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Saturday, June 9th

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It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just really want to you by now with traditional route here's your host Jeremy why am I worth diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just brew it here on ESPN fifteen point Jeremy White and Burke dice there. The morning. Last week we talked about brewing in heat in summer Catherine Cole which guy in this figured it brought that the one thing is that the mosquito. And I'll open them. On positive and that. In its little bit easier for mentally you know I mean definitely if you don't fermentation chamber. It's been a nice state to sit around the you know hot burner for you know three hours in me that appear so it being good during a so thankful for a. It's a last week was changing with your used for the weather and I mean as you just said it hasn't been all that difficult we'll cycles spruce beer last week's if you wanna find that it's on demand at our website he has good 1520. And at WGR 550 dot com this week reading into Mexican verse America laudable before we do that one of the big days of the year coming up to try and get a friend into brewing in this case the friend might be debt and others that familiarity is a brewer you can help mop given some stuff for Father's Day. Net up Sophie is an operating knee he likes gadgets he likes cooking demo five counts start up kit if if the light grilling if they like drinking beer. The bigger circuit is an echo great Iranian hobby they can tinker they can cook. And then. Hearing you can consume it. To bomb inning and also if dad's already into beer me be brew beer bad for him so if you're always offering IPA's and he'd rather have a cream mail. Your dad at camp cream mail if you wanna go back to last your father say show we talked about females for dead there. Arm but yeah with that. They like that. Yeah personal announcement anytime I cream element you know I'm gonna get that they made a point to do though like the last three times have seen on an unhappy with that it's a death rates summer style yet and in theirs and you know really a lot of diversity writes if you go slate can only think of Jenny Cree emails that the original American late recipes. And then you vote to feel like resting nick nickel in the heavily to principles none of going to somebody yes. Hum you know Jenny light theory you know an axle hop flavor in there too. So. Bomb yet try female when you see it especially Kraft agreement to be really happy. There are some sort of kids that's a great idea for dad brew with dad Father's Day on the way not this weekend but next weekend so plan ahead for Father's Day I was on Father's Day is because of the US open and and of the US open is an happening right now and so it's not Thursday. Now it is pretty much lines up for a lot of debts that's a convenient things that are out of home wants the US open my ideas on the golf. Watchers think god and so we usually go fishing or burger tonight couple of the things to get to. Summer's draft and bring supplies depth we have it. Also if you need really party taps of your trying to do with Gregory her conversion terminal old fridge or new fridge with a lot of people to break into a keg or greater. We have all that mean if you neighboring supplies summary of war Childers via IDQ Croat pain burners. And everything you need to move your brewing outside the walls clinking kits but another thing we've been. Asked about a few times is jockey boxes and kind of where do the fall and so I mean if you've ever been to. You know beer tasting. You've seen Jackie parks are the cooler that sits up on the table which appear run through and chills and on the way to cap are we do Cary two different types of jockey boxes of all time. While we carry one style pre mean and then we have a stop to help you make the cut kind of custom one if you want to. In there's two ways you can go with us on a cold plate. Or a coil so Coldplay is the high density aluminum blocking your small stainless steel lines running back and forth many times. The court also sustained a steal oil looks like to ward killer. You sink in and on race. And Mitchell's appear on the way to cap. No these are not something I recommend using on a daily basis are not like a substitute for kicking system BC can't really keep that your permanently. And so you worry about the beer going data over time and you'd also be changing our choice every two to three days. Which would give you know. Really annoying but for parties for barbecues for times that you wanna basically put a draft system. You know. Anywhere. Other than in your basement or wherever it's easy to get for generator. A jockey boxed helps so the usually what the beer warm up you don't have to but it's OK let the bureau warmup. They'll reduce the pressure on the way to the Tampa in the hope she'll appear in that ought to always wanna get your running through them before you put ice and you don't freeze alliance. But they are nicer good for hunting camp's you know barbecues golf outings and stuff like that. Where you want to draft beer arm beat you don't wanna be logging and giant bucket full of lights and with small cooler. Ice in the cooler in the long had you wanna keep the beer you know. Under seventy degrees the single had put under a blanket for the weekend in just her father's jockey box if you have a bar in the backyard. And you can't run power to it and you won him the years their first actual balance the jockey boxes and hopefully it's going to be perfect. You know you can put. A small cooler underneath here are put the Cole played in there put power on top of the bar in and you know. Shall appear on the way things so we do have jockey boxes. They're not for everyday use but if you do a lot of entertaining if you bring a lot of kegs to Barbeque. On the meat beef for. We have them in stark. Late latest on top prize alms we still have a few penny getting toward the end of the planning season I think we're gonna be running out soon. A bomb but I think we still have some action not. Man in some Mount Hood in a couple other varieties so if you just trying to get something in the ground is here we still have duties. Credit the brewing control the kicking bridge or going over very well I purchased one as soon as we got them in I haven't had a chance to use it yet. But I still hooked up from a fermentation chamber and just basically played with the temperature it's nice. Armed compared to lie the other controller handles. Higher wattage but the other big thing I really like about it is it has a backlit screen. Armed so for a lot of people on in this he really got to be of Lakeland homer to understand this. You go down Pique your head into the basement you wanna know that your temperatures right it just had a liquid crystal screen. You're walking across to pulling up the cellphone like you're looking. I concede that the temperature from across the basement apartments and so I love it I can see if it's heating your cooling mode like it was kind of peak around. On T what's happening to it but it seems really heavy duty good heavy probe wire on a lot of these controllers from put some pretty wimpy probes. On and it's also replace Stephen if you you know have this beefy pro border and you accidentally cut it you know ruin it somehow you can get a replacement as well that's helpful. 170 dollars seven box and really cheap his first original controllers go. The handle brewing poll that has been popular as well sixty box for pump compared to a 150 dollars. It also doesn't have half inch MPT fitting. But it has just street half inch part Sophia a cooler you wanna certainly circulating more certain terms and rims and you don't. Wanna spend the money. For 150 dollar charter Popper 200 dollar bulletin and rip tide this is a nice alternative and for a lot of people I think he gets them in two. You know when I mean using a pump doing with the horizontal battering system. On we've seen a couple people to use it from move pot liquor around. Arms so that they don't have to lift and for sixty box that's going to be a big back saver me able to safer you don't have to try to lift up you know. You know five to six gallons. Crop 170 degree water up above the hat. Makes a huge difference. Yeah right good stuff again user opens today regular. Business hours already today for a cyclical in exile the next. Holiday would know we get in fourth of July I know yet we we have a ways in the United States before we get a nice summer holiday there were three summer holidays and then a bunch of ones during the season you have rights and sense yeah. We need to take Flag Day more seriously absolutely neck Annie Annie summer holiday in national. You know whatever national peanut ordered a picture yeah let's make it a national holiday it's Morton is off the summer but we're gonna get into Mexican verse American lot of us a little bit here before the break. What is it and makes a Mexican liar and I I it's funny I don't think in the years are doing the show we've never talked about one known that we haven't in instantly mean we have a lot of good summer topics but the one I thought we would get to com. Because a lot of I think a lot of people are kind of appreciating them a little bit more when I see Mexican blogger actually know exactly what I'm gonna get the but I feel like it's a very reliable style. Either there's a lot of differentiation between them so you or any mean but there's a couple common factors in the big thing that I think always sets him apart from American lager. Is there is some hopefully for earners duplicate crisp popped bitterness. So beaten him a little bit more flee deeper than the American like blocker but they're also still here Reid Ryan. They're very low calorie and are also very low gluten which some people yeah are looking forward comes Mexican blockers. Arm and there's the only different history. Behind it I'm what is the history was the Genesis how to Mexican bloggers I would imagine. How didn't hide in Mexico or South America into the league. Like Australian influence well Dutch is definitely where they made just. Based on hate it's always worn out and wants something refreshing. And I think that always yet always listening you see some time Republicans. Caribbean flick liked our peers are popular. Arm and the reason is the case battery it's warm up so if for your generation is an always available. Horror as holders who would like it. Sometimes these darker rooms here Peter's. He's a little bit better and there are some of those. Darker roast here on Iran roasted that some darker based mall. In a lot of Mexican lock Ers as well as some dark pummel sunlight touches of smoltz and some of like acne dollar something like that. Which has a little bit of toffee. Tone to it but I think with a history of it I mean it wasn't real the policies secret that surprisingly Euro through. Proportionate the fifties in this the sixties and seventies that Mexico had better be here in the United States. Army field like you in hunter S Thompson and stuff like that he's in Mexico. The beer not so much being afraid of the water. But if we did beer you know often drink while yours there than me and have a reputation for while also producing. You know mass produced. Light bodied Beers having a little bit more flavor to it in anger it's a little bit of history there are going back to amid. In nineteenth century. And so we're gonna go back to Ferdinand Maximilian the first of first episode the the the very short ruling. Emperor the second. You know Mexican employer bomb and so pre. Could mean his rule was very short three years before execution but a property. We'll say OK another arias dynasty or a thin. Yeah not exactly huge RNC but it pretty good disperse his policies were for the important if important dictator but. That's a whole other story of Ferdinand Maximilian that he was offering his former. Hapsburg. He was the former commander of the Austrian needy. In royal Fam incident with this attempt. Umpire actually befriend should leave in the Mexican work into invention is an attempt to. Keep some European. Hobbled state oversight not control it just kicked out the Spansion. English. In Mexico who is appointed leaders and Austrian. Is walls with him came many Austrian in eastern European immigrants for a short period but while. He obviously. Didn't stay there long spiel I've their long a lot of these immigrants did in the boron with them the rich hosted. Based small of it you know via an in Munich from Eastern Europe. In rocked those kind of in to be in a Mexican brewing now the work traditional Mexican you and your quote here the year. On that is with things like pineapple and core earned. On some mostly fruit include more to me kind of like a very sweet low alcohol beverage on Hedo. However. You know as we got into the nineteenth century industrial base and you do start to see some kind of remembering them endorsements in the cap this kind of fusion. Style where you are combining. Austrian ingredients. Wis you know form to me you light bodied beer good for our apartment both from nineteen. Well let's get you know how to make him what to do. The things to consider you're gonna make a Mexican locker on the other side it's not your distance just Pruitt and ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white a year for Niagara tradition home growing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher and Eric can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. The Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Hi welcome back tonight editions just rule we're talking Mexican blogger Jeremy White professor we just got the history. Britain and want to miss that million in the first and it's short lived dynasty. All right so Mexican waters so I mean we go into history in the first thing we're talking with the core and the via animal oh features the classic you know all Mexicans now the need to do is suffering in a lot of core in their rights halls. Into the equation. Pulling bodies out. On. Something like eighties you know own light. Probably one spectacles Walt. Most people are trying to make something. It psyches amber or Allah the something a little bit richer will but more flavorful. And dislike your answer your linemen in the probably what if your enemy that office and Mexican beer in it means nutrient. Rich mall T but light bodied beer. And so I would suggest something about 40% core. And then like 60% say the animal or 3030 pills or Vietnam. I'm here trying to boring in a little bit extra. You know body there. Com Ian deck and get some news American probably about 20%. Core and efforts to race. Arm and you go to the Mexican or use a lot more pork which obviously doesn't give you host the flee the third using a much richer pace. You get these intense multi flavors in kind of light portions. On and so it's flavor there but again it's oh well. It would be in a true like pianist. And if you wanna pick up a true style speech. Is really probably. The best example that I can think up. In for a long time in Eastern Europe and western German net produce titles. Swept over Europe. It was only team Mexico's that you could tradition and find the Villa style the year missile interesting tidbit to. It was more. Panic Austrian skiers in Mexico at one time in Austria. Twenty. But so that's where you're gonna do with Nixon Lotta years ago this you know some eastern European and I'd like to stick towards richer and the year. You can put in little bits of Euro Roma. Our office special there hope apple color panel roasting were talking light amounts usually the evils. One year. Eat a pound sixteenth of a pound for our. Now I'm very much now the east is another interesting factor and until recently really wasn't and he. Will say the Mexican ease of bail. From poverty reviews. California steam theories which works out well. Or they would use like bohemian warmth from nineteen lotteries. Lines that are poking partner. On in the country always was to obviously with the Mexican Beers over there during our hearts are will be more yeast. Will say kind of flavor in the annually a little earlier than they do in your picking apart and yet powerfully that is because of the corn. But the other big thing if the fermentation temperature. So usually with Mexicans oh logger you pitching war fermentation he's been trying to cut back. On that team policy pitch a lot of seat pitch a large pitched. You know one means of production for giving block east and white land does have now. Beat the Mexico. Andrews derived from Mexico City Marie large trees that it is really classic two. On into victory that all summer for. On the line agrees. It war from an agent. Is one of the kind of keys to the Mexican beer in the do have a little bit of fruit flavor in the background I think a lot of people's homes from approximately. Does not it comes from the console war fermentation arteries it's always key for us. And then it shall a lot of it because you don't wanna warm you don't want to be week in fetal. I'm in in the Lansing is water. On which vehicle at a research SP. Austin and older guys and older recipes we would seed. That voice wondering Mexican style beer you'd softer war water just like you would for an American life. On and that's what you would four week and a you know bohemian style pills. On. And with the you know. Traditional method of coffee tea some RO were still water B 50% BI's. 65%. And you mix that in mr. tap order a reduced the mineral content. On opening notice a lot of the guides have been changing in laden recipes he scenes emerging earlier from Mexican side LP Apple's sudden. Come with a bigger mineral content to think make the world more cents. It's heard of factors. There's one or two and it's different as far as Mexican water profiles and if you do a little bit. Morton digging into individual city profiles when you begin to find is that Mexican water is quite harder. Are particularly with the calcium in the gypsum. And so what you'll see now offered guide and makes sense because we're talking about using small amounts you know pills and via. Beginning you know could amount flee for from them. With now creating a lot of residual bodies Wellesley and Chris bitterness from cops. So. You're looking at the heart water profile and gypsum and calcium in your looking eighteen guide and work up to fifty. 75 so fifty parts per. Calcium and you know about seventy. Part from Ian com. Chips that re I mean definitely West Coast style IP range. Arm but that much hired and you would ever see the Austrian. The bohemian chart style the year. In so having him be your water profile. Milk will make what the difference on giving he you know the great flavors not the Mexican. Is Mexican blogger flavor that. For this area you know we talk but the union and in recent rain. Are there entries in the styles are they ever really brought about in the year we do see some B you don't see the whole thing personally is competition season usually towards the end of border whispering. On and obviously. We're doing the show and you know sitting here early June because that's when people really want to bomb. I mean I don't wanna have a you know be sitting right keg of you know those techies clones in the middle of December I want my black guy PA you know Armenian and Juan. You know would be equally stout or something like that. In them when it comes to competition seasons on the reasons why I think I always do well and group is key is because it's around Easter and at that yes. Is seeing seeing with a lot of coal we see a lot of holes and amber waves of green Muni and making pedals because. You know you want amber for competition. Your Tony you're you're you're sending in two bottles your keeping you know 52. So you always have to think about what you wanna. Drink what you want him for the summer. In so I think with most of the competition being in this boring in the winter human dip with winter Beers bring Pearson but on all. Our summer Beers vacancies honest debate now factoring that policies and is really hugely popular here and I mean seamless hours. Arm among home boomers. They don't give a proportionally high number of entries you get a few seasons beat and if that. High number like I know a home for making partially because I think the competition or just. You know at the right time here for about what we did ours we did ours is in the Niagara competition. Which was an early fall. We had some things for our entries were cities it's. On that route the high that a huge competition that a third of your entry species on but it was at the end of the summer we did have some Mexican style loggers and there's while. Have a degree of difficulty where he put Mexican sciele locker easy. Very easy the only factor they really tell people worry about is the fact that you're using. Funeral for papon's of fleet horn. He wanted to slow match be careful with your flown never let it get to hide it sets and create a lot of suction that's from pull your management down. In use a lot of rice calls you know that will really meet the difference in this one. As having a lot of rice also the corners Cameron milled its fleet and it just really wants to sit on top of the charter really nicely meekly for scale. So mix that in with your you know regular Barley malt mix and a bunch of rice calls in and he should be okay. But it's really easy enemy gets them the struggle for any Humber and so what this is also looked over opposite. You know when I mean pom in and you know any means stay away from. Trying to. Meet it with out the court. You're just knocked him to get the flavors are looking for a reckoning kit that. Europe kind of fruity nose to it that the corn brings in your also knocked in get that lol terminal gravity. You'll end up with the you know slightly more attenuated slightly more mastery kind of via a style if you end up trying to find the light is the animal. In two matches lately and and that was my strategy for yours soft water. I would end up with this kind of slippery Warman that's like you know not understanding what was going wrong. But mixing in High Court more than you would an American light. You know and also adjusting them water profile oxygen some lots of calcium. Really mean a difference. With using little amounts. You know these eastern European style based mostly coal Lotta flee and that makes a difference of stock. Couple minutes left. Anything that popped up this week a question of the week you got the store. Now really an epidemic in that I can think of we're hearing a lot of people wondering you know like with the top prize on whether they should be trimming them or anything like that nice if its first year. No so as if we've gotten the kind of warm a little bit of rain in the low cool front hops are not for a lot of people in line are. Mine are deeply third year hop I'm only cosmetically trimming them I'm not doing any training for growth. On I know that'll get more than enough cops at the end of the season. On so if they're growing somewhere you don't want him obviously trauma you're not gonna lose a whole rise on from just trimming off. A couple of lines coming up. But generally if it's the first year plan you don't want from him at all you want to give them every shot that they can and to you know. Photos and exercise so don't take any leads the way. Right right that's about. About it for us for Niagara versions just grew again it is not yet fathers they weaken its next weekend actually have weep to think about it we'll of the starter kit stack up. On all week if dance party or you don't wanna give me gift certificate you don't wanna pick our ingredient forum in. You wanna give him something talked Tubal yeah let me be Peru with him over the course of the week here so you know what he only needs. What they want you certificate always is what the person and one way you can do it is very simply. You decide Euro brewer and your dad is mildly exit and just. Pick out one of the pre made kids the you've got to show him how you do it. You know you know what you're doing but you know you wanna teach him what the cliff notes version of it the other thing I think a lot of errors have its. As a science that problem. But. You are always wanting to Peru more than you can drink I know this is true for me right now I got the Calgary socket fermentation chamber. You know stocked with discard we and secondaries. I wanna meet the year I can't drink enough. The meeting your data Calgary. You know and mean and a lot of times on the ten gallons and policy here to take the other five when I wanted to meet ten gallons. Here's the thirty dollar keg of beer. You know and I mean in joy and in dental relief that's a given the carburetor you've been dying to meet ten gallons less than five star ratings and gallons. In through the extra 50. All right. That's it for us we'll talk to next week happy Father's Day in advance we'll talk deal once more before father's ultimately it's. On Niagara traditions just threw it on ESP and 1520. You've been listening to just Bruins. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode it just from.