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You're listening to the official voice of they do people's 50000 YE SPN 1520 WW. KB. Buffalo. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and we'll reveal a lot of residing in the way it really I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gifts like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. I don't love making Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson. It's a great show and as. Monica would say it's a hum business. The doctor. And now. Because it seemed like it dude idea what we were grown due needed cheap tale. Do you Suze thank you did. Mutations. You found the original. It's hey day I tell you what a beautiful Saturday morning. Happens to be July 14. 201872. Degrees. And a great big good morning to you and you know. Growing older is mandatory. Growing up as optional. And laughing at yourself is there appears. The number one weekend radio variety show arrives here in buffalo and you've got it on your radio right now baby. As a way checked him out be a lot. Forecast. And here's where it says a chance. Thunderstorm. In the area today. High temperatures of around 83. Overnight low tonight seventy. Tomorrow. Periods of sun. And humid highs near 84. Monday. Maybe a thunderstorm in spots highs around 86. Right now the lake front and 69 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International. Airport 72. And a little down to is we've got 72 degrees. At the originals. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning you've got it. This is the radio shows that buffalo wakes up to. On Saturday morning it's located. At AM fifteen to one AW OJ being. W. Oh. And I. Okay. Yeah let me. I had its. It is. What this is not on. It's. It's. Not a solo homer and I. Miles away yeah. Yeah run and lose you lose. Gone and I knew my golden. So. OK. A win. Okay okay. Okay. So I'm okay. Okay. It's. It's. A little. We miss to slam of the night Ramona it's. Time for and then we'll ask those guys into the ground. But we'll. Move mountains you want me and I. There is around the news buffalo. So it's. Okay and I. Okay. My. We have a man known beyond. Me in my okay. It is. Can. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's still just. I. News. Yeah. You know. Pat down. Power CIA helped stage Chevrolet five new roads too shabby of etiquette. Shop on lines one of our seven and Chad the of Attica. That count. Part time lover Stevie Wonder. It is 707. I'm doctor. And you know who you're eyes don't you. Andy you know I mean year older as of last Monday. But not terrorism. Signs of it are creeping. This morning. I a lost my telephone. And I could not find my cell phone. And there wasn't in its normal spot. Wasn't in the car look at all over the place Florida. 4:30 this morning. And wouldn't you know. I reach in my shirt pocket. And some of again I mean my poppy was was on the couch and she resolve frustrated too because I couldn't find my phone. And then after a foundation gives readers. Silly look like you'd dope and. So anyway it you know getting holders interest period Tuesday. On the phone. Right now you're gonna be live on the air Tommy James good morning. Hey listen I met this man and two Allegheny hills golf course. And restaurant. When was. Tuesday yes. And Tommy I said hi to arm and he sat down and talk to me for about an hour. And you've got quite a story don't listen there's the Tommy James. Andy you're a singer you're now you're now would the show on dells but there's. I know not a meanwhile are. Let's may. There's a song you wanna hear that you said you haven't heard a long time what is it. It's what are green ball. I was one hit wonder spared most that I make is already know. All right Andy you got that. Is Meredith says say it again Tom. Norman green balloons. One hit wonder nineteen certainly Juliet strayer a scat. Screaming and missed the streaming in disguise. Spear who. All okay all right all right. We've got it now so look at. Andy's gonna look good up and a you gave listening and you shouted you shot an 82 on Tuesday at a news. Yes I did the best of my lines. And debts up now so we you're getting. Now we're days you're getting better. Yeah I wanna shoot my agent I dislike electorate suddenly break. How about that. Well look good buddy you keep listening in we'll try to get that song I'm forward. Aren't doing it thank you that it ought that's a beautiful thing. I well. All right bought it yeah thank you Tommy James and quite well there are a lobby. All right Bob led the great yeah. You're 2:10. Minutes after 7 o'clock. It's figuring out of 1972. I think was a year this song was out. Right here by Carly Simon. Allowances. Than when she talks about Saratoga is sure. You're so vain. Odd KP baby. It's. Mac you. It was gone. You. And roads V. You. Man. Time. Today. Am. In line. Seeing. So. You'll win. That's it's. I have a. Seeing. From the pioneer propane studios said KV. Lots. Are you paying for you or propane. Call 18061581. There for these forward. All right Norman. Green bomb. Is that it yet. That's bomb last agreement UI. This is not us. I don't remember that song. Maybe they didn't play it in Albany. But I 1972. I mean I covered the gamut. Is sparse pop rock and country. And I don't remember that song. But it it's not that goes out to Tommy James. And by the way Tommy James. And this year on Dell's will be coming up. Would do hanky tank he soon here. It is 90 minutes after 7 o'clock. Should. It's spelled. During the bottle as we look to do you are depending twenty spots WW can be and you call us and instincts and he's really. Funny and who. Didn't. The beautiful eighteen hole golf course with a three hole practice facility it's easy to get to take two to nineteen expressway to Tennessee wrote. 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Claim to be efficient energy for every need that's a contract guaranteed. What are you paying for your. I they're broke. To nineteen in spring bill 71659226. Years. Don't get ripped off this year alone pioneer broke paying 7165921868. A little sad story of folks go to the doctor. And check out my new website with a bio pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday mornings. And while you're there click onto Geico and Tim lynch. And get a free quote on your auto and homeowners. That stood doctor. At the same time and save some money on insurance with Jim Lynch and Geico. Riddell kids. Hey buffalo Tim lynch here from Michael local office so he just got your lottery -- your rates went up again let me help you say call me they three to thirty to 53 or just stop them across from the boulevard mall on tunnel Wanda open evenings and Saturdays for your convenience. Major market radio and a larger markets. Professional division and service of it is. Whether segment time sponsored by Barton Brothers Chevrolet. We're the noble deals ask for Chad or Dennis. Call 1866466. What a 784. 613. West main street in arcade. Check amount on line at Martin's brother Chevrolet. At Martin Brothers same low prices. Locally owned and they're community driven. And well not to. And it's a beautiful morning what a great ride in this morning to opt out. It's it was a nervous them. A thunderstorm may be in the area today high temperatures around 83 overnight low tonight seventy. Periods of sun tomorrow. Highs near 84. Thunderstorm in spots on Monday. High near 86. Right now lake front 69 airport 72. Add a little down town 72 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You've got to kids AM fifteen to one AWK. Could be deadly year. They leave it. That hanky bank. Okay. The okay. It could. Lab they even. Lanky bank. We need. Okay. A formal. He continued. Me locking in loans around. It's. Drinking and David. That hey you bang. I know. He's. It's. I. Okay. He has locking in on down the land. Owens. It's. Man being in the laminated thing. OK okay. Okay it's. Okay we. It's. What can. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. I. I. Okay. Okay. I. Okay. It well. Con men do. All of you know okay. We just pulled. You are. Mom. You at all. You. You lose. Is. And I'll. Okay. Okay. Okay look news. At all. News. Do. The good mom thing. Hi all. Yeah. Real radio starts here unfair and unbalanced you web phones like that we're right here. Ultimate fantastical. Ferrying young 1968. And I just came to get my baby out of here before that. Before that. We heard from Carly Simon. And your soul. Thing. Tell you little story about her young. I met him the first time it was December of 1970. I was working at. WA SNL and Augusta Georgia. And he was on the show he opened it up and Porter and Ali and Jack green geniuses right. But anyway he comes flying off to stage in. My body ever Lowe who was there's Jack down there with me. And voters sitting here visiting what Jack and Jeannie. And Aaron does he says anybody wanna go up and see my new 80000 dollar busts. But today be worth about. 450000. And so many rights and Argo so I was the only one that went. And we go up there and he is meted tore at any changes disclose any standing there is under order talk and to me. You know what a character. For you never forget that night. All right. Another story for. On Monday in my birthday. Talked to Jimmy starter first time in awhile. And he's doing great he said to mazes are you still a year older isn't me. I said what do you think. Take again. But anyway. He sent me two of his latest albums. And misses his brand new one that is advertising. On his television and radio shows. And it's called. Going to be good times. And the deal exists. It is. A vocal done by Frankie. You're better match. But we're gonna get into that song momentarily after we tell you about who it's sponsored by. Read Lansky meets. Your butcher 1585. 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Not this radio show we don't follow standards. We create them. Were unpredictable. You never know what's gonna happen later this year. What I'm gonna play. A mean I go from third young in 1968. To Rod Stewart in his rock so. Major hit in 1971. Maggie Mae it is the mis hear 754. Work. Which is what is that does say from the other and if you happen to be ambit Dexter is six minutes before eight. Is that an Andy. Yet that there aren't. Here's a dale. We're supposed to have some kind of fight your alarm this morning at 8 o'clock so to hear a lot of noise in the background and I'm I'm doing something on the air. Just ignored okay. Why wouldn't they do that at midnight which is what they have to do at 8 o'clock Saturday morning using the you do it over rightly too in the morning 3 in the morning either and there's timing. And hey Tommy. One of our main engineers. A top. Good morning lesson you gonna do that to fire alarm thing. What did you guys do at a midnight. You don't know okay. What are you go around him. Anyway fix my clock. The that some Mattie was a great kid. All right wanna tell you about Audubon golf course bar and restaurant. With a brand new bar and grill. Called shorting is and it's outside. It really is it was a big. One of those wide screen TVs. And nice new bar. And gorgeous bartenders. The me today is these girls are. Old war it's all run by Daryn. Colledge Jeff skate who starts serving breakfast at 6 AM until eleven. They have lunch specials. And one fantastic golf course Natalia. You want a great tournament there. Under their pavilion. You were callebs Brian that's 716597515. War. 500 maple road. In. Amber's. On line they are addicts. Audubon Amherst all one word Audubon Amherst dot com. Earn. Right now hold. We have Trisha Yearwood. And she's in love with toys. Some peculiar reason may be shipped Ellis aren't on cape days. Yeah it's. Yeah. They're an awful lot. And hang. In as little as ten. Yeah. It's. News. Yeah announced. Him. In some. It's. Tell me. Is that something. That is played them so it's. And maintenance yeah. It'll build. Oh yeah. Okay. You're listening to be a crucial voice someday you'll people's 50000 YE SPN 1520. WW KB. Buffalo. Because they don't lack of good food good people on TV. Guess who's back go on the radio. Just lesson laugh and learn the best radio. On the radio and you are witness to it right now kids. It is at 8 o'clock. And we're gonna check out the weather forecast. Sponsored by its are great folks who buy and sell investment goldmans over. They buy and sell coins and now in stock they've got to 2018. Gold and silver Eagles. Look my darker and about ride cheers gold and gifts. 96. Hamburg street in Easter rural. Family owned and operated for over thirty years gold and gifts 96 Hamburg street in east Iraq. Wholesale and retail. And they are brokers in fine jewelry jabs precious metals and estate jewelry. Specializing in diamond engagement and wedding rings phone's 6554545. Right down from Sammy scar wife Jamie star runner. Golden and gifts. I don't complain we waited. Weather is all winter and it was a long workers mr. You know. A thunderstorm in the area maybe today. High temperatures around 83 overnight low tonight seventy. Periods of sun and humid tomorrow 84. May be thunderstorm on Monday. And a high temperatures. Ground eighties it right now lake front 71. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport we are up to 75. And the little downtown. 76 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning you've got it debuted. This is a radio show that buffalo wakes up here every Saturday morning. Located at AM fifteen to money WK. Deeds definitely. Phone phone broke a bone. We. Al how I'm back to today it's it's here Kuerten in the Fannie. Let me look at the Koran you you've got bat in the bucket calm me out tucked it. If you say you can that you can say you can't and I think she can sell it can't. Comedy adapted to. Remember I started at the bottom and stayed there. We can't we can't go. So we'll just. And I. Now being do you stool you clean. We didn't. And tapped me fuel level. They. And again we. Winning okay. Don't need. Then run. You. Yeah. Yes I did. And lows of the little. And things. You stay with me to Mac. Break born in my. Dana. Then the this pack. Major market radio and a large market sound. Professional division ad service. Jan eight. At a big guests saw him on TV yesterday from. 1981 he was on pop goes the country and our teacher. And just get up and closed door so we wanted to do you know Andy's coming up with sports here at 815. And that day subtly it would DKB speedway record at 830 but India I want to compliment you that was an excellent. Helped report at 745. Back in a wanna tell you that. I had a ton of energy yesterday I did now worked off outside all day. Except for a little hour nap in the afternoon. But it's. I came in last night I'm allergic to knock. I came in last night. In my eyes would stop enriching. You know you should now. For a couple of hours sitting there watching TV but anyway. The very good report appreciate so much. We've got 76 degrees already. That's temperature. Here's. And sometimes I get lucky. And four against crime cave deep vein. Stay out lay. Game and now. Waves. All my. And CNN. Gold is round. Okay. He's. Home game. And here mom. And laying there. Okay. It's. Okay. Okay. This I mean. News NN. First NB. I mean. Did and no I. As. Ball game. And we used to okay. Okay. It's. Powered by upstate Chevrolet five new roads to shed the Vatican. Shop on line 2147. It should avenue that it. That count Jane Watson. 11 minutes after 8 o'clock. Oh boy here he is nine and eight. And I. You know tee yeah he's a doctor he he he he he. Oh goodness. And looking at it and hands me yeah has nabbed. And from. You know war. Never. I mean ninety. Yeah. I'm telling you archer exit. Here is that Ringo Starr. I'm K do. I. And is it fair game in Ringo starter. And they don't come easy. Terrible anguish. Seems like all the singers and songwriters and they. Like to do it don't matter stuff. And of course it should be document but then. It is time for sports. And it's sponsored lives are great folks I was over there went on Thursday. The wonderful people that upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram catch they're beautiful selections. On line. And upstate seat. Upstate dodge Chrysler Jeep and ram incorporated. One point 85 prospect street in Attica. What a selection of new and used vehicles. Shop on line at upstate DCJ dot com. Caller give me a call at 1803119871. This worth the short trip to upstate dodged Chrysler Jeep ram at 125. Prospect streets in Attica. Where the deal is always the appeal. And I'll work the latest. In sports. Here's Andrew. Clark thank you doctor. Is it doesn't think the talk about starting with the NBA Jimmy Butler turned out for year 100 million dollar offer from his current team the Minnesota Timberwolves. Which means but will likely either be treated or walk after the coming season as a free agent. Jabari Parker the Chicago Bulls are making progress on an offer sheet deals possible as early as today. And Los Angeles Lakers point Armando ball undergo arthroscopic knee surgery on Tuesday to repair his ailing gluttony. FL news and big news locally here bills running back LeSean McCoy in the news and not for good reason. Marjorie price on this story docking was awarded a McCoy former girlfriend. The lists accordent had been assaulted during home invasion she's calling points out of the whole thing. According court had been involved in a residential dispute as he's filed has he had filed Abbott now it's now she's pulling back on that kind of denying. You know it's it's a really public hitting crazy story at first they claim that McCoy was one that has altered and he said he he was the one set an all out now she's got a lot of back. On the whole I heard her others injured his lawyer. On the radio this morning. And pieces you know show me some concrete evidence mean because it is she's just throwing it around names and things like that. Yet the big the big claim that she had cordoned had was that the burglar robber on demanded jewelry specific jeweler that Nicole had given her. That the they've had all kinds issues beat beat the baloney honorary you know it. Oh yea I would users pistol at Yellowstone yet easy to picture he had blood all over him like dirt bag yet it's it's a long running thing though he in in June of this year recorded filed to have her evicted from his Georgia home police it also responded for nonviolent domestic dispute between according Corrina the home on July 3 when he seventeen and April 112018. So yeah a lot of history there really crazy orange are more likely to come out of it as the investigation continues. And also political a.'s future here in buffalo and questions a lot deceive he's leaving them on the roster depending on the outcome of the investigation. You know we don't need that. Yan and also for you mention his lawyer you know who his lawyer is. It's the same guy who defended Ray Lewis in 2000 in his double murder trial. He's a Georgia lawyers a cameo makes sense the high profile lawyer lobby experience knows that area while so. Equitably has represented another beauty Ramos his head. Well that's what they're they're running back DeMarco Murray has announced his retirement after seven seasons Marie is thirty years old which is usually about entering backs are to see a decline in their production. Perhaps he thought it was better to walk away with it help that problem is game. And away using goes before players arguing about the land of doing some kind of game commentary somewhere either play by play or you know on the pregame hype it's not that the view on fox in. And CBS and all the pregame stuff so we'll see where he ends up now put anybody on you know some of these guys have trouble talked. Yeah I'll play a little mullah my favorite ones is Tony Roma I I I've always like Tony does a good job I would like to the player and yam find a lot of the commentator you feel like he has psychic abilities he's calling plays before they even happen yeah lighter you know Indian. A lot of fun two loss call games. Other vote on Tuesday Pro Football Hall of Fame would not acknowledged fraud with individually during shrine weekend and Kane hall next pocket urgent care in Ohio next month. All thin executive director Joseph Morgan told the talk of fame sports network on Thursday quote the focus on the guys who were here there's no reason to bring him up as an individual he's not here. Always announced last month that he would not attend the ceremonies scheduled for August 3 fourth would instead give a speech it is all the mater the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Well it will deliver his acceptance speech a speech on campus August 4. Major League Baseball and he has been usually all thirty and is this Tuesday July 17 starting lineup the National League is as follows. Catcher wolf you can trade is first baseman Freddy Freeman second baseman Javier bay as third baseman Nolan. Aaron auto shortstop rating Crawford and outfielders Nick Markakis Matt Kemp and Bryce Harper starting on the mountain and old and captures your. The American legal beat catcher Wilson Ramos first baseman Jose Abreu second baseman Jose helped Hubei. Third baseman Jose Ramirez shortstop meaning that shot Al outfielders Mike trot era in judgment he bats. As it's scary how theory there and JD Martinez conservative DH filed with the third veto starting pitcher that AL. Los Angeles dangerous angels rather have placed veteran slugger Albert pools on the DL the inflammation. And 39 year old Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley will will retire at the seasons and only cities retiring to spend more time with his wife and two sons. Finally wrapping up what Miley baseball action a tough game out there devices they lost on the road last night Lehigh Valley higher peaks 1413. Giving up a yes or runs in the bottom of the ninth blow a thirteen ten lead. A starter Matt Tracy got a no decision for buffalo pitched well he went five innings giving up two runs despite hits. But the bullpen could hold it for the win and Cotter fifth got the loss for the heard. By looking back on track tonight on the road against Lehigh Valley first pitches to 35 PM your sports I'm Andrew Clark. You know speaking of the Buffalo Bills Lander and people don't realize. But the first exhibition game. Is three weeks away yet that's all August fixed and it's unbelievable I honest. Well this weather segment as sponsored by upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. Catch their beautiful selections on line and www. Upstate CJ dot com. And sent yours aside by calling 158559106. Emanate. And then take that are short ride to their beautiful campus. At 12185. Prospect street in Attica. And you will be embraced not yet. As I always is and I go there you know for me. Let me tell you now a thunderstorm in the area today. Whatever area I guess the part about the metro. High temperatures around 83 overnight low tonight seventy. Periods of sun and humid tomorrow high 84. A thunderstorm in spots on Monday. 86. Lake front 71. Right now the airport 75. As a Luke downtown. 76. To graze at Cape May. AM fifteen to one AW KV Dover. I. We. Lesson laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. Sawyer brown. And some girls did. Lightly. They don't reveal more ideas. Maybe I haven't tried hard not you know domain but some girls do what those guys raise tree farm dot com. Who are these guys that you know by now. Today are the people who have to beautiful on the first. All the spruce trees you'd ever want. And a day have no enemy enemy who director. It is over 500. Acres. And a half a million trees in the ground. Back in 1950 they started out as a Christmas tree farm. In 1997. They went to. Go on daytime. And they will start digging again. September 15 and to break through December. If you would like to order. You your. China first white spruce black heels Bruce I'm gonna get some bulldozers let go places. Pick up and delivery here to pick him up yourself you can haven't delivered four to twelve feet. Now. Look them up on line reached tree farms dot com. Then column output to your reporter. 3728628. British sound this is Doug Stone. And you went a different light on. Hey bay. Every loan. Fall into the. And it's. Here. It's. Again. And see fast. You can. Know a lot of key. Or. And gives. We. I. Phil. Yes. Yeah. I. Yeah. It's a third aid. Time for the KB speedway report sponsored by app state Chevrolet. Attica. I upstage Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram 125. Prospect street in Attica. Buys six lumber and building supplies in Chafee and little valley. We're friendly service. Is family tradition. By javy up farm supplies. 31 mile long route 39 in New York sheer. By Sammy his car watch details center. And pet rocks that are their dollar mark and 170 grey street in East Aurora. And by these guys here DNA as house sale. Genesee a transit in Lancaster. What's quality Korea owned automobiles. Interest free. You buy there you pay there. By precision re manufactured engines. New and use. 3160. Union road cheek to monitor. Their warranty that matches there cooperative. Good morning to our body was always on speed. Dave so good morning director. I take it did did you grow out of freedom last night I did indeed all right did frank Bork finder it I'll be a son of a what do you do have you paged. Dolly came up to the boat talking to earlier. Get ready to race yet because he told me on Thursday had a ball that. Well he came up. League went cheek did you all he had good and nice man. While we're gonna have far. Everytime I go to visit him. At the store like Thursday beats me. Reagan did they do you know I'll listen he gave us the U and B. One of those told bags things. Did you put on your golf cart you torture beer and oh really and your speed and you marijuana aisle while the great sought I've got a bag for you but anyway. What's your bag this morning. I begged this morning I'm going to be. Bit of a soap box. Joseph Gibbs owns. JGR Joseph Gibbs racing in his two drivers. Among others. Kyle Busch. And Erick gill. And the difference between these two guys is. Huge and I just don't know what I review gives what I'd be thinking. Remember two weeks ago at Chicago there was that controversial ending. Where Kyle Busch decided that he wanted to win more than you want to be fair so studded. Kyle are well that hasn't gone away. That that story is is reverberating around and it ripped it brought things Specter and part two perspective now. Anybody is listen to me before and also I know no big Kyle Busch fans and there's a lot of reasons for that I've been around them enough. And I've seen does that and that's the frustrating thing about. Kyle Busch is he's probably the most talented driver out there. The troubling part of it he's also the biggest jerk says. They they do not need at NASCAR's highest level. You don't need to. What he did and what he does he he's listed he's been totally on apologetic for what he did he say you do what you have to do to win. He paid drill. Kyle Larson. And it and then he said well YouTube and see what needed to Maine that he couple less before. Couple lip before driving side by side they -- date based traded below paint. Nothing. That would prompt someone to dump another guy to win. And then when he did it he says you have to do whatever you. Can't to win this and of what frustrated me is that there were that there were a lot of people in his camp. And I want the one that bothered me the most is Ricky craven now Ricky craven won a race. Against Jeff Gordon where the exact same thing what happens remain in boxes up that they were coming down to the end. I never banging each other in the back and forth okay I concede that. But to his days at him dumping Kyle Larson. At the end made for great race I don't see Kyle Larson. Is the it is the epitome of fairness. And when they asked him what he thought of the the thing and eat it that they positions has been there have been reversed. He said look he says I just won't do it I don't have the stomach for it and I think that was planted because. NASCAR. Everest since the intimidator that I didn't draw on him. But ever since the intimidator they have been looking for assembly solar roam the difference between that. And and Kyle Busch is that Kyle Busch. Is that classics silver's own I've told you this before he has had everything is Ian. They've been the casinos in Vegas they've got everything their way the problem with Kyle Busch is. He doesn't know how to Wear the mantle he doesn't know how to Wear the crown and the worst thing he does an asterisk equally bug me. And I need to do more than one. When he got out of that car. And of course you're gonna get it you're gonna get it because everybody in the place knew how he won there edible and what he does is he wrote his side. You'll like like fake tears any any any he taught the people. You know I just wanna say this. I'm gonna tick off a lot of people. But it would be the first time. Dale Earnhardt. Nice man beautiful guys very successful. May he recipes. But when he was driving. I always knew him. That's not the intimidated. But a dirty driver. Now. That goes back to the days when I was a kid. And I could say the same thing about candy Shoemaker. Right he said he'd run over his mother to go get to the finish line and win. But anyway go ahead. Yeah well you know all a bit of the classic case and and I've I've been to this before but it it fits right now. The let the case I ever had with bill Lerner. Senior was at Bristol. With two laps to go or left to go win he blatantly spot Terry the body. And went on to win the race and I was sitting where it. With that in the middle of up gangel. Of of Earnhardt fans that tea is how loyal they were at their current parent. Every time Jeff Gordon went by they booked from the bird means in units and 56 the other has all right but guess what they did. When he got he jumped out of the character that they booed. And me again don't blow impressed W it will reverberate through the mountains though even they were not happy with the so this whole idea. Of this guy. And and this isn't the only thing I mean Kyle Busch who couple years ago drove all the way around the track to bump into Iran Hornaday after the race was over that truck. Just that he didn't like what he was doing this if this is the image you want a project. The NASCAR is headed in the wrong direction they did not. If if you don't and I said this at the time. That Dale Earnhardt spun my body has said. If they don't do anything and they didn't. They'll never. Be able to dump anybody. Did he kill anybody for dump of W because they just. Certified that you can do it yeah right so he did this and I wrote it I wrote an article big deal. But the point it is. Now we've got this guy openly doing that. My whining that the kid deserved it. And and he's dump and a guy who is clean as the driven snow so now we have Joseph Gibbs who led the live with this. Now the last week and at the Daytona Eric Jones 22 years old. Who also address through him who took over the job of duke. From Matt Kenseth at. He's 22 he's come on he's had to work very very hard for everything needed. Worked his way up it winning it was date sixteen ironically he beat Kyle Busch. NA heights but a high profile as to elaborate this is happening with the one. It got them are right where it. Joseph Gibbs. And the truck he's worked his way up. Here's a guy who you talk about. Sacrifices fathers sold his pride Corvette. During his super late model dictated they keep it going. He wins he goes out and he wins on Sunday in a wreck fest I mean. I'd doesn't matter how many character wrecked the fact is that he beat. At the end he beat Martin Truex junior with a damaged car this car but everybody did to guard. So now you've got 22 year old Eric Chiu owns. Who is the epitome and the opposite of Kyle Busch and you're not sitting here in your Joseph Gibbs. And what how do you how do you deal with it until the other reason Joseph Gibbs let Kyle Busch hang around as far as I'm concerned either in the fact that he is. Reality is that these are cash cow. At least now he has another kid that Eric Jones who you know 22 years old he's one is when our big race. There are there are hundreds of guys who come along and don't win a race in our career so here's the chance. To really tell somebody in the question will be who's gonna get more attention. Kyle Busch after being an idiot and and saying the things he doesn't and revenue that is in and drawn the fans' faith. Pool or candle like Eric jail so this this is this this is where we are and their bin article on article. I would but I mentioned the one last week about how they have to get outside the box they have to try something else. To get things going had talked about the sprint cars in the dirt racing and stuff. Here is that here's a pivotal moment and Joseph Gibbs says the chance to do stuff that and so does NASCAR I have not heard. Of the famous trip to the trailer for Kyle Busch. And then hey you know maybe it shouldn't have done that this guy has been around a long enough he should know he doesn't. And it really drives me nuts. And that's my take. Speech for the day will take a break is so good those were only get back. Summer sell down is done and I'll say Chevrolet. And they've got up fresh new inventory. Are right now because they sold. You know with a tent sale they sold. On. Of vehicles here is a 2008 team Silverado. 15100. Double cab. LT. Four survived war. And as our 45000. Dollars okay. Where you can get it now. For 31685. I kid you not what is 151000 dollar discount. The only macro visit 2018. Equinox LT. All wheel drive. MS RP 339. You can get a for 274. 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On July 26 at the hall of fame induction and wheat export for. The that there are hall of fame Linda Pasco will be awarded the outstanding woman in racing. And it's very well deserved Lyndon. On and all now but she and her husband Pete cut stokes who was a great guy former driver just the nicest day of ever want to meet. We're in the middle of a Renaissance of numbers on speedway they were building it back to its former glory and bingo July 27 when he fourteen he brain injury is instructive. And great having you talk about shocking. I mean she did she is at the admitted she never even chances they go vital. So. She was left with this in the right in the middle of the season lender picked it up. He said that Pete told her that if anything ever happened to him he wanted to do her to do two things keep that drags going and keep the business cut school politics trucking company. And Linda's definitely done that. But he has brought the trek. Par BN I think what what Pete ever thought she could so great job for Linda Carrasco. And toward. Which is well deserved to be receiving that. Numbers stone continues to thrive and shows no assignments. Of slowing down. And Mike is that because there was a great guy and she's keeping that alive. Last night at freedom speedway Max Blair. Super late model winner of the head of a bit of an abbreviated field but. Full house there you bring a product that people like they will come. Tonight I'm going to do to to cut the speedway and l.'s corner of that scenario to watch the it's and the arrows see that's kind of the reopening of that. Correct well I'd love to go but I can't. I know well I will bring you up to date we'll give you of the blow by blow description. But I'm looking forward to that. And hopefully the weather will be good and the next arrows the eight I believe. Is going to be at hillside MLB talking about that all really I guess. 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Until they Amazon and I'm starting at 3 PM eastern on July 16 through July that. Not a prime member start thirty day free trial that. Minding everybody's. Dying to get out and could you so Lerner that is mind. And remember. What ever you do to game and where ever you go. Someone will expect a tea. Have a nice day. I love that woman military I had a ball this morning really something about this weather right. Really had a via a wonderful time as always of course remember adversity builds character. Analytic characters you line. I'm on my way home Obama right now right here and today. Gonna sneak out the back door have a cigar and another cup of coffee yet. Well here's JB's either. And when your only lonely. Or kindness of my dad I'm OK Dave baby. Now. Okay. Yeah. You're listening to be a crucial voice somebody who people's 50000 YE SPN fifteen. Team twice WW KB. Buffalo.