June 3rd Segment 4: Guy Mezger & Daniel Tauge - CBD And Death By High Fructose Corn Syrup Cont'd

One Life Radio
Sunday, June 3rd

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It's great yeah this is. We're and that wind died and Craig guy as there and Daniel day. I want to let everyone know that you can go to our website what might radio dot com to download and listen to our podcasts and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Or go to I heart media that content listen my commute mobile device or download the free. I heart radio app and listen to us from anywhere in the world a big shout out to our sponsors that bring this great programming to you these are companies. That care about you they care about the earth they really do great companies like sun warrior which you can. Find add I can find it all over the place now actually confine his whole foods you can find it adds central market you can of course go to sun warrior dot com that's what I did order. Organic foods you really get. A good source of the vitamins in our bodies need so much. 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Texas is still him and get your hands it's still have a policy where in other parts of the country so. But I appreciate your astute. Mind I NASCAR what I. I was make sure I have my facts straight just in case you don't they have yet to play out well we it it's changed so much it changes yes I think they willingly out and it there there's actually. Legislation now whether it gets lighter not two making CBD. Legal federally legal in every state. What do you think about that and marijuana you know the big animal what do you think about that. I think we I think we were sold a bill of goods and this you know the thirties with reefer madness and stupid movies like that. You know this is it. I am not advocating. Marijuana as a as a recreational use am I advocating drinking I don't do either one really you know I mean. But if you're gonna do one or the other right if you're gonna drink can say marijuana is bad that's when she stupid I kinda strange because. Every bit of science shows that it's the least harmful thing and I can just tell you something. Man who quit drinking tequila because I'd wake up with very expensive lawyer bills and apologists say the next. At that probably would not happen if I was smoking a mile long I mean but I grew up in the 60s70s and eighties and marijuana was the double. And and in its funny because hired by A ha. By a medical marijuana companies to develop complementary. Supplements for rice I'm in that room. And I give a presentation and that he's doctors and Ph.D.s who were like way over my head one of them was up for a Nobel Prize in Medicine. Now. I'm sitting there completely intimidated to have this conversation anyways talking these guys are like way smarter than me. And so afterwards we all went to dinner and they are and I were on the patio now that's okay they'll go out there now. They don't debate things and I was completely freaked out to come out I can't believe they just. They're smoking pot pot via any and only losers do that of course this guy you know is Ph.D. this medical doctor and a these days idea peace in this way was up for medical. For. You know. Prize in medicine and so. It was it is there is some you have to knock I'm an advocate for excesses for anything you know I mean if you live your life I've been drunk or living on steppingstone given all of them much happier life but if you're gonna do that. Get educated on what the damages an amount of damage that that happens because you drink is staggering people don't understand the brick. She's in the brain damage costs yeah all right you know and arms it's up like that and you know the only thing that concerns me a little bit right with that with the proliferation of marijuana is that there is some very good evidence that the the brain. Four in people under about 20/20 three. Can be affected by right and if there's pros and cons of either way it but there's enough evidence from me. That I would doubt that I which you know doing my children and stuff like that like cave you're gonna make choices on something like this. Please wait. Until you're at least funny tea yet point three Brady's going to I mean that's it that's mine I'm my own Lincoln's. Major concern about it. Right now and have done a ton of research on the so yeah I guess that I was hired by a company to do it excited knowing about it because I you know I didn't mess with the devils were great and I. Up. I had big pharma doesn't want it legal because it it it would substitutes so many. These prescription drugs that that being panned out like candy. And our problems to listen what's killing us. Is inflammation in LA and if you you know that's what's killing us a and if you would just should do about 300 milligrams of its dvd today. Of oil that like that it would reduce your inflammation levels systematically. Drastically yeah I everybody effect of the differently but you know. It is like I am I've reduced. One of our patients. He. At C reactive protein which is general information and mark right using the cardiac muses like okay. And his was at 60 okay what they think is okay history but it's not it's really one point five would be. Barely OK I like you. So here is you know. Four times where he should be your right and within two weeks of doing 300 milligrams of CBD. We brought that down to lack of a 62 and anybody understands what that is that's a significant drop when it went today there was a single day every single day play. I know when I take my hemp oil every day I feel and I when I forget it I don't field I don't feel as good in an F five from forgotten for a couple of days and I take it I feel amazing it just. I don't even know how to explain it but the emotionally and mentally I'm I'm just sharper and I'm happier. It if particular impressed formally too little squirt the yeah how many how many of those words would you have to have to have the correct dosage for which you're talking Tagamet and government happens yeah. Actually talk to you boy about that he said three to four street or any. Yet but I'm not sure exactly who met the if you with with that looks like by. You know it. Here's we were dealing with children that have seizures right. That I was working mystery room okay they're having a thousand a day. A thousand seizures right there right we give them Phoebe you worlds of like that because on the one and now it's and it's illegal. And it's illegal at the time that we it was illegal. And we're like it's in Spain is in Spain in that he should be open charges for child abuse. Illegal. And and kudos to you for her for saying out loud. I manage and everybody knows everybody needs to wake up they need to hear from a guy like you. They get with the got to quit the height you got to get in there and get the information real information. And these up because again that's a problem you talk about broad science geek brief we did segued right into that. And our eye and I we're at a time you guys I I hated that guy has regained okay thank you so much every line you get one body get one mind and you get one life. Get out there today and make that matters at that.