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You're listening to be official voice of they do people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twenty WW. KB buffalo. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it to advertisers or sponsors and the lead and I think he takes. A realistic attitude and full review a lot of society in the way it really I mean even liberals. Politely listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. No no lovemaking Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson left a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a combination. The doctor. And now this. Because it seemed like dude dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Hughes who is Beckett did. Invitations. You found the original. And hang out Dahlia it loses 7 o'clock. And today is September 8. 2018. Will remind into the country sunshine radio program. Here on KB where I always tell yet. That growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional. And laughing at yourself is there appeared at the number one week and their radio variety show rat here in buffalo. You've got it on the radio right now. It's windy out there this morning Andrew. I think Nicole two very cool yeah I didn't expect two win and he here's the forecast for today very simple. You know what it says is not as warm. Now what the heck kind of forecast is that. I added I don't say windy over. A mixture of sun and clouds not as war. High temperatures around 67. That's our overnight low tonight 52. Tomorrow a little afternoon rain. High temperatures is 64. Monday periods of rain and windy. Eisner's. Right now the lake front has sixty degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 61. And the little downtown kids 61. Degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. This is the radio show. That buffalo waits 2 on Saturday morning. Iraq chair and AM fifteen to one AW OJ. VW. Play we're OK. Ma. OK. And I. OK. A let me out yeah. It's. It's. It is and I had a lot of places and done a lot of things. It's. Never saw aluminum. Way yeah. I can't run and lose you lose. Gone and I knew my Lulu. So. Okay. Hand wind yeah. Okay. So I mean. Okay. It's. It's. A little. We miss to slam the mountains of momentum around. I'm pretty. It's into the ground. But we'll. Move mountains you want me and I know. There is around the news and level. So. Okay. My. Man oh man known goal on I'm okay. It is I can. Okay. Okay. We can't we get. Oh yeah. You. News. Okay. You know luck. Sing at all I know. These are his standard Paul. The only car. The. Think the main thing. Something. You sir Brian okay. The only team could. It's true. A lot. Don't style. All but don't make you don't feel the suing home. Yeah. They don't run until it. But down deep. It's. True. Why should it. So yeah. That's a walk to the greens are. And don't. It's true. Why. We'll bring it. Don't you could. It's true. Don't beat. My history. Okay. Major market radio you know large market town. Professional division and service. Of of course Elvis. And don't should there be cruel. It is is 6 minutes after 7 o'clock. Once again another. Great big good morning to you. This. Saturday morning. We're gonna spotlight. 1969. One of my favorite years. Music especially country music. That got a bunch of songs line and a brighter. And if there's one in particular from 1969. That you would like to hear. Our phone numbers 803. Fifteen Swanee. Area code 716. Ranked. 71680351. Start things off. There was a big eight from the stones in 1969. Yeah. I. Okay. His radio show we don't follow standards. We create them. Now I always say after I played a raspberries and let's go all the way. I overstated that's the rocky is tied. And I guess these guys are in the same class events. But it was a big hit you weren't. You weren't nowhere around entry do you have you heard that song before. Aaliyah here yet a big died a big sounds are right on day. You know Graham was at 5:30 this morning or is that I was in Wal-Mart. My watched of band Eric keeps breaking I've had about five years. And I won't spend more than ten dollars on launch. It all mean and so I went in there. And I count one. For eight box. Right there and it looks like. It's worth a lot more song is a hey. If the last 23 years. He strode away in your program or know exactly perception is reality and it looks expensive and area. And while I was in there I've picked beautiful pair of slippers I tell you what I always say. If you don't show up Wal-Mart. You're crazy because. They have the they have my size fourteen shoes. Mom does like Syria know nobody. Else carries. You know. And it would be special order and you pay a extra forego it kind of thing I walk in there and they've gotten. I love Wal-Mart but anyway an end when I want to. Well I've I leave that long. But we have the KB. Buffalo Bills report coming up that. 8:30 this morning. So great sponsors and in will be kicking around. The football game tomorrow as a traveled to Baltimore. Andrew Clark John Simon and me self. Racks here is Jane Watson. And. Since you and me. In the pan. No firm plans she. It's. It's. The game. Music's. Good game. Yeah. He had viewed god. Take me V and news it's. He. Okay. Fans to. Yeah. You let me show. Can. Is games. It's. Close your. It's. Out today he would news. It. Hold you. It's. Do laughter. You are old. Hurricane. May come true to some. It's. A. I'm playing I'll. Yours to. I have seen news. We need. This okay. To. It's. You had. It's. I don't know missed the front that's coming in. But I am wired it is I got up to Saturday. I'm borderline man. Which I. I won't do any damage will be Richie. Throw around for years. Else. Right now flavored. Yeah in auto and truck repair 1560. Harlem road work. I am going this morning to it and oil and moved in there and check out some other things. About you want yours done and done right. Is. A guy and his team that had been around for a long time. Rick Jones. Harlem road 1516. That's unit number two. And you can make an appointment at 32206293220629. Listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. And you've got it right now. This. As I mentioned before. Country music in 1969. Probably my favorite year. And this is one of my favorites here is Freddie while our right now. Asked saw a written by Joseph south vision not my people I'm cave days. Then again look I'm gonna have to pain. Need. RD wow sociable again. That's country music Friday Weller. Who back in the early sixties who was with Paul Revere. And the raiders and media went in to country music. In about 196760. And he had a bunch of its own as a matter of fact one of them. Is. He had out 1972. Indian lake. And it's about our Indian lake. Up in the Adirondacks. Written by a fellow. His name wouldn't pardon me. Tony Romeo from Troy Troy, New York he wrote a house sales headed out first. In the sixties and and Freddie did it in 1972. Now you see how Smart guy is Andrew. Colors are new every morning right or Saturday morning right off the top of the head here. Sometimes it works sometimes. Not. From the pioneer propane studios at KB. Watch. Are you paying for you or propane and call 1806158144. Should. It shows now. And so. During the Bible as we love to do you are defending twenty mind WW can be and you're going to call 71 sinks into 3-D. Tony and who. Are you getting ripped off on your real name called pioneer propane incorporated. At seven point 659. To 2068. Locally owned and operated. Residential commercial and agricultural services. And they also provide automatic delivery. 24 hour emergency service. Claim to be efficient energy for every need that's a contract guaranteed. What are you paying for your. Pioneer broke. 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You'll still have to do more to my iron. Have a Mac east yeah. Funny three minutes after his 7 o'clock. It is time for the a wizard sponsored by Martin's brother Chevrolet. We're denoble deals ask for Chad or Dennis call one. 8664661. Of these 784. 613. West main street in our case. Check amount on line and Martin's brother Chevrolet. And Maarten Brothers sang low prices. Locally owned and or community drift. Every go kids plain and simple from the National Weather Service. Not as warm today that is the forecast. And it's windy out there right now I temperatures today 67. Overnight low tonight 52. Tomorrow a little afternoon rain Eisner's 64 Monday periods of rain windy. Eyes around seventy Monday. Right now the lake front has sixty victories. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 61. And the load we've got a 61 degrees. At the original. And still the best from 7 denied every Saturday morning. There was a paper hats as sound and tone for an we would certainly. Reach. Yea that. Located. At AM fifteen to one tape and WJB. Doesn't. You. In room. Neck and kids Caroline. Out of it. Yeah. I. Yeah. Okay. Today. That Jack del. Jim mad kids dinner this Jake came. The best friend a microphone ever had. Doctor. KB 8 AM 1520 WW KB buffalo home. We. Do you. And yeah. Yeah. Joomla. Below. Can't you know. Powered by upstate Chevrolet. Find new rose to show via an addict or shop online. Money foreseen. And champion vanity that count. They're Jersey boy way. And he ran. You don't love me anymore before that John Cougar. Mellencamp. Jack it dies and then starting things off of that triple play I reading camera. In a lot of feeling. It's 735. And we are spotlighting this morning 1969. And moved back into that to deal. But right now it's time for the Saturday morning polka. Sponsored by a red Lansky mates you or butcher 1585. Walden avenue in Cheektowaga. Visit there're online deal at buffalo foods that dot com. And remember they shipped there buffalo food products all over the country to your families. And the difference. Read Lansky made GR butcher. Presents Jimmy stir and the orchestra. Movies that never knew. Few minute. All life on the way out. It's. Okay. I arrived Jimmy's stir. And the orchestra. And Frankie year benefit. On the vocal. Wasn't that frank and notices. Lisa does it doesn't care yeah Powell. I know once as a I'm familiar with his singing. And he does very well. Real radio starts here unfair unbalanced view of poems ultimate fantastic holders. And here's 14 yen as we spotlight. 1969. There's more. Peter Paul and Mary. Lane you. They think this you know. Seasonally. He's doing news. Our hands. Towns you. It. Game. So many. Wow yeah he. You re so. When I. Wow okay. I. It's. Yeah. Away. Even. Mean you know. You plug. Let me see here. It's. Either. You. Pain. He. I really makes me mad. I didn't really. They made me mad. You want to move beyond TV yeah. 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The rebate or shower as soon as possible after coming indoors from wooded or grassy areas for. Perform daily tick check including behind years. Belly button between the legs and in and around all head and body hair five examined clothes children and pets for kicks and six tumble dry clothes on high heat this will kill the ticket they are attached to any clothing article what do you after tick bite don't wait to remove follow these steps as soon as you notice that pick. One you'd find tipped tweezers to grasp the tick the closer to the skin surface the better Q pull up work with steady even pressure. Make sure you don't twist or jerk called in parts of the tick to break and remain. Three after removing the tick thoroughly clean the white area with your hands you he's rubbing alcohol and iodine scrub or soap and water. For dispose but it never crush a tick with your fingers with your weekly health report I'm Andrew Clark. Totally. Yeah. Yeah. All right here. A bunch of good days in the eighties. Lional Richie. And all night long it is eight minutes no make it seven minutes before the top of the hour. And our good friend. That Channel 8 Mike masters and then a great big good morning to you. Good morning to act another beautiful Saturday morning. Yeah. Here's the weather forecast. You know what they say not here's a whole forecast for today not as warm. That's sick. I love at 67 for a high but anyway. You're less than a month away. From the honey harvest festival. We are exactly four weeks from today so we're armed. Get a little crazy here getting everything ready fort it's a big event for a sort of takes pretty much all summer to get ready and of course the last few weeks are crunch time. But it's it's coming together nicely we got some some new vendors and new products will be here in the course will be to wonder how many extracting and bottling demonstrations. All week following all weekend long. 42 north as our special brewed in the tanks so that's ready for the weekend. And we have meat makers coming. All right and not get along our here's here's the thing. I'm not the brightest bald. In the chandelier. RA lot. I want to meet maker. Mead is honey wine and sold this weakness in the wind is coming from the honey. And there's lots of different flavors looks that we got at least two maybe three meet makers here further festival this year. So we'll have samples tastings samples and of course they're selling there wares as well and indeed they do well here at such a good stuff a lot of people never heard of it as apparently you haven't before and they love it. All right now what type of person. Who really. Would you say that once you get into DT to. I mean you're gonna get started a lot right. Yes and no I mean yes you're gonna get stung at some point you know one of the things that find the biggest bears could be keeping is getting over that fear of getting done. For most of us. All you get is the burning sensational over the swelling and it goes away. Has a very small portion of the population has severe allergies to be so you need the psychologically. Get over that. As far as who want to get into it or it's across the board we've got kids to go women we've done. College age kids husband and wife together to and it's separately. We're now Orion or have been thrown numbers that you over the course of the time here we're we're over 11100. No beekeepers have it that's. It amazes me I would guess maybe half of that put it just keeps. Growing well if you told me yeah if you told me a hundred are 150 icy and it's pretty reasonable evident all over 11100. That's amazing. It's sure is and it's is good because it did. We learned from argue beekeepers as much as they learn from us it's it's one of those things that you never stop learning and that's what kinda keeps me interested in it. Beautiful all right this is October 6 and sevens and seven you got enough money harvest festival. At the masters in this garden center 725. Only in road in East Aurora and will be talk and action next week. Very good thanks Doug you're a great weekend. Later Mike. 1969. As we spotlight that year at this morning. There's a beautiful site. That it was a big hit 69 country music. Here's Ray Price and the sweethearts of the year. As usual. We're doing. And we. Message. News. I. Okay. Okay. Moon there. I. Good okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay and. It's. Oh yeah it is yeah. Okay. We. You were listening to the official voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twenty WW. KB buffalo. Else. Because they don't lack of good food leave people alone TV. He assumes they go on the radio. Just had coming up at 815 we'll have a complete. Sports' report. It was Andrew Clarke and at 830. The Buffalo Bills report on KV first on the weekend. Right now it's time for the weather and it's sponsored by gold and gifts. 96 Hamburg street to an Easter Rorer. Brokers and fine jewelry jams. Precious metals and estate jewelry. Family owned and operated for over thirty. Gold and gifts 96 Hamburg street in east Iraq. Wholesale and retail. And they are brokers in fine jewelry jabs precious metals and estate jewelry. Specializing in diamond engagement and wedding rings phone's 6554545. Right down from Sammy scar watch in the east Iran. Goldman and dips. Are not as warm today. High temperatures around 67. Overnight low tonight 52. A little afternoon rain tomorrow highs near 64. Monday. Periods of rain windy. About seven date and on Tuesday chimes of clouds and sun but pretty nice overall. Highs near 72 years. Right now lake front 61. Airport 62. And the Lopez 62 degrees. At the original. And still the best for 7 denies every Saturday morning. You passed it on and tells Fred would do that the radio show that buffalo wakes up here. Saturday morning. Located. At AM fifteen to one AW KB PW. It's. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom things. We can't we can't be good. So we'll just. Okay. I. Okay. Major market radio in large markets now. Professional division and service. Of what are rates saw me at hello. Nice guy to two out of three ain't bad. Ten minutes after. Eight. Act and we're spotlighting this morning 1969. Here's one for your right here he wrote lips and he recorded it in 1969. This is Joseph south. And Donna make you wanna go home. Not today be bad. Dornin live here. The only thing. All the do you want. Okay. V I. Conan. No way. Yeah. I love. Okay. Don't think. Knowing things. Okay. That's show sound. Don't make it long ago. Thirteen after 8 o'clock. White spruce blows groups black you Serbia Norway. Cannot. Well today all of those kind of spurs. Are available. Right now as they start digging. In September. Fifteenth. And they have rolled back to prices to where they were fifteen and sixteen years ago. Now who is that talk and about rapture. Well. Reese tree farm. To I count. One of the biggest tree farms in the north east. It over. Half million. Kind of offers that's right and you can pick yours up or Thursday will deliver. No matter where you live. If you live in California they world deliver. Trees are machinery Doug. Where the wire cages and burlap for transporting. Purposes. They start digging again on September 15. As I say the prices have been rolled back. 151617. Years ago they're taking orders right now. Phone number 7163728628. That's Reese tree farm. Dive count. It is time our right now. For sports. And it's all sponsored by upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. Located at 125. Prospect street in Attica. Upstate dodge Chrysler Jeep and ram incorporated. One point 85 prospect street in Attica. What a selection of new and used vehicles shop on line at upstate DC GA dot com. Caller give me a call at 1803119871. This worth the short trip to upstate dodged Chrysler Jeep ram. At 125. Prospect streets in Attica where the deal is always the appeal. Andrew I don't know what you're gonna lead off with this morning. But I wanna tea. That Pittsburgh is buzzing. Because who's coming to town. Penn State Alia are yeah they're gonna play Pitt today a tonight I guess our tax should be on the tube whatever. Yeah well we'll cover palpable here urges second actually start with high school football locally blah and a over JFK 4412. Silver creek or spill over Akron 42 to six port built at hairball on some 37 in nineteen. So flustered over Randolph Bruce berg 3514. CFP beating Maple Grove 5520. Albion overlook a lot of 43 A regarding a Brockton over hauled in fifteen to fourteen Cheektowaga shutting out EA Holland 31 nothing. Williams on north over clear to overtime 4135. Lancaster taking care hutch tech 3518. Pioneer over your record forty cute fourteen Jamestown doubling up hamburger 20s14. Orchard Park. Oz well doubling up Niagara Falls by the same score 2014. Medina over sprinkle in a close 12024. Star point easily over in perspective for 21. North on a Wanda squeaking by home by a field goal twenty to seventeen. And then Dunn Kirk O'Donnell 12422. Articles one less cynical west beating and more west forty Q8. Would Middle East over can more east when he fixed between five. What Seneca east over Wenzel south 3622. Q over Ole yen during 929 for Glendale account bill over Salamanca 27 to twelve run. Yeah another OT game on the cal PA beating saint Joe's 2421. Erie PA oversee freed the 3521. And wrapping up high school equate reaches 42 to 37. NFL action the regular season officially got under way Thursday night at the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons in Philly 1812 and marijuana on the game boring freaking game added or sloppy tons of penalties although I kind of expected early in fees especially to teams that it would allow their starters and pre season. Now these two teams to access their home phone. Yeah I thought I agree I and I understand. Weighing you know injury risk averse to you know do the need to practice and play in three games I think they they need to play he would you have to respect injury but otherwise you're products like you did Thursday night now these duties actually faced off in last year divisional playoff round. And just like that gain came down to the final play and it came down to an incomplete pass to Julio Jones in the end zone. That'll have given the falcons to win so kinda crazy yeah that worked out Carson once was out for the Eagles and it was Super Bowl MVP nick polls leading the Eagles under senator. I he struggled hopefuls was 1934 for just a 117 yards no touchdowns one interception delta one cat out of the backfield as the Eagles ran Phillies special again lately because yeah it's horrible 52 against the patriots Q. Yeah out Matt Bryant for the falcons used when he won a 43 for 251 yards and he also like Apple's had no touchdowns with one interception. The Balkans also lost the Tiki on O'Neal for the season to a torn ACL nagging the game elsewhere around the league nose tackle Eddie eagle and an. Chicago mayors agree to a four year contract extension during the 20/20 season. And speaking of the players they made big news. Right after the show here last week on Saturday. Trading 21 round picks to the raiders for legal Mac former UB standout. And also making in the highest paid defensive player ever a day after air Donaldson from the rams got. Biggest contract ever for defense the players so. Kind of say there is music he constantly competing with the money yeah audio that that's the thing when these guys Chinese record breaking deals that it sets the the market for those the league players that's what keeps you these bigger and bigger contracts. Odd body Parker returned to dolphins' practice for the first time in over a month but he's not expect the play Sunday against the titans Los Angeles chargers defense enjoy both the did not practice for a second straight day. He's been ruled out of Sunday's season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs funeral foot injury. Heidi after the San Francisco 49ers elected Richard Sharon as their player represented at the veteran quarterback expressed his belief that a lockout this coming in the NFL collective bargaining agreement expires the currency BA between players and FL owners does expired to after the point when he sees in. A lot from there is an ECB to be negotiated owners locked out players for months during the 2011 offseason. That the sides eventually hammered out ten year deal before the regular season was jeopardize so policy all a couple of years now that happens the other night games are missed and it's always contentious those negotiations. Cindy McCain will carry on her late husband's passion for the Arizona Cardinals on Sundays Cindy the widow of Senator John McCain will be the cardinals honorary captain before their regular season opener against the against Washington. But he announced Friday there's Twitter account McCain will join the team midfield for the pregame coin toss alongside my line alongside wide receiver Larry FitzGerald who listened to accuse you might tie this morning. You know I didn't even notice that the yet I went in the closet would overtime pay and axis of Ghana have Warren Michigan. And this season it just came off its leaders zone cardinals. Time yeah very appropriate nice. Really. Divine intervention on the a year he knew all the talk about the the cardinals day chart and all we got the bills coming in tomorrow against the ravens that's coming up at 8:30 this morning with the Buffalo Bills report. As he AA football a couple of big games last week at number nine Auburn upset number six Washington 2116. Number twelve Notre Dame squeaked by number fourteen Michigan when he for seventeen. On ring Maryland upset number 23 Texas 3429. In a big upset number 25 LSU beating number eight Miami 3317. And number twenty Virginia Tech upset Florida State number nineteen or is the big time 24 to three. Began today keep an eye on 830 number ten staffers at home against number seventeen USC. And locally college football the UB bulls won their opener last week 4810 over Delaware State. The bulls are on the road today taking on temple kick off is 330. Major League Baseball the Major League Baseball Players Association faulted the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday for not calling up touted prospect in current buffalo bison Vladimir Guerrero junior thing the decision was bad for all involved. When the blue. Thus the quicker he's called up the series eligible for free agency and potentially big payday so kind of sad is he not be called up lightly because of the financial aspect. But in on our way Ohio I don't understand. I get it from from a financial side they're not play offline there you know this suit they call him up a scenario like a likely got to give a big payday the same time I hear a little related note. Greer junior was in the twenty team minor league player of the year by baseball America and yelled quite a few guys are getting called up from the minors for Lou with the expanded forty man roster you'd you know he's the ironically horny gators rolled round. You would think that would be a problem and all you have but you know that we once. I mean he's he's going to be a stunt and in the Major League I wonder what his rookie contracts up have to pay in big money he's gonna walk away in free agency and they know that they want you know trying to laid out by another year's cellar. How does that see that happen but he'll he'll likely make the club out of spring training next year. A Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia has been shut down the rest of the 2018 season but is expected to be ready for next year that he said. A funny story here I don't know if you saw this earlier in the week Todd Frazier if its people onto the thinking he made a catch he did it. But he swears he didn't planet in Monday's game against the Dodgers in Los Angeles the Mets third baseman dove into the stands a fair foul ball. After the tumble he showed the umpire the ball got the alcohol and then quickly tossed the ball back into the stands. Only problem was it wasn't ball hit by the Dodgers Alex verdugo it was a rubber ball that he happened crab after it was in the real wondering if fall on my face at first he thought it was a real ball but after quickly realizing he'd stick lethal to cats to the anyway we'll all any ice would -- is why I try doing that kind of all the time and any time you get a free Alley that you take the chance so Lockett has been a proponent off. And kind of a crazy story here Detroit tigers' television announcers Mario and kemba and rod Allen had been suspended for the rest of the season. After allegedly getting into a physical ought. Altercation before game Tuesday in Chicago apparently they got into a fight for the game a fist fight and now both suspended for the rest of the season. So. I don't know no report on what precipitated the fight but just kind of interesting crazy there yet years. Ago and you probably don't remember it is but. Brad monsters. Who was on CBS. And his sidekick. For commentary was Jimmy the Greek Snyder. And one night there were out in a restaurant day got into it and I guess must murder. Brent got the worst part of it he was on the year the next day with the black guy. Early yeah it's it doesn't need to have more often you know especially with with a Major League Baseball announcers could mean they're they're a 162 games you're you're around each other you know month at a time I could see you know nerves getting worn down overtime. Got a thriving you know stuff like that doesn't have a more ultimately had to be suspended the rest of the season. I'd Miley baseball buffalo bison and their season on an eleven game losing streak including being slut in their final three series by Pawtucket Rochester Syracuse. Other season ended Monday with a two nothing shut out loss to Syracuse. And BA and is Kevin Garnett is doing an account in an accountant and his firm alleging they helped a wealth managers still 77 million dollars from the retired Minnesota Timberwolves involve the Celtics star. I he I would like to have so much money that I didn't realize said he seven million dollars was stolen from me that that's right because who I thought I like how how do you not realize. That much money's been taken away from you before you get 37 million dollars kind of crazy there. And Udonis has them and the heat have agreed to a one year 2.4 million dollar contract that will keep him in his home team count for a sixteenth season. And finally wrapping up an NHL is the Columbus Blue Jackets have given contract extension as their top three hockey executives. And five months removed from reconstructive shoulder surgery Vladimir terse terrorists and go in he's on the verge of being there playing games and he's hoping to be back on the ice for training camp next week. With the sports on injured Clark. All right it's time right now for the weather. Sponsored by upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram cache their beautiful selections on line. At www. Upstate CJ. Dot com. 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By upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. 12 on a five prospect street in Attica. And by pioneer propane. Of spring. Our rights as we have the first game of. Season tomorrow. Down in Baltimore the Buffalo Bills and the ravens. And John Simon. I could make it in this morning I just found out about it. So we have. A guy who is very well versed. From my WG are in the studio Derek Kramer. Who knows a Buffalo Bills and of course or Andrew Clark. All right guys here's what I know about the Buffalo Bills. I know we lost. Three great offensive linemen last year. And I know that were weak in that department. I know but quarterbacks. And I know about mr. McCoy. And you guys spill in the that despite stared Derek what do you think about Buffalo Bills this year. Well this year it's a lot of flood a mystery and personally for me. Had it. It couldn't come at a better time when it comes to no playoff drought hanging over our hats. And there's less pressure on this team to win now this year. There's net I mean obviously the staff wants to win that's obviously going to be given but. The fan pressure in the media pressures not going to be nearly as high because. Shots gone that's over with Don new slate here. So for me personally. This is there's a hall past year I think that if they go foreign twelve. I'm a shrug my shoulders and go cool who's the top ten welcoming didn't draft if they go 97 again that I think is there's ceiling but at the same time. I also picked that for for the team's record for the year so. I think gives a gift Peerman they give originates in Peerman. Protection. Now he looked pretty good in couple of two pre season games. He it was a completing passes and he was getting protection. But did Josh Allen need that poor kid he got killed. You know. Andy what's your take. Yeah I I agree there having a lot of question marks around this team and you know the Golan where the other with neither Fuhrman you know he obviously struggled last year his limited time that you'd like you guys say look in the pre season. A lot of the junk are curious about how long a leash or they gonna give him before you know they make the call it's time to go to Josh Al and I don't we will see that tomorrow in in week one or even week to week three IDB further down the line you know once they want it's clear they're season's not going towards the playoffs. On but I also agree on every year being negative already. You mean they're not going to be a Super Bowl contender. All you brush and whenever another again there's a lot of question marks and I I I agree there a lot of pressure not on an issue that there's been over the past you know decade to two decades with the playoff drought that takes a lot of pressure off. Com by a yell get a lot of question marks McCoy did it a lot of time the three seasons so how rusty is he going to be. And as far as tomorrow's game is concerned price can be raining the entire time he be wet really nasty weather. I would think they're gonna rely on the ground game and again you know how conditioned as Michael Al ready if you carry a huge workload. And you know that dolphins lined it will blow it. Here is something that how about that the trade of McCarron. Honestly getting up pick for a guy that was going to be your third quarterback and the depth chart is a steal any sort of picked. The raiders urges drug dealing net anyway so I mean they'd just critical little Mac earlier in the day and then they give another pick away for free for what the bills' third quarterback Wallace. Because former bill it EJ Manuel wasn't cut and as the backup. So I hate taking any weekend asked for tomorrow's game. And as for actually the offensive line concerns in and as a whole. One of the reasons that I feel okay with me computer and right now is this. We had a three man caught competition quarterback I'm my biggest concern was for the lot of everything hole. Please just let someone win the dang thing don't make it the lesser of three evils I want someone go ahead and win this thing needs computer and did. And with the offensive line concerns you saw AJ McCarron get beat up in the Cleveland game pre season you saw Josh don't get beat up in Cincinnati game pre season. You did not senior computer and clutched against Carolina with the stars like balls out quit get it out of there. Rhythm passing. He's got his reads locked arm priests now he's hit he's getting that ball out quick which is exactly. The remedy for what is right now of the trouble ailing bills the office of. V. The kid they're from. Patriots I've got a mental block or two which is the quarterback there. It was great patriots poverty yeah Brady aren't the today's top internal but. He always. He is a quick release guy. For the most part but they always have. A safety guy. You know debt taken just drop and over the middle like tree four yards and he takes off now. I don't know why we can't do that. Honestly it's just about have in the hot on the hot read as it's called and Peter is good at recognizing what that is what I see with Nathan Peerman and don't get mad at anyone axis. Is a Ryan Fitzpatrick type guy who can get the ball out quick basket rhythm passing not gonna stretch the field vertically that's Patrick's biggest problems were. He's far more aggressive than Peerman. And he would try to stretch the field try to go dot. Downfield on deep balls and how many times have we seen under thrown intercepted idea from Ryan Fitzpatrick Peter and doesn't even try as he knows it's not his game. But you know six years ago he started off with those four panels and he also was part of a team that had aide read full defense that. Edit offense with Ryan Fitzpatrick at home for the first couple years that should have made the playoffs it was a playoff caliber offense. With him Stevie Johnson Fred Jackson. Many and how their pencil. Mason Peter and is going to be that quick release guy that reminds me of Ryan Fitzpatrick except without the aggression that leads to bad decisions. That is where I think that. With this woeful offensive line. Maybe it actually comes up to help them biggest challenge I'm looking for and the biggest thing I am watching tomorrow is. Can Dion Dawkins. Holds down Terrell Suggs one of them still one of the most premiere passengers in the NFL. Dawkins proved. Thirteen games last year starting at left tackle he can do that it's but now it's about taking that next step you're too. You know players are watching film on either gonna try to find out how to beat you and drill site has been doing this for years. About it. And he's got a clip. Yes actually I Geiger LeSean McCoy you're talking about being ready to go to Mars season opener not so far. Let's get back on their machines running on little bit. The wood is an affiliate of the net for football shape the place. When was okay. Form of a lot of songs a ticking time it's on this. Scott. They're right on brother I believe that hey summer deals are still. Yes they honor and upstage Chevrolet. And they still have that first responder discount. Here's some lease deals for upstage her relate 2018. Cruise LT. For 181. On months. Here's 2018. Silverado double cab. 15100. Z 714. By apple or mama. Four to 47 to really. This is a 44000. Dollar vehicle for 247. Among. How about some pre owned. Vehicles like 2015. Chevrolet sonic LT. Or 101000 dollars. And I gave you know one more right here. At 2008 team Buick LaCrosse. That's Ryan loved the color so it has those 7000 miles on it. 430000. Dollars them. 36 main street in Attica. Look him up on line that Chevy that a good outcome. 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Hey buffalo Tim lynch here from Michael local office so he just got your auto renewal and your rates went up again let me help you say call me they three to thirty to 53 or just stop them across from the boulevard mall on tunnel Wanda open evenings and Saturdays for your convenience. Are you getting ripped off on your real name called pioneer propane incorporated. At 7165922068. Locally owned and operated. Residential commercial and agricultural services. And they also provide automatic delivery. 24 hour emergency service. Claim to be efficient energy for every need that's a contract guaranteed. What are you paying for your. Pioneer broke. To nineteen in spring bill 71659226. Years. Get ripped off this year roll pioneer pro. 7165921868. All right tomorrow our Buffalo Bills. In Baltimore to plays a ravens. And how about some predictions right now Derrick. But there's rain. There's two offenses that are operate. A lot of talk is being made about this game about how bad bill's authors is how good the ravens defense is not enough about the done. I jokingly call the ravens a politically correct offense that because they don't do much offensively. And the ravens aren't accurate I don't respect Joseph Flacco I'd never really half and when for example. Last year in the week seventeen game against Cincinnati once Tyler Boyd scored that touchdown from any dom I knew it was because I knew Joseph Flacco wasn't getting it. Don't expect a lot touchdowns expect a lot of sloppy play. This is one of those games that not many people are going to be watching nationally and it's a good thing. I'm seeing me. Thirteen. Ten bills. Only one touchdown aside and Stephen house is one that gets it done. To help the bills when it's all right how about you were Andrew. Exactly is their I I read the guiding the weather's going to be a huge factor and I and I also have thirteen ten bills that's like Harry downer or really yeah okay it's not you little play I would think on the fantasy side of things. Marcus Murphy's gonna take some carries. And I mean the Shawn McCoy is only just getting back into the sewing things in. Chris I res more of that thumper type that. Chris Ivory might seem like a guy that in a in a rainy sloppy condition you might wanna use but this team really likes Marcus Murphy he's starting as the punt return as well. And a guy that throughout the season. He might be someone that. He's gonna steal carries steals some points still some touchdowns maybe throughout the year from the call so be ready for that as well. All right well I am lord I'm not far behind you guys. I'll save buffalo fifteen to nine does that Alter ovals. I wouldn't I wouldn't doubt it yeah laying around you it probably most of no enemy Dana it's it's going to be monsoon is suppose you know lot of rain but whatever. Derek Cramer from WG our sister station down the hall. I thank you so much thanks or bring him in right brother Andrew we've back into music now. People men and small news Paul. Okay. They always. And yeah. Me. Do match. You know. It broke. Home. Taking orders. We'll motivation now. Greens. And Lou. These. Yeah and that's. Laden. And ask. I. And now it's. Which. So those lonely yeah. I analysts and these. My. Leaving. The. This. Okay. Knowing. It's. AM drifting one AW KB. MW. On this Saturday morning September 8 2018. Crystal Gayle. And nobody wants a deal. Before that Eddy raven. And free to be. I had a few signs may go for me. Few weeks ago they came on absolutely beautiful. From on the mark sides 5758. South Park avenue in Hamburg. They are the best when it comes to signage. And graphics. 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And yeah he. Its groove there. And then. Okay. Clemson. We'll do one night. And they don't seem so alone. We did do. Hey let's. Didn't tell my children. You're listening to be a crucial voice update you people's 50000 watch ESPN this. Twenty WW. KB buffalo.