Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard

On Target with Penny Wolfgang
Sunday, April 16th

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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host penny Wolfgang. Hi there thank you so much for joining us today en and target and your host. Any Wolfgang and every week we talk about subjects that we think are interesting in important. And educational in topical. For all of us live here in the western new York community we tried in Gigi is huge to people who we think are making a difference here in Western New York. Who are influential or important in your every day lives or who you might want to know more about it me. And most importantly people Iowa because now it's my program so. I'm your host Danny Wolfgang initially said. We I was kidding about that part in a way but I mean they're not always people I like sometimes the people they don't know however today. If somebody I know and like so it's and it's a very important person who qualifies all of the difference. Complications I gave you at the beginning somebody that's important in your life. That's making an impact here in Western New York. That you should know more about and also whose service to the community. And who's. Position you should know more about because it didn't influence as all of us as you well know I'm obsessed with the issue of law and order so when we're not talking about. Frivolous things like the theater or entertainment or cultural things. We do tend to talk about people or issues regarding my daughter so he could not have a bit of prisons studio with us today. Then the head honcho in charge of law and order is that a good and made that up but I think it's pretty good. The sheriff like you know sheriff in the in the movies and TV when the sheriff is always count the sheriff is coming to town the sheriff is enforcing the law you know how they say that right. Don't think and the sheriff is always like a big tool security. Oh awesome looking guy fright in the movies like John Wayne in the old days or something like this with. Have our own sheriff in real life here in Western New York. Still looks like he belongs in the movies he's sheriff Tim Howard but you probably know men already did ever really say you look like to share in the movies. You gotta compliment people do say you do look like Cher yes I think amateur fits the hat or in the worse as proudly that half the course. The uniform on being tall being. It's a scary looking guy who can still a little a little first thing I can create. I don't know if you file listen is no about the the background of sheriff Howard because 'cause we always hear. Tim Howard sheriff this this but probably. A lot of us don't even know how he he got to be the sheriff decide to be elected I mean how he worked his way up in. What his background is so I thought it would be an interesting pressed to find out. About his background some of which I'm myself now because as you get on the senate involved in the criminal justice system for awhile earlier in Western New York. I didn't know like you and to share and things like that but I don't our listeners do so. Welcome and thank you so much for coming today sheriff Al elevator to being here in the middle of the name of your show on target contact me I guess I'm tired but he is intent on target that you're thinking of although as you know a very good it could be the right on target. But it's Nat it's just for its share how it is a forty year law enforcement veteran. Right starting when he was like twelve now is that Saudi when he was down starting when. That seat sort of 45 years now and they started 1972. Bank so tell us how little began. Hmmm I at least knew that I wanted to work outside its and one of the things and I also knew that I wanted to help people so I worked for awhile and construction and got laid up the first season with the new baby girl. And nuns knew that wasn't going to work in an opportunity came in a news small town police agency in Wanda torrent of bad. Com so I joined declined the police department and after about a year and a half. Hum pay what then was 6200 dollars a year. I then went to the town of Eden for about three months and it was. 9000 and an idea whose fortunate. To be appointed by the state police in January of 1974. For a salary than a remarkable sorry 121000 dollars here's a thousand a month that was a lot of money then can he get moving up. How many unit they did get some edit and added that about the timers were against these notions economy but the finances really seem to be taking Hoffman. Maybe cost eleven double every couple years but I know that it. Hum Al Gore when I was in college was to make 151000 dollars a year in the figured. Now maybe it's don't go more goal the other person to be 151000 a month. I'm I know a day hey had a month a day. It depending ES Turkey if so then life. Keep them but she's a 24 years for the state police need a series of promotions some every promotion was a a transfer. Hum but I but I would work didn't in New York City has narcotics unit and a New York City and I did Emma yeah it. And missed it as a BCA lieutenant I worked to the next promotion was sent to organized crime tonight headquartered in Albany that we did organized crime across the state. Com they came back of finally epic attempt coming back to buffalo everytime I put them and get promoted and settle we again but. Com when I was promoted to troop commander to major in the state police that was sent first to the head around X three year. And then to the Binghamton area. From four year connection that was one Pedro Perez was promoted to troop commander here in nature Richie was just after I left you must have trial left. Pedro get to home job and I I I get to suitcase strip some. On the than I was became a staff inspector and again was doing internal affairs investigations across to New York State. Com pat Galvin and ran for sheriff and asked me to come with them for as is under sheriff. I thought that would be her forever friend I would be happy to have stayed is the under sheriff. But once cat left there was a noble back to the state police I was a part of the sheriff tufts office that then I ran for sheriff and and happy to be nervous cents. And it seems like forever and I mean I can't even think of who is they until you said pat element. In my mind it can even think of who is the sheriff to four or but yes because. And she did share before pat Galvin was really. If there for some time to have time Hagan and he Steelers Xia a wonderful guy he was when he was sheriff whose son. Uncharted who's doing the program even back then and he was so. A law enforcement a model for law enforcement really a wonderful person really hard working and loved it like you do. You know love love the whole law enforcement forgot that you're under sheriff but. When you are and either a new sheriff or or and state police. What would you duties. Clear gestured city immediate citadel holding law and order protecting your own life improper. His zoo with the advent of community policing. And we started listening more to the neighborhoods to communities about what did they want the police to do. Where we used to think from Neil Joseph Sargent Joseph Friday the facts ma'am only the facts will read shut the public often just say. Will will we want to hear from you'll ask you what we've moved or block we put those days behind this and in the community policing philosophy. I'm what's important to the neighborhoods of the duties change in the emphasis on the focus is on changes. And that's brought certainly more cooperation from the communities and with cooperation we were able to be more successful because we. Come hear more from the public not only about what they're concerned about but. Composed in the neighborhood that does. Maybe he's committing the crimes and in you don't have to tell us who did it but may be who we suspect. From the suspect. And and will work from their means cooperation is is on this you've muted sobered collecting money ration is accusing key element. And then. As far as the duties in general of share it's of the sheriff's department. I don't know if the public understands like what their jurisdiction is compared for example 20 when I said the top person this year. Of law enforcement be maybe people think about the different. Police. Police departments like the buffalo police department dismissed him what is how does that relate to what the sheriff just. Paul and me I'd take ten million from a with the word geographical area of employment and good for the most part of your police authority is it is limited or. On controlled by the geographical area so if you're village police officer. On the Yuri your police jurisdiction as to your village or a towel and saying to that to the town to the city but to the city. On the colony and then to the state now we've got all of federal law enforcement but the unique thing about it sheriff's office is that first of all is this to their county. But it's the only police position in the country to sexually selected by the people. So police chiefs found and chief executive. Is there mayor on the that town chief. To the town supervisor of so they set the pick at things I'm not suggesting that those other office offices don't work. With the community and report back to there's there's the town supervisor. Mayor on what to concerns are. But the sheriff has historically to the people. While the from other police agencies. Answer to do to reporting board. I am planning board. There is Tuesday voters in your county and there might be times that you have like the same jurisdiction for example. Well at the same I mean you mentioned day to worrying. IAB that you worry and I don't know tactical. That you mentioned you can ride a horse can mean so which I know Chris we will see new but. The thing is that there might be. Select certain parts of law enforcement I think I drugs for example drug into drug enforcement you mentioned. Local police might do it and sheriff's might do it as well. And it's correct term monitors to the point of saying news chair is to share for all of your counting. Com deep primary police services for many of the villages. The three cities. Com Indian his lesson number of the towns in your county. On the have their own police agencies date they are they where they were municipality hit disarmed they are the primary police force in week. Com and step back and in those municipalities. And and VC welcome. On them doing it but occasionally step and help them along with larger cases and occasionally. Have a case that spills into those on municipalities were were here not to pervert police agency. And then we looked around to them to help us as well. In the areas a lot of in its own Kate departments say yes that we might not even be aware of that in as far as law enforcement at the sheriff has jurisdiction over. Such as and some to do with the water. Although it wasn't water remainder to be the icing on the lake yes yes yes yes hmmm well we filmed in Erie county has a hundred miles of shoreline. Armed lead to the in county government has seen fit to them provide us with a couple of bolts. Com they're two of preferred votes to be ugly to be a Lake Erie. Home but we know them hope with the law enforcement leak. They're both of federal and local laws of concerned. Com and there's certainly a lot of crimes occur along the lake where people may be using a blow to break into different Maria's or steal things from other boats. I'm concerned about safe operation room alcohol obviously being an. He. An influence on and too many voters that cause them to be drunk and still think that what can you get out of the water. We could hit another ball to and a water skier can hit spending just had to do expected to affect case I have we've had cases of out that regularly and then of course you can use the late. Particularly this late to cross into Canada. And to smuggle things into Canada or vacant United States from Canada on drugs being one hand and it's certainly terrorists being another. I just went interrupt if you just to continue while listening to on target. With your host the annual staying in today. We have the privilege of talking to sheriff. Tim Howard from Erie county sheriff's department who is that the head guy at the head honcho. In charge of and to sheriff's department here in pretty mentioned Western New York anyway do well. He's a name we associate with fans sheriff's department in law enforcement and I was just trying to get from you. Some as to describe some of these services with some of the departments or jurisdiction and you know what made me think of the water pipe. Some because it was a case staff that long ago involved you know had a serious. A homicide case so you know that was tried and it had to do with the with the water and I was thinking to myself. There's other parts you mentioned for example that they have you have for. Several times something to do with respect closest and they are in use the law enforcement first. Com Hannity and about 90% of them are here are used some horses is kind of a public relations in an outreach come when people joked that the public doesn't offer my opened one up. But a lot of your police car. But I. But the dog handlers in the end of of the people led. Our panel on horseback hate that they seemed to it's almost an invitation. What he need to do to break down the barriers are briefed on the wall. And to get people to talk to talk to a panel to policemen are people too that say it's one of the great prankster Brad good there is certainly something to be said. That when you have eight K and on ruling crowd. Home to those people are we even people that are used horses. Home lol how much it's gonna hurt if one of those of those big moves come down on your little flat and it's like yeah. Even a steel toed shoe is gonna it's going to hurt. Com and it and they are very good a dad now again that sitting up final final where she concede much further than you can't stand and among your own feet and in again like it to stadium we have huge crowds of people. Home being able to do it navigate. Around the parking lots and around the crowds on a vs a lot easier than any any other. What so they still him a very modern day. Practical application. Two courses but for the most part. Omar horses are poem from a community outreach parades come true to a lesser degree I'm involved and didn't stadium and crowd control and he. Do you actually I I am the witness who actually know had to write that because which is totally shocking. Also. Would you mention no we mentioned. Like crowd control I was thinking also about the roads the sheriff's. I think our associate Illini put the public's mind with road patrol or. Traffic Goler wraps its being in violations of the vehicle traffic warrants say that kind of thanks. Com and the big deal they probably didn't answer your earlier question as well as I could've but the sheriff's offices can have broken and it's primarily to sections at least according to the budget. And our police services. In kargil management from about 8085%. Of the sheriff's budget of about a hundred and Tony five million dollars. Is it is spent in the jail. Prom king broke two thirds of our employees working in jail management. And then the remaining third round goes to law enforcement. And civil work which is again something else it's unique to sheriff's offices this is the sheriff's. It column and date this year sending the deputies across the state do all of the home league to court and particularly the civil court mandates. Seizures of property and a sheriff's sales. I noted in a symbols. Action where. They use the court awards ownership of the property in this a title or deed in involved it's to share to its. Ordered by the court to be the person that signs and transfers to deed when the from good deed deed holder refuses to do it well even under under court order so we've put don't have a armed and not very well known role but we've certainly player Roland in the civil. But the helicopter armed it's used by a bottom all the police agencies. He near county it's available to them but also outside of Erie county and even on occasion it crosses over the linking those some international assistance. In an emergency but at some pretty unique circumstances that. That that happens but we'd we stand by to fill a void where it exists or temporary need another municipalities some. From the buffalo when they've got a major event a marathon is Upton. Saint Patrick's Day parade may need some extra people we provide. An educational basis assistance. Saddam but again that's due to worn many examples. Where there is an existing police agency. Need some temporary help than we we were glad to help them just as they help us. This just gets bigger and bigger as far as the role and now now that we're getting into it and now that Europe and naming all the functions. And the jurisdiction it's a lot but I forgot and I am really. I'm glad that you reminded me about what the public is maybe most aware of even. They're the jail management because there's so much written and said about. Of the issues concerning jails and Hutchison you're counting. You know it's a big if obviously it's a big issue I downstate too the talking about it all the time close riker isn't. And making the channels the inmates and people who are incarcerated. Dispersed throughout all the Burroughs you'd be rich that's so I think and you know that thing. Who have there is that it to a ton and annoy you know from your other life competitiveness. In the thanks eater but there's a ton of misinformation about detail. Hum some and it certainly understandable because of the person finds himself and Jones hopeful that their parents would. Bail them out for that it does first timer the fifteenth time. Home leave a will can continue to complain about how bad it is calm but to put people that are willing to believe that mess. Is that we have attorneys in the jail on a daily basis we have clergy to recent visit from the of the bishop of your county actually did a mass in the jail but. Comments dates and Derek various clergy in the date jail on a daily basis. The nurses that are not part of please the other. Kill operation name it Portland police until last January they were separate county employees. From teachers that commanded to teach classes in the jail. Com their stores countless the inmates that are out and a daily basis to see judges many of countless opportunities. To Aum cult. What the issues are and people that are in the jailed in the older those issues are or make believe. But sometimes and make great news stories and and in truth. Homes they tell their story we wait to tell our story on Mars earth would we bring our facts when we get to court if you as you know. And very very very rarely reserve renewed truce substances list at the same time only knowledge that we have arrested. From personal from time to time that it made mistakes throughout my career. Home and and continue to do that. But that's the exception not to roll. But you're talking about a lot of people also that and the numbers wise. I'm mark Daly currently in in the jail for a on this is people are surprised to learn this 15100 people for. Great just just in the Erie county between the two facilities and as soon 600 downtown. 900 out and Alden. Palm but about 75200. New people come in everyday. In about 75200. Don't leave every day either to go downstate further big time sentence or to be released back to the community a probation. Com. Or completion of the sentence but it assistance internal it group. Those are inmates but I'm when I'm thinking of is how many people un how many sheriff's ploy by employees are on his would be would be involved. On top 12100 to selling music or time to time there's a problem you're talking 12100 employees. Didn't think about it did it seem just the deputies in the jail of the correctional officers out of the pen they they don't then on the same post every day. Whom they often are from but that but they're not always how many ideally you're there for eight hours and go home but sometimes they're forced to workers assistant. The second eight but I mean it hum it for people to assume that you can hand. That much corruption and that many people involved in covering up misconduct in the jail and it doesn't hold up to common sense. Home because it's because it's not true but it single activist count misconduct. Person that loses their temper and strikes out when they shouldn't come their prosecuted for that and could show examples of that. Common we make contact with the federal court is a civil rights violations and and and we go to bam. From then and ask for help in these situations or at least give them an opportunity. 22 reactor amend many times if you're fired employee. They feel that's enough and occasionally. Still don't Preston for for that level misconduct. Obviously depends on the misconduct. With the sound in a single acting but to be a an act of violence striking out. On the benefits. That it really got EC didn't sports but does it can. A fight going between a in Maine staff and AD understanding that the inmate yielded. Or maybe didn't comprehend at first second or two after. Put it takes much longer than that then we're thinking it's. That's misconduct rate that how when did the inmate stopped him wounded sup porting and in complying come in when one could do. Reasonably have known it Hersh should have known that those are questions we. Trying to determine afterwards then there's a there's a lot of people looking into it and there's a lot of people involved as you said both employees and outside people. So and takes sometimes a while and know recently someone suggested that take sheriff slot it. About an accidental about group when they reported accidental injury of an inmate. From there is some people are trying to push that story still. But in fact that one when the debate when it's two investigations are all complete never once looked at it. Around the deputy editor of the correctional center reported that he had made two wounded when the deputy first saw the inmate. On the inmates said they slipped and fell and that's what was what was reported our own work there after it's found out that's not what happened in and the didn't inmates like to a swing we know that but our own investigation turned it into an assault we arrested the person responsible. And someone suggesting that we tried to keep that a secret hold. You know we don't tell the judges if we think it's going to be a secret. Well and it's hard to keep it secret also and with all the people involved that you don't secretly jail I want to concede. I want to mention allowing just have a few minutes this program that you very proud Evan that the public should be aware of the yellow dot program. Which provides first responders some reading reading materials first aspire is with important information what does that mean in what's important information. Com what was the the yellow that is his first dolphins and you'll definitely emerged first first responders sees the yellow dat that's. It's triggering look for the file folder. I'm really what this is a standardized program. Come because there's a lot of variations of it it but didn't do nation's national sheriffs. On kindest of dust that's get one universal program so that. People when they travel warm what it means on the yellow that's what we shall did so the yellow that there will be and the wind chill to your car may peony Wendell. Prominent in store area of your home so that someone came to your home and an emergency call they would see that that. Palm in the home it says to dolby you'll folder which we provide. Pumped in a plastic bag in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. On with the yellow stickers on your car at the officer will look for the yellow folder in the glove compartment of your car. We've also suggested that if you travel. Bombed it 22 we give you as many of these folders you want her off free of charge. That the information again in the old folder might leave it like and a nightstand of the Dresser in a hotel so that if you work. And here's the here's what it's all about if you were ever in a medical emergency situation. In which you were unable to communicate. Homes the information that you would won't want to communicate in an emergency he's inside of that yellow folder so that stuff than. Contact information from allergies from medical histories on medicines that you're taking. Home and 11 of person we for those someone's said if almighty my two granddaughters visit me every summer. They are huge hearing in speech impaired could I use this for them saying it was designed for seniors. But it's it's not limited to seniors. And then we would say you can use this for anyone who mocked imagine home in a crisis like this the last thing you're going to want to do. His route is talk about your medicine so I mean are your doctors are. Your emergency tactic actually made it even be able to deliver that sketch drawings of the armed now a couple of foot essential we have a few months ago. We did this presentation in west Seneca. Come and literally a week before a husband and wife were there where there are the wife is due to spending. In an exercise and hand them the U husband was in a different room I think playing some game or doing something with two with some other man. On the white collapsed the Tom alluded to director of the facility went to the to the husband and said investor information. Upon learning that the white collapsed husband collapsed now they had no contact and either one of them so they've dated wished we had been there. Or more weeks owner and certainly we wished we had as well another town supervisor actually said that head. And her husband had just been completed for her husband she was convinced her husband. I'm would still be alive recently in Boston on the first responders the ambulance personnel went to a halt early sock. They saw the Ella that they went to the freezer of the grabbed the folder they ask the patient is us up to date the patient nod her head. And that's at did did need together for medicines they didn't need to look for entry and other information. They put an ambulance and dropped to the hospital to notify the doctor and the way all because of the Chiluba. That is a great program that is as he's already pointed out loud people are not enough people are not aware of as they should be. And down to it says they can contact the sheriff's office for additional information or. On line and you could it's statewide youth sheriffs dot org that it'll slash yellow dot. Is available and every county home and I think some of her surrounding counties are pushing it as well as well on their other counties that had other programs are in existence may not be pushing it. I'm as much but we will send it it's usually it's usually me but at least half the time I come out and do the presentation myself. We have one of the depth be it does most of the other ones who commodity kind of Pacific group make a presentation to church groups her car club group serving. Already one went to. And we will repeat again in free free free free free and I know everybody is out and tax dollars help you sell for this century and we help you so much on untie it you should listen to us every week and thank you sheriff. Howard for being with us today and giving Ellison is on screen information that we hope you have learn subbing for my conversation will look for you again next week. The same time same station have a really good and safe week everybody that I can. You've been listening to one target with any Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to penny Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.