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Saturday, May 6th

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It's. It's. Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Merchandise there good Saturday morning welcome tonight if this just threw it. In fifteen point Jerry white for oyster among other things and say happy national. Home brew day. But we're celebrating today you got so happy happy national homered. You are hard with this weather but. Good data bruins' side sometimes it's nice when it's. Miserable because I don't feel the pressure to go outside again I cannot go down and did you feel pressure a couple of more bloggers 04 this summer ice cold weather cold. May be wet basements you know com. You know flow from entered on the yeah why not get after so what's going on today add to Niagara tradition. That we've ever heard warning beginning during class that's for entry level upper and we have a couple of tickets still available for that although I think that the we noticed that the week and weather report came we or more people signing up for the class. In we also having altering during demo in tasting at 130 will be doing numbering demo with the green fodder brewing so be interesting to check out for anybody who wants the seat. Green proper and all of wondering system shall pricey. Com but accomplice all kind of conveniences. Hand abilities economic control man. That you get a much more expensive system so. Something interest in check now for the beginning borrowing class he said tickets are still available missiles and spots out of that and of course today is the last days that you can capitalize armor 10% off all ingredients and a lot of people have been doing that all we can we appreciate. All of you that put in green grinding orders early. Comments that Albion picked up during the tasting on Saturday thank you for that we appreciate that bait and your brain will be crushed ready and pull out that your car and come back in. There before we move on episode the beginner brewing class for someone is thinking about coming what exactly will you have as part of the beginner class or anti future of the reasons why home brew and what you need to really focus on when you for store. It's not going to be one of those. At times he'd be getting during class and they're like three and half thousand dollar Blackmon system and they're doing altering. It's not real the real cost per year and were actually in the use we have an induction stove we be ignored the big fancy system kinda. And we use an induction stove any small three Galen home stock pot. And home utensils to take you through basic boring. And we actually you know. Do this ourselves. We've. Fully believe that. You don't necessarily beginning fancier equipment but he. Doing all the don't necessarily cute the high quality product and if you really pay attention suit basics. Starting out you may creep beer save a lot of money in if you want to invest in gadgets and toys later army that decision. It's on the beginning during classes relief designed to teach you first start. Brewed a fermentation bottling. And options there. That you would have just with the beginnings are and of course you're gonna have tastings today as well. 13130. Three different Beers the party dialed the brown more from Beers yeah. From Porter from the party now our line's still turn away. New England like he appealed. And there's always going to be. I think in or the articles I have Allman talked. We also have won any chance that'll that later we have one votes treat for you. There. All right very good. Now on some of the pop options that are out their front and how the Eldorado hop pastor remains in stock it means in stock has been popular sold its galaxy we still have our limit of two ounces per customer. We've gotten low on the stock but we've always been able it'll but more trickling and so we still have galaxies to limit. Two for customers who we have a lot of new order new ish hops. That are looking like they're going to be popular at least some of Reno will be really popular right in summer in the health benefit and that tropical. Fruit category of props that he currency is popular buzzword. Right PA's here to serve an uptick in the number of tropical hops vote. Especially if you look at new crops which ones take off. The author of the warmth that you know happened so we look at what the Eldorado cream bullet. And comet like Lockett to. Those are some lemon drop that been around for awhile that Pam fields and definitely tropical fruit flavors you to this year really I host seven. Hot too. What if the and then there's a new one experiment hole 07270. Really wish they would if anything happens. And we also have some of that so appear interest in them in the new pops the season. We have those plus a bunch more plus some of the ones we're so you popular last year we shall keep round. You know we have a million ounces always compounds. Bomb but some of these like Idaho seven vacancy be popular this year some really great room was coming off that Juan. The comet some of the other ones that haven't had a chance to open up and play around with but mean new rules and. It well so what's what's on the docket for that we've got some things you mention elimination you wanna get to that a little bit later yeah but before that it's super. When I'm super excited about it. Is the nude women blogger from Dan's. New yeast yes the end Starr has been one Kennedy's with the staples of homers for more than twenty years. They have produced some of the most reliable workhorse he's out there in the open theory limited stock in the office of a very limitless art collective mass. Disputed. State. On so we don't get all the varieties produced in Europe. In and new variety are all new to answer for you in the United States. On a lot of places here unions including us and that's that diamonds aren't. So the kind of boring you up to date you know. If you think at the end star like I think the winds are nodding yeah. To kind of work or English sales especially and is used everything from pseudo loggers to super accurate life keys are only one pains to theaters. You can relate system now meet Andy he'll style beer cheap on some blogger with this yeast Ian the temperature rainfall listed from sixty to 68. He talked to any number I mean they've papers went four Beers were from fifty should be increased to 75 with a feast. It just keeps chugging along it as theory. Low fly accumulation rate and it stays in suspension very long so if you have temperature changes are kind of bad conditions treaties to stick around they do the work. Com they also help LC's which is one that the a couple of years ago the ruling has taken off from popular emperor flock to take this city's companies are blues you know 678%. Pearson three to five days. Cattle the cac. And so. Every east that they've ever produces. Is real calm on steroids they put out. And so now so are compiled the German authorities so there's a lot of higher expectation. Obviously the extreme importance off from their website which also when I was on the web site they lifted Nottingham is the height performance. East. All right on their website that the new diamond loggers going to be true bloggers for him returning from Germany total effort robot character. Delivers excellent presentation performance as the ability to produce clean and authentic lockers. Bomb and then you look at the conditions in the eighth day. Anywhere from fifty to sixty degrees is optimum we know in the end stars that their optimum range of means usually in which are probably five to ten victories. On either side. Value but here's the really. Impressive thing that they listen and excited about and web site. And I've been looking at this he's for awhile and hero what would be ways that we get in reliably for a fact it's true. Ameen distributor is ordering some you know on the UK. Vigorous fermentation. They can be completed with high attenuation fluctuation neutral Roma and from typical traditional logger flavor. In five days. To anybody who's afraid of you entering a logger because of you know temperature requirement I know we've kind of push you in the shall not to say don't be afraid to log a lot of forgiving ease. I'm out there but I would be willing to. Bad that this is going to be the most forgiving east while and I haven't used yet a little excited area packet on. On the first chance you with a free from monitor. I'm going to get something in their. Arteries and a lot of home numbers have come and we have a that the car owner. Arm and have descriptive thinking that. Would you ever it's it's you know. A lot of times when year. Try to match someone with a recipe eulogized give much yeast that you think performs well not necessarily in the family that it would be. Always chosen for yeah it in depth there's the I think the big reason home group shops. To that there's a big reason breweries do that in this because if you don't have the right east for the year. But you from meant it well you're probably going to be better off than having the exact traditional yeast inspiring the hole from patient so if you try to use that bohemian. You know like chuck he's and you you miss your ramping up. Are coming up from like the fifties that I quarries and an almost a press is now at 60% anyways and you struggle to get back in this and be history's going to be arcs such loose those fine malt Romans. And hopefully now ruined the beer. We are you do it with him more neutral locker yeast with its more forgiving like this in oh I don't have as much as that offering noses at. Much more CNN. And that's why I think you know Albert shops are always gonna point to Cortese were course he's. I think that's why experienced the words law that they know they can. Push them and trying to push you know pastor profiles. In Nottingham as an example that. You know push it to really Q what they want in note that kind of fall out now so. Were excited about the seat. Vigorous fermentation. Neutral flavor Roma in five days and we'll see how this is an for a limited time mean you don't on this is going to be a regular soccer hopefully. It takes office and is popular because I would love to have around alms. But yet that looks up to expectation. That it should be a creed the you know come in Houston to vote on recipes thief and for a ideal temperature between fifty and 59. It's like the perfect week to do this you got. So because I don't know the temperatures dipped to plus 59 anytime now in and around here to be quite a their basements and yet you know if you have a cold or re from the area from Europe against the you know the concrete and put a towel over even in the heat of summer and exit. You know. Very good. All right well let's get to a break and talk about the things you're not as excited talk about which era. Lemonade she and easing UUU Britain on justifying them yes and I'm gonna I'm gonna justify am it's that disdain of a lot of kind of home birds win. Somebody finds out you lumber in the first NC seeking an inch and and so get into low all right justifying she Andy's. When we get back matches lemonade Eminem does your involvement autumn elements. All right so shanties on the way as we prepare for warmer weather events. Its name. Maybe but eventually at some point. I'm not traditions just for continues next here on ESPN if people. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Dual sided give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew. But the fact an actress and just good ideas and fifty. Twenty generally professor before we get to. Shanties and you want to mention hop rise homes and all those different varieties that you still have and that is not our assistant to wait. Yeah and a lot of people are asking award to a need to do we're having a late snow with the top prize on the answer is nothing. Looking at the you know whether profile while all of my tomatoes are soul inside and it will be keeping them in sight for another week or two employer really trust the weather. Arm the top prize owns or outside. They've been growing fine over the past couple of days I've noticed that home into the shop through these forty degrees drizzly days and they put on almost a foot. Network a mom so don't worry about cops who worry about everything else and garden don't worry about perhaps in the yours thinking about planting crops obviously the sleet snow chose to there's still tied. Were still pretty early in whispering if you wanna get cops in the ground we got all by the righty still available. And so you can see those online buyers and art com or you can just walked in and buy com. You know. And when will report archer who will start driver right decent so there's a particular. Comment. Columbus Mount Hood it's seem to be really popular ones this year sterling surprisingly good. And so fewer interest at one of those who went one agreements that are openly. All right to get tonight tradition today's good data to you in. Say on a lot of stuff you last in self for an national home brew day which is tomorrow but celebrations and so you. If you can't make it and you know its place in an online order by and to date today. And so at the right so let's justify some shanties here. Okay that these are really becoming increasingly popular have been over the past couple. Summers and a lot of home ever really get man and somebody. Some normally with the number come into the shop they come in with maybe a couple of recipes on the new I. When they come in somebody's system. To me is shanty they say some via Mimi to Chansi. In the there's not much it's like well that and so hopefully implement tree debris below the excitement personal kind of get into. Histories of this can't hear that term comes from an English launched efforts. Which is to publicly in English bitter which is then mixed by art and with eleven lines Soto order a ginger ale. At the table and it's as simple as that took traditionally that but it is I think really what we've done here in the US is kind of mix traditions. So in Germany. Because of points because of the purity laws can only use malt hops yeast and water. The bartenders have gotten a little more creative. Comments or mixed beer with tons of fruit. It's. Prices. Tease he also sees sodas including Red Bull being very popular mixed with their beer well at the bar. Operate in front view before. They give you collapse com. And so we've kind of mix that up here so we're taking a light non wheat beer usually in the were putting in tons of I'll root sometimes hard to determine what makes it she empty different than for beer think if you panel look across Brandt asked to have some citrus senate. Arm and so if you're trying to make one at home you actually have lots of options. And bull have Ashanti and today to try at the store armed that's going to be actually from one of those easy pick up auctions which is a liquid. Extract it from birds bats that we have. Armed that you just take bring home rehydrate and water Ian star treatment and if you really just trying to make when you. You wanna do it tempered agent while your water heating up all you need to do sanitize the market. Put in some cold water. Bring it to temperature Pitt she's closed from record done. You can do that before you're done Steven Green ticker extract Peru you have hold back to CNT. Keep somebody you know household happy for the summer but you also have if you wanna borrow more traditional loans theater funeral some variables so let's. Com. You have some options in the first. Method probably the easiest thing is some through your choice of light beer and then right before bottling. And sugar free lemonade mix it tastes now this is something you don't have to do with the whole. Bet Hugh kidney traditional it. Light pale oil. And then you could bottle off. Awful case of it and then you could add your sugar free lament WiMax to the rest of bottling bucket and me and nice case of lament line when you say. When you say add to taste how are you gonna know whats right are you gonna put the mix in the block it look at them they're good base good mr. mix with the bat now with each individual Bob. Make that within the funding and do that with an entire batch primes so few who traditionally bottle with carbonation tablets were out of a car Louis I'm sorry you're gonna have to sanitize a popular in or are we hear something an accident. Be your simply aren't going to. And it. Taste it. And try to mix gently if you don't cost much aeration. Arm I usually do prefer to try to pasteurized that somehow so called usually meet up and off first today. Gallon of eliminate a make them into a simple sort solution passed writes it in the microwave. A lot of cooled down at a pace in the rehydrate. The raps in two regular one minute that. Second Messi can do is you can try sneaking in theory sweet beer usually trying to stick with a lot light mall cigarette use like maybe it feels normal. Match fairly warm with a little bit of American doctrine or German Carol foam ball in their. And then you're going to add six appeals both to the under the boil into the second theory fermentation walls whatever fruit you also might want aunt. The struggle with that beard there is always trying to keep some residual stripper because. The fruit is gonna ans simple sugars it's actually gonna help these from answer more of the sugar strike from the mall. On and into the lower finishing gravity so you might need to steal back Sweden with a little bit of zero calorie sugar in the resort we talk keep talking about. Zero calorie sugar here is because they're zero calorie treaties are not really sure he glucose base. A breakdown into something cause bottle bombs. Later down the road now this all gets a lot easier if you have eight tagging system. These you have a keg system you don't. Quarter yeast to naturally park meet the beer. So you can absorb eight frightening K. Which won't hit it more fermentation and then he compacts beat him back flavor with what ever you want he could take you keg of beer at sort rate. In begin adding Ferguson concentrates to it you know liquid concentrate. Fresh fruit. Into the tag into secondary and it won't from meant any of Kosher so cute all those fresh fruit flavors but you have to count and then being able to artificially carbon. But that makes it real easy and then the fourth method is to brew and English better. And then just an accident that it wanted to do and and and I think too on what that's the most fun. Most fun as if at some little summary have guests over somebody's asking for food beer. To go inside and pull out what to blood oranges. A little bit of you know feel left over for cocktails or put out on a nicely played. What your gas kind of mix are important to appear or what and soda. And I think kind of when you do that actually makes little but more fun but if you're looking for that convenience of just oh pop the top don't have to dirty tonight don't have to make sure you have feel fresh elements and lines and oranges around the house. He gave you some options there. Yeah and bringing was better I mean that's a fairly. Simple peer to bros so in a few Wanamaker Cheney into a Ballard a mix of the table all seal have. The versatility of having year old your own English better means that he wants something like that. Which is great beer too rapidly ferment. In all sorts of temperatures. And release. Arm produce quick green beer I would suggest mapping. And went. Benefit it's it's a great Greek style kind of play around with it's very new troll. Lower alcohol and can as a nice subtly sweet ball back or if you're trying to. Add in all on the line religions or something like that to it has been you can go on to American oil on sales as well. You release he a lot of different Beers labeled as. Much out there and all these. Process these would be exactly the same whether it's lemonade Shandi or any other type of shenanigans are talking about prospered so have fresh trees and where you and watermelon cantaloupe. Absolutely. Gonna call it a chance he probably should have some citrus bright. And timeframe on this and it if you're gonna make the bidder it's going to be pretty quick yet sold under the grip better. NC were doing carrying the something to do in week. Easily. If you're doing something low Maurer. With the trying to me the sweet beer balancing it and you know with citrus PO and then. You know possibly back Sweden before bottling. And meet a couple of weeks in Pittsburgh. But if you're just looking to do like the quick and looks better. And then an effort to a summer that's something that you can be doing week to week. And probably why it's one of the receipt of favorite. Beginning hole members to lose because. Wouldn't like to call it easy style Tammy. Arm but he is very forgiving in Pittsburgh quick turn. So for just starting out home growing and if you want that instant gratification. And that couple Beers into the cellar. Before you tackle something. You know big right here a year early line Russian imperial stout. A bidders who did your personal effort on your experience you view listed for methods to make issue and is anyone gonna give you a better fresher taste like Willis candy keep an keg relief well to keep in the keg laws especially the sort. That would probably be my it was not that mrs. orbit the beer after a long while and secondary analyst at secretary for about a week. And then mix in front of fresh from meetings and re. And then after sat there for awhile you can reckoning to carry. And at that point you can back sweeten a few edits for rate was two samples Europe's agency can use regular people or if you want to sweeten beer. Actually wouldn't suggest using multi dose of course. You a lot of body and had retention beautiful sweetness looking for sweetness here. So if you can sort rated artificially carbonated. Low those who goes a long way and back on the first met you mentioned sugar free eliminated makes is they're all such a thing yeah terrorist. It's that's easy sometimes. Have to buy it in the individual. Oh all packets. But there are some plans out there that sell. You know pre mixes for courts and stuff like that that would obviously tried. Before you go and to a whole beer with any accident just go on filing date. By Amax. Go to historic grab a couple of different mixes tried it and see which ones your favorite. Make sure that none of easily choose different artificial for pictures reckoning it means. Harsh off labor from any particular brand Coetzer paper one. And then mixed that in the taste numbered if you make a mistake Hillary. Non sugar three you will have to get those bottles into the frigid it's an NC carbon. This is another option that I have in our bodies are going to be about albums. In talking to them a further step. This is something that. A lot of home owners to do don't really talk about. But they'd back sweetened beer kindly Q would keep your drinking soda pops that the use of formidable sugar. They do at least one in a pop. Once appeared fully carbonated they've been rushed. All of those Beers into the fridge. But you have to keep them cool they will be slowly over our reigning if you ever poll goes out and left them out overnight or what the warm and cool work. They would potentially be bombs very quickly so yes duke and bottle with non artificial sweetener. Bush you're taking your. Kind eyesight and your own hands and in the bottom free agent. So where I protection you might wanna put him into law in case. But you can back sweetened bottled beer. Re sure it's it seems like. That avenue is for the more advanced. And worked here. To Ryan you better be ready to get through this year where these I have personally done that was different bureau projects. And I do notice even in the bottom in the for accurately too slow leak continued over and over time. All of so if you know you're going to be going through one quick. And be able to keep the ball in house. For that not the kind of beer you want to give away to somebody. Without at least war. All right. That'll do it for us national home brew day. Gets uniter edition for the beginner brewing Klestil spots of wealth of that available for that tasting and all grain down 0130 with a grain father. That's delicate cool guy that they called a grandfather it's a device that you really should see if you have not yet the grandfather. Beer tastings as well on the last day sales 10% off all ingredients in store and online. And if you had a friend it's been breaking news to eliminate chance he'd tell them to listen to this show and then to go themselves. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.