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Saturday, May 27th

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It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just ruin brought to you by now with traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Birds oyster good Saturday morning and welcome to Niagara traditions just ruin your ESPN. Fifteen point Gerri what advertiser morning good morning. With god what's coming up by the way next weekend next Saturday I'm getting there so. That's. Yeah it's. It's a hectic at a time and Bruin beer as taken a temporary backseat but. We get back then I am ready for life to go back in public and normal means right now. If you think you have free time you don't really. And soon in theory I'll have some and I'll be able to brew again and I'll be in the U for a ideas for. July appears summer Beers all the good stuff anyway I decorous. Happy Saturday last week if you missed it we talked about barrels. Whether I should buy a barrel what you get your question. Rate which you use say don't go real segment and line one which is prequel to console. If you wanna find that it's on demand that he is in fifteen points or fundamentally each year on demand section as well. So. Going to this summer we talked about this a little bit tropical fruits or like a big a big deal is it to. I say all the rage right now in that tropical fruits are all the rage when it comes to brewing beer. Yes and in its to the point where I was. Going through the IPA's arm miracle cures for the other day. And I'm looking at the panic key buzzwords of you know mango passion for momentum going down the IPA's I found one or two that actually had said main goal and passion for a minute so instead of trying to find the toxic gave them those yields don't recruiter you. Melon flavor they just put the stone for Millen right into the IP which do you think in six widget is better to take that shortcut because you know you'll get it. And or forties now for beer yeah you know and I mean it's supposed to just like a subtle flavor got an and one recipe if somebody is ever interest and in doing the right. Like to do with like a week pale ale. On the ticker standard three week period that you were dead blueberries or you know mangoes or something like that to and then loaded up with a ton of kind of new style try cops and the comes off just flick for you don't have differed in the total or on the calories. Com and can appease you know that kind of fear and really doesn't like anything super bitter anything with any a really strong flavors but still. You know if you have any cop had friends form for them as well. And so that's always nice appeared to do for summer. Boat we have a lot of these hops and so if you're trying to with one of these we have a function we've read through the list a couple of times here we also still have some Alexy and in stock if you're looking for some galaxy. But you know he should experiment which if you have supported were Cummins they are on make a tropical beer ish I don't wanna go for appear which top. Is the best where does it come out the most Lou you like a rankings of for tropical fruit and I think they have a fever. Attack of like kind taking that so I have a group apart from making a bomb one of these pierce say always like to do to retrieve these trials and totally galaxy would be one on their mosaic everything co author probably. Two of the hottest right now. Palm Idaho's governor is one that I've smelled upon to have some Beers with that I want to personally with that haven't had a chance yet hopefully. This week and we put together and I PA with a on. But the altered the mainland who goes through the latest and greatest rate now. Arm and then there's a lot of under the New Zealand the Eldorado whose ice hosts calm and couple others whose walls American to equinox. And stuff like that that have a lot of these tropical fruit flavors. So most of the crops that were seen come out now. Fall and that caddick. So while we're some classic points from about like five years ago that become a popular there's also won two new ones coming out for season. Whatever happened at 4381. Is at 38 they're supposed to release it with an actual name. At the end of the season this year so. That was the pilot batch that was. An experimental that's when absolutely and I would say you're 07 we have now I would say that was very tropical like I got to always I told you very Melanie yeah I felt like I was drinking juice cigarettes sold much out of it as a loaded up those ops. On OK so that's another one that these things come back yet not coming back that that they were gonna release that so they did the they have small crop of last year. They did and lots benefit for that and then on this next year they should happen now with the name. All right you're supply galaxy hops remains remain limited. Two per customer. Hop past still around still around people are playing around with it. On a lot of question about how to use new we've always hope people use that liquor using you know. Two ounces of pop's. And play with it that way a lot of people are finding that you don't have to sit Pearson's second theory. In the early as long to kind of get those labor you're looking for so not only does that double up the potency teams looking dry hopping in doubles. The nine doubles Hampton's return to strike out. So normally dry hopping for seven days you probably going to be OK with three or four when using top edge but that's been very popular. We actually have a New England style IQ a that we root. I come forward national homer data we still aren't App Store human tripe here. Right. Pop rise homes also still got a great selection so god people are open and in the ground to it's not too late. Com that's for sure and I think with the penalties start to spring we've had here and leak gardening weather. That we're gonna he. More people planning on. Tom you haven't missed much. Mine are probably the oath seven inches eight inches and ice and bushy im really glad I got him in early. Com but I insurers we get more sunny days here it's more warm weather to cool down temperatures finally warm up. Roll gonna start to see curtain take off and one man there's. Dew pop super fall victim to. I'm said Berman but like. Animals will they willed leader there are some things missing you know and that the big animals. And ask mowers and I've got a garden and I don't think era when hops in it we had some charter and the rabbits just a minute day feast yeah so it's a had a friend who had rabbits that we're giving Adam when he first came out. Once again come out brown extra to get some color from the angle the rest in the become very bitter. Com and animals don't want you there's actually some recipes if you search out there that you can cook the and crops browsers like you would. Spares for something that actually Erica. Once they start rowing. There is really kind of wanton. Will you talk about one ivory ornaments some problems this year that was my cops at home with the want distorts the kind of cooler temperatures and higher humidity we at whispering. Arm and not a lot of right here it's. We've noticed a little bit of mildew on top. And really nothing we could do about it with the whether to appeal to. He hops at home or anything like that or tried to. Cover them so they don't get anymore rain water. On Regis and hoping for and sure enough we got a couple tried days mixing two knockout. Because lost a couple leaves at the bottom. Once the season gets started you do tendency eighth at the start to kind of hops and they don't. Really attacked it that never had. Lost the Bosnian war had one knocked there dude a fit arm. Did you live on the and they will actually get knocked back by lady bugs in public as we later this season. But when your harvesting crops are still around or there's a lot of you know. Shells over a lot of it's dead. Aphids on your props. It's a little to insert. On you can use slick peppermint oil oil Detroit to deter them that you really worry about changing. The flavor. Mostly what I've done this or an outlook that aphids Renner corked try to you know. Keep the birds nearby way. You know. And in the lady bugs and Kirsten tort outlines opening comment but other than adequate and stainless steel stream if there really bad and they shake out. Forks at the and so actually take the hops equipment screens that you would if you're arcing tomatoes or something like that. And shake it through screens forget that they're not gonna damage the crop. But I don't want it seemed float them all day potentially. Mean not ruin but if it's you give me your your yard Massey right that does in the black sooty mold a result of what the two discrete. It's going to be something new for me in order to have that there is there I mean totally keeping the Burton's world and stuff like that may be. Poking and twit me go here. You know in for gardeners who fruit and stuff like that that'd Japanese stink beetle as a big problem. For cops while the fits our current cause any major detriment the plants that they are cosmetic for other plants and only two tournament. I yeah I learned about although the lady bug thing if you're gonna let's say you wanna get ready aphids that are kind of been annoying you release the lead of the lady bugs at night. Yes I learned this because we have a name for prop monologue the trees in our house and so what's although in my to Katrina because it really makes backer messed. And they told us. You viable thing a lady bugs and you release them at night because injuries and today as far away but night they'll go up the tree start running. And punt and then fly with a morning. As interest I just wait for them to land and in the backyard and they walked them over and try to release sentiment here agent yeah near whatever has a problem at the interest but cops are easy to growth can mean you do see kind of some little things like that the mold like six's first main scene that a long time and we had enough of a dry spell that one away really quickly. On the aphids and make it later but other inept cops are going to be released he could grow to be a wonderful cosmetic implanting them on the sunny side of my house a provide a little bit of shade. But also you know reduce my home energy. And see a lot of people were actually coming in plant. For that reasons are up covering up the side of the house during the summer months and then when you get to the fall they'll buy back the don't do any damage to the house and then you're getting all that heat for winter. Right well we and planning getting nervous but we did and the main topic of today shows Hillary alternative priming methods so why don't we take a break and then just tackle that old ones Bethel set aside. Again nice traditions just threw it here and ESPN 1520 you can always tweet us at and T home brew. Online anti homered dot com the way what's Twitter handle and he just threw it one at and T worked. He goes into those questions or anything like that I want to back alternative climbing methods on the way here on. Just threw it and used in fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means either you're home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com it's not your traditional home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Bruin. Welcome back an actress and just threw it on ESPN fifteen point Jeremy White and for dice are rated talk about. Alternative priming practice. So a lot of people think oh largest programs sugar in there I hit on the carrier with some CO2 that's done all equal. That's going to do. Well there's a lot of different options and fewer the only kind of focusing on your priming that whether that's artificial or natural. Argue may be missing out on a lot of flavors. Now there are some big advantages attacks strokes and Dexter a system more popular seductress and talking about as high glucose torture in the trying nineties percentage very low humidity contents. Very fine very consistent annual. So what that means it's it's easy to measure and it's consistent mirage to high glucose. So that the tournament very Easley it's not very stressing on the east and it's there's not other pro teams. Arm and stuff like that in the air do you end up with theory little supplement at the bottom in the bottles of the deft strokes is very convenient yet. Low sediment easy to measure consistent priming and fats. So there's a lot of advantages that extra might became kind of popped. It's also doesn't produce very many pastors arms what's very neutral and doesn't impact the flavor already created. I'll bite beer. Now if you're tagging your artificially car and you're taking CO2 that was. You know made in the chemical process usually bite taking solid our culture in my apartment in having an acid to it and causing it to release CO2. When your. Headings appear ago the kind of almost purity the secret to can actually come Oscars things up and kind of you know mute some flavors. On this is actually something that came out of are like low oxygen during that got a lot of feedback at the counter. On about them people asking into it saying. You know what parts that day. Kind of found the most useful in one thing that came up over and over again is that what people set on and on me BB. Giving Groupon like opera might system and doing that what from work while the kind of paying more attention to in the priming. Or trapping the fermentation gases over artificially carbon meaning or just adding tax strokes. Bruce found at a lot of flee for specially muted mulch Romans and very subtle fermentation Roma that they just weren't. Getting in their Beers before. Alms we're seeing a lot of tagging kind of going back to cast conditioning. Nephew with the Dutch troops is going to be nice even into it very neutral flavor but there's a lot of other things you can use. On probably one of my favorites and probably the second most popular is using tried malt extract. On a similar to poisoning or something like that you're giving the beer more animals more TAT. More normal toes in things other include coaster from meant which while it's gonna take a little longer will provide a lot more flavor. On. There's a little bit of a trickier. To. Priming with multi extract anybody who's obviously bearden knows when you boil multi extract and you went up with all these solid. On the end appalling the bottom so if you simply just taken boil multi extract what you would sugar. And Abbott to appear on you would have a little bit under our nation it's not just from Apple's core sugar. On and you also have tons of pro teen in trump. That would fault for the pop bottles he have to get rid of that first the usually to start. Priming with small taxer what I would do is have to take a little bit more than one ounce Purdue on the use for extra goodies about one point 21 point three ounces. Armed men mix that with about trying to water. And bring it to a boil on the stow want to borrow to Boyle put into sanitize docile put it into deferred for couple. So can keep it sanitary. On keep away from air but also all all these proteins and fall out to the bottom some people actually use clear fighter. In their prime while opening remarks on school culture finder ovals creeping before world flocked Campbell. Arm once you separate all these proteins in new ones into the bottom you can and pour off clear liquid on top. Now. There's a couple things we expect coach talked about maybe a little bit longer priming time. Are on the view it as even in the carbonation in the used to but there's going to be plenty positive effects as well have a finer bubble have. Kind of more or Roma to appear not only in the profile you from the east but the profile from the mall as well. On the walls of richness in the kind of mouthful. On the if you look at a lot of people. Talked about real sales analysis on things he talked about overseas and home during crowd a bit more. I think it's not lost on the American numbering seemed a much smaller. Take action if you look at different home inspection at the top had to have. Logo borders you know real bills all these different kind of looking at auto mechanics it's would be like the you know the remote part cloth both you know and I mean the small blocks savvy guy plays in the guys three bogeys and democracy institute but he. But there's kind of similar factions in home growing. But when you do Amal priming you get a lot more when you're doing it in the tank or in the bottle that is a bit more work and after that I don't do it on every beer at a certain Beers were kind of really blow up to your mental scars on English bidders. Appears that tradition the later subtle Romans. And and really kind of benefit from cat's condition that they were traditional. Through it would suggest if you have never cat's condition tags to try to at least once and if you never condition with something other than corn sugar. To give it a try and there's a lot of other sugars that you can use a lot of other trying sugars which will be just as easy as the Coach Brown sugar. Granulated maple sugar. And most of those are going to be a 100% from comfortable and so beat distilled at one ounce per gallon past writes it microwave in evidence. But you're gonna get a lot more flavor especially at something like the maple sugar. Many would adding it to the boy may culture has a lot of subtle Romans and flavors. The get lost during the CO2 scrubbing the fermentation so while all the east is eating away at the sugar. In his producing all the CO2 offered backside I muscles while they all these other chances. The ten to replace the gases and stuff and Romans that are being created by eight the maple sugar and hold them out of fragmentation. Well if you put the maple sugar and and then trample get in to a bottle. You tramples labors so how he said that I've gotten more off sleeper by adding. Five ounces maple sugar to the tag in half by adding ten to fifteen ounces to. The in the boy. On so if you wanna use maples and we talked about the for show. On it is the definite kind of advantage in the lot cheaper that it should step bottling and a classic conditioning. So if if there's obviously one advantage it's greatly. Argo one great events are there why would you the other way. We mean for your saying we need to you can significantly lessen get more results in the one scenario and when you relate why would you do the previous one. While you get one year you're having more from multiples you tend to get more flavor some role mine and in our gonna it will officially so. When I remind people are still at summoned to the boil in the on calling. And what I usually do say take me first running it could in some of the maple sugar let it dissolve and then I kind of car analyze that eight. Hit the gas and with some heat when I only have a little bit. Of war runoff into the pot when I'm trying to do was create a meal our reaction to an empire and each maple sugar together or went. Malt sugar to try to create a month for mental for some stick around post for me and patient. Com. It's definitely I would say oh you can handle more. That's another factor when you're heading into the boil because I've received he had it too much of battling and dump with bottle bombs. So. Heading into the Boyle always going to be easier especially for trying to add large amount. But if you're just trying to get a hint of flavor in might be worthwhile to add it just about time. It's them them play. Now people always ask about. Bottle conditioning where it's look which triggers particularly. Honey is probably the most popular both people less about malt extract all the time. Beat my little bit easier. I'm as part tribal texture but liquid extracts calm and with which triggers are much harder to match. Because you don't know how much as water and went to shook. Sometimes you get an analysis smokers can't belting candy sugar or something like that to how much as water. Great that's 20% water. You just need to add 20% more by the weight. That's great but if you're looking at like honey or something like that you picked up some nice local honey you have no idea what it's water contact list. And so you need to kind of figure out how much you need. To get that kind of perfect amount of CO2 were average for. And CO2 and beer you. Want that one ounce per gallon and calm which changes appears gravity by 02 points. So if you're looking at a while that's. You know fifty pints and a batch. We need to make. That fifty times heavier so if we took a pint of water. And we added sugar to it until we reach a graphic fifty times higher so point. One. We know that we have enough. Two companies the whole B. So if you have a look which triggered you really want about that Lotta times this is honey it's also sometimes fruit based sex tracks as well. Or fruit concentrate. Take a pint of water. Break up a high drama. And and the liquid extract until you get to gravity of one point one pour off the access your backed down from one pint. Pasteurized that natural prime solution. Arms he can do with liquid sugars aren't you do have to break up a micrometer and he will be mixing bowl sugar measuring mixing a little sugar metric. Amnesty easiest way to do it right but I would hire you anchored to any errors who happened already. To kind of prime with something else the multi extracting and it's especially for wrinkles are shifting English bidders are doing these kind of Tom Beers are really highlight malt that's something wonderful to try if you wanna save some worked in the freezers can do that inquiries and answer a few you know keep your. And you know running and you want to you can poll that war putting into his zip lock bag put into a pop bottle freeze it you set the prime later. Pumping you can also just takes and tried malt extract and prime the video he released its and briefly or you don't have to go all the way to load go brewing. And trapping all year fermentation Kia associate that you know wonderful rich flavor not gonna say you don't get more with the logo brewing. But it's not record. The crash course in alternative prime humans there and that's and that's that's the whole can Google that's okay and the brutal. I just had a question for you all I know it was a about that was largely to toss in something we may have talked about that I solved. What are at a snail's navy and they had a beer with caramel and I don't remember him Weaver talked about terminal as. At that that that's the interesting thing too they're. One any crystal there's a car okay so in you see different pretty fixes for different monsters in different countries of origin so in the US we usually use Chris stalled. In. England you see Karl Moline Germany you to seek Kara almonds talking about all things the mulch have been car so a simple way to make public their karma Porter. Is to just add a lot more crystal ball. Com go there some other masses as old four time Colbert used seven different method for making their car porters and it adds. A kind of flavor that I think is. Relief go to. In Canon not replaced with any special decree what they would do is they would it take the first running to appear in just like they do with the maple sugar they would boil them. Almost to the point candies Europe in the bottom of the pot and in the would return in the rest at the right things. This would normalize that not only give it he's sweet and rich flavor but also a little bit of a Berkeley. Com and what makes a mess of the pot who won't be the first to admit this and you'll be cleaning for awhile afterwards it does at an interesting dynamic to be. Sometimes you deuce he. The immigrant. So it's never it's never. Would never used as an additive. No it it it NB AMP up the worst abuses but yes and then some of the short but it does not work means another journal there who knows yet. You get weird out there right yes. They were during your basement late at night at these for renters can start to store stuff in there if it happens nobody. We've all been there all right well memorial to practice. This Monday yup and we will be closed I'm memorial back. Thank you to all our servicemen and veterans out there one question we got asked that the story the other paper whatever regular customers. Is when you guys doing your veterans. We have in this here because it's. All the time. And so people were asking Horry doing and coming up in all to visit family and how we can you be doing your veteran sale. And we told them well it's just time. So few been looking if you've been waiting if your service and effort in your waiting for those sales. We registered theory county veterans association also like that it's a full time year round Salem you don't have to wait. Com for some special time. Obviously in some special time for your service we thank you very much for that. It's not always convenient when you're going to be overseas or doing what he knew you'd need to for the good your country so. To me more convenient and you know it's. Very good that's very nice and nice announcement to make. Kara Memorial Day weekend as well when make sure we got them before. This is the end of the show this is and a child thanks for listening and if you are from attorney wanna wrote something and you better over yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether your season brewer or just want to get started with the for the twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.