mistakes in a row in the year. But me you make like a little bit harder during the process here MB of social Texan tree so. That Williams seat for the first time here systemically lied users have few Brooke and her with a but if you're not in your you're not you don't have a whole burn your light and hope I do this is where I started the suit which that you should get them. One you should come into niner tradition in not a big box store worker listening from a far. And the home shop go to a place that calls itself a home shop. In your and automatically spend less money in your gonna get better equipment the equipment that they're gonna appointee to act going to be gimmicks that would be something that's available a couple of years. On Ian penny homers shop is gonna have a lot more experience with honoring on the big parks. So go into homes. Always give them a five Keeneland yet. And keep them usually one that has home brew shop name on one of the big home to priors but who's Russert craft or something like that. And there's not gonna cut and the quarters it's gonna set them up just like somebody. Who had the ring for years that the month if you go with like kind of the mr. beat your words the Peco brewers something like that. Inaccuracy it's a wasted yet but if the person has a bad through. You know not only are not recouping the investment that you put in today it yet but they've also weeks have a lot of time and that kind of might leave a sour taste in the mouth in the mean never won a Peru again. So don't go for the gimmick big bucks ordering system go to holders shop and get more for your money you're probably gonna spend a lot last. You're gonna have helpful staff that's going to be a point you're in the right direction. Because they'll know how was when they started up and they'll penalties if those Wednesday and so. If you're buying for a new Burkle for fight yelling yet. You think the only ever for the one gale and I understand but which they were ordering five biko and get started. But go for regular home nodding in the he won in get them ingredients as well. Because if they have the kicked there. And they don't know where to go to ingredients in majors that they're in their basement forever fugitive with ingredients eventually one night they're gonna give or look at the spend a couple minutes on YouTube. And then they're just gonna go for because they have everything they need in house so get a kit accomplice ingredients unit from home shop you'll be all's right. Now how about someone that's going to be brewing you know what and you wanna help them but with the angry ingredients in the so often like kind of one of the things we get through the the new over which obviously getting some ingredients even if they have every gadget world always going to be going through new ingredients. On in first thing you'll meet you know it's a people all green extract and this is kind of pretty easy to zero without giving yourself that. Just ask them how long grass somebody who Bruce with them how long it takes emperor back to you don't know it definitely part of the process to ask about the time. If they're putting more than two and a half three hours into it they are all going over. Anything less than that and they're doing extract or there to clean line. And they're really taking 56 hours but they don't look like that. On. But you always want to get somebody ingredient for you don't know what else buy because they will use them. Palm in we always find people giving relief hung up on what's dial appear to get them because it is a 55 bottles. On and we find there're really two types of beer drinkers out. On the type that will only drink one brand of American locker in the type of drinker will drink anything bought the locker. So chances are you've walked into a home Asia that person is in the latter so don't go for the long more locker vehicle for just about any other yet. Mean if you wanna make it easy on them for their first Spierkel for something like under 7%. From ninety shall be a little bit easier he might wanna stay away from loggers although. Most logger. Kind of grooming kit might have an option for the deal he says Waltz took the recipe of polite locker. He's in at least to me get a little bit earlier but don't stress too much on the exact style. On that often wears the home perverse Ross's. An anemic close friend for becomes a health drinking those army boring because expert S on which. You know I mean what you star running through this over and over again and you eventually kind of run out of new styles and making your final looking for inspiration. About the idea of like started stocking stuff would be it's a collection of special animals like yeah amounted I can't afford different kinds specialty mall. Yeah and then like hey you make what you want to do it might actually kind of spark some creativity from your home bring friends like you know wanted to put this in general I've never use this mall store. Using different malls for you actually different flavors cops are always a good choice to. When I go to me can I PA and the steering effort and saying what should use them often kind of picking him at randomized ul. You know and so if you give him some toxic either base year for around there that isn't the only ingredient you don't wanna get somebody while at a time is Whitney's. So if you're worried about like how long box caterer evenly and altering kit will last sitting on basement shelf it's about your hip two years. So even if you get on the starter kit now Moeller circuits almost right keys. On the if you get on the circuit now on the put in the basement attack their freer and a they would absolutely. You know okay making it next Christmas if that's what and it happened but I'm but the ingredients will last long while they don't get to a on your giving somebody 55. Craft beer that they can put their own twist on just because in my recipe doesn't mean it tweak it. Especially the numbering for awhile know what they're. But don't stress too much on the particular style. Because like it's generally people who were in the craft beer will drink. Just about anything. As far as style quality another issue but just about any style maybe they of one style they don't like. But. Yeah ingredients that you. Giving somebody your Christmas and a bright and maybe in the process giving yourself some beer for the blow your back my new New Year's bill passed that area that is and I think we talked about this last one big benefit of giving somebody in two brewing. If you do appears back. Especially your home ready so I know especially when I sort of people suffering there usually tour through the years I didn't see. And then all of a sudden around beer for it was just they would just think that that's which finger here's another six pack what you think of this your house coming along. And that's fun that's nice watch when your friends progresses rubber arm but also it's nice if free beer. Now all right two minutes left before we wrap things up any other any hot until this year when there's a lot of heart gets every year in the wanting it to undermine people this is just because. You wanna shop online doesn't mean you can't shop local I think this is something being stretched a lot of lot this year take Seymour more articles about the cost of shipping so everybody's buying online missing element driving the storm taping. The environment but no it's not it's a lot these packages are coming from. A long distance in May be going through two or three warehouses they might have to go from one now warehouse through distribution center and then finally come to you. And I would just like to remind you that one way to get fast. You know easy online shopping experience is to where are your shopping by a local. You can get it done you see early he accomplish it without leaving your couch. You go to anti homered our congress he all the products we talked about on the show these pictures links some manufacturer's website. You can have orders sent breached your house were to the person giving the gift to or to be picked up in store so you know we're becoming like some black writers are certainly open. Put in the order at a time won't be waiting there rate ago is Sunnis should come into ensure ordering from a local store. You're gonna get a lot faster because it just doesn't have to travel far and visit the rebels are perceived in the environmental movement burger and a warehouse original packaging senator. It's dollar store are organized to move around four and all right. Does your holiday gift giving guide we've back on next Saturday of these. Small business Saturday assembles its cyber Saturday so small business Saturday that's next week and will be here for. It's and I traditions just bring it on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season through or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.