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This is on target with any Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with the news features and special guests. Now here's your host penny Wolfgang. Hello everybody welcome to a tie it. And thank you so much for joining me today I'm your host penny Wolfgang. And as you know we are here to talk about subjects we think are interesting and important. In cultural and educational. And I try to as you know concentrate whenever I can and cultural activities. It today we are going to be international we're not just talking about local. Cultural events what theater. Which we which we do very often in which we'll we will again of course that we are going over the bridge and we are going to meet. Some new friends who are involved with a theater which I also think is kind of new. I hope in that in Canada. So that makes international rights could you have to go over bridge in new pants put on that even though. To us so it's our very close neighbor and a lot of times I think. We need to realize we're in another country world we have such good relationship and we're so close that we speak the same language. And have a lot of other things in common however. My friend Sharon myths told me recently. She doesn't love the theater she says there is a news theater. That wants to find out about and to try and to watch it productions when you can is schooled. A really catchy name for Foster festival. Message that's the name of the season. And I can set famous theater to right so we'll find out about this but as we told you it is in are near the nearest neighbor Canada. In noise to get there you have to gold what is the bridges might write my guess therein what I wanted to say yeah we came all this way. So that they can talk to us about this theater about they've productions. And let us know what. We have in store for us if we also want to go over the bridge so in the studio with us today. From the Foster festival let me introduce you to appreciation in stone and his answer is the artistic director. Of the V Foster festival. And also with us is generally Orioles. And her title is executive director and we're going to find out. I happen to know the difference between two but you know my my listeners are you find this at two and also. What the Foster festival is so if I would look at this I would think it's not a theater but it's like 01 chime like event. Chris that's what we say racing festival but I think I'm wrong so first you'll let's say I think. Executive director executive director is the person who's gonna tell me what the fuss festival is. I would I am happy to do that to happen yet. So the Foster festival and the reason why it is called that it is a theater festival and that is is also known as the norm Foster theater festival because what we do is we celebrate Canada's. Most popular playwright norm Foster. And for those of you that don't know who norm plaster it's. He has written almost pitch he has a great idea and I'm not even and that starts to say it and that's OK and he's written almost sixty place now he is our most produced playwright he is produced internationally he sees about a 150 productions of his works every year's Europe Canada and internationally the United States. Some in Ireland day Italy he Poland. And me just all over the world and really. What he writes is is heartfelt comedy and so are our. Tag is humor with heart in the heart at Niagara because we are located in saint Catherine's Ontario in the heart of nine crack. And and yet we we found at this festival to celebrate norm and his work and norm. Does work directly with tests and I will let Patricia talked more about and the art in the shows that we are doing because she is the artistic director. And me as the executive director I mean I mean I oversee all of that the business. Cited at the theater festival I do a lot of the marketing promotions all of that that's my rule and that's sort of what I do. So Belinda who wind it will really have to. Grill Liu a little stress disorder to understand. Are so of course did this whole flustered festivals begin how and when he and Cher and so when I was in my AY graduated my last year of high school I graduated and I grew up in very small town near another town called blight Ontario and implies. The it has an all Canadian theatre festival they do all the comedian works there and my family was heavily involved in that festival and we went that summer to go see one of norms place. Called the Melville boys and that is still probably one of his most popular place that he is written and it's good because I heard yeah. He he wrote that play Anne and I. One was sitting in the front row watching it I was swept up into his world of these characters that you youth laughed you cry he'll laugh again even louder and I was really moved by by Norman I'd never heard of him before and so I felt I was an instant fan and I went off to university and I became an actor and director. And I did that for many years and then I got involved an audience development but this whole time I was and really paying attention to norms work crews seeing more of his productions. And I kind of had this wonderful. Idea and dream of a Foster festivals to celebrate norm but I was you know in my twenties and and I didn't really understand the patent could even meaner how I would even do that toy designer logo. And I kept that Loko. And then in 2014 I started to sort of meditate on what I really wanted to do and nobody had started this roster festival yet so I contacted norm I said norm have a plan I had only met him once before. Introduce myself. Showed him the plan he said let's have a meeting I went to meet with him we he dropped but I had to say I love the idea and then he recommended Patricia van stone as the artistic director of the festival. And what's really cool about that is Patricia was the original director of that production of Melville Melville boys that I saw so many years previous so we really feel that this was full circle meant to be and that's how it all in Hillary and bill was this. So that happy ending that 2014 Trisha I met in her kitsch. In November 2014 and we have looked again next Nellie Santa conversation started planning norm. When we were discussing where we wanted to do this he's always love Niagara. He had a lot of his show's done it the old port mansion theater witness who was up in part to lazy and I granddad he really wanted to see investigate that area. We saw that in new arts center was being built in saint Catherine's said the first Ontario performing arts center. And it and we met with very executive director Steve soul ski and it just all started to click from there and we hit the ground running and we haven't looked back since there is this part of one of their productions or. Spinoff or is it separated from. Completely separate from the Paris senator Betty Garcia out we we use their facility we use their theater wearing Karen's hall and Jack. It's a beautiful state of the year here huh. Highly accessible it's it's just they were we feel very fortunate to be there but yes we are separate entity we we run from June to August every summer were going into our second season this. And so we're right on top of it here aren't. Yeah and Justine didn't. You are not listening to Canadian radio. I am not. Well I have a new index and so people early seizing the that is so that's why I feel safe in teasing human activity. Anyway. Although I don't hear that myself I think I. I don't think I have it but people do. So here we and on target and you are listening to our conversation on today about the Foster festival. In. Canada. In Saint Catherine this which is not very far away from us. And we are talking today about this very unique only two year old solar. Where right on the cusp of learning and as something new. And in the studio with us is Emily Orioles and Patricia van stone and together isn't as you said patrician and you're responsible for. This selection of this of the productions that's Riley everything else right well. What is your background my background is I'm originally a maritime where I'm from New Brunswick I grew up in a border towns so bridges. Bridges are a part of my life prudent but at but idea I've been a professional actor and director. For years my specialty has always been new Canadian work that's my real passion to develop new work. And I happened to it starred. In the first production of the Melville boy is many long years ago. But that set that's how I met norm. We've been friends for years and is as it happens we've been to worrying up until. We put it to bed at the Foster festival last year. Be returning in a wonderful play he wrote. Called on a first name basis and we talked and we we Brit traveling. Everywhere from Jacksonville Florida to Bermuda to Turks and caicos to. For being Mariel bird out. And everywhere in Ontario region we've we've talked to boat. How important his work is because what norm does his tell. Stories about ordinary people in extraordinary moments in their lives. And it's a real high Dyson hot for the audience so might job is to. Program this season so retreating three shows an issue we happen to be getting to world premieres that he's written. Specifically for the Foster fast default. And these showing between them is a lovely show called old love. And we have some of Canada's top performers. Were fully professional. Some of Canada's top performers and set designers people who've worked saw Stratford. And richest so excited to have this great company who are as passionate about norms work and making people laugh. That's what we wanna do you'll you'll come to the Foster festival and you'll feel. Feel feel. At one with with the story with the audience. The seats are incredibly comfortable I have to say it and you're in this beautiful theater with lots of wonderful restaurants close by. How big is the theater her attorney seating capacity we're selling 200 seats. We will expand over the next few years to 300 seats we have the capacity to sell 300 seats but. For that we are being cautious for our first two years and making sure that we have the 200 right people in the audience on any given to. And pop pop pop. She's chosen to tighten its hair and we've got the show isn't coming up via the hunt again or I it's a small but elegant clique of people who left that's right so. You know you did say he's the most well known playwright in Canada and so forth but. You're obviously trying to attract people to come from well we're in America seven. In other other markets other places yes also not just from saint Catherine's is that kind of small I I guess as far as the market goes. He had mean net net Niagara has it as sizable population though we we actually are attracting people you know I was on the phone via the other day with someone from Australia they're coming over because they know norms reckon they're they're very excited to visit us this summer. We have lots of people already had visitors last year from from buffalo fan. You know Pennsylvania asked from and we it's committee come up from North Carolina so we do have some fans are ready coming up from the US which and we just wanna expand upon that. And you can't be your price point you really can't it's it's 36 dollars Canadian. Which as of this morning was 26 American center is a pretty good price. The idea that it's. The dole fully like. And I know course. But so it's it's a very affordable experiences that and that's Trish said it's it's really relatable and it's very funny we at will that's when it comes down out of the last lady you said a few times to says. Humor with heart yeah Minnesota afloat so so the author playwright so. Is basically known for it's not. Maybe comedy for making people laugh for touching comedy or bad touching comedy not a great description penny. It's. Really it's it's laugh out loud funny but. What makes his work appeal to people and makes it so resonant is the fact that. He gives you the whole character it's not just funny funny. Like sitcom funny it is set funny but. You learn about the characters such pain and and and it insecurities and and fears and so these characters have. Wonderful dimension and they were people when Norman averaging on a first name basis people would come up to me and saying. My husband did that to my husband left me like that. Or you know they they really relate to these scary situation yet. Situations yes the most unique aspects of this theater in this theater is. Well it's devoted to the work of one person and that the playwright ST is around. Here of lies and mean back helping you working on the production that's writing president and I'm guessing from what you're saying yet as he is an integral part. Of the productions right very much so so he comes to rehearsals and yet he says he had help you. In known casting and so forth not so much in casting but he's very hands on particularly with his first. Productions world premieres and we have to as I said this year. And hopefully next year will have three broken used as refining our audience is so excited. By new work by being the first people to experience a new play. And heat has recently been named an officer of the order of Canada which is Canada's highest civilian honored that trip four England so I can zooming into something similar like the congressional medal I get so it's it's it's a very very high honor and so we're we're celebrating that an hour opening night this summer as to be pretty prolific to be able to. Right. Two new. Junior play as a I don't know when he wrote them and then you're thinking of like by next year is going to have another one he as a right he's a busy guy his first breakout hit was 1984. The novel voice. And that was produced by theater in New Brunswick on the East Coast. And since then he's written nearly sixty place which I'm astonishing output. Too he just said the other day rates and a two year. But he and he loves it yet and you'd have to let it take to do it as optimistic as he gets up really early in the morning he's an old. Morning show radio guy himself he's yet to getting up at 430 gets up as early we should've brought him I. Haven't you didn't hear that that I guess we're going into Google bet yes I accept that any rights every morning that's what he does sentence single day. I think he's the. Neil Simon of for I just as you deceit I am saying to myself yes Canada yet had it's it's that kind of sparkling wit and and humor and hearts. If you just tuned in you're listening to on target with your host penny of canyon today. We are talking to the ladies of the Foster festival. Which is in the hearts. Humor with heart in the heart of Nash Bridges a lot of hearts in TV he's been to did you not up and running on Valentine's Day off Saturday Oxley really fat arms birthday norm foster's birthday is Valentine's Day. I know some of the people food they had it out until we wish him happy birthday and we're attacking about the Foster facility in the studio with us is Emily L'Oreal to see executive director institution in stone. Who's the artistic dressed director. And the ghost shadow and director. Of all of our program and who gets all the credit today is my friend Sharon met somebody who. Who trust these ladies to our attention in the CNN to our attention so we thank you Sharon. And we helped listening all of a stereo in the mining. Tell me about the show is themselves I think a little more about them because. In case other people are not aware of his work in in despite how much we've described it yeah it's always better to maybe go into little details so this one says. The two new ones anyway when says screw rule. Comic I don't Foster world's premier that's right and then it's. It's set in 1938. That's right. It's it is he's he's he's he finds that designer of films screwball comedy with only Gary grant and Russ Russell. He he kind of took that as his inspiration and so this is an absolutely sparkling comedy. About a young woman who's trying to break into the newspaper game. A seasoned reporter who who's been Blake play in the ponies in the gals a little too much and has lost his edge. So the the editor of these newspapers sets a challenge for them to African right the better story about a society wedding. We'll get to keep that job. And so that there they go toe to toe to try and win this thing and it's the populated with these amazing characters as in screwball comedies there. The publisher of the newspaper Delores diddle was a very grandly the end and her silly son who's getting married and of them of course and at a very British Butler. So it's it's it's an absolutely delightful wrong I'd say. Casey hi to sigh agency that movie how lovely I decide as parents again little bit excited to music up and in but it will yes that did the original one was what was it called not high society that they don't Philadelphia story day yes I guess at their sack and his girl Friday. And tonight man Godfrey all these different age should get a lot of all of them yet so it's of it's it's a laugh out loud and the interesting thing is. Jeff and Mary the two leads are played by a single actors. But all the other roles and their seven roles are played by two actors so you're gonna see a real high dive inactive of people. It's costume changes have you made in mind about the wanting to ask you about the cancer testing in general you said that. There all professional that's credit means an edit in our country means equity in that swing different activities and things equity act and I was wondering if you like using leg to stand strong with the core repertory. Group or if there is each one is can separately. Each one is cast separately because of the fluctuating cast sizes so we have four actors in the first when all love is a man and woman. Who play. A number of characters aside from the main story and their played by. I don't know if your if your listeners watch any Canadian television had access but there's a wonderful comedy show called mr. And Booth savage who plays fair principle in that show. Is one of the actors and he's. Married to his costar Janet lane green who's also very very well known Canadian television and film actress. So that's exciting to have them on board. And it's a story of a woman has recently widowed. And the man who has been in love with her for many many years he's longtime divorced but he approaches her at her husband's funeral. And asks her on a date it's a tough. That's a very nice and usual circle or an area musicals are loaded with I'm sure humor ES. Indiana. And touching and very touching and and it's it's it's it's a it's a play about two people falling in love later in life and and and the rebirth of hope and romance. In the other world premiere is cold loon invert the Lou Annenberg yes OK set in Nova Scotia. It's about two. Two women from Maine who come up. Two. Two she has her husband has recently died in a plane crash one of them. And she has learned that he owned a house in Lebanon berg. And is that in places it into place it's. It's a place in Nova Scotia on the South Shore of Nova Scotia really are is a fictional for no it's really our place get a hit in fact. It's it is a lot of mileage in in and that the Americans hearing some of these Canadian names and going and that's not real nice yeah I had not made it up truthful if you have not yet. Anyway it's it's a wonderful it's a little bit mystery it's a little bit romance and it's a whole lot of fun. Yes it's in when you start rehearsing have you heard you were missing all three yen simultaneously. And if so when did you stack them. How long ago is it all year round that you working well me. And we attrition I definitely and work all year round and a lot of other programs to read a lot of outreach programs that bit that heater vessel itself we hang in Canada we rehearsed about two and a half weeks prefer are professionals so. We will start our rehearsals for the first show which goes up June 21 is when it's it has its first pre and preview. And will start the fifth fifteen to server Purcell spend so we're not quite into our personal yet but then add the actors are performing and screw both the actors and other actors are reversing for the next show and so on and so. So have. And their different actors as you pointed out there and tell us anything out your season we need to like to be specific talents of the dates for the different show absolutely and how people can you know get tickets sold more information on how absolute zero both the yes yeah. And a I am so screwball comedy opens her has its first preview on June 21 and that runs through till July 7. And an old love will go up on July 12 and it will close on the 28 to July and less than impressed you're telling memorize this I have the little panda an enemy and I thought I should give this day to help Belichick noted by art. As Lindsay yeah and I tell you I'm still confused I'm directing them stuff. And he'd have a son ahead. Noon and bird is the third showing its August 2 through till the eighteenth of August so it is that Arab. A short season compared uninsured to let the Charlotte test cattle less stress at burger. I don't think the by the nature of this shows you doing and so for us. That you consider it competition. This to the Shia festival is that and my right know you know first I thought awful crash when it was a big adventure it to try to CIA another theater. Small theater within the proximity could not very far now no or very close. I'm probably you're you're compatible I mean is very good so yeah and type of forks different type of different type of play. And. What we Love Boat to and about being just down the road from the Shaw festival and I've acted at the shop which is. A lot of fun to be and that long season but what is what's great about it is it gives people another option. Niagara is turning into an amazing cultural and culinary. Gastronomic. Wine destination. And we want to we want people to have lots of options and the shot is very much in the same page with us they've been very very supportive. And and that I do a lot of cross promotion has been a mess and that we feel we compliment and very very well because it is a little bit different theaters so it works. They speak for an afternoon or weekend I was thinking and that you are having minded people could have that that are interested in the theater. Would have other choices who would stay for a weekend I consider escaped. Other holidays they would be able to go to US theater coach Shula and all the other you just mentioned that a lot is happening in me I'll graphically in in the Euro area. Beautiful wine route to album and number of of wineries not just around the lake in Niagara on the lake but. Apple on what's known as the bench the twenty valley. Wineries which are very different terror why are and it states in the Eric as well known although they're getting better known. How fabulous restaurants both at wineries and along Saint Paul street in saint Catherine's where we are. It's it's it's a great relaxing vacation yet and it's for anyone that head has visited saint Catherine's or been to the downtown and in the past years and mean it is completely transformed it's completely revitalized. But the new arts center there meridian center which is the big arena and that's their downtown and all of these new restaurant. It's amazing how it's transformed and honestly you look at it weekend calendar during the week there's something going on all the time there's always something to do hit it was me it is not. Sleepy little town in Canton in angry and annoyed that. That it is at the bottom line here and I know I don't finally and sent me is how many people here that I know even then I'm living here that have either. Married or relocated its just some beef for position or job believe him from saint Catherine's and yes I think is so many people in this. The buffalo area met over the years really yes yup well it's up to you later. Communities right I mean we always we always when we were talking with Serb shortly you know and or strategic planning and the very beginning of our our. Planning sessions for last year. We identified buffalo as our sister city. Over Toronto or Hamilton lift for you can't tell us that the beginning yeah yeah I would tell you living in but. Even warmer reception. If that's possible or will we did and we had a relationship as well. Does it areas dinner theater yes which is here Jake came up to see our shows because they were doing when norm foster's plays last summer. And that he was just amazed. At the quality of of the design and yet professionalism of our production so. We've we've have we have a little relationship going across the border with him as well which hand love hands across the hood that's Iowa boy missing is the information. That's it dates or missing how to get. You know the tickets and content you did the easiest way iffy. Or we're all online savvy is the Foster festival dot com is our website so that's the easiest way to get the information. If you are browsing and you you find the first Ontario performing arts center and website as well we are on there. And we do have a at toll free number that you Ken called to order tickets. And that is 1855. 515. 0722. Should you wish to order okay thank you so much used to play Utah in June. Theater lovers on both sides of Hebrew letter we have seen you at Douglas Foster festival this summer. Thanks for listening please join us again next week same time same station have a good week in by everybody. You've been listening to one target with penny Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please rate depending Wolfgang it's 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.