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Just Brew It
Saturday, November 11th

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It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue here's your host Jeremy why they. First diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight are provisions just brewing on ESPN 1520. Your your wife with those guys are happy Saturday after users how things go for learn homered and very well. Very well we got our hopefully. Last edition of the New England style IP box that started. In the beginning during class on and we also have a pills are going for the altering demo and a lot of people took advantage of the 15% off the sex. So sadly there packed full price now we still have tons and stock but people really clear consultants we've been thrown more sex from a store all week and how much did the demo itself. Don't want well attentive people he did you tentative. You know a lot of good hands on learning questions one the reasons why we welcome to most people can come right up and start asking questions you know some people take more advantage of that than others don't feel guilty that's why weren't bare. On so yeah and we got a beer out of it and there were no equipment problems throughout an entire demo often when you're trying to teach in kind of ignored the equipment. The equipment search misbehave but none of that this week. For anyone that maybe they couldn't make it they missed it you know might not be awhile before you do another Dem all but really. You can come into the store anytime and ask about your questions you can kind of basically get that experience on a personal level almost every day the. And still sitting there right now our fire up on the Tuesday afternoon. But if you have some questions we come in we can show you how we would do stuff. In Chile with the equipment looks like it's closer earlier matches fermenting this while we love to show off. Performance in here really give more of the crunch barrier L oh that was over popular I would broaden. Two and a half gallons and three yelling carries specially for the event went over really aren't very good. This weekend at mar also marks Veteran's Day because we've government veterans a coming up on Monday so armed services discount yes and thinking lower back into doubt there. Up about a year and a half ago we decided that instead of doing. Bomb our you know service discount firm forces. Just on veterans day memorial it. That we would do it the fall. So anybody calling wondering about one or re gonna do the veteran sale it's year round you don't have to wait for our convenience and coming to pick discounting yours right. And Sandra what's in stock anything moving of significance moving faster and yet he's locked galaxy in Nelson stuck back in after they a lot of the virtues of sailed to take advantage and give a couple of ounces those. We also have some new Hopson is always one they think is more popular right now is that secret out of Australia. To the twenty counts. The dual purpose. On the we'll see how popular may be as popular galaxy maybe not but we evidenced are so if you wanna try it out. I'm trying to that's probably have a you know it's natural that sometimes in an out of court. I've never had a before I had Beers with that there were real good but it was never smash was always a couple different since the one making about all numbering. As we talk about these new ingredients. Oh commercial operates one after first experiment with these jobs then we'll have to contract for the cops about three years out at Rudy you know he obviously. Trying to predict what taping hamburgers are gonna sell how many three years now being restruct. So. These newer crop usually take two to three years to really start showing up in you know common pierce the sites limited released. So if you wanna kind of find out what's new and upcoming the only way to do it it's a home and if you are home over the best way to do that is amicus match. That single malt single hop C take a mall the you're interested in a baseball. You take hop and you make pale a lot of both are right PA. In the kitchen idea of kind of what those ingredients. And provide and it's called Vick secret Vick secret not to be confused victorious is not an amber yeah and the do you know you you're talking to the top profile self you know what trying to. What to expect no not yet not yet again has the description on the air I have bought a house is set aside we haven't memorized the description. And it's supposed to be very stone for easily exit receipt I would expect much of what we've seen analyze the other. Our Australian Museum pop so. Is expected competitors are galaxy here now welcome. Santas of swig did get an event coming up yes they do. And they've homer fund raiser for the met urban hope center. I'd Saturday December 2 from one to 4 PM buffalo iron works and believe they're still taking entries they might be getting close to the top. Our ticket price is twenty dollars and if you warranties you tempering a unwrapped toy of the ten dollar value to receive ten free raffle tickets for the basket raffle. Arms is a great fund raiser in its very uninteresting. If you are a craft beer fan. Every year here is going to be the one off beer something you won't be able try again his whole numbers in this commercial paper who often don't wanna try something. Extremely. Experimental lease at a five gallon after for Peru anything other than a pile up that. These you don't know if it's gonna sell. These events are wonderful because you have about people try your career soldier number of weird beard he liked me but he tend not to go to fight keel until this is the perfect excuse to make it. And if you're a craft your fan. And somehow. You're just too bored with craft beer scene right now. This is gonna take it one step for this is gonna be really on the exotic and kind of one time. You know recipes. Are very good. So Santas of swig then will be December 2 from one to four of awful artworks ticket prices twenty dollars. You can donate unwrapped toy have a ten dollar value we get ten free. Raffle tickets as well as a fund raiser for the Mac urban hope senator were also. Thinking about brew competitions coming up. It's so I mean the the once and everybody are looking at that you have you know a walk. Which is usually usually winter followed by a union ha upstate New York's in early separating. Armed but there's another one being handed the case the buffaloes can be doing home amber competition. Now we don't kind of have all the information on this yup they won't you know they start kind of passing shots were gonna be a drop off location nineteen children that. The deadlines going to be sometime in early January in the will have a limited categories at least the first year so don't start. The ring quite yet this is by you might wanna keep that from the buffalo the taste of upload agreement to. Hole number competition. The winning entries gonna be brewed by twelve gates Peru company. But again we don't know what the styles are going to be it's gonna be limited styles so don't sharper yet but if you got the couple bottles of could be years and around the huge burden your program starts Sutton and aside and you know hopefully we'll find out the categories here via an Internet the taste of Buffalo's also a summer event is there going to be a separate group coveted I think it's gonna be like you see with your county fair token you know and I mean to the super competition for your county fair it is. A separate event news two months before it and that's because you have to give the homer tend to Peru yet you've judge's time to geology and break it open onion and up with the best the show. And then if you want somebody like him flying by isn't as for the year you count your party for the fair. The you'll also see twelve gates doing for the case to offload the needed time to formulate that recipe to a pilot patched. You know and then work up to a full fermentation ever ready by that date so with the often with these. Europe competitions where there's going to be your commercial your pervert the have to be well while meant at its. So market on your calendar start thinking about Samir our recipes and what what you know as soon as we know what categories are going to be. No right and also before we get into today's show which is going to be. What to do when to worry how to deal stuck fermentation. Wide insider making still very much popular this time yarder and and actually the kind of get into full swing with a fighter once the snow flies which you got it yesterday get this really colder weather you tend to see not only easier for fermentation but some of the actually more. Orient hated for our tiger making Apple's Ian here kind of right it'll open later. Generally the farmers are there people were pressing them like to leave Oman a little bit longer receive little bit of water and obviously you know it's really cold like this team Indian media its low. The freezing actions and some breakdowns some cells release and packed and also pools of water for. You get more sugar are a lot you know from manageable. In Europe or casings tiger usually with the labor office. So that's something to watch out for I know Blackmon farms it's just starting to cross their players use. War theory Coca looking one for particular preparing me like and farms it's just starting. Very good right so let's get to the meat of the show today when to worry and how to deal with the stock fermentation and it comes with. Your number one disclaimer yes or number one most asked question. Forever and ever and ever Ayman. Yeah please stop trusting your blocks they are not an indication of fermentation Napier just there in their just designed to let any access pressure. I'll skate so you don't see bubbles doesn't mean it's early days you'd don't have fragmentation. But it guarantees you don't embassy all four year you don't have enough fracture rather to move that airlock over. So before you start worrying and you end up on Google before you are trying to call lots you know in the first minutes were open. Open up the fermenter don't future airlock to judge fermentation I drummer or future our future notes are all going to be better judges than the axis is always something you know especially with. New perverse or call in the same room airlock on the bubble for two days for Asian stock in what happened is again market doesn't make you very steel. You have gas you know escaping someplace else in the first like 48 hours fermentation so much yet been. Hop producer can skate in those leaks and still have some to go through the airlock once the fermentation search to slow down. You don't have that much pressure so it's just leaking out to lose the house doesn't also have the pressure means to push the Euro. So before you give us a call. Open up the pocket take a look at what she got and sites if there's any foam on top. Arm and then take it gravity. On it you're gravity readings for round where your final peace should be done. Mean if you open up and it's not quite area east hills the active signs of fermentation so low that foam at the top of the Beers you know that you're getting here just keep and I. Aren't so that's are kind of first disclaimer is you may not have a start for and but with the Weber the way it is right now on this theory quit cold snap. I know a lot of people will be calling in and they will justifiably. Start for days. And why we're doing the show this week is because it is the week government agents or at least for first time not talk fermentation to one going it's almost. Interest in the columns about five days race after work home and got people doing all these years across are probably right giving. 70% attenuation and they foreign and all of a sudden the year it was the big temperature snap and that's shut down almost instantly you know. So. What's gonna talk about what. Closets for and patient stopped at first for a year into the music to be a number of factors yet when really we can look at three million. You know. Plethora of pauses but they're really only three back. Soon need to look at the performer just talking about temperature. The second one is lack performance simple sugars in the third is stressed east. Now all of these can be. Kind of prevented. But it's obviously. If you're in this position you wanna save this bet your beer you wanna make sure finishes out. Arm in your gonna need to do something about so as we look at you know what we can do. First we need to figure out what we think might be going on so you open up the fermenter you look at the lead and you see that there's no foam. You're only halfway attenuated only about 50% on the sugar. First check the temperature Mowlds. Stuck fermentation that we found have come from a drop in temperature. And I know via a service that I know that it's keeping your living room at 65 degrees earlier garner 62 and is keeping. You know seventy while your air but that doesn't mean your fermentation sitting in the basement or down like if these are your kitchen floor something like that down at knee level. That's not the temperature it's. It's seventy degrees just when your home up at chest level if you haven't on the floor. 65 to seventy degrees. In you wanna make sure so if you have a thermometer on the side of fermentation vessel wanna liquid crystal I usually put a lot of faith in to those. They're really accurate. If you don't trust that. Open it up. And actually read the temperature off the bearden might surprise you that it sitting down 58. Now. East attenuation. Is kind of based off of temperature meaning if you raise the temperature a little bit the east attenuation. Open. So even if it was called star in Mike Foreman 50% of the sugar but that it doesn't have the warm that it means to ferment the rest. So just because it started doesn't mean it's not also still temperature. Arms so. This is the easiest one to deal. Find a warmer place to put the fermentation might wanna put it in to think with some warm water at how water but warm water around to try to. Warm it up rapidly to over shoot your target temperature. And what you preacher target temperature you have to educate these back up into the beer and because when it got cold pail blocked its oil fell down to the bottom. East can't move themselves thinking swim back up in the beer necessarily to eat more sugar and that's world sugar is. You're gonna have to agitate them back up and two fermentation. In umi want to. Start with a fresh he's back here if you if you can edit stock if it staff for more than 24 hours crash especially more than 48 hours crash. Or you believe if you didn't check comment. You're gonna wanna answer fresh east here and that's really gonna help. Guarantee that when you sir the spec up in the fermentation that they don't produce a lot of off flavors. Right so let's get a break and get over. If we don't need a lot more to get to in terms of preventing the prevention there's a waste of rescue something like this also ways to prevent those maps with all that. On the other side not exhibitions just through here and yes in 1520 that your anyway and for us. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military in town want to open Monday through Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just brew it. I'm back here on nightly tradition Jeremy White advertisers stuck fermentation were back there and continuing our conversation about what to do in the event of a supplementation. Depending on the costs. Yet so we'll get to how to prevent it later rain hour talking about what to do if you have a stock for rotation. Now the next thing that you might start looking at is the stressed east now all. You can always just treading anymore yeast and energize her. And it might have been if you'd just didn't have enough east that pitch if it bigger beer you're an old east decade your starter didn't go so well. You may just have not had enough yeast in fresh he's. May solve that problem. Arm. Off of what happens to is the that you selected is just not up to that job if you're trying to do a you know 11% are you on 9% RP IPA. Yeah you've selected a like northern English she's that's. Limit really is a mountain now 9%. It's not work out too well. It's gonna start stressing even if it has all the oxygen all the minerals and all the nutrients it needs that alcohol levels can become. Quite a structure as well as the starting sugars also structure their two. Onto me wanna hold off if you during extract with add some of the extracts later. On that you also want to try to look at a better kind yeast for that recipe. Now all you wanna take big east and you wanna headed in the air now because you're gonna get fresh fells. A lot of writing east and I often go for priorities for this. Because it's packed with some nutrients the same stuff that's gonna be in your energize surgery you know kind of high in east nutrients. Arm in this is in a surrender to render a lot of Marines whose multiple east of ferment their bat to appear. You just didn't know we were doing and it pitching time and found out on a couple of days and the fermentation. So at another yeast packet. Educate low that you wanna get some oxygen in their you don't wanna beat up. Like the first time you do it because you won the east to really eat all that oxygen very quickly so it doesn't oxidize appear. And then you are hoping it's gonna start from nineteen. In this is kind of fermentation and definitely not gonna see you Errol because it's not the government is fast and is vigorous. As it did before this may take a week it may take two weeks. You may see some airlock sign B you're really gonna have to check with a drummer and if after two days three days it's not moving. You may wanna try another cancer so after three case you haven't seen any dropping gravity. You may want to try something else now the next. Kind of it's dark fermentation. That we seed usually boomers the seed coming in that's lack of from multiple sugars. There's not much you can do your really kind of only one option and that's adding families and time. Armed and hopefully to try to break down some of these carbohydrates at the east cannot. So lack of from animals are swimming that you felt samarra earlier in the process yes he got in the match means usually national that too hot worker abstract poorer. Meet your Boyle with a little bit too concentrated feel about having me large reaction it usually easy to see who can global but more horrible flavor. A little bit more calm you know collar. As well. But that is probably the beast likely. But often does happen Cooper in usually you see this one comment. Armed you you went back to the you know match day you have you realize your first I drummer was bad in the low on the match temperature Turkey mashed battle but too hot you and a gnashing close to 158 standard of so 154. The whole process scourge opt in May match scored power and Cassie you don't know what your you know ferment ability looks like anymore. Arm often these Beers. They feel like kind of just like a little litmus where we can get in to start fermentation verses desired attenuation. So stuck fermentation is where you. For rent to about 40% in the sugar. I would say if you didn't see your desired attenuation is because you mr. target gravity by you know five immunity points. At the finish what's a little bit sweeter than you want. One with works fixing the stock fermentation. Com the Internet giving your desired attenuation that something relieved and look at for a year next action lower your temperatures. Let the match gullible that longer to try to bring that terminal gravity down. Arm but again there's not a lot you can do about it besides adding the families and time and also adding some more east as well. And then hoping the analysts and time breaks down and publishers at room temperature. That it you know starts to from meant again. Hand petrol you're all gonna be able to for this batch if you don't have enough from meant troopers because obviously you have sugars. These are still seeing high drama or reading. The east just want government and armed. So not much you can do now what you can do is kind of prevent these problems. In your next year. Arm check your recipe. And look at the steps a year east. You always want to be over shooting which you're yeast potential alcohol than what your recipes so if you're gonna ferment in eaten here beer. I would love deceive UCE six temperament up to 10% alcohol. If you're going over 10%. You're probably gonna have to liquor talking about before used to eastern after prediction your regular EC want to burden and flavor so maybe it's like. You know when like thirteen eighteen New England style and you wanna picnic premium fact. Where you're going for Belgian beer and you really want him right. You know notes of clos compete banana you may also need that aren't down search campaign needs though to get that final but it worked out. Now there's two schools of thought that she can put him and together let them duke it out which probably my favorite. Or you can wait until you kind of start to see the first she slowdown in the and you need to really big pitch in the second east. And hope to the works since the second you suspect and given oxygen. Or any nutrients that we were for she's consumed. Arms so I kind of prefer to do both want that we both. In all cultures get a lot of oxygenated. At champs a lag. And usually the scene Isa were looking for for the flavor of the traditional burning these ferment faster anyways. So you don't have to worry about the Champaign used for something peeking over. In kind of robbing all your flavor and armed keep your cash flow keep your boy real short and for an extract. Rumored. You know look yet you know how bigger suborning if you can boil a little bit more. You should be losing about 10%. 15% of your volume if you're losing 30% of your volume during the boil Whittier and extract for or you're an all Greenberg. You're probably causing a little bit. You know me your reaction and that may be factoring into its if you're changing stopping in after changing your recipes after changing your east. You're still getting Beers that maybe aren't you know it and you eating as much as you want might want lore it how much report. Arm used nutrients. If you're doing a stronger beer for having problems. Use nutrients and use a good worked on two issues LP use that Hawaii's plan these formats use east Energizer. For main case. One that has gotten mean your knees and art and other vitamins minerals and that's really. Going to help. You know you're yeast kind of in that final states are going to be healthier east at the beginning Sony get to the end of the fermentation. They're going to be able to put in that much more. Arm next air reap the living daylights out of if you didn't pitch enough east if if wasn't. May be the right east having a good air reaching can solve a lot of problems and really prevent you from again attenuation but also penal production. So if you have a lot iteration of health peace in the do you get cold crafts are less likely to produce some few stalls. Or you know going to write tolerances or something like that. So having a lot of oxen to beginning or prevent the stock fermentation. And also control your temperature. I this I am very guilty on this and melodic opium and the logger that we did this weekend. I didn't do any temperature increase for three days because after ordering two days after getting ready for the sale after doing radio show. Once I got that you're into the fermenter and forgot about it and you think to work is to me came back and he three was starting to. Come down and Torre's and it hadn't hit the right gravity gets a kind of rushed it up and I was able to say about it. I'm having a fermentation chamber you know was obviously really night here some people have program program apple chambers. So what you're doing a logger something requires multiple fermentation temperatures. You can. You know adjust and have it do that you know for three days first five days of can be increased temperatures. For you but for most of us it's kind of looking at the from mantra moving it around my house adding. You know warm water bottles for cold water bottles for heating and to you know side of your fermenter to try to control the fermentation. But keep on keep looking at the next morning after keeper trapped the fermentation temperature. On because that's always going to be the biggest thing if you see cold snap like this coming you me wanna go insulate your from mattresses gonna buy you a little bit more time when he gets home from work. They're gonna hold on to more of that heat. You may just wanna move marks the performed combined Pharmasset and that might not make you popular while your from mentioning but when the pure taste good and at all turns out on time. You'll be popular count on so. There's always. With one of our what to do episodes we're going back to. Prevent and record so there there's only so much you can do with a beer once its stock there's a lot you can do to prevent appear from giving stock again. All right all you need to know about. Stock fermentation how to stop and how to prevent them. Reminder for that taste the buffalo home broke competition start thinking about that you know just put it in the near the back your mind and notebooks dirt you know men looking at the batter recipes. And the Santas of swaying December 2 one to four buffalo. Tickets are twenty dollars and you can go to sultans of swing dot com that we're back next week. Here and Iger traditions just Pruitt on ESPN fifteen point. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.