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This is the Russell report program that takes an inside look at Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host Brian rusk. Welcome to the Ross report. And ESPN aim fifteen when he blanketing seventeen states in March and Canada. We have a great entrepreneur or who has been on this program before when he received an honorary doctorate. Doctoral degree from game in college and emerged York John Cobb Smith TDs. John cuts which he's chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the red apple group which is holdings in oil re far retail petroleum products convenience stores real estate. Aviation supermarkets for the investments in the medical and industrial. Technology. John concert TDs is warning grease on the island this Soros. Both his grandfathers came to America in 1913. His father on their race. Stayed behind to take care of the family as a lighthouse keeper for seventeen years after World War II John Katzman TV's father returned to. Mr. Ross married and emigrated to new York and 48. While John was six months old and lived in a small walk up apartment 135. Street in Harlem New York. It's a great rags to riches story that he told the commencement Damon college. He's also involved as the leader of united refining corporation. And there's been a lot of interest in the beautification. Of vacant properties that were gas stations I believe their five united refining. Our hands in Western New York let's talk about this one and it worked 22 Ontario street in the Riverside section you authority. Beautify these this is the first of five gas stations tell what you did with the cops or grass at 422. Ontario street and Riverside John Katzman tees. O'Brien at the Buick Buick and today it. I'd like this. Money though audience that. We love buffalo right at the remote that Saturday area. Are property of the record that is. In that area and we vote united refining. In wood to 35 yeah. And we bought it report to company in bankruptcy. We saved the some of those black media guide that it looked until companies and we taped 5000 jobs. And deeply committed. Today and buffalo Rochester that hope Western New York area the 35 years. We continue to pick and that is that we the public even watered. We were quite surprised. When are people make the decision allowed back. That you were underperforming. Can be used goods. I'd get stations. Welcome to put him on this show that it was as Dayton but it at a we elect to re opened. Meanwhile. We do whatever is necessary. We we would grad. On of the properties. Who would who put. Additional pop two's. Back into the community facility. Until we're ready. To use it. And I you're right it's not a too upright. Well it seems that even here doing great challenge seen the picture arm on the website of 422 river Ontario street. And I understand this is going to be a leash to a church because now the grass is beautiful with shrugs nearby. And done our church is going to be leasing this facility. Tell us about this location on. Is this a model of what you're gonna do it the other four locations and washing our. You have. Model's body unit that was. In a way that we have common. In other words it's what makes some sense. Who wore what that to trick in the community. Went up to do it. But we haven't inside anything yet we. The facts are. You know I'm Larry what can arbitrage. I was BitHead. The Greek orthodox. Track of what the market. As high as a vapor in a global TB it is and we were trying to. Thirteen batted the 520. It is structured so Lola. Absolutely desperate to and then left to work restrict. Very good now. This one this one location looks very attractive for weren't you garner so you're planning this at the other four locations. In buffalo lack on immersed in panel Wanda to beautify them. Until we're ready to use it proposes appropriately it didn't. Create more reps use. Put a community. We will do that is necessarily the makes sure he. It is a beautiful life. And look good for the community. And at the community want uses the way we will wanted to wait till. Now I understand you're gonna have parks you're gonna hair beautiful grass. At topsoil. Park bench as maybe some trees. Com. So you want to blend into the neighborhood with the housing and and and make it appealing but the question is east ill after retain some stone barriers because I understand at some of your locations. People have put abandoned vehicles. And large amounts of garbage so you still have to maintain some beard key off. Abandoned vehicles that right. I was told that buddy from the operations people. That that people just pop clutch it just to get about that. And that's not acceptable. It is this debt that you like community. Like adding. Closest to me it didn't. In a critical law. Her and her. Okay. So basically let's get back to your attitude of being a good neighbor you then are philanthropists for decades you can lock for the Greek church. When you came to buffalo when you were considering buying one Seneca tower when you toured it with Jack and tell all and Peter are you met with all the leaders of the Greek orthodox church. In buffalo so basically is that your philosophy of giving picture that your community. And always being good neighbor. We've got we have pole while we spend it. And I have a community person. Who we could donate back in that we both already. Actually that you have a community. Buried there now let's talk about another thing that is very popular. The United States has been importing oil and gas from overseas. For decades. And you have always been bragging with a quick field gas station chain richer chairman of the board with a uniter refining of using. American. Crew why it's so important that we become in America. Energy independent independent of the Middle East. People always. Advertisement. Are. Actually is late for 100%. Go to mark in crew produced by American workers. You know the words. Ole well all our crude oil candidate. Go to a pipeline. That's lower oil refinery. Where a bird in workers' receded to exactly. And I believe that North America agreed Mexico. United States and Canada. We could be independent. I'll foreign oil. And network security is to our economy this could put drops in America. And that's what I believe that it exploit. We do not like any glory crude. We do that's so. Who's. We'll wrote we do not go. That means through. Artist I believe that we have to take yet of America there. Very good hand down is it something that is well received the public you have gas stations throughout New York State. Is this accepted. Very. Well with the public with the consumer that you of American crude instead of oil coming from the Middle East. People loved it ever since the border to rid of that that music go out you know have loaded double. The people love the idea that we are patriotic. As. And you're at. Preliminary. Jerry. Now you ever rags to riches story and I mentioned a little bit in the introduction. Of your property came from very. Humble means are. Living in a walk up apartment in Harlem new York and and now your great philanthropist and chairman of the board of united refining. In the red apple group which is a major economic entity with which at least 101000 employees. At throw out the US. Let's tackle that about your rags to riches story. How what he's started and why he can vector community. Blow. Mike and grandfathers came to America in 1913. They'll plot European equities. Of people that integrating them. You know that Greece it will leave you tied it Turkey day Kyra we. And they get in America because they were looking pretty streaks. Paid quick goal. By two uncles came over in the 1920s. But fathers Brothers. And my father who. Keeping it light out city county government. Aren't if you. But the Iraq. Oh lead is that there's that is mother. What the throughout the world would do. Where do right now it was close and let what other respects is silent and married by Bob. Six but later I was born. And they've looked after that. They came to America. Looking through the land of opportunity. And these differences. My father did not. Come here as an illegal ill. He did two Brothers. The sign with the American with the government of the United States. My thought that could pay to rent. It act opal well he they would pay. I had my father worked on the two jobs seven days a week. That that is Brothers in the settlement date would not be better. Wonderful wonderful success story a man who loves his country to. Pulled himself up by the bootstraps from very humble margins to now being one of America's greatest entrepreneur yours. John cuts from the TV senior chairman and CEO of the red apple group which has united refining. We talked about his beautification of five vacant locations. With the former gas stations and off lack on a question panel Wanda if you're listening and Tonto Wanda Montreal. Or Manhattan drop us a note. Listening to 50000 watts clear channel power and ESPN. Ian fifteen twining please write to Brian Ross 500 corporate park suite 200. Buffalo, New York 14226. We always greet cards and letters firmer. Canadian and European listeners as we received letters at this station is for our earliest Scandinavia. In New Zealand special thanks to those calls regarding our recent guest business executive from Rochester Tim Rice Mitchell with a Roswell. Our. Cancer institute congressman Chris Collins coming up we'll have Cary Nowak regarding Christian camp director. He had him brewers in ski orthopedic surgeon and Bob Collins and Robby are right with the grave and Hearst Ontario. Chamber of commerce. We have another plot here. Question Yorkers love their traditions in the ample legal has been writing about polish American traditions and events for over fifty years. News and features for polish American perspective can be found in this weekly newspaper. As well as recipes and calendar events. Don't miss out on the next cultural presentation or polka dance I reading the ample legal ample Eagles album many tops. And wegmans stores for home delivery call 7168359454. That's 7168359454. Of the latest news from. Poland and prolonging your mailbox each week. But the more information about John consummate TDs he attended both public and parochial schools he graduated from Brooklyn. Technical high school we also received an honorary darker girl degree from demon college controversial New York. In 2008. Journal content TDs call fond of the Brooklyn tech endowment fund. This ten million dollar endowment is the first of its kind for public school. During high school John delivered groceries for tips he was also one of the major supporters. The dinner with the diocese of New York. And down very generous philanthropist. John carts with TV senior the chairman of the board and CEO. Of the red apple group with united refining. Let's talk a little bit more about American crude and how you get it with united refining from. Canada because you must be good employer and candidate to senior also how. The Canadian economy is Eric. We're one Lou just imported the Canadian crude oil. And we can't predict a wee bottle being. One of these. And it releases that pipeline. To be able you can receive additional amount of crude oil and the alien grows. There's so we attribute we have investments in president. We have investments and New York State Ohio Pennsylvania. We're committed. To creating jobs were created and creating American jobs. Well that's wonderful that's basically the area or most of our listeners are from from New York Ohio. Pennsylvania we cover half of Canada with ES PNM. 152050000. Want to clear channel power. Let's talk about your love of America. Came over here. As a baby and it's really a rags to riches story lawsuit that Kristi he's grocery store chain. Which your children are very active with let's talk about why you love the United States or march John Cox TDs the united refine. Well where were you go. In the world. And had you know opportunity. That's Indian accent to revert. You know being a Greek Americans agree that I owed the phrase. When I was younger. That. People regret is that it's late. And you'll leave protect peer. We overpayment. And I hepatitis. I think it Larry there's always going to be princes but I think this let's practice today. They've ever in America. Article or we had a a black president. A lot of people like them a lot of people then back but even the people that invite them. Except at. As I did you know it I think at predicting a long way. What's happening now we're president. Well. A lot of people dislike them and they're very vocal about it and greedy don't understand it he got elected. To being dictated. To. To do is shot. Out of field that Democrat went good look at that would have given my left pomp of the but. Donald Trump is creating. Into custody he's putting America. Source adding to a debt off correctly is getting a good deal. From the rest of the country's historic and the economy. And oh there's been some differences which had been but I. Oh. It's they Comedy Central Bulgaria. Editor or a rubber. Little bit of abuse disagreement we can't. Let's get back to this six month beautification project Q party completely united refining. The beautification. Lift lovely grass and shrubs at 422 Ontario street and Riverside section of buffalo. C thing in six months will make you may call these five properties attractive. And are like. Happened to ninety days I hope doesn't think that the. Of for those just tuned in our guests is the chairman of the board of Unita refining in the red apple group John Cox a key pieces involved in a beautification program with five locations of former. Gas stations. And he's notifying them in Western New York if you're listening in. Cheektowaga. Or Toronto or Washington DC 50000 watts of clear channel power please write to Brian Ross. ESPN radio 500 corporate parkway suite 200. Buffalo, New York 14226. Widows creek arts and letters from. Our Canadian and European listeners will have more information about John cots and it TDs. While senior. Pack your cuts and fees received the congressional nomination. The Westport for car recently in its rise. But eventually ten at York university. Studying engineering and LeBron at NYU did you work in supermarkets. Owned by a close eye on him. That down payment on a small supermarket. Nineteen street and Broadway and the upper west side of me and yet his first store opened in nineteen. 68. Let's start of the property Smith in New York helping poor out of. You know let's go to 1968. This is my fiftieth year. Of working in The Who produces. Okay let's talk about that for men and I know your children John craftsman TDs junior and Andrea consummate TDs. Are active with English TDs grocery store chain how was that doing how is that growing involvement. Old retail because of Tibet is a repair for adults. What might do it got pretty odd. It is. Being able to block it who blew lineal. It's a different mentality. And it looks so on grab and go. There's there's that talk goes you walked in you you work all day and what you what you what it is what it who have. Go heated up in the. Okay let's talk about the properties. Yeah. Aren't our job cuts at TDs is one of the major donors to the Alfred E. Smith dinner that honored John castle happy warrior award they raised four million dollars. Last year John Cox and TDs has been a long term supporter now. Youth regardless our of our faith threw out the metropolitan New York area which we blanket with the ESPN in fifteen to me why do you help these. Needy children in the Archdiocese of New York John Cox and TDs. Well yeah but that believes that politically. I would miserable proposed book was that yeah April. Forty years fifty years lose track. What was it in 99 years ago. Industrialised. He built up to. And I threw it the Politico interview predictable the book in 198232. Years ago. I get it figured to be a bullet bet and I doubt vice habits and we help. War in the city is that anybody else in the city and. Spain if you need help a loud is. One parent hole. And in need mentors in the W put you know around them and give them direction. From war. I visit him and it. Who do you looked at Tony it's that the favorite. Tactic and a hard court how it. It going to be able. Who speaks from acting and could have put on a bidding to look Waco. With them and about 110. Typically become real active but it's gonna wreck. And being able America as being able to help. When I grew up at all. And I was 1819 years ago is well. I had a bad. Newspapers go as he showed me the right direction. Then we can about that I had so we're willing to lower. I had to appeal war bet. You know who won Greek and Italian or true. And then you'll hook me. A little bit what life is all about what the so about an attribute my success. To buy it went to a local in this league but. Take direction and I don't think that's doubled. That's our men charged in a pair of two very bright children who are garrison ten or twenty years are going to be the heirs apparent for. United refining red apple group Christine he's grocery store chain. Andrea and charmed craftsman TDs junior how are your kids doing an Aussie of lovely wife Margot. How are your kids doing in the business. My side works seven days a week just about it on the company's multi ethnic people he looks so we newspaper groups. Who built this apartment houses and you'll. And it was in Florida. But to what it looks who really papers wrote that it is so ball to be it would be you know support the business. A lot of credit score is. To a B looks. They both artists and our company and they realize it bought property goes goes well. Technical problem but. Very guard. Very guard and you're committed to this beautification. Of these properties in buffalo lack on Emerson tunnel onto the united refining. Right. Absolutely we do that view that he would do that Florida we. The dude had a community due to the west. We have two minutes left on the roster pork power that quick field gas stations doing you own them 400 gas stations. And convenience stores with quick fell and red apple group how's that going. Hopefully it 100%. Of Americans who loyal. All the people he is. Eight. Whether Venezuelan crude or Saudi Arabia crude. You know I'd hurt by customers that detective that you business. And I heard. I was keep flying. American crude oil made but I have better and it is is it a very important factor. I you have a new bio diesel facility in Brooklyn. How's that going. We're building it right now. That is ignored that the public school compliance with state regulations. State it is. That's going belly button so callables. Local city. Very good. And you also. Believe that trump will be good for the economy in the next couple years. Great Britain that we're equipped with the success of the letter to. People get up on pieces like you wouldn't I would ask the question why a brain who is down below. So it wouldn't ultimately. I mean let's read Roberta success he's the president. Let it go but what you know is way. What this election if you don't like Donald Trump. If you'd like what is going important. And put up a little better that was supposed to do technically create. Reason that the cycle but not. Charlie to bring arrest report to a close special thanks to Matt waning. I'll be out lack in our director of production Kevin Kerr who's been with us for over fifteen years. With the Ross report we also dedicate this pro or memory of former sheriff of Erie county Tom he gains. Who just passed away yesterday is that they have this taping and we dedicate this program in his manner. Also we salute the efforts of John cuts through TV senior to beautify these vacant properties. In buffalo lack on immersed in Kano on two with united refining thank you for enlightening us a great success story John Cox a TV senior. Have a great we can. You've been listening to the rust report a program that takes an inside look at the western new York community with news features and special guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to Brian rusk 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 14226.