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Saturday, June 3rd

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It's. It's. Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by now with traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Or diced her good Saturday morning and welcome tonight revisions just through your audience in 1520 carry went for diced her. Happy Saturday at the wedding date you yet his record you know it says that because where are very known yet. But. As a record this I wonder is it raining right now or is it nice out right now. Because for them hoping it's nice and again recording. Yet it's a Saturday so hopefully it's nice in the forecast I'm learning changes every. Our paper every time you look at that and yet here I am for sixteen sunny all right great. Two days ago is gonna rain for five days straight so who knows anyway yes today I'm getting married and talk about wedding Beers. Which I have not brute yet all I mean fuel Bruin for someone else. Yeah that mean that takes a little of the pressure off if you don't have also planned the wedding in your wedding the year well and so this is often the scenario order. You volunteer. To brew for maybe it's not a wedding if it's a stag party news this summer barbecue graduation. You know cover the event is you've volunteered to bring a couple of checks by. And now you. I don't worry about. Counsel to Tibetan you know how you can kind of minimize that worrying guarantee that your beer for the big event. Turns out well but before that. It's kind of it's time to start planning for Father's Day which is going to be a big kind of weekender big time of year you guys yet we are a thing you strongly bothered driven hobby. And so we usually have it easier for Father's Day. Whether it's people coming in to pick upstart kids. In all or gift certificates or draft ideas. Or another good idea a lot of you know father son or you know father daughter brewing days going on twos if you wanna. You know hope your dad. Group I'm sure appreciate that they're not opera are ready and we got on the starter kits at different. You know all levels so if you want a group Yemen in. And it's a great kind of gift you know if you are on. You know Europe's on the wants to give in to brewing you could technically buy it for yourself. And say hey dad we're gonna do this together. Once a long forwarded this together once every couple here's. I give we give to people it turns out well so if you're looking to you know sleeper with your father something like that NATO emperor are ready. And it's a good excuse to come if you enemy that lead to ten gallons to make the ten gallon leak. You buy your data home protecting system he doesn't have to have any other equipment and an uber ten gallons together you'd take home five. He takes home five in his book the bat seagate to make the bigger batch is. You know and have fun slope appear equipment. Com for a lot of people you know finding the excuse to prove ten gallon fifteen gallon batches so often tough and they want to Jamie have the equipment. When it comes down to it you have to drink. The beer that you make so anybody knows or numbering neighbor relative you know how the Scopes are always showing up with a growl or something like that's here's my latest project. Please take some. I wanna get on to the next what. It. Well last week we talked alternative thriving methods and now we're gonna get to wedding Beers all that but. It week of Memorial Day has passed so welcome to summer and on the technically start until late June. Whenever I think most people say Memorial Day is the gateway into summer so summer draft supplies you know your needs kind of changes the weather turns and maybe you're drinking more outdoors. Young and we have you know hold carburetor systems we have pumped taps repair parts cleaning supplies were really kind of your one stop shop for everything drafts of turn around and home bring to you do have a category earlier looking for a place to get me be just a four ounce container PLC year couple 22 cents washers are really can receive your weekend. Where the place and have them in stock he just walked in the door shorts which you need and we comport well for. Earnest up I've a friend who is speaking of like summer dressings like I'm a friend from high school. Who installed a beer tap on the outside of his house like right in the deciding on the patio. Where you know in the decks here in rather than. And that's the shuffling things back and forth when shall rate through the side of the house of beer cap on the outside. It's a people always ask this account difficult with a totally you know put it happening places in his long he can keep that distance fairly short mechanic to markers are six feet and twenty feet. Bomb and as long as you can keep the bureau lying cooled. In between you can keep the camp running all the time. Arm if you can't keep allowing cooled them between say if you just want to epic tiger in the basement UN have a second exe quarter it's twenty inch line to go outside of house. In this just for parties and stuff like that you're gonna flush it out or at least are telling yourself in a fortune out after every party. You don't need to keep outlining cool the bureau keep going equaled just keep it fairly well insulated. Calm and that's really easy to do. Yeah besides the old rolling through aside your Zapata a small hole you know you're gonna just seal it up pretty well and now. Now hot when he says didn't imaginable for distances as six feet and twenty feet that's because apparent pressure touch you can you can control the cracked pressure in the look with a beer. With six feet in twenty people lined with out any other restriction pumps you know. Backflow proprietors. Her as well as slow exe about balancing canister or something like that so if you can keep it at six feet twenty feet distance from the cap. You can get really creative with kind of what you do with your tapped and you shouldn't have any problems after you get it going as far as phone went to balance out the system. He should be OK you shouldn't need any extra catchers besides some extra liked your experience how old. How is that for people that decide to do and it may be I've got to Calgary in her that I don't know anybody's put captured it's hard to know about through there're. Kick catching count. Missing kitchen counter. Dan is. Top if you wanna go from the basement if you have room to put it in the fridge underneath the counter it's extremely easy it's basically the same. As to being a you know just a tower on top of our refrigerator if you wanna have the lines come up from the basement apps work it's tough especially if you wanna serving all the time. BC we need to now see all the area around those lines. And you apt to. Are put in post one or the other eight liquid cooling systems electric you know rolled copper tubing in glycol. To pump coal glycol through the system or you have to have an air systems and pump cold air from the bottom from for traitor back up to the caps lock air flow back for. So. Tactical but stricker receive a lot of people to the side of the barrage. Where they might have like a small Tiki bar in the backyard and the just put it happened to the side of it. Put in a late you know ice tub underneath and they're just looking for the weekend that's of relief. Easy option and we have kids to do that for around 220 bucks are cool so everything you need eagle to. You know your local efforts senator Parikh at the tag 220 bucks from mossy got a seven inch hole saw you have a cool. Will teach you. And it's definitely an impressive featured haven't any sort of audio or. Whatever you got. And they care about me ask you this how about you know we're talking from basement up what about a five got a man cave beer going from may be your first four tiger later down. I mean obvious you would need pressures are you concerned with like is is there visit. Too much gravity bite an effect yes you can have bet you beauty of very strong yeah perhaps he'll well you would not just that you would also cap. Too am. A little more construction. When you go down when you go up when he's here for a popular tablet that is calculate that kind of like a bomb. Usually meant to be a problem and narrowing the lines currently nearing close to that and these are where you're doing something like that and we do sell couple different options. Arm flow for fox it's incumbent. Flow control fonts that cam cuddle and play around with your system and the pressures oversight the lines open to give yourself less pressure on the lines. In the news the flow control Fossett's rated dispensing you don't have much phone. Much disturbance. You can get the pressure to answer. Arm will be more expensive than interpreting. Its forty to fifty bucks for low profile that which is the most popular. Although supplies that you guys are stocked up on summer draft supplies everything cream mention we have in stock great ago you can check out on the and how opera rise homes still on sale. Now once now once and now on sale so now we get past Memorial Day we always by excerpts we don't want you know we have one or two varieties at that rate which would Friday's paper report coming up. But. Now we get past Memorial Day people are burned out especially online is it too late to plant top prize arms absolutely. On the weeks to do start doing it to 41 after Memorial Day until early July. On in early July we wanted to for accurate or based back we've been caring for these rise owns the you know while we do the best we can keep moderate rate humidity. In the great temperatures. That they don't over remarks they don't track mold the pixels hydrated. Palm you know they can't last that's for. So. Coming get a two for one and when you're double plant or you don't have to be two on this team varieties have fewer immigrant. Two different varieties you can do that if you immigrant to one variety here and you get something started. Go ahead and do that wanting you don't have final tip sheet here we've seen the last few weeks galaxy. Galaxy still available still well and her co limited settler. Alms and we still have all the other tropical fruit ops that are news this summer stock as well. We pounders available like most covenants on the the other new ones specific jump. The galaxy not yet but I think immediately to seize Daniels the umps from portrait. It bulls that us under. First break in here and actresses just threw it come back with wedding Beers if you brewing for a large crowd want to Peru and how growing large scale haven't changed. That's on the way next here on night editions just threw it on ESPN. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need the Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com nighter tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Welcome back to back traditions just threw it your ideas in 1520 it is my wedding day so full disclosure we are. Recording this episode because. We've got stuff. On today you know you even early now you look finery an argument for operating and actually you hear anything. Yeah I've got a million now on Wednesday you'll see him in a million things that but anyway. Wedding Beers is Wilbur talk with neighboring for all of a large crowd what to brew if you're gonna decide to take on them. On Sam NASA project you decide did you make something volunteer. Or somebody has volunteered to brew beer for large crowd of people now as home brewers we always tell people. On your blurring for one particular client yourself. And act customer has to be happy. Well that rule changes now when you get into a large crowd and so content and be intimidating but there's some things you can kinda cute too. Mitigate first thing a look at its. What to. I would really take this as an opportunity to kinda. Expand the beer vocabulary of your family friends coworkers and laws. Dogged daring Israel's daring me computers that people are gonna be from earlier this is not the time parole Olympics Ehrlich and talk commons like it goes Dallas fort beard or tangled brown. This is the time for theory simple peer now that you really have to be simple and name description only eaten elope. Kind of creative with some but if you take for camping example. Com. Your California economy in your German Alter beyond all all are gonna become number lockers Friday when you put a month depth if you have a hell with the bohemian bills prepare impose American life logger answer based and it's all gonna become like. And thinking Tennessee we're back with you one picked recipes that people are from Miller with if you that you were familiar with borrowing. So when you picture recipes grew light blogger that you foresee haven't ever brutally baby Brooke cream cream Ellis really good. Group cream and be close enough and don't call it premium. Apollo like public sphere like blogger for somebody says oh but I don't like Genesee in on him. You don't wanna put too much of you know specific boring and and you really don't wanna try. Any. New ingredient here I mean. Maybe a new lake crystal mall in the same proportions but it was Seaway from any kind of you know on. New roasted malt but the real thing you wanna watch out for its new yeast wouldn't change up the east rather use the you certainly was improper for the style is comfortable with wondering for badly that's over choosing. A yeast that would. Better for the style but again I don't want maniac factors and want stuff from the you start to kind of came up. And clock out I want it to be yeast and noise and the court. Arm. And and I really can't stress the fact that you need to have. A light beer you and I mean if you're not gonna have you know tag of domestic light on the side. Com which is another great option. Because it's somebody's gonna be happy drinking from. You know I think he can't beat you pick up in the local efforts setter of just the cheaply beer. Again this is the wetting the graduation. At the time you're trying to expand people's bureau regulars are trying to make sure. You know they have a nice good afternoon to me wanna consider. Getting technically appear that said. On what I found is over the years at that people actually kind of start drinking Alpert has some of the that are appear on and the more people that go that way the lots of people like beer. On that you need. And for example of this house from my family we've that family wedding were re at about one through twenty gallons craft homey beer. We went through a case. Half. Like here. So we didn't leaving it after. Three cases we put it aside anybody who wants those and otherwise. Here's you know three Beers on tap. You know so. We didn't even try to girl out your form we just bought two different you know one Canadian light one American acts for light could amount on race. We are surprised about how few people drink and the two on what the people. Did we're appreciative that they were there and and they were a little more open minded to the other Beers after had a couple of their favorite guys in so that will make a big difference. Talking about like wedding planning your and wedding Beers or Beers for large crowd you noticed that when we're given the options were catered something like we have this on this and every single option like there is a light beer there's a very light drinkable summer bureau that's in their eyes should be. Because smothers the weather whether it's just the crowd you know. What in May very big gatherings a good spot for someone to maybe start to gain weight to that other stuff. And in just because you have to have a light near to as being you also can't have an IP you can't have a you know stout as well. Yeah all and I would recommend having both of those style total solar the IKEA yeah particular the IPA because you want don't want column that they're becoming one of the most popular styles. And because the name is so familiar people know what to expect. And I would not even just for people that don't like the heavier Beers or IPA's. One reason heavily appear on app or to make a light beer in addition is because sometimes people won't shrink their three yard Jason and say all right. Now I'm gonna you know go hadn't. To send the plane in kind of just needs to be lighten alcoholics out only lying academia imperial senator emails here. 4% to close out the night is a good wages kind of you know. Usher yourself into in its power and onto over the morning in unique controllers often so that's good as you monitored responsibly are so. Outside it appears to me yes you decide it's an analyst at recipes in your first instincts are all of the huge crowd of people. Need to for a lot and you're looking at fifteen gallon systems and giving new pots and stuff like that. Armed and I would encourage you not to. When we did my cousins what and when the we went through four kegs of beer. We actually didn't run out of an 88. We had October past. We at stout in the head to kegs of IKEA. So we actually didn't Peru. Any bets is beside the IPA's ten scale so to fight him on bet that's me standard that's what I'm comfortable with. That's what I would recommend growing so I wouldn't recommend this is a chance necessarily. To upgrade. Your equipment. It's apple so how many you know you want it to be it's an excused up Gator program may be if it's a new war chiller. Checking system certainly recommend grabbing one of those. I would Peru decisive action to you feel comparable Weston if you feel comfortable brewing. Ten gallons pure panic if he had fermenting ten gallons that's fine that's what we did with the IPA. We looted and attend Yale oil. And then we split into two fight he'll informant terse. Because frankly I knew was gonna be easier for me to control temperature and to fight on for amateurs and it would be and one time and fragmentation and so I recommend keeping with two seem bad size. Com. And doing what most comfortable as far as altering vs extract. Getting to your most comfortable with to a which are familiar to. While cracked right not with ingredients but with Stiles with a approach with everything uses sound equipment you're saying like them a big big scale stick with what you know are with your you know you know AO pale fermentation bucket you can from monster twice. Vizio. Introduces the that the fewest variables possible absolutely. Now the Storch now this is work it's to be tricky because you want to bring these Beers while at a time you and I mean. And then so that you have a chancellor a slightly. Before the event and that's not always going to be easy because you're gonna wanna keep on Coulter wanna keep them out of the light. And when I seek Cole a few relief you have the spear coming out of secondary coming into a care you know in bottle please don't bottle for lord. You wanna keep it called you wanna keep it like 38. You know 32 degrees you don't wanna cellar temperature wanna make sure you don't want the risk of any other flavors if you have a good beard you're happy with. On the cold storage only chemical that's gonna help. Not only appear. Clerk by overtime uncle are girl open. Arm it's gonna help that from becoming infected and slowed down. If you do you have any you know microbes and there's gonna slow down their metabolism now at the east has done. Arm and it's also gonna kinda help preserve some of your fermentation Romans and some of your kind of fire malt and hop world. So keeping the beer cold kind of help. Preserve the flavor locked in the flavor that you had that you were happy with the money you were taking. The beer for this wedding. Armed. And he wanted to be fairly fraction I think this is something where you might get low legitimate difference of opinion but he knew most commercial Beers so. Rational thinking people are used to. You know com. Drinking beer. To drinking fresh beer zones you can try to and again this. Depends on how involved with the event if you try to be taking stuff you know week 22 weeks at a time. That would be so that you know it's ready here's what it looks like in if you do it two weeks at a time. You might still have a little at a time for back up plan so if you can store the tags two weeks pace Amal. Just a little taste. Make sure there are all OK still time to Rebecca beer. And he should be okay. How law how difficult is it if you're okay no same and I wanna make fifteen gallons so our twenty gallons to ten gallon batches and I've got the right number kegs. I'm also gonna wanna make sure that I keep really rigid on my carbonation process yes yeah because that's another variable you can introduce. One thing you don't want it any party into a keg party is. Pour the beer and it's all foam accuse me carbonated or or or even a flat beer like if your on one side or the other you're gonna problem large group. It is one of the big events having a ready illegal that like two weeks week at a time because you can shake and he can only get ten or twelve pounds of pressure what you planned to serve that. Taken taken ten to twelve pound pressure. Within five to ten minutes of shaking at about 90% of your CO2 and who let it sit there are over the next week or two it will absorb the rest and so. You don't need to try to up you know carbonation. You know a thirty pounds that are you know anything like that in. Are you go service you got a circuit which is this is actually can be one of the most intimidating part everything else happens in your garage in your basement. And now in front of people everything just past the work. Although I've seen it done many times and I've seen it done successfully. Hmmm but it just seems to mean like a lot of work to bottle. All the beer. For an about like that I've seen it done several times today and I'm and I'm not gonna disagree that you know real oil wealth and taste better than artificially carbonated beer. But I just don't think from most people's gonna beat and it might turn could be fun you know breaking point oh yen or actually made all of us here. In two had to make it appear that lasted only. For Ricans in the basement scrubbing bottles or even if you buy bowels that's gonna dedicate thirty dollars every patch beer. Palm you wanna get things list. This is here excuse. We have tagging systems of we mentioned sir you know 200 and nineteen dollars we have. On jockey boxes rate ago we cold plate starting at ninety dollars. Two blowing cold plates from ninety bucks. So if you don't wanna keep appears on ice you can just. Throw the ice cooler and topical plates or appear Cole played. But you want to. There was no way that I would have volunteer. To rove appear from my cousin's wedding. If ID add to spot it from doing it with pegging me that fund got it was a chance for me to rue. Fight batches that analysts sounds funny. I didn't have to drink call in the accused full scale all crane equipment fermentation chamber to use all my gadgets. Five weekends and grow. And I didn't difficult appear. I end up doing a lot of three gallon batches of one gallon some parcels. It's always agree if you for Colbert kind of help out one of these events brew the beer because you'll have fun doing it. And on that excuse get rid of some beer. And you might you know it's an interesting conversation surreal kind of find who appear people are in any given crowd and seal have some way to talk to terrorists on nine. In a crowd that big if you're gonna do it I can guarantee one conversation you're gonna have is someone that is thinking about brewing. Am asking you all the questions the coliseum at this how hard is it that I started and and you know. Via the circle of life continues and it comes home brewing in non. Serving it and then creating more home brewers in the process. Honda all right we're dedicating system you get to use a cutting system for yourself after about a portable medical system I mean like how are only two and one thing I thought it was really clever is the armed couple they've been herded them launcher customers have been making beer and wine and bottling. Arm one of the things that the past four full wedding gift was a kicking system camp and the chest freezer. And so what they did it seem mean a teaser. Arm in advance to the wedding that helped three tags so it in traded used they've been trying to serve all their gear for the wedding through this he still had. Some beer line on the side. All but they basically use the weddings excuse to get their patent system there I think they're. Opt family bought it for them. And they had it at the what I would have a pick up truck hit a couple people to help the role of end. The next morning. Obviously take the kegs out first and had to give it their the night before arm but they did use the keys are system big. Rolling bar for their wedding and it worked out really well. The price of a three lying tagging system issues they around it 350 dollars. With tags. So it's not that YouTube expense when you start looking and it's like I'm sure you know you have. You know it. I don't know what fifty pounds of click and it pops a public such back yeah quite a bit sentiment and so and so com. Yeah compared to a lot of the other expenses for the wedding. Decaying system will be one that will pay dividends afterwards took you're thinking about doing this you're not in a bottle 250. Bottles for your wedding got a real problem. Grab the keg system. All right let's it for this edition of just Pruitt brewing for a big crowd at. Wedding inning like that best the walk you are well you'll have fun and that's you know those click strategy things that you're tackling a big project you know. You know how to make the beer if you're gonna. You're not doing this your first time you know how to make this is your hobbies and all the rights of research showed it to dude and research these recipes. All right that's it. Had a Saturday I'm gonna go get married now. I mean. Kind of a right that's it for us happy Saturday. All Batman action all be married congratulations. Go over yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this at about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.