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Saturday, October 14th

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You can. Here and do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins. Brought to you by Niagara traditional blue. Here's your host Jeremy White man. First dice terror. Good Saturday morning welcome back conditions just threw an audience in fifteen point your reward for thanks to a few. And I AM as soon to be on my way or on a little. I can't quite call appear tripped this not the reason we're going but it's not now the reason we're going but I'm going to Vermont usually efforts of those is over okay right it's like a. I'm calling it a fall foliage trip that I got coming soon. And that happens to be beer there. In a Vermont is very much well known for a lot of breweries that you know we still appears from there are other famed alchemist is famous enormity. Goes a month comes back with. That the top headed right exactly sips on channel that stuff in and treat them with their friends for any other S beer and I don't know that I'm gonna be doing that necessarily. You know profitable restriction Beers. Should bring some back may be but. From what I'm gathering I'm hearing. And I know that sometimes you gotta wait scary stories have gone robbery in waiting for hours and hours and hours in the maybe not leaving getting exclusive the year that you're waiting for. On I think this this something some beer aficionados love and other ones hate. On I have to put myself and the amount to far under the side of the spectrum. Waiting for the year in line with the concert ticket order movie ticket I just could never seen myself. Doing it yeah but I'll walk into the brewery and drink that beer and any friend that was gonna promise that to wanna run like pace our men. My vacation. There won only two and a half hours for your beer like. You know if you want to repair appear you can you can make this trip so I have a lot of friends they stated you meet these pilgrimages ago they wait in line tapering back copiers. And I thank them theory much. I don't quite have the patience for for music you know. Whether beer is good creep depends not only equality it appear that time and place and waving around for. Two to three hours and all the tools to be a great time. Well. I'm excited about New England style IPA's. I don't know why I'm like drifting there may be because. New in the solid gays exactly fall peer but it kinda is a fall beer like you know I think Paula thinks doubts I think Amber's that we talk about October fest in all that. But maybe it's just the connection of fall is fast. In the northeast well it's over Beers from the northeast feel right that's a good argument the other time to think that there will of the New England IPA. Overstepping its season overstepping its. You know it's been humbled I don't wanna called fat don't think New England IPA's are going anywhere facts are going to be around for a long time competent theme time. They've kind of started to everything is Rudy juicy IPC's India session cookies. And beat New England. I PA's with a big juicy and citrus not fields in the following your movement to. You know plain mean dark in the winter not every season is necessarily in a PH sees. Or it could be maybe it shouldn't because were currently losing a lot of those other peers and even in the you know that the Bruins in emperor supply chain we're starting to see some of these products and ingredients are really popular these New England Beers Turk and push out. Some other ingredients so US or temper at all longer available for packets. Because YTH twelve the market hasn't exploded quite like the demand for some cops. They have to economy. You know cup miniatures and US remember when my paper cops is going to be one of the ones caught me Wafer new. So. It's a good thing that's fine now you you'd probably separate notes not. Things I don't think Artie and US north emperor of the classic American issues in a lot of West Coast pale oil and steam beer. And it's kind of getting pushed out. Because. We need more crops and Volquez a little bit similar. Yeah and it's not gonna go extinct is not going to be in such wide distribution you'll be able to give them especially at home or Borough Liu B contract for especially Hugo direct to a farm. But as a home Robert it's gonna be really hard to your hands which might mean. You should buy all the you possibly can gas is now it's exclusive and freeze them how can't increase in four years here freeze that hack out of all of it and then three years when it comes back because that's a beer goes. Profit for a settlement are right well anyway couple things limit that's my game. Andre he's right there you should do that I both are right so last week we talked about how to make your extract Beers better you'll find that every episode is on the man at WGR 550 dot com. And ESP in 1520. We've also pointed out that were coming up on a couple weeks learn a home brew day. Yeah so this is. Come become the bigger holiday of the two over policy moment and national home owner Daimler hombre de. Lester cement that learned a hundred days at a better time of year it's kind of want to follow going into the cold weather into the time a year when most people tend to start growing. Kind of started can. So over the years it's become more popular home. Holiday. At the store will be celebrating with their 11 am beginning in class if you wanna sign up today to check on line for tickets which should be putting them up this week. Arm and then we'll have a teaching in demo at 130s if you wanna try to new Beers if you are some people. The kind of help you analyze when your peers or you've been thinking about getting an all lingering in just wanna see somebody do it in front yeah. That's this year chance to come on if you wanna come in and write some Beers via poignant app and tickets available at and T homered icon management product right. Very good that Saturday November 4 11 am beginning brewing demo and against second line for tickets than tasting in demo is at 130. Anything new regarding the store or whether it's. For months or accessories or dressing supplies of those we have some of the new seven before programs CO2 cylinders and many regulators and stock so people wanna vote. For convenience com they are about the same price as a small. You'll see who's older right regular regulator the only way about pounder. So there really convenient and bit him in your pocket. We carry the regulators we also carry the accessories to join amount what a keg type you need. And we also have the replacement CO2 sell these are 74 Graham. Suit whose owners are kind of replacing the old sixteen. Grams Hutu solar which is not enough CO2 to really push out new ones I let alone a couple. On him with those other Saunders who did not have oppressor regulation it's their personal regulator set up hold one little small sixteen and CO2. So this mini CO2 set up as a CO2 out of the content in your pocket. YouTube long lasting CO2 but also you get that pressure regulation so in the long run it's serving a little to follow me a little too soft you can go over there. Dial up and early court. And you don't have to worry about anybody's agree with that kind of with them at the old 16 am systems nobody touched it possible that they can quickly go from under carbonation and no pressure. To putting sixteen grams a liquid CO2 directly into the beer. In and you were over pressured. So this is a lot easier to use it's a little bit more expansion of but we seem kind of rise in popularity so we are curing them in stock not special order anymore and we always have the CO2 shoulders and stark if you already have one. In need a court placement okay stock on nine your hops these days drug. Very good. You know still have north number but we also have galaxy Nelson's have been. And a lot of the other kind of broke through Idaho seven while the new kind of stone fruit and juice he talks after looking for something like that we got it in stock and we still have all the classics we can Europeans. So we have all the peak power tunnels we have all the big noble hops we have every classic American C copy neighboring new one we can get our hands on. We carry over hunger for IE the cops so. We have some computer picked for. Merry go. And as on the we've mentioned before wine or cider makers if anyone is tuning in this week you may have missed the wind chill recite or show. Those to be available on demand you guys have everything you need for that as well and so security appear anchor whining here. You probably have most of the equipment you have remind me it'll camper quirk Kurt. Previous straining bag we have everything separately and together caskets after just starting out fresh if you wanna start out fresh. Anywhere from you know forty dollars 12100 dollar you can have all the equipment you need to score while pick up some fresh pressed cues. And you'll be all set to go around your western York there's lots of places preaching get your hands. On some fresh Jews and it's a wonderful thing we can do seasonally. The guns is local take advantage of it and yourself and cheap cider and really kind of just paying for the tooth in the east or you're giving. Juice at five dollars you know four dollars a gallon you're basically giving fresh you know firm outsider. A fortified dollar again. And on for today's show will take a break before we get into the actual meat of it but what's what's coming up. We're talking about infections so we've talked about how to prevent infections and stuff like that now we're coming in the talk about what you have to do if you give one. On this is not a fun topic not something that a lot of home purse like to admit to and I have to mount a five at bats say things have an infection can. You know traced down what the infection is. And server two people don't drink through that mistake I hate to open and so. It's kind of the failure of that a lot of home boost don't wanna talk about but if you don't talk about it you can't really fix. So we're gonna face up to a today. That's on the way tracking down and eliminating an infection. Jerry white merchandised her happy Saturday at fault again nationalize learn a home through day Saturday November 4 he could to get your tickets to the Gamal and all that the class at and T home brew dot com tracking down and eliminating factions next here on ESPN fifty. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish mission home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. Your card isn't just threw it on ESPN 1520 Jeremy White professor all right we're gonna tracked down eliminate. Infections here second segment. And make sure that embryo and were out there knows what to look for and what to do about. And I guess this is a kind of one of the you know hard embarrassing subject trooper because this almost. At the kind of person that station because we talk about it's the most important part of a heart beat. Is really big numbers. Yen the other things we talk about toppings you talked about giving you know certain flavors especially monster tricking east into giving a certain you know off pastors. Armed in faction is one thing in home growing income or covering it's well words kind of just black. Either your Beers not infected. Ports impacted so if you make and I keying or for topic you don't really consider that. A failure because you're so intricate you're probably still gonna like it in you'll make it again you'll add a little bit lost crops. Armed with the infection. It's not quite the same way you end up with a good beer you like that beer than is that sits there slowly starts to develop couple defense played Percy give up. But can almighty Cesar protects small seemly kit. Arm must steer tenant based manner. It's an old gym bag like a Roma as you could also give bacteria as well let me start to produce more often than not assets or citric acid seed casts at. In total turn it into some type of a sour like Vinocur. Efforts through these are both obviously. You don't unless you're making a Lambert lesser making some to Flanders rent this was not intended it's not what you're looking for. No matter how long could it meat case with the addition of flights amount of sector Kasten a little bit of funk. If that wasn't at all what you were intending you're really not going to be happy with that. And let me say it happened so the best of us. On iPad infective pierce not just one I've had multiple over the years. On there usually is kind of a pattern to eat and often see it coming once you've been doing it for awhile but these microbes are after where. Arm you think it's important for Cooper to admit in realized. That we say sanitize that still relies meaning that we kinda know that were not giving all of the micro ought to they're giving you know 99.9. Percent or better. We're not giving. All of and if you have some around. Given enough time given some nutrients. They are going to begin to consume you multiply and they're gonna build an infection. So I guess we could save that. You know appears really become infected not one accounts a couple of loose micro to go when those microbes are given. The right conditions to kind of grow in reproduced. On in depending on how much time you put in to sanitizing. The Montero within your favor but they're always article slim odds against you. So first off you've got an infection. Don't consider. It's a total failure unless you throw everything away and don't use a social RX. On there's no reason why you can't get through 5000 batches for how ever seen an infection on but I think you always have to kind of you know think in the back that had the you're not immune to the your house does have microbes in it depict air around you has microbes in the app or has some groups that it. Ian they're gonna find to way into the appear that the more you do it kind of mitigate. Their ability to get grow and reproduce the less likely you art to see an infection. So let's kind of start to talk about some things we do when the first thing that when anybody gets an infection they wanna know were they can point the finger of blame. Arm and the only kind of area we can point the finger of blame to his post boil. There's no need to go backwards or worrying about any equipment. Order in stuff that comes before the boil when we boil life that we have strides that we do sterilize that at that point. So therefore we can kind of eliminate a lot of potential factors mashed on cattle. Boiling bags but also your ingredients. And make I don't know why I'm thinking with a little bit with thought you can often say that all the ingredients. You just talked about their. Use pre boil everything it's pasteurized. You can't blame your ingredients for infection. You can me be me be sometimes blame your yeast because that's one thing you're just putting in the air unpasteurized or your tribe topped. But more often than not it's not going to be ether of ghosts to. Anything else. It's a potential doctor from your you know chilling apparatus to work transfer or sister from and torture kegs here wracking equipment your bottles. On your camps. Everything could be a potential. Doctor for infection and you've got an infection you're gonna wanna. We either clean or replace every. Single piece of equipment to higher standard than you previously worked in I guess this is worth learning constantly get an infection that. Even though we've been through fifty batches and you haven't gotten infection yeah. If you want better than one in fifty odds you got to do a better. On and I think that's right kind of war with my different is I've always really put a lot of focus and to sanitize things but there's been a few times werder. Especially for me it's when it leave your round it's appearing don't drink the beer than the sitting in tankers having him bottles and what's in the stronger wasn't one man for the aging. And I wasn't too happy with that and because of that and economic appear and I kind of puts us one assignments that slowly sits there. Those microbes have more time and they begin to. You know work at those nutrients and start to produce social flavor. So we're gonna clean and sanitize all the equipment. That touches the work polls oil and because we're gonna clean and sanitize all that equipment. Sadly we're never gonna have an he one point in the process to point the finger. Reporting in early in the clean one element and Andrew examine current ul. You know and Renton now let me replaced racking up the mission isn't to find the call for the mission is just make sure never happens again you've got to. So we're gonna clean and sanitize everything. Om and the other thing is were going to change up our clients are standard sanitized and something I get some of the first time idol and arm change your trip Clinton and you're sanitize their separate console up. Different cleaners do better and kind of different elements so in or be bright in PBW. And stop the duke rape against your stone. Ten of those organic elements if you have like water precipitate some things like those. You're gonna wanna moved more me be an acidic basically citric acid or something like that. The thinking goes through sanitize. Starks and really good against bacteria. Not so great against molded particularly mold spores. Iodine. Really good but only for a short period time bleach release it was everything. But also extremely. Difficult cumbersome to use. So American suggest using bleach for a single batch. But if you had an infection and you've been using Starks and you've been using nine banks which up to bleach and if you you know everyone smiling switch from please go back. You know iodine. Switch back and force. On different clans are different sanitize it into better job cleaning difference it's what's come. But also killing different microbes use different sanitize authors when you can. When you think about it. I would also suggest kind of writing down in a note what clintons are watching an appetizer use when you have an infection can go back in use a different one next. The other thing we're gonna do is we're going to news rob all the surfaces. Com. I think this is something this loss on the panel a lot of newer powers complete trust and I think he should trust well in all the new cleaners and sanitized they're out there. Armed some of them to have aggregates to kind of sloshing around and create some physical cleansing action. But everyone soleil. It's still important to get in the air and everything you you can end up with the precipitate the kind of shield not only your answers Thanksgiving at anything underneath its if you have Kelsey carbon it. Test him by carbon it. And kind of over topic surface there can be hiding underneath them not only. You know pierce stormed ethnic contain all our microbes and stuff like that you need to physically. Get in and clean everything. Which is something denying known that I personally don't do enough. I often just take my car response amount swirls and Bieber right in there. Prince mount and put him away and it's stuff like that that is going to the state lower my doubts but. There's a kind of a trait that you can to surgical standards every single time on you don't need it because nobody's gonna die he. If you happen infection. In the surgery room they have to peak here all the steps at home. If you do screw this up just remember nobody's gonna die on the with a lot of Celek. Who helped. Don't be for it. The next thing we're doing this is I think where people often turn to reward for the numbers too worn equipment in the first thing I'm gonna go to with anything plastic especially. Pockets. Racking hostess. If you feel I mean in the surfaces and they feel what they're becoming slightly for a worthy Felix when you rub your fingers up against them. He may be keeping a little political residue coming off their little bit of a classical angering type of market. Chances are it's time replace that plastic equipment contrite cleaning it wants especially with the citric acid to make sure it's not a precipitate. But chances are you need to replace that. Replacing your wracking to bucket airlock close. You're looking at about 22 dollars if you're doing a forty to seventy dollar batch of beer and you're going to be doing a bunch more rapid succession. Bite that bullet. Replace whatever you feel comfortable with you know whatever you can afford. Replace that on especially the racking host that's often won and ranking to you can't. Hockney now very well we do sell Russia's but they still only do so great of a job and every time you brush something you are kind of putting more scratch it more thorough and that surfaced. On so you want a weary lot open about that. Replace the reckon to replace supposed supposed to lessen embark if it looks gross. Every bit your beer will pass through that hosting a lot of surface area replace that. Armed nothing and I know we talked about the plot his teacher metres east. If you take care of your east dear relief and accounted. I'm gonna be the dominant culture right off the bat in the theme most infections actually happened during the lag time fermentation. So that time before the east and actually start from and in start producing sulfur oxides. So if you can. Get more use get them to starts if you mute to a bigger starter. On a more cells if you can hear rate war organist dark pastor. Those two things combined to really. Lower your chance of infection due to really kind of infecting appear. With a positive micro and they're gonna use up all of those nutrients all of that oxygen. So that the ruling not much laughter at least not at a height density for any bacteria or pretend he's a typical for late. And so again taking turf your east is always on the part of the process. In the next part is. Don't forget about your beer. Wrath on time. When you keep appear in a pocket it's not a perfect field from mantra that sitting on the trumpet the bonds spiked pro team in daddy yeast cells wanna give author only and create pastors. Or funerals and in a few shall alcohol overtime. It's also nutrients. That can be kind of impacted. By vector so poll the beer off the primary fermentation. As soon as you've seen all fermentation. Seats as soon as you've seen any. He lull I'd happily flavors or capital Kol way. Quickly move their Bure over to a second career when he put in the secondary don't forget about their keep checking Demetric doesn't Devoe Powell cobol or anything like that even though. Those are really change to flavored appear too much they are definitely. Visually appealing and I remember appetizing one of the first things I did was guy got a telkom all night on a phone call do you like. This looks like it's not supposed to be happening as making something with. The cocoa and ebbs and a white. Fuzzy substance showed up actually. Yeah probably will be creamy and collared town are quite a long hairy mole to you'll see emperor or something like that. Arm and it doesn't really change to flee from months sadly is once you give it a chance to grow once so if you get a rack yet it's fresh cocoa meant. And the exports would have been on the air and then leaving him to grow that little bit of oxygen that's in the neck Picard who. You can try to take the oxygen away can move over a couple of times spoke. Like I said one surveyor there bear you can't recapture rights appear at least not with not a lot of effort. So you wanna try to prevent the QB yet and in the Mac thing is. Drink your beer if it's the light beer but there's not a big copy in an inning Barley wine or Russian Urals doubt. Try to drink threw that beer I do like keeping a seller. But the one thing I've learned here to kind of certain Pierce's seller while most are pierce or 3% alcohol. And over seventy IP news. And while like something like in New England IPA while isn't really copy. Current car is really copy still not appear you wanna age although it could take it without getting infected this Duluth labor. So there really kind of certain styles that too well all they all in all your hourly and ale higher alcohol early wines Russian imperial stout. On these big Scottish you know all ninety showing sales. These be years. Really aged well and partially because a lot of alcohol. Lot of help past that to prevent infection. And one thing I always tell new brewers and I kept in new persistence and easier task. Is if you just brew one beer. When it's ready drink at all and then move on to the next. You could be getting infections every single match never know. And an eagle health effects you'll never tasted because none of these components become. A parts per million were actually be able to paste it but if you what the beer sit around and if you think you are starting to notice a little bit of playing. Shall the beard slowdown might grow production and cooling off because you wanna beat. Those microbes to those nutrients no would you say what percentage of infections are a direct result of the racking process but that seems to be worth star you can introduce on if if you've been listening to this show. And you're still sucking on your racking host to start your site and I'm sorry we failed due. Don't suck on your site and don't let your beer splashing injury during racking. Those are the two main culprits for late infection to the if you had appeared picture primary. UT's it is it's you know secondary erected these greedy go to politics something's gone wrong. I'm almost more than willing to about that it was. The either racking process work site and posted that did you and now so replace those. Didn't auto site then you know. Give a little bit closer to the thinks he can fill up and crying or siphoned but more than likely you're not dance for your affection as. All right very good that's it for us. Thanks for listening to just brew it here Ernie has been 1520 tickets for the national homer day. The class and tasting in brewing demo all that going on Sunday November 4 more information and anti home brew dot com. You've been listening to just Bruins. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started visit from 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.