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Excuse Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB. The following its paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and we'll reveal a lot of society in the way it really I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Marty for like it's. Not too sharp Al Sharpton. I don't love making Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson got a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a combination. And the doctor. It is now. Because it seemed like you dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Hughes who is Beckett did. Invitations. You found the original. Yeah and good morning. 1 minute after 7 o'clock. On this October 7 2070. And as I always tell you you know growing older is mandatory. Growing up as optional. And laughing at yourself as therapeutic. The number one weekend radio variety show or I arrived here in buffalo. And you've got it right now. As we check him out here no weather forecast. And it rained all away. From. Down in the southern appeared. In two Amherst and is still spring break out there but anyway. When that all stops. Variably cloudy and warmer today I temperatures around 79. Overnight low tonight 66. Tomorrow periods of clouds and suns 72. And on Monday. Morning rain cloudy and warm high near 71. Apparently. No lake front has 63 degrees at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 65. And the look downtown we've got 66. Degrees. At the original. And still the vast from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You've got good kids they're radio show that buffalo wakes up to. I'm Saturday morning. This is AM fifteen to one AWK. Game VW. Brand new. And I. OK. A let me out yeah. It's. OK. Okay. There are a lot of places and I. It's. Not a solo homer in the way. But when you lose you know it's. Gone and I knew my movement. So. Okay. Yeah win. Yeah okay. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. It's. A little. Miss to slam of the night Ramona it's. Time for behind me and less on defense into the ground. But we'll. Move mountains through and I. They users around the news lovable. It's so. Okay. And I went. Here the man known whoa okay. It is. Can. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's still just. Am. Doctor. And originally at 1520. WKB. Don't. A program that gives you something to think about. Sometimes. Sister golden bear 1972. Anti America. It is 6 minutes after 7 o'clock. Doctor Pratt carmody coming up at 745. It was over the back fence sponsored by size. Alma pharmacy. As always uses. It and artsy Andie what sports at 815 and then we have the Buffalo Bills report first. On the weekend. Right here at 8:30 this morning. All right what's our temperature 66 degrees is warm October morning now. It really is and it's going to be up to 79 today. That's a beautiful thing baby. Right now here's raw way. Does drama. Instigated. And she's glad that he's. Agree. So hole. For. Okay. FEMA. You know what. Things game. Okay. News. Okay. Okay. He's okay. The the it's. Okay. I. Major market radio when large market town. Professional division and service. Dick Clark's affinity broadcast. 10 minutes after 7 o'clock good morning Ed to you. And this next song well here's what I wanna do. I have a wonderful cousin. Who lives out in New Albany area who has a burst today today. And they listen to this show every week. Her name is Louise Pringle. And I'm not gonna tell give her age. If you can do mass she was born in 1948. OK but I won't tiger. You've got to figured out. But anyway she's been listening to me on the radio for forty some odd years. And it was back in the mid seventies. That this song was a hit. For Barbara Mann drown. And the cheers are coming up all the time when I was at WOK don't Albany. And I used to play this right here. KB. This. This. Okay. Man. News. Okay. Our current and V. Okay it's. He can wow I don't know if these. It's painless. We need loans. Moon. And less and laugh and learn the best radio on radio and you've got to right now happy birthday Louise. Who is 69 years ago. It's hard to believe because she doesn't look good day over 45 about tea and her wonderful husband Rodney. They've been married 48 years this year so a couple more ago when you hit the Big Five oh. If you know what I mean. Barbara Mann drought burning the Midnight Oil. Union auto and truck repair 1516. Harlem road debts unit number two in cheek to bargain. Rick Jones I gotta get over undersea camera assume from. All oil aloof and all accounts. But anyway they do at all and if you have a truck. Regular vehicle issue would be one Emma and even motor homes yet. 3220629. And for example you can get a lube oil and filter loss attire rotation. Are only 2995. Located at 1560. Harlem road unit number two in cheek to work. And their phone number again 3220629. They are your official. AC Delco. Dealers' books. They went Mac doing. And always Saunders or when it rains. I don't know about this and I'm. I need. You and GE. I. It's the teen. Yeah he. Yeah. Yeah. It's. It's. And it's. There is doing paying. Even that paying. Them. It's. Geez. Yeah. Yeah. He's. Yeah. BE. It's. It's. A. It's. And okay. Yeah. Yeah. From the pioneer propane studios. At KB what are you paying for your propane that. Call 1806158144. And see of those folks can help you out that much of the camp. Nineteen minutes after seven. And was at Allegheny hills again yesterday. Do you admire Audrey for a hour and a half or so. And Stockholm. Some you know Andy Clarke. IA. I like to speak English although I'd like to play with the English language. But I don't call hollow needles. How he was our column jalapeno. Was because that's a Jay Wright there's no H to jazz psychology while I had a great bunch. All fold up Paula Pena was I took home yesterday. After had a cup of abuse. 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Every person you meet today. Could be that special person who causes you great discomfort. How about now needs to own. Right now. Funny six after seven and there's a weather forecast. Variably cloudy and warmer today after an arranged. High temperatures around 79. Overnight low tonight 66. Periods of clouds and sun tomorrow highs seventy to. And Monday morning rain cloudy warm ties 7171. On Tuesday. Her relays on lake front as 63 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 65. And the look downtown we got 66 degrees. At the original and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You've got a map friends. Passed it on and tell opera. We've certainly appreciate it 66 degrees as our temperature. Companies. Yeah. Race. Call. Mean. Seen here here. It's all day. Are you need. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. It's. Yeah. This. It's pain in. We. I. Okay. It's. I. A it's. Yeah. The best friend a microphone ever had doctor. KB KM 1520 WW KB buffalo. She does the end or not. I don't hometown football game. My life and I end in Lexington. Blue loan us food thing. And as I am serious news man that has named Max. And then I couldn't. The pain. The way Ming Z is Susan B. Seen your. That I had only influence. It needs no that's been pretty. It's. Major. Mean the only brand I mean this is we expect the I never pass. Through any names again. And zone sounds not saying. Okay. This is the man I. Okay. Some of God's speed is. Marathon man. It's okay. You see us. It out in the standard inside to. And I could zoom in time it changes. In their eyes lit seeing. It's the I feel you dealings. I guess you learn you know. Then mind. And then I. And. Zones. You demand. It just. Okay. Godspeed. Since. It's being. Are all too well then names. Speed. And it's due okay. Lot of grace. Powered by upstate Chevrolet find a new roads too shabby either Connecticut shop online 24/7. As Chevy of Attica. And they want your trade. As they do you. Garth Brooks. One of his major hits package and ninety's. And unanswered prayers. In the middle of that triple play we heard from Huey Lewis and The News 1986. And happy to be with you ms. scale starting things off it is her 21 before 8 o'clock. And it is time. For the red Woolen ski meet spoke of the morning. I am pardon me there. Red led ski mates of course your butcher. At 1585. Walden avenue would Cheektowaga. Their phone number's 85 or should I say this year. 8925355. And you can visit him on line by going to buffalo foods the dot com. And don't forget day ship there great. Polish and American foods all over the country forward to your family and friends. Now. DR butcher Redlands teammates 1585. Walden avenue in Cheektowaga. Praise since Jimmy starter at New York. I. It's. The broader. Okay. All this. Guys. It's. Yeah. You. Sport. Any help okay me too. It is. Yeah. Read. You know. On the go. Daughters of the maybe we'll. Let me. On the you. Number OK you've been to. Good. Okay. Madam you are sold Saturday morning show a real moving experience. Where directors Marianne geriatric. And of course the world's. Most unknown. Radio personality and his architecture right now they're great. Johnny bush. Doing big hits on Ray Price. And outback in the fifties inner. City lights. All right it is 745. And this speaking. About over the back fence and mr. Metamucil themselves. Here's doctor fact terminate. Good morning my friend that was supposed to be funny I now all right. What will just leave it alone I I know when you don't laugh we wanna leave it alone. We're very serious person yet while we know little different to that. Size of a pharmacy located at 2370. Boland road and alma and their phone numbers. It's 65 to 39 to one which subject you wanna start off with just more. Well General Motors came out Monday it was the statement. Dead surprise a lot of people these statements stated that. They were going to introduce a bunch of electric hired him possibly 22. And the next five years. 22 all electric now we're not talking about. In that's funny ones with the guests and so like the like the first have you on the Chevy Volt has the small. Yes combustion. Engine. And is the battery. They also have occurred is totally electric all the bolts. Hand. That's so it's about 39 solid balance. And it's a pretty deep of a terror well what they planned to do they planned to throughout there. All their cars that they producers of these producers and move in the world cars cars. They're gonna have twenty about 22 all electric cars to net interest. The them our day. Are they pushing the envelope on that deal. No because gets attacked his honeydew. Would not want history. I hit gonna ban state production any internal combustion engine. I mean that's at ten it and yeah and there's several other European countries that are doing precisely the same thing in the very near future. Well I'll never buy one I know that. Cars are supposed to make noise. And while it noisy tires that the more the to do that. Well is who Israel I have a little concerned about that is because. Prison I have had very much for the environment and very much against fossil fuels. But there's a problem when you sell a car. That. Goes like abandon euros to sixty. Most people could care less about that that lets that's talk about their permanent. Iowa that's necessary and bagged those views 64 point seven seconds as recent as varied as and it does 191 miles an hour. My Vick could be choosing Alec and I but it looked it up I thought. All you bad. Now now look quite seriously now that is faster. Now at a country club as we have talked many many times throughout the Tesla cars here on this program. Is an all electric car. All right and that they have come out with a public has so far one of which is about a 100000. Plus. And is this sport kind of different and I don't want. And he says it's beat it out of Florida. Otherwise there'd be talking about my own experience driving. But he said it's just unbelievable. He said once he'd get a better place. That he places against. He get there is sixty and all around for a second. Well or it. You know this and. YouTube the other day. What I kind of but I found adept ball of this exact act. And the driver with a young guy he is what you are doing is demonstrating the unbelievable power that is cut. That's electric. They. And he had two young women who wanted to unseat with him. You know and the bucket seats in these in the there's the pastors that you know I was in the back seat. Maybe driving down a residential area and that he would Florence. And both of those heroes without any. And it started screaming and they were smacked back against the address that they as a tired. On the back in England mansion and he's there lap because he knows he knows what Americans do. Now that's an unusual situation view of the awed by excited visitors experience for second some of the most exotic. But I have a detainees and things of that nature can do it important that you talked in 20300000. Dollars. You have what you're missing is the Hollywood mufflers to have noise and our goal I would hesitate. Unless satellites that particular is what it would have concerned about is. Okay so we're gonna hand this plot. All electric irons. And in contrast to the engine engine had given tired. They have instant torque. OK now if Obama assailant parked in the park is what makes the wheels turn. And internal combustion engine you need parts are first to generate TARP. In all electric car you get immediate toward. Yeah you'd this is like experiencing. When you're on a subway that absolute train takes off you know to target. Actually of these big airport and Atlanta there are a lot and but you know it's so huge you have to take these electric train. Between airlines census and they want you. A big if they appear for a second before it takes please hold onto the Andrea please. And when they take up it's instantaneous. Torque. And which means that hey they go from zero to lose their speed. An instant. And it's here that familiar with that situation you're gonna have a floor. Yeah somebody's lap. I think it is as these people go right down yeah I felt bad because they get out there and a little streak. I used to take 1 every morning at 530 when I lived in Boston. And it is to get to work in out today is some mornings when he'd really didn't have an altogether. And you weren't holding on. It was Terry. That's exactly right well that's what the difference between me pork in there and it combustion engine act. And torque and electric it's instantaneous it is to your anyway. And here's Larry class. Net and five years so we're gonna have all these electric cars floating around. And they have this type of acceleration. Of course some of the companies will modify the acceleration if they can't that is about it I am I using mechanical means. Back to inspire young people are all people tend to his pick apart those so called governors. And bring back the original requirements that is the problem. And I usually go and have a whole bunch of people marijuana because will be legalized in every state. Now the driving around and have the only uterus sixteen for a second but. If that doesn't produce chaos I wonder what will. That you know borders education government. Or what is common sense comes at a well read out it doesn't work. As true written up as I went out the window was morals. It did we have no moral compass in this country anymore. And it's so is every bit as we're seeing you know politicians. Being indicted. I pigeon does that yeah again and again and for federal crimes that it yet. Hit it just makes you wonder though if he's tired as I look hard you know that she is he put cards on the run hand in other words. Here comes the kid is Dan he has on these new cars that goes under is six you know for a second. And eat out he's in this state where marijuana legal the east side. And now he's gavel to his friends how at this started. And detonated driving down the street site while main street in the Williams bill. Are those videos that lakeshore road would it help bear years between me again. And traffic. And all of sudden this guy goes zero six in the fourth second and it's out of control with the with the person that isn't in control. Well what do we need two controlled vehicles now we our on gun control. They're trying to get knives. And knife control. How do you do this. Well it had you know let that thought situation really is. I thought about this amazed him insensitive motorcycle drivers and where all the and I thought that was an infringement. Well none of its save your life you know. On an updated it from my own writers the on captain. Understand but you know when they came out with the seatbelt law yes I said you know that's really. Pushing it but Dan when you get to sink thinking about it with common sense I always told my kids look at. If you were in an accident and you had your seatbelt on and you've got killed. I would feel a lot better. Just knowing that you've had a seatbelt on you give yourself a chance. Right I agree with you totally I was gonna Carrick then went right in in 1954 GA tour. And having people enact compulsory. But I did have a seat belt because it was just did not many guys as he built the built in 1954. I had to tighten that back. Really this is the day verdict K 120 all my. I mean this is the pact and I had this and I lit. Russell park. All the killer was I had an accident a bad one and NN that I have that seat belt. I would probably have been killed. So are you were a seatbelt in 1954. I didn't lose a lot of guys didn't have yeah but then I did and it'd be where recently because it is that high powered our. I mean it's you know 135 mile an hour and if people. I'll tell you who wears his seatbelt no time in his cadillacs and Lincoln's. And that's genachowski. All right all right now either carrier all right so I tell us about job. Well right now doubted that the man. Their reason for that is he is administering flu stats yeah it's I made the album privacy. Now let's that there are very very important. And the probable its solution at this many people say well yeah I got to go to my actor I got it set up an appointment there is that there's bat. And it's that the pain negatively the waiting room and all of the time. Get your flu chat it's essential. That absolutely essential. You don't criticize pharmacy. And guess who does the injection of Europe flu vaccine and themselves doubting himself as they went to a nice little room. And he takes care deal and the reason why he does it doesn't have that matters is somewhat like to have like other places we'll at. If he wants to have the opportunity to say hello to get out to the people recommend. Most of bar is closed. Clients. That's our strength is their coming out the street. And he would he be able to talk with them are probably anyway and in some instances the sign that. They ruled that policy and some medical problem that they're encountering that they're not going to medical care for. And then he'd listen to that and then he had Verizon appropriately. I never is on about it oh yeah he's heated sharp as they make timely message services. I've known John you have for many many years. But I never thought about that aspect visiting with the people and finding some things out liked it. Oh yeah fifty Britain he's very easy to attack in these guys let's have the robe and he's at the very very congenial man. But very knowledgeable. And I had to one day at that point you know you're so busy here. And besides is it that he plays that they've fully. I was. Personnel. And do the gap and days have like a place Israel does the does not bode well. If there is it total adequate professional I'll. And I said Monday it how do you spend time doing the personal luge that's not what you should be out there would hear. Description and other pieces I have to. You know I think it's far important that I meet with people and talk to them and administers the sat. And and I I feel better feel that they've been serviced and they luckily it was a good feeling. C when your polish that's a way you were raised right and John knows. He's a wonderful person yes she is you've got a minute and a half. Well I'll continue on with this this story about these electric cars. I think it's interesting because this is going to sweep the nation. If people aren't you know like yourself you have reluctance to even think that is has seriously. A General Motors says this is very users were not just talking. We have we already have two cars that are very popular global from the oval. Yeah yeah OK okay pat am I wanna ask this question because reform we run out of time. And that is what about. D.s recharge stations. It has their good points. That hell itself has done network recharge station all over the country. The only problem was balances that you have to have it also to use. General Motors is on the it's on national network of recharge stations. Where anybody was electric act and use them. There what does this do to get. Prices are goes up to ten dollars a gallon there's room. But. That I didn't really hard to predict. There is there was an article on motor trend amazing motor trend and we talked about what really ought. To have an electric car. And it turns out that it's pretty. Reasonable. There's there's two ways of doing it you can use that external charity's mission machine. What you would against nations. Are you gonna have one built into your home. Doesn't it it's not a big deal but it uses 220. And that's what you do but there's there's a lot service article is trying to compare prices. And is I conclude don't want it that it's a pretty good deal compared to gasoline. You get about 250. Miles. Maximum. Width one charge. The the ball currently. And well most people only put somebody about that today so. I know but if you go on a trip to you know where you gonna make it to almost to Albany from buffalo. Was light in you after what what. He'll do if you go through your computer. And your computer will give you just like it because you know road map to give you a map of quality charging stations between here other. Learn. Well doctor carmody as always very interesting and will be talked connect you at 830. A look at Florida. All right now cylinder. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB. Else because they don't lack of good food good people on TV. He assumes that go on the radio. Just major market radio and a large markets now. Professional division. And service. It is 2 minutes after 8 o'clock and here is that the weather. Variably cloudy today after the rain and warmer high near 79. Overnight low tonight 66. Tomorrow. Periods of clouds and sun. ID is 72 Monday. 70 ones of morning rain cloudy and warm. And that Tuesday partly sunny nice and warm Haider's and he was. Apparently the lake front has 64 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 66. And the look downtown we've got 67 degrees. At the original and still the best from seven to nine kids you got it. They're radio show that buffalo wakes up to. At AM fifteen to one AW OJ UV at W. Phone phone broke a bone. We can't we can't. So we'll just do. News. Well. The chance to. Man. And so. And no new news. It's always the. Live local. Even sometimes lovable. You've got to radio rawhide renegade romantic rooster who is my cast of characters family and friends. They embassy in fifteen money WKB. Go but he. Go back to late seventies. KJ Shepard. And I feel like loving you again. It is eight minutes after it clocked. Our phone number here by the way it's 716. NATO 315 want me if you. On a call in and just shoot debris user can birthday yourself like that can. Wanna tell you once again. About Reid's tree farms dot com. Or they have roll back the prices to where they were fifteen years ago. On all of their con efforts in our white spruce loose approach black kale spruce. Serbian spruce Norway's proves they got Amal. And they're back to dig in right through December. If you were a wanna talk to the people there in dire today is a matter of 7163728628. You go online and you can order what you need from four feet to twelve feet. You can order one tree or one Dow's countries okay located at 63. Wolf Ron wrote in Cuba. They've rolled back the prices fifteen years. That's really street five. Are. Marcos it's all of. Kind. Years. He had a good look at it and the yes care what's up at me. I now to can I know national. And Ryder. He. Even. Hit anything and I mean yeah yeah Trixie. That's like hit 52 wonderful. With the didn't yeah there must be our goody. Is it actually Aaron. If you need me to see fifteenth and now when we're in. He can't trimming and remind. Her flailing mind you India what can you remember. Com for ordering PG furnishing it went perfectly in line Neal picks it patent comp for a Wainwright gave an embarrassing and went. I am almost gone back to circling Jupiter and that's our Trixie rate here. Andy coming up when the sports at 815 right after Billie dean and pretty zone. I'm KB day and good morning to you. Did you room. Luna and we. It. Yeah. So we're. Not cool to. Okay. Hi I have to. Yeah it's. Me. Hand them the we're. You guys. We. We're here. It's. It's. Well I. Yeah. We'll. It's. The you. We're okay. I'm over the it's. She's. Yeah. When you can't. Okay. Okay. Listen laugh and learn the best rated. Rated him he's got right now. Billy dean. And somewhere in my broke. 14 after 8 o'clock. Need a used car. I'm gonna tell you were to go earn. Go to DNS wholesale. At transit and Genesee. It's the interest free corner next to Salvador's. DNA assets are great selection of cars. Suvs trucks. Plus. At DN SU finance here a vehicle. Absolutely. Interest free that's right. No I don't have a speech impediment rapture but interest rate is what I say you got more credit. Nobody cares. Europe proved it DNS. By the vehicle. You need interest free and the interest free corner of transit and Genesee. And their phone number is 68111100. That's 71668111100. Ford. And you call Louis up over their encampment. And you don't you need to own doctor. It's eight bit game at a time for sports whereas Andy Clarke. Sponsored by their comfort funeral home 6469. Only in road in South Wales. CY more families are choosing locally owned comfort funeral home. Serving their greater East Aurora area at sixty or 69 and over again wrote that drew sixteen in South Wales. General street nations and pre planning which funeral director Ali should triggered she provides a top flight professionalism. And guidance. And they're compassion you've come to expect from a family owned business. Kind of beautiful campus. Visit www. Comfort funeral home does count. Or call 7166528760. Now all we did have. Our sports. Every Saturday morning theory is again. And he's the best not to here's Andy Clarke thank you doctor G day and start with local high school football action. Last night Williams gold north beating front here 35 to six clearance being nagger wheat field 4229 Orchard Park shutting out punched back. Seventeen nothing Lancaster meeting Jamestown 39 to six South Park over west Seneca east wall 3621. Hamburg are rather amorous beating number 2420. Iroquois over McKinley thirty a fifteen star point rolling easily over Wendell south 46 north not a lot of beating and were eased 3522. Grand Island shutting out sweet home twenty nothing to you beat old lean in a shoot out 4441. Dunkirk beating Albion in a close 118 to fifteen. Accurate over at WB 278. Like a lot of shutting out how to Wanda fifty to nothing pioneers shutting out spree built 22 to nothing. The DO LA lab over all and 5834. Merry go merry veil over loop way. Lou port where he won seven she too Lotto or EA Holland 4412. Uncle more shut out south western or want to pine valley 62 to nothing big when there Wilson over JFK 5228. Cleveland hill over Eden and C 68 nothing and other shut out CS he beating Salamanca 32 nothing. He's just over missile in Ohio 4935. Cardinal O'Hara beating up on bishop can and 62 to six and Franklin del Ellicott bill beatings senate. To topple ache. 466 and from Thursday night west Seneca west. Routing lake shore 49 to six Major League Baseball playoff action in the AL the aged the Astros to get to nothing lead against the Red Sox with a eight to win. And in a thriller in Cleveland last night you haven't see that in dark. No I did not Pollyanna thriller the Indians coming back from 83 hold a tightness and indexer innings where they want on a walk off in the thirteenth inning they have a two nothing lead on that series on the best of five so if they win one more yankees out. The Indians will advance. All mine and I did you know I love the Indians didn't get a chance to go there this year blacks. But I also. I love to Houston Astros especially their ballpark. That that ballpark. Just knocks me. Yeah in a minute maid fielder. Yet the really cool field and I'll say that their fund he watched a lot lot of small ball lot of stole bases and there's a lot of fun to watch on the on the field there Tony I guess is Dodgers who won their first game to the. Yeah yeah and the NL the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 95 to jump out to a one believe that Ceres and the cubs shutting out the national Renault and take a 10 lead in their series. NFL action Thursday night the patriots beat the Buccaneers in camp in 1914 Tom Brady throwing for 303 yards and a touchdown and one interception. You as Winston playing walls. Playing well for Tampa throwing 334 yards. With a touch. By and I didn't see any ball at all yea it was a slow boring game of the patriots they churned out a win. And will we talk about the bills upcoming game. Purity thirty with the Buffalo Bills were first on the weekend looking at us soccer action World Cup qualifying. The men's US team beat Panama for nothing Friday night to move ahead of them and at their place in the tournament the men's US team can clinch a spot in the World Cup with a win Tuesday over Trinidad and embargo. As a football action UB bulls last week beat Kent State point 713 and moved three and two on the season. The bulls take on western Michigan today at home 330 and it's homecoming weekends there's a lot of fun for anyone heading out there. Are finally looking to in the NHL sabres Roth last night along with mostly. Are coming after 32 loss for the Canadian open the season Ayers is sabres will be on the road tonight against the islanders. And earlier in the week the big news for the sabres. The team and Jack eichel agreed to an eight year eighty million dollar deal hero that yes and I certainly did at lot a lot of money by Jack I go to be hang around for a while that's good news routers another situation in the Arab society out of control. I noticed the the contract these guys gathered just insane by the stupid fans they keep going yeah Alabi was an excited as a Jack Michael B hang around buffalo for the foreseeable future. And at sports. Thank him land day. They. Taken up. Again. Well you know. I know. 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And time for the Buffalo Bills report first. The weekend. Sponsored by upstage Chevrolet. By new roads to upstage Chevrolet a Vatican dot com. By your local Geico agent in Amherst Tim lynch. Monet three to thirty to 53. By your butcher Redlands deviates 1585. Walden avenue would Cheektowaga. By DNS wholesale. Genesee had transit and Lancaster. Where it's quality radio and automobiles. Interest free. Five rescission re manufactured engines new and use 3160. Union rove did Cheektowaga. Whereas warranty that matches their quality. And by that comfort funeral home in South Wales save lives more people are choosing. Comfort. You're alone. All right. And it's a dead squad he. Or what to Buffalo Bills report first on the weekend. And then you've got dark Andy. Back and Dave's in California this week. So it I don't know we're a doctor curve it is. We'll try to dig him up here financially. And name. I I guess so stressed out. When a game on those last Sunday with two barrels and the falcons. At the end Italian. Praise the lord. We have a marvelous defense. Altogether the defense you know it is funny last week we. All all formats predicted the falcons to win. But we all that is being very close and I think we all kind of agreed if the defense could keep it close and the ground game to pound out some. Some yardage. And your blog clock then the builder be able pull out and that's exactly what happened. I'm back you know what let's go ahead not flashback to Sunday John Murphy on WG artist Steven. Which is pretty secure fuel gives the bills that when he seventy lead over Atlanta Falcons now be the deciding scores they would go on win 2317. The break that John Smith is now on the kick. And that kick is the and not give breaks the tie with the and 44 seconds left to play the game. And let's go to India John Murphy under the GR deal in a falcons turn the ball over on downs late in the fourth quarter sealing the bills 2317 victory. In one fountains at the buffalo ten yard line. I have formation play action fake Bryant players reds tied it complete. The executive. During. Yeah didn't. Endesa. Yet an ally I got to ask before you know we talk about the the Bengals game this Sunday. Did you see the the controversial play with Matt Ryan the fumble when Ollie got hit a package amnesty at all. Yes I did a watchable game yet it's got the go ahead and you tell me your version. All of this they I mean it was a tough call it looked like he had gotten possession of the ball getting it price should be called incomplete pass by. You know what you're saying of the defense to keep it close and bills to get a bounce that's where that Leo is on the go in their favor now as a big turning point that game I saw Chicago law a couple of calls including that long that. Did the falcons. They got a break couple breaks. Yeah I mean they they go both ways but. I mean even regardless of that that you know that illegal on the bills waive their their defense played phenomenal to forcing two interceptions fumble. You're talking the the ground game port twenty carries for 76 yards Tolbert tacking on 31 more with eight carries. And Tyrod Taylor you know he did it look Tallinn but he didn't make big mistakes. You know he did turn the ball or for him. Now Asian showing actually some of the leadership. And he's been thrown the ball a lot better he did that game anyway. But. It's 25 minutes before 9 o'clock. And doctor Kermit hey good afternoon. I'm very sorry I guess this is a quarter through the hour. Time frame. I did that's all right you know I. There's not a you know what I always say there's nothing perfect in life. I'm glad he predicted that net perfect. I saw Iowa than that. All right so your thoughts on and you know I just talking about a game last week with the falcons and there was stressful to me right down to to have. Final play. It was. Very very interesting to that he said it was just look at that so we're gonna pull off our usual. And then there's luckily there has been down and losing a very important game because of this silly play but it didn't happen we hung in there. I thought that was fantastic. While like I said to Andy our defense. Yeah they're for real. Well they are they even the Corbett. And I had a lot of doubt about that that they they're yelling and they parenthood. Well as. Also says something about. A real coach doesn't like. I I really believed it too I mean he's an awareness hand there are lots of other nineteen never stopped clapping yeah yeah he didn't. He has very enthusiastic. He's. He's quite the guy any motivate those guys. They feel bad that they are out whereas and prior coaches and it looked nervous and make my mind you anyways so what's the difference. All fours well you know Rex and his brother today. We're on the sidelines of feeding off their fat. And you know just count manor road bank accounts. But that was quite a two years and now I think we have a real leader as far as mr. McDermott. Had to do I have had a lot of respect for him. He's not flamboyant he's that you know go go go he's aren't you targets like it is. And he's good for the team and they they they pick up it immediately. You know pal Andy what do you know about the Bengals I know nothing. They've been struggling a lot this season especially on offense. And that they had a good really help buffalo here. Obviously Toobin Doug bubble Buffalo's defense they don't have a ton of sacks are 25 on the year but a lot of pressure on the quarterback in Cincinnati has had trouble on stopping the the the pass rush so they get any don't early and I get some pressure for some turnovers. I think some good things gotten for the bills again Sunday. What about you print. I think everything looks good for the bill's principal off the sent these is one win three losses okay. And their seventeenth rated and run defense. So that speaks volumes or what possible potential can be in this game I think. Well McCoy looked better last game today. He did I wish he had help I wish he would Gillis he has a lesser patriots the other night there was guilty. And. Alma Welch was in there Chris organ of course. There right hand and lead us terrorism Williams. Who is the great he was an illegal act and number two receiver. I think everything down so I I don't understand. I don't either but. One thing I do understand is that upstate Chevrolet want your trade. All they do and this is struck months. For qualified buyers 0%. APR 472. Months. That's six years as an I think so yes doctor currently six years. And I've spent time now looking very carefully here mathematics. All okay twelve times 672. All right okay. There is at 2017. I hold over Silverado 15100 double cab LT. Four to 98. A wedeman here waited and are you serious. I didn't see this before. This is 298 down. 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No I think the builder taking and actually us that a lot brighter real quick that I think is gonna be very telling for the game. The bills lead the league in fewest points allowed in the second half the season with a poll just nineteen point score on him. They eagles' offense 31 in the league for points scored in the second half of it is sixteen. So the building keep it in close you leave there down going at halftime. You know it looks good as far as the second half of them I'm taking the bill 1710 in this one. Gavel I needed. I hope they keep the offense rolling because. I don't wanna see him be down at that time. Or any time during a game especially. Because. This little I do know. About today angles is. They're not that strong in any department. So by. Doctor Kermit Leo what your feelings underscore here. I think we're gonna win this game that's the first time I've said this this season I think there we have a lot going forests. And as Andy said they're struggling. Essentially and I think this car's going to be 2117. Favor about the law. Well these last two weeks I hated like had to bet against our boys. But I tea I love surprises like the last two weeks. And I'm gonna take buffalo 28 to let us put it this way 28 to thirteen how's that particular. All right well appreciate you guys and there will be talking action next week. All right later. Come up here to book did you you can come. Things we use to CNN do. I okay. Model pulled it. Okay. You. Hold the same thing season. We used to. I don't own head and then. Oh those photos. It's. A. They all let him. It is a ride. Okay assume that I ask my. Islam. So absolutely. Okay. It's all the did move. And oh. Mean look. Save homes sold. Not okay and it's. Models all the good. All that GM team who heard a certain time. The small holes you and smile in the homes mom. Sold so. Tell me yeah man. All fallen to. Okay head rules. Okay did. Buffalo's weekend bailout from going radio doctor Jake would you. Saturday mornings from seven to 9 AM but it could twentieth WW Casey. Oh yeah. Boy I'm. News. From the pioneer propane stereos. Magic gave B what are you played four year pro. Call 18061581. 44. My remote area. 1995. I loved specially whereas those guys. And starting things off to air Whalen. And the world blitzer prize. Eleven minutes before. 9 o'clock. This Saturday morning. And I want to tell you about. This fellow right here. And here's his name is Tim Delaney and he owns Elmo wine and liquor. And if you go in there. And a time when nasal. America. And you mentioned is radio show. You get a 10% discount. On the bottle you buy. Or is hundred bottles you. And I and it just fair and save a lot of money that. You've got to mention this radio I'm sure raise your doctor. 18350 ball one road in alma they deliver 26550. Four of 50. Charlie pride. All I ain't never abandon his love by his people. If you know the main event but also in the book. As soon. Okay job. News a lot. Ride. You might see. Number I. It's hard. Glad to Mississippi that grief for. That's country Charley pride. I have never been so low it is 7 minutes before 9 o'clock. This Saturday morning happens to be October 7 2007. Team. And how long we'll let you know once again it was my good buddy here my masters and that they have done honey harvest festival going on this weekend are you might. We sure do doc and thank you I almost missed you this morning it's getting a little crazy here. Why you wouldn't you know you wouldn't be the first person that forgot about me. No wouldn't be the first time I did actually south. But I'm here now. So yes there's a lot going on vendors are all setting up as we speak. And we have a lot of new additions since you and I spoke last probably one of the most interesting is there unloading a trailer load of alpaca is right now. So we'll have them here for. For everyone to enjoy you know be selling you know peck are related. Products. I haven't even looked at there there's stuff yet but so they'll be here and we got the butterfly guy right here with. All that information and be keeping clubs and associations are here with all of that information of course we're extracting our honey. And making candles and live by Thomson. All that stuff and some runners going. All day today and tomorrow. And I know I'm rattling on but it's stern again and a little bit of a frenzy here because there isn't happening now in the weather actually -- believe it or not is perfect weather for us because we're indoors. And everyone can come and stay out of the drizzle that's happening this morning in and take some honey please some. Honey beer money brew beer that you just delivered. They're coming they're going to be your eleven. A clock that nobody wanted to be here for breakfast so they'll be here about eleven and that's our own brew made out of our own honey from higher rates here on the property. We've gotten beat Garrett winery and I think we need to drink today there's plenty of that here for that samples all around. We've got her own honey samples the mall you know the most popular thing every year we take a vote in this contest as our honey taste contest. Where a lot of our be keeping customers bring in samples of on these it they've just extract from their high Asians than anyone who appears to go and at least a moan please vote gets to do that I want. Mason has different taste. Well at different times of year in the difference for hours at the bees are forging on naked not only different pace but. A wide variety of colors. You'll see honey from almost clear to almost black. And it's just a matter where they're located and what the bees are able to go forward John. And very different. Very very different flavors. Same health benefits essentially for all of them but different flavors and then and that's what makes it very interest rates. You would have thought that the traditional colored light kind of amber call him on would win the contest every year but almost every year the real dark black point. No kidding yeah so there's some are sweeter than others. Yes sweetness very users. Varying amounts of look collections and crows in the honey. And just the overall. Let's say having summit this spring on these tend to be later in the fall when he's a little more robust. Don't. Need to of the darker ones. Interest saying stop and I'll be over a little later on the fifth fifth annual honey harvest festival. Today and tomorrow. I'd be fevers vendors honey tasting it masters sends a garden center seven to want a five only in wrote that he's the wrong room. And we should there and actually we got another second that there's plenty to do for the kids here so it is a family event. And that's all the pre. That's a beautiful thing thanks Mike are right thank you sir today here on the campus. Folks it has been fun as always a fast two hours but. It has been a blast. Had yourself a wonderful weekend remember. Adversity builds character. In water character you are I'm on my way home mama here's what I. Turn out who lives saved. Iron is. They see you then all. Good things must end. Call it a night. My. Okay. Okay. Yeah. One occurring easy for me. Seeing. You're okay fine. Need. Through life. Rely. Okay. Call it a night. I. Okay. Yeah. Ones I am. Okay. Line. Okay. Martin my. And one day. Turn now to my. Any time. And. Call it the night. I. Okay. Okay. Tomorrow. Excuse Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB.