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Sunday, April 16th

Ride For Roswell


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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with the news features and special guests. Now here's your host honey Wolfgang. Hello everybody thanks so much for joining us on and target and we host penny Wolfgang. We love talking with you every week and we chided discuss subjects that we think Jerry interest seeing an important and car control of us who live here in the west near community. And especially where interest did always had stated. In any charitable event or activity. That can help are members of the community especially kids of course. And today we actually going to be discussing something relayed related to that a person who is made great contributions to. Roswell and two other charities I'm sure of that particularly to our very own run as well which we park. So called Basil pocket hello frank. And we'll go to Egypt. And I know when we get to talking about this little bit it's going to be familiar too because they think of all of these. Charity events that we participate in this community. That were familiar with I think the rights arise Willis probably wouldn't she wanted to be most well known maybe. A charitable events and activities everywhere and so many people participate in care about it. And and it's been going on for. So in the studio with this today is community leader joke cure tell low. And deputy general actually is doing this as part kind of you know the charitable event in activity but really in real life. He is the president of Georgetown capital group. And we are going to find out a little bit about him and about what he does. For a living and about the writing for us well thanks for joining us today thanks for and ready and it's good to see you. I'm sorry it's it's not television because he's how you look so great however. Most of us show that after John is because we know nobody fifteen feet of a kite in that. GO howdy first double what is what is George Town. What does that mean Georgetown capital group is that an investment company. Yes Georgetown capital group as an investment company that we started thirty years ago men affecting anniversary is may of this year. We invest. But foreigner in fifty million dollars for. Local western New Yorkers and people around the country. And that we've been blessed with a lot of good to fortunes in that field. Or what is and what is your background it to be doing it I from buff I from here originally from New York City. But the stood as the story goes my parents have three sons were all financial advisors. My wife got into the business. The investment business in 1979. And I have a number of brother in laws and extended family members in the business so does all we deal. Well how it will how did you end up. If from New York City and being investment coming here. When I was young and missing if you step out and can't my life my parents get transfered to here in 1960. And oh so you're at like we you I was in grammar school I date and that there we go so is your parents we hear yes and kids are you father was doing something that was related to capital investment also or no no way my father sold caskets for Libyans are my gash in the funeral business my goodness I think usual again. Can you. Gift of gab is a great guy com. So. I graduated university of buffalo as some might older brother Tony in the in the financial business. And some wealth Tony can do it tonight can do it then. Probably about eight years later my younger brother Mike graduated UB instead of twelve my other two Brothers can do it I can do it happened. So my younger brother Michael those work for me here in buffalo. My elder brother Tony. It's in the same business and works in Naples Florida. In order to. Be in this business be involved in which you're talking about. What is the background did you study. This is his business degree your what you study in what you learn. Have you had you learn how to do it and. I went to the university of buffalo. Get a degree in economics. With a strong background in accounting. And had a passion for investments even while I was in college I invested. On my own and then now when I was graduating. Over the Tony's boss at the time and so Joey you get a degree and in. In economics you invested successfully over four years we'll going UB when you get in the business and them that was forty years ago. And so I guess it's fan of rewarding career so you in this business though however. During all the ups and downs during the Madoff period during all of that. Yes I've been through a number financial crises the Bernie Madoff crisis. And you know number of geopolitical events over the last forty years there recessions. Power outages. Everything. OK tell me your favorite movie Wall Street or there was no that he made about Madoff say love. You know with that one Bruce Weber academy was. For playing made f.s wife last year blue something and Kim only a minute that critics say might make favorite movie awards of Wall Street wolf of Wall Street does that movie who was but my favorite movie is a classic it's a wonderful life with Jimmy Stewart. Now there has nothing to do it. What are you a bank failed straight I want sorry yeah take that fact and that link and Ellen good guy man takes over an hour. He proves mr. potter wrong yeah. So yeah okay concede that. When you say to a television. Was it like a financial. We talked before you said oh I didn't tell you was it financial. Advice type thing or what was it. Yes in and in 2001. Judy Jansen from Adobe cheers media and you know the local channel. Called me up I know in the family for quite a number of years. And we started a program called money Mondays and every Monday morning for eight years we did live from market analysis. 6 AM every Monday morning then after that. Would be on them on air on call whenever there was a crisis like last year there is abraxis crisis. A number of years ago if you remember the adelphia. An Enron crisis with some. That there Rigas family and that so I'm on still you know with some frequency talking about investments and and and it's been good. I'm talking. Into. The guru is going to get a moment give us all kinds of tips about what to invest in and what stacks. Or bonds or whatever to do to buy with limited funds that we have and his name is GO cure tell low as he says he heard me say he's leaving no for an end of it. And he is the and it the president doing Shannon capital group. And so now he is a friend of our very own Steve rest. Which is associate business association. For I don't know what that we loved Steve so within a shout at him yes we have announced the risk is for actually seventeen years he's one either our publicists and a great friend and he is and in a wonderful guy. And he's in the broadcasters Sam hall of fame with a broadcasters group with many. So we get to see each other in talking heats since Mike so active now I know that and the reason when reason that he wanted me to talk to you is. About Russ will also help with how did you get involved or what's your interest in Roswell. Well good number of years ago. I met my wife Kathy and found out that she's a a pediatric cancer survivor. When she's a teenager she was diagnosed this diagnosed with. Hodgkin's. And that was in the mid seventies and she's doing great. So we ADI and been exposed to move. You know with the good things at that went on in Roswell soap deck in the early eighties to lead to a number of things for pediatrics. For three years in a row we would bring Santa clause to the pediatric floor Christmas week. And penny it's something you can never do that often because you ball your eyes SE toward kids there are there. There we got involved with the other. Events that pediatrics associations would have and eventually. You know just you know different things whether it would be helping Kevin guest house with the kids it would be coming in and they we need no residential. Support and that. And them. The right for us wells and started about 22 years ago I got involved with that and continued did have the main source of what we do is for pediatrics. And it's not for the research dollars it's for what we call quality of life. Well we wanna do is help the kids and their family. While they're on their journey which is something no one would want to volunteer for. So. All of our things we've done the monies we've raised the events we've done. Repetitive leak. Have always been for how to we help them be kids and their family get through the data de mental trauma. What they have to go through and whether it be helping with you know young women that lose their hair that are self conscious about their looks. Or boy he said you know worry about when they grow up thing you know how they're gonna date number things like that so it's always for quality of life. And for for them and their families as well. And behead you over the years that you've been doing this actually. Have gotten like a familiar with the practices to medical treatment the improvements at at Roswell. Glued to yeah. Finally over the years right where do you get. You get familiar with the with with the with the surgeons you're familiar with the caregivers with the with the doctors the nurses. The teams is the many many teams some that are working with the with the kids and their families. On a physical and also psychological level because what they're going through is just. Something crazy. And then some of them that that are doing very well they might have survivor's remorse how come I'm hearing Jeanine next door isn't. So there's there's a lot of work to be done. And when you saying it's in Simi that you specifically saying that we're trying to have the kids and improve your kids Connie life as opposed to researched. There's other I mean we care about resurgent but this probably other charities and other groups working towards a research as opposed to what you're doing right. Right there there's billions of dollars that are going into research and clinical trials. To take care of all kinds of diseases terrible terrible diseases. But we felt that are around our dollars and our energy will be best served taking care of the families. For what they have to go through when the kids what they have to go through. The simple event this is the second one we did was used to Saturday. It's too was called Roswell has a wellness retreat for young adults now young adults are those say eighteen to thirty. As opposed to pediatrics under eighteen. And young adults have certain needs very different than pediatrics. They have fertility issues they have dating issues. They have job issues how I always gonna hire me when I'm when I'm going for treatment or I like this Boyer this girl but. And who knows where this is gonna lead so they have different issues as what we call young adults. So. They they have a ia a wellness retreat from an early April every year where they bring in nutritional us. They bring in that appeal to talk about a variety of things in their could be two dozen 3004 doesn't. Patience there. And we brought in to the western your blues society and you might say or what so what smear blues society have to do with medical issues. Well you have to live the blues. To sing the blues or write the blues. So these kids have all this emotion going on with them so we brought in some some scholars and in blues in music. And last year we taught them how to write the blues how to put their emotions down on print. And whether it was a few lyrics are whole song. By the end of the day last year they actually wrote songs about what was going on their emotions. This year were repeated it and we had them actually get on the stage. With Tamarine send and and her Monica's and end. And single songs singing the blues that they wrote. And it was very very emotional and inspirational. So we know where you making the point which I think is it really. Very. Good for Ellison ST here that we are where I'll like he says the resurgent and the great technology that's taking place McGrady advances in science. In cheating cancer and especially in kids it's as we're talking about but most people. Just kind of don't think about the emotional in the psychological aspect of of us kid having cancer are young young person's struggling with theft right. And there they're very you know self conscious again though of their looks of what's going on peer pressure and that. Com in another couple weeks on none June 2 were helping sponsoring. The the teen prompt teens with cancer problem. We're down at the hotel Lafayette. The kid beat the the kids with cancer and dates and the date might via a friend or siblings. They go to Roswell. They're gonna have their hair done this and and and have a little preteen put a pre. Prom party. Limousines and we'll take them to the hotel Lafayette they're gonna have their own problem and generally they get eighty to 100 kids and and it's very very well received. Big party big event. The parents of those kids if they want to can be right around the corner at another facility. The only case that there is penal that the parents wanna be involved and obviously this medical. Hum the staffing on any cases a situation comes up but you'd you'd consider a girl who made whose gorgeous and luster pair. Why shouldn't she go to the park and these are some of the things we helped to. Is this where you came up with the title which is so. In grossing kids just wanna have fun. Yes kids just wanna have a fun is the name of the other right Roswell team we started. And we are very very proud of we started about six years ago. And it's it's what it is kids just wanna have fun I think it came off the the song girls just wanna have fun yes I think I look at right Jim and yeah and down so now we started this team kids just wanna have fun for the right for Roswell we started an endowment. All the money that goes that's raised by the team the right for a double team goes to the endowment that stays local for Roswell. Young adults and and and and pediatrics and it's for their quality of life the things that we just spoke about. And other things in and it was a long litany of things we've done for for kids but I know research dollars just quality of life. And so far we've raised well over quarter million dollars in six years last year we raised over 72000. Dollars. For the right for Roswell we were the number three big the biggest team for fund raising. Com and do we're always looking for writers to ride with us June 24 this year in the ride and there are many people that sable joy of and I always writing it right for Roswell but I've got my own team so now this year for the first time you can be a subset. Of kids just wanna have fun still have your own team and your dollars will go toward. The pediatric and programs that we're we're talking about. If you just tuned in jail listening to on target with your host penny Wolfgang. And today we're talking to and with that joke cured toe low and he's the president of the situation and capital group here in buffalo. I'm main street Williams though which I think my friend Steve is in the same building is it me or close by the coast by January's first back. And we are talking about how. Joseph is efforts on behalf of kids and run as well. And we were just spent to kind of get details about. The ride for a as well which in general because a lot of us have heard that I think as a said. At the top of the program is one of the most well known charitable events is needed in west and well attended well known. Actually is to say is right for rise will but I think other areas have something similar right firm for different hospitals for different you know who groups. Yet to different cities have daily rides if I was trying to get an Alley aid could be Dana Farber and in Boston or Sloan Kettering in New York. And no Brussels one of the top they cancer hospitals. And research centers in the country and we've got the ride which has at this point in time and this is a 22 year I believe. 8000 writers. Close to 2000 volunteers. There is probably about fifteen different routes that people can take it could be a three mile ride with which are mainly family east. Two with thirty or forty or sixty mile ride and there's even though a hundred mile ride. They used to write tickle the the bridges and in Canada and sweet back. You know which is very very popular because everybody will start from the same place. Most of the people start and finish it you be at Baird point UV but some start at the downtown Roswell. Com and a number there rides that are very popular the twenty in the thirty in the forty mile rights. They get sold out fairly quickly like they they may wanna kept it to. 700 writers. And then bill when people register they'll go kaput. To people haven't can you explain to really going tee innate healing teens and how is the money come into play and he had a they raise money. Well people to get sponsors gas right I'm guessing that none on a year. And I missed a right people go online to the right for Roswell dot com bill will sign up to say that I wanna ride. They put in their pertinent information. There's a twenty dollar registration fee but if you join our team is my plug kids just wanna have fun that registration fee is waived. And you determine which ride you wanna go on you wanna go on the thirty mile of the three mile the hundred mile ride. And then you go out and solicit you know money's donations from friends relatives wherever you can and it's staggering how old. Generous the Western New York population is. Once people find out the year writing for a cause or especially if it's someone you know all loved one nor our fellow student. Their wallets open up then and people can come out of nowhere and raise it could be hundreds of dollars or thousands or tens top tens of thousands of dollars. And then for the ride itself. You couldn't you know hook up with friends you wanna ride on one particular router another route. And it's just the mass of great people having a good time. And a lot of yes vows we say have now a lot of them 8000. As I have we said that but if we did we can say against him. And did we also say that. You are ranked as one of the top ten fund raises for the right for arise will since it started twenty years ago yes. I Weaver had so yes it raised a lot of might raise a lot of money personally and our team he kids just wanna have fun is raised a lot of money this year. Our goal is salute to raise over a 100000 last year we raised 72000. Hum so would we really wanted to work. I'll say yes the the audience if there if they've been thinking about writing to join our team if they're on another team they could be a subset of our team. And the money state local and its offer quality of life for pediatrics and young and. Outs and I think with the first part of that sentence is very major although people may. May know it but you can't say it often or enough. That the money is for Russ will key year for our very own you know kids. It's not like the national organization where the money's been ago we announced that California arm. Florida or anything like that so that's really probably one of the most important aspects. Oh it it is in and the general fund that did them Russell raises money for our our again our teen kids just wanna have fun just goes for pediatrics. But if you are you in just generally writing your money goes to bring in the top oncologist in the country. You know your money goes to bring in the top experts the the arousal park alliance they get. They help Roswell bring in unquestionably. The top people. I'm from around the country doctor Karen Kelly just came in. Com a year ago February from New York go from Columbia she's one of the top professionals in the country and these dollars help. Bring in her hurt team and her research people aren't helping. Let's say it's pediatrics. Or let's say it's some. Pancreatic cancer lung cancer. But did the dollar is bringing in the best of the best people. You that you that three minutes Jim are you looking up would you know the answer ready event who did girls just wanna have fun. You probably knew there ready right now when you do even tell us because I was at with some in my and the whole time tip thinking. It's a late hour we have hasn't it. Okay now we get. We do it here don't be shy US surgeon telling figure out vessel they love that so my cash nighttime curfew hit it too and wouldn't you know it I let rich tell euphoric enough. So what and when the blessing when askew is what are some examples it says I didn't know that they did this like wishes what are some of the local wishes. That you've granted and know that that was part of it. Well the dollars again go for pediatrics and four and through Curley school over other good pediatric groups. Oh it was similar to make a wish isn't yours is an example of there was a young girl probably about ten years old a year ago from my Burma. Hardly spoke English parents didn't speak English. She was treated their Roswell. Was watching TV Roswell and then when she's gonna be released through an interpreter they Esther what we can do which is well I'd like to have you know TV at home. And you know after a little investigation they found that while the parents don't have cable they don't have Internet oh by the way they don't have a TV home again their apartment. So we brainstorm good for a little bit and realize OK look we can we can get a TV. We can get a 32 inch TV we can get a high definition antenna so we don't need cable we don't need Internet. And she'd you know watch programs at home. Through all over the airway cable as well as we better dvd player instance a movie so that's that's a small. You know the thing that we got going. There is a local girl. Twenty year old I think she is a west Seneca track star couple years ago came down with an illness. I issues in the this is a long term. Study in Dallas one of the come home this is only a month ago for a concert. So she asked you know how can I get home. And with my family we floor up she went to the concert had a great time full deck two to Dallas unfortunately see she pass days later. But we were part of her and her last wishes of what she could do so. Whether it's you know Bernice child who can't speak much English or whether it's so as you know western new Yorker from west Seneca. Channel help them make a wish but all kinds of things. For their quality of life. Misty said it's really fulfilling outs and you concede there is also tell us what you want people who are listening to do you want to volunteer. To be volunteers to participate in the race to join the team and and how they gonna do this. While for on a personal note if if they if they ride a bike or they wanna have you know. Be a part of our involvement. It's the go to team go to rout of the ripe for Roswell or sign up and to ride join our team to just wanna have fun. If they Eveready signed up they can not give us a good email me and tell my website. It's for kids was one have fun. And we can transfer them into our team if they have another team they can be a subset of our team but again. All of our money goes for the things that I've just described which is quality of life. For pediatrics and young adults. And whatever you can do it's greatly appreciated Buffalo's been it has a lot of great volunteers. They're really very of Philanthropic. And it's just great to be here. And I think they need volunteers along the way to guests and and the debt how can people is there like a website or something for. Yes century you get right back right right at the at the right drugs at the right for Roswell web site there is some you know if you wanna be volunteer. And again this 2000 volunteers and there there anything from people that are. That are at intersections along the road in in the farmlands to you know being involved with traffic control. To it there's some. Along the way every few miles there's whether it be a church whether it be a fire holders of stations where they give out food and water and support for the writers that are on the rights. Yes and and support which is really important yes it. I'm glad that he says that because there might be some people who are listening. Who couldn't participate as you know riding the bike. Part because they don't know how to ride a bike. And you annual and you are looking at one approved a snack and wet and Jim quietly you laughing. Everywhere it knows me knows I do that even know have to ride bike my excuse being that I was born in New York City in lieu of their. Until I was an adult and there's no way try to thanking your city however. And has turned out to be really poor excuse since now they have you know bikes everywhere and you know of instead of cars they've ordered deals are trying courage you know they have I stand that. Rent to biking everything but. I keep it is still can't. You said he needs spectators and people to support everybody says that I can do. And we thank you so much for joining us and there was we wish you the best of luck and we thank you for all that you have done for the community. And Steve to. Please join us again next week for untargeted have a good week and bias repented. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. If you have any comments or suggestions. Please rate depending Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.