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Saturday, October 14th

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These these Buffalo's old first ESPN Radio One fifteen. 20 AM WW KB. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and point of view a lot of society in the way it really is I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney Bryant could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. I don't love making Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson left a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a big. The doctor. It is now. Because it seemed like dude dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Just who is Beckett did. Invitations. You found the original. Okay right now heads it is a minute after 7 o'clock. A great big good morning as Saturday morning happens to be October 14. 2070. You know growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional. And laughing at yourself is there appear to. The number one weekend radio variety show her I'd share in buffalo. And you've got it right now that it. Here's the weather forecast and it kind of looks like there's. War with clouds and sun today. High temperatures around 71. I tell you it's beautiful La right now overnight low tonight 64. Tomorrow a couple of showers. High near 75 overnight low 46. And Monday cooler weather passing shower. By about 53. Currently though lake front as 53 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara. International Airport fifty times. And all of downtown 55 degrees. At the originals and still the best from seven to nine. And this is a radio show on Saturday morning zen buffalo wakes up here. You've got it this is AM 51 AWK. We don't you play the oh. OK. And I. Okay. Yeah let me out. Okay. You saw him. It's. It is and I a lot of places and done a lot of things. It's. Not a solo aluminum. Miles away. My rent and was really blew us off. Was gone and I knew my Honolulu. So. Okay. Hand wind yeah. Okay. Hello I love. Okay. It's. It's. A little. Miss to slam of the night Ramona it's. Time for. I mean unless he comes back into the ground. But we'll. Move mountains you want me and I. Previous news around the news lovable. So. Okay. And I went. Man oh man known goal on me in my okay. It is. Can. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's still just. I do all. Do you. Our season. Tuesday morning and seeing you. I. When is it all season. Thursday's. Close. I had gone there this new. Lost. That keeps me cool what times you'd. Car turns. It's. I mean. Okay. A ball. The bad news. I. I call the news media. It's been. I'm this. It's okay this movie. We will. Professional division. And service of infinity broadcasting. Our good friend right there. Janet Duncan who passed away in 06 is in effect. Had a bunch of hit songs. Starting in the late sixties right trees seventies. And that one right there sweet country woman 1973. How about a seven minutes after 2:7 o'clock. And every year 55 degrees and music right now from Brooks and Dunn. And this is all about a me and move it. And. Okay. And it came. Win. Okay. To me. Oh. He. Me. We'll run more. TV news. News. Then. Okay. I. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. You know where. Saved. Ninja turtles. Never. Man. I. I mean. Yeah. I. Play games this game and now. Waves. All my. And even. Okay. He's. Home game. And here. It laying there. Okay. It's. Okay. Okay. This I mean. It's. NN. First NB. Mean. It's. Did. No it. The yeah. I used to okay. Okay. It's. All. Maybe now. It's okay. Okay. Wow that's really Joan. Billy Joseph spears from what I've gotten mine before heard we heard from gene Watson. And sometimes I get lucky and just Burkett. 17 minutes after 7 o'clock. Good morning to our phone number here. It's 71680315. Wanna. If just one call open shoot debris user request songs sound like that. Left to talk to. Live local uneven sometimes lovable. You've got the radio rawhide renegade group romantic rooster. 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Coming up that quarter eight over the back fence. A doctor pat carmody sponsored by size. Alma pharmacy. And at 815. And we will have the sports. Sponsored by comfort funeral home and no Buffalo Bills report first on the weekend this morning. But I will be talking to Dave Shelley who respect from California. And 830 talker and so. A lot of great music and we're getting some phone calls as we always do. And we appreciate you guys out there. Every Saturday morning. And spending along with a us. Between in beach wicks the turntable here. If you know what I mean. All right we've got 55 degree days it is it's. It's warm outside. For this time years actually. It's beautiful. Warned today with clouds and sun we'll check out the whole forecast after a couple of things are done. Stand by. She is now. Yeah. During the bottom as we love to do you are defending 22 minds WW can be your call us and instincts and he's really. Funny. And who who. Who. 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Rates and availability may vary by state civil right quotes based on preferred non tobacco underwriting exam required to qualify. Well I'll I'm back to tourists have been travel in the old caboose back door get and so our need repair in that area there. Got a rattling in the saddle up call me adapted to a cola. The win back to tush our yard travels are behind you. Powered by upstate Chevrolet find your new roads to Chevy at Attica shop online to wanna horse heaven. As shabby a Vatican not shocked. Well inherited is a sports fan you know Luhrmann who wins the clouds and sun today. High near 71 overnight low tonight 64. Tomorrow a couple of showers late in the day high near 75. Overnight low 46. And Monday cooler with a passing shower eyes about 53. So is going to get cooler. Right now the lake front has 53 degree is at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 55. And a little downtown maybe 55 degrees. At the original and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You've got to kids pass it on and tell a friend we would certainly appreciate that. This is AM fifteen to one AWK. BW. The. Then mom. Long and it's. Name. Max. Saying. Okay. It's Penn. Are you. Dozens day. Do. And Ed. This he. The. And and food. Uncle who. And you sold me. There. Gold. Towns lived so we've. Who would Saul most. Okay. Gone. C. Yeah. Chaos fall. So yeah. Time names. It's. As soon as. Sure. All folks we'll. Tales. Max only just be easy. Oh yeah. Okay. Doctor. I'm not famous and originally am fifteenth wanted WK BW. Something. We tried to you know Gaby is something to think about on this program. Sometimes. Ronnie Millsap. And wanted to spend the night. And before that kind of fitting together is there I guess those two songs. She and I explain wanted to know. Who's dead you boots were under her ruse boot your bed was on somewhat. Wanted to go away from 8 o'clock. This Saturday morning fourteen. Of October. And it's time right now. For their red led ski mates polka. This is Saturday morning. Of course your butcher for decades. At 1585. Walden avenue in Cheektowaga. There phone number over there is a 925355. And you can visit them. Yeah she came on line at buffalo foods. Dot com. All right remember they ship. There are great buffalo food products. All over the country. Forward your family inference. That's red Lansky mates. As we've played Jimmy stir New York. This time. The okay. Okay. Jimmy stir any orchestra featuring Johnny Harris and won't. Eighteen before age. Here's John-Michael Montgomery and reduce our KB. Okay. Please. Okay. And. Yeah. Okay. You. Wow. I. Okay. That will be. Okay. AM yeah they wanted to WOK. Believe. Delbert. G John-Michael. Montgomery. Time right now for over the back fence. Doctor pat carmody. Always sponsored lies size Elmo pharmacy. 18317. Bowen road. Is an alma. Doctor Kermit hey good morning do you monitor how are you today is something you don't how high is. If I was any better I couldn't stand it. And I try to stay that way but it always doesn't work you know it was on your mind this morning. Well we had about so occurred Thursday. Our. Our president. President trump. He dropped about shop. He's I'll buy and sell zone that is frustration. That is all Republican House and the only Republican senate could do anything. To get rid of Obama care. Decided to do it on his own. So what he did. Is he said. Effective I think this Wednesday. All subsidies to insurance companies. Under obamacare. Will cease. You know I do you have any idea how much those subsidies worth there were. Well the only thing about it is they kept. Millions of people. With real health care for the very first time. Most probably in a billion drive time. I'm sure it is disappointed as part of the law of the land the affordable care. Is a law. Yeah I was in law because. Obama. And waited till all the Republicans were at a town and he went in there. I understand that and you know that I had on his program millions of times. That I hated obamacare because there are constitutionality. Of the mandate there you go out appointed as I am. I am. Thinking about the millions of people that never ad out here that did get out here. Well this is you know connected. I just want to interject this and I've said it many times before you for curtains say. I don't understand. What. What that means that millions of Americans didn't have health insurance before. When there's Medicaid. And if you walk into an emergency room. Or if you have to be admitted to a hospital. You are covered what the hell did we need obamacare for. Well I think that that is the wrong assumption I worked at a hospital the children's work. How many years they can't even recall started there in 1970 want me to turn you away of course they can. Because first of all they do a quick check on who you are. And if you are totally destitute. And can prove it. And they do have to open doors to you. If you just say I'm back on his back up insurance seminal locked in there and give me free health care. You're wrong. Well all okay now wait a minute yet understand I mean that they check here income and all that and that makes sense of course. I mean if you're destitute. And you have no income and and you just you know off to street. That's different story. Right that there isn't that the very tiny tiny percentage of the people that the health care. Okay otherwise I'll hospital could exist. Okay I'm glad we clarified that. That is only for the people that are totally destitute and editors. And our hospitals hate that because they have they have the largest forest. But the point I'm making in the plane did. I'm president countess. Making is that he's selling noise. And so frustrated at his own Republican Party running the House of Representatives and the senate. Where I'm able to get rid of obamacare which he promised during his campaign is going to be the case. Or would you say that is the Democrats. Most of all and some of his Republican. Buddies. Are doing their best to. Try to see him fail. Let's put it this way he's the president yet and nothing is getting doubt that's right. And the reason for that is because. Everything he wants to do. Is obstructing. What has been working very well for this country and I'm glad he hired about how my now fourteen people of his top. Yet but do you know why you gotta get the right ones in there. Perhaps I will let the point the other intelligence. Here's Janet Kennedy and you get the right people on their well you know it appears this Playboy that as a TV. Guy and he did decided he'd had become president doesn't have a clue. He's a most qualified the most qualified individuals that we could have put in there. In 2006. Please please get Matt back into. Some guys it's sitting on the corner. Is totally unqualified my friend who's probably. I now wait a minute doctor Carmen in all due disrespect. That your opinion. It's not only my opinions. Let me just wait till the mid term elections come. Well yeah I did I'm more but I really am I wanna see those. You're going to be very societies. All right so what's gonna happen to this whole deal amount. Well. The fifteen states including California and New York City are pursuing. The White House for this act because this acted against a federal law. The federal. That is. That Obama care. It is the law of the land they couldn't revise it it could rejected it is now the laws of the land has depth look at. Now my feeling is one. If they can get everybody to work together. New revised that to a point where it's better than when it is now. And more fair okay think of it as a mandate things of that type. But what he has done is he. Wanted it to be gone completely in that part of his legacy. It didn't work because even the Republicans. Said this is ridiculous. I get health care we can't abandon something without having an alternative form. They had no alternative forms. So. Pat that. If who's going to be the the coverage. People's the government. One hears of and here's what's gonna happen. The very first thing that's going to happen is the insurance premiums are going despite. Unbelievably. Next year. That is due to the fact that sense CA CA it Affordable Care Act. Is the law. The insurance companies have to. Have to ensure low income people. Okay and what they were getting from the government. Was subsidies to to help pay for that okay. And other Mac getting those subsidies but he's still have to give these people lol here. And low cost health care yes that the law is the balanced out. So the only thing is going to really occur logically. Is that the insurance companies have two choices. Raise your premiums okay. Internet prior to this group right they're gonna raise your premiums or they're gonna say all of that we're just back undated. Take out part of this. Well we have we can do other things there are a lot of people that want Aaron turns. And they'll pay big bucks for it meant that. So that's what's gonna happen if if if people don't come to their senses. When you know here's an idea I was in that business for a long time while I was doing broadcasting in Albany. But. Here here's an idea him. You know these big companies like prudential lowered General Electric I don't know about that. General Motors. Today I have d.s large group policies. Where. The distribution. Of the health care. Is spread out. Now why couldn't we do that. On a national basis I know that's socialism. But that we keep the premiums out. Absolutely. But. Headed back and look are readily I mean this. This is the big fight and in the meantime. This has a worse time for trump to do it you know why was because the new. The new. The but he. There's new. They knew enrollment starts November want only. Now you can be seat with letters and and it. Of all okay so this is going to start November. 8 on the ice or November line. So he could pick and needed this intentionally he couldn't have picked the worst act. Because now people fired back and have a clue as to what their premiums are going to be and it will be insurance companies. You know as I say I was in that business for a long time and I still don't understand is correct. And I you're right I I have been getting. My mailbox full of him Humana. Independent in united in. You know you'd leave me alone but I wanna tell you this if you can't afford to get sick today. And so you know I I took myself to the emergency room. And they were great for four hours on July 21. Down that Bill Polian and general chair for hours. Point 100 dollars. That was a built one in 100 dollars. If you greater PayPal you hold the phone. Now. My portion father. Praise the lord because herbs are ready insurance. Was 75 dollars right you know so what I say is if somebody walks off to straighten it up don't have any insurance. Holy mackerel. You know. I don't do it I wanna buy programs that actually happened I hired somebody at children's yes and what. He started did around corners 7 in the morning and to win the second employee. Locked into this area you comment on the floor writing campaign yeah so they Russian over to the hospital and he has acute appendicitis. So they took his appendix out everything that sank he came back to work and he got a bill. If this guy when he applied for his job at children's. Refused and and he didn't do it because he knew enough about it when they gave the option that you want hospital care. That he had to pay every month out of his paycheck. He denied on the the policy structure in which he was. Well ability enormous. So I had to call the anesthesiologist. And the surgeon. And using my medical background I have at all that this was a very very very good man and he made a terrible where I was they'd be. Would they be kind enough to lower the bill so they he get paid as Panama to basis to and they did. That's here and let it it just goes to show if I had. There is for example. I had open heart surgery. Okay emergency open heart surgery not bypass surgery I mean. Total open heart surgery and I was in the intensive care unit after this division for about a week and it. And buying insurance company pays for everything. Everything. I'll betcha that was in six figures. It would be you can be sure. You can be sure because actually I thought I the itemized bill. And I mean they're talking about being a puncture costing this much and this pill costing this much I mean it was ludicrous there's an example. What it to blow like if you have the right kind of I'll. Yes it and I know my wife who died at. Ten years ago today as a matter of fact she was a Roswell. Over a long time was or cancer. And to bill is astronomical right and it thank god for insurance aren't. We gotta talk about this pharmacy that goes the extra step. The extra mile and service and uniqueness. Whereas you and your doctor to get it right the first time. Friendly courteous and glass extends throughout the store unique gift ideas in just about everything you'd expect and more. Tired of the big superstores. That disguise themselves as pharmacies. Or switch to your local neighborhood place. Of course I'm talking about size Elmo pharmacy Swanee 317 blow the ball inroad in alma. Where you can get your flu shots from. John the head to head man over there Monday through Friday. And of course there are proud sponsor. The buffalo Red Cross you've got one minute doctor Kermit. May god continue with this debacle they're going on over Washington. This plot Suze should be effective. Because what they're saying. Is that he is doing something against the law of the land so federal law the the Affordable Care Act. And what he's trying to do is out his song hey that we're gonna take it apart we can't it's a law. Hand there's fifteen states plus new York and California. Who are in this lawsuit. So hopefully that will end the stupidity. If it doesn't end this stupidity. We're going to see unbelievable. Premium increases in your health care I health care. We're going to see other things as well. We're gonna see insurance companies that are just sick and tired of this Bologna and they will pull out itself already has pulled out. You know what I pay a month for life insurance. Homeowners insurance. Health insurance and auto insurance I pay over 800 dollars a month. You know. But you can't be without it. Well just think lol it wanted to be like if you had four kids. I don't think so look at air. No love Buffalo Bills report today so will be talking mansion next week. Looking forward to it my friend you're good man doctor Kermit it's thank you. Excuse Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB. Show us because they don't lack of good food good people on TV. Guess who's back go on the radio. Just off from the pioneer propane studios. At JB. What are you paying for your program. Call 1806158140. War. And the check those guys out because I think they can happy out you know remain. Here's the weather and warm weather clouds and sun today high temperatures around 71. Overnight low tonight 64. Tomorrow a couple of showers high near 75 and Monday. Cooler with a passing shower eyes or about fifteen history. Currently the Lakefront has 54 degrees at the buffalo. Niagara international airport 56. And a little downtown we've got 57 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to nine. This Saturday morning radio show that buffalo wakes up to you. Right here in located. And AM fifteenth when he WJC. Had W from the. Phone phone broke a bone. We can't we can't go. So we'll just yeah. I. Okay. Yeah. Okay. It's. Another plus. He does. Okay. Okay. It's. Major market radio and a large market to our own professional service. And division are the Clarkston affinity broadcasting. Diamond. Girl. Seals and croft so of course. 8 minutes after 8 o'clock. Wanna tell you right now by union auto and truck repaired. Located. At 1560. Harlem road. In Cheektowaga. Reg Jones as the owner refuses. Sons there and they they run a great show. Where you'd get a lube oil and filter plus a tire rotation. 418995. That's all day our year local AC Delco dealer. And they are open Monday through Friday 730 until five. And then Saturday it's 7:30 AM until tomorrow they're. And a phone number over there is 3220629. I know that this gal goes. He gets are all check on John. And LT he right own he yeah. 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She blog at beating Maryville 20/20 one loop or shutting out EA Holland 47 and nothing. Another shot I'll lock a lot over barker Roy Hart 46 to nothing players beating hutch tech twenty to eighteen Albion. Over indeed Natalie Webb 5122. New thing handling Wilson 4720. FWB over Dunkirk 158. Got only and beatings bring bill last night when he 68. Anchorage Eden and CE 42 to nothing rain Randolph for a burger over Tyrod it's laurel valley 42 to six. Another shot allies might Mabel grove over import bill 47 nothing. Bring the bill got bill beating CS Pete when he six Salamanca over one of pine valley thirty Q thirteen wineries meeting and he shoots 317. And Acadia over Saint Mary's 69218. There's an ice cores South Park beating lake shore fifty it's evident here equally over out in 37 36 to seven. At a fell Thursday night action Eagles beat the Panthers 20/20 three and game that was not disclose the final scores get a chance that kept our. I had did not you know all I gotta tell you I gotta be honest with you. I have lost my desire to watch. NFL football. Yeah here you're not alone and for me I had nothing bulky before watchable lied I just I didn't. I'll evading Anke be stopped from stopping watching it but I I understand a lot of people canceling their DirecTV sea urchins and you know fees and watch I'm a pen state guys we only did two radio stations down their free years it does state college and we were close with the the Nittany Lions and their football program. And that Joseph Paterno. But I root for those guys that try to watch and wonder on TV and of course our Buffalo Bills but I've been turned off big time the go ahead. Yeah well again it was as well as the final score the up at his back were negative rushing her into the fourth quarter. A person was there for 220 yards and three touchdowns or Eagles while Cam Newton struggled throwing three interceptions and only one touchdown. Other NFL news that are important Texas reinstated dal cal running back Ezekiel Elliott's six game suspension Albert the cowboys are on by this week's Elliott of the during that time to figure out the next move. They're gonna file anymore injunctions if they don't special remain in effect. It will miss the next six games which pretty much means the Eagles pride and when nasty east. But as of the we'll keep an eye on. And also a reminder there will be no about the bill's report this week and as the bills around by but despite its up all the angles last week twentieth sixteen the bills head into the by three Q and in first place in the AFC east. The bill's report first on the weekend will be back next week at 830 we'll discuss their week seven game against the Buccaneers. A Major League Baseball action and the best time of the year for baseball action playoff baseball Thursday night cubs battled back to a game five of the National League division series against the nationals 98. Today it's an Althea for the third street here gadget out 1000 easy game back and forth and then the the cubs comeback European holding us three innings statement closer now and I was real baseball yet that dialogue playoff baseball because I want to 62 in the dragged and you get to October in. It's it's always wild raced up and then the Yankees beating your Cleveland it just blows me away yet yet coming back from from down 02 it to Cleveland win three straight win that series and LB and ALCS now which will talk about your second but I love the Astros. I I do it's I'd still like can't use the Ashford being hailed team if you don't don't eat don't honestly honest to god I can't either it's been several years I I still is it feels weird here like you know. Astor was yankees ALCS well how about how about the brewers now they were in the American League in their back in a national and yeah yet and I have trouble with that. Yeah it's it's weird when they switched leagues like that but the double if the Dodgers a rematch of last year's NLCS that's series start tonight in LA Italy first pitch. And over talk about ALCS last night game one got underway Asher is beating yankees. 21 on the back a dominant pitching performance by starter Dallas pupil who went seven innings allowing no runs on four hits striking out and he was just unbelievable this unbelievable ball pitching staff were 21 close game. So like at a field price of ago at least 67 games can be a really good series game and lost their loss to shut out in the last inning mayor there. As still tutor one and so we'll see what happens the rest of the way the Astros got a one nothing lead that series game Tuesday afternoon in Houston or wait first pitch. As a football action we got to start with you Peebles what happened last week and you see that their homecoming game dark seven overtimes. Know all know I didn't see Dan are you serious 7168. Final estimates 7168. Yet the bulls lost luster Michigan beat Roma 7168 was 3131 in regulation they went seven overtimes. And Noble's what it's an answerable field goal with a touchdown and how many hours it off or a half or half hour game. He had it at I don't know how that got by me I didn't know that yeah unbelievable gambles QB Audrey Anderson set a school record for passing are at 597. Doubles what receiver Anthony Johnson had eleven catches for a 195 yards and two touchdowns. So yeah an epic game unfortunately coming up shortly homecoming weekend. The bulls are home today against northern Illinois kick off separate 330 in that game. And last night as the axis in big upsets on race accuse upsetting number two Clemson Syracuse 2724. Just the third time Syracuse has defeated defending national champion the last time it happened was 29 years ago with Syracuse beat Michigan. Back in 1998. On and on California upsetting Washington State 73 last shellac and a little bit there or even get to all today's games to major shake up come into the top 25 and college football. A just few more things here NBA news as a reminder of the regular season kicks off next week with the Boston Celtics traveling to Cleveland take on the cavaliers Tuesday at 8 PM. The rod James questionable be ready opener with an ankle injuries a lot to keep an eye on that. And also will be the return. To Cleveland of recently trading cavalier Tyree Irving's a lot of interest in story lines there to watch the NBA season starts yes and finally NHL action sabres last night or off but felt the sharks Thursday night on the wrote three keys to the sabres a little over a week into the regular season still winless at 03 in one. But this early look at that first win tonight of the season in LA against the kings late game is there on the West Coast opening face off will be 10:30 eastern time. And that. Sport. They come. Team. You must pain. Every. The best friend a microphone ever had. Doctor. KB AM 1520 WW KB buffalo. I. Listen laugh and learn the best radio or on the radio. And you've got it right now that's Clay Walker. And watch it to you. 57 degrees going up to high today of 71. Tomorrow 75. And we'll take it out you. It is. Go on for 830. And. David there is no Buffalo Bills report this morning I changed my mind about that I know I what I told you yesterday. But I wanna I wanna talk here anyway your back from California. Did you have a good time. Yeah yeah I really really good. It's hot out there but it is it's a little bit better in the fall that it gets cooler you know gets into the ninety's during the day and again I am and so now. So get on my bottom up in the mountains. And senate Korea's know it gets cool at night and then it's days it's more during the days so it's it's it's tolerable. It's a great place to visit. Listen where were you. In regard to the fires it. The fires are down itself there there out in the in the west of LA and south there in Orange County in Valencia. So there quite aways but. The senate marina area was was hit. Pretty pretty good too I mean they've had some fires that affect my daughter and I worked out for a walk on morning and we saw this this. Stuff gone and other hill not too far away. We saw the smoke going up we said that in good and within fifteen minutes there were helicopters and planes struck the water. So it can happen any time it's it's just you know that. One guys said. They ask too about the fires decent look he said I I. You gotta earthquake together hurricane to get tornadoes he says the Al republic of fire risk I get noticed Korea I think. I think I might roll the days in the other direction because he did the way that they topography is out there if you're living in any Kenyan. You're at risk and and and so drive most of the time it's. Yeah it it's unbelievable though. How they're gonna rebuild these beautiful homes and what do you what do you rebuilt. I don't know they seem like they do director I mean they're gorgeous and where they are I mean there's dip its spectacular out there really is. But but again in the cost of living is is so high I don't know how anybody can afford to live. And then you'll you'll both have that possibility that you're you're number will be up. Yeah now now. While president. So you had a good time I wanna ask you were you ever a boy scout. Yes that was I got up to first class went through the whole thing and I enjoyed it immensely and at no point did it in when consider. The girls were. Part of the mix the matter of fact it was interesting we have. We had a at camp told two YE out pollen. And interestingly enough right next door. Was a girl scout care the world. Seven I don't think of it and even seven helped whatever was. There was one and it was separated part of by offense and there were also the some of the U but you know those deleted but but that was you know at. And if I was a kid stuff back but. Yeah a hat. As well you know what the merit dad June biology. They can really. Expand upon it wizard girls the boys goes well. This is the logic behind the logic behind this that that this thing. It's all politics saw it at all does this left leaning. PCs. Why would any mother want their daughter or father for the an example her daughter. Joining the Boys Scouts and the ostensible reasoning is to learn leadership you can't teach leadership. In girls' schools what America a lot of data for years all the girls schools in this period that is freer nobody. So rude to do is to have boys go to their school. And until. And the ladies say they want our basketball team in which case. Former relative appliance. Of these the he would attitude that at. Really that's another story. That no I I just I have I have a real problem was that it's some agitators who who. This who're doing this if for whatever reason you know there look at first of headlines and for the people around this area. To have mixed reviews and they you know I think it would be. What we're coming up with this stuff is its report if it were is if you if you don't want to have gender. Differences which there are and Boy Scouts is poised scout but I just have doubts. And then there are any wanna do during the scouts say here's a week. It's introducing it now. I think you know eventually that'll happen. Are you well if it if it if that needs to beat. If that needs to be put up but we're we're drumming up these these reasons for this course. And disk. Court puts you know there's going to be problems you'd you'd just know. Oh absolutely they're going to be problems because then. One side is gonna say you know that they they're being passed over because of their gender this this whole thing and by the way. While we're on this this thing and Ornette supposed to talk about football but I cryptic. I've got it I get this year a couple of things within the that our lives and again it it is editors this whole round holes of via the social upheaval. And of course. You know. Think the current thing is that this speak ill Elliott and some of the NFL ball on the court that you had and to defend a guy who obviously did what the what they said he did because they're not denying that he is. Quietly saying all I didn't do with but nobody else's they did it did is they did a year on. Investigation they said about so anyway the NFL PA's put themselves in the position of defending. But white speeder. You know domestic abuser. So all of this stuff is beginning to to to format. The the ratings are down but two things came up. My wife. Forwarded them it to me and that they're they're pros they're very very interesting. An aide pick maker at some kind of assembly gathering this woman was wearing. A a teacher and birds you can have anything you wanna that teacher maybe you saying this but her teacher says if North Korea bombs us. Let the military taken me and let the NFL players handle. Since lol now that's. This is the type I like this is a statement saying this is starting to gain. Correction and each time they go when they do this stuff. And they and they and and they cannot articulate. What it is they use the terms injustice. And racial equality but they cannot articulate what they mean here's another one and this one is even more poignant than that one which was funny. This one. They've got a picture of a room fully caskets. With the Marines. And the caption underneath is will somebody identifies. The black soldiers in these caskets so we can remove the offending away. Oh my goodness. How is that and that's stuff this you know social media can cut both directions. Yeah and and this is the type that thing that society president so we've got this whole business. And and a highly visible. Medium. And it won't it it it it's not doing anyone any good at it oh by the way there was another weapon that was sent to pass that was fun here than that at. It was the Chicago police. And now. Replace their sirens. With recordings of the National Anthem so they right around the streets of Chicago playing the National Anthem all the all the media offenders were taken me. And there won't be any more crime. And then you know what. This this is not. Heavy lifting if if I I suggest. If you just blanket out. No racial epithet intended just don't cover this stuff guess what we'll get along fine we did. We did until Obama decided that trait Martin look like is it the and so there's that started it. He's that the racial relations back a generation any wouldn't let up and all we need to do is don't cover that stuff unless it's so heinous. He's a racist from day you want well the media ever used that well paid bill players. Was not a choir boy David yeah hit history. With what they it was the underground and with the rebels and what they went there with the revolutionary. Is well chronicled and they gave an and and the whole society they wouldn't touch him because. Because they would be called races are getting tired of being called a racist I didn't do anything. And I still haven't done anything I have nothing against anyone unless it. They have I deal with people when they deal with me and I think we were doing fine. Until these guys decided who were in the business score in the race business that it does stir it up. And then I'll do. Just more examples of society out of control look at. One more thing here I'll let you go. It you're close to her and you were resurrected today she passed away. Good deed died. He can you imagine ten years ago. I cannot believe it doesn't seem like it's been that long that time is really fine. Imus again well what I'm gonna do is to have play one of her songs right now and I'll be talked to match it day okayed act nice city later. He is known. Well. And since. It's. Mania. I. Yeah. This. May. Maybe not. We need yeah. Yeah. His son and a it's men and do. Need the. All. The match. It's. Then. And leave and in. Need know we're. Yeah. Yeah. You mean. And it's. We lose. And I. Yeah. That. Okay. I. No. To me. Do you. Please. OK okay. He'd done. Screen. And it. Hometown. Fred turned out loud yeah today today. Okay. CN. Listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio you've got it. Right now that's heart. And these strange thirteen minutes before 9 o'clock act 57 degrees whatever high today. Somewhere around at 71. Coming up we've got more great music for you. 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None. I. Okay. So you. You can do. She knew. Our active force is us. Going back to you know 6263. In there somewhere. About it and the big girls don't cry. Anyway it is five minutes till nine. Debbie we don't have time for Debbie. I know she wanted to get in here to. Do her sister. Make compliments about her sister proved we can save that to next week earlier. So Debbie is gonna have to go back down the hall waiter. And it has been fun folks honest to goodness. It always is on Saturday mornings seven denied right here cave they have yourself a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the warm weather and have a better week than you had last week. And remember. Adversity builds character. You know Warner characters you are. Among the way whole mamma we've gone right. And we stay cannot the back door for cigars. Maybe with Jack and Diane if you know what I mean there banana but also in the book there's no. I'm K base. That job. Neck and kids going. In the. Guns. Yeah. I. It. And. Okay. And they. That jet. Yeah. Jim there. This Jake came. Yeah. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB.