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Saturday, July 7th
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You were listening to the official voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twenty WW. KB buffalo. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it to advertisers or sponsors. And blue I think he takes. A realistic attitude and for a deal while residing in the way it really is and I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven to about a with the special gift like myself of blaming Barney frightened and not do sharper Al Sharpton. No lovemaking Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson got a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a big. The doctor. And then else. Because it seemed like it dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. He is who is Beckett did. Invitations. You found the original. And right now brother and sister. It is exactly 7 o'clock act and as you know growing older is mandatory. Growing up as optional. And laughing at yourself is there here. The number one weekend radio variety show Iraq here in buffalo and you've got it on the radio. Right now. As we checks about whether or dance to and a lot tell you it it's going to be great weekend signing. Pleasant less humid today high temperatures around as 78. Overnight low tonight 59. Tomorrow plenty of sunshine comfortable. Highs near 81. Same deal on Monday. About 8182. On Tuesday 83 Wednesday. Man on man and looking great. Right now the lake front. As 52 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 55. And that loop downtown Baghdad 56. Degrees. At the original and still the best from 7:9 every Saturday morning this is. The radio shows that buffalo wakes up here. I'm Saturday mornings. Located. At AM fifteen to one AW KBW. You played here okay. Oh. OK and I. Okay. It's win. Mean it's. It's. It is and I. What this is. A lot of things. It's. Not a solo homer and I. Way. But when you lose you lose. Was gone and I knew my movement. So. Okay. It's win. Yeah okay. Okay. So I mean. Okay. It's. It's. A little. Miss to slam of the night from the moment you found. I'm pretty I mean unless it's. But when we do we move mountains who loved me and I. They users around the news lovable. So. Okay. My. Yeah okay. It is. Pin. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's a little just. Does their minds. From. She's Glenn he's. Greek. Snow okay. True. Game here. FEMA. You know what. Things game. All okay you. It's. He's okay. It. The it's. Any good. Yeah. I. Okay. Love. Major market radio and a large market sound of professional division. And service of Dick Clark's. Definitely broadcasting. That of course Roy. Roy Orbison. And running scared it is a 6 minutes after 7 o'clock. And now on Italian. That somebody has a birthday coming up on Monday and and guess who it is. Just to state news value is in Athens at nearly birthday thank you July denies. And as I always tell folks no gifts no presence. Just. Carr in money would be fine. It now how hot it was last week. Well here's a very fitting song. Good day. Remark chestnut. I'm KB. Good. Morning do you. And it sure. Just move. And I. Ago. Cold. T. And I. Wow. Or go home. Then you are. Or. It's. It. It. You know. And easy enough to. Or go. Country sunshine radio program this Saturday morning happens of either seventh. Of July 2018. And you're looking mighty fine. As though it's you know that appreciate your company. Absolutely. Mark Chesnutt. Too cold at home ideas that 1990 was the year he had a string of hits inept. In that time period. You know Andy. Or though the heated days last week. And yesterday morning as I know is to write it up 5:36. O'clock. And went outside. About 730. Jumped on my tractor eight. And there was such a difference. In the weather. In the environment. Is in their coolness of the air it was like in August morning. And it was such a treat. To be outside I mean nice I've felt so invigorated. You know. It was beautiful answers special ever pass we got that AC so I've been no I don't dying but yet yesterday was beautiful we get down in the forties. That night last night it was a 48 while this morning yet it took for Clark 48 degrees. Down and you can grind it. But I stay on a tractor for hours cut grass it was it was just great and I did a bunch of other things that died in plan on doing. And I I totally enjoyed the whole day yesterday I really did. Right now it is 12 minutes after 7 o'clock. We have 56 degrees. And we're gonna have a high today of 78. Then 818180. To eighty today. And that that's going to be that we hidden in the historic beauty out today that coming up musically. We have Elvis Presley. Hank junior Dottie west and may be something do you like to hear. At 71680315. Point eight all right 71680315. To one yeah. Yeah. He's. Yeah. And then. Reminding everybody. Can I do get up and your read though learn with us in mind. And remember. Every where you go to day. Someone else will make money from you've been there. From now east game. Oh. Our. That's. Dave walker what's that two year. Before him we heard while from the good morning ferry. She stops by every once and like every Saturday morning but the angels and my boyfriend's back. 18 minutes after 7 o'clock real radios starts here. Unfair. Unbalanced to a do you have foes like that went right to air ultimate fantastic grosans. The love doctor my cast of characters family and friends. I'm KB AM 1527. To 9 every Saturday morning. Nineteen minutes after seven. And these folks right here. Well they've been in business since 1950. The year I was born and now Osborne the year that I was born you know domain. While they have rolled back to prices. To where they were fifteen and sixteen. Years. I'm they're kind of offers like blue spruce Black Hills spruce. Serbian spruce Norway and a white. Trees. The trees are machinery dug with wire cage and burlap part transport. 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Tomorrow plenty of sun and comfortable high temperatures around 81. Sunshine Monday breezy high 81. Sunny. Tuesday 82 mostly sunny Wednesday in history. Right now there's a lake front has 52 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 55. And the look downtown and 56 degrees. At the originals and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You would help us out pass and and have a friend. And AM fifteen to want AW OK beat them. Yeah. I. Okay. Okay. Say you. And it's. Greens that's my. Yeah. Lleyton. Well I. So I. Yeah. Yeah. I. CB. He's done. I. How I'll I am back into ours if you bridges needs and stitches you posterior deals in theory here are your scene stealer in the heat. Call me yeah. And corners headquarters. Tactic to. Cola. I remember it UAL in detail I'm behind rat back and yet. It's. Thing is he. Tall order. Way. There. Thing. When I looked okay they he wasn't easy to. They say my. Don't know in global community. And so I've done. Imus radio show we don't follows standards. We create him. Johnny don't. My good friend for years ago we passed away in those six. As somebody hit songs in the seventies. Come a little bit closer. Jenny Frankie in the background. Helping them out there. Before that we heard from Dottie west editor countries sunshine. 1973. And that's starting things off and a triple play Elvin bishop. And he fooled around and fell in love. Yes he did it is 733 right now. I'm glad I'm not dorm by the clock on the ball and drew. That was supposed to be fixed like six months ago. Also like day it gets more more often ever we can. It's like some of our society they get more and more off every week he eventually is gonna get so far behind is actually got to correct itself is it's gonna get back to the actual time as both the B. Yeah he's going there there it's going and it's like a democratic liberal you know all backwards and adjusting itself. There's sunlight to. Anyway. Coming up we've got the Saturday morning polka sponsored by Bradley and ski meet says zones. And then made Saturday morning. KB help Freeport. Sponsored by size on the pharmacy. At age fifteen. And drew Clark our sports director he'll be doing sports. 830. The award winning KB speedway report. With the guy who's always on speed date Sally. This. So called new wave of country music which I called the one beats sound and lights. Well I've been listening. To this music more and more. And I actually liked some of the songs now could you imagine that. And here's one of my life by Keith Urban. And this is coming home. From K day. Announced so. Billions someone else's. The saying aren't you. Even tell us alone. Yeah. And do. Isn't playing. He is actually. Have to give him. Within the. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah got to do to bring. Very. I. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah to send. You could. And to send. December. Isn't only when I mean given that none of the wounds are OK okay so engineer it's you don't just. Probably the pioneer propane studios said KB. What's. Are you paying for you or propane. Call 1806158144. Happened to run and two Lynn Smith. Who is the owner. And general manager and chief boss man and pioneer propane brand to lament the Allegheny hills golf course couple weeks ago. And I said you senate again you had a great. Winter didn't you. I mean I'm still paying my propane bill off in Olbermann. He's doing you're not alone there's he was going through a list. Couple weeks ago and this is my goodness. A lot of people still all morning it was a tough winter and we know that so enjoy they hate. You know enjoy this summer. And right now. I wanna tell you about Redlands he meets. Where they're meats are always cut to order adopting our pre sliced. The lower prices and supermarkets. And a great convenient location. At 1585. Walden avenue in Cheektowaga. 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And you've got it right now you guessed it. Elvis it's now or it's never nine minutes before 8 o'clock this Saturday mornings seventh of July 2000. Eighteen. And legacy here all I want to talk about his. Behavior for a play his own. Back in 686977. On shipment. Hank Williams junior. And extremely. Handsome. Kid. He had some great songs and those are my favorites by. Way back in the that's 68 through 72. That a 73 when he fell off the mountain. And he'd literally ripped his face off. They had to reconstruct his whole face of reason and that's when he grew the beard in. He went. Wacky word duties outlaw music and all that kind of thing but anyway. Here's a song that he did before he went wacky and 73. And it's called the Levin roasters. And it's pretty self. Hank Williams junior. I guess you know. There is all me do them wrong. Rome C. I show them. From our gardens well. Me. And today the drones. Ram and have the twelve rural home. Will be good. Bears should some. A long moment. This say more. Than man can use. Oh wow. And I just ball. I would see them. Anywhere. Fans. Yes. Obama. This same pool of land management intends. And around. Yeah. Just. I would send. Besides just bowl. I should us. Any news. The. You know we hear them. Again I didn't know. Big. We have. Yeah. And it's. You would he mind. Yeah yeah. Not fat man Fats Domino and Davey. I hear you knocked in his you. 3 minutes before 8 o'clock. Good morning again here's Bill Anderson. Where the wild weekend. You're listening to the official voice of they do people's 50000 watt ESPN 1520 WW. KB buffalo. Because they don't lack of good food good people on TV it. Guess who's back go on the radio. It's all powered by an upstate Chevrolet. Mind new roads to upstate champion Vatican shop on line. Want a force him. And Chevy a Vatican does count. And we're gonna check out the weather but it's first I have to tell you that this wonderful weather forecast. Is sponsored by gold and gaps. Family operated for over thirty years. Located at 96 Hamburg street it needs to rural. Family owned and operated for over thirty years gold and hips 96 Hamburg street in east Iraq. Wholesale and retail. And they are brokers in fine jewelry jabs precious metals and estate jewelry. Specializing in diamond engagement and wedding rings phone's 6554545. Right down from Sammy scar wife Jamie steroid. Goldman and dips. Sunny and pleasant today. Less humid high temperatures around 78. And you're a kid they're real fast this morning at area overnight low tonight 59. Tomorrow planning upside and comfortable. High temperatures around 81. Monday same deal sunshine breezy 81 partly sunny Tuesday 82. Mostly sunny on Wednesday 83 right now the lake front as 59 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 62. And the move downtown. 63 degrees at the original and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You've got to kids this is the radio show that buffalo wakes up too. And Saturday morning. Located at AM fifteen point eight WJ. Bay. Japanese. Yeah. I don't pose a boom. I. We can't we can't be good. So we'll just. Get pain takes time. Army. General. It's. Yeah. He is singular. Yeah. I've got tons. Doesn't. There. Yeah. You. It. Major market radio and a large market to professional division. And service. Dick Clark's. Defender rebroadcasting. That song was number one. For three weeks in September of 1984. Tina Turner what's love. Got to do it. I wonder about it fracture. 7 minutes after 8 o'clock. You know I always tell you about Allegheny hills golf course and restaurant. While I've got nothing new to add to work. Only they haven't lost at. They just I don't know if the greatest restaurant. You could ever imagine walking into and sitting down and having a marvelous. And of course a marvelous golf course eighteen holes. And it's in great shape. Fairways. And greens especially. Allegheny hills golf course and restaurant. Locally owned by frank. And frank Scott he's the guy did he do he domain boss man and its located between Cuba and pressured. On hardy's corners road as a matter of fact 9622. Parties corners room. If you wanna look them up go to Allegheny hills dot net. And any more information you wanna talk to somebody personally. Phone numbers 5854372163. 5854372163. Check him out Allegheny hills dot net job. I don't 88 tied up in just I don't know I know that he. Apparently kids to get your hands he all right heat and and he can't hear anything new or at him. And exit there is you're right yeah okay. For a fresh and new. I'm going out who had. I see. Fully appreciate it and keep right sideline. I love you. It's an amazing thing here. As you know stamp. Yeah. Sales Penney's. When I am. Two of her okay. Online then is well. They're back to. Let kids at all. She called the rainbow. Dog. Shame man. News. You now. What's your. It's a good thing. It's hard yeah. Is okay. And loves this. I'll be. Com. And I'll. So. Some things need. Go. Aliens well. Okay it's. Okay. That's crystal. Baby what about you. It's 815 entire wearers sports. Sponsored by upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. Located at 125. Prospects straits in Attica. Upstate dodge Chrysler Jeep and ram incorporated. 125. Prospect street in Attica. What a selection of new and used vehicles shop on line at upstate DCJ dot com. Caller give a call at 1803119871. Guess where is the short trip to upstate dodge Chrysler Jeep ram at 125. Prospect streets in Attica. Where the deal is always the appeal. And you got that right. It is the. Sports directors. Direction right now. With all the latest. It's sports here's Andrew Clark that you doctor. NBA in the big story this offseason has been where's LeBron James and up. This past week we got our answer LeBron James little in the Los Angeles Lakers a four year deal worth a 154 million dollars. And the Fortier is a player options that we could do it all again in three years. Over the meantime abroad easily during the lakers as the talent to go around him. They signed veteran ray. Lance Stephenson from the pacers for one year deal worth four point five million dollars yells out of former warrior JaVale McGee on one year deal worth 2.4 million dollars but. But the warriors it's back and watch lakers trying to take over the last day added to their already stacked Ross rice on all our free agent markets cousins. 21 year deal or five million dollars a log or kind of surprised by that move. But we later found out that no other team apparently made an offer to cousins and he report reportedly reached out to the the warriors and dream on green was involved in those talks. Helping close the deal on the the reason that hesitation from other teams could have been. Due to cousins coming off that Achilles heel injury the last to see how he introduced the warriors but the last already stacked looking even more the lakers nobody want you nobody want to bring their new. Make a phone call when you have five million bucks for the year yet William view of that Achilles injury you're looking at 1015 million a year I mean you use an all star before that. By obviously to see how he matched those guys do they now have essentially five all stars starting for the warriors it's. It's it's like a video game almost by it'll be interesting to see how long the leaders compete with the borders now the united bronze and Alan. The west is going to be super hard to come out especially that the rockets are still really getting their outing talent Tony Parker. Which actually that's the X or here big news yesterday concerning the San Antonio Spurs although this news not all the quite Leonard no word yet on his future were oracle play next year. A it was announced Tony Parker leaving the spurs after seventeen years to join Charlotte hornets 1 and actually I am sorry I got Houston Rockets and Charlotte or it's mixed up ages. Agreed to register the Charlotte pour it on a two year deal ten million ten million dollars. He's been in the NBA seventeen years yet all disbursed you guys still wannabes is still one doubled yet and and not just a one year deal a few years so they'll they'll finish out career at least nineteen year batteries by kind of crazy yet seventeen years of this bird now going to the hornets two years ten ten million dollars there. Elsewhere around the NBA's Chicago Bulls decide to match is seventy million dollar offer from the Sacramento Kings were after two free agents act of buying. Odds were not NFL news Eli Manning's helmet from Super Bowl 42 how long where's the New York giant BE you know new New England Patriots. That's going up for auction is expected to be the most expensive helmet ever auctioned off. That honor currently belongs to all warm by Rudy Rudy eager while at Notre Dame Ethel and 2016126000. 500 dollars a day get torrent of this one. That it's still fraudulent social or that they're expecting it to go for more than that since it was the home he wore when he beat the undefeated New England Patriots was at the year that. Giants were a originators something yet yet 81. All eight home game I didn't. Deserve to be in the playoffs let alone a super ball. Yet but you a lot of times sports comes down who's hot weighing in it and try not in and they got super hot in the playoffs and remember they beat New England around sorry Green Day. Angry and in that conference game it was like negative fifteen negative twenties on the road and it still welcome. They got super hot the adage to do with that only goes for. If I as next pocket you elect around maybe I'd been on and I don't like now not later on I got to St. Louis Cardinals helmet from years ago. I'll sign it for you when you wanna play. How about that. Easy is it. I I was low ball when I negotiators are hello I say as I got it. Other news seven rookie officials will be attic for the upcoming season. And a bill that story out NFL here Jacksonville Jaguars ran back and former Alice used are letter for that will pay the tuition and LSU athletic trainer. I he'd seen the trainer gene nickel it posted a tweet with a link to go on the account asking for help paying her senior senior year. Tuition out of pocket and he message here that he would cover the whole thing. She was what his trainers Alice uses off from New Orleans like he is. She was lecturing her policies to scare me Fortis said she is from my hometown lineup a little give back to where I'm from Europe yelling everybody needs that you do something they want to and there are life that your cell very nice story there about four at helping out and Alice you along. Now Major League Baseball Washington Nationals starter Stephen Strasburg is close to returning from shoulder inflammation he's been out since June 8 the threw fifty pitches and simulated game Friday with no setbacks. And nationals manager Davey Martinez that Strasburg looked really good doing so. They're just giant second baseman Joseph panic left his team's 32 win Friday night with a groin injury and will likely head to the DL. And Atlanta Braves Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers all failed to sign 20181. Round draft picks for the Friday deadline to each team will receive an additional first round pick in next year's June amateur draft. And kind of crazy 31 round pick not signings kind of unheard of the current draft system with a bonus pools. Has been in place for six years now and in that time only four players had not sign offers. Really oh yes a lot kind of crazy read this year alone in his signed but they'll all get additional first round pick next year for. And wrapping it up with moderately baseball buffalo vices one at home last night against the Syracuse Chiefs six before Shawn re fully got the win for the her he improves to five and two on the year and the wife is now 3941. On the year currently in fourth place. It is back first and they will take on Syracuse again tonight at home COPEL field. For pizzas 605 and that's sports means more. This weather segment is sponsored by upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. Pitch they're beautiful selections online at www. Upstate CJ. Dad come. Then you call them up. And set those selections aside. At this phone number 15855910678. Then take short ride to their beautiful campus and one to money five prospect street in Attica. And you will be impressed. I am Italian. Everytime I go there I didn't prayers and well they've been having us some good months as far as sales it's tough because they're making that deals yet. Right now here's a weather. Sponsored by those guys and and today sunny and pleasant less humid. I'd temperatures around 78. Overnight low tonight 59. Plenty of sun tomorrow 81. Sunshine on Monday and 81 degrees right now the Lakefront has 59. And the Buffalo Niagara International. Airport 62. And the loop we've got 63 degrees. And AM fifteen to one AW KBW. Boston. Thousand job. Island girl what a 7 minutes after 8 o'clock. Here's movement. I'm KV. The loans. Last now. You and they. Today. Deep down. Leave those bad. He downtown news. And. Need. Same. So they know. And now me. It's. It's a third day and time brother KB speedway every report. Concert. Upstate Chevrolet up Attica. By upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram 125. Prospect street in Attica. By six lumber and building supplies in JP and little valley. Where friendly service is up family tradition. Blige gave up farm supply. 3101. Route 39 in New York share. By Sammy scar watch deet tails center and dog watch 170 gray streets in Easter reverend. And by DNS so sales Genesee had transit and Lancaster. It's quality pre owned automobiles. Interest free. And by precision re manufactured engines new and used. 3160. Union wrote in Cheektowaga. There's no warranties that matches to their quality. Once again does Saturday morning. And a busy guy as he is every weekend. And lesser rains week and here's a man who's always on speed his name is Dave selling. Good morning director couldn't or didn't throw good morning hey I just talk to top of the head you know remain oh yeah. Really do it well I try. Well we've got a lot going and much more than I have time for but a couple of I'm gonna highlight a few things the first. Interesting thing I haven't mentioned that awhile is the of the housing of the debut of Dale Earnhardt junior as the announcer and I have then openly wondering whether that's gonna work and because. I don't I just don't know if he. That is the first reviews there and then they're very very good. That thing about Dale Junior is they've told him and I'm sure he's that funny at that the practices being yourself. And that is that this cell that Dale Junior is isn't it is an interesting guy he. He's gonna talk it and in southern terms he's gonna he's and say whatever comes to his mind. And again his analysis. You have him. You know I want to say cracking wise but did you know that the appeal of the old times sayings and gut reaction to things and the you have Jeff Burton. Who is more than that and analysts. Right now they're saying the chemistry is really good they really don't need to play by play guy fortunately it's. It is the guy that not because many people know. So because he doesn't have to have star power he'd let them talk and that's the good thing about it and it all when they said that junior was gonna do the Olympics places and you know how I was thinking that describe the pentathlon but he isn't an area now. Where is very thin layer. And they are really desperate. For somebody that for people to grab onto I've I'm reading things. Yeah there is saying that this you know he's the second coming. I don't think I'd go that far my old friend Monte Dutton who is who's been a columnist for years. Thinks that this opens the door to to a great note here I. I don't think it another go that far because that an announcer can only carry the races so far if you if you're gonna start but I had a ticket to Daytona. Just so you can hear. Or watch in Daytona agency Kenny Dale Junior then there's still in trouble but good for him. He's a breath of fresh air he's not living under any delusions. And I hope I hope it works out speaking of delusions. Yeah I read an article. By Dave Moodie who has been around forever he rates for area auto when he writes that he works for our PM he's he's right on the cusp of things. And as he went through this article. I thought I was reading about myself. Because I've been the key there is finally bringing some things to the four. That it needed to be there because nobody has been able to resolve the plummeting attendance and TV ratings. And he came up with some stuff and I said dad. I've been saying that suffering is caused nobody hears may put these. And and here's a couple of appointee made and I think they're very good ones and couple of Maher really radical. First one. He says the reality is you have to start. Getting away from having to highlight being the rules packages and penalties. As your highlight after race. He sent people uninterested in that you have to accentuate the personalities and I believe I've been saying that from yeah. And you have to make the stars the stars. And he says. One other problem is the spending dollar try and trying to boost the kids. All the kids that winning. He's that you need to boost the winners and now having said that who was doing all the winning the title push. Martin Truex. And Kevin Harvick. One of which I would bet invite two of those two together and the other two I put. So it's unfortunate that you don't have some real personality guys that the point is you've got to bring bring these people into danger realities so. That I think. Accentuates that the idea that I've been saying for years back when this sport was starting. Everybody had a jacket everybody had a favorite driver they didn't care where he finished. All I wanted to do is root for their guy and it was a race that went start to finish this dangerous thing and then in the cases that have not helped. But here is where he really gets. I won't say a fire deal. He is saying you've got to change the entire schedule you've got to get away. From the same drag that same time though one and a half mile cookie cutter tracks where nothing happens he says. And I don't disagree of them you've got to get more dirt tracks. Now. What's the problem with dirt tracks of the top gear head was to drop what what what problem would NASCAR have going to stick to dirt tracks. Well I don't know but I'm not a fan of dirt and I won't I would not personally go to richter. Well here's the thing you get them off of there normal. Venue. And but in order to do this in order to put they have won their race in the entire NASCAR right into it right now it's a truck race at el Dora. And it really hit them it wasn't a great race because it was dusty and dirty and then whatever but the point is you can put these guys in a different venue. Now he would admit that he's gonna have to say it's a tough sell in order to do that you're gonna have to cut the purse is dreamt dramatically and tell these guys look. For a lot of help. We're gonna have to that you're gonna have to work for less money because there aren't very many dirt tracks taken hold. A lot of people outdoor as one of the biggest and almost 1000. Well you used seven NASCAR tracks that are holding you know under an 150000. Are not getting that anymore so they were getting. Close to that but he is that you got open up some of the old tracks Hickory. In places like that you want a longer track how but do corn and that's a mile. You have places that you could put these guys terra haute. Terrible it was a great tax debate place. But they can't do that they've got to swallow the idea that they need to have us. Thousands and thousands of people I think if you put those guys have a Harvick and Busch and all those guys out of dirt trek eleven have edit. You can that you could. Get some kind of interest that this isn't there but it's. If he also says that. You've got to get rid of these. As I said that the the places that they've been going for all the time that are drawing anymore you've got to do is shake the tree and I and I certainly agree with him. One thing he says. And I don't know if you agree with this and especially in light of what happened a couple weeks ago he said another problem with the NASCAR. It's too safe. All that you'd get to the now and then and that. Well yes what do what does he what does he want endings like file brought remember Fireball Roberts and insolvent and all the. What he's saying is and I don't totally disagreeing with them. But no one of the reasons that guys go under racing and one of the reasons the people go to see yet is because there's danger and vile. You don't want to see yet but Vietnam the possibility is always there it is yeah. And he says they are so safe now they've just been there almost like spots you can go around EU. There's very little BA they've softened the laws that they've they've occurred so awestruck and bridges and everything else. He says it is it's taking away from the one thing that people. Like to see and some of the drivers that danger of it now having said that as. One of the things that put Carl edwards' injury tech met. Was a couple years ago. Hundred guys from winning the championship he was found himself in the catch fence. Child literally that it lies and deceit. So sort of potentially do this is analogy what can you imagine who would go to seek out what London. If CNN that under. And you know and that's the kind of thing you don't want Carol well under the land on the ground but the effect is that he could. So that gets in there I'd I'd be there work I think. Radical idea. You know Dave the whole thing is this an I've always my whole life and tough odd change. But things do change. And as far as his safety. Factors of racing today. Well praise the lord that these guys and engineers came up towards where these stats. Oh I I agree with that but this is what he is posturing is that they've they've taken the into the danger out of it now having said that. Two weeks ago Jason Johnson a raging cajun. The world of outlaws sprint cab driver was killed in an accident. At a race in beaver dams was content. They short tracks are still have that element there there is still the risk. Not that that that's what you do you don't you don't wanna put that out and say oh Cullen and maybe you'll see one of years start get hurt but. What he's trying to do in this article by a by it shake the tree and I don't know maybe the tree needs shake. But the let's take a break when we get back demonstrated interesting story about one of the all time great. All right. Purify. Summers sell down that's was going on at upstage Chevrolet. Here's some examples for you folks. 2018. Silverado 15100. Double cab. One a 1%. All of the them as our case here's 2018. Impala. 21%. All of the and as our. 2008 teams spark. Want a 1% off there aren't. Now some great free owned vehicles. Like and I love mini Coopers. You know I had 12015. Only has 30000 miles on it for a thirteen six. And here is one of 2018. 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In a large spacious room. Warm and cozy with big tubs for you and your dog. For your dogs. Online at Sammy is why shouldn't dot com. Treat your puppy at Sammy star watch across from tops in east over. Dave you were talking about announcers. For NASCAR. And what little while ago I'm not wanna tell you a quick story. In 1971. When I was working at WA SC and Spartanburg, South Carolina. Homo stock car race in row one of the homes and I'll Spartanburg but anyway I worked with a guy there by the name of Joseph sessions. And he do you remember. Years ago when they were doing a radio broadcasts and they'd have these towers. Where these guys would climb up about thirty feet in the air. All right well he was one of the tower guys damp reported on the radio feed. All along with another Fella remember van Patrick. While he was live van when he fell out he fell off. A lot more of what has its hours. And that's not funny luckily he didn't get her to bed but I I can picture van Patrick. Falling out of one of those towers anyway as my story. Well is that the there and legions of those in here is one problem. The it's it's interesting to see where this is gonna go Scott Bloomquist who was the first millionaire. Late model dirt driver. Was suspended two weeks ago. For missing a protest that Lerner bill at one of the big races of the year. It's a random thing he was told that he was gonna have to appear he did not appear. They get that deadline he still didn't appear. His crew says that he's slipped in the pits. And hurt his shoulder and that he was unable but he went home for treatment and he wouldn't be able to race for awhile. He wouldn't be able loop to appear to him for this test at the right amount of time. And then that they gave them every opportunity and they finally said well yes you know look we should order an you do you gotta do this. And they suspended it. Scott Bloomquist. One last night at Cherokee in the Lucas Oil rates and he says he'd be out for months. He shows up there and he wins. What does that do to his case there and another little tip get a few years back. The east tour was going to Iowa. And all the sudden. He says oh my motors at quicken very well and I'm gonna take a few days I've got to take ten days off and go back to Forsberg tendency. And work out of work my engines the rumor very strongly was. That there was a war it out forum in Iowa. For drug infractions and I don't know if you connect the dots that's what this says in order to it I think he really heard this case. When he's seen this injury and I don't know appear hurt himself and I doubt it and then he turns around with and Lucas and goes and wins the race. Keep an eye and is because the drug testing is now becoming endemic there are more and more inches incidents. Of drug use and I hope it I hope it doesn't pollute the sport because it doesn't need this kind of publicity. Loyal boy I'm Tony if our body and as always thanks a million. CL later. Yeah. September 1986. Huey Lewis and the mirrors. And baby. I'm so happy to be. Stock review yeah aside it is. It airs 850 degree. Leading used cars but how about buy here pay here. Go to CNN so sale like transit and Genesee its deep interest free corner. Next to Salvador's CNN says they're great selection of cars suvs and trucks plus at CNN as. New finance your vehicle interest for. That's right interest free baby par credit nobody gives a pro after world you are a DNS. By the vehicle goes you need interest free. At deep interest free corner of transit and Genesee call 68111100. That's 68111100. He would then. As wholesale. And by the way if you are in need of a new or used engine. Precision manufacturing. Well you know what they get it done at 3160. Union road in Cheektowaga. That's precision three manufactured engines with no warranty that matches are quality. 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This coming week out today you picked a good week according to the weather guy and now. I hope they're right because it's going to be beautiful right through Wednesday and that we'll see after that. Have yourself a wonderful weekend and a better week than you had last week and remember. Adversity builds character. And a whole lot of character you mark. I'm gonna sneak out the back. No are now on mama. Mama I'm on my way home and Lee is gone with the winning. Turn out alive so. The iron is. This season and all. Good things must end. Well it a night. Yeah. Okay. Wanna occurring easy for me. Seeing. You're okay fine. Me. Through life. I. Okay. College and I. Okay. Yeah. Ones I am how. Okay. Right. Now my. And I. Then one day. Turn out to my. Any time. Okay. Yeah. Call it the night. I. Okay. Okay. Tomorrow. Okay. You're listening to be a crucial voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twenty WW. KB buffalo.