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On Target with Penny Wolfgang
Sunday, March 25th

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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host Tony Wolfgang. Hi everybody and welcome to untie. And thank you so much for joining us today. I'm your host Kenny Wolfgang and we're here every week to talk with subjects that we think are. Interesting important. In educational thrown us who live here in the west in your community. And you know succumbed to talk about the loss sometimes we talk about culturally events. And we do try to concentrate on health. When we can because sounds in order to live a healthy good life you have to have a lot of information it turns out. And recovering from the head to the tone lately it's in our conversations with that medical people we just talked can add. Mental issues. Recently that. It's mental health issues and now we're working our way from mental health issues to our teeth. And keep stay tuned and keep listening to on target because and then tried to cover the rest that would the rest of the body in the next couple of months now I enough I am just kidding you guys. So anyway in the studio with us today is I think one of the most well known. And wait till I tell you his son when he's well known process so Don gist here in Western New York. And since this is my program penny Wolfgang as you know I -- try to get friends and people that I admire respect and work with. In one way or another as my guests and that explains doctor Marshall fake it. Because he is well it probably would have any teeth now wouldn't feel too shocking TO with my own teach anyway if it was protective agent. And in the studio with this also is doctor Richard Charles who is a very well known. Can I say internist or write to the minute yes I internist also here in Western Europe and we are going to discuss. The issue of and keeping your teeth healthy and aesthetically good. And all of the different innovative treatments that have been. Available that are available to you in the last couple of years many of which you may never be aware of so I think it's important for us to have this just discussion. Thank you for joining us today. Don't let her thinking thank you to my favorite dentist now and that's that trust so done distance writes Jack to say in what is a process so Don test. I'll press the as you let us go for it it's a specialty industry is not a specialties in downstream in this particular one focuses on the restoration a replacement of missing teeth. And correcting other oral facial problems now. Some and it goes into the specialty goes through another three or four years. Training beyond dental school. To understand all that's involved in helping patients achieve optimal outcomes. And billion treatment planning focus understanding diagnostics is involved. And helping people to improve their oral health and aesthetics as well function as a big part of that too because. People that had dentures that don't function well today's world is so full what you hear all about dental implants that's a big part of it but. It's really about oral health too because oral health you know we do oral cancer screenings at every exam of the patient. We're looking at you know period now disease because this I affect your receive buffalo studies. Showed how period now diseases a primary. Contributor. Two other. Medical issues as well and can make things worse people who are diabetic can I greater predisposition. To. Dental problems and carried out problems if they're not taking good care of their. Both diabetic control as well as a rural health control so there are many things that. Period Al Aziz can cause medically as well heart disease is a big factor they can contribute to listen period Al conditions are porous so. Getting somebody into overall dental health his font is important but helping them to smile on function in society to speak. Comfortably in confidently to eat comfortably confidently whatever they want. And just smile and feel good about themselves. Really changes lies and so I am honored and fixated. You know each day to have an impact on people's lives. And especially critical thing. I was hoping you'd mentioned that in which I was gonna ask you about that lately they're saying that is so important that your. T failure but dental health can actually coolest. Heart attacks are related to let you sit of the serious illnesses. Which nobody knew about pierce go I'm sure. Have destroyed 2 now I am I talking to a satisfied and Jackie Charles he says psych patient who has learned all of this by treatment through treatment. He has been in really exciting and wonderful experience to be under the care doctor fee united. Was very self conscious about mice smile. I had difficulty chewing and eating at times and he's really. Transformed Powell you know I feel about my smile and I've been able the eat what I want to without any issues that I. Had numerous issues as a young man with some trauma to make chief playing sports and it's in John dysfunction I have some family with periodontal disease so. Such a fig and really began by assessing what my. Issues were and then developed a very. Extensive treatment programs to help rectify in my circumstance and I've been very pleased with the outcome and now feel like I can smile and much more self confident that smile that I once was. You know this sounds like a commercially have you seen the commercials I L lately. Isn't that strange that there all of a sudden. Having commercials about oh my smile is better I fearless self conscious thing it's kind of a new. Phenomenon is so positive is when you first started and I shared. He I want to say that in Buffalo, New York 25 years ago you know you wouldn't see TV. Ads or billboard ads. Yet I had a conversation with my in 94 year old grandmother in California. Who told me. That I should really start advertising on TV 25 years ago because they do that in California. And you know on and you have a smile on you know my aunt and and and have a song about smiles on the pad can. It was very hit and have a process faxes it is although it's a specialty. General Dennis do this also and you know so sometimes. You know this question have. You know war I was somebody she process pass vs the Jonas. And it really comes down to a few things sometimes. People prefer to have a specialist. For something that they need that's trust that it meaning crowns bridges. Implants ventures partial dentures and you know removable and fix appliances. But also. They may be a perfectionist and they they want that color to be just perfect kind of front tooth and so they decide that or they may have a conversation with the general vest. The general does cease complications that are outside his comfort zone and really most of my referrals come from general Dennis or existing patients. You know because he sees things there that they feel a need death specialty care just like they might refer to an end das or root canal. Her period Nasser stereo or an oral surgeon for distractions or implant placement they refer to trust and on us. Because they CEO warned in tissue in this very complicated. Somebody it may have some joint dysfunction problems. That go along with that and so they want somebody that's going to BO look at this more comprehensively. Or somebody that's gonna lose all their teeth and maybe needs. Many implants to help they they don't wanna have something comes in and out of their mouth they want something that's fixed and stays in that they can chew. Be confident about. And so so they may refer that patient says it needs more comprehensive. Implant treatment. There isn't. It's. Is not everybody eligible not everybody is eligible for that kind of treatment. That's a really interesting question panning you know I have been actually involved in dental implants since the beginning of my dental career. And I have been involved in teaching dental implants since the early eighties. And so but buffalo was very slow and in and getting into it and I can tell you that. Implant dentistry has grown. In terms of the. Scientific. Evidence based information. The changes in design of implants. The ability to graph bone where before we couldn't do implants that he's put. Implants where the bone was instead of where they. Teeth were needed to be and so we have to use entity with the sophistication. Intra oral scanning machines that we don't have the intake impressions. The ability integrates that with with cross sectional X rays Carl comb beams and and be able to. Plan out what bone is required. We're the implant should go these are things that we can do a very computerized way today. And plan all this beautifully. And very precisely for patients so we're really able to. Give people what they're looking for at a higher level see that we could 25 years ago implant dentistry or even ten years ago. So. The science of it and the computer age of dentistry. Is changing so even in nine empire related. Areas in terms of being able to do digital skiing and. To make it more comfortable for pain was what is. To put our senate procedure is that. You preformed besides the implants. Also we have Krause there some people call camps. OK they're missing a tooth and we do a bridge because they don't. And sometimes the teeth already have a crown it's nice he'll put an implant in between two healthy teeth because that we don't have to cut down. Two good teeth to make a fixed bridge. But at the same time some people don't wanna go through this surgery or they don't wanna go through might might be that they require some bone grafting to achieve that. And so if expiration is. An easier answer for them. We also do engineers say you know I think we did a lot of veneer isn't actor Charles here. And we're able to change a smile with being minimally invasive to the team recently is that means dominion veneer is like a partial crowd so let's just covering the front and top edges of the teeth and we don't necessarily have to take. Enamel away from the hole to. And sometimes especially when we're looking to bring teeth out Lamar and give more fullness to the smile. We can be very minimally invasive to the teeth leaving mammal they earnings actually increase the strength of the bond to cement holes that there. So the nearest air really nice alternative to. Fix a smile where there aren't quite issues that go along with it. Sometimes Blake issues change how we have to treat them play in the case and required crowns to do that. Sometimes we do crowns to help. We designed teeth to hold a partial denture better that's gonna come in and out of the mouth. Because as T finished the angle of the teeth and a tipping of the teeth don't. Allow for that to be done properly. We work closely with period on us and ended down us in oral surgeons to do this surgical procedures that might required. Be required or take take it to fit is infected because of deep decayed. Or broken and needs to root canal in order rebuild it so we rebuilt those teeth. Also so just because it too is broken doesn't mean it can't be saved so we have to look at the options. And consult with other specialists and so we're a team. Between us and laboratories are part of our team too and coming up with a plan as well. If you just tuned in. Today and talked to doctor Marshall fade in. And doctor Richard Charles. And we are discussing. Dental health and process so down to us. And general fund dentists and our president dentists and anything to do as you've heard. Wyss chief in math and smiles and whatever and I was just thinking to myself. It's debt debt is there a certain like doctor Charles mentioned is it's made the differences like. Is there it I ever too old and mean to. It seemed to get this kind of any Tenet treatment or health is it a point ways people say oh two let him be valid that said it's too late. Well I think myself I've waited far too long but I think it was well worth doing you know I'm in men middle agent. I've seen older patients who had issues with third teeth and they've gone in they've. Addressed it and I think their overall health improves I think much of how you feel by yourself that involves your smile detection. You know how you feel about yourself your self confidence. But from myself personally it was a really outstanding experience there's a certain amount banks that went into the process because it seems daunting but his staff and him is his team really worked me through the process and amended that really. Quiz. Painless and and really seamless and I'm very satisfied and very glad I did so and I'm. You know we certainly recommend and I've recommended it to friends and patients that are considering a TO go seek got a trusted us sector figure is certainly at the top of this field and you know certainly in the implants and all those items are really valuable for patients. We've mentioned this before how it can and how it can affect people's lives. The parts like if you can't. If you chiefs don't fit right or if there. The UE could be anorexic going you could be. And not able to write not able to get the right nutrition and besides being 'cause mentally embarrassed stress can happen. You know people with anorexia and believe me. Do severe damage to their teeth. Amazing erosion of the teeth takes place and extremely destructive. And we we try to work with the action days at once or even talked to the as a function. For the anorexia and society here. Because we really need to help people. Seek help. And and they need therapy a lot of them and it's a difficult battle. It's very exciting to see those that conquer it. And hit it makes a difference in the lives that we have to rebuild those teeth. And and and so often times it's very possible to do that. So getting them you know this therapy that they need. Is really really important. You know and but in terms that even people that Harry eventual us when their older. They tend to hibernate feed me stay away from people say they don't go out socially they feel. I'm really. In tuned. Okay because they are so embarrassing can't eat in public they can't speak in public they're very embarrassed by it also having the ability to provide. Implant support so those ventures can really be huge and I'm talking about people I remember somebody at eighty years old who's she. Her kids are. Her kids but. That that they were she was gonna be spending their inheritance you know that is just her joke but you know because she was gonna go invest. In having implants done so she could function again. And when she was 85 years old pastor was worth it and she said she would have paid double it is I mean she you know and I get that from a lot of people. Debt. You know they didn't. Realize. How. They're smile. And their ability to function. Or not function. Was. Incredibly affecting their lives and some of these people have. Risen to be top sales people on their company because of their self confidence. I had many women who have come to me and their state they tell me that there's smile one over there new husband. This is true Channel 8 web site. It's really exciting to see. To see the impact. That in new smile and improved function has allies is huge it's just huge and I. And and and and it's not just from across the diocese in general Dennis can provide a lot of these. Treatments as well. And and so it's just something that people left in noted. Gain better dental health go to their dentist you know talk about what their needs are and and find out what can help them to a better place in life. Can doctor use it's like internists and other adapter is no if and there might be a problem related to. I spinoff problem I get a sense does that surprise rate cut as say it but you know that might be your chief. A closing attempting to do with your higher solidified the body. Sure we we see it dated date and in my line of work where you'll see someone with. As doctor figure mentioned anorexia though or you'll see some on with the eventual us. Who really hasn't maintain good nutrition you'll see it affect their diabetic control I can remember several patients who. Wednesday I got new dentures or they went ahead and did some in plaster. Diabetic control improved and even people who are acutely infected or have cracked redundancies are diabetic control be worse shall see. Many impacts on their health says they move along and also had patients who had. Joint replacements to had some did you moral issues that resulted in problems with the prosthesis as a result so. It impacts you your your oral health of really impacts on many levels and it's certainly worth investigating whether you know processor on X services are something that would help you and how you feel by yourself and how your overall health those things. And down from talking and we too are a lot of that dentures. The you have seen the importance. Of getting good dentures or the right kind if fitting your math is so important B could sixteen so many older people with horrible thing explain this. That iron. As they're dead are very obvious what not only that they're not working and they can't eat but that they are. The kind of power muscle look at. So there's two there's two parts about ventures. One is the aesthetic part okay it was a word I looking for I think K so you know and and part of it also is functional. And part of that is fanatic. So these all have to come together. And some patients. Think their ventures going to be there for years. And they stay and the teeth Wear down. And then they start and outlook is good as they might have twenty years ago. And really a lot of times ventures need realigning refitting re making five years later ten years later it varies per patient. One of the challenges. Is that when you lose your teeth. You keep losing bone. And the older you get. The more bone you've lost in the harder it is to consider having implants so actually getting implants. Sooner. Okay can actually preserved bone. Longer for the patient and give them more stability. It gets more difficult. When people lost more bone to make dentures that are going to be as stable because they don't have the ridge. Then you know in the mouth to help give them any of that stability and makes it very very challenging. So we'll oil that we've before we rented time what you wanna talk about oh I get it. April 8 through fourteenth. Is national. Press Atlantic awareness week right. Yes it is so what do we you know how we going to celebrate this fact well I can't tell you re engaged in the past. I have. He's gotten a dental school to do certain programs for instance two years ago. We. Through the dean and and and others in the school and the help of of dozens and actually. 150 dollar students along with eighty dentist we provided a free Dave Dennis feature veterans so. They went over so well. That they decided to make it an annual events. But on veterans day instead of during precedent awareness week salutes I was another area is is set abuse. Abuse of women. And and then and so we have to look at family. Center where people may be hit struck and thrown down and and they have broken teeth and and so we also why I spearheaded through Mary Murphy threw him in just a senator. We had a program to educate. Our dental students and and other than us in the community about the importance of recognizing and how to talk to people who may be victims. Of the views and so there are a lot of things that we've done through our. Customer awareness. Week to help enhance the awareness of the public and enhanced C awareness just. About of death among stances to help them do a better job for patients as well. And you know it just so intense Q it's time frame. Do a lot of these procedures I mean doctor Charles Liu a patient for like five years it's it doesn't take forever I think people have the idea that these are really long term. Events. Yeah and they it was a relatively. Very fast process overtures several months ahead to have some. Preparation. And then you know finally the delivery of the engineers and the crowns it was some 34 months total admin and part of that was my schedules very busy but his staff was very accommodating it was a very. Easy process to. Which you are right you know that. If people had it more advanced tear down problems we have to get that under control first it's very important. Could these from our office or with a period on us. It can also be that people. Need bone grafting before they could have implants and then implants place and so sometimes it can be eight years fifteen months. To get to a whole process or could also be that there are times where it is enough bone or we can put an implant in the put a temporary crown at the same day. And have what we call immediate. Tempers station. Of an implant so. But we still have to wait several months before it can finish it. So is it really varies from case to case. The length of time that could be involved. And since we've talked in general these new procedures like dental implants which has changed so much over the years and other. Other and treatments you have to key how do you keep up how do you keep up with all of these advances well for me I teach part time at the Dow scored on that from my whole career. I find that teach team. Brings me in contact with the with lots of people. I go to I just got an award for 2000 hours of continuing education I know I go to courses you know all the time. You know and and I also. Teach around the country and when I give lectures I have to be at the cutting edge of what's going and you know for going to be educating others and sometimes it's even just getting back to basis beginning dentists to do a better job of just the basic things. Because they they lose touch with some of that sometimes so. It can't or they don't realize. That some of the little things that could help them do a much better job and so I can show them those little things that can make things a lot better for them and their patients. I feel very gratified so I get their rewards of teaching. General students teaching dentists and helping patients and that's my. I trilogy so to speak. Think it must be it's very important to as far as looks Colby the weight. The color of his teeth because have you seen Italy's it lately and it's I've never seen so industry like Waite tees joint statement. I see it can't be that easy to do either and achy and feeling like. Is this that it is yes it can be quite easy there are different ways of lightning and some white mean materials don't work as well as other ones. I. You know being under the care of a dentist in understanding when you white new TT don't wait and feelings and you don't have white and crowns. So if you just go out and get a white narrative to drugstore. You may be in for a surprise because. You have some teeth that white and her purse of teeth that white and in parts that don't. And now you're gonna have to do more dentistry to get where you wanna be say you have to understand and so doing it to a dentist is always a good idea. But yes you can you know do it very quickly. He can do it in office. For instance in the and I am sure other offices do this as well but from march through June our office offers the opportunity to make. We deferred. Well we say for free we don't charge but the patient rights but check to use my house for life. Which is to help camp good days. And also address book foundation. Four kids with cancer. And so it's a fund raising your right your check is it textbooks deductible contribution and you have tooth whitening. So. We had east interest now senator you know take. Triton raising money and if he ever gone to camp good days gala. You know it just touches your heart. You know in a way that you can't express without having been there. And know that good that they do. Her in our community is just overwhelming. And and special. It is have been on the board of directors but Jim Kelly. For kids three years now slated to charities that we support here and done there we've got and there are many times to see this is amazing what they do an alias so. Now tell me before we have to go where people you mentioned I think we said before. The name of East Amherst. So while Dell's and so you know. It just look up my name and an OK Il finds so I don't think it calls a lot of people can't the forward. You know what it costs for private care and I encourage them to go to the dental school. Because its own school really offers an awful lot at reasonable fees for people that that need care. And and our you know strapped there are can't afford to pay is much. And we have specialty programs as well as the general dentistry programs. They can offer them wonderful services. At affordable fees and if you rooted active say in you get to choose what music. You won here away and you also gets Kim sung do you get to choose the song that songs that are sung tear duct trophy again. And indeed I get it to DSL. Depend on what kind of music you likened dad. He sings to you in this day after saying isn't so much fun you know you forget the pain. It's famous hello thank you separate case say soliciting everybody really appreciate we hope you enjoyed our conversation. Please do this again next week same time sensation. Have a good week and I everybody. You've been listening to one target with any Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. If you have any comments or suggestions. Please write depending Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.