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Saturday, March 10th

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It's. Do you play you're you'll learn how to make your own beer it's time for just threw it brought to you by now with traditional. Here's your host anyway. Dye Easter. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight traditions just Pruitt as we said last week winter did not leave no. So that you went to brewing here that these of the death Rosen trooper now. Generally professor Akira and announces don't get the snow Hammond to a troubling yeah homer and four to be done but. Smells better and slosh you kind of want skip right ahead anyway. Last week it's October and October fest that it's the time of year that if you're gonna you know plan for the true October 5 style than in the name that now's the time of Mars and means marchers both super written in March now so. Your thinking ahead please try to gruesome fancier herself for the fall which is something you mentioned you've not and am now urban success receiving an October fest all the way from march to October now we're gonna get into Barley types this week before we do that the twelfth annual art of beer tell you go anymore it happened it happened successful so. Ain't cute to everybody who volunteered. Thank you to all offenders they put a lot of time both at the event in prepping to get there and putting everything away when they get home. And thank you for the patrons because we wouldn't be able to me any money and it like this with even all these volunteers if we didn't have somebody. Willing to cough up the 35 bucks to come down for all you can eat a bunch of Beers. And enjoy themselves for like to thank you for everybody whose temper of the late winter. To come down despite the cold temperatures and injures here. So you'd good time we have a good time and the money goes to a good cause target when when when. Barry got. Pop rise owns the sock hop rise on the right now yes and is the time to start thinking about them. Will be getting him into the end of the month whether the whether surely won't ready for the armor not. A bomb in so think about where you might wanna plant them for anybody who has and can hurt us and promoting the higher price on. Their perennial flower in the flour is used NC theory agent and to flee agent in beer in even if you don't brew beer. They are easy to maintain current annual mind and Degan your foundation won't dig into your fans. I'm easily trawlers in grows fast and in the fall it's gonna grow these wonderful kind of clusters of these green pine cone. Kind of shaped flowers. And if you prove you then hand of a large supplies of opts for your own. Consumption if you don't. You have much pretty flowers. But we will have those and there are some up on the web site now for pre order if you wanna check that out. Will be expecting them at the end of the month and we will turn them over few supreme gophers passes we can TU TU eager hands on in the complaint mr. it's possible. Worrying about the time last year I actually planted mine as early as they could ground stole frozen in the did phenomenal. On Seoul earlier Federer with the rise arms not to say the camp plan to men and have success in June bomb but its battered him in the march. Very good. Deadline to come march for the airwaves grain march 31 you know competition coming up two weeks after Betsy about three weeks to get those in. You can submit your entries to. The store yup and remember. On mark bottles on market caps that. Print the labels out if you can be mean we can always help you get through the online process. The store. But if you go to their website and I oversight org there's a very easy to fill in forms I was gonna first registry was to operate than you start marking in beards and is gonna print you bottle labels the official Bob labels for each year. From now. Put my on the policy as a rubber band. Hampering him and army could also pay outlined in gear Lucy premiere rated to your radio during. Combination led ribbon tell people about this new law a new item that is pretty convenient yet and very popular so far so what it is is a lid that has it all locked yes disconnect on the coast down. To about three foot hose and carbonation stone. On in the carbonation sewn increases your surface area. So anybody who's ever artificially carpet into their beer you the choice. You know trying to crank up the pressure and still shake it or try to timing keep testing attorney at the carbonation just right. You can leave it for a couple of weeks and cold temperature. You're serving pressure or you can finally shake it for fifteen minutes on this lived. Kind of takes place in the violently shaking for fifteen minutes idea is you only you one that you can move it between tags. You can rapidly harmony your beer switch out the lid and then just serve no shaking no waiting. You rate ago. Until it's been a popular option for people especially if only him like one or two tags. Makes a big difference you know or you're doing a big actually worked fifteen on patch and your putting and a three corny tags. Instead of hand hook up three Corey carrots for three weeks. You can display disconnect between three charge for fifteen minutes each entered on and it seems like is that you've just the the part of the keg according to the pop saw fusion a pop that on to carbonate your candidate. And then swap and offer regular lead and you're gonna go out and how much time to take. Fifteen minutes twenty minutes usually just leave it overnight comment the pressure relief valve a couple of times in mornings here a little bit more CO2 clear through their. And an asset to switch out its read ago. And so. Yet the state a lot of time from new seat mile back he gets it in the basement you know I mean cheek in these tags and especially if I need to appear for the next day for another kind of something right. Tax return season we talk on this a lot. If you're gonna make a big purchase then maybe it's smoke. Stimulus of getting some money back that'll help and last week we covered a big purchase you talked about via the tax return you might be thinking about it going in on him one I like it. Arm but there's a lot of other like and that will say nice cosmetic in fund operates your system the committee. A few things and Logan tax return and I tradition. And one of them though like highly the end it's the from monster arm because I'm released giving them enjoyment of actually had a friend who pru have hurled it. You know to kind of tried out and they love it as well and is not gonna break the bank 32 boxers 3152 and the size you want. Arm through there cheap you to watch the fermentation they're easy to clean the pocket. Com and I guarantee you you have an old discussing Mark Eaton your recruits. So if you're looking to get back in you haven't that your equipment while. You know think about from monster now 32 bucks you to want to fermentation all the ease of cleaning of the market fuel levels where via yeah it's. I have stainless steel from entrances you know I can pressurized and stuff like that too and when I can't do in those. Watch him on in the price of the from Arthur you know thirty dollars account within the you know sweating over other you know from Matt from enters system's controller so I've done in the past was like. Well thirty box out our news new pocket but okay. And I use it preference. Now yeah I would say it's a lot better than I mean the bucket any time you wanna open to check on at your new your prime and that lit often you might spill some you're when averages airlock water sucked back is exactly as a lot of things you don't want to happen whereas. I find it for monster the blow off to has been my favorite way. To use from interlinked that's its sound with seal is good. But he's a you can watch it. And you're just in number ten stopper so if you have a two holes Stoppard commutes or while there you know on its its high densities in plastic so I actually IE have the you know through Malone another ferment for LT admiralty. Pro rates this item from entry in the wonderful. You know so it it's really. While I would say it's it's just like you a lot of gadgets Makinen and definitely meeker beer batter but it's been tampering processed more from. Drives more reliable more yeah it's it's it's also mean that we mentioned dry hopping yet how much users to dry up Aaliyah and you're gonna use it as a secondary it's tremendous for that I'm trying to get one week pale ale and their they've opened up and they three. Pop and you know an anemic cops closer properly quick in super fumbled ball. In all worry about the auto she's cloth bag you're trying to pull out tiny opening in the boy. Yeah. So we have the processor clock in front of the items that I think is like unanimously five stars who's about anyone would use that and I keep when we first at the from answers in about a year ago. I think they said these are not gonna take the place of regular pocket the bureau of the regular you know. AOL has its. And tried and true for Ehrlich twenty fight your home for us. I thought it was going to be the standard but the from monsters actually. And going there in a lot of a lot of people come in starting brewing in the year asking for an. Right writes a lot of the show today and what we're gonna talk about. Those are in this for sigma here we're gonna talk about Barley. And nine types of Barley. And we talk a lot about hops. A mom and I have to admit that this show is kind of out of my own personal interest. On because there a lot of talk account reports in new cops for this season and what's the best pride. What's you're on the bad ass account tenth Al classic tent and and I feel like than a lot of people turn around and look at the mall on their like are whatever two road you got. In it not to say that it it disappoints me. But there's a lot more that you can look at in I think maybe one of the reasons that people don't look it's much into what they're using for baseball so they don't have as much. Interest in the seat to grow six fro everything's to grow. Okay what else to I have to choose to blow bond and I'm Don. But there's actually a lot. More into it Anders beginning to be more of an interest in the different variety. Partly just like that different variety of hops. Use in your beer as there's more interest more people ordering some things there's more information and now there. Armed and let's first cover and what is mall. On first because we we often to referred to is my Alter grist in the melting process what sets mall aside from just regular screen that you would eat. It's that this scene is really allowed to Germany creeps Amelie cents and and before that processes from Lee Lee. You know done the monsters killed the stopped determination processing knock off an eagle sprouts that have come out. And this allows the brewer and T uses Amelie said and I'm in order to corporal starches into the green in two sugar. Now it doesn't have to be. Our you Campbell corny animal weep and moan truth about Andy Green that comes from pogroms. So. Doctors. And there's a lot of different things out there especially as we can look at like you people are trying to to wooten Fareed. Throwing the ball in a lot of different greens but the traditional always been Barley and wheat. In rock and then when you get into these different subset of wheat rye and Barley. There's actually a lot of different varieties with in this besides just breaking them down in two to grow purses. In apparent. So location time of year. There's so there's a lot to one we can we can talk about the different varieties. But I think to kind of leave the growers honest because let's talk about where early comes from two wildly grows from the Middle East through northeast Africa. We begin domestic heating and about 101000 years ago. On today in the US most of our early is grown in Alberta Montana. Mean waves far away from the Middle East in March different climates and there were a lot of work that was done by. Farmers over the years to kind of you know manipulate the screen is something that could grow in multiple crops per season when different tolerances. Are and produce something. That we want and when we started off the kind of true forms of hourly to Roberson six. Pomp and what were talking about is how many roads have seeds and flowers form at the top of the grass. So when you look at what to rope earlier almost looks like it's any word as to. Just lines of the early seats with two theory little. Kind of for talks coming off when you six pro hourly while not all of the six rose Germany in two seats there's six rows at the top and there's a lot more for economic growth. On hand so those became the kind of two subset of our. Bomb in as well as the species makes a big differences were talking about the farmer. So it's a location in that time a year just like grapes are not only wants oil comics related skimming. The because you can get multiple crops of our early per year the different. Harvest times to introduce our at least have different kind of properties whether it's him if different and sank content different societies. On different total potential. And then the mall sister and blind says in malls in each bench differently to try to produce a consistent product and the long run. Before we get into melting in the different species there is a lot of goes into kind of the tear swap. Of our just like yours for grapes and hops at different soils different conditions. With the same exact Farley. He can drastically different. Let's get a break in on the other side we'll get more to those different flavors and them. The malts are what you do when you don't control that's on the way back traditions just brew it here on ESPN 1512. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara traditional brew is your source for everything home brewing dual sided gives orchid. And you'll be well on your way tiger traditional answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more seasoned or American count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish traditional home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military in Taiwan open Monday through Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brewed dot com and tiger traditional group paid in the visit and remember to just Peru. Thank you are not traditions just threw it on ESPN 1520 were talking about. Barley all the different varieties and now how it's changed over the course of of the recent tenth now. A year or more times thousands are confident this is often why people. Kind of merged the domestically and of partly in the in the large growth. In to the production appear we figure out twelfth hole and you think they probably wasn't Brad probably wasn't you know bowl of kind of like quick. You know bar earlier like to be from early two that pushed. Large scale production but actually you know beer. On and so that's always why we talked about it in. Theory is well. Over you all com 200 different ar least BC's. The U confined earns our IDC you can find out there and we're just talking our talking about wheat and rye. Justin partly as well over 200 different species out there for over this times housing yours of kind of you know divert gross. Arm in source can talk about some of the varieties that are available. On here in Canada US and Canada. Arm in the tumor override be the Mac Celtic. Our mental health thing I am not sure that I am pronouncing okay writes I was the only hesitation there was Matt I now offer the I've heard Metcalf from her health. And in so I think with some of the from the home group crowd especially if you do a lot of Reading level listening in so he's UT a lot of different regional pronunciation. Of the scene jargon. Reading and in those are the two big movements and if you like. ID of first offering an Al Harrington was really big cameo multi instilled in advertises in ten. Right on the front of their bag so some of them ulcers can haven't lost this kind of giving you the variety in the right on the front. And candles another one that is once very popular so grow fairly. You know commonly and then you look at six troll you seat tradition and legacy. You know and these two malts are once that the US was kind of known for for a long time on a worldwide market if you seek regional American like bloggers from what sets them different from the Europeans we talked about. Then be lighter atop the you know not true cold storage but also because of mainly growing conditions and what with available six pro our early tended to roll back in the American west. And so you found that kind of distinct flavor in early American Beers of six from our early in the kind of names almost fit that an accurate you know well. Tradition and legacy. And so that was an animal we were originally known for European officers particularly the English were known for there humor. Arm in the interest thinking commute through out mute my time home bring them English molesters have not. Kind of glossy opportune the norm here urged kind of boring ending. Com the year based multi replica BC park once in multi varieties like. Otter arm some other ones that we think copper archer won that we have in rate now from forest it is. Several Wear several leader should ball I've been a gush of all I hear you know who knows we just got bit and had been available in awhile I've heard that before. All we are able to get a couple sacks of that in in movements and so. These hurt like you said these are drastically different than the you know malts grown here in Germany. In. East Africa and so when their halted the produces drastically different flavors. Com in there some of the other there's a lot of other Fridays out there in beginning to look at one this kind of dual purpose pearl is that could be eating for idea Barley. In in to have variety were talking about 101000 years. Over the 101000 years because of selection is has lost its hearts and so it no longer produces Hoss and I really Greek from cashing there's nothing to hold the void space port for eating. It's revolve it insoluble fiber protein. Makes life easier tight tight just. So there's the great diversity out there in these malts and so that's a growing up but that's a different now on them it's given to the monster and they have a lot of control. As well so they can control determination times how along the C news London Germany. And under what conditions. Including heat and humidity them when they get to killing they also control. The heat and humidity is well illicit and cooling times. Now how they heeded under what conditions and how fast they let it cool. Controls something we often hear as horrible modification. Arm and is a general representation of what the mall store has done to begin the kind of creek from ferocious and process get rid of certain proteins. On in and kind of also. Almost jackpots. So with the earth CBS in Germany and fills with water in the the most are rapidly dries that are almost chipped pulse. The seat. And so we often hear this as a degree of modification and other the most are also has a lot of other tricks when our early innings massively Molson. They kind of higher longer hotter roasting. But they also do some reading. So poll also great to partly as soon as it comes in a poll out the smaller seats those will go off. To feed in and kind of food production. And then the larger partly which is better for the mash one to being used for the year and law to allow our band goes into the mall sister. And then you tend to get in the in this is a lot where. The for a eighty that you're using comes and you get a stance seated supposed to what does this all mean for you. With different Molson differ multi process will produce drastically different results in as super. You're not expected to know what the total and as a matter con tent you know archery user. You warning mean how much true potential works for a potential legacy clean hands and efforts. So when you're really look to kind of the trust that the malts and so while you don't always get the variety. You get a certain set of kind of standards. Numbers. Arm and he might not always kind of be clear trooper. But they do kind of tell you what the green was going and then if you vote them all her website they will lifts a variety so what you get this dice static power. Yield protein content. Total nitrogen and green sides arm in these are things that really calm from the grower. Are monsters kind of has some control over these things in pennies bringing out mostly like that it dies said power that the potential yield. On the a lot of it comes down to the grower so its first are about dice that a power. Arm and this is a matter of whole bullpen hopefuls say families and time to simplify it tends to be a lot higher in those six stroke our alleys. Now that dies static power the sick from Arlene is what allowed it to from for a lot of core. So if you're using. A lot of adjuncts. Arm for using a lot of non multi grain you're really concerned with the dies status can you want a mall with hi guys that power. Now if you're not using and he had jokes arm and mall just about always has announced I static power from bird itself. You're probably more worried about the yield. So that's kind of fed you know has to do a lot with modification and in the total amount starts contents but that's really how much you could expect T get or receive home Burris talked about. You know acts track potential out of into how much poll sugar by potentially extract. Out of this greens so if you're doing. You know big guy PA issued doing pills personal stuff like that. You may be looking at this year old or extract potential because it's gonna have a direct effect on your efficiency. You know greens attended from for a better and then tend to produce more sugar and give you better gravity so if you're looking for big Beers if you're looking for cost effectiveness. You're definitely looking a lot at the total yield. Protein content. Isn't got a lot to do with modification want to come with how the you know Koreans were in Malta and intense that come into two factor. Often overlooked number from port for home purse but soluble protein announce soluble proteins did give you an idea you know. Now soluble proteins are gonna help keep your mash and a firm where as soluble proteins means keep you pacing problems or for using. Multiples a lot of odd soluble proteins who are gonna wanna think about terrible quake humans and clear fire Ursula or for trying to make it easy beer these might be. What you're looking at. And then one of the last things that wanna talk about which is portal nitrogen content. Arm because this is on a lot of green packaging and people really don't look at life. And a lot of time from their people asked to any to add nutrient to my appear. Well if you're really paying attention this poll nitrogen content is really reflective value how much kind of nutrients for the east. Is coming from the Bartley. On the intensive theory from season to season attensa vary from soil. A lot. Palm but this whole available nitrogen. Tends to dictate. Com not just. You know how means peace is gonna be with this kind of like a lot of other things here's the kind of a we'll say it's slot limit. Orderly really nice range work too little. Nutrients in the yeast kind of under tenure waits. Arm and kind of produces awfully favors. If you have really tiny nitrogen. You know any means you get really high attenuation. Arm regardless of your bashing temperatures in you tend to get it on a lot more. Awfully vs while few are really high nitrogen it's there's tends to be happy range where you get. Really good attenuation and well and line with what you're used to manufacture. You know recommend you're gonna get at temperature. Army and you won't get a ton of off first too high too low you can expect under continuation. In small amount of awfully efforts now. I have to admit when you go in to most home owner shops in Niagara tradition is included in this in you go up to. The grain we're gonna have that basic information that really doesn't tell you that much to tell you the monster. Ruth tell you the variety for an interview the collar. And the total weight on the package in bets about it him. Homer shot the packaging panic give to enough to kind of point you in the right direction. Arm if you're looking for malts was kind of you know particular advantages that you've been making a lot of New England IPA's and you're not getting attenuation one umi wanna look tumultuous more protein content. That is the kind of information. You have to get from. Eight you know bolsters what site. And it's also going to be Erie from patched to patch. On and one thing that I think is very interesting and I've seen a lot of customers during and I have to commit totally blind sided me. Is scanning the wire impacts they've which you are code on the side if you scanned in search that you are coat we'll take you right to their website. Into a list all of these values. And so not only are beginning to kind of values for that varietal. But then you get the variety and a kind of the information and that particular batch so if you were really paying that much attention you can plug those numbers and to kind of a fact you know how much green you need to use or what kind of you know mash preparation need to work. That information is starting to become more readily available. In easy to get. All right. Well that's it for us for this edition. Barley types if you join a slate could find any episode on demanded WGR website or yes in 1520s website in the audio vaults. And get those entries in. They walk the deadline march 31 for your bottles right to hire triggered not tradition here on ESPN 1520 this has been just Pruitt. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this about 1236 Sheridan drive tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just from.