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This is the Russell report program that takes an inside look at Western New York with news features and special guest. Now here's your host Brian Ross. Welcome to the roster for that ESP NAM 1520. I've medic if it professor. I don't know viking ship cruise. In Germany and France and his name is ray apps pharaohs he is a professor and chair. With Hugh health and human services the clarion university and they're located in clarion Pennsylvania. And where we help this program from we have a tremendous addiction problem. With dozens of young people dying from heroin overdoses. In now buffalo Niagara Falls Toronto it's a terrible terrible crisis. And this gentleman is an expert on addiction. Rate pharaohs. He's professor and department chair of human services rehabilitation. How and sports science declaring university in clarion Pennsylvania. Claire is one of the Pennsylvania. State system of higher education. Great pharaoh has taught courses in substance abuse mental health and human services and counseling. And we're going to learn all about this today and the Ross report. ESP NAM. 1520. Weather gets raped pharaohs on the roster report. Now let's talk about the heroin addiction crisis and it is a crisis we're seeing. Hundreds of young people throughout the United States we brought gifts seventeen states Air Canada. How. Difficult how big is this error. Or you Lloyd addiction crisis professor ray fair. Us. What burst right thanks for having me. So we'll honor. The problem is exceedingly big we've lost in every year since 2010. More and more people. The most recent data from 2000. Fifteen shows 65000. Deaths a one year in the US. And we have every reason to believe the number will go up when we finally see this sixteen and seventeen data. It's a serious problem and its effects rural areas and urban. Do you see any hope with this situation and are just hundreds of young people being lost in this situation. We should either resuscitation of fact it. I know are kind and other. Avoidance. Of this crisis. Beauty hope professor Ferris. Yeah I do believe there's hope I think we're in for another year of record. Deaths in 2018. Then I think probably pick cumulative these facts. Better education and prevention efforts. Pharmacies doing a better job of tracking so that people can't get pills from multiple pharmacies and doctors. Position education and and federal oversight of doctors for who prescribed large for a large numbers of these drugs. And advances in treatment. I think all of this will have a positive effect but I still look for 2018. To be record setting here. Let's talk a little bit about other addictions and and today and the roster for an ESPN aim 1520 or or being analyzed that says the addiction to all you like but also cigarettes alcohol. Gambling and other drugs let's talk about the one that's been live as a hundred years and we've seen. Tremendous. Horrible deaths from lung cancer. And now other disease affiliated with the cigarette usage. What about cigarette addiction how addictive is it and how can people overcome it. We you know what's interesting about that Brian is that tobacco is said to be the most addictive substance on earth. And I give you an example most other drugs or central nervous system stimulants. Or central nervous system depressants bass beat you up like cocaine. What they slow you down like you know Fiore or alcohol. But with nicotine's. Includes the use or whatever they need. So you can imagine me. New father in the waiting room hearing about the birth. His son or daughter and east of maybe running out of the hospital to smoke a cigarette to calm himself down. Other people. Can use a cigarette to put themselves up so nicotine is a unique. Drug it gives anybody what it is that they want so what's a very tough thing to overcome. And so even though the number of people in America that smokes I think downed at like 12%. It's still very tough addiction and it's like you said creates a lot of pressure on her health care system and a lot of expense. How often in people over com cigarette addiction addiction to nicotine. Professor Harris. Well we have some advancements like that patches and certain medications that can be used. To help somebody overcome the addiction. Some people say that nontraditional treatments like hypnosis. And acupuncture. Can be effective when they're. You know there's evidence that all of these kinds of things work but there's also evidence that some people try everything. And never really can't overcome that addiction. Let's. Talk now about alcohol addiction and we've seen so many problems of alcoholism and families. Also drunk drivers as we reach the East Coast. The United States and hit a candidate with their 50000 watts a clear channel are we. Making any inroads to the addiction of alcohol. Well how. People say around 18%. Of Americans haven't alcohol abuse or dependence issue. Dependence being more serious than abuse. And frankly. There hasn't been a whole lot of progress in terms of the alcohol addiction after all what's legal and so people think that it's not harmful. It's you know accused it graduation this birthdays weddings celebrations of all sorts and so what's viewed as is all right. But the reality is it can be very deadly kind of addiction to have. And it results in this deal life. And I know father Martin the the Roman Catholic priest who. Had to move made a movie called chalk talk that we use when we educate students about alcohol. He who he was really. Impressed with the idea that. May be out of 35 people who have an alcohol addiction only one will get cured and Eddie hazel. Yes he'll the best bet that somebody gets wells or sometimes. It's. Compare addiction true old feel right and alcohol. Which has a better recovery rate. I would say OBO it's probably has the better recovery rate and alcohol. And out. And and we see that got somehow appears that going up that there are people who can kick that habit and some people who can use soap viewers and abused them. And never get addicted. And frankly even some people who could abuse alcohol but they never become an alcoholic. And therein lies there's. There's an issue with genetics and and learning there were only now trying to discover and understand so that we can do better treatment. Those are just tuned in to Ross reports were learning a great deal for an expert on addiction. His name is ready at Ferris. He is a professor and chair. A department clarion university health and human services. And and they are located in clarion Pennsylvania. If you're listening and clarion Pennsylvania buffalo new Yorker Montreal. Drop us a note. As we have 50000 Watson clear channel power please write Brian Ross ESPN radio 500 corporate are quite. Suite 200 Buffalo, New York. One or two to six. This stations receive letters are always Scandinavian New Zealand we'd like your former Canadian and European. Listeners to tell a little bit more about professor. Raid Ferris. July 2017. Professor paris' department. Launched its war horse or do you light treatment specialist certificate program at the office of the Pennsylvania governor Thomas Wolfe. The program is finished strong success are exceeding expectations. It's evidence that serious nature of the nation wide open light crisis our guest today. Doctor Harrison where we tell us forward from Buffalo, New York. We've had dozens and dozens of needless heroin addiction overdoses and fatalities so we're very anxious to hear that it was professor rate Paris on the Ross report on ESPN. AM 1520. Let's talk a little bit more about different addictions we talked about all the lights cigarettes alcohol. And one that is very troubling. Do so many and we have many casinos in New York State and Florida. These are gambling casinos were about the gambling addiction. How tough is that professor. Fares. I think it gambling addiction is rooted in the same thing that these other addictions are just manifest a different way. Some people may do do their genetics have a susceptibility. To alcohol in a way that you and I don't. Or they have a susceptibility to open your depiction in a way others don't and I think it's the same with gambling. It it just depends on the person and right now there's cutting edge research to do with. What are the personality characteristics. And what are the neural bio chemical characteristics. Genetically. That make some people susceptible on other people not susceptible but it's definitely rooted. In this same kind of situation. How his gambling destroyed families and her marriages. And upset society how. Difficult challenges the gambling. Price. If it's it's difficult to say alcohol where again father Martin would say alcohol is great salt it'll dissolve. Marriages it'll dissolve jobs it'll dissolve futures and it's the same with gambling it'll it is. Build this whole family relationships. It'll dissolve paychecks gambling and alcohol are a lot alike that way and often they bigger come together they go together. I like to think those who call regarding Ares and guests answer that bill. Gregory and Conrad in Nevada law well who are the owners of about low well international foods out of Chicago. Illinois. Tremendous success story of how it. Role in this international food distribution. Business. From Chicago Illinois. Let's talk about marijuana. As a gateway to other drugs. A lot of people say that 90% of the time people weren't cocaine dire started with the addiction to marijuana. Let's talk about bad it's marijuana. Being opening to more serious drugs. Yeah. You know it and a lot of people. Are saying nowadays that marijuana is not a serious drug because after all it's legal recreational league in Colorado or in. Washington State for example and other states. Bringing it on because I think it's a money maker for them. But I really do believe that you know long. No more we allow people to and that the size they're paying what drugs. The more we create that kind of lifestyle. Which then Brian leads them to try other drugs and other drugs. Until they become basically not helpful to their own society. Let's talk about legalization of marijuana I see the tremendous therapeutic. Results with medical marijuana for people of epilepsy. Muscular dystrophy multiple sclerosis. But. It scares me a little bit when I heard a few years ago about them. The lady with the five children in the Long Island Expressway going in the wrong direction. With a van all seven dead when they did the autopsy they found that she was very high and teach city. Can we afford to have another addiction we've got cigarettes we have alcohol we have skiing ambling problems. Really should we have all marijuana legalized. Is this very dangerous when we have so many other vices and addictions in our society professor Paris. Right my understanding is the medical marijuana. Does not produce the same kind of psychological high. That these recreational marijuana did which is by the way more powerful that it wasn't in the seventies when I was in college it's much more powerful. But my understanding of the medical marijuana is for the usage you talked about muscular dystrophy and or. Dementia some people say it might have used foreigners new research these days on. Can it help you feel like addicted person come down off of that addiction. We still don't know whether well or not but I know in the states like Pennsylvania where I'm from. It only just now approved medical marijuana. And I sure hope it doesn't get to recreational marijuana because I just think. People we use use that and responsibly causing those kind of vehicle accident you talk about. Let's go a step further. Chairman and professor race fairest in Canada. Air legalizing. Recreational marijuana usage. And society of four economically. This type of our problems are with more fatalities and the highways. Yes I can see the medical marijuana benefits from but what better fit and what cost is it to society and I know that look. At this as a revenue in answer. For governments. But at what hawks' words can destroy individuals and families. I agree with you it's a serious cost to it. And I don't know that Canada can do their homework and looking at what's happened in Colorado. And Washington State to see for example or do you wised up are. Divorces. Our welfare applications. You know all the related pathology that can come with. Use of an addictive drug. And I would hope that their whole country at candidate because I've read it and then news as well as. I think in October will allow recreational use of marijuana. There could be in a negative effect what the very least it's just and kind of people who want to know who use marijuana just lose their drive. And there are. There. Zest for life they just kind of tune in. Turn on drop out now while. And really society can't handle a lot of people like that we people who are willing to work support families. And so on so I think it's a danger most of the overall. Pictures this that you further degradation. Western society. Where we are going to get people hi all the time and and that's just lower our standards and driveways don't work ethic is this a crisis in America and Canada today. I think you're in the nail on the head that's that's my concern to. Unlike you I work since I was a teenager. And I understand that work ethic and I understand what can happen to a society when too many people. Do not work as hard kind of looked a lot largess of taxpayers. And I'm afraid with these kinds of drugs. More and more doctors happened once we hit it tipping point. Then we have more users and then producers. And any society will be in trouble America be in trouble just like candidate could be in trouble that happens. We're learning a great Diaw from professor and chairman of the department rave at Paris. He's at clarion university health and human services. With human services rehabilitation. How sports sciences at Clarion University. Clarion Pennsylvania. I was lucky to meet this young man and a cruise. In Europe and I can't do it taking with them on the roster reporter ESPN. AM 1520 blanketing seventeen states an aunt and Canada a little bit more background information about. Professor and chairman ray. Terrorists if it Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh 28 years. Which Clarion University as a professor eighteen years as director behavior how services University of Pittsburgh Medical Center UP MC. Our yesterday and the arrest report and ESP NAM 1520. If you're listening in Montreal. Buffalo clarion Pennsylvania Washington DC drop us a note. We'd like to hear from you please write Bryan rust ESPN radio 500 corporate power or sweep 200 Buffalo, New York one or. 226. Our guest today chairman ray Farris with Clarion. University. Let's talk about it addictive personalities. What type of personality. And young person. Can become addicted to. OP your cigarettes. Alcohol. Gambling what type of personnel. I think probably the number one mark Kirkland for that is does that person and their families parents their grandparents and uncles and dance. Are there people who have addictive disorders there if they are. I I do believe there's this a genetic component here and the research ongoing notes to determine what markers are there. To produce that kind of prediction. Just like we know there are some markers that set somebody up for breast cancer for example. They're hard workers but they're more subtle and and more than one marker their spring markers. Work in concert with each other to make someone. I have an addictive personality. In particular addictions towards certain drugs or gambling or wherever it might be. So that's where things are going in that the best thing I could say four or any parents that may be listening to a radio show. Is. Or or other adults. It is take a look at your family line see what's going on you know or their people back in the family who have been addicted and if there are. You really want to pay attention to your children your grandchildren. Make sure they have opportunities for positive. Use of their time developing. Habits and successes and jobs or recreational kind of things so that they have strong per personalities and they. Really target list to be led into this kind of problem. Let's talk about the cure talked about the crisis. With all due late edition cigarettes alcohol gambling. How accurate these people professor Paris. But I think the main thing that goes on is two part strategy one is prevention. And even now in grade schools. Children are being taught what he. You know. What's a good thing you know they're acting in a risky thing and they are taught to say no they're taught to report. Anything that is suspicious. That. And and I think it on into the middle school and high school talk a little more about drugs and negative effects. So that's a prevention thing. From the treatment. Perspective. People then. Need to understand. They can get individual help they can get group help they can get deep talks. They can get. 28 day here fourteen day or seven days. Treatments that pure self help groups there's a lot to be set for groups like any NA NA. CEO way these pure self support organizations. That help people often in conjunction with a medication assisted therapy because that's coming on these days as well as individual and group treatment. So there are a lot of treatment opportunities in treatment works most people never get treatment for these disorders. And many of them to their lives as a result. Let's talk a little bit about educational remedies. In our educational institutions such as Clarion University where you are department chair and passover or health and human services. Do we have any educational remedies. Yeah I I think we do. Both at the earth early in early school middle school high school. Educational remedies as well as any part of regular drug and alcohol treatment. Involves education because people don't understand. The interaction of different medicines don't give you an example is an interaction of alcohol with them or picture which is like one plus one equals three. They they make each other more powerful and people actually guy as a result of not understanding about this. So we try and educate. Patience. In terms of their medicine's. Understanding their risk factors. Like the lord's prayer service lead us not into temptation. A lot of people that addictive personalities don't realize that they take this route home where they go past this casino Berkeley. Did you hope that this plan Betsy user they're just. Going down the steps towards their own use that we teach him to recognize those kind of triggers and have strategies. Educational strategies to avoid that problem. We're talking lit professor and chair of the barber race at Ferris with Clarion University. Health and human services. Rehabilitation. Help and support services. Clarion Pennsylvania. Let's talk about addictions being aired it is there are certain personality trait of parents or grandparents. It can be aired by young people where they evident gave it personality professor and chairman terrorists. I think there is it genetic component in the most obvious truth. And what they are to the stage where they can say this this marker on DNA equals susceptibility. But the best group is. There's been plenty of research done to say if an individual has to parents who were both alcoholic. There isn't much greater chance that this child will become alcoholic if it's only one it's a lesser chance of that Saddam it's a lesser chance so. We know there's a genetic predisposition. And cutting edge research is trying to determine. What exactly that is and then from there how can we neutralize that risk. Very good we hit a few minutes left on the Ross report and ESP NAM 1520. Blanketing seventeen states with 50000 Watson clear channel power water about environmental. Effects and how that may. Put forth a greater. Chance our addiction to all be Lloyds gambling cigarettes alcohol. Professor and chair Ferris. Well environmental effects especially when you look at Deo period which is what I've been look studying most closely the last couple years. These communities where there's been and bought clues than just devastation. Our. It communities in West Virginia communities in Kentucky. Where this all really got started they were devastated communities economically. So in that in a sense. You know that's that sets up. Individuals. As well as other economic. And not just economic and other. Other kinds of things like if we know you're self help groups help and treatment. And we also know if a child or an adolescent starts running around with the wrong crowd. With negative people with other kids that use it hurt us sitting duck for using themselves as peer influences so strong. Also and more and more what we're seeing at least in Pennsylvania is there are more single parent families. We're mom might be working. Or nobody is at home children and then we'll. Have access to medicine cabinets. Or friends there unsupervised. They skipped school. And they are high risk for all kinds of pathology including drug and alcohol abuse. Soria to bring arrest report to quote learn so much from chairman and professor. A good progress health and human services rehabilitation health and sports sciences. Ready at terrorism Clarion University clarion Pennsylvania our special thanks to Kevin Kerr. Our director production for the past fifteen years thank you for enlightening us. About this horrible or you VoIP and other addictions. Professor and chair race at terrorists have a great week. You've been listening to the Russian report. A program that takes an inside look at the western new York community with news. Teachers and special guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to Brian rusk 500 corporate parkway. Suite 200 Amherst New York 14226.