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Sunday, September 9th
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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with the news features and special guests. Now here's your host honey Wolfgang. Hi everybody and welcome to a target. I'm your host any Wolfgang thank you so much for joining me. I enjoy talking with you every week event subjects that we think are interesting and fun and educational. And topical for all of us who live here in the US senior community. And we're we're concentrating on the fun and educational this week because I recently. Well trend and actually was telling me. When the introduce you in a moment. About this sat group and this activity that takes place here in western new York and actually really talk humanitarian summer that are happy to say. It's it's really pretty much only around and I had seen these double Decker buses in Al about. And I didn't know that my friend who's in CU as this was in fountain he didn't know then it was such a widespread. It's kind of new activities at its taped in. A blossomed here in western new York and has become so popular and people of just talking down all the time and ago. Well look at that you see at double Decker bus going down I feel like I am in New York because says of the big things that in New York you know. Like good things go in the go down to the village in Manhattan in the gold around and they can you hear from you see them and now I thought. Well no we've reached daytime we as a mere. Here and in buffalo and Western New York I'm so excited so a friend of mine who I'll tell you while not keep you in suspense anymore petition Maxwell. Is actually a colleague and friend of mine told me she was involved with them. And she's actually. Natalie found that one NC motivating one of the primary characters I guess I'll say right. And time they think at times things in the acting side. And it also. It's a trend that we've talked to one on target before quite awhile ago children brows ski who is the chief. Of quote unquote chief of fun he said what's it going Asus coney chief of fun. So they both in the studio with us today and they're going to give us a look a little more details. About this really I think and different and actually is gonna turn out to be educational right it's in a way because if you talk even up. Buffalo in history. Yes that's correct several of the murder mystery. Events that we have use actual individuals people who lived in buffalo historical characters. Now the fact that they're involved in a fictitious murder mystery clocked that's made up. However frequently we actually have people from Buffalo's history it's a great way to immerse yourself in the history of buffalo. And have a really good time. And they know let me in let me go back a little how did this start for you you know innovative did you start like maybe one buzz so what mysteries taking place somewhere in the and it expanded to send out group. Well I'll start out in the non homeland Tricia join in. Lol no one would hire me. So he should ask if you've got to treat your own venue year own stage you know and does so. Actually background in broadcast journalism in and so forth for many years I worked in local television news and whatnot I'm always been a storyteller. And there's a bit of Irish in me and down groove so. I've always wanted to be kind of be a bit of a peacock in enacting do things like this and so. What started out maybe like 57 years ago where would be doing historical walking tourists have stand up comedy half historical tumors. It started out small canal side was didn't Genesis it was an incubator. There was critical mass and I was able to do walking tumors and tell the story of buffalo in the history in any Agassi historical. And hysterical I like to say you can play. Any inning evolved and and I was able to I wanted to tell I wanted to do murder mysteries just that I have always amity Sherlock Holmes and and then I was able to reach out to people like Trish who actually have this theatrical gravitas they they know about these things. And Tyson and got some hair brained schemes about doing these things and then Trish brought the talent. And so will we've been doing different types of things and and so Trish maybe you can talk to. Yeah definitely because I I don't I am not far. Listeners understand what we're saying are we saying like the murder mystery Ellen that part as sending that double Decker buses and going around town but now we need to go into explain little talking that Weller. Is the double Decker bus. I if you go back a couple years. We did some murder mysteries in the green mills. Tom I learned a tremendous amount control about the flow history in the green industry. And western new York and how big it was. Even just how green mill operates Tom thank you don't I learned a lot. So we would play the characters. And then we've done things at the Lafayette hotel. Dinner theater. I've played a character by the name of Louise but soon who was an architect. She wants is Hillary's female artist absolutely. Yep we design our Lafayette hotel. So we've done that show and and it just sort of thing he had this. Hair brain idea divide this double Decker bus it that's it showed up one day in buffalo. And he approached us and said would you consider doing in the murder mysteries on the bus and we said sure so we've been doing those now for two Summers. And sprint it's a second summer. Let you talk about some of the other stuff we do that but they're generally. Historical characters from buffalo. Seems that involved can mail signs. This year we have our western. And a canal side seem murder mystery so it was just a great partnership. That's a great storyteller and the union to lose his cool is and writing and researching all this. I'm I I do all of that so for example we take some liberties that the thing that we put on the show that we put on at the hotel Lafayette. We had it's called who killed Rocco Paladino. Who. So let me get sick yet. I'm a real folks and then as now in modern times the indeed did that's the guy gets knocked off and ease up a bit of a brusque arrogant type of developer Fella. And so now we totally fictional they're totally fictional character AM but can come on guys that you know having put that legally we're allowed in the books and are Rocco Paladino though looks a little bit more like our president he's got this crazy hair in a little bit and orange it's it's kind of a mix of everything any easing a guy that you like to hate and he gets knocked off. Blood on the characters that are that are in that again it focuses on the opening of the hotel Lafayette in 1904 Louise the thune the character. And how she designed it. And some of the B no clues you have to pay attention to to the dialogue but there is. The and Irish and up and coming first work politician named. He's a little bit of a button down not to polish type character. And there's a eight characters that have represents sort of like the moneyed interest and has. That was the name knocks within his you know multi hyphenated name and so forth and entity they actually do player of role of of actually bringing in history. To it so for example beginning shipping guy he's front waterfront a Fella and the Knox character he's he's a blue blood you know but Protestant type. And they they talk about immigration they talk about real things that went on in the end the you know globe and at the divisions between those two classes of people. And I think it's one of the big jokes and it in napping using goes you know some day. I you're gonna have and don't you know will will have a really Irish mayor. And and had an axe character says Saturday will have a fantastic art gallery yes. Famous art gallery yes yes. So yeah we we we things together on the green mystery at the green I was in understanding green side of the GLS grain silo right where in this is in fact 1899 there was a huge brings strike that. Roaming Catholic Church became involved. And think he Connors if you remember that name I think he Connors was an Irish guy who exploited the direction. And using the saloon boss. This guy over 3000 employees from plea Kerio all along from you you know Cleveland to buffalo. And nothing got shipped if it wasn't threw him and it was about that that brings strike. He later have a connection with the courier express hope he he bought you know realizing condense them when he wasn't getting good press scanners in Atlanta and figure counteracting economy animate bursting Eminem thinking when says it. Molina Susie is a big go political dying did the rough and tumble though the though he he it was an orphan by the when he was eight visa millionaire by the timing was thirty. And these ever likes sort of life. Taking liberties with true stories or making history accessible. Buffalo has speeches to people I guess is that he gets the idea and yet he so are are one of arming you come to life and our most popular murder mystery that we do aboard the double Decker bus. Is Tom death that dogs dive he might have heard of dogs dive. There was of realistic place it was operated by an escaped African American his name was William Douglas. We've taken some of that that that culture and we've we've changed things around a little bit but there is for example there is the goody two shoes she runs the she's she runs the mission harbor mission which is real in the slums of buffalo. We have Pug nose Cora who is a Levy of the evening. Who ran a notorious operate I think at Iowa I'm looking a few. Ed had a hand and I don't think sister Florence continue give gifts can you give Israel a little was sure she was one of two. Working may Adams in buffalo at the time and had days slew a bevy still like say 04 women working underneath their. And it really wasn't uncommon at that time for many of them to be married. It was a way of earning income and bringing money in. And with the kanell spinning it in where was in the shipping industry in all the boats coming in with men so to speak. They really had quite a working business down and then area. And when you're playing this a part. You. Using different voice accent but then what you talking to me here now. While I may not be as sweet and polite now I am right now have a oh. But so yeah some characters do have. Our Friday night is a western. And I play a female sheriff. Senior justice. And so I am a little bit different then. Then I would be on time Saturday when I play the man a month. Can we hear careers sandy justice alerts have reported yet because I'm married to this Fella here about justice and he's nothing but good for nothing lazy slacker. As adamant as Raymond and for America to send Zhang ping Yahoo! bid when she left me. If you just tuned in and USA what is going on today and then target. No we're. We are having fun today with that situation excel and jolt him brows ski talking about the buffalo double Decker. Bus tour is as well as the ensemble. Of characters in the murder mystery that's involved with fat and in other places as Iraq. And not just to double Decker bus to strike so the that. So Disney Chansi Escude so there are other and venues and activities besides the Onassis yeah for example something about us we do murder mystery aboard a train. 300 people and it routinely sells out for the past three years stellar and something that you know you and I know people have done to have and on that train their. Taking that yes there have been many people who recognize me. Unfortunately. When they get on the train it's very very popular and it includes a trip to the train museum in the Dinah. And they land and up at a winery and have dinner there. And that at the end of the themes on that are again that their their trade this year we are going to heavy football theme the buffalo deals. Who go from being very poor in the standings to rocketing to the top and they have a very. Nine charismatic coach. And yet to figure out. How he died you know who who did it somebody blurted to coach and that's right coach cleats. Were they when they doing poorly. As a team do it well if they hit us doing poorly in and it rocket from from zero to hero and so and it went to the there's. In a show announcer I you know so he talks like as we could solve so there are. And there's a guy that's a refereeing he almost doesn't talk except he uses that just to Q nations of refereed. He's throwing flags that people and and and so forth. That you know there isn't a cheerleader. You know person who is so he cannot. Is physically incapable of not being happy even when she's talking about death. And I look at it happens but if you'd just. Might be I don't what do you different. How they're and besides it will. Patricia Manso whose Trish is in the studio with us on their other actors trained and there we might recognize from the community. You lights. There are several that I have pooled together and work often on and on weekends are. Some just exclusively militant with exclusively made dude that train ride. Some just do the bus. We have other dinner theater murder mysteries that we do also okay known and. At airline and see any mean to entrap filler while you are telling him at training so I wanted to know what the other activities lack. How well it it is planes trains and automobiles so. I don't know is sometimes he will have functions where it's more of a senior audience and we're at the Hamlin house. You know room right now over there I didn't rank list Gianfranco shape answered very very. Older pretty uninteresting. But we like you said leave it in previous years we did a walking a walking one Justine canal side in the ten to canal side that's that we. So there's the war they called the warming tents who where we fewer ice skating and you come in and where there's more we would do it there and that was. When he got to remember this one who killed. Norwood Scott Trent. And so you have to figure out who it is differing characters. That come together and from buffalo is again you recognizable. Characters and it didn't and so forth. An ongoing gag in almost every one of our murder mysteries is the victim. Because we're kind of like in old. Handler who were not like you know studio arena wearing tonight that we don't have a big budget so whoever the murder victim is is always an inflatable love doll. So. Always the same person plays that girl daddy makes you feel bad and we had actually killing somebody anyway you know whom yet that that's always you know there's all these clues in it and so forth. But like we're fortunate. I hate I don't come from an acting background I just say Mormon improvisation on a stand up comedy guy. From many many years ago. There's a difference I mean for our alliances the difference rifle between the UPS plane packed. Nutritionist I would say yes and no because. Three deferred jolts of protest but he doesn't have an acting background. Trust me he does he fits very well. With our cast of characters. But a lot of what will. All of what we do is is in prop. There really isn't a script I was just asking them hell you learning all of these different scripts they're not scripts we have character descriptions from jolt. Of each of our characters how they interact with one another what their alibi is our where they may have been nor weren't. And you really just urine character from the minute you hit the scene. Till the minute we get off the bus and that the parties solve some of the murder and it's really the interaction of the characters with each other. In the interaction of the characters with our audience because the people on the bus. Will start asking questions they get a little information sheet so LA SQ where were you what was this why was this why didn't she do this and who what do you know. And numb sometimes we liked her t.s ten days I make everything up I have rewritten buffalo history some nice to. I'm making things up and you know it's up to the audience are passengers on the bus or the train to figure it out. Do you know the answer I mean going into that yes yes yes yes I mean the actors know. Oh yes who who done it we do. Okay and as just fun you lad Telus is again that you're listening to uncharted. With you hostname of game which hack into petition Max sellinger oldham brows ski who are involved with. I keep I want college buffalo double Decker bus tour is but. When I looked it up and when we started talk about to begin with it has like and another name to. Buffalo history to stand itself is the thing Leo IRS. Oh yeah. I don't tell him. I hopefully million people posting this you know but I you know wise and it is because that which I was gonna ask you anyway soon as soon enough how how people gonna find you and how did they make arrangements to to take these tourists and. Well the good news is we're the only double Decker bus in buffalo. No one else's is that it's. That. As so if you see a chase it street analysts say that's as Google and saved how low double Decker bus. And and annuals definitely find it you you'll find us because our website is buffalo double Decker bus dot com street straightforward. But yeah was so we do a couple things just that to back up a little bit and the focus has been here on on the how members mysteries and whatnot but our bread and butter aboard that double Decker bus is two hours. So we'd I do a two hour tour that is a character. One of the characters actually that goes into the on 1860s. Murder mystery. He's an earlier straining his name is officer of honor. And he's been patrolling the waterfront and bottles and say 1060 you know. And so he knows a lot about any tells you behind the scenes stories and and so forth about buffalo. But then Louise the thune are our friend who has an architect who obviously did the hotel Lafayette as well as a hundred roughly a hundred other buildings here in buffalo. She's the tour guide for the ninety minute tour aboard the double Decker bus. The singing is buffalo in my in my estimation buffalo is a stage. And there's great people other people out there that do walking two hours and they're very precise in their very academic and god bless them. There the opera that's on the stage kind of vaudeville. So I've got good facts I've got good research but. I'm not opposed to I'm talking to pedestrians. Just. Who happen to be in Niagara square. Night I don't know last weekend we saw mayor brown filming a bit and political ads twice and so they're in I am I doing coming in Europe to the sound stage for a bit there but I'm we do all these you know them all this year. There's running gags I'll ask people on the street will be like you know on I'm course street Aussie do you know I'll be leaning out of a double Decker bus saying do you know where City Hall it's. Like that I had and I think you're right Eric failed in that area. So on the the the her one year and I imported this about a year and a month ago. And and we've been doing the sightseeing tourists in addition to the murder mysteries. And they are equally as popular but that's a murder mysteries really sell out we got 65 seats and sometimes sweet sweet people thank us you could will stand will will will stand will we will we you know but obviously no we within this is the limit. So we do say seem tumors and a murder mysteries and from time to time some community organizations like the buffalo police departments that tape. We got a lot of folks that never get out of their neighborhood you know for example over the m.'s leak Williams and easily YMCA. He think he could eat you know help us out and in indeed these kids out yeah why not we do that and then for like a leadership buffalo we donate to and so forth and it or even the you know the folks that whoever you know visit buffalo Niagara when they have dignitaries coming in and they want to show off the city S and Glenn Cohen I'm you know find buses running. You know we'll we'll show it off form. So there yet of the bus does sightseeing tours enamored by the way the only place in the world that you can have a murder mystery aboard a double Decker bus is impossible. And that's crazy because you know we really don't have them here but. I have people come from England with the schooling that's right first Alamo with them. I went to school in England primarily because all the women in this continent rejected me so I said hey good. I had adding and speak the language gap and then I realized women are just a Smart in England. Sell. I got the bug in the do you believe any metrics and I don't believe anything you know hey this is a hash. Not so Ellie we've the got this bus going and so forth and now we're we're definitely looking to expand induce some other things. The you know it they said we're only in this for the second season and we got to figure it out. You know is expensive things like insurance and and so forth and Department of Transportation so forth that that have a good. And important regulations and so he had these are things you must consider before you get a second. Or third or fourth spots. But as far as the and it. It two hours at buffalo though that's really important because. There's so much were hoping tourism in such a Renaissance and so much going on not just between. No I just announced side but the history of buffalo itself. And people are coming from all over and I this is a great opportunity for them to learn it and be entertained at the same time. Wolf yes you can says the two main tour is that we do are led by characters and calm characters you can see a lot of it. Interesting things when you when you are he persona when you when your character. And I'm fond of saying who as a stranger who would you ever hand your child off to and it's it's either you know a judge war. Our some kind of cost you if you do it at Disneyland may not only. I can't remember it's total second street didn't say in their kids so it's of their. Some people dressed out and interviewed you NASA. With and making tabloid era we'll have to. So but yeah we we have people out of him when the most gratifying things to gratifying things locals come to mean say. I've lived here for 65 years and it know that. That's nice but then I have people come from literally around the world. And tell me that this is our number one they never knew buffalo was so great. But number two that they've been on numerous tumors and that they find this one of the most engaging. Interest in tumors that they've ever had and it all comes down to. Experience. Medium and it has to be inning DG an interesting experience. Attrition I talk a lot about that why would you leave your house TV is so good well the one thing that we can do. With our murder mysteries and their tumors is that we can interact -- asking your name where you from what what what part of the country apart of that that the globe. And then maybe has something witty to say about it and bring you into the tour. I loved. Interactive. Yes I group which television is the color video whatever the electronic is not you know supposed to talk I do which in assets to talk to send any other way LN and I guess knowing these two we with the murder mysteries waiting you know I mean character. But it's. I bring all those people into my character to an on Saturdays when IE I play the madam. One of the things I'd love to do when we first get there and start talking to people yes. I'll walk up to man all the time with their wives there and say you know. Found your wallet it was under the nightstand this morning. Don't worry I didn't take any money out to affect you later. You know really engaged with them and and they really I think it makes it that much more enjoyable for. We we had done. A guy proposed to his girlfriend. On Saturday I wasn't there it was Saturday and I scared to death Saturday night. And and I was I was needling him in the girlfriend's from the from the get go because. They were holding hands against city steam she was a little bit standoffish and he was very you can tell that he was just super amorous for her. And I'm so I was I was you know just gently dad teasing goofing and at the end he whips out the ring goes down on one knee and boom. Frank there as it is an 88 you know sometimes people tell me about these things and advance. I used to breaking up marriages not starting yeah that put that in you're -- count the credentials and you know when there's a net. And you could you good news is as a place to propose is the now. Since it's in every stadium over there it they do it. Yes yes an event to remember. Now I guess you the four if this is only around I mean because it I think when I first downs wanted to talk to you is thinking well. It's and then do it during the summer because. How many people are gonna. Few local wanna go out connecting go on tour is an arrogant gone bust. But they're gonna go to downside but now of question outside is only around for example and it hopefully and tourists are coming around we helped write. So. Yes we we do all year round that the bus though it's from 1985 it it needs it needs to go away November 1 so we do may to October by the way we have these wonderful paranormal chores if we have time to chat about a very distinct. But and it getting back to what we do year round then it when the bus goes away we do sit down dinners. So for example I if we can talk about this again and shameless plug. Every Friday in November and two Sundays in November you'll come to death at the distillery. If you're familiar with the barrel factory. Which is in the old first ward 1903 was a barrel factory. Cave and then this beautiful wonderful family the vice stream family they every did just put their heart and soul into it is the largest distillery in buffalo. Let's also winery Leonard oaks winery there's also debris there think about this a gentleman from California left California to come to buffalo to start a brewery think about that. I am thinking there. And so then we do the ladies say tonight. So that the murder mystery and there is something happening is really what we're saying on you Graham has he would admit Nancy the buster but like you said that. Ninety stepping in distillery it might be sit down dinner might be you know so. December sometime people if one that they wanted to hit diminished mistreat or meet these fascinating characters they'll learn the history of buffalo. In this it really entertaining way they were thought they can thank you. It's okay thank you so much who wishes and best of luck thank you Patricia Max Ellen thank you jolt impressed if you're telling us all about. The busload tour is a double Decker buses C history about flowed really appreciated. And it was entertaining is well hey everybody see you again next week join me for on target have a good week and the pie. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to penny Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.