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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with the news features and special guests. Now here's your host penny Wolfgang. Hello everybody how I welcome to on target I am your host penny will gain in. We look so it's talking every week and we try to discuss subjects that we think are important and topical. And educational for all of us who live here in the west in your community. So not only here Western New York but in the whole country we have been reading and hearing about. Hunger and about the lack of fat about poverty and about how it affects people's ability to. But not only to get nutritious healthy meals but sometimes to have each food at all and we are I think most of us kind of shocked to find that there is such thing as hunger in America with two where we have so much in. We have such an abundance of crackling everything I mean going to the supermarket you seal the shelves and shelves. To find that people are going to bed hungry. Children and adults anybody in our country is amazing and a very very upsetting to many many people. In the group that addresses this issue in the most productive way and I think in the most heartfelt and an important way here in Western New York is a group known as he food bank of Western New York in the food bank of Western New York has been in existence for. Many many years. And I'm sure you you've heard of them but if you haven't. I thought it would be important for us to find out. What their needs are what their mission is. How many people they serve for what the particularly what issues there are that would be affecting us here in Western New York so in the studio with us. Is the maybe new I'll find out pretty new up public and community relations manager Katherine ship. And she is going to discuss policies however I'm looking to card. So I re learn something and only there in the year two minutes and I learned that or mile CS two it is in five seconds thank you served. Had arrived issued chocolate Kyrie ended and repent and he's snow that is totally news to me. Catherine IE and I'm sure will be used to well listen is as well what did you always did the food bank always cover all those counties. For many years now he Alley and serving those four counties on the yeah a lot of people think since where our are sort of main warehouse is an buffalo. And some people may think that the food bank of arresting Eric just primarily serves buffalo but. More touching sit you know suburbs rural communities throughout those four pennies that we pages mansion yes. Sounds good I'm glad I'm not the only one. That didn't know that you and just saying it to make me feel that a right out now people are always surprised you know the Kim know that it was at the other counties now you did know we've had good and click. So let's talk a little bit about the need. That. I alluded to I think. People cannot believe that anyone could go hungry in this country. Anywhere and especially in you know urban areas. Where food and and grocery store or is and everything are so accessible. Maybe you might think oh. If you lived in them commission the candies it you live way out and had a rather scanning assuming maybe you could go hungry because you can't get to a get to place too by the food or whatever but none of that is correct is it I'm definitely not. Now it's it's it I mean you're you're hitting the nail on the head and and that's and say yeah an hour broke Munis hit it's tougher for families in need to access you know Kirsch restore her. Hon and something like that that really it just over Alice heartbreaking. We just. Looked in Henry Tudor her annual statistics on who we serve and we actually it's seen an increase and fortunately so in those four counties that you mentioned eerie cutter rock should top Clinton name graph we're now serving. As many as a 135. Thousand individuals in any given month. On and so those are you know children families. And seniors that you know our seniors in need it's it's really heartbreaking to says he mentioned it. We have enough food side. You know our families are hungry for a misdemeanor and not able to access that fervor right if complex reasons okay will we need to know because I think girls figuring will this should make a lot of sense and it and that. Any buddy in our country should. Clicked as a should push go hungry what are the reasons. He now on her a lot of our seniors they might be living on fixed in commons. They might have. Had to. Quit the workforce before they're ready before they had retirement savings served boring you know fortunate enough to it ever be able to really saved. And they make almost tough choices. Do I pay for expensive medication or. I don't pay me to put Hershey's I'm nineteen ball into heat my home EC two a heater eat. You know on that that's a common struggle that a lot of our our senior state and our families face. We sure all the time for people who come door agencies that I never expected to be the person have to access the pantry or soup kitchen but. Whether it's sudden loss of that chimed. I you're taking in a relative that as sick relative maybe you fall ill and you know these recent may be you know kind of put you over that tipping point where you might if not needed food assistance that I need do. It's it's really heartbreaking we hear all the time I never expected to be in this position. I and really we work you know not only to it to feed these people but to. You know dispel any sort of stereotype that might come along with eating food assistance. Still I was just gonna ask you. About two. What I think might be referred to as the stigma of of beating or admitting that are coming in to four wherever a food pantry with a weary serve which will talk about it. Is there's still a stigma that would mind maybe prevents people from that need. Help from going to get it. Of course and it is really sad like I said we are working really hard to that to sort of end to that end. You know explain that Hungary and face a Concord does not belong to anyone demographic and it may not belong to who we think. On but you know we hear all the time that you know I hadn't. Too proud but it hit axis of pantry he I'm too proud to add. On come in believe we worked really hard we have on client choice pantries a lot that's set that are set up to sort of makes you feel like here. And it Kirsch a story you get to you know quote unquote shot the aisles for the food he wants. On sold killed little steps like that sort of take it in the right direction. I get. I gather that you and you have the statistics and you are aware of it one of the reasons for. Any of the need is poverty. And here of the need for food and he says that out of 62 cat Ernie is in New York State Erie county which is us here. Has the fifth highest number of people living in poverty. And that is I think it's a horrible statistic I'm I'm really polls. He yeah our poverty re hearing now and Jiri tiniest at about 15%. It it is it is really heartbreaking and obviously. On poverty and and hunker go hand in hand a lot. What do you consider went up what is the level of economic level that they consider for Sony to be in poverty. Or to be eligible. Flair for the food. Yeah so we worked with some you know national. A federal statistics on an and it does vary based on your household ties or maybe their families Hillary and how many app if you if children are dependents but. On feed standard to be go by AM it's. When it's called snap on supplemental nutrition assistance program that was once known ads on food stamps and if it is viewed that through Fiat Fiat fell on the so that's kind of what are our pantries and work with and I just wanna sort of taking a step back and trying to explain the difference between. The food bank of western European food pantry so he doesn't work you get absolutely conduct another common misconception we always get. Weren't actually sort of considered the overall. On primary hunger relief organization. For. The Western New York area and what we do is have we work with. Over 341. What we com member agencies. And that that is who we provide that nutritious food and support to so those agencies are food pantries soup kitchens shelters. Group homes can also be seniors San there is afterschool programs. They really take a variety of forms and we work with all of those. On to provide food on the any sort of grant to you know support. Really you know say the equipment helped. And I think that we can do to help these agencies and they in turn open their doors to the families in need to that's how we sort of work in tandem to make sure that I. You're elected distribution center so to speak what this all of the central. You collected and distributed yes we distribute to all those agencies then I'm okay now it says that. Did faces of hunger to not belong to any one demographic in enough we've talked about that a little bit but if I am. All of a sudden it seems like children are a major concern in a major. Focus of the food bank. And the and the food pantries and Phillip how could that be. Well and I mentioned how we've kind of refute or statistics and actually the number of children and infants he served. Climbed to about 12%. It's some pretty. Hi a hi increasing and our now serving actually over 55000. Children intensity and any given month and just a sport cronies. On the you know part of that is. You know they are out there and we're doing a better job of of breaching them. On hopefully through a lot of different programs not just her traditional agencies by. I'll we have programs in place we actually Cotter food for kids initiative so. From infancy to young adulthood we are touching them. I'm making sure that there are Arab receiving the help they need on leave the baby needs program that provides. Infant formula and diapers which are very expensive. To families with young children. It says that's the one labor reaching out to them even backpack program that provides food asked for students at that elementary level. And that's really great because a lot of them are. Be relying on the freer reduced priced breakfast lunch program during the school day and then the weekend hits and their out of those. Nutritious meals that they are relying on so that the weakens common hungry so our backpack program actually fenced. Banks and nutritious home down patent issue she's food home with them each Friday. And then our newest program is actually our school pantry per gram and that is for people at high school laps all or finding out more and more that. Teens are taking a Geary active role in. Making sure that their families have the food they need. Calm weather mama or tattered or guardian aren't president. Or maybe they're working and they can't access the pantry that it's that you know has traditional pantry hours. You for whatever reason that teens are responsible for making sure that they're younger siblings have enough to eat so our school pantry program actually allows these. I high school students to theory discrete me. Shocked the pantry for food to take comfort their families send. We're really still considered in the pilot case this program prodigious and going really well and we're looking to continue to grow at even by the end of this year. Who would've still able to catch. All of the categories that you mentioned -- infancy to. Two teenagers that are in need and that we need your services I was. When you said that it's expensive. And to get formula for example. That. Is lately. If you go to Google a supermarket or drugs or whatever. It is behind locked deep into formulas. You know this already. I've behind locked doors or cabinets because. And there's so much. Need for at that unfortunately there's so much theft of it. And so as she says expensive. That the manufacturer is or the merchants and whoever is involved actually trying to protected and can only you know Seles when you. And when we take it out for me that he and all that was a shock to me. Yeah I had an and it is I mean we hear from an arm moms that we serve that. In these intense. These infant formula this diaper at their third gold think he called it gold. And does so we're so appreciative when we get donations of diapers as well not just stuck on. You know parish we have parish on nonperishable food bank donations by experts to quit talking to we talk about. The food bank. And we are talking to Katherine ship cruise the public. And accumulations manager of the food bank of question you luck and really said food bank of western yup we mean. Scatter rug is scanning should talk a canny eerie and never Cantonese and if you are listening for. You learn that along with your devoted house because I. Penny Wolfgang didn't I did not know it but it's that's one of the reasons that we're doing and important interview with. The food banks so we can you know find out about their services and who's eligible and when you mentioned. Catherine and I know we're gonna talk about this awhile. Nutrition. Component quote. I think one of the issues that can put in poverty and end. The servicing of anything to do. With food and I think we administration. The federal administration. Worked on this last year and there's all already controversy this year about the nutrition programs and what that's school lunches and NB whenever. You must have a way of controlling or trying to write see that that the food that is distributed. Is just you the nutritious food good good healthy. You know I assume. Tasks you know I'm I'm really glad you brought that up because. We don't. Want to just provide food to use those in need we want to make sure that it is nutritious food it's actually. You know Rainer mission statement and it sat something that we've really eat. Made a parity in in recent years. So you know it if it's Indonesians Burris encouraging donations of of nutritious items such as and you know lean. Pro teen flake tuna fish. May be canned chicken and on peanut butter low sodium fruits and vegetables. Brown rain. You know some sort of feed him more nutritious items then you know quote unquote. Junk food on whenever week it donations and we're really proud of what we can do with the dollar because. Every dollar he get donate tests that can actually make provides six meals for those in need. So we can really take a dollar in and make it go along stretches and dry it and stretch it. So whenever we get mountain monetary donations are always purchasing nutritious food. And along with that we have an education component on so were calling out into the community. And helping these families in need not chest. Access food but how to best prepare it. On May be what to do with and I done. You know cooking classes nutritious cooking healthier living on how to make the most of their snapped budget. You know so they can you know take those benefits at the purchaser and and you know part you know. Purchase nutritious foods. We have what's called a just say yes to pretend that you post program and expand. Awesome it's really teaching everything how to you know store healthy food how to prepare how to. You really. Basically cook Kenton penis that makes great use have you for its nationals. They're so I know we are juxtaposition. In this country. The two issues of poverty. In people not having enough to eat and obesity. And it's so unusual and strange that people are so obsessed with the idea that the where's that disk as a country overweight obese not healthy. Obesity leads to all of these diseases to heart disease to diabetes. And and that starts in the young people. And it it's shocking when you see obese and five the girls or ten euros whatever and you say and it seems to be a lot of that in this country. So how are we you know how we dealing with the 22 significant academy between. Obesity and people not having enough to eat. You know it does seem like economy had first that and. When you realize is that a lot of times the more nutritious food is harder to access. You know whether it be don't. Have a nearby a you know healthy healthy crucial store option that you live near an and transportation is a factor and of course. You know less nutritious foods are a lot cheaper they tend to be. So unfortunately. It is hard for families who are in need of food assistance to always access. On those nutritious items that we actually have a mobile food pantry Kirk ran as well that really kits status on fresh. Fruits vegetables both bacteria items those easily eat you know it's gonna have. Turned quickly as a quick shout let out correctly track any members in need to that's another way over infusing. Our community with healthy food options. Because clearly say that people who are. It in poor communities. Don't have the option to reason that they eat unhealthy food is to his psyche said they don't have the option of getting kickbacks fresh vegetables and maybe it and there and the marks costly to wish I finally. Which I am not sure why but I've heard that. It is it is it you know it's a it's a lot easier Tim maybe and chilling to maybe go and you know get fast food carrier to cheaper option you know value packet Kirsch a star rather than in a fresh. Fresh items like really lean meats are freaked and principles of of course. Pension serving. But it's a you know senior citizens young people. But I am also interested in seeing that there are veterans who are in need and then are part of C serves as a food bank. Absolutely and that's. You know when we talk about heartbreaking. I mean that's just it's incredible calm words nearly 22%. On the families assisted by the food bank of west ER cabinet member that has served in the military cell when you talk about pride that is something. You know that we DC with Arafat trends you know may be struggling to to come florid and in not all of them but certainly we've heard that. On so we do encouraged you know and evil and anyone in need of food assistance to. Give us a call at 852. Thirteen 05 or visit our website at food bank of the UN wideout or again we will help you access the food that you need. Which is so important and we should be what we do think that there is so much for this service absolutely we should be treating them. With the honor and respect that they deserve and there should be no way that they should be you know hungry or needing assistance. In any way analyst let's talk before blowing the chance to bat how are you. Wouldn't it can't. Raise money or fight hunger by noting isn't. Jim Thome cup for years ago he would participate in a march. President marcher they did you. We'll talk of I still feel that much from could. Sustaining again. Yeah that's one of the events I know. Yes so that's actually coming up that's one of our our summer fundraisers that's going to be held on. July 29 this year at island park in Williams bill it's called the block hunker. And it's really exciting because it's our tenth anniversary this year for the lock eyes and to our we're really excited about it it's it's a great family friendly event. On the exit to mile easy walk through scenic Williams milk. And afterwards there's been a wonderful festival I'll quit children's activities food. And pounce house is usually rock climbing wall entertainment. It's it's a really great event Boudreau deadly accident and you know a very healthy foods so I would like now. Yeah and but it's it's of course set to help us raise money in the summer months. When I donations really tend to slow. A lot of people tend to remember those in need during the holiday season and were really fortunate to get on me you know wonderful to nations during that time putt and fortunately. Hunger is 365. Days a year so we need to be you know helping people every single day. And we unfortunately need donations every single day. A lot of the cut is big companies. Here in the major companies. Corporations and companies are very supportive and I believe of the food bank in there and there. Mission we are incredibly last week do you have a lot of generous to meaning partners who make it possible for us to continue to fight hunger Monday at that time. On and we were really proud of I think we of course it's a mission you know people wanted. To help those are hungry here it's how can you not want to help them. And also were really proud that for every donation. You know 94%. Of every dollar. Close it right back into our records and services so we keep our overhead who very very well and I think that people. Feel good knowing that their. Hard earned money is going to take you. And as you pointed out a few times and is wary of repeating it's helping your neighbors so people like you may live in the heroine next door it's not just and you mentioned this before. That we think a very often it would be people in the inner city or. People of Libyan city of buffalo but no I in these statistics show that there's people missed in all the suburbs as well Alice. He's out there rural areas that need help. Yeah off and I can't stress that enough that hundred lives far closer to any bank. It it's. It could be your next or need berg. It could be at the classmate in your child's on the your child's class main school. On it could be your coworker. It's a very private struggle for many people. Soul. Eve really doesn't it doesn't take any one. You know it's not just on face hits it's. Many many different faces and our community and in the thing which I think is a misconception I assume his. That everywhere and that needs help has food stamps or gets food stamps so some kind of food assistance in the away from the government and why do we need of food bank. On this a great point. A lot of people still. To rely on state they still need both. On and so were considered you know sort of supplemental food assistance for that safety net to sort of get you over the hump from month to month and so just you know overnight. For writing about them BI and you know I mean he might be getting another resource to your stamp dollars. On diet you know where that's supplemental safety net so you can you know continue to it to make sure that your child is not good at bat hungry. And does some people don't call up high they are just above that threshold. On that you know federal guideline for assistance and in that case. They may be the only eat resource you've heard about her extra help is that the bank of Western New York is that charitable food assistance program newest harper. He said turns to his stories about the particularly senior citizens. Where they have to like you mentioned choose between medicine and food and they're eating. Canned foods it's not good fit in with high insult or. I mean I even read some where the some people in poverty and senior citizens were eating junk food food and I'm sure you were you heard you. You know we we hear people who me he watering down their food and you know when and Lawrence genetics and make it you know last conquer Indian off course speed. Yeah I hit it just should not happen you know we we hope they turned I asked. Well everyone is going to now know the services that you provide because they're all listening to on target. And Jim is going to meet me and we're gonna walk right in descent yes we're a lot. Where do it we're gonna work together and don't don't pay attention Newman said much would you know warlock because it's not far from where we are here so we need an island park right. We're going to be either going to be they'll look looked stress when an answer to piano July 29 July 29 that seems far away and it really it is in week. Should start preparing now from mr. X is I think I look how far away I'm going conditioning thank you had a one point well one point nine mile high. And it. And it actually really fun at it's easy and fun car tin can do it for sure but okay. Thank you so much for sharing those information and happy food bank in what a worthwhile. Organization it is here west New York. We appreciate they are listening and please join is again front target next week same time same station. Have a really good week everybody to buy now. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to penny Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.