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Saturday, June 10th

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It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Robert de iced earth good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just threw it ideas in 1520 we are. About a week away from fathers' day last week I gave deal heads up. And that right back to it last week throwing beer for weddings and other larger events they were gonna get so all of a implementation which can get fast and furious with. Temperatures going up in the summer. From vacation it's a little bit different this time a year but Jeremy White birdie on politically. Chosen in the morning the morning and I've I have a audience thank you on the wedding yes last week got married. Down exciting it's fun. So anyway. Father's Day is coming up we we briefly one week away now the touch on this last week. A great gift ideas for Father's Day at Niagara tradition that you can pick up. And to begin giveaway gift. The gift is great but gifting can also be like an experienced juniors your dad can cheer together. You know or if you are errors if you're a woman who once the buy. Your husband a Father's Day present this is a good thing to do give my hobby gives them to do and give the gift of home brewing. I think we often give gifts and we give somebody. Something that they we think they meet need. And I think with the whole numbering figured definitely giving them what they want you know when they meet up you give him like receiving catered something like that you know he might shave the beard maybe not probably only when he sees few days ago and achieving the given likened new toolkit or something like that singer that exit your counsel. And or you could take dead when you're not relaxing enough. I think you need to limitless supply of the year. Here's a home Broussard a kit kit work in them better yet. Grew with them. If that there can be a lot of fun. They also awful. Battle over once you both know you're talking about searching more stressful when you start to argue about what you know recipes are you there hey I don't tinker air readings have enough. You know can get a little bit tough but. So bonding process top prize homes are on sale L two for one. Are we still have them there still in great condition and we tell people all the timer asking us when it's too late to plant and we're not even close to. You're still better off planting it even if you get a sort sees in the year before the New York start starting fresh next year. It's two for one right films right now I guarantee if you plan earlier crumbling act and get a harvest but you probably will next year. Come on and two for one we still have most varieties available we have dirt around one or two here and there. But it's not too late people are asking us all the time is it too late to plant it's absolutely. When it is too late. Who searching a tough. The once in front of her store and I always bring up this story were planted in early to mid July. Because we lost the rise homes that were out there. On the weekend I was fourth of July weekend. They got really dry out on personally care for five days. Hot weather in kill are priced homes in the planter we and a pulling up right zones. And replanting. With the last couple rise homes that were available mid July the last once we had in the refrigerator and was bruised goal which is not known to be a super. Fergie rise on we put in there we really intended for it it grew about twelve feet. On its first summer even though at only about four months to grow. And then it flowered. On the next year and it's looking absolutely great this year so. Arm plane achingly is definitely better than not planking at all. August is a parental rights on it doesn't need to seed doesn't need to get through certain growing cycle once you put it in the ground it's just gonna start building a rise on. Building a glucose to get through the winter and get it through. An expert. We talked yesterday from sun yesterday last week about summer draft supplies and we've done in the past talking picnic taps you guys still left picnic caps a three and there are a lot of different options that if I wanna do. Barbecue last week was about portable it was about taking systems for large sport is for weddings and over smaller barbecues that the supplies you guys have that are available for that. I mean we hit. Pump camps. Pony pumps are available for close. It's 2999. And then we have all the way up to full card reader conversion systems like we're talking about if you wanted to put a draft system into your Tiki bar. Or something like that you just need the tagging system to Cagney and with seven people saw. And you have yourself equal Tiki bar. But we have all that stuff from in stock but we also have Albie repair parts in stock if you need bomb new hose. If you need the probe watcher for Guinness tap if you need. The you know our steel washer for domestic cap if you just need. Newbie you're not sick Munis. You know new post watchers will keg Lou we have everything in stock for not only starting up. Up for repairs and there's a lot of places out there especially team this time year review C a lot of very cheap draft systems quote unquote. Some at the big box stores in the big. We allowed a pellet government Tuesday you know front walkway there usually for 600 company under box. All in one. Here's a refrigerator. Really what you're getting is probably Clinton color coding system. Nothing's gonna matchup standard will still probably have repair parts for your probably gonna have some problems was foaming at off the bat. For whatever reason it's give out on the draft lines in the usually put thin walled court and strap lines that anybody has been listening this or anybody's been numbering. Knows that you like five feet three sixteenths thick walled beverage to me. In the in the refrigerator usually doesn't have warmed into this battle on. You're better off building it yourself or updating the refrigerator on its own was a war NT or better yet if you know you're only gonna go five gallon kegs. Going keys here we have this replacement service stats is well. And you'll save a lot on the electric bill over front load generator. But if you didn't make that mistake or somebody made that mistake for you and audit as a gift. We can get it working well for you can come out and will tell you what parts you're gonna need to replace. And then what parks when the breakdown. The might just one replacements pre opening but it's still somebody gave you one of those it to Cory start. To get into acting. Arm and you've beaten keep preparing a keg parts as long perjury for you in the beautiful thing about the catching up is. If the refrigerator but eventually die you can move over the parts to. And when it comes to those decorators have any typing enemy you can build one because it's a very simple. Everything about it's really simple the deal. With the keys her since you know making a wood box a six inch kind of wood boxes don't copper bottom you put that in with the collar. Again neutral a couple of holes the simplest side with with a refrigerator. Is again you to roll a couple of holes in the door and you put the kegs in the CO2 inside. The caps install with a really simple. Kind of balk at fitting. He put the hose onto the back of Fossett injured on net that. Ten minutes fifteen minutes what you're doing. Again with the great hobby if you love research visas and all night on YouTube and and four from looking about reading about draft system. And then spend about ten minutes eight minutes actually install it. And then all hall lifetime. Draft beer in the basement. Arrington we've got to get to fast and furious fermentation I think it's probably wise that just take a break and tackle the whole thing all once when we return. Nag traditions just Rudy Ernie has been 1520 German way. For Meister as futurity for fathers there will be a way basically you know tiger vision. Open today closed tomorrow and the same will be true next week on Father's Day it'll be on Sunday but you know that's what we see a week away from today so. Be ready and up next fast and furious fermentation. What can go haywire what to know about it during this time years temperatures rise up next here right yes you could. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition homer was your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. Irish edition home brewing supplied 1296 Sheridan drive near military in town want to open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew. Back here are not traditions just rude and has been 1520 as the temperature. Starts to rise fermentation becomes. Different. Variable or does the temperature becomes more herbal in the house. When you're in winter. You know when I mean you would feel very finite species at the service decked going to bring now our time year rigor opening up the windows the eighth he's not running yet the heat's not a and well. How's temperatures are all over the place. And so. This is usually were people who maybe have started fermenting around holidays. Or kind of during the winter. We're getting really nice even consistent fermentation. I'm in now stop school. Our they usually the first. Sign of bad fermentation to neutral not always assign a bit fermentation control. Is that when you come down and your bucket is completely covered in fall. All it's pouring through gear lock. And you're wondering what it right. One that was so people just because your fermentation is here earth is not a cure and T. You know Armenian debt. Your fermentation is wrong with the sleep thing I hit a fever going on to web and the in thing. There it's not you know I mean just because your fermentation X following doesn't mean that anything is wrong with the beer but it could be a sign that something's wrong with the beer so the first thing. We wanna check it is that temperature because often what happened this is one of these. In all hot fermentation. Is yeast metabolism is controlled by ambient temperature. In so when you bring that temperature up. There metabolism starts running faster. And you see that in more CO2 production as you get more CO2 production you get more foam and then you more beer on the wall mom. First bit of advice is if you have a basement. Especially in unfinished section. Output fermentation. Fares gonna stay closer to round temperature. And might not be the temperature you want for this particular beer and hate to say at the answer is going to be different beer. On the utilities are running BDC until the kind of house temperatures bail out wall that more. But executives close you can typical round that's gonna keep it close to ground temperature which is going to be fairly steady released. Ullman has slowly rising as the season goes out. My second to device is. Always use a blow off to. I put a blow up to and every primary fragmentation. No matter how small the bats no matter how old bomb low gravity yeah. Odd and at what temperature and an all logger and in my fermentation chamber just on the basement floor. I always usable up to me to. Com and as soon as you have your first law fuel forever change. Especially if you go to yup yup mine blew the top off a Bozell pills blew off. All lit the hole that I've seen that happen several. I can't even believe it that that the whole lid came off changed. But what more could have been Glock and the pressures in there I don't Noelle what made the fermentation so furious it was in an air conditioned controlled apartment. And yet pop. The top pops off and that's the last time I use that pale now it's in the from monster within. But blow off tube or a glass artwork blow off too because. You know it is ought to with a market is off yet but I would also say. That the blow off to the thing I like about it in addition to being on safer and protecting your beer. And the eunuch RO protecting protecting your wall this maybe when I'm right. On this case now your marriage rights and we're also does is you know the number one call you get. I don't see any excess CO2 in mind Butler while you go to blow off tube it's there. Yeah a human when your for renting a car earlier from monster too you can see and so that's the next thing that happened you can even pretend this if you squeezed between a little bit you'll hear a group been there you know all right good I've got total pressure there's often. You know things are happening in there and for me the for monster you can watch it happen. Or to know that that CO2 is coming out pretty early on I think that's for a plug from officers. While trip yet they meet this whole process a lot easier problem with the pockets are sometimes you see fermentation action from effort they're cute. And then armed. It can anticipates and you're wondering if it's stopped it's released her from entering just don't have a seal on the pocket enough to see the fermentation coming out at the top. Com the from Austria really good seal plus he can look Reagan's side and on in the lives screws on two so it looks like blown across the room. Screw out or it does is going to be much more violently it's by David. Whom I guess it would blow out the little vocal roll out effort. But OK so first. What we do kind of for them that's. On meet Scherer you're pitching temperature is oh I always stressed this to people would rather see you pitch to the east the next morning. In risk an infection months down wrote. In pitch peaceful appears still to ot have an explosive fermentation. And have a finale beard that you don't in joy from day one. This online via that and lastly you need to get rained two flavors you feel it you know in Miami Heat yet Turk fruit because some after an explosion are still salvageable and mine it tasted it does is terrible. Up I had grown to ski. Debt exploded. I was only three point 8% beer. I did 83 in one batch in the six and a half gallon. Class currently it's still popped the top it was the right temperature it was you know period it really well it was a good starter in it just. Top on account of you know cleaned up the fermentation chamber plastic it's another. You know great reason have fermentation chambers that it seemed everything dripping from the ceiling you to see the phone kind of slightly dripping out yet to deferment you know. Yet it chamber to my cases for courier. Arm in you know they when you open that door. You might have a little bit of a wave at domestically and you can at least when you're home from work go have dinner that dark out. You know have a chance to kind of get yourself together before dealing with them that's not all the walls. And you do wanna deal with that that night you don't want. Have a situation where blows out all year lark water and you don't have a complete seal on but at the same time. You wanna clean but having it in a chamber having a ball off to. Even if the blows through is gonna control that's for me like a lot easier but watch. Your temperature. You know make sure you hear Laurie well. And make sure you have plenty of head space in your firm and patients. So Knoll. You know fight you on batches and a fight he Ellen Carton a week on you want at least 20%. If not more had space inside actor. A couple of things you can do to prevent. That's prevention. If you were already having this happened that often do you much good and so where you're in need to do you need to clean it up. Can it be kind of cooler. Put it inside the cooler to blow up to and put some cool water around the fermentation to kind of try to cool it down slow. All of. You don't want guys just aren't the temperature the I tried as lead item Labatt brewing in for monster. Where my target temperature was about 74 and got like 78. And so is our right component of trying to bring this down by putting it in a bucket of vice. And it just. I guess I expected her reaction faster than I got to it takes awhile. Productivity. He too is when you put it in ice my old with take I'll take the fermenter put it and he. Kind of Acadia it would be hotel trade the most aluminum hotel trades little bit of water there and then put ice on the side. Armed and what I found that did was actually created full with firm Kline in my for vacations col bottom. Warm top kill the convection. Armed. By putting it I feel like they have a better quicker rock. Com analyst and that of a drop in less likely to installment fermentation. By putting it in just a whole path of cold water I mean really giving it trying to get all the way up the sides. Two works at the same level with appear in sight from inter. Armed if you need to continue dropping the tank's temperature down you can either at a price through that. Or I like to take water bottles in and out of the freezer of a couple water bubbles in the freezer that starts he had to warm again. I'll put some water bottles and there as opposed to change the oh. Little less wasted water but that's a swamp cooler for increased rental picture well we're talking about. In well you have to stave purely a tentative this is that good option for anybody who's looking to control fermentation but doesn't have the room. For the you know old fraiche or homemade box and a tree fermentation chamber on its period option. On I used to furlong time it's definitely not the most from the union. Army have to check on it you know about every twelve hours at least so when you get up in the morning. You know when your home from work with checking and fermentation. Kind of playing in Austin gas were with the water bottles. Com but that should help control fermentation. That's about it. Art anti foam products out there wanting Hank I haven't covered before and I don't really use that much partially out of fear cultural hypertension. And my year once certain you'll probably work so. Most in iPhone products are one of toothpicks there either be oil which relate only. He thinks they Mika collect across the top program bubbles from forming. Or the other thing the UNC RN EC these often and we felt two different products. One is the public eye dropper via one is the com. Power and measuring pour and on what they are it's small and calm and do there shape. The ten to Parikh. Bubbles and also prevent Bobble nuclear nation. Now while the idea is while the fermentation is buying it. The small particles of which would normally just think to the bottom when there's compaction get pulled out the top that you pulled out the top. They brewery bubbles coming up to the topic or at the top and kind of cycled through the beer. And I can't use them. Once or twice and an emergency. Scenario and company. Off and they didn't notice any. You don't need your differences were hypertension it didn't have any. You know the and it Fella he could have a little bit. You know more policing a little bit more retention but the idea is on fermentation stops or few at a clear fire early gelatin he should be a poll. All these calm and a bubble new accusations breakers here for you down to the bottom. And keep them out that's. But that's those are kind of your options. For a exploding fermentation and if you really just lose all control. Put it into the shower closed the door return of the cold water let it cool off. Politics culture our. And can hosts it now with regard to cleaning up major masses and he had something else and another story to tell. Yes because aaron's. Over last week and is talking to him about this. Had eight apps they'll come in Meehan a couple of troopers that took a conversation about this agony for any. I can describe my personal situation and a with his arm and he could think from my father curator. Few close to or two fans my father's if you open up. The refrigerator. Almost long app handles honor of the free her up for it. You open up that out for me I have the had for the longest time in my kitchen. He kind of a league high heat com. Beverage refrigerator at my caps on the front and Torre thing is you be chopping suffered parent top of the carrier. You go to walk away. In my case it would target little target your shirt is you turn to bestow it sounded like the dark and the penalty in the corner of the kitchen and you turn around to your wonderful beer overflowing over shooting the group tree. In pouring out on the floor and apparently that happened to him. This weekend. Net to fund. Com and something that you haven't tried for that and at the person check up on your taps even given looked while we do self self closing faucets is what it's Fossett locks. On if you can readers not in a position where you worry about dramatic Katzman who might wanna put a bungee cord. Or some took a lock to make our players' shirts days. Because this is it's not so much the mass. It's harper. Corporate watching hours of hard work can run across the basement or I'm lucky enough now the basement floors and I have a basement. Eric has a whole bureau on the first floor. So he had that mess to deal. That the that the common. Problem. When folks have draft system and you put them in a place where we're kind of in the commotion. The problem is that if you don't have one of those nights self closing thoughts at. Or a faucet lock. You can lose all appear before. We say self closing Fossett's how does that work the sprawling loaded inside the plugged in public a certain period of time amount so far. Right and then when you let go of them makes enclosed bunker so the situation like with my shirt. Knew I mean our aura he closed the door. They're gonna shut themselves off. You only lose a little bit appear. This is also great if you have house guests each. Time not too familiar we're seeing an accurate push the other way you've got to. And so. And if you have people via children via pats have fought that locks option. These things do not lock up your leader like Fort Knox they're just a simple like camper lock. So they're easy to get often in if you did lose the key. There's some ways to get them off. You know a little bit of work. Arms if you got home configured keep your system give us call. Head to YouTube there's some ways around it but during nice addition if you kqed pats if your Calgary eater is in the way. And you want to prevent that from happening or if you haven't coat or. You know. Collaborator and come home to no not a big mass. But Europe appear at a CO2 as the other thing if you perhaps it's in Europe are usually if you don't catch sister also bought CO2 as well. It's in the backyard on the weather neighborhood kids squirrels. You'd said it's not the most aesthetically good looking thing to do it again if you don't care to stoop bungee lower it Robert but the animals like in the tab and look any different and Alec these giant cumbersome no I don't know there's two options one is on the light powder coated finished. Com and the other one is a chrome finished in the both go on pretty while we're both fairly streamline. Com. You know there. American mean to mass produce at these these look like something you purchased it don't look like something that was made in the garage. But again if it's not someplace worried about the cosmetics. I would suggest at least making something homemade to kind of prepare your caps from. Can report well place especially if it's in slow motion and Raj and appeasement especially with mine in the kitchen. I did eventually invest in the self closing. At one too many times. Maybe dad could use those for father's that it in my Fossett block away from his beer hit how lot what you've got to sell the towers. Are their towers that are spring wouldn't towers that are or is it that you connect with the fonts and with some of the faucet you combine the ones are separate from the body. So it's actually the same bodies you just teens out the applause that's and the energy angels yes the not so they are interchangeable. All right very good. That's it for us today here an Irish traditions just brought a reminder for Father's Day though it is a week away and you guys Roman on Saturday and Saturday man Sunday night you can always he gift certificates online you can choose whether you wanna have card stock mailed to you or directly to him. Or refuted when he did them an email confirmation. Of both of those options on the website or you can get that is balls incumbents store. And unions and stockings offers. Yeah and as always and he homered outcomes stockings for others they want not and you know should started tradition try putting one up there see if anybody's here from back there couple bottles of beer. In Yemen. Anti homered outcome to check out all they've got to also sign of the news literature has Rhodes you know cents and your always gonna get. Information first and newsletters are we put up their camper news an announcement on the show or right you on the web site. I was go back to the newsletter to analog so I was at the newsletter stumbled first back goes out there and then we start and a bombarding on the other forms of media. All right news for next show will be basically Father's Day so so be right on topic yeah we'll talk given. So if you wanna be your fountain in your basement or garage or shower you better open yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started with the for the twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.