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Saturday, November 18th

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These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AM WW KB. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors in the lead and I think he takes. A realistic attitude and point of view a lot of society in the way it really. I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. No no lovemaking Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a foundation. The doctor. Then there else. Because it seemed like dude dude idea what we were grown you needed cheap talent. This is expected gear and. Mutations. You. The original. Okay. That is 1 minute after 7 o'clock. I've never seen so much traffic down the road Andy at 5 o'clock in the morning I'm telling you. The Bambi killers are out. In our growing older is mandatory. Growing up as optional. And laughing at yourself as therapeutic. That number one weekend radio variety show rat cared about the love and you've got a band radio. Now all we do this here check out the weather forecast. And it says rain today high temperatures around 52. Overnight low tonight 37. Tomorrow very windy snow showers. Highs around forty clouds and sun weather Larry on Monday. Highs near 43. Currently done lake front has forty degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 46. And a little downtown 47 degrees. At the original. And still the best from 7 denied every Saturday morning you've got to kids. This is AM fifteen point eight WK BMW's. Let me okay. OK. And I. Okay. Yeah let me out. Okay. So I'm in the it's. It is and I hand a lot of places and done a lot of good news. It's. Never solo woman. Miles away. It's. Gone and I lose my cool and so we'll. Wake me up. Okay. Hand when we have done. Okay. It's not. Okay. It's. It's. A little. We miss just saying good night from the momentum around. My hair back behind me unless he comes back into the ground. But it's do we move mountains you want me and I. Big news around the news lovable. So it's. It's. Okay. And I went. Man oh man known goal on me if I'm okay. It is. Can. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's a little just. I. Am. Call the V. News. Okay. Okay. News. I. Yeah. Let me you go. Okay. Okay. News. I. News. Okay. Okay. There. We need you go. Okay. Why. Okay. News. Major market radio in a large market turnout. And a professional division of Marty Robbins. 1957. Cities. And white sport coat seven minutes after seven a Clark. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. From upstate Chevrolet of Attica. Tim lynch is a Geico distillers in Amherst. Size alma pharmacy. Of course and alma and doctor Feldman. Director of veterinary. Madison. And of course from us here to my favorite holiday. The I was thinking about going. To Schenectady to be with my daughter. And family that economists stick around here again this year. Andy and be by myself put my poppy. And a trip to tradition. Two I shoot my guns. I'm Thanksgiving morning. And I've got the ideal place to do in my backyard. So I take my shotguns my rifles. And don't do that. And Ketchum. I mean it's reveling. Some people might not understand that. I just like to be a little bit tired you know remain. Are ranked. We have it's so warm morning out there 47 degrees is our temperature. And didn't have any rain. Caller drops. Down in the southern tier until I got to the 400. And started to rain a little bit but I guess were infer pretty good soaking today I temperatures around 52. That's what that's going. Jimmy blazers. And if I can only dance with you. That be a beautiful thing you know. And good morning to you from Kate gave baby. It. They. I. News love. Then goes. If I could. AM best they want AW KB. Governor. Jay Glazer. If I can only dance with 1983. It is twelve minutes after 7 this. Saturday morning. Hatteras would be watt the eighteenth and that would have been OK. Anyway got that right. On the September the ninth. Gina Browning. Chief communications. Officer. For the SP CA serving area county. Will be here on the show. And should be on between eight and nine. If you haven't questions about the SP CA and there. Beautiful program and great new building in west Seneca well. You can collar up here on the show or if you wanna adopt a pet that's even better. And our phone numbers 71680315. Cloning. By the way. If you're listening on the eastern seaboard this morning. Off of our skyway are 50000 watts. You give us a call and let us know you're listening. It's slightly appreciate that. At 71680315. To one. Here's a guy who used to spend a lot of time entertaining and living in Saratoga Springs, New York. Used to be a regular at the Caffe Lena there in the seventies. His name is Don McLean he's Kate B. It. It's. Okay. Yeah. Maybe. Best friend a microphone ever had. Doctor. KB AM 1520 WW KB buffalo. Marine has. The big shoes stonewalled. Today NS. Then today. Just his good. He'd talk to. Many staff room. Did. Bowl they. Oh yeah. And they use or sale. Sprained you lost. Yeah. Learn. It was tough on us. Was there. Okay. It'll. Yeah. It's. There. She screws. Red and a. To. How much Jim Hoover and himself. Able. Speed. I. I was smarter. Shoes and a tall blond man and six. We'll losing king of the road the road game but it really doesn't matter. This. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I. Listen laugh and learn the best radio on radio. And you've got down there right now Don Williams they're great. Don Williams. Good old boys like me. Woody Gundy. Before that Olivia Newton-John. And John Travolta. And you're the one that I want 24 after seven. Director pat carmody has today off today. It and of course his fifteen minutes segment at 7:45. Until 8 o'clock. Is so we sponsored by size on the pharmacy. And we're gonna fill that up of some great music this morning. And deadly. Stopping by in that fifteen minutes. Trixie has today off to rise and a Thanksgiving timeline you know. Yet in auto and truck repair. 1560. Harlem road that unit two in Cheektowaga. Where you always get great deals. And any repairs you need four year automobile go to your truck you re issue movie. I'm telling you 3220629. And the place where you can get a lube oil and filtered. Plus. Tire rotation for only 2995. Service hours are Monday through Friday 730 until five. And Saturday's 730. Until noon time. That's union auto and truck repair. In the cheek to market. Okay got a phone number 3220629. Don't forget to leave Buffalo Bills. Football report first on the weekend coming up taxes at 8:30 this morning. Should. It shows now. Or during the Bible as we love to do you are depending twenty mind WW can be your call at seven sixes and 3-D. Twenty. I. Bay timlin share from Beckel local office haven't gotten Geico quote yet can't save money that way call me at 8323253. Or just stop in crossing the boulevard small town of one. Are you getting ripped off on your real name called pioneer propane incorporated. At 71659. To 2068. Locally owned and operated. Residential commercial and agricultural services. And they also provide automatic delivery. 24 hour emergency service. Claim to be efficient energy for every need that's a contract guarantee. What are you paying for your. Pioneer broke. 219 inch Greeneville 71659226. Years. Get ripped off this year roll pioneer propane. 7165921868. Whether it's a new board pre owned vehicle you're looking toward you know you're getting the best deal when you live from upstate Chevrolet about it there's no better time to stuff into upstate Chevrolet to see how they can save you thousands of dollars while. Prices great selection and friendly surface which rebates and discounts that. Record highs now's the time to buy an incredible vehicles had incredible drive. Shop online at champion that if it does come then call 1800. 6395. TO five and land and taking the short trip to 36 main streets. In Attica that's upstate Chevrolet. A little tip for you folks go to the doctor. And check out my new website with a bio pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday mornings. And while you're there click onto Geico I Tim lynch. And get a free quote on your auto and homeowners. Nested doctor. At the same time and save some money on insurance with Jim Lynch and Geico. Right don't kids I mill. So. Hospital. The story move. Doctor. What do need to. Last episode doctor about doctor doctor ran conduct a test doctor doctor Jim convinced after Jim spears or Jennifer does a doctor house doctor doctor John about her upcoming transfer talked about doctor doctor terms department of pediatric. I don't know how to tell you this so how about my writing on the X rays she with the grease pencil what is it Jennifer. Your family and friends heard he really. I can't read Jennifer we'll be X rays all washed out there John the patient had an empty stomach you know I never could read on an empty stomach Jennifer. And coming when it says it says I'm being transferred to pediatrics John pediatric. That's kids stuff Jennifer how could you do this they have their own candy bar machine of their job I always give you free candy bars and surgery Jennifer yeah. Us again next week your doctor John's does this mean no more will be in the iron long with the guardian a guy raider Jennifer aren't so. Hospital. On this radio show we don't do follow standards. We create them. Like Andy Clarke with sports every Saturday morning right here on this program at 815. Sponsored by their comfort funeral home. Checking out the weather and well like this rain today. I temperatures around 52. Load tonight 37. Tomorrow very windy snow showers possible highs around forty. And on Monday clouds and sun with a flurry. Highs around forty degrees. Currently don't lake front as forty degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 46. And the move downtown we've got 47 degrees. And the original. And still the best from seven to nine kids. This is the radio show on Saturday mornings that buffalo wakes up to. AM fifteen point eight. WK. VW. And. And make his life. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Lord. Only days. Can. Okay. Playing. And. I. So war. And. Hey. I. I. Powered by upstage Chevrolet applying to new roads too shabby of Attica shop on line. Money par seven. And ship via that that count. Earl Thomas Connolly. Fire and smoke before that. From 1976. Star land vocal band. And afternoon delight. Sometimes even at night. If you know what I mean their banana but I also landed but there it is a 23 before eight. That means it's 737. Look at data from the other way around if it happened to be handed actors. And this morning. We've got 47 theories. And you see to it wanted to argue about here. Oh. 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I can soon and then. Music. To make me smile. Now I knew each time. Chance. That I can make those people it and send me. Maybe they'd be happy for a while. It's February and may. I mean since there. And I didn't do. Bad news. Louis. I couldn't take mom moose stand. I can't demand. And rid of means widowed bride. Something tells me eighteen. Games. I mean. Do I. So. Than medicine man in. My (%expletive) beat Jews live game that there live it was drowned. Well both days of the drinking whiskey and god seeing him. The movie the day that bad down. When the game. Yeah. You are in love with him can that. You Danson. Yeah. You need to game to. Venus de. Plays. McCain was looking now. So what is it already crowned. Yeah. The day. The day that. Advance. And so. And and this is. More. It played them. The game. Okay. Yes you can. Now watch him. My understanding of. I admitted yeah. Yeah sing blues. And fast cars. Have been. Just. Is this game we still live around noon in the and as the floor. But the men and says I mean. Wouldn't plan. This sheets that students mean. Delivers. In. None wound. This. The church. She goes. Who broke him. And the dream man and a smile moves. This and end the whole news. The last change. Today. Then you. Okay. And they was seeing him. In this and we can pie. Drove my Shandi tunes and live do you think it it was kind. Then. I saw things that can convince key. Easy chance at. This to be attained. Okay. Right is on corner in this hour Don McLean. And American pie two minutes before age act wanna tell you about size Elmo pharmacy. That pharmacy that goes the extra step and service. And uniqueness with you when your doctor to get it right the first time. Friendly courteous and glass extends throughout store. Unique gift ideas. In just about everything you'd expect and more. Tired of the big superstores. That disguised themselves as farm Aziz. House ways to your local neighborhood place. I'm talking about size Elmo pharmacy. Taiwanese 317 Bowen wrote in alma. And their phone numbers 71665. To 39 to one. Him pardon me. And look who's here. How. Yeah for my money hi Aaron its me again now. So later yeah yeah. And I have this theory about what people say stupid bull move from his musket and they don't mean slow birthday I like. Six isn't far and it's like. Very intense light candles and and sometimes. You can like pleasure eyes and medicate. If you are armed signal. And you just think let's have a party yen had to have a reason. You know and Aaron. We can't picture isn't on there again that that also I'm good at metal pole yeah. Sometimes I'd never done with people and you can probably like if you wanted to you could record. And all your friends. Like there's this place where you can rent. You know those things like eagle on the water of the it's like having. Candle buyers and everything organized I would like to try that some time. Items swam a lie that I am. I can't do that water ballet national Canas very dead and that. And that is is it's. Isn't why I think people faced in between four okay. Okay. By. That's our Debbie. Always would just 21 or in the waters. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AM WW TV. Else because they don't lack of good food leave people alone TV's. Guess who's back go on the radio. Yeah major market radio and a large market town. Professional service and division. Dick Clark's definitive broadcasting. Checking out the weather. Rain today highs near 52. Overnight low tonight 37. Tomorrow very windy snow showers highs near forty Monday clouds and sun with a flurry. High near 43. Tuesday partly sunny and windy 51. Wednesday mostly cloudy and colder high near 39. Currently the lake front has 42 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 47. And a low of downtown we've got 47 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven denied their radio show that buffalo wakes up two runs Saturday mornings. Right years. At this spot on the dialed known as AM fifteen to one AW DJB. Had covered you. On the phone pose a phone call from. We can't we can't go. So we'll just. I. We. It's. Mean. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's okay. It's. We. There. We. You know this. Bartok less music at a minimal variety at least one song in a row. No song tags and we are free portable and prolific. I'm Buffalo's original AM fifteen to one AW KB Donovan. A program that gives you something to think about. Sometimes. If you know what I mean. Eight minutes after age. Dolly Parton. She started where it's Porter Wagner. She can thank him. Basically. Not basically. Big time. Power hitting her career Roth to ground in 1966. And she was leaving Porter. In 19748. Years later and she wrote that song for him. Which has been recorded by everybody and their brother. Guess the other a big hit was Whitney Houston. That's on for many many other people recorder that I will always love you. 1974. Dolly Parton. Let me see here we're while wanna tell you about oh Andy coming up what sports. At 815. And going back in time here. 37 years ago. This arm was a Reba McEntire is first hit. And I love this. Last night every night on KV baby and a great big good morning to you on it. Yeah. And in. Smile and say so in name. It and. It's. In amazement. It okay. Xenia. Yeah. I'm. Okay. Okay. That's. It's. Oh. It. Yeah. Ahead yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. It's. Okay. Hometown. Fred turned out loud yeah today today. He's known these. I'm sorry. Noninterest. I've known appease the list. Please please art and they. Things I do. Hey good. I know how. Hey Murray and I don't know where you. Ball on the U. Six time. But unless you're right. Okay. I told the bartenders. Not only since I'm. The game. We love the things black and. Things back to go. Powered by a stage Chevrolet via new roads too shabby at Attica shop on line 21 of lower seven. As champion Connecticut. Don't count. Six facts ago we'll send that out to frank Bork. Oracle frank. But make sure it's Coors Light. In autumn rain. Hank Thompson. And did a great guy passed away. Several years ago when my wife and I own the WL YC in Williamsport Pennsylvania. We brought in Hank. And that was. February. Of 1999. When a beautiful guy. It's 815 right now act. Time for our local sports what Mandy Clark sponsored by their comfort funeral home. Funerals cream they shouldn't present grave landing. Sixty fours 69 and only in road to its roots sixteen. In South Wales. I'm Lee should Drake Derek. You are funeral directors. CY more families are choosing the locally owned comfort funeral home. And South Wales. Now the guy who's always on the spot wins is mark and here's Andy Clarke. Think doctor Jane starting at high school on action. What's typical west B white's Borough 42 to sixty dance their first class is the championship doubly Yorktown Friday at 3 PM. An eagle on the able Roby yoga 32 point seven demands the class the state championship they'll face Cambridge Friday at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. And I felt Thursday night actually the Steelers beat the titans forty to seventeen in an easy win. Roethlisberger for the Steelers and impressive throwing for 299 yards and four touchdowns. Antonio Brown hauling in ten of those passes for a 144 yards and three touchdowns. While the Steelers defense took care of business on their side of the ball picking up market scenario four times. So he had nada not a very exciting game Roger Steelers in your early in an ally. I would go back and forth I was watching fox and denied wicket Beckett finally went to score started you know out of it and I've said noticed that this. And I went to bed yet it was it was somewhat close to about midway through the third and that's when the Steelers pastor pilot on and pull away it's the act I hear you on the bitterly about one. Oslo credibility is Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson had averaged all realigned after his last week's win over the cardinals. A multiple reporters visuals almost fractured avoided having having had wired shut. That was also the same that we talked about last week when Russell wood off the field for concussions check under the league's concussion protocol. That is still after review. By Italy because Wilson appeared under the tent and he immediately turned around elect an Alley can be checked out. And actually quite a lot goes in people's the top down ball right back a walks right there and you read lips on fine. As the as it's almost broken well the aren't they supposed to. Keep them in there I mean oh yes that's what leagues the investigating yet they'll likely flying for because they've violated protocol. Appears to have a concussion on the play but he definitely guys install it up pretty good and again almost broke it there. Odds would you the college football the UB bulls beat Ball State Thursday forty to 24 to number five and six on the season. Double play their final game at home Friday against Ohio or that we look and finished the season at 500. And top 25 college news a major shake up in the college football playoff rankings after last weekend. The top four now looks like this Alabama's number one constant number to Miami jumped up four spots after beating Notre Dame to lobby number three in Oklahoma that number four still in the hunt. NBA action the cavaliers came back to the clippers Friday night in overtime LeBron James had a chance to break the tie and winning at the in regulation but missed. But the gas to care business during that overtime you're going on to win 118113. The spurs also with a big comeback you reap the 23 point deficit come back and beat the thunder last night 1040101. An exciting one. Cavaliers point guard Derrick Rose will miss at least the next few weeks with a sprained left ankle. And wizards point guard John Walsh and after the team's game Friday that his left knee was sore Ewan is sure to be able to play in the team's next game on Sunday. Pilots switching it up to NHL the sabres lost last week the red wings 321. He had it rough rough year for them so far they were tied 11 the midway through the third than the red wings open it up with a Tomas cut cargo at goal. Sabres now dropped to 5104 on the season to be home tonight against the hurricanes opening up opening face off at 7 PM. Begging to be heard our sister station WGR 550. But the bills were first on the weekend coming up here in twelve minutes 830. And that's sports so. Remember. Again. Yeah. Send out soon. Okay. While. The remember okay. Listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. And you've got to rate now gentleman. Jim Reeves and stand at your window. 21 minutes after 8 o'clock we've got 47 degrees on the mild side some. Rain here and there I guess it's posting yet. More intense. As we progress through today today. Our rights of the winner. Of that. Coming up at 830 we've begat the Buffalo Bills report first down the weekend. And Andy and myself today. And who's gonna sneak over here but Mike back Herman. From WB and he uses Saturday morning newsman and it. A a news guide her in a week for WB and nice kid so. We'll have Mike Andy and myself here coming up at 830. Should. She spells real. During the Bible. As we love to do it and you're depending twenties bonds WW can be your call 71 six's and really. Funny and who. Are you getting ripped off on your real name called pioneer propane incorporated. At seven point 659. To 2068. Locally owned and operated. Residential commercial and agricultural services and they also provide automatic delivery. 24 hour emergency service. Claim to be efficient energy for every need that's a contract guarantee. What are you paying for your. Pioneer broke. To nineteen in spring bill 71659226. Years. Get ripped off this year roll pioneer propane. 7165921868. Hey Tim lynch here from Michael local office haven't gotten Geico quote yet can't save money that way call me at 8323253. Or just stop in crossing the boulevard mall tunnel one. A little tip for you folks go to the doctor. And check out my new website with a bio pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday mornings. And why you're there click onto Geico and Tim lynch. And get a free quote on your auto and homeowners. Nested doctor. At the same time and save some money on insurance with Jim Lynch and Geico. Right don't kids. How about I'm back to today it's it's here Kuerten in the fan let me look at the Koran you you've got bat in the bucket calm me out tucked it. If you say you can but you can say you can't and I think she can sell it can't. Comedy adapted to the remember. I started at the bottom and stayed there. How are things. I don't even in the I don't. I'm winning this is in the. Okay. Then yeah. AM that day one AW KBW. Faith Hill. And this year's. You know but that. Funny 7 after. 8 o'clock. On this radio show we don't follow standards. We create him. You know we do. Here's a battle neighborhood. School so. I am lost the. It's yeah. Yeah. The odds. All we. Yeah. Tonight the buffalo bills' record burst. On the weekend. Sponsored by upstate Chevrolet. I knew rose to upstage Chevrolet about it dot. By your local Geico agent in Amherst Tim lynch is phone numbers they've streak to thirty to 53. By your butcher let let's keep gates 1585. Walden avenue in Cheektowaga. By CNN's wholesale. Genesee had transit and land cast. It's quality pre owned automobiles. Interest free. By precision re manufactured engines. New and used 316 the union road in Cheektowaga. Where the warranty that matches their quality. And by their comfort funeral home in South Wales. See why more people are choosing their comfort funeral home. Now. This morning. Doctor carmody has today off. And that day Sully is down in Florida. And he's keeping warm down there is so what we have. Is. Myself. Andy Clarke. And Michael. Baz Luhrmann from WB the end. Who. Is a sports guy from way back. Mike used to be play by play guy for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Minor league team mortar and or city. Would Charleston, West Virginia was one of and that's the go low a affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates and and the other team. Was the Altoona curve who're double a Altoona Pennsylvania which is just out on ninety minutes east of Pittsburgh. I know exactly word is I lived between. State college and Elton. The perfect place and you know I'm glad that I can be out here today to talk about Nathan Peter men. Third there. I'm the third string analyst. He's the second string quarterback it's like I'm looking up to them. Yeah honestly. If you think about it. I think he's wasn't in Pittsburgh for one you're using University of Pittsburgh. Aren't. I saw a clip last night Andy. And Mike I saw a clip of him. Throwing footballs. From long distances. In Pittsburgh. Through basketball hoops and into garbage cans and all likeness to. Yea he's got that that trick shots or electric broad idea that constantly or program was was he your region eatery that. I'm not sure there's nobody has never seen bad luck that the other kicker from the chargers had his he had one of those videos to an and he missed those two ovals to start the season got months ago. I'm open he had neck about look at those videos by well to it happens for that he. That's later it's an idea and you see I have seen some of the videos of him doing all of yet on how many shots how many how many shots does it take him to do to. It takes one if it takes just more magic of editing on c'mon now you know. I don't know if you had a chance ever see and you like the hard knocks shows it's on HBO it covers and yes so basically what they had was like some draft pick. Just take a football from like forty yards away they're like hey Abbott jacket hit the crossbar on the field goal post just chalks it one shot dot. Don't they it may have competitions basically to see. Who can do it. The most times in a row so apparently that's the thing that a lot of NFL QBs do just during practice the cameras never catch it. But that one time HBO did obviously that means every team does. Hey hey what do you guys think about. The great game last week. Who I mean it was rough. Peterman this coming in and that might be. A something to solve one problem. But when you give up 47 points. And a week before it was what 35. Somewhere. A lot of points is absurd it doesn't matter it doesn't matter and it zags absurd absurd. So what happened to their wonderful defense we had the first 45 games. I don't know I I do watch in the games those big games where the bills went on that big streak. This secondary was is playing out of their minds the offensive line was able to open up holes for LeSean McCoy nothing's been able to work out but. Really at the root of the problem for a lot of casual bills fans has been Tyrod Taylor hasn't been able to throw the ball down field. And that's something and you know we urged Sean McDermott this week say that tyra has been benched. It's now Nathan and Peter Mahan has QB he's a pocket passer can get rid of the ball Cuellar. Want to finish Ortiz threw a touchdown pass. In the only time she saw the pills today at three points and then a minute tan. Andy's got some clips here when you have the spurs when yours actually McDermott making the announcement and the computer can be the starter this Sunday. Is that is I continually evaluate our our roster and our goal become better. It's that is stuck here and as our quarterback this week. I remain confident in Tyrod Taylor. And his ability to help our football team full. Right sure I'll from the bench but up but Biederman as a rookie and a jury did talk about human Peter his maturity I've been impressed with Nate. And his maturity as a rookie. At a very early point as career. Another clip here very interesting on the Gary talk about how he can about making the chili's and apparently was it was all him there was a decision made by myself. Coach is not involved this decision the decision and I made. And then odd couple cuts and Tyrod Taylor here obviously saying he disagreed with the decision I don't agree with your decision. Ultimate. Cost to our. The visit and exchange and they going on the say that yes except that decision to move forward. Catania via your teammate and deleted from the growth. They'll be agers and see how lob Peter mean does with the with his first start. I think it's gonna give up. A little bit of a jolt to the the offense and even with you know talking about the defense struggles some guys making the change like that quarterback you want the team leaders can can galvanize even the other side of the ball so we'll have to see what happens there. The beer and hash or a lot of promise so far. I. And thinking about not giving any predictions mark. I think I predicted buffalo last week when he won the seventy Anders and yet we both of them it was close at our option. Q what can we all agree though that. Nobody expected the bills to even win this many games this year at the start of the year ever owns like our. Buffalo Bills they're gonna tank it's going to be an up or in twelve season they're gonna get the number two number three draft taken and all this on their rifle off all those of wins. I have no problem at all with the with the solid every season I predicted that they would win four games. And then adds the pre season progressed. I said to. Two games he's on they get worse yeah. So. That is the silver lining in the situation as it feels like crisis mode but they're five and four there in sixth place of the season ended today they'd be in the playoffs as a wild card while you have it Andy and I talked about mr. It getting into the play at which they haven't been seventeen years. But getting into the playoffs I say big deal. You play. A game. In the playoffs. And you get blown out so what good is it to get it meant. You never know if they get hot at the end of the season we were talking about the giants are 88 went on there were able Nate won the Super Bowl days later and even deserve to be in a playoffs so you know the bill to squeak in and you know they hire the right time towards the end of the season they have the patriots twice the dolphins place the last six weeks they get hot or Internet division stretched. Make the playoffs mean who knows what happens you know. A go ahead I feel like you can appreciate this probably as much as anybody even the Pittsburgh Pirates had that one year drought where they couldn't make it in the post season and then the one year that they finally make it then it was a wild card but they needed in and you have fans that are jumping off the Clemente bridge. Because they're so excited and and mention what new era field in that area of Orchard Park will be like. If the bills were to make the plan passed. It's going to be it's gonna be embarrassed. I want to say what I really want to say but I get fired. So I can't I can't predators how we've got to seven seconds later. But it's. Now that is traded up ahead. It's a she mortgage Borg of fun and excitement Stan might not be illegal. But he beat fund share. About it I here's an ultimate that I talk about all the time because I believe the newspaper. And they always want your trade. Naval pay top dollar for our year trade. I'm talking you know one talk about upstage Chevrolet of Attica. Now. The GM employee pricing is back. Yes it is and of course they wanna blow allow. The 2000 seventeens. Let me give you some examples here 2017. Silverado. It was a discount. Of 7000. Dollars got all the toys baby airs at 2017. And Allah Al asks. Where the all the toys for 21749. And not pocket change. For this 2017. Corvette stingray. Discount Pharmacia. 111000 dollars. You can get this stingray you can go to your piggy bank. And you have to pull out 58000. 463. You can afford to record in my. 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I had here somewhere charged back the last season an NFL high eight games after holding the lead in the fourth quarter they've lost to the building keep it close I think they and taking it 1117. Well here's a deal. My relative is playing in his game Philip Rivers my cousin. And how can I bet against him I won't and I loved the chargers even though they left San Diego. I do love to chargers. But I'm gonna pick them and I'm Dennis saying. How bout the chargers 24. To sixteen. Aren't a lot of us will get the saddle zone next week and how about that night thank you. Yeah. It's. Mom and son. And me anytime there's me and Paul maybe. You couldn't ask. Not so I'm. These team team. So. It's paying. You know it. Handles snow. Saying yes. It's. He's. Embarrass your kids crank it up radioed just the way it used to be with the love doctor. KV 1520. Foreigners love of country. There needs iron. Fall. You talk. Let me. Oh god bless all lanes. Maybe. It's. But I mean doll. It. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. His long time. Diane. Lynn. I'll let them on my son them. Yeah. Why. All. I'm learning. It. Listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. And you got it right now. That's Richard Lewis if you know what I mean there. Lacy. And the BG's. Eight ministry of our 9 o'clock. Need a used car. Well go to DNA as host sales at transit at Genesee. It's the interest free corner. Next to Salvador's. DNA tests as rigor rates selection of cars suvs and trucks. Plus. Ed DNA as you finance your vehicle interest free that's right interest free part credit. Europe proved that DNS. By the vehicle if you want interest rate at the interest free corner up transit and Genesee. Call 68111100. That are open at 9 this morning DNS wholesale that's 68111100. Buffalo's weekend bailout from going radio doctor Jake would you. Saturday mornings from seven to 9 AM but it could twentieth WW Casey. Oh yeah. 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A free event sponsored by the buffalo new home finder and blue rock energy today from ten till four. Yeah yeah. Non. Sir. She observed. Was there. It's a home. It's hard to. She works. This is Brian it's. My. So we'll see. Yes braided. Maybe I'm still. Okay. It. Okay. So yeah. Bonds closed down. Brand name belongs to us I had town. Love zone. It's not a just okay. You say. AM theft and wanna AW KBW. 1972. And that's the looking glass with brandy. One minute before nine. Happy Thanksgiving from upstate Chevrolet of Attica. Tim lynch and his Geico stores in Amherst size alma pharmacy. Size element pharmacy and alma off course and by doctor Feldman doctor rob veterinary. Medicine. Happy Thanksgiving especially from us here on the Saturday morning show. And as I mentioned before it is my favorite. It. It has been a ball. As always. And remembered. Adversity builds character. You know with a dinner here. I'm on my way home mama. As a common and we go. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB.