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These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it to advertisers or sponsors. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and we'll reveal a lot of society in the way it really. I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of flaming Barney prize could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. I don't love making Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson left a couple of it's a great show and as Monica looks like it's incumbent. The doctor. And now. Because it seemed like dude dude idea what we were grown you needed cheap tale. Hughes who is Beckett did. Mutations. You found the original. I'll water it is what it is baby. 1 minute after 7 o'clock. Veterans day 2007. Team. It is November 11. And you know growing older is mandatory. Growing up as optional. And laughing at yourself is therapeutic. The number one weekend their radio variety show right here in buffalo and then you've got an on the radio right now maybe. There we go check it out the weather forecast and it says is the clouds and sun today. Not as cold as it was yesterday. I temperatures around 36. Overnight low tonight to Ronnie seven. Tomorrow mostly cloudy. I have 43 Monday. Low clouds 44. At buying a house this morning Andrew. In the town of Linden. Which is known. As C Yukon. In my vocabulary. It was six degrees. Six degrees. At the lake front right now fifteen. That buffalo Niagara international airport eighteen. And the local downtown we've got ninety degrees. At the originals. And still the best kids from seven of the 9 every Saturday morning. That radio show that buffalo wakes up to I'm Saturday mornings from seven to dies. Located at AM fifteen to one AW KVW. Players we're OK. Okay. OK. And I. Okay. Yeah let me. It's. It's. It is and I hand a lot of places and done a lot of things. It's. Not a solo homer and way yeah. Yeah run and lose you lose. Was gone and I knew my own Goldman. So. OK. And when you have done. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. It's. A little. We miss to slam the minds of momentum around. I'm pretty tough time being unless it's. But when we do we move mountains to one and I. News around the news buffalo. So. Okay. My. We have a man known goal on me I'm okay. It is. And okay. We can't we can't we can't it's a little just. I. I don't open. It's. We can. You know. It's. Powered by upstate Chevrolet 85 there were roads too shabby at Attica. Shop on line 24/7. At champions etiquette. Not count. Ricky Nelson. Traveling man. That's Ricky before he was known as Rick. Nelson. And it is 7 minutes after 7 o'clock. Great big good morning to you. And a great big thank you. To all of our veterans. And thanks for your service. That's a beautiful thing I want you to know. My a my father was in the military and all of his Brothers he has six Brothers. And they were all in the military but my father was Leo. Sharpshooter. During the World War II. Down in the South Pacific. And my uncle Charlie here's here's this story for. He was involved. On Omaha Beach here. Omaha Beach if you build a story of war. World War II. In his platoon. Here's a marine. In his platoon. There was 42 men. Two of them came back. Him. And his body. So. OK. Divine intervention. But anyway I've got a lot of stories cute. To reminisce about. But I won't to. I won't bore you with them. But I will do this. To salute you guys. And let's player right now. Only. And. Me and her. Okay. Where is the owner. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Over twice. Remember. Mine. Tall. Okay. Okay. Okay. You'd like to give us a call at 71680315. Point eight. If you have requests that are dedication Turkish wanna shoot the breeze 71680350. And one. Dick Kerr rose. One of boys say Andy Ted. Tombstone every mile. And that's an appropriate song. A very appropriate song for this time here. About a haynesville woods. Off the main. That fellow right there. When he was not in Nashville recording hits song. He would be in south wind as follows. At smokey greens outside of on Friday and Saturday nights outside of Saratoga Springs. And who would sing with him. Many many times. Would be my wife Dee Clark. And Battista do duets and all accounts. And she loved it. Dick current us. We'll have some more his stuff. Coming up in the weeks to come. Sixteen minutes after seven and our act this from 1973. Into 74. Jim Croce. And I have to say I love you Anna song David. And I lives right now. K day. Me. We need to go to. We. It's. It's. Yeah. Screen. Yeah. Saved. Staying. I. And. From the pioneer probate studios that Jay BU Lutz. Are you paying for your pro day. Call 18061581. Of 44. And check out and see how these guys can Campillo. Jim Croce. I have to say I love humanism. We've got nineteen degrees at a loop downtown and it is nineteen after certain. Stand by. It shows now. 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Paid actors illustrating actual claims prior results do not guarantee similar to each case is unique. My car hit me I can't Selena environments they get six million dollars 24 times the insurance offered I'm Steve Burns is your X indicates we're more than insurance company says clueless you might be surprised. After a motorcycle accident suite on Barnes got me one point five million dollars. Twelve times more insurance offered I'm Russell you know what's your case really worth. Call us now find out. After I was in the insurance I'm gonna had to thousand dollars and Selena Barnes got 800000. After the car accident insurance 150000. Helene environments gotten seven Clinton. To oust these. Is your day's worth more than the insurance companies honest columns you might be surprised. It's gotten over 600009. Parents know what sheriff's office. Okay. You know Ernie everybody's. Tank to get that then here we though well that's my. And remember there no matter what you do to game. You'll still need a chalet and mouth once again tomorrow. Yeah. Listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. And you've got it right now happy Thanksgiving. To one and all from upstate Chevrolet of Attica. Tim lynch is a Geico. And size is alma pharmacy. Now the weather forecast that 24 after seven. And Ed do you say this clouds and sun today not as cold as yesterday. I temperatures around 36 slow tonight money seven. Mostly cloudy tomorrow high 43 low with 33. And Monday low clouds. High temperatures around 244. Currently the lake front has fifteen degrees. To Buffalo Niagara International Airport eighteen. And a little downtown we've got X nineteen degrees. At the originals. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You you may have favored pass and on and tell a friend when he went so I'd really appreciate that. This is AM fifteenth wanted WJB. Government. True. Oh wow. Cool and crew ran. And it all my friends. I showed up and down and resume your black and taxes mean. The last one and no. And ask one issue though was the last one you thought you see there and and that game NN. And I've. That is a sham bang. Mapped. Unions in love lien made me. In other clear means. So right. Now. That is. School. Don thank you sales. And I guess I was. That is no mean and there. Have been there. Even veins found god. He's saved. And then I'll show man say oh dude dude go alone. Thousand. Now where end day. No news times then there. It's a you have. Yeah. Do you know. It's. Thank you. 52 I. Okay. Indians fan I think its. Winners. This needs campaign. Mean yeah. Linux. And so. Day. It's. Okay. Major market radio and a large markets out. Our professional division and service. Dick Clark's. Definitely broadcast. We heard in that triple play from the four seasons. Garth Brooks and congratulations. To him entertainer of the year. From the CN day and I'm glad they have. Had enough sense to recognize a real countries. And not one of those one beat sound alike you know coming. But good artist doing it again. That's a beautiful thing. Right there Jackie did Shannon. And with a little love in your heart. What a format that's in front of 8 o'clock doctor pat carmody coming up at 745. Saying it needed used cars that right. Well go to DNS host sale I transit and Genesee. It's the interest free corner next to Salvador's. That's DNS. And they have a great selection of cars. As UVs trucks. Plus add DNA as you finance your vehicle interest free. That's what I say I don't have a speech impediment chair. Interest free. Part credit nobody cares. Either approved at. Died vehicle you don't need interest free. And DNS. Post sale. The interest free corner. Transit and Genesee. And their phone number is 68111100. That's 71668111100. Ford DNS wholesale and they will be open this morning. For you. 9 o'clock. I do believe a year. Was 1968. And Cherokee cowboys rape crisis. Had this as say hits self. But yeah. I. Okay. We're. Really a. And we. Nurse. Yeah. The EU goal. Nice. Noon. Okay. Do you call. Okay. It. And a little. World. Prize. I've been there before. Wanna menace before 8. This Saturday morning a good one to you veterans day. Happens to be November. The eleventh 2017. You know on this radio show we don't follow standards. We create them. Like Andy Clark who it's sports at 8:15 this morning. Right here and AM fifteenth one AW KBW. Read blades teammates. Today so. There's a greatest. And they've venue are butcher for decades. Worth beats cut to order nothing you sprees slightest. Lower prices and supermarkets. And their convenient location. 1585. Walden avenue in chic too wide. Their phone number 8925355. And don't forget that they send their wonderful. Polish American food products all over the country for you tell your friends and family all right. And Nikko to. Buffalo foods dot com. And and you call a mop that your ball appear from I detail whatever 180867. 40s60. Read latest teammates. Right now. Presents to the Saturday morning polka. Right here they've. Okay. Rolling okay. I. He rode okay. All of those things are smaller. We're in Atlanta and all. The way. Good. I'll win. Okay. Love him and me in my room and we'll run him out brawl. I ran into I mean I'm kind of out. You're. The okay. Though there isn't true. Spend them. So I the anyway. I'm here alone in a moment. We'll run him off wrong and I ran an inland to Indiana and out throughout. I'm in the wrong okay. You know. They're great Frankie Elaine. And you know and so. It is 745. Act and time for over the back fence was doctor pat carmody. Sponsored by size Zell more pharmacy. 18317. Bowen road and Al month 65 to 39. Wanna. The place where doctor. Doctor carmody what are you pick up there. Usually gets conscription. But they do has something that is very interesting that it had mentioned as one of the Soviet or. They have clinic. And you can get for a boxes a Kleenex for five dollars that is a big bargain. About you use a lot of Kleenex. Now but the plot impact the matters if you go to in the big stars back claim to get these. Yet these who created by accident don't have as many seats. A lot more well I I heard. Do you like to take up to girls that there aren't any lapped the theft. That is true yeah getting through. What he'd love to realize I've noticed he's not. She got a full time position at Children's Hospital in yeah yes you. What do you what do you think about that. To Children's Hospital deal it intact memories yeah its assent as sad thing for you. Well it's an interesting thing for me out of pocket my life I lifetime both worked as children we both started about the same time way back. In 1970. Once I hear you words there was thirty years. I was part of a brick. But yeah believes. Yeah I came and we both came in from the university of Michigan's school about it. Am now he's got positions at the idea is that the universities have professors and and Children's Hospital as they lavatory director and I apparently director hello cemetery. And I like that the medical technologist the department of fire policy. So who we have a lot of undeveloped we really there is a just completed. The main new building. Brian ministries. And they had. The city's administration guys. How come in and out put that together. And we'll blow up into the new building. Live. But at what this satirical. Well you know and in the brand new buildings are already delivering babies and doing operations. Well that's actually true I mean that's the one when we moved him to have it when I was there we've moved into the new building. It was not a big deal we had to manufacture these bad and ugly here are given wrenches and vols some not some. Yeah Abbott that that new building was like year. All of that closed beckons Nazi activity two pillows around seventy's I missed it 78. So what when they moved out yesterday. That building was what 4042. Years old. And I think it's fairly new I mean yeah they've made it. But they had to get out of that I'm Bryant streets address because. Two with a large campus but who has really made up the whole bunch of all the old buildings yeah. And if you can you know it was not handy for the patients because they have it locked up. Up and down the streets over one apartment to another. Whoever is being there at night putting those beds together and Wheeling them up into the new Florida. Well I bet she's got some exercise do and that. It would now we hit had a lot of fun consistently a lot of but it was diddley is something we had to do we had to do it you know had tightened that this stuff like that we we were concerned today. Where you hidden little solace when you are doing. That's a fact that I hope the we did it and that people to have a lot of other together it was my knees. But it has little. I'm really happy for them because it's. It's connected to about general. And that's a big big step forward to in the old days we have in mothers and children as well. It was always maternity hospital and without waited a children's they had the company's two with a dangerous thing was. And at other delivered if she had problems. We didn't really have a Department of Emergency Medicine for adult. Oh they were transported by ambulance over to the general results of our hospital. That was that was an opposing it danger. So we didn't want it continued and so now we have real. Mothers' and Children's Hospital field side children's counselor. So they don't take him walks through. The building and be in two buffalo general. Absolutely and more importantly we both general factors there. Who's right there at the neo Natal Centre right there at the birthing center is right there at the you know its emergency rooms sometimes. Twelve year old. Comes down with a situation where you need an adult position you know. Pediatrician about it anyway wouldn't it it's a wonderful thing. And app happy it's happening at this going to be interest and see what they do repeal bill it. A year out that'll be interest but you've always swarmed by both general. But Terrell is a fabulous place and I had all like cardiology who worked on there and I hit it it is really good I was associated with mercy castle law yeah you. And I like hospital then. I can out of college. Then in 1961. Minutes Sunday and right there that Roswell park is dead Monday morning. You're the first person I've ever heard say that you like hospitals is there's something wrong with you. Well you know you don't wanna be at a hospital you wanna work and. Well I would well who is a bit intensive care. Patient and I had no idea who my true they'll collapse them unexpectedly. So that it's six hours slipped. Oh I I I if I experienced that site to the emergency room and intensive care unit thing that. Six hours to live. That's solid they. I had zero oxygen saturation. I was a goner. I get my cardiologist said. He that you did two things. Correctly that day Patrick pieces of personal. You made a phone call to an MD and second thing is that he did important you call the right him beat me. The final hole all right. Listen I know you wanna talk about to TSA this morning. Yeah it's a good thing because we talked about in the past the TSA. Is the real pain in the back to a lot of travelers. In my career I did a lot of traveling. In the beginning you know way back in the sixties. And in the year early seventies. There wasn't anything like it yesterday. You went to an airport you did you have booked out of you kind of player knows that. Well they started I tell you when they started that was. January 1 1973. Becomes I was working at the Albany airport. And that that's when they had the burns security. OK okay yeah but the big deal occurred ray have canal haven't. That they decided that they were gonna go full force. And to this special special administration. And of bush saying the bill into law and they did it was presented to him. Aren't you saying dead wouldn't it have been better. I do. Better if they let. Private companies do it. Now they're thinking that they're thinking that it's an archaic situation yeah. Very Eric Eric and it's gotten to be that's huge thing. And that it's it's ridiculous I mean the people are locked around her facts are bare feet. Their belts and hand around her shoulders. Means it has its silly either there's Ecstasy if people are screaming at the up. That customers pitcher left tapped out in your case is handled the bubble up but I'll look at itself you know. Well you know there's an expression about TSA who understands. What I noticed stands for now. Thousands standing around. I'm not how I like that. I'd definitely like that because the real name orders at Transportation Security Administration. And I'll state. And there they do a good job however. I don't know about well here's where I'm leading up to what I don't forget I use the word in the series. There gap is to protect. The people board planes implied point you point beat. That they do that (%expletive) That's the next question. So what they did a few years ago is they planted are kind of knives and guns and everything in some cases years at bay let's. And tested to see the efficiency of this wonderful group. Well guess what. Was dead 95%. Of this stuff is true or some. Andy I present got through. But that's up. Now they did and recently they did the same tests all in all there are running around slapping each other on the back because it really improved. Its 80%. Football possible. Lowering. I mean quite seriously this is if others 55000. Of these TSA guys. And they make a lot of money and it cost me cut it cost the government tons of money there's 450 airports. At least serve yes OK and then you know basic individual ones you don't have to be and anxious and you have to have a college I've had said he looked at a high school education. But deck of the wave depending on your experience and yet that that might be are you patrol voyagers great solar output output this year expecting them. And oh. Paul hall monitor. It except. Truth yeah. But that that they do you know if you do any traveling when you see these guys they're dispersing list authority. Yes they are did you know I've also had some pretty nice experiences. Like I remember a few years ago in. Greenville, North Carolina. That they were just you know very very nice. Like they're trying to be your body and you know. Al-Qaeda link somebody that way yeah and but others you can just tell this is a big deal president Ali as it does. They have this authority. I would have aligned I think he'll play event to Butler reported better than some of the airport that I remember. I've been lying and it's a very long line and we're all business people on suits like today. Revealed a few awards to airplanes. Yeah you gotta you dressed like a slob today and that's all estimated as. An excellent guy and he brings that he brings this garlic peace can only Tony's got a short. And he's using test that stronger report says it's respect within the next four hours. And yelled AG awards fruit diet you look good it felt good men lying. Who is about to businesspeople. And all of a sudden this TSA guy he's blocking around looking at people on the line. Jack Denny locked up to the guy is probably. The most for him to put his hands up. The guy obviously was used to that their father have been forcefully put it hands out obediently. And this guy sprays his hands in the took a swipe and then locked away. Thought. I poked a guy in his own as a what the heck with all albums. Although lookup for gunpowder. Beaufort pizzas yeah. Randomly so they think they have a methodology toward detecting it as you've been. In the vicinity of gunpowder was an electronic arts. What can you imagine this day a allowed those TSA people to have a badge and a gun. Alike idea forget it they're not allowed to arrest anybody they're not allowed to use force of any type. There has been itself let's take you think he stated how are les. Here and he's X ray machines you know that. Death. But they still it and I did reporters there's a few years ago they had a unity these TSA agents were in collusion with each other. And there was this one woman that they arrested because as he would do is he would see his. May have come to be take care to be looked at and it's you look at him and it should look at her and her friend. And who is head homosexual tendencies. And then this guy would be automatically. Sent over to had to be headed out of the I think they cut that they cut that to a lament the rest of the that there. And now that that happened Andy Clarke. Media he got patted down. Anyway the pharmacy that goes the extra step in service. And uniqueness. Was viewing your doctor to get it right the first time. Friendly courteous and classy extends throughout the store. Unique gift ideas in just about everything you'd expect and more. Tired of the big give box stores had disguised themselves as pharmacies well. Switch to your local neighborhood place and I'm talking about size element pharmacy. 18317. Bowen road. In alma. And did. John Doyle put up. Holiday decorations yet there. I don't know I have been in a couple days he's either very very are working. All he is for sure look you've got one minute. Well. A Thai couple instances that made the news recently. Want these TSA has declared. Where examining people coming into the line and there is this couple coming through as a wheelchair with a person in the wheelchair. We'll examine again we'll tell you that I cult. But trying to reduce debt. It's. Had a chance for a free of charge. So down to the Dominican Republic. Oh yeah line. News as polls. Even as the daughter up and one of the guys feeling well freezing cold as analysts and it. I haven't of these I think your friend is dead long he had been dead probably for. Several days. And that is one instance of what they go through one person. Run Medicare. One of those ice carriers. When they open up it was alive Angela and as though she's. They they have today they have actually some of these inspectors. They have a big tired or any kind of liquid that you can't bring anything bigger than those little Haiti Tuesday to. But they also have a great week tired where they put brass knuckles and grenade. Is. Ammunitions. Hand grenades large we'll leave on that note and I know we'll we'll talk catch at 830. Look at corporate who later. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AM WW KB. Because they don't lack of good food leave people alone TV's. He assumes that go on the radio. Alive local and even sometimes lovable. The only guy and a whole world back in the light up a room just by leaving. And he's darkened at your right now. What mattered after 8 o'clock. And then check it out the weather sport and we you know clouds and sun today not as cold. High temperatures around 36. Low tonight one. 43. And Monday 44 or some low clouds Tuesday at 4651. On Wednesday. Right now the lake front has seventeen degrees. As the Buffalo Niagara International Airport nineteenth. And a little downtown wanna degrees. At the original and still the best. From seven denied it was Saturday morning. This is a radio show that buffalo wakes up to. On Saturday mourners. Located at 2 AM fifteen to one AW OJD. At W from the. From going broke a bone. We can't we can't be good. So we'll just yeah. News. And it doesn't again. That and not that. Only. Man son. And our team in the hands. Massive downs of on hand and then in. Danger. Then. Major market radio or in a large market town. Our professional division and service. Of Digg likes to infinity broadcasting. Eight minutes after the Clark. Veterans day 2017. And I think our view veterans. For your great service. And I really mean that. Also. Our police officers and troopers. And deputies and share knowledge can. You too. Our respect and appreciate. Us. Active. Martina McBride. Which song right there. I loved that kid a tentative. Independence Day you know she when she is on the road. She takes her whole family. In isolation would be I mean her husband and kids know what kind of step that's a beautiful thing and I'd right now. We're gonna go back to 1972. And as most of you folks know you're great. Jim Reeves. Flying his own playing got killed in 1964. But it kept releasing his singles. All the time. And he probably had more hits songs when he wrote when after he passed away but this was eight years after he was killed. And this is our writings on the walls. There. He's. And. It's mind me need. C team. You. Just. Lose you. That's cute. They're. Than he. And ending. And the good news. First this news. This song. Okay. Won't mind. So one. It's real. So it's. That I moons. A move your way game. Hey it is me you know looking. There are. So we can means. Just. I. And some. This. Move. Then school. That I alone. Slam and then. And you. We. It is a little a little. It's huge news. The first. This radio show we don't follow standards. We create him. Yes we do. Right here it caved in. Light. The Saturday morning football report first on the weekend. Right here at 8:30 every Saturday morning. Jim Reeves or writings on the wall and and if you wanna. Pick me out a Neil diamond's. I nearly diamond song. From. Our library right here. And that's what he's doing right now listen laugh and learn the best radio. On the radio. And has which Uga. And that's what you're listening to. I'm Kate gave baby. Every Saturday morning the national it is from seven to nine. We've got our temperature that it money degrees. Looking for a high today of 36. And it's gonna improve as we get into the week into the fifties and maybe just sixties. Come Thursday. We'll have to see about that Neil Diamond as promised here Rio. And yeah. Movie. Dream mom at all or do you know. And one. It's. Friends. It's time for the A sports report. Where is Andy Clarke sponsored as always buys a comfort funeral home. 6469. Only and roared to that's route sixteen. In South Wales. Funerals cream nation's pre planning. It's funeral director Ali showed traders. CY more fairways. Are choosing locally owned comfort funeral home. In South Wales. No with the all the sports here's Andy Clarke. The exact GA and starting with high school all action a lesson glass remained undefeated advancing to the semifinals next week by beating Wilson for 22. Roby Clyde to be at 61 when he moved to ten in one on the season and advance the last the semifinals. And it broke out just two wins away from capturing its bursting titles in 2008. And in the monsignor Martin playoffs Joseph picked up the win on the road against the rate to eighteen at thirteen to advance the league championship game where they'll be either Regis or Carnell Europe. A Major League Baseball news although the world's here is wrapped up in the season's done. Options that he's Roy Halladay former Phillies and blue jays pitcher odd guy out at the age of forty from plane crash. And actually I you know I almost forgot that happened earlier in regard to your mind India that's on talk about. Gymboree yet absolutely arson spark Manuel OC divine intervention as the sad news that their measly days terrible terrible the guy was so talented Alia Ali I he had a perfect game his career on the second. You know hitter in playoff history is progress IE Wednesday and a lot of lot of great memories for him and very sound. How many how many how many years received Major League eighteen years I think sixteen yes I think I think like twelve with the blue jays and for the Phillies well laurels here young guy and that in. Such attraction at various that switching to NFL Thursday night action Seahawks beat the cardinals when he do sixteen rustle of the Seahawks 22 of 32 for 238 yards and two touchdowns. And the Seahawks defense shutting down the cardinal running game allowing just 34 yards on the ground. And it's not yet checked that out Ager Peterson 29 yards on 21 theories. And that guy is a great runner. Yeah daddy get along Rodham nine yards so really it was twenty yards on twenty carries and sleeper for Peters and he's been an amazing and the cardinals but he adds yeah as the -- what happens when they focus. It's an individual like that he had and now although the sea dogs get the upper big loss in the win received Richard Sherman loss for the race for the remainder of the season. With a ruptured Achilles tendon so that the winner at the Seahawks by. Punishing game Thursday night some other news though happening in the NFL. Ezekiel Elliott suspension back and after court ignited rumors emotion you'll begin to serve his six game suspension this week yes and not have a chance to have it overturned again we have court here on December 1 that a that appeal. Is unsuccessful Hollywood not return until December or I don't understand that these appeals in that guy is. He's as schmuck from day one. I think he knew he is an answer six games that matter winning let the whole idea that try and Uga already did with dutifully gaping extended. To where he wanted to or on next season like the answer some games this year. Other public early news cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatened its NFL commissioner Roger Goodell contract extended without a vote and all of the owners of I guess you're just saying that had ample ownership that is contract extended although ownership level vote you can take that forty million dollar contract weight room Roger could. Will slide Scott housing how would he ever live. All right I write here tonight for. Eisner very sarcastically yesterday and former Buffalo Bills right back and at all there were OJ Simpson back in the news for not reasons. Simpson who's recently paroled after serving just over nine years and about a prison for conviction. In an armed robbery kidnapping case was banned its weak in the cosmopolitan hotel Las Vegas after allegedly becoming and rule the after the incident that we contacted parole officer past drug and alcohol test of this the situation likely won't be distancing on back to prison on parole violation but not a good start. To life has brought his free Amber's here donated monument that casino. As broil collateralized and Riddick. Yeah I mean he claims he was under the influence he pats no friends even said that he wasn't. Yet so I mean I'll always it don't in a bar. I don't know I mean I think you know you're rural you should stay away from you know sin city vegan and auto vacationer. On the reports going out of the giants can't several players anonymous he said that head coach Ben actually was lost locker room. Agnew called the report fake news because the anonymous sources and said he had an open door policy if any players have an issue they should come and speak with them. Although there is speculation that one in seven giants it was badly this week the 49ers after him there's a lot last week. The 117 at the rams. Mega you may be buyers of Albion moot point laughed want to see what happens there. Switching to college football action on TUB bulls beat Bowling Green 3820 snapping a four game losing streak and prudent for six on the season. The bulls' next game is this coming Thursday on the road against Ball State at 7 PM. Our top eight by tells all big upset last guys on Stanford beat number nine Washington 3222. As a big into the top 25 today number twelve Michigan State on the fortieth number thirteen Ohio State. And tonight two big game is number three Notre Dame on the road against number seven Miami and number five Oklahoma hosts number six heat CU. A lot of other top 25 matchup there's some actors and top 25 sugar major shake up. And it is very Irving at the game early last night the Celtics after taking in Burton elbowed in the face routine meat eating monitor for cautioned. And finally to the NHL sabres lost last night at home for one of the Panthers the sabres continuing to struggle now 592 on the season. And its neighbors are on the road today against the earth tonight against the Canadian game 7 PM to be heard here on our sister station WGR 550. And that it's sports. Ends and. I guess you didn't just phone it. Sure. He hits and a you talked in. It's. Have done. The hits and. Oh. Stars. Powered by upstage Chevrolet five new roads and Chevy a Vatican. They're trying to clear out their 2007. Jeans shall bottom line Tony for seven us champion senator. That count. Money five minutes after seven. They should I say this may be 8 o'clock eight Tony five. That was England Dan and John Ford Coley on KB. Stand by. She is now. 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Okay. Jerry lay on KB it is 838. And time for the Buffalo Bills report first on the weekend. Sponsored. Upstate Chevrolet. Find new roads to upstage champion Vatican. Job. By your local Geico agent in Amherst Tim lynch his phone number 83230. To 53. By your butcher's Redlands teammates fifteen any time Walden avenue and Cheektowaga. By DNS wholesale Genesee had transit and Lancaster. Where it's quality pre owned automobiles. Interest free. By precision re manufactured engines new and use 3160. Union road Cheektowaga. With a warranty. That matches their quality. And by that comfort funeral home in South Wales CY more people are accusing the comfort. Funeral home. Well the Buffalo Bills. And. The worst game this year. Or is a week ago last Thursday night percent to nine days ago. And who's coming in but the hottest team in the NFL the New Orleans Saints. And Drew Brees. So what do you think about that doctor Kermit. I think it McDermott is gonna really have to bring the troops below have. That there is they defeat to today. How he's gonna have to make them forget about that while well excellent. Has demonstrations. And all the facts and all the things that went bad. Value nadu it is it is beyond me that he NRA this. Game that Thursday. That was terrible as you know I don't wanna he'd beaten down like we did last week but. And that was it jets I mean one to date three and 5% of you know I mean the only thing that could've been worse would be if the giants did that tool I think you know there. While one point seven and the acts of their struggle and the so Andrew what do you think. All you know I think if it was the the best time of the season how to let down game like that being a Thursday night they have a long break going metal have been better really the going it will by what had two weeks to prepare. Already have the nine is off gives them a chance to Connie no forget about it move forward. If you talk about Sean McDermott. Saint quarterback Drew Brees actually complemented. Sean McDermott he got a copy here of him talking I've got a ton of respect for Sean McDermott I think he's done it a tremendous job and carry Carolina. They Stuart tremendous job in buffalo. But I I do you think the bills bounced back and I think going to be much sharper. Thursday night that there Sunday than they were last Thursday. Yeah and what other cachaca. Let's see here what amigo league another larger breeze talking about his team's office with a lot of work you do to combat well coached bills' defense and we. The play with a ton of confidence right now and there's such there's such a well coached defense that. This is created all kinds of plays great all kinds of turnovers. They were not made some acquisitions in the offseason Micah Hyde and draft picks him and to add to already are really salty defense so yeah we've we've got to work that I forced. I was always well let me say it is the first like six games better. IE had a belief that we had a great defense until last Thursday night so drew is being. Very respectful and he's being night's yes yeah yeah. Have tell you the way he picked apart they play last week I forgot you. The saints. You know it's a skating the trigger require I know this he picked them apart big time. And yeah he was he was hot. The typical. Drew Brees and we know. But they've got six in a row in their. In bag. And we're coming off to a bad performance but that's enough of that doctor carmody what do you know about any players that are. Well the thing about Drew Brees is that he doesn't have a great record when it's cold it is known that. Well yet but the guy plated Ohio State's so he you know. Since he joined in Orleans and two and 2006. He has a six and seven record in games. The temperature is 4010 degrees or lower. Let's what happens when you play in a gymnasium. After you know I I am not a fan of these. Stadiums were the rules at all what Paul was it not and if football was meant to be played. I grass real grass and mud. And in the rain and snow is not in a gymnasium. I remember Jim Kelly could we go also wind chill log bank is funny yeah there he is with no gloves that. Not being thrown beautiful ball down there rich stadium. I was there it affected by hand out of my pocket my glove that frozen at. Yeah the idea no one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played. Him pardon me was the ice ball. Boy hotel chemistry. The a Buccaneers. Known case instincts to get the Buccaneers pretty easily view once again there's extreme when in a row. And you know a lot of people as as we've been talking about the saints offense. You know it's going to be up to the bills' defense the to play the way they can. Especially know the red zone defense going to be big the other states were a lot of points bubbles red zone defense ranked tenth in the NFL on second in yards per play allowed with just two point one yards. And Drew Brees also a lot this season has trouble under pressure fifth highest passer rating differential. Always not treasuries that back there 114 point seven. I always under pressure to 64 point six more than a fifty point drop so I think the key further the bills here's could be a lot of defense of the got to force turnovers as they do that. They tend to you know hold DOT dolphins off the field and we games. Royale with not today as chapped money for seven. Add to www. Chevy of advocate outcome. Today the need. And Chevy have attic L wants. Your trade. And now's the time to buy an upstate chair relayed they have a song of a 2007. Teams left over. I mean just name a few welcome here at 2017. In Dallas got all the toys. 7000. Dollars off. It's at 21749. 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And bland taking a short trip to 36 main streets in Attica that's upstate Chevrolet. Hey Tim lynch here from Michael local office haven't gotten Geico quote yet can't save money that way call me at 8323253. Or just stop in crossing the boulevard small town of one. A little excerpt for you folks go to the doctor. And check out my new website with a bio pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday mornings. And why you're there click onto Geico and Tim lynch. And get a free quote on your auto and homeowners. That stood doctor. At the same time and save some money on insurance with Jim Lynch and Geico. Right don't kids. The best friend a microphone ever had. Doctor. On KB AM 1520 WW KB buffalo all right listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio and you've got it right now. Andy you've got a couple more concert. I AM ET what we got here 12 crack at okay let's see. We got bills coach Sean McDermott. Things they played well in recent weeks but there are not quite where they wanna be yet. Say we're where we need to be. And we're not where we need to be we've had moments just like the opposite lines and moments. So that's what we're looking forward to two continued to establish a standard room. And then on the you're also talking I think mellow kind of a lot of us were thinking at relax last week skiing even though the bills are in second place above 500 there's still a lot of room for improvement. I think we all need to play better on it coach better and that's the part of growing as a football team. Building as a football team and it into what we're trying to become as a football. Well you know watch I agree with him. And doctor Kermit he was your prediction toward tomorrow. Well they're gonna have back in the line up. For the first game is of these with his bills six foot 52 are reported pounded Benjamin yeah. Now he's designed to attract a lot of attention. And the hope is that we're gonna have the tight end Beck is well. My degree so we get those two birds plants. This could be very different because of the weather is going to be aside in a chorus the fans. So I think we're gonna win this game and I did and. Concern has now what you said last week. I know I know. I know what they've we feel deputy here that a couple of these players are coming back. Now we'll meet two Britons think about this. The fact that if we still had Sammy Watkins aria and their Chris there. Chris organ and oh my god. What order a receiving crew. Well into the political philosophy and that I hated that the Buffalo Bills than words to put look he did it just done. Nothing. I think that they have to get rid of that president of both teams and certain scratch. Let him keep his job. You know what's ahead. Zippy carry it out and do it of Sino. The sabres are tanking. And as so what's the score. 28 to 24 well. Like that Andy. You know as if his last week I've right would've gone saints but I do you feel better about the bills for a lot of reasons that are to Karmi was saying they're getting players back the other cold weather. I think 3427. Bills. I'm saying buffalo to money for urges 78. Our. So. Let's go bills and I thank you guys we'll talk mansion next week. Forward. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway it's. Mean they're. So. I. The sand. And you. Game. The gentle giant who tells it like it is doctor. And from seven tonight they L 151 A WW KB. There has. You are. Me. Hello. Team. Powered by upstate Chevrolet five new road. To ship via Vatican issued online. Too funny for seventh at Chevy of etiquette. To not count. That fellow's name. Would Newton from the seventies. Country music. Lock stock and Barrow. Clever song. Be forewarned we heard from. Jennifer wars and the right time of tonight for you know a lot. Twelve months before 9 lacked this Saturday morning happy veterans day. To all you wonderful veterans out there. You know we appreciate you and thanks for your service. Coming up. And December tonight's. We issues will be Saturday morning. And will be here seven and I and of course good lord willing. But also won a studio between 89. Will be and you see Iran TV all the time Gina Browning. Chief communications officer for the SP CA. Serving Erie county. Located at 300 Harlem road west Seneca a brand new building. And Gina will be on here talking about. A new building. And what goes on there and all kinds of stuff. And we'll have. Doctor Feldman. She'll be calling in. Of course director of the veterinary medicine. And she's one of the sponsors. Jeanne has appearance. Along was its Sandy's car wash. Upstate Chevrolet. And Geico by Tim lynch. Dolls and I am running. Yep. I didn't hit it yeah. Trouble trouble can yeah. He. Shot at your opinion and no pull speaking yeah. Why your hair hung there. Market. Now if you if they're weaned telling me any. Excuse me. Or me. Everything. Couric it's really cardinals for a hot and your name Bernie PP. And if you need don't want any. Fifteen and it clay on the green in my team he. Lenient. To take care of me. It. Thank you my name. Showing vast. This and it shows now. Or during the Bible as we love to do you're depending twenty mind WW can be your call at seven sixes and he's really changed me. And blue. Moon. Make your home might have with joy this holiday season with great decoration. Savings from us if you love inflatable you're in luck because you can get an inflatable like these. Christmas newbies now for only 99 dollars that's 100 dollar savings. And customize your life showed indoors or out with the G-7 borders really LEG spiral design road trip now for just 39 dollars. Projects have a starting point start with low. Opera's got a Lebanese militant fifty miles west last resort for details. Thin. 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Picture seems a lot of money by switching to Geico scored some big savings and now I can use similar point 47 for all sorts of stuff really just makes cents an hour. Doesn't make sense if we called bicycles bikes and try schools courtroom. Shouldn't call motorcycles courtroom thanks. Maybe a bunch of guys namely teamed up and this stuff too. Guys don't motorcycle savings that makes cents. I've noticed the very first time it was offside and running barefoot and news. Next don't know was pressed against. And embarrassed smile and shoulder blade square to teeth use them. And I hear us mom. She didn't come out side the pain. Okay. Way. And guys. Okay. Okay. Like okay you go and and love dues since. Many news. Simon. And denial. When she let me talk. Yeah it's the love the love to do. And I do not give. Back into the. I. And I love deuces. Yeah. AM fifteen to one AW KVW. From the late sixties. Whalen genetic. Days of sand shields. Happy veterans day. To all you veterans. God bless you we appreciate you so much. It has been fun. And vote catcher next Saturday morning. Good lord willing you know what I mean remember. Adversity builds character. You know with a character who are. I'm on the way home mom we're gonna finish out. With Lee Greenwood. And an appropriate song on this Saturday morning. Here to. Drove all the things at. You Wear and and just. We've just my children. That he's done. Okay. Am still stands but redone. Okay. From the the man. And they yeah. From the yard and I. Yeah. Oh really now. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on 15:20 AM WW KB.