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This is on target with any Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host penny Wolfgang. Well hello everybody thanks so much. Joining me today and on target. I'm your host to penny Wolfgang in this my pleasure to talk to every week that subjects that we think are interesting and educational and informative for all of us who live here in the west here community. Recently had an opportunity to talk to my guest on. On the daily of 716 and it always telling you about and I thought it was so fascinating because her the conversation that we had was. About helping young people. Get into college fill out applications for college choose the right college succeed in college. And make their dreams come true and it seems like I never met a person before. That had information. And background and education to help young people to help you learn students you'll are. You selves if you're listening I'm kiss you probably listening if you college age or what it or you're. You're children or even your grandchildren. Get into college because we know what a hassle led his and we know. How much time and energy is spent just trying to find the right mix of find the right college make the applications and it can be really daunting and for those of us who have gone through it. It's something you'll I think never forget. Well in the studio with me today is Jean Philip B act. In gene is a career coach. Brain that. Bringing it based recruiter. Even though she's kind of to come in talked to me we had a great Hagan. With APA solutions which we were discussed she is the co-founder of the your own hero. And of course on top of all that she's an adjunct professor at QB in the communications department. Thank you for coming again thank you for having me because like I said I was so into sit in our conversation. And of us naturally. The first question that everybody wants to know is in which I was joking about that. Nevermind the brain based part what is he career coach gallop today you need to area days are advancing years are gifted Saturday and so as an executive brain based recruiter and coach come to being a career coach helps me help others. Identify their career path in utilizing ain't. Bring Danes instruments and tools to be able to uncover a person's true behaviors there motivate years and how it relates to an occupation. I'm so when you're looking and being a career coach in today's normal economy my expertise is coming from. Seventeen years of being executive recruiter with a company called EP solutions. AP solutions helps employers. With identification retention in an employee development. So we as we were helping our employers hire right. We were then speaking with job seekers who were looking for that right match. To move their career forward. And through our process of career coaching and new which is career reform. Only worry able to hit introduced. To our adults children. On so we were able to now work with high school psychology students to help them find their passion and find their calling are just minor job Franken at the end of the day people talk about fighting their cash and finding their ideal job. But at the end of the day individuals wanna work and contribute to society. So through our process brain base coaching merry able to provide the right tools for individuals and high school and college aged now. To be able to get a return on their time money investment that they cut through that process that you described earlier. Of what they have to do it or to get their foot in the door at a college a two year or four year. On so our career coaching and Naples that to happen our process enables it to heavens like the Weight Watchers of the employment world. If you do the process. At the end of net you'll have your ideal overall a job you're gonna be happy hand and then see the fruits of your labor. This sounds so idealistic. And so perfect is what's it's saying. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is that's with fans like to me but. I know that it's based on science I mean it's based on experience in science and proven techniques right. And that's what the processes right if I would go back to Weight Watchers analogy. You can lose weight if you filed process rights so you can find your ideal college or the ideal world that you're looking to get into. By filing a specific process in the first step of filing that specific process. Is known myself. So winning employers are looking to hire a high school or college each student let alone and adults ranked. The air looking at dad individual completely different than they ever had in the past. Before employers would look get a job seeker can they do the job and can I afford them. Now today they look at the whole person coming into the equation. In the past job seekers will look at a Roland say can I do the job and how much you can of paint but now because. There we put so much time in our work life that individuals wanna be happy going to work. They want to line their career goals with that of an organization. So the two entities are looking for the same thing. But employers have below Angie just spend the time identifying who their right fit is. Where we had career reform and vero hero help job seekers identify. That process. And help them. I guess you could say. Jobs seek right rights of employers are hiring right in the end job seekers have to really look at. Conned themselves internally first so that's where we start the process. And it gets lost sometimes in translation and when you're going to grammar school on high school in college. Because of their put into a system. That has a regiment program that if they do these steps in the have a degree but then there's no steps after college. And how to get their job be in entry level be it the next step after five years in India and in our processing appear on hearing crew reform enables the job search seekers to take ownership of their background. Empower them back. Take the power back. And that allows them to follow that that process can. So. Is it in in many ways is just like aptitude tests. Unlike the nine mile days I don't we would call it aptitude test swing and a there's a there's on underlining of that time but basically it's science base and we're using math research and data. To malign a person's behaviors. To that of an occupation the assessment that we uses from a company called target training international. And it's a derivative of the desk. But it actually is called career planning insight to wall. But it's really the indented decades that we have behind us that allows us to. Make the connection between education to employment. Through the assessment and through our intellectual property. So if you just tuned in today we are talking and on target to Jean Philippe yet. Who is a career coach in who we are talking about a career coaching and she's the co-founder of be your own hero which is fill in the blank. I have no agent and I am proud that read hey Ed does Andre be your own heroes and am profit and which we teach high school aging analogy since take ownership of their background. And related to occupations are best suited for them and then able. To go on a career journey to explore those occupations and that ultimately get a job in those packet and that specific occupation and for example beer on hero is doing in advance onsite next week June 7 and it's connecting education to employment. And are hosting site is meant Tom Ridge dies now. Where individuals in high school and college can con to edit that. No charge students and parents can come to really get a flavor what rich guys metals they do on a daily basis. But then also we're gonna have it a career expo were other manufacturing companies are gonna be there so they can touch feel what it's like to be in a manufacturing Rawle. Being in the business sector or on the manufacturing floor. So now I have to go back to center that we say it's a tab of the program. Which is he going to college getting into college. And finding what what you want to take what what degree you want what you aptitude is what college would be right Phieu. Did not everyone obviously is right for college her because you just said and visited his jobs in manufacturing is Jon Gruden which umps probably don't require college degree. So what is step one to find out if a person. A young person is college material. I would say step one you have to look at it is individuals hole being so the first step is analyzing. What are they good at what are they like what don't they like within their potential. Profession OK city look at that don't go the end goal in mind. And then when we take this assessment this assessment really hone and what their behaviors are. And they'll give options for high school degree drew at a high school what are some good job choices of that's the the direction to side ago. Then it gives options based on their behavioral style of associates to bachelor's and then I've received actors are more. So it's all indicative to their behavioral style and it's proven through math and science that you can take your behaviors. Pressure motivate years and then lining up to an occupation and he'll have 93%. Job satisfaction. So the first thing we have to do is eight empower the person in power the high school and her college at that that this is something that they own. It's great to get the advice of the parent it's great to get the advice of counselors. Career coach has been at the end of the day it starts with them. In mind but what they like and dislike and taking an inventory. Darren and matching it to that potential occupation so how long how young or old and paraphrase that. And what age would you begin thinking along these lines have I would say beer on Harrell extra work with individuals and ninth grade. So they're probably at their fourteen age mark and then work straight up through the college age we introduced the concept in some opening eighth grade. So no wonder it hasn't helped me when they started and I'm Karen and and actually then go to when she was like. Seven and you know we do like to be a lawyer would you like to be a doctor would you like to be an FBI agent none of it is elect. Well it's interesting and and and it doesn't work at the age it actually puts it it imprints in their brain at that age. But it we stopped talking about it. In high school and college age because sometimes those individuals getting stripped of their individuality. So your daughter mail one point assent I wanted to be XYZ when she was Dora the Explorer and and looked that you as a as a as a mentor. But then their might have been been lost in translation because you know what I don't wanna go into law enforcement what else can I do. Because I'm good in math and science doesn't know wanna be an engineer for what else can I do it that. That death. Exactly reminds me when you said if you're good at math and science because. And there's so much going on now that how important math and science is and how you needed as tools to become. Well everything in the modern world and how women and girls started out thinking they're not good man ethnic they enact good Manson it's drummed into their minds. And it turns out to be a very bad idea to put that in Iraq. It's having your attack amounts to and the bias right everyone has stereotypes than their thought process and there's an unconscious bias that's happening. And that's by taking a brain based approach to help them understand who they hour. And understand your brain because there's no two brains that think like. Console is complicated it's not easy. Combo with a lot of you know like any type of program exercise program he got to start against our conditioning can start thinking of start learning and then expand yourself. And developed this. What I call it sounds. Past tense but a career plan. But it's really more. Being purposeful. In with the decisions that you make because units and in today's near normal economy. Employers are requiring a set of skills that's thing never had to require before. And critical thinking is so important and that's what math and science does rights or even if you're not gonna be a chemistry and engineer. You mean math and science to be able to work into work today to be able to south critical issues and problems dealing with people dealing with machines dealing with technology. There's a lot of what's the word subjective. And issues involved when you're doing this right but like personality. Background. Of Peru until you know what it would admit I mean I was thinking about on my friends who are doctors. Men or women had. Either their father mother was a doctor chip from it that's just I. Probably a poor example you know I think of really good example because you're right because your first Kramer reference of the people you know a month. And they've been successful so therefore in no I have the DNA possibly and I have the mantra shipped to be able to move in their career path. And that is great if that's the career path you wanna go into politically don't. Rightly feel wanna be an accountant or that doctor. But you have the similar skill sets to allow yourself to be successful and other occupations. There are a lot more Iraqi patients say because of technology than ever existed before. So the frame the references of being a doctor lawyer fireman which we learn in a very young looks. Is still a viable legendary show teacher nurse teacher area. All good but there's there's so many positions or nine in developer even. Invented yet by the time our high school psychology to individuals graduate. Oh wait that's the flexibility. Issue I mean do you do you talk you know maybe you might start out being interested in one thing with and as it turns out you're not good at that or attacked you don't like it you wanna be able to switch to something else instead you still have the flexibility denying your flexibility is purposeful. So before you could say to an employer. I can do anything. For a look into anything and now employers are looking at that is bets statement. As on know I don't have the time to teach you and what if you leave me there so much that happens behind the scenes. In their mindset and their culture that today job seekers from high school or college Asian India on. Need to be purposeful also learn from the experience what did it do to your toolbox. To be able to make a hit it to another thought process are another career direction it's. Tickets can happen is just a matter of being as I mentioned before purposeful it's not like your your failures just because you're not happy with a one career choice that you may actually now they saying now you're going to be changing your career. I would say it's up to I have to look MI data closer but it's about eight to ten times are changing your career. So with that is acceptable. Actually tenure today is three to five years people are moving in in assigning different things because that's how fast our economy is moving. Businesses today have to stay in business. And then moving. Smarter Harder Faster and batter. And the and the job seeker young adults have to be able to be flexible mold with those business changes. I just clincher of from knowing Casey just to continue our listing to a target with. You host penny Wolfgang and we are talking to Jean Philip B act and who is a career coach and that is basically what we are talking about being your own hero find your career. How to find the right college education. What to do that tiny job it's it's a lot to ask where where we're asking you Butler were really putting a lag your shoulder Fujian thing Aiken an end and then then a lot of the jobs to commander of the high school or college or asking college age. Isolates individuals to decide their fates. And the message that we have is like you know like what we're asking you do is take ownership of your background. Make good decisions carry as how relates to you and how it relates to an employment world. You know when you're looking at the brain you know young adults their brings up fully developed in many areas. And did does this small doses that we can prepare young to be able to take the steps. The process to identify what is the best thing for at some. That's releasing six sacks. And and in taking the pressure off of them left and the young adults let them experience let them enjoy life. But given these tools and the tools that we use are the same tools. That employers measure job seeker against. So you talked about aptitude test you talk about the things that are great tools that are out there. That doesn't connect back to employment. It doesn't connect so you're you know you're supposed to be some good limited choices as some of those tests offer right. So you noticed they don't know what to do with the information. You know I can tell you one person atomic bombing I took the test and Tommy be a funeral director. And that is far from what this individual wanted to do but if you look at what it takes to be a funeral director it's the compassion for listening. It's the organization. It's the ability to bring approved together to put on that right so these are characteristics that common to a funeral director so. Unita career coach gave a helping hand to gain. The extensive opportunities are out there to be able to align. There are goals. With the right college with a right occupation and I've seen a lot of people after taking a behavioral Sussman the realizing you know on a smaller schools better for them. Or they would rather go to a larger school because they have behavioral style and the ability to. Do a lot of different things are going to be a bigger school may provide that a Smart school may not provide. So there's a lot of things that obviously don't have enough time to cover but. That first step. Animal we say identification on thyself is really just getting to know themselves and we know it's been enough time that we children's like make this decision take this test. Make the stay application and spread amount there and then I'll sign they're in school on their electronic keys here. Men now that I have a communication degree what do I do with it. In and and there is I am user flexibility but it has to do when you mentioned to the communications degree is a perfect example. There's so many different uses for it. That you UN has communications degree who's in studio with just a minute talking I'm right and yet she started out like. Being in the media than she is a public relations person and who knows what she's gonna do maybe run something for politics I mean they're. Things can be related and you have to be. In. Open absolutely yet the opening up to understand what your places in the workplace. So when you have people who have a communication degree there's people what I call can work in the fun house of an organization where the back of the house the organization. And the restaurant industry does it very well because they do have friends house in back of the house rain when you look at the servers. And you look at the hostess they're the firehouse rain and then you look at the shafts this is shaft. The line cooks there in the back of the house and those are two different behavioral styles. But they're working successfully to make that restaurant be successful it's no different than any other organization and so when you when you talk about Joanna you know and looking her behavioral style she's able to take her background in being more in in front of the house. And then maybe she can toggle into the back of the house but everybody has a place in the workplace. And what be your own hero does this help you identify watcher place in the Enron much. We talking about Jim Joanna fassero who are going to talk to. Shortly no accident it took to her vote going to talk to a practicing attorney Flynn that we were just using different example while she's. Mining her own business in the studio session around you know listening using router quiet director Aaron driver that rate there's nothing like doing after I think you know. But of the disk to go one more thing that along with what we say is that. When you have that horrible experience. In your life of trying to get your kid into. College or you yourself trying to get into college and cheese thank college. It has a lot to do they say with the SA that they ask you to write. About yourself which is almost what you're talking that down nose myself right answer and I mean I don't know I guess a lot of people want to know should they be truthful hook. Or how'd how deep should they go or how on you know like again say it again on the should they be writing and well I think L answer their questions if. Employers saying tell me about yourself frank and end in both instances Vista college application or and it's an employer application and data and that entity is looking for you to connect the dots and how your experiences your background. And your career Eagles are in alignment with that. The institute. On so you know half a deep Hugo it depends on what question you're responding to undermine my response to that would be to keep it professional. Keeping it real because no one's looking to now is equated to an Oscar award winning. And near what have you right no one's looking for you to for four. People are looking for your troops and people wanna hire Childress but you don't wanna go too deep. Right you going to tell too much because you just dating your just trying to get and you're just trying to make it. Worked for foreign entities. So that's how we respond to you wanna connect those dots. And express yourself in a way that will resonate with them so they CU. Fitting into their company are there. College culture and being successful at the end of it because they wanna make sure you finish complete graduate. Well you can take a singing dancing video like she did to get into Harvard in the movie the blind but to name them movie analyst and legally blind legally blonde right you can make it singing dancing via countless people think they have to do things to standout yet you know to get out of the pact to get you know attend attention it in in and I would have degree because your branding yourself. As an individual that is an individual and that could somehow be a great fit within the institute. Now how the parents and the reach you. It SA Japan and no one using parents but usually I think it is parents who want to help they choose I could be there is out themselves yet get parents to let me take the first step because they're like I need to help Joey. Identified as I don't have all the answers anymore that's what I am hearing it I don't have the answers I don't know how to guide my son in -- my son right now is all over the place. He wants to be a state trooper he wants to be in a computer science he wants to be MacKey wants to be in business how to I wrap a man. So the best way that I'm a parent anniversary can get a hold of us is by going to. Our website for the year on here aren't studied added at WW dot be your own hero you passed out or it. Are you can just collar headquarters which is settled on 66260070. In I'm thinking it's not just a one shot practice writing mean you wouldn't just talked to you. For like one hour well like we are here for you know twenty minutes and get all of the information needed probably needs like an ongoing process to understand the person and the family situation in Atlanta where they are in there their involvement so if they're in ninth greater than it would be a five step process so there'd be like five meanings in an end in things in between. If there are senior in Justine confirmation after on the right track it could be just an hour we call that a career appraisal. And and you meet with a career coach for an hour you take the assessment. And you just kind of make sure that your on the right track or we need to make a panda that I'd recommend additional coaching sessions. It's been doing it your way then my way of life saying and two of my nine year old. Wouldn't you like to be a doctor and she says no holes this you have to study so hard it is blood. Wouldn't you like to be an FBI agent know that's dangerous. Wouldn't you pick to be a firefighter it's not the right way right would I turn it snapped. If it's it's -- deeper too many layers and onion right you gotta keep pulling him back and then turned those of you were listening to what she doesn't like. Let's talk about what she does well there you go okay so even if there if that that young age try something that you like. You know do a photo usury Koreans and tell me what you like about your friends tell me what you like about school. Ten mile what you like about the organizations that you may belong to. At seven she might be in Girl Scouts you might be in gymnastics kinda describe that to laws and let's start looking at them vision and see if we can make this. Puzzle or this information into a career play and the listing it even though when you're up to the courier part and we knew going for the job part. The question that they keep coming up with his like. Why do you wanna work for this company away he would be in this business right away and I think and there has to be a good answer to that journalist to get the position that I needed job doesn't arkan known doesn't have no matter what WRI just their project come almost six months ago in and the individual. The company was looking for second shift skilled workers. And before very you know if you wanted to work second shift Terry he just needed job they've they've they brought you one now they want this. These individuals to be passionate about second shift be passionate about what they're doing be passionate about you know having the skills and apt to wind to work in this field. Where before you can just file the application life was in much simpler time aims. But from an employer's perspective cost too much time money and resources to get someone up to speed to retain them to keep them. And really what's happening is that the job seekers starting in high school and college if you put that much time and effort into your career development. Where your brain development. I'm you'll see it's definitely see success at the end of you have to prepare an answer for beforehand I assume for the prepared but not rehearsed now and don't want to tell the employer what you think they want you to. Here ranked but repertory work is still very important that they got to be true to your background experience. Who you learn Yorker OK so we can use on those cliches like honesty is the best policy and no they cells and asks I Rihanna now but I think if I'm gonna those at Paris seemed okay at. Thank you so answer is really wonderful talking to you again I really appreciate your taking the time to help all of our. Listen is because they think this affects so many people whenever stage in life they Harris and we thank you for the information we are happy. Yep going to at a club Lamar yes and definitely share on just connecting education to employment and our event June 7 it's a Wednesday evening next week it's from five to nine. It's ever rigid eyes metal all the information can be seen on our website of be your own hero US stat or. And it's free to parents and high school and college age so com see what's happening. Explore before you say I do OK great thank you so much thanks for listening join us again and on target next week had a good and successful week everybody talked to you soon. You've been listening to one target with penny Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions. Please rate depending Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.