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This is the rust report a program that takes an inside look at Western New York with news features and special guest. Now here's your host Brian Ross welcome to the roster for. And you fifteen planning blanket and seventeen states and much of Canada back by popular demand we. You very gifted man. Who has served our nation in various capacities. He's it's on and off former president Richard mill house Nixon married to Tricia Nixon very charming lady having. Met her a few times I'm referring to Edward F. Cox. And to tell you a little bit about him. He is also this on and on our First Lady Pat Nixon who led the plant ski day parade in Buffalo, New York forty years ago. He is an attorney with the Manhattan Manhattan law firm Patterson now map web. And Tyler he's chairman of the New York State Republican. Party. He was educated at Princeton with a bachelor of arts and Harvard University. With a law degree and when he was in law school he'd come home to the white house on weekends. For a few years our guests Edward F Cox chairman of the New York State Republican Party very gifted bright statesman. Let's talk about the race for robbery of a candidate for governor. By the name of. That thank you for that I can. Introduction and yes we certainly do Marc Molinaro is. He's problems such as utility. County expect there 24 years ago we use the youngest mayor in the United States. As a matter of Tivoli Dutchess County. Going on to be great legislator. In Albany with a minority in the the they. Assembly where you really learn good policy is poor and minority in. To push good ideas that's the only way you can get something done. Which she did that things like tax cap and other work like. And that he was selected county's actions in re elected. And he's young and vigorous. Refreshing yet he just announced. At the very day I don't carry you know Tony Eros who has city. Economic czar under Cuomo was convicted on that very day in buffalo he announced. His ethics reform which included. Term limits. And ending pay to play if you were to with the government contractors you can't make. On political contributions. Any of the points so. This is he knows what he's still monies ready to govern your state to replace a very crop governor in and Drupal. Howard taking from Buffalo, New York where we blanket. The area from Montreal going south and organ Florida and west the Mississippi ESPN team. 1520 let's talk a little bit more pop this corruption because that. And billion dollars from buffalo as where work keeping from. And I understand you have estimated indifferent speech as chairman at order cracks. That this amounts to 250000. Dollars per job created there. And democratic assemblyman Robin share Rangers said that from that. 55 million dollars and national. Publicity with advertising. For the empire state. Start a New York programs they created about 397. Jobs let's talk about the failure of this program. In buffalo and the excessive waste chairman Edward Cox. It was announced with great fanfare of the buffalo Billy and them not once but about three times. In his reelection campaign in 2014. And he's first buffalo. November of 2013 fell apart because it didn't make any sense of that he tried to cover up bribery in you mosque in the increasingly about this thing and then. They probably put in 750. Million it was Reid announced in October just before Israel election isn't very big deal with sound Ali knows there. Now what could convicted held for taking bribes in connection with the rig in the bid for callables large contributors to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to to almost. Campaign that and that's the bottom line I think you had it wrong actually it turns out. There only 600. Jobs. Even those are questionable in terms of the more than a million dollars the job just wasted money. And not many jobs and certainly not good jobs from buffalo. And that's a lot of money wouldn't we've been better off in western new York and upstate New York do you have. A 750 million dollar tax cut which would then bring private sector. Entities into upstate New York to invest on their own would never have made more sense chairman Edward Kirk's. Absolutely Brian that's what should be done club going out. On two corporate welfare is what it is to your favor donors. In essence it's much better than the total all the people make a much better climate and tax cuts for businesses. To grow and come to new York and for families say they gather in New York. The kids seven goalies to find. Elsewhere. As I know we I have a daughter whose tennis pro in Beverly Hills, California she graduated with a B average from saint Lawrence university in psychology and can't. New York. And she had to move to California. Forage are sorry can speak from personal experience and it hurts. When you have your children grand children leave the State of New York where you grew up Bob. You hear this on the campaign trail lot of families horse or upset to have their loved ones leave because they can't find that you are. It's even it's even worse. That pride in the way things ago. Is. Andrew Cuomo. Continues as governor he's going or left as you can get security has stopped pipelines from Austin New York State would bring good. Clean Americans. Cheap gas two that would spur our manufacturing. Industries across a state of Western New York also quickly. She Americans gestured to England to replace. Russian LNG and thirty year or more expensive oil. And that simply to satisfy the the economic luddites who don't policy and leasing dobbs in New York. And for the same reason you kill the natural gas industry and so here for this thing people. Fifty dollar minimum wage is not good for upstate New York. It doesn't work just means more people work. His programs says who have more to. It is getting the democratic nomination to be president of the United States that played campaigns against well. Always about trough always well because he's running in straw. These the next presidency he was goers father did go. Decided you. And frankly. Also have a huge corruption. And. We're listening to chairman of the New York State Republican. Party Edward F Cox and noted diplomat and statesman who's our guest today on the rush report on ESPN. Aim 1520. There's a man from Buffalo, New York running for attorney general in new York and this is following the democratic attorney general Schneider and who beat four or five women up so badly that one of them lost their hearing. And now you have Republican candidate appears to be squeaky clean he doesn't have any type of abuse of women that Eric Schneider and professed which seemed extremely hypocritical because he was identifying with a meat to movement. Going after film producer Harvey Weinstein for using women and it seems he was even worse because I never heard of Harvey Weinstein beating up women. And here we had an attorney general was was to uphold the laws. Of violently beating women saying it was consensual role play let's talk about your candidate. The Republican candidate for attorney general New York State worker. See people operatives real well Polonia party is father worked did the Chevrolet factor I think uses tunnel Wanda. And see he's left actually very Smart after upgrade on the scholarship to Harvard. The lovely there one Harvard Law School. Came down to the big cities. Your city's 25 years later some very successful. Order here co manager for the major firm. Major bankruptcy work. And he. And he what he gets back and he. It is. Really go water make him several million a year please give that up because he wants to do something about this state and realizes. Got a huge problem. Problems in Albany you want. Just the good attorney general as he has a good lawyer. Help clean up Albany until actually loves doing this practicing law. And you he would be superb that is poses a succession of corrupt attorney generals who just want to. The use it as a steppingstone. To a higher office you know they were these people attorney general or AG. Stood for not attorney general but it did for aspiring governor. Eliot Spitzer who had his personal. Power problems and had to resign from office. As this. Cuomo was also turn job. They're just all look you have higher office there ideological supporters. The tradition that it might remember Bryant who is left with some people's lawyer. Very friendly and very fun yeah. Or or Bob Abrams. Wasn't other people's or well. People for the buffalo and Ian was just just be the people's lawyer and help clean up your whole global accountable. That is and cronies Opel and and on flexible. Well it's time that buffalo. Came back into prominence and a 120 years with the wealthy cities in America. The democratic administrations it's now the second worst in city in America right after Detroit. So it's it's about time the buffalo regained its prominence and strength. Or hailing this program. And I'd like to mention that matter Cox has been here many times he and his son Christopher. That led the Pulaski day parade. Which was led forty years ago by network Cox's mother in law Pat Nixon led the parade here. And this year the parade featured the secretary of state of Poland on a Maria honors whose father. The Nazis that the battle mountain casino in Italy in World War II general ponders little plug here Western Europe. There's love there traditions and the ample legal been writing our polish American traditions in advance for over fifty years. Using features for a polish American perspective can be found in this weekly newspaper as well as recipes and calendar events. Don't miss out on the next cultural presentation or polka dance by reading the ample legal. The ample Eagles available many tarps and working in stores for home delivery across 716. 83 part 9454. At 71683. Front 9454. In the latest news from Poland and Polonia in your mailbox. Each week I like to thank those who call. Hurting each guest Bob Collins. President great Hearst. Moscow the chief of commerce doctor Adam were in the orthopedic surgery and caring about. Him. Coming up spokeswoman. For the Tripoli Western New York. Scary Conrad well. Food executive from Illinois whose chair the board well foods international. And then we have a close personal friend of chairman Cox the program Charlie Joyce in national Republican committee will be on this program. He's awesome about this Easter. With gas and oil pipelines world wide of the right here rush port ESP. Toward the more information about. Edward Ridley inch cracks. He was born Howard Alaska marks in screen they'll field pinch marks South Hampton house Southampton new York and west Hampton. Each elementary school in counts Stephenson school in New York City. He is part of six old American families the Winthrop six inches thick Marxist livingstone's. The Shire rulers and L fields. Cox is named for his grandfather George Edward. Presiding justice of the states' first department socially charged. And the New York Court of Appeals is father Howard Alice Cox was a decorated World War II aviator New York lawyer. In long. Ireland realistic developer we have witnessed the chairman. Of the New York State Republican committee Edward F Cox the rust reporter ESPN. Paying him fifteen twining let's talk about keeping the United States senate Republican answer real tough situation. I guess it's 5149. We have the vice president United States occasionally. Come in for tiebreaker Ers are trumps popularity is between 45 to 48% which I believe it's higher than Reagan. And Europe Obama in the bushes at this time of the presidency. Our power he's going to keep the US senate Republican. Chairman Kirk's. Well well rise it was a very difficult actually two years ago when custody. Sentences. Let there be six here so to cycle. And these numbers. What two years. Two years ago they were. Many more. Republicans and Democrats and missile. We've lost the majority. But this time around in the rest anyway. There are 24. Democrat. And the and of them are here in the state. That over take water and from. One was huge margins like ball well. In 2000 and succeed. And quote. West Virginia story. And is it looks like we could we are probably going to beat you up and see. Six. Governor Rick Scott is term limited Florida and he's running. War. US and now he's several points this. Like unexpected pick up that we. We beg you to lose so cutesy particularly. One. Very hopefully. A contested in Nevada and one in Arizona. The so are given them numbers. The economy is just do very well. Sokol who wave seems disappeared. Format war what percentage points wrote in the economy. In the last quarter. That an awful lot of issues and probably there are back into useful maturity. In these. Now let's Eric shift or towards the Republican House under Paul Ryan. It seems that congress has a very very. Low rate of acceptability from the American public. I think it's in the either singled to said the teens. Or people have confidence and our. Elected officials in Washington similar to the level of respect that you have for the media. So let's talk about the Republican House. When you about thirty. A seat advantage at this time com how does it look to keep the house Republican. Well it in mid terms first term for any president. Seats are going to be lost. The odds are I think in quality. One of the last 43. Mid term elections. The president. Party more seats in the house so we probably will lose seats the questions we lose more than 23 seed which is the Republican majority in the house. It will would've looked like. Maybe. Seven or eight months ago would. That in fact we would lose majorities but following it here in your state certainly. Where we picked up worse the last eight years from Democrats and any other. State and they're all those seats are at risk there eight of them that are risk. That look at them and it looks like that whole multiple again. As. A lot of Quinn's. Campaign peoples says it's the economy stupid and it is the economy and companies just doing so well. While the but he represented the boat house generally. May not be held at ice these people appreciate. There hold down member. Of congress who they see regularly and who they'd like. And given that the economy is all so well or it may elusive seats like we did in 97 the idea when things are going well our. Ninety in the 86 or nineteen. My knees. Where or you lose seats but not a lot. We've made lose seven great seats but we will hold on to the Republicans. The sort now hold onto that I'll. He used sound like former congressman Tom Reynolds. With a deep analysis of every state around the country and how they play politically. We're talking to political computer with attacks. Our guest today on the roster Puerto ESP NAM 1520 blanking seventeen states and half of Canada. If you're listening in Montreal Manhattan buffalo or northern Florida dropped the snow we'd like to hear from you. Please write to Brian Ross ESPN. 500 corporate park was suite 200 Buffalo, New York 14226. This station has received letters as far as Scandinavia New Zealand please write to us we also like hearing for our Canadian. In European listeners of more information about Edward F Kirk's chair of the New York State Republican committee sent a former president Richard Miller house Nixon. At Cox graduate from Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. And Harvard Law School. At Clarkson is detailing commander of this army ROTC unit at Princeton and subsequently served as a reserve officer. With the eleven special forces group were very gifted patriot. In political leader Edward F. Cox. Let's talk about the Republican. State senator it's narrowest of narrow. Alignments we have for the Republicans John Flanagan as. The majority leader. RO where power you gonna do on this one messes are real real close call at arcs. Not only is that close call but it's a crucial call for the people of west York and upstate New York. If we don't whole mob two are one. Vote majority. In the states senate in Albany. Redistricting comes up in 20/20 one and it it will be the senate will be read district did. So it has two thirds Democrats the assembly have sinkers Democrats and Toledo won the governorship. Democratic governor of this the far left policies that squabble has adopted. For the sake of getting the nomination of his party the trees on the left now control his party. And that's not good Ford jobs in this work states. And that we will be fine. Yesterday even though maybe in 20/20 two would that be so much is satisfaction in this state we elect a Republican governor. When you have two thirds of both houses and the other party. Like governor route error Republicans Alamo away. Who's got two thirds vote goes against the B tries to get which some fiscal sanity. And some economic good economic cup programs and to tactic create jobs. And he is frustrated every time. By way those radical. Democratic majorities in the legislature. That frustrates him for the girl political purposes. And prayed that the church state would go to the disastrous ways that old boy is going which is not good not just put people at your state. Already. More citizens or leave him New York State particularly upstate Western Europe and others a 100000 a year million over the last ten years during the democratic administrations. New York State going downhill is not good for the United States of America. Well said let's talk about former president Richard mille house Nixon and you lived in the White House for. Three years on the weekends are going to Harvard Law School. I heard such wonderful stories over fifteen years from former. Ambassador at large Vernon Walters. Who loved President Nixon also I've heard wonderful stories from doctor Kissinger when I was fortunate to meet him in the stories. That you told about this man who. Looked twenty years thirty years hadn't foreign policy let's talk about. The legacy the genius in foreign affairs and Richard mille house Nixon. Well it. It's interesting. He was already you know we knew her well he was running for president in his first year president. Oh. 300 draftees. They week. Were dying in Vietnam. He inherited. War from the Democrats 500000. Troops there. Huge riots in the streets here you're. And during the campaign. One of his opponents. Governor Rockefeller would say he did have a plan to solve it. Wouldn't talk about it. I happened to. Pianist libraries. At the time when he came back from campaign trip. And this plan. Birds sing I'm going to Beijing and Moscow that's where gonna bring peace and via a common in the world. And that's what he didn't even though no ability to do it. And it slipped the the Communist bloc. The Soviet Union from from China. Removed the made word questionable supports. Of the Soviet. North Vietnamese in the yen undermined they have become to the peace table but then democratic congress. Removed and even the support that they were. Permitted to do under the treaty. And that the war to the south Vietnamese in the north Vietnamese took over so. That was a tragedy for. Or allies is that in order but it re education cancer at the million votes around there were were were killed by the north Vietnamese it was a real tragedy. When the media. On the democratic controlled congress over route. I'll go look these are allies are they fighting hard to maintain and democracy. In in Southgate. Their own without our support except material support. Well President Nixon started the defeat demise of communism and again a man who looked 2030 years at with tremendous. Vision and courage we have a minute left let's talk about this woman. Who. Now has won the primary against congressman Crowley who says we can for free. College education and in free health care for everybody. What's with this. Well even worse and that she wants to abolish heights which is protected our borders. She basically want to open borders as so that. Anyone want to just walk across some sort of border coming the United States you regularly jet then disappear into and to our country can do it. Including crumbles. Drug dealers. And others. She. She. And of course she's a strong supporter. Cynthia Nixon no relation. Who is running against Andrew Cuomo. Because of the corruption issues Cynthia Nixon also believes it is the ball. Unbelievable I'm sorry I chairman Cox we've run out of time thank you for your brilliant analysis of New York State. In national politics again this time of all former President Nixon chairman of New York State Republican Party Edward I of Cox thank you for enlightening us and special thanks to Kevin Kerr. Our director production for fifteen years emigrate he. You've been listening to the rush to report a program that takes an inside look at the western new York community with news features and special guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to Brian rusk 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 14226.