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Saturday, May 13th

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It's. It's. You might hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by now every traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise there good Saturday morning welcome tonight traditions just threw it. I served the morning in horror and others that democracy yet tomorrow happy Mother's Day to our my mother and her owner happy Mother's Day to all of you were. There. Do double duty. You know we should have thought this at a time and made some sort of mothers they themed the year. Like we go back to three weeks like a beer for mom called. Again crafty name or something. Next year. Extra to conserve your saying I should mean a natural line for mom colors are now. Started this Mother's Day it and partly it was in the basement and you can uber cute cases line next Tuesday in Hampshire at any mother that it put up with the appreciate that Maria is one last week when we last spoke we were gearing up for national. Home brew day itself on the celebration soul how things go to storm and you guys that are beginner class and living yep yeah Beers went over very well. Your theory it's the people for gross sales and casings think you ever ready for showing up. You know we put a lot of time to me appears clean up the shop a bit if the classroom ready. We agree attendance for the beginning during class and degrees and and its first the ordering demo on the green probably got a little more. Talking and grooming and around the green Fokker kind of miss the fact that we didn't turn on the bird effort could half an hour 45 minute it was put put us way back. It was so cool team that mean action definitely. A lot easier law more compact. Then the the average. One Bruce system and the other thing began to talk about jealousy with the system. The Fella had the locking lips in so when he was done that putting it into from entry on the brink competent mechanical he locked the lid on grab the whole thing. War inside of it in. Out the door and so another convenience. Staring ahead in the you know vote on. Yeah that type of damage but all the all the day went swimmingly well via be a lot of fun things are going for coming by things are ready who brought in the time appears to. Well we've always bring beer on tap for these. It is kind of outdone by what customers bring him to share with the and thank you offer. A good speakers brewing season kind of matches up with all season like it gets started. In all our events in Lincoln April march April number so it's kind of interest with this spring tasting because it it's kind of a passing of the torch. Think the older guard of rumors you know who started up in the eighties and primarily. Extract and Holmes 20. Eight and a brutal winter. To attend stock appears to have while some summer. While a new kind of generation of boomers and associate this with a propane burner igloo cooler. And the barbecue in the back here to see that kind of passing of the torch of some people are kind of finishing up their meeting over Beers bottled keg and put away. First summer and some people are just getting started. Was kind of an whispering and so whether it's to pull out on the and so will be here for both of those bulls I was saying it. In that way but also in the way that. You know unique high and a while ago and then national homer day now we get into may and June and this is one. There's a lot of beer fast it's late if you if you wanna get out and get social. And have your home Peru brought so communal. Competitions and on exactly that a while once this is the time a year where we start like I was as a what's next on the calendar. After homer day home. Permanently kind of starts to slow down here now there's nothing really big dirty been home currents of the big national convention is just happened. Arm and again I think it cast comes from traditionally home brew was more for winter hobby. In so now we associate slow down through dialogue events until. Teacher friend from day in November. Which we will also do a big celebration for Herbert 25 Fuhrman actually usually the bigger. Of the two Bloomberg politics so wanna fall. Akron but that's all the way out in mid November. All right well let's get some. Housekeeping before we get to pick the overall topic the big topics going to be oxygen and beer. But. Tara hop rise homes how you look we still have. All for all right from the team that beat you to have him looked. At a recently but I don't believe that there's anything we've run out of yet that we're starting to get lower and some varieties. It's surprising one mountain hood in organ can quite low on. Even though we ordered more than we thought we're gonna need for this year that's been very popular. It's a Mount Hood is the German pop grown in the United States can acclimated to soils. But Purdue is great opts for. Tell listeners bloggers you know release the thing you think of when you think the premier computer. The Columbus in the comment herb both. Americans he pops through and through people's content Fergie flavor. Have candy like Roma. Those have been moving fast and so far ahead to predict what we're going to be out of and it's going to be goes we still have everything in stock there's still plenty of time to plan. The rise arms that were out from our store were planted in late June a couple of years ago he still have time however. If you're trying to get harvest the first year if you really want him to get established while you wanna give him an early. I'm just actually redid them a garden bed and I'm thinking about. Planning some hops you sail on offense it's great place but if you let me ask you this if you're gonna plant on your pop's next to a fans should you get a mini trial us to help it's our. Or will it really do the work that fence if it's a change in and so do the work but wouldn't put up a standard that's even with like eight since gaps. It won't get through it won't deep into the fence it won't climb. Arms so I've had friends who tritium to grow up and wooden picket fences or dead trees in the won't do it again these are not damaging in Rome to decide your out. Do they don't again don't repeat your foundation originally rampart and that kind of slow leak. Ramble. On the I had a look at the cops at the store were going up at 21 and they probably. Give around on 360. Degrees every eight inches signatures that they're not completely raping and choking. Other soft but they're the into the foundation what about the so what got offense that has boards that are eight inches wide you probably have to put something from this so training trailer that throw us yeah or aura that dude if you wanna say you wanna make it look like growing up defense. Taken I output one at the top one at the bottom. And then run that you line in between that are really close but it's Oates looked like the rise arms are growing. But they're really not and then at the end of the year you can just cut away that you twine on news that islets marks. That's one more for club Madison's well because Amanda some. Adam expect that at that and the other climbing flowering plan all right so. On to the actual cops themselves tropical hot you guys reload with those yeah loaded up for summer on a lot of people are asking for these he's going to goes you know. Tropical pale LPA which are going to be anything the big bugs worked on this summer we have Idaho seven old Otto in bowl comment. How to Pacific jam market to block key. Lemon drop and again experimental 0720. Viewed. And I won yet ozone and tonight. Is it from and what's it what's the story on. On there's not much how much storage or you history you've got and I think with the success of 438. From the other experimental hops. On these were probably hops that they just gave weight to Burmese people way you'd seems sometimes that trade shows Holbrooke on. But as of recently think there's enough interest in. These kind of experimental hops from home so wanna play with a lot of opted to several Beers and so they're releasing. Com this won't post again and tropical too spicy. Flavors are at different ends of the spectrum of intrusive deceit and where it falls. But. Home reform I am so. They will sell them two exits the wire regaining all these experiment on them but there's a lot of back story behind this one there not you know that forced 38. That was sold to. Benefit a lot so every time you. Bought one you don't needed. Three dollar home brew shop donated three dollars NY CH meet the donation hop packaging efforts. That's one assists straight out. It so he grabbed those tropical hops all the rage these days and then finally. The new rule comet comet as a troubled pop suit even grolier. But also the danced our yeast we talked with a little bit last week and I know you're excited about it and I think. What I said last week that a lot of other people excited about that a lot of other faithful followers of different starring and they're yeast and especially Nottingham. And a lot of people started looking at the stats on and so I immediately turned around. After national home Thursday it was actually the first national Albert in along time right in through the shop in the other people brewing. You know it freed me up. Join or the east in which I enjoyed by the end of the day it was a little disappointed that I didn't have appear going traditional older days or one moment. And I gruden Neitzel are the the and buries it starting gravity of 49 points today. Pitched it at 58 put into the firm entries in chamber. Set to 54 degrees and then in about twelve to sixteen hour taking back and checked on it in it would slow rolling at 54 degrees. So so far. The diamond blogger. Is living up to its. But you know single patch on five counts that fifty points. Hand. It's for all 55 degrees. We'll be up to a expectations so far right all right grab everything you need we're gonna detour topic look. Must take a break now and do the media that we get back oxygen and fears so second after the show how to you know when you want it when you don't wanna oxen. Oxygen is a Fox's well the odds are it will be a fact we're gonna practice don't guard oh yeah oxygen. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means either you're home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com Snyder tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just bring. I look back here and Activision just threw it. There oxidation oxidation. But no these cars with Syria are sort talk about oxidation and beer oxidized. Situations whatever oxygen in beer. Forty start though. What things were armed. And I talked about oh elect troop Maria and let them in the spent about 45 minute period in my war. And a former car looks at me in the member for years they remembered at mine and and what if your pitching enough yeast in and you might require some oxygen just from transfer. It's something that is very important that a lot of homers don't ever think about. Arm but it's a big factor when kind of preventing other problems. And especially if you're using a lot of new east or yeast that might be slightly questionable so if you re culture out of about or something like that. Oxygen in the right points to release help you and giving it in the beer the wrong points are really going to hurt you. So let's talk about kind of problems first and many have oxygen first and not enough when you really want to gonna end up with spears are under attenuated. Meaning the east is not gonna hand the kind of health with the gets into the cells and McNamee have enough cells of ferment the beer all the way out to finish. On your also are gonna get some finale flea Burks with that so could be anything from kind of you know you know burnt smoky flavors I'm usually not good ones. To kind of you know home. Tart cherry or something like that not again and it hurt cherry that you get from an ice. In all like Belgian art and she's but the kind you get when you coldly. You know lost control fermentation actually championed the temperature trying to get it to finish out. If he says and have a healthy fermentation you could also end up with the stock for patient your stock fermentation a lot of times is gonna lead to an infection because there's how many extra nutrient. Are kind of available in the beer. If you. Him to mucks oxygen when you don't want it. You're gonna get an oxidized flee and always has been changed the color the beer toast and appear slightly darker usable more brown. And with the color EC after you bite into an apple and you leave it around for awhile. But it's also gonna begin to taste like cardboard and and then kind of drift in to like all believes in and smell like a pile leave the gauntlet down here for art since last fall. On. You also will get some for knowledge flavors you're not escaping goes either in the kind of end up lending more into kind of pottery notes in the long run. And adding ear and oxygen when you don't want it can also lead to an infection. Usually of the robe that mold. And mice selenium and what more the EC form. At the Topper from enters if you lost Cecile arm. So oxygen is really important to the com let's start talking break from the beginning of the process in the match in Boyle. Arm often you'll hear not to stir the mantra that is there the war. Com in this is because during the match and during the boil the heat amplifies the oxidation. Arm. So you don't wanna stir the other things you often don't think about. Is don't want return lines from T re circulation which are urging lines when you're running off. Drip always put them down to the bottom of the pot or underneath the liquid level. So that you're not letting that it would fall through the year that exposure that's time in this surface area. Exposed to air you're trying to keep it at this point. As. You know little exposure possible. Then when you get to chilling beer. Once you get down to below hundred meaty victories. That kind of exemplified effect is not as bad now some commercial breweries will start duration. Rated about a 18080. Degrees b.s are gonna start whirlpool and the beer the got to start getting it down going to be. And investment here problem and they don't want that to spend a lot of time. In fact it. Now personally is home for partially because it's not as much monetary investment going through May appear a lot faster. I usually wait about a hundred degrees. To start your operation and some people wait the good bit cooler but I feel safe and I don't see any facts at 100 degrees. So for me that means while whirlpool and I normally have the kind of supply line I just hold that right off the actionable and just floats believe out into the cac and so that's that some just as it's whirlpool and it's not going down below the liquid line anymore it's whispering street at the top of the war. Armed. There're a lot of waste air. And you wanna make sure you're doing at least one so I'm I do the whirlpool that some people injecting air into the world Korman and I just make sure that it doesn't. Hit all the way down to luck with that it's bringing you know and at the surface it is making some bubbles. It's you know making able to splash I can hear it the only thing they have to watch out for some mean sure that the phone doesn't over flow the pot if you're new order. The easiest way is going to beat report back in force between the group pot in the market. An analyst Emeka. Certainly amass your always wondering if you're having gotten off on and it can be hard on the back. Armed easiest way that I found that I did for a long time is simply to let it trickle out of apartment the format. So I would. Used to slow stream that I could possibly stand were talking about you know and leaky faucet knighted for a little bit more bankrupt but the will be key Fossett. And go ahead and get as much time and exposure as you council ought to drop this highs you feel comfortable I have a pocket. I'm gonna keep that operate on the scope of the pocket all aware a floor and just let it slowly drip into the from Turk. Now if you really wanna get fancy the way to do it is with either a pump and at the filter. Or the oxygen tank and stone. On to secure pumping air into aquarium. You give the beer pollution of either air or straight oxygen. Arm into the pier at room temperature. To bump up now you can tying that's so you can have a little more control how much from bash Patrick giving. This is also by far the most expensive when it comes in two equipment. Chief Bender looking at thirty bucks fifty if you go for talks and so if you just wanna pump up the filter stone the whole kit with the hoses. Point seven dollars one little oxygen tank you're still in need to come in probably about twenty dollars stuff from office. Is closer have to go to well chopper Home Depot and grab an oxygen. Entered on the only time once fermentation is started that you really should be ere reading. Is if you have a stock for patient and that's kind of questionable because it's one of those things where the benefit of giving the east to restart. And finish out the fermentation. Mean not be worth some of that it'll flee Percy you're currently get they can only get some extra finale flavors again pitching more towards the pottery. You may get some oxidation but if you have a stock fermentation is just not for mentoring we're talking about not old. I'm at 72. Percent I wanted to get seven before were talking about I'm at 35%. I was hoping to get at least seventy what elderly dude here. Those are the one time. The humane want to hear rate. And I would open up the from entry given potential stirring to keep checking in every day to try to route seize back to action and now the most important. Place to kind of pay attention here is during the wreck appear. So once appears finish fermenting it is very vulnerable to oxygen when it was from renting was obviously giving up all this CO2. In his is giving off it's it's just constantly working itself out which holding capacity. The dissolved gases and giving off those gases and creating positive pressure aside from enter. Very hard for oxygen to get into. But once it's done formatting it's very easy arm when your ranking should always be going from the bottom up one vessel to the bottom of the other. Somewhere I know I've made mistakes as I go bottom of one and I just let it pour in the other or Eileen and against the side. Right ago quality code on the site right that's all we knew anything about you have all that liquid running on the side of instrument and every leaking and re eventually you know kind of path there. In every. Exposed arcs so you wanna do is keep it just below the surface of because he put all the way at the bottom I would think that eventually it can't continue to fill. Can economy can add. They'll know you can withdraw from the lot of middle that was well bustle. You'll lower than the other it will continue to fill this why would people come into the store all the time. Were always pushing him to all your and he knew wracking so what do you want five feet six feet you know treated there for her uncle with some lecturing here because. You know in Europe and you're getting everything ready year siphon you know primed to run across the basement. You put into the fermenter in the and you go to the hosed down and you realize oh this part about two feet lower on the floor. And it needs to be so little bit of extra host Woolsey he's here having a charity get started. We'll save you. Do you want to go from the bottom one bustle of bottoming via there never pouring never report your beer overcome tough you know one for mentored to the other. In this is low to try to minimize the surface area in the time exposed to the year. Column for the author of the best and that's what I would say every home brewers are expected to. Notes and any copy and especially in Holmgren if there is a group the kind of takes this too extreme and these are the low oxygen numbers. The real leader the process differs in two Cassini differences during. You know spoil our mantra or anything like that are really during primary fermentation. But it really during chilling. In during rant PC difference the first vault code to chill on. The only start to deteriorate once the east has been pitched. So that means deeper in the hole or down to pitching temperature. With how causing any major reputations are refusing merchant chiller. It injured and re circulate you wanna keep that reach circulation holes below the liquid level keep at a low. On if your news account or float chiller you're going to try to get it in one pants. Right into the from miniature or few cycle back in Tuesday. A bomb plot Quantico low and again get a below surface. Once you get down to pitching temperatures had injuries and then you're gonna begin year. Aeration like crazy on and usually the to a for a bit longer. In not satisfied. So they might re circulate put on us lol. Pomp of error. For about you know thirty to 45 minutes. So the idea here is that here is not. Giving a lot of time to sit around in the beer these were up take it pretty quick they start within twenty minutes it's either done. Within anywhere from few hours to a most eight to twelve hours worked conditions. In the east is just about remove all the year out of so the economy since the time you're reading at a hundred degrees and usually if I'm being gentle on the water. It still takes mean another thirty minutes. Column. To get down pitching temperatures are already here reading this time they're probably doing a little bit more are exercising. Then air raiding. On to the tickets too extreme the pitch seized him in there and they start the actions so the idea is that goes right from the year into the east. Arm in the obvious thing that lower chambers do is instead of just racking. From one vessel to the often utilized Cornelius tags to push the earth from one spot at fermentation to the other. In the flush out the next fossils of going in to a car week in flush out the car blew it CO2 used to go from the bottom one bustle of the bottom the other. But he would also be pushing that fear now with any priming water now with the pomp you know site Finley the auto siphon. But with the CO2. And they're from entry push it out from one vessel to the one Cornelius. Savers and doing it with our buoys in July last. Hectic and the blood pressure and it moves faster. On and so the kind of argument so I haven't said why and the oxygen. Arm the people were relieved are believe it will release is essential for certain styles particularly. Really delicate pale whales. You know and German lark we hear. The kind of delicate mole profiles of these pierce can and oxidize they're fast mean people think about. How often get its current German pills one that kind of Haiti. Knows too and you know. Not fresh cut grass. It may be able to oxidation and mostly we think about that happens in the bottle as it comes here. Com and these are trying to capture these and delicate mulch Romans. Are really trying to push this kind of low oxygen to the street I would have to say. Think there's a little bit of pictures so that. I don't think you get that much more of just having really good techniques through review racking. Arm and staying on top of the B a the other thing that's very important that your leaving along our week. For even informant turf while trees don't have a ton had space or few doomed flights ago with Theo to. On before and after you put the beer into the cart we. Com. But if you go into the low oxygen. It's almost securing key you'll be losing some of these fine Romans from animals and crops. On. On that there are those the kind of take it to that extreme and they're growing number. Number specially CC more home brewers use comical as more poll numbers have tagging system. The party have the tools around. To give up trying and so on and I have to admit I'm gonna mean to give it a try this locker and going with the diamond he's. I have a comparison. Right. After given it trouble you put dead danced on the diamond lager we you have that to be sampled the sore. I will when we have the tapped for you read a lot of beer to aloft opened for the national poll number day. So pretty but it wants to come in and have appeared to be doing a favor and you get toward the diamond blogger low that passed. And very good but at frost that was fast. All of all the personal bought oxygen and and beer. Now older well. As much as we felt comfortable invite invite the team and an important part of it at least are what you need to write if you missed last week's show it was all ball making it Shandi. And next week maybe coaches and notes on your list the things to do of the agreement are out there you know. All right happy mother's dates everyone out there to the moms to your mom listening if your mom that's brewer have moms and while. If your mom's been asking about what Beers remembering that hadn't seen. Interest at February 020. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Brought to you by an average traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started with the committee twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.