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This is the Russ report program that takes an inside look at Western New York with news features and special guest. Now here's your host Brian rusk. Welcome to the roster for ESPN game that the twenty at the recommendation. And remote area and all Smith. Wise with the Tripoli from. Years we have Elizabeth Cary with fast today and she is in charge of public relations and corporate communications. Of background information on Elizabeth caring you may have seen her on channel seven for fifteen years. She's a communications professionals more than twenty years are experiencing TV broadcasting. Elizabeth. Engaging. Way of being a motivational speaker is part public speaking and communications of the collegiate level. You might recognize Elizabeth carries TV personality she provided the business first segments. And I UK VW TV channel seven for fifteen years after working in other news outlets like Time Warner Cable. NW IV ETV and we have head on this program the way. Irv Weinstein many times and done schools and a lot of celebrities in Western New York. And we wanted to talk about that AAA foundation and many other safety issues. With the AAA is we've had many times Wally Schmidt on this program. In the past her predecessor. So let's start what is the AAA. Foundation what do they do Elizabeth Cary. I'll frank thank you so much for having me on it's really a pleasure to be here and yeah a little while being Anna and rankings aren't anything in the community are on your own radio or TV is Alan. A lot of people that I do the public relations that your plane reporters to mount US regularly about trampled topics and things like that but. A lot of people don't realize that we do have this traffic safety foundation. There's a local foundations and and sounds a national foundation through the national office of Tripoli and really the goal is to raise awareness. At traffic safety. And improve traffic safety on the roads and nowadays and this distraction is just becoming a bigger and bigger problem. With people using their phones behind the wheel that's one that really tapped as we try to attack on trying to raise awareness to people. You cannot use your telephone safely behind the wheel vehicle when operating a motor vehicle on you look down. For just two seconds away from the road you're gonna tell you crash risk. So I drivers who text are eight times as likely to crash so there was some of the statistics trying to remind people out on lap times will partner with public affairs from. AT&T with their. It can be campaign and also the New York State Police as well with press conferences and community events and mark to let people know about such dangers we also will talk about. Teen driver safety senior driving safety and. Well I think it's very true what you're talking about from the perspective of the triple A because my wife was hit from the rear drive twenty miles an hour with a young man texting. Not paying attention. Any of cheating him big heavy pair she wouldn't be without so. And what about road rage over talking about the art art texting you see more of that I think in the last try yours is she more angry drivers were honking and cursing. What happened disability in the roadways. Right people seem to be very short tempered these days they wanna get everywhere faster I think it's the digital age that we're in right now working and expect everything instantaneously. Around. Unfortunately holiday time as one of the times or receive a lot of the growth rates for people are. China in out of shopping parking lots trying to get those gifts and holiday time of course should be a time to cherish and to spend with family and friends right at people are fighting in parking lot south. We do have. To deal with when it's holiday time and we do see those numbers collapse. And now of course summertime a lot of people taking summer road trips we're seeing a lot of congestion. At the tollbooth Sumter landmark on Friday evenings and also Sundays as well people are heading out returning from vacation and allowed people losing their tempers and so we always remind people you know. T give yourself extra time on the roads if you are taking a road trip make sure that you plan against China and travel and alternate time and if you are on the roads be prepared you're not the only one on the road so you need to make sure that you share the road. And you remained calm about it. Very good it was a good tips from Elizabeth scary again for those. Who are listening you listening and buffalo or Washington DC or Montreal she's the director of public relations and corporate communications. For the triple A now let's talk about the auto club of western and central New York with your. Foundation for traffic safeties it's an educational foundation. And what type of outreach you have to the community is that scary. Yeah it's a 501 cease recently Erin nonprofit foundation and we do try to raise awareness in the community an ounce. Brian this is one of the examples of some of the things that we had done in Germany this I'm palettes than handing your right now is called the cell slept. And if you put your phone an error while you're driving in the vehicle will block ourself on technology. Sounds good thing people are so addicted to their telephones and so tempted to use a phone. And it AAA driving school we always remind our student drivers in our. All the drivers anyone taking handwriting improvement class. A two with a phone right in the truck every king featuring hands on it because you recent attempted to reach four and that way. You prevent that temptation from taking place and this is another device that would help. They're house a lot of apps out there as well. Like that AT&T as apt and there's a device right on your. Apple iPhone now that you can turn on earth so that you can black cellphone signals this sent automatically slicing and driving it can wait because too many people are. You know losing their lives and getting in crashes on the road because they're using their phones in and we. He does something he's very concerned about. Are we seeing more accidents. Because of people texting then 1020 years ago do. We see more young drivers an elderly drivers with accident. While the national I AAA foundation for traffic safety. Comes out with an annual traffic safety culture index it shows that 88% of drivers believed it distracted driving is on the rise. And they think it's more have a problem then aggressive driving and drugged driving or even drunk driving so. That drunk driving now hands a stigma attached to it never realizes that they can't do it. They've taken over there taking it for seeing me drunk driving numbers going down but we're seeing this distraction on the rise in you know what's really. Just complaining about this survey is that it shows that. I'm despite people knowing that this is a problem and they stated this is a serious problem it thinks a serious threat to their personal safety. 78% say texting is a significant danger but. These peoples are still admitting that there are actually doing it behind that we don't you know so it. Distraction can be a factor in off 58% of crashes. And so that as an numbers from the tripling national foundation so we're really just trying to raise awareness because. You sadistic people talking on the phone behind them and we are now we have people texting and email. Also admitting to sending emails using social media behind the wheel snapped chatting mr. Graham and mark so these distractions are on the rise is being inundated with more on Mars social media channels so this is something that's very timely in the news right now to raise awareness sense and that people. Realized that you know if there's not an hour south on their more likely to crash and rely on trying to save lives. Let's talk a liberal more about the triple a goal to raise awareness of traffic safety and improve safety and the role ways. How are you doing this and work results are you there. Well the troubling national foundation is actually celebrating it's seventieth anniversary this year sell for seven decades the foundation has been addressing these critical safety issues so. We're seeing Marmara improvements in vehicle technologies and seeing the way that humans interact with their automobiles. So that's really been the focus is like trying to keep up with the technology keep up with the times. As they move through these decades. So there are different surveys that are done research that's done. About distractions behind the bill and also infotainment systems in vehicle technologies. What people are using when they're behind the real Oslo impaired driving you know I'm marijuana is going to be legalized in Canada soon. This is and it's a concern from out of the police agencies that are out there. You know that's a good topic and like it Tripoli perspective on this because I remember. A few years ago there's a young woman and being am I think was on the the air expressway in new York and we blanket. New York City are also. And that's when it seven manor care for young children carpal adults she went the wrong way. On the highway. Around Manhattan. In and hit by a truck all seven were killed. They did the autopsy. Found THE from marijuana system heavy amount Cerro. How can Lee. Looking at traffic safety allow another handicap or we have our part we have people smoking cigarettes. Do we really and I understand medical marijuana is very good for people but to have the general public. Using marijuana recreational way. Is it dangerous. Yes we are concerned about this in you know CAA that's that Tripoli counterpart in Canada is very concerned about is well and working with local law enforcement is law enforcement is concerned. Do they have enough officers that are trained. To recognize this when Nicholson and all over on the road you can easily gets on a breathalyzer Arnold there's alcohol in their system. But there's not an instantaneous testing can be done on the roadside to say how much marijuana is in some insists. And with the legalizing it's a concern for both the United States and Canada was border crossings like the peace bridge into New York State. Yes I'm worried about our guest today is Elizabeth Kerry and she is that director of public relations and corporate communications. For the triple layer of western and central New York State. 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I'd like to thank those of called regarding our recent guest. Carrying our creek area Christian camp John Katzman TDs owner of the quick fill gas station chain. Tim Rice executive in Rochester. And we'll have coming up. To food executives. From Chicago very successful it will allow international foods. Ivanov and Conrad long while will be on this program. Now all the more information about Elizabeth Cary. And you can often catcher parking embark traffic safety Ian Moore is director of public relations and corporate communications. For that AAA western and central New York. She surged it's a company spokesperson with the media and throughout the community where she speaks at schools and public events Elizabeth is also involved. With the auto club of western and Central Europe foundation. For traffic safety answers treasury exe secretary. And the Foundation's. Board of directors Elizabeth Carrey again she's director of public relations and corporate communications for the AAA. Western and central New York. Now let's talk about his seventieth anniversary in the national AAA foundation for traffic safety celebrating seventieth anniversary. In 2000. Eighteen. Let's talk about what is special plan this year for the seventieth anniversary. Well you know. In next time in the seven years the foundation has funded hundreds of Trevor project's Tryon really. Discover the cause different traffic crashes prevent them an awesome minimize injuries as well so we focus on studies that young drivers educational programs older drivers and more and especially now with the technology out there for the self driving vehicles. We're trying to stay. Ahead of the game and make sure people L. What is available star's self driving technology autonomous vehicles because that technology is out there it's available just a matter of change that perception of people. When they get in the real to think of themselves instead of being a driver. As being. A pilot of a vehicle and actually having vehicle drive itself south. And in our lifetime this is going to be happening cell a lot of research is done on that and I went with sent out Tripoli national group. Two on Michigan where they have asked self driving course ready tests out different self driving vehicles so I got to do that last year. We actually to see the course where they test at these outright vehicles they have opt. Parent or people come out to see how fast the stop and more. So that's little bit of the research that's being done on the national level stars preparing ourselves for these new technologies that are coming around. Or are you talking are autonomous vehicles with here from national Tripoli. Research doesn't make you nervous to do vehicles and our people and right. I've heard there have been a couple deaths nationally. Where it vehicles ran people down so our party feel about. That well and it's interesting because I should be more concerned about it venue according to Tripoli research at a recent survey showed that 73% of women. I'm more likely than men and 52%. To be afraid do it right to self driving vehicle and and a more likely that meaningless feel less safe sharing their road with them self driving vehicles Al. According to the survey manner moral into the idea. And millennial our young drivers are the most trusting yourself jacking vehicles only about 49% of them were concerned are afraid to drive and subject vehicle whereas. I you know baby boomers and generation access little more concerns there than those younger drivers south. It's really a matter of adapting to this analogy an opening your mind to and with that situation. Situations that have been reported in the news that makes a little more difficult people hear about is that we do hear about you know it's the self driving over vehicles that are out there and Marcel. It's definitely coming there's more and more. Autonomous teachers and every vehicle it comes out as far as self parking himself breaking in Marcel little by little there unraveling these eyes. Different technologies to us and we're accepting them little by little by. Being fully autonomous as are some of the concerns virus or it's definitely inevitable we're gonna have more of these economists vehicles. In the next twenty years oh absolutely absolutely and so that that some of the stuff that. This foundation will focus on us are sent. Real research and making sure that everything is safe preventing traffic deaths and injuries through research to educate. The entire public Chris Tripoli it really is an advocate for traffic safety and like to see. That roads safer forever pedestrians. You know bicycle us drivers more. Are you speak at a lot of schools and public events of the topics here parks. And my two cents me go to schools will speak to the high schools about distracted driving because these are young drivers so that we can impact them. Our lifetimes will bring in DC that. IGC that is apt. An advocate for safety on the roads her parents were killed in a crash. When it distracted driver crashed into the Stanley vehicle coming from college graduation where it. That took place I'm in this central New York Pennsylvania type area so then she has gotten goes across the country speaking on and sharing your story and trying to raise awareness now. We bring her into a lot of high schools and you'll see the students lock in with an attitude why anything but this is only. And their eyes are filled with tears in easy that there are making an impact realizing that this is a real change accuse the phone behind a real. Now we also followed the younger kids too as well we have a little robot he's called idle the idle and he's. We have a voice took us out now and he's a remote control smaller vehicle and we take him to pre schools kindergartens things like that and he'll talk to the kids about. Like CC and not running out into the streets in a bomb out like to be careful on the side of the street about you know staying on Internet and that sort of thing so there is an effort to reach. The really youngest of the population and also those teens in the high schools and on to cancel at a senior centers and Morris well it's not of the seniors out. A safe for now and you know taking a senior valuations you can get a senior of alienation. I accurately to make sure that the Paris stating you and that as a senior driver. That you have the best ability to control that vehicle and seeing if you need any modifications made to the vehicle so that you can be safer on the road to. Let's start from aren't in full containment and really that familiar with that word must be and you work and let's cup the years I've heard of entertainment at Nat. Infotainment. Yes announce the newest vehicles are coming with these infotainment system works that. So you can apple cart flames injury I don't. Different. It's different options depending on what your you know what suits you. So I'm cool apple proving it you can really allowed to protect analogies and outs in the tried to sell. The AAA foundation for traffic safety is and research on this and seeing which ones at SE cell. If you wanna make of the column and right idol would be you know moderate. Type of Everest and apparently that he not read and there's different things you're trying to actually. Tax on PBS on the systems it's going to be a little more difficult for you to do so. Some of those systems. Tacit worth apparently in Andhra I'll show that they are 24% faster on average in the vehicles native system in making accounts. I'm so you can go by the system comes right near vehicle in these other systems and it's about. Chinese the south to air Smartphone based value driving in is that concern is it safe zone they test a lot of consistency which were. The safest use your driving. During her. That does is just tuned in our guest today is Elizabeth scary pricing on television. As a spokesperson for the AAA of western new York and central New York she's director of public relations and corporate communications. If you're listening in Buffalo, New York Montreal. Washington DC. Listening or 50000 lots of clear channel power please write to Brian Ross ESPN. 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Buffalo, New York. 14. 226. We'll have more information about Elizabeth Cary she holds bachelor's and master's degree from university at buffalo. And powerful state. She and her husband are raising their family in the south towns are she's had juggling work and home life Elizabeth enjoys travel and dining around buffalo. And she's been with the triple H for three years our guest today and the rest of Port Elizabeth Kerry director problem relations. In corporate communications for the cure for a lay. Of west new York and central New York. You know Brian I want ascension with those infotainment systems we just talked about on Tripoli does urged drivers to really avoid using them Waller driving down the car even if you're punching an address to get some air through his native state park punch in the address and your navigation system. And then proceed with a trip. Rather than trying to punch in an address while you're trying to drive it's impossible to have your eyes to different places at the same time so. I just three minor forever and to be safe on the. That's a good tip. Now let's tar people who brought traffic safety culture research with the national foundation research report their findings what are they learning. So that its annual survey that's on every ear that takes a look at. What people are concerned about on the roads so that the survey that showed how people were concerned about the distracted driving more so than even aggressive. I drunk or drugged driving right now sell. Drivers in the strictly surveys show that they believe that the problem distracted driving has increased over the past three years. And about half the people out there saying that they regularly see drivers emailing or texting while dining manager Brian you've seen the same thing rather pass all the tests. Am I an you know fatter us and it's all along with the saying that. You know. There are a lot of problems out there and there's a lot of distractions out there so. There's sometimes a disconnect between what drivers do and what they believe you know a lot of people are saying on not gonna Texan drive and taxing on your and you find yourself reaching for your telephone itself. Trying to remind ever and if you take your eyes off the road you're gonna engage in distracting behavior anyway so. You make sure that your safest possible and studies even Soledad if you're at a red light or a stop sign in U boat attacks someone. You still distracted even when you put the phone down in the light turns green and you start to go again because there's a delay in and your. Ability to focus right there so it's an idea just Nazis phone at all when you beat me in the meal. Now. Are they travel needs different in the different areas that you cover because you western and central New York I guess you have more rural areas to. And you have different educational our outreach programs for the different areas depending on population. Well it does depend but really you shouldn't use your phone and email whether your an congested city or fear on a rural road farming area south. I'm really the message is the same for everyone though some studies that are done to focus on different. Detective information for people that are driving me being in New York City compared to you know world sanctified area. But I'm really great information is coming out right now just trying to raise awareness to keep that very similar. Very good let's talk brought Peyton Ron crashes with the national pound Asian research what are you finding with that Elizabeth scary. Of the AAA western and central New York. Yet that was a very disturbing report out this year they hit and run deaths are actually at a record high said that AAA foundation study showed that. I hit Ryan crashes killed more than 2000 people in 2016. I was at the latest numbers available and they came out this year in 2018. More than one hit and run crash occurs every minute on US roads. And that's that from that's research from the AAA foundation for traffic safety cell if you consider the numbers from 2016. More than 2000 people. I'll were killed on the road Judah hit Enron sell a triple a.'s really calling on drivers to be alert on the road. To avoid deadly crashes in always remain on the scene if you do happen again to a crash and never to flee the scene. I sometimes people lighting up on the flight response but you need to make sure you think about this clearly announced. Always be on the lookout for pedestrians be conscious for children out near playgrounds and schools especially. I'm be patient we talked about that road rage if you're trying to pass a pedestrians or cyclists give them money as they seek your time keep them in your line of sight. And you know I always yield to pedestrians highs even if they're not in the cross walks in just make sure that. You are doing everything safe right now every state across the country has laws that. Make it illegal for a driver to flee the scene so it is your responsibility to remain on the scene if you are involved in that. Crash. I've heard this process the statement steered clear to get the car this disabled off the road how important is that Elizabeth Cary. I'm extremely important especially with triple a.'s line of work with our roadside assistance. So I'll law always remind people about the slowdown while Vermont and New York State has one of those in many other states to his wealth. That is the vehicle is on the side of the road whether it's an ambulance or to tow truck a fire truck whatever it may be any take an emergency vehicle. It is your responsibility to slowdown at all times. And if possible move over to the other lane street and give networker. Plenty of space to do their job on the side of the road self. These people debunk it honed their families overnight there's no reason why they should be struck and killed Boller on the job trying to help someone else who had may have broken down on the side of the road so. I'm definitely am an idea I always slowdown removal foreign companies those rules and remember the songs like out there. We men left on the roster for an ESPN aim 1520. How can our listeners help. To improve safety on the roadways where where can they do. You can get more information rich or blade dot com you can make a donation to your foundation through the web site at triple A dot com. And through renewing your AAA membership there's always an option to donate to the foundation. That really the main point is to be safe out there remember that its Europe for responsibility to share the road. Put that telephone down remain distraction free lipstick and currencies. And are you seeing any improvement from your educational programs to get people to stop the texting and stay off the phone and dialing while driving. We have seen an increase in the number of tickets that police are issuing and we are hoping that that will help curb this trend and make people realize that it really is not safe we seem more and more stories on the news. About crashes related to distraction. So we're hoping that that soon has the same. Attention that drunk driving hasn't people realize it is simply not safe. Soria to bring the rest of pork to a close our guest has been recommended drywall Smith. Her predecessor at the AAA our guest is finalised with scary. Director of public relations and corporate communications. For the AAA from western and central New York. You wanna give the website again I'm and the heat as a people can stay in touch with the U yes they're anywhere across the country is go to AAA debt panel connecting each year local Tripoli office. Well it's been a great help to me when I've been and quarter stranded here with a breakdown or accident. That Tripoli parity is a lifesaver. So we think Elizabeth Kerry for educating yesterday and the arrest report on ESPN radio our special thanks to Kevin cart director of engineering here for this program for the past fifteen years. Thank you for enlightening us Elizabeth scary director of public relations and corporate communications. For that AAA of western and central New York. Have a great week. You've been listening to the rust report a program that takes an inside look at the western new York community with news features and special guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to Brian rusk 500 corporate parkway. Suite 200 Amherst New York 14226.