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Just Brew It
Saturday, April 14th

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You. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just really want to you by now with traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Dye Easter. Good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara positions just threw it here on ESPN fifteen to point your liver dies tourists aren't out I'm. Beautiful days on Wednesday vehicles have been waiting for spring to break in just actually make up and today's that day of the year. Or ways of Graeme homegrown competition in the paint who will be tonight. So you know what future and bantered and you can make too big quit they'll still usually. Told this week life's tweets is also be including up. The results of the competition on their upset over pricing Gorton. And check out the results tonight of and see if you want otherwise you will keep your country for two will get any prizes and you will get all your. Sheets actually sent back to doctor patient and wait. If those results in the mail but if you're not patient in one and only you can check out online tonight SC one very good. All right so that's. Visit today when that when they post it like is that refresh the page refresh the page you mean. You don't you see that the they put all the results in the east are filling him in the tonight goes on I usually followed sultans of sweet life tweet. You know to keep up sedate life tweet each. You know each category 12 and three NC accounts. And then. Very good that's exciting may second deadline for the UD half fortieth annual home brew competition yup. So if you have more appears to attorneys who may be of some Beers you haven't quite finished up a bottle yet. He still got plenty of time as of right now. To enter into unique content we are of course also a drop off location for union house well. We already have some folks who turned in pierce for unique high Endy ward at the same time to area stack. The union countries in the back if you got your super and it. It top prize on snap on knobs are here OK we have got all the priorities circle question on whether repeatedly get a couple of varieties. We have a majority of them in and were selling them so if you had pre ordered he should party ought to call the male. Arm or they're probably thirty arm their weight he used to be looking for them in the mail turn again in the ground as quickly as possible. I'm not that you can't play them all the lately Mimi the early June and have him take. But you'll get a much better world the first year earlier you get them in the around. For those of you who don't know with the top prize alms are. There's a bitterly and flavoring agent in beer also one of the area accidents and we're using the flower for perennial rise. Some people are growing these rights arms to use that pops others are just growing as a really nice ornament on the comeback year after year these clusters of pine cone like flowers. They don't route berg kind of dig into your foundation to your citing terror part Fazio to train them up a small stream. And then taking cover whatever space you like the strength on that they won't deep into anything so they won't do PM that your house to answer for very good. Tax returns. He means by self I can speak I actually just got mine I didn't buy anything and it paid down things that are bought us some but every sometimes maybe Google did that you know buying count a flotilla surveyor guns. Detection jerseys and I was a good time to you know maybe. Up pure convenience level lower you were level becomes the home brewing. And I think a lot of people hurting going this way I think this is a it's one of the bigger and nonessential Humber items and that's that kicking system. Arm false keg system and our truth shall set you back 235. Dollars. Arm and because it's a nun in central sucking you decaying system Peru and IP it repels here. To get into the hobby twin competitions. It goes back for a for a lot of brewers. But it's a big big turning safer and if you're in this hobby you wanna try to use your time to to only the fun parts. And you'll also open up the piercings you're willing to so few decaying system you're not just during strong pierce agent bottles anymore now your bring light pale oil spill listeners. That you conserve and give to people you don't mind you know bringing beer to a party. If you didn't spend three hours in the basement bottle it by yourself one night you know carrying. You're done and about 1520 minutes from car Bowie. To tag and it's will age you know to slicker bottled beer. In that'll never lasts as long. So he can indicating. You know if you haven't already. It's you or your blood for punishment bottling every single style beer I mean I Keck I don't carry everything. But I carry a lot of my later styles hand it pays because I wouldn't serve Bure front there wouldn't poring over four hours all the time. If I was bottling everything in twelve ounce bottles. Current so one of the things are gonna get to today is about the age of IPA's. And why I PA's don't age. And also I wanted to ask you about there are some IPA's that are marketed as. Drink spot you know so we don't has enjoyed by and they are not alone in that the other gonna be drink by the state so. I guess what I wanted to ask you before you and it all this about I'd IPA's and in the aging process is. On how can you change the process of a brew like I wanna go make an idea animus think probably has to be drank in a certain amount time. Does every RPA. Hal a shelf life they're just kind of the first ones to really focus on it. I think every every beer has a shelf life in general. Be they all and am breakdown in certain ways. But I think what is is a really comes to argue so if you look at something like up pills in her orally warrant. A Belgian lamp would be a great example of this to you put it in the cellar and kind of like a wind. You know it the what it hit its peak. Is really not a quantitative. You know observation to me you can drink you can take a which relief that now. You know you give it to a friend they don't like it now. Go for a couple of months and all of a sudden it flipped a toilet to batter before so there's known. It will save for a lot of Beers set perfect topic. You can put him in the basement you can eat him for awhile who go through different phases of the mellowing flavors for several flavors coming out. On as time goes on. Armed but you. But they're they're good or almost every point that aging process what happens with IPA's is particularly the flavor to your looking for. Dissipates really really fast. In this kind of the quintessential flee for the appear to be like the group did skiers like you are you can drink who grew to scheme if you were really well two years down the road my neck and infected. But at the same time those that smoke flavored quintessentially. Meted a group this he will be on. And so now it just kind of is like a week. So even with so like a lightly hop right PA or something like that need to set around for awhile or hoppy beer. You're not getting necessarily those quintessential flavors that meet the recipe at the beginning. And at the same time while those flavors might be missing those elements are on in the might have turned into things that are not really please. On and so I think purse recognize that more word now than ever I spent especially with the explosion of craft beer. Not everybody who has the bigger seller collection is doing the research arm you know how it should be eating at what they should be doing. To each individual beer and I think it's great. Super are kind of putting stuff on there I mean you Sami beat before. You know serving temperature. Euro and how to pour at Weber you know Irish peace during the sentiment back in each be pouring in off the sentiment in the camera problem serving clear and I think all these things are really. Hoping the armchair kind of you know our craft beer fan. Nature of the third drinking the stuff right to the you don't drink a beer from certain robbery though that was horrible to signal like skunk and pepper. And you never go back to it and so I think one there protecting their investment so there protecting. Their beer that nature it's consumed on time. On the by the the other time the kind of giving you a little that help them on economy and severe that you buy. You know even listening to show we've been doing all the armchair reading your not gonna know every style should somehow release in the Javier professionally working in beer. And so the idea that you're going to be you know like Somalia or two wine with your beer. Are capping these instructions on what you're supposed to do with these bottles are really help you because each bureau is going to be different. Because that you know the resulting flavors kind of the intention of the poor. So they're kind of giving you hear how we think that should be serve us. And the drink at the time to the trust's credit arm but is that that's really what it comes down to and you know obviously with our EPA's you know when they'd lose their flavor of losing all those fruity tiny citrus flavors that we were after. And so. That's why it. I think pearl a lot of people think it seems funny that these are the Pearce coveted. And you know transported across country and not always consumed very fresh beef a lot of times they'll people buy cases accident in the basement. You know when I mean that Dietrich couple the first week. In the in the sit around for what ever and that's when you start. Giving them away keyboard is giving away bottles apply any or you know can't Heidi Topper being that minorities and in the basement for 23 weeks and you're not really giving the full Wafer. In all out of that beer. So ultimately it's it's more and AM how how many other styles are this time specific. Mean any involving hops to deny me that a lot of minutes now a lot of mater. The Ian eagle back to like some of those like sweetest cable Beers and sake and stuff like that. Mean government to be served fresh personally because that could not. Keep that long. You also see those those in and pierce like that that are extremely hard have some type of bacteria. Something very light RP Lambert's were really consumed fresh because you're getting the wonderful assets and fruit flavors of those bacteria and and and not a lot of funky. Arm but in most modern beer. It's meant to be transported to create distance and spend some time on you know. On the shelf. In so you know most moderate beer one of the reasons you know we penalties he pills are becoming popular we talked about Russian imperial stout of our linemen to beat. Transport. Com BC beer it's really. Was to be shelf stable. Because for we can get the beer to the customer right way and guarantee that they're drinking something fresh you do wanna put bureau on the shelf that you know. Probably would reach a consumer for a couple of months if you be good for couple weeks the kind of opposition to this in historical brewing would be the English currency. And asking. On in England you know they often brew beer the server theory fresh in their case it's not ops that really people hour after the masters the kind of fighter. Multiple kind of fruity flavors stone for peach. From the yeast that will quickly dissipate. Over time and so they've built and outcast once a week the rate go to Italy a couple of weeks old and usually by the end of the week what ever beer hasn't been they will. After the breweries and dump out and provide fresh attack. So that your always giving this consistent fresh flavor but that kind required easy transportation. All. Stable condition so that you could be moving the year round sour seller in not having any problems and to key that supply chain that's not been available everywhere. Dutch let's get a break in and on the other side pick this up we also talked about making your extract case like altering it we get to battle but later today. Some we've had on the back burner for too show's future themselves. So if there's much of that as we can it is not traditions just brew it here on ESPN 1512. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot count now Iger tradition home brew paid in the visit and remember to just brew. Thank you are not traditions just grew and he has been 1520 will maybe get to extract Jason like all right maybe push about the author Joseph what. We've been talking this morning about. What it is about cops why you can't HI PA's and why they have drink by dates and now how you can work with those states in and how how old. I guess how vigil lesion foul them visual. We're getting here because my first bottle plying me ever that I was given. And it's the first Bure can ever think of having it here with the head it up best by date on it but he said that do that he just beard pulling this be your flesh. And perk up wire cut was passed at you know price and necessarily the answer is when you and will appear don't not kept. It's still drink yet. You when I mean but know that to me and been a little bit better early on in that while it may not be happier now it's might not be at its peak as well so this doesn't mean that if you know going to your basement in you know grab your secret stash of New England IPAs and chuck malt liquor that's not what this means. I would say to go down there and look at stop this not only. Like still in its prime has been sitting there for a long time and I would try to drink them. You and I mean it's a wonderful thing about some of these you know like Bure shares and stuff like that it helps you get rid of these big Beers government be consume fast. Almost a lot pressure. I knew. So what is it that is causing the problem in the IPs and obviously think it will be notes it's the hops. Arm in the cops have a couple different elements to whom we need to worry about for stability. On we have health assets which I think were off fairly familiar with the provide the bitter exe of value percent week. On the top of like anywhere from two to a 20%. We put him into beer cups into the beer during boil and that's what were some rising all facets. Arm during that process it on to CO2 and number acids in the Wharton helps meet them a little bit more stable. Arm in nature hand. Helped keep it clean bitterness over time. Now if we looked at after all facets. Probably about 10% at the app by weight is essential oils. These are what we talked about most were talking about the kind of finishing flavors and beer and we're gonna look at tours from the kind of it. Characteristic of certain varieties but there's a lot of you know concede twelve from war. Listed from most armed cops duties of the different oil sake and pain and in one those. You know give off the fleet in like some of the things that you'll see online as some of the oil sort of say in sit truck. Are also common in Korean during salon on trial you know and I mean to people who get Citron the tend to pick up that spicy. You know almost coriander bit. Those are similar chemicals and that doesn't mean we can use coriander. Necessarily to mimic cops but it does mean there are some comment. Compounds error into slicker spices they don't age that great. On the central oils are kind of hydrocarbons and the are susceptible. High lead to oxidation. Com. And so that one of the reasons we try to keep our finishing cops. Com. It's called closely protected as we can because unlike become alpha asset where if you let hops that around for awhile often ask that term and that message just took a battering on it. But if you like your hops of around these essential oils will be lost. Arm the fueling. It's probably. The most noted out of the traditional. Friday's especially the noble hops is of very high boiling point in his woody kind of spicy. Are sometimes almost floral characteristics. Armed and we tend to see it more and props like saws in how war towel is tightening works all turn some of the elderly the holdings. And become a bit higher boiling point mother returns they're a little bit more state FCC's traditional pierce like pills and he sees hops. Because they are being eight for awhile while they don't give off the same nice fruity flavors there stable for a long time. Now in the the main oil and kind of IPA's given its offering in citrus and kind of rising despite. Is my screen as much or boiling point in it's much easier to oxidized. On and so kind of new world hops and to break down those kind of fruity there finishing flavor. A lot faster than say the noble varieties so the bill what's giving up these wonderful flavors are the same thing because new world hops to bring down a lot faster so it's it's a double edged sword here. Arm. We shouldn't lose he's not only in storage which I think most perch are fairly. Certain about who we can also lose the use a bit. In the finished the year. Armed by brewing the beer we think that we remove. The ox and we are summarized a lot of the assets we create a lot of other anti are accidents wide isn't the finish the year like hop flavor. Last longer than our cops in storage. No and mean to you and it's a truck. It'll backing impacted in the freezer for a year. You put it into appeared as wonderful flavor that the 34 weeks bottom line is starting to lose at labor ready but it's arguments sitting around for year. One dirt. Oxygen Olson available. Whether it's in the head space that probability of materials. Carr believes you know through the plastic in your your locked through camp. On oxygen can kick in and some will get in during transfer on. Culture going fold. Logos and you know heavy stainless steel there's going to be some Mayer indeed when you serve there's going to be some there. And then the other acts factor to where these essential oils co so even if you everything perfect. Hydro also will actually. Start. On this is the process where water axis. And finance it and the basic. And begins to Parikh elements down. So inevitably is Sunnis we'd be in to hide treat these top systems we put him in water the quintessential element of beer relieve both. Everything else. On the water itself. Begins. To break down hops into a little way once you meet the beer. As far as our current technical could Chico's. Your little doomed he you're starting a pathway there's nothing you really can do about something it can do we can do things to try to. You know ice from our eyes acids or extract them on the CO2 to try to meet them a little more stable. Only if stables what we bond them to instill. Even doing that your stove and typical of degradation that play. So inevitably there's there's nothing you can Jews don't feel like so it's you know back storage conditions this bureau will be good for almost ever. On it will too slowly start to every now. Now that also doesn't mean don't do anything you still wanna try to protector Peter protect your house in a lot of the things we compute project distort Koppel also protect the beer. So we want to remove as much heat oxygen and light as possible those are the enemy he. Will. Cause and the oxidation reactions to accelerate. On sunlight help capitalize and help accelerator while and oxidation yourself we can keep the oxygen waive the past weekend. We're gonna have better results and aging the beer. So the first thing he wanted to do and try to get this into a lot of people that even though we sell pounders of mosaic and sit for all the time. Is tried not to report crops especially crops and ball packaging. If there's a cop out there and I wanna use it to Mika smashed day I will buy two or three ounces. Of just individually. Package tops so they know I have the best case scenario keep them when you buy hops in a pounding you keep going back for an ounce here an ounce they're letting more. Hum oxygen and even in Greek conditions are still going to be losing their flee for. Even if you don't open and so you know it's better to only by the cops that you need for the short term. Arm and tried always used to freshest product he can out of your own supplies so if you do have owners of galaxy and mosaic in Victoria secret sitting around start using they're not good forever so even though they last longer in the dry form. Try to use him quickly. Trying to keep opening to a minimum and Reese Gil as soon as you can and so say if you bought that pounding you know you're going to be using it to bounce increments. You may considers you to open up that pound trying to repackage it in two ounce packages. That way the last ounce that you use hasn't been exposed to air eight times over the past of the past year. As you dip into that app to try to penal trial proper better. Each time so when you open a cop tried to its blew up as much as you can and keep that kind that it's open to a minimum. Keep them in the freezer it's kinda obvious if it from most people. Youth freezer bags of mylar bags or even better if you have a food paper or some type of vacuum sealer. On those bags are eat but the can be you know kind of combo with some of these mylar bag to double literate. As well as he can still use that by some art bags or pops always come and our backs. Re sealed using your food saver the pacts that crops party caimans trying not to break from up into the food saver bags. They are will primeval oxygen. On and when it comes to the beer I think the most important thing we can do is especially drinking I PA's is dream fresh the you know I don't think that should be super art in the long run but he also us. Starts with don't board to appear here and ending the threat of don't buy two cases of a single new wrinkle IP because. You and I mean. By what you think you can drink in the next like two weeks. And if you do that he should be okay with just about every beer regardless if it's a speaker style art with its IP. Because when you're hits the shelf in his sold TU. It's already gone through kind of a briefing with goes cross IPA's any style it's already gone through. A basic aging process where the brew the contributors held onto it long enough that it's now rate he. You know consent. So of crossed any style. Drink the beer. When you. There are some exceptions and usually the bottles will tell you where in my you know partly line Russian real felt like it will be a better sitting on the shelf for awhile. But for the most part the Stater rural is and they put it out on the shelf ready to be consumed. It soon after. That's I had the problem with the Russians doubts in all styles where you're supposed to examine Anderson but I don't want to. Hi that they are legends two I bought two I bought 24 packs last week the style that I fully intend to attend that on aging. Four of them and drinking for them I drank all the within two weeks. Ago just it's like Uighur October fest. You know never actually making it all the way or what was the October fest what was it dipped the archivist of the. Brutal and effort marked a minimum an abomination this. Man. And never meet and make a fast beer in September. Or that are in the truth. I definitely you know a problem for all neighbors and commercial brewers is that. You know you buy the spear and inevitably you won the people come home and you know. Mantra beer to dinner you know whatever you're so hot they want something light oats Warman wanting multi. You know rainy year. Ports as you know a day wanna go for New England IP. The needle broader reasons there. You wanna have this plethora of this styles some in your basement to go choose from and that's not always as. You know practice close who want. And I would love to have every style available at all times in my basement but if you do something like that you're trying to port all these Beers. You'd have to accept that you meet the drinking you mean never know a lot of these appear at a sub prime. You know levels. It's at around too long. Here. Yet and and I'm perfectly guilty and any it's another another note here is don't. Give people super super we're Beers as Christmas and burst. Soon. Yes and that's one thing I would say about a beer is if you know although associate local brewery that you know Wilbur that's just in town. On as a whole group point this is this is a Mac or my corporate point. And you have one of their hands and neglect I'll Wallace aka I would always advise go into the brewery and trying to. And I can speak of the best example ever had this was the first time ever twelve gates we've that we haven't guys controlled it some before. A guy had a canto like I don't know like this idea that it went to the brewery had a draft and I was dislike. This is amazing from Zoellick equality especially IPA's. In all that are going to be susceptible to all these elements he talked about like you give me you can get a major difference yet. It into a I was going to a brewery and I was like doing appear pro pilgrimage and I walked in there. I'll probably get their like New England style IP and after a couple of cancer drink right there. That I would look down their you and your list that what's gonna eat some Olympic dark and with a pick like most FEMA picked high alcohol. In those are going to be the Pearson you know set into the car and home. And put into the basement. And I think there's a little bit of an and won the recent economic grandfather is I want to be able to three gallon batches in the basement so. We're running out of time gentle push on again puts an off again and I would like to wish my fiancee Kristin a very happy birthday. Today. Nice to divert Bieber or back next week with nice traditions just root you on ESP and potentially with a promise to get to. Maybe promised thank you are tracked they cycle. To next week's final we get there. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to go online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.