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Saturday, June 9th
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You were listening to be a crucial voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN fifteen. Teens want to tell you WKB. Buffalo. The following is paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and point of view a lot of society in the way it really. I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharp Al Sharpton. No no lovemaking Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson left a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's incumbent. And the doctor. Then there else. Because it seemed like it dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Hughes who is Beckett did. Mutations. You found the original. Yeah hey Ed and uses 7 o'clock. This the ninth day of June. 2018. And great big good morning to you and you know. Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional. And let me get yourself is there pewter. The number one weekend radio variety show Iraq cheer in buffalo and you've got it on the radio right now kids. As we checks about eight. The weather forecast. Beautiful sunrise as morning Andy you catch it on the way and yet analysts raised up. Partly sunny today I temperatures rounds 75. Overnight low tonight 59. Sunday. Times. Plow president's done a nice day tomorrow. I temperatures around 76 low of 55. And on Monday mostly sunny pleasant seventies. Right now though lake front as 54 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 57. And a loop downtown maybe 59 degrees. And the original. And still the vast from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. The radio show. That buffalo wakes up to I'd Saturday morning. Located. And AM fifteen to one AW OJB. W. We. And I. Okay. It's win. It's. It's. It is the love that place is. A lot of other news. It's. Never saw those women love. Way. But can't run and lose you lose as a was gone and I knew my movement. So. It. Okay. It's win. Yeah okay. Okay. So I mean. Okay. It's. It's. A little. We miss to slam of the night from the moment yeah. I'm pretty tough time being unless it's. But we'll. Move mountains to loan me a loan. Now. They users around the news about the it's so. Okay. My. Yeah okay. It is. Pin. Okay. I had. We can't we can't we can't it's still just. Yeah. Yeah. Movie. And I. OK you know. Oh okay. And one. It's. Friends. Not only. Okay. Major market radio and a large markets. Professional division and service. Holly hold. Her only college. And Neil Diamond on the show this morning eight minutes after a 7 o'clock. I you don't today you're looking pretty good enough today got some great music coming up here. And actors as song or something you'd like to hear our phone number seven was 6803. Fifteen to one you know. Andy years ago. When started here at KB. Nine years ago. This was a talk show. And there was no music. And then it slowly. Blossomed. Into more and more. Because a got the feeling just from talking to people on street and the folks are called in. That they have that. Talk radio gets boring after a while you know really. These are given some to and on the weekend they really can enjoy. And that's speaking out of that next weekend. I will not be here and he won't be here but. What we're gonna do is bring back to sixty's show. That we ran. On April 20 days with Dick Bauerle. So we're gonna re run that next Saturday morning 79. Right here on KB radio. Eddy raven. One of my favorite people of all time singer songwriter. Just an all around great guy. And I don't like leaving you baby I'm KB. Is. Morning. Way. The best friend a microphone ever head doctor. KB 8 AM 1520 WW KV buffalo. Okay. It's 80. The really sad to. Yeah it's. Okay. The recession that it's easy. He. Powered by upstage Chevrolet of trying to new roads too shabby of Attica. Shop on line 21847. Chevy of Attica. Dot com. Night team that is 69. Jack green and Jeannie ceiling. Which didn't happen this year. It uses 7:15. This is Saturday morning and all night long. 1983. Is Lionel Richie on K babe babe. Blowing away. Edwards yeah. I don't. The yeah. I. Load it. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. AF fifteenth on aim. WOK. We don't. On this radio show. We don't follow standards. We create him it is 20 minutes after 7 o'clock. Here on this what the sun is picked it out here get warm in the studio. Willing what are we do to turn this thing on on. Rule here. I have no and I think it's automatic I think that's pages they're like peace of mind to make it pink yet controlled violate the the closed door but on an elevator like alleys they don't know average work. I used for peace of mind they pulled the dial offered a couple of years ago. Yet the baloney baloney here in the in the prostitutes in thing there is no dialogue. So must be an automatic. Wells say anyway. These guys. As you call them up and they get to go on on their automatic let me tell you I'm talking about the race tree farm. We're back in 1950 folks they started out with just. Christmas trees. Now they are one of the largest. Then tree farms. In the eastern United States. Was over. 500 acres. And over a half million trees in the ground there. OK so they don't start digging again until September 15. Right through December. But what you wanted to do was pitch you're ordering now. Four euros kind of first white spruce year blue spruce black heels cruise. Serbian spruce Norway spruce. And well a once again to remind you. To where they were fifteen years ago. Now I attach them. And you can pick a mop or they will deliver. No matter where you live and on darken if you're in Colorado where taxes are California they don't care. Delegated to you trees are machinery Doug we're at the wire cages and burlap for transporting purposes are right. Their phone number 716. 3728628. 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It's sponsored five Martin's brother Chevrolet. Words and no bold deals ask porch dad or Dennis. Call 18664662. On a 784. Located at 613. West main street in arcade. Check amount on line. And Maarten Brothers at Martin Brothers same low prices locally owned and community driven. I'll ride that sounded really beaten in here now and it's beautiful thing out today yeah today partly sunny. Highs around 75. Overnight low tonight 59. Tomorrow clouds and sun a nice day. Highs about 76. And Monday 77. Mostly sunny. Tuesday 77. And mostly cloudy right now. Sunshine. The lake front has 54 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 57. And a little downtown 59 degrees. And the original and still the best. Room seven to 9 every Saturday morning you've got to kids. Iraq cheer at AM fifteen to one AWK would be built. Brandon. It. And you know. Our news. It's not okay. Yeah. Okay. Hot to pray for. Okay. They're done. It's. We're okay. All right maybe. Okay. It's. Okay me. We're. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And. Embarrass your kids. Crank it up radioed just the way it used to be with the love doctor. KV fifteen to 180. Enough. No. If and I didn't need sat. You do this yeah. Then seed in the yeah. You're. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Think it's. I'm so. It. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I. Bonnie Tyler. Total eclipse of the heart. In the middle of the triple play the BJ's. And that Johnny bush. Starting things off with each time I see you were pictured. It is 737. Acts from the pioneer propane studios said KB. Watch. Are you paying for you or propane. Call 1806158144. All right coming up at 745. We'll have to lose health report. Sponsored by size on the pharmacy. And Andrew Clark does sports. At 815. And then of course the award winning speedway report. Right here on KB was. The guy who's always on speed day selling. And certain views more than 59 degrees. And want to hide today about 75 hours ago. Partly sunny disguised as a matter of fact. The next. 45 days were pretty dollar Durham director. I want to idea about these guys here. And they are your butcher yes they are and have been for decades. Red Lansky mates. Where your meats are always cut to order nothing is pre sliced. Lower prices at supermarkets and convenient location and remember. They shipped their great polish and American food products all over the country for. You can visit them online. At buffalo foods the dot com. Located at 1585. Walden avenue in shape to war. Phone number 8925355. Every code 716. Read landscape mates. Presents Jimmy stunner in the or. This time. Okay. It's. It's a beautiful backhand. It's brand. Okay. She. On this. Last night. I'm not me. Was okay. Run and and movie. All I can. It's do you ever. Okay. It's a game. It's. This beautiful. Day. I. And yeah. Lara this. Running through me. It's a beautiful day. I. I. You game at all. Less than laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. And you are witness Stuart right now. Witness Stuart. It's a beautiful day. And then that is going to be. 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That disguise themselves as pharmacies. Wells which two sides. Sides alma pharmacy. One in 317. Bowen road is in elm. Now with the health report here's Andrew Clark. Thank you doctor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As small study conducted with 6100 apple watch users that it may accurately detect hypertension sleep apnea so apple may be learning how to play more of a role in your life offline Mateo Francesca Eddie eats sleeps CEO. The pairs as aero personalized sleep in Peltier die if you didn't know calories were or what your calorie intake was how do you take care of your own nutrition in other words sleep knowledge is power. With your weekly health report I'm Andrew Clark. Okay. Okay. There. Send them. Okay. Offering him. Back memories from 1972. This summer 72 pat daisy. And everybody is reaching out for someone. I guess they isn't it it is a ten minutes before the top of the hour later Barak. If you hear a little pockets. Or have heard demo of a dead air at this morning. It is not. Our. Chief engineer Andrew Clark. But the computer apparently is having a bad hair day. So so much for computers but as I always say Andy. Give me back my card machines my CD players. Might turn tables. And water my medicine. Evidence senator card machines turned tables. Real real well the real to real hair in his place the other realty. All that was fun back to argue. Though we we might have to do ago when we come back after next week because I'm April this computer out the window if he keeps doing what do well if that's your thing then we're just turn it into a talk show horse I don't know. But anyway that's what's going on when you hear there's. Little pieces of dead air and hopefully it's it's corrected itself I don't know if it's had a bad night last night. But anyway. We're gonna do this right now. Fred turned out loud yeah today today. The beautiful eighteen hole golf course with a three hole practice facility it's easy to get to take it to nineteen expressway to Tennessee wrote. At least three miles tenure at Concord crest golf course with good old fashioned hospitality and affordable pricing just 31 dollars for eighteen holes with a cart. Leagues and tournaments customized to you with a customer's always number one. Concord crest golf course online at Concord crest dot com phone gala at 7165927636. 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Dance circles around the big and bulky behemoths business puma office the small business phone solution as a virtual receptionist to direct calls to the right extension and a mobile lab to help you answer while away from the office. But all the small really is the price starting at only 1995 month. Visit my dot com that's OO MA or call 8666199377. To find out more. Puma and the following your small business deserves. Hey guys who. You're built like a power forward where power lifter earth finding clues that it can view real pain. That's why G excel was a real game changer to get show was filled with a huge selection of floats starting at size excel from a cost. Levi's Brooks Brothers and more. So stuff they do win over to a request yet so scores we'll visit destination excel dot com to play close to look great and they it. The better built to fit you'll fix Dell G excel. Yeah. We'll know. It's. And it's. It's. Not a yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Police. Oh. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. You're listening to the official voice of base your people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twenty WW. KB buffalo. Because they don't lack of good food good people on TV it. He assumes that go on the radio. Just. Alive local. And even sometimes lovable. You've got the radio rawhide renegade romantic rooster words. My cast of characters family and friends. On the original I've still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. AM fifteen to 18 KB radio. It is. Going on at 8 o'clock. And I want to let you know that this weather segment. Is sponsored by gold and gifts 96 Hamburg street in east room a room wholesale and retail. They buy. And sell investment gold and silver. And they buy and sell coins to. And then now when stacked they've got 2018. Gold and silver Eagles. They're brokers and fine jewelry jabs. Precious metals. And estate jewelry. Their phone number is 6554545. That's easy enough 6554545. Specializing. In diamond engagement. And wedding rings. And they have a large selection of the state. And antique jewelry. Plus every repair shop right in the stores. Gold and gifts and business over thirty years 96 Hamburg street in east overrun. Right down from Sandy's car lost. Now here is their own weather forecast. Partly sunny today highs around 75. Overnight low tonight 59. Clouds and sun tomorrow highs 76. Overnight lows Sunday night 55. And you don't want to Andy. I'm always colder. My place down there and as UConn. This morning I was at 42 degrees believe that will totally adapter gets up to 78 and overnight it cools right down. But anyway in a metro on Monday mostly sunny pleasant Haider's Anderson. Currently the lake front as 55 degrees. And to Buffalo Niagara International Airport 59. And the loop downtown sixty degrees. At the original and still the best from seven to nine. This is the radio show that ball low wakes up to violence Saturday mornings. Located. At AM fifteen to one AWK BMW. Food. From phone broke a bone. We can't we can. Oh yeah. Am. Okay. Major market radio and a large market town. Professional division. And service sub. Steals and cross. And summer breeze. How about that and 7 minutes after. 8 o'clock. Was and Pittsburgh handy on Wednesday and Thursday. So the Dodgers. And pirates Wednesday night and again. Thursday afternoon. And where we set. Just right of the hole play. Up underneath the roof and that's on. Brought it back to me about Howard felt on Wednesday and Thursday because we had its summer breeze. And it is downright got chilly on Wednesday night in Pittsburgh. But two Thursday absolutely. Perfect day. Speaking up perfection. Well there get there I'll tell yeah. About the Audubon golf course bar and restaurant got a brand new bar and grill called shortages. And it's run by a nice polish kid his name is Darren. Polish ASCII. And as he starts serving breakfast at 6 AM until 11 AM they have lunch specials. Catering is available. Put together your tournament packages are right and you can do that by calling Brian. And it's 7165975154. Explore the Audubon golf course sand bar and restaurant online. At Audubon Amherst. All one word. That's Audubon Amherst at. Com. Or should I say Audubon Amherst dot com. Nor column up at 7166317139. Located at 500 maple road in Amherst. And don't forget right across the street where idea went last Saturday morning they have a beautiful. Par three golf course. So if you wanted to sharpen your short game you can do it right there. Boy. And two key yup he he he. Looked good timing. The market. To. Order a all right he. He didn't. Get over please. Okay. He. Typically can and can run you pre heat or her down anything. Yeah he hit. It. Our day. Am risking it all I don't know him. If he can't seem to let people I've seen T you. You were here in nineteen. Man whom you learn axles. No lights you know the lights are but you know the rest. Our Trixie ride here 10 minutes after 8 o'clock. Next week. I won't be here Andy will be. Though we're gonna redo. And repeat the program from April 28. Which was this sixty Chicago. And water response we got from that that's what we're gonna re run it again. And of course sponsored by two great folks sent upstate Chevrolet of Attica. And pioneer propane. And here's one of the songs that might be on that show which it. He has six. Things you can now. And deep in content and now live on is wrong. Easier said than done. Somebody's family. OK okay. Although he can't meet fans in the sand I'm I'm really. Again the I do anything for him. Hi. Thank torn tendons. Okay. He told me. What game you're dead or go home. Then the pain cursory. And here. Eagles now. It's win okay. Home. McCain mid day headache down hole. And. Mama gave you daddy comes home. Converted into. Oh I had to do blue. So lonely and. Mama gave you dead at the mobile. On his radio show we don't follow standards. We create him. Johnny Horton. And hawkish tone man I hate to tell you how many people recorded that song. And he probably still has to vet the best version of Johnny Horton. It is a fifth game. And a lot of things went on the past couple of days in a war field of sports. And now live that stuff here's Andrew Clark. They doctor. NBA. Last night in Cleveland Golden State Warriors completed their sweep of the cavaliers with a one only 85 win to come back to back NBA champions. And the cavs they are just simply out played last night and the whole series the project is a point three points throughout the game of golf for a half minutes left in the fourth quarter when the game was clearly out of hand. And he ought to help and his teammates either the next highest scorer for the captain Kevin Love wedges thirteen points. After a promising first quarter and any kind of cooled off and it was all warriors from their. Give me for the warriors step Korea at 37 points. Calgary had a triple double twenty points twelve rebounds and assists and after the game can direct was named NBA finals and BP it's his second consecutive finals MVP. As he went last year with the warriors and after the game LeBron James asked about it featuring Cleveland whether he'd opt out of his player option for next year become a free agent. I think Vietnam and answer right now it looks like LeBron watch 28 team is on and that's Friday all the NBA news here for all the rest of the summer. Is where is LeBron going where is LeBron go nine years the LA news. In the running. And they're trying to coax him over their souls yet LA the lakers look like they're the the top choice for an hour than the fever to get him by I've also heard rumors of Golden State which if he -- dollar if he joined that team like just cancel the 2019 T there's no point Ali but yet obviously is he where he lands another lasting peace and music came out after the game LeBron James apparently hurt his right hand after game one we put the blackboard in the locker room obviously frustrate that overtime loss. So people surely talk about that laurel played any in the cap getting slapped. Operas I think you just came down warriors be a much deeper better team. Rodgers had nobody around in Cleveland in write me a lot of the the first final he went to Cleveland eight years ago where they got what icebergs that same things nobody around he left and they were like fifteen when he next year believes Cleveland your price as it went about fifteen games next year these other than LeBron they were not very good. But the warriors were not the only team Greece's recently be crowned champions NHL Stanley Cup finals Thursday night Washington Capitals beat the biggest gold Ninth Ward three. And the night's improbable run and win their first in the cup championship in franchise history four games the one. Lars Eller had the game winning goal for the capitals late in the third period. Alex Ovechkin also edible the teams win and after the game over XP was named playoff and BP now yes silicon Alley council's. 44 years of course. The sabres risen 49 years it's it's get up area. And again I I can't help beauty got a further Vegas ball nicely at the same time it kills as the sabres fans seeing the only. Expansion team. Go all the way as the in the cup and here the sabres Dario forty plus years I championships orders what does that tell you it goes all the way up to management absolutely. Toll does management coaching and then you know sometimes the players are even as consequential all that and drive and a felony is New England Patriots wide receiver Julian elements facing a four game suspension from the league for field PED test. And Ron Owens at this week he's declined his invitation of the hall fame induction ceremonies he's gonna celebrate his achievement elsewhere. Major League Baseball news angels dual star show Ohio Tommy will miss at least three weeks with a sprained UCL in his throwing elbow the teams hoping he can avoid Tommy John surgery. And nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg left his team's game Friday night after two innings with a shoulder with shoulder stiffness. Who undergo an MRI later today. Revving up locally with Minor League Baseball action in buffalo bison lost yesterday on the road to the Columbus clippers six the five blowing a 54 lead in the bottom of the ninth. Carpets it's well about the loss for the license despite the loss though the bite is currently in second place in the International League north at 2745. Just reacting to back from the Lehigh Valley iron pigs. The bison on the road against right in Columbia three Foley getting the start for the hurt first pitch at 705. The sports army under Clark. All right and we have to do I daydreaming terrorists are you about that. Coming up at 830 when Sully its. I have. An interest in human interest story. That happened to be. When I was in Pittsburgh. But anyway this weather segment is sponsored by upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. Catch there beautiful selections on line at www. Upstate CJ dot com. And set your vehicles aside by calling them up. And 15855910678. Then take the short ride to their beautiful campus at one to want a five prospect street in Attica. And you will be impressed. Partly sunny today high temperatures around 75. Low tonight 59. Tomorrow periods. Clouds and sun. Going to be a nice today tomorrow high near 76 Monday. Mostly sunny pleasant highs 77. Tuesday 77. Mostly cloudy. Right now the lake front has 55. At the airport 59. The loop downtown sixty degrees. At the original and still the best from seven to nine kids you know. Pass it on and tell a friend. This is day encrypting one AW KB Devern. Parents. Yeah. Yeah. Powered by upstage Chevrolet find a new roads too shabby a Vatican shop online 24/7. And Chevy of etiquette to outcome. I've got a sledgehammer in your for that computer. But I tell you something did you see that story on the news last night. There's a woman who was working out and one of these. Work out places these gyms and then what did the running machines and by actions. And awaits a moment. She lost. Sheep copter quarks on sultan SATA Rauf and she went and picked up. I dumb bell was a handle line. And started smashing everything in place now I did not see that sport urging got veto. War Yemen and she looked like almost like Reggie she has built like a wrestler. They arrested her and took her away probably to a metal is its computers. Desperate or your brother yeah yeah allies sought on film it was amusing turn. Anyway it is twice 6 after 8 o'clock. And that was song from 1974. The love unlimited. Orchestra. That's called loves. Being. We've got sixty degrees. And we've got sunshine. Are coming in the studio. I hope it keeps up all day high of about seventy. There's and soon should I say here's Jeanne Watson's. And skated into. Playing. All my. And even and so this round. Okay. He's. And here mom. I'm laying there. Okay. We used to okay. Okay. This I mean. It's. NN. First NB. Mean. God chair. It's. Did. No. The. And. We used it today. Okay. Okay. Listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. Jane Watson. Sometimes I get lucky. And forget. It's 830 AN time that KB speedway report. Sponsored by stay Chevrolet of Attica. By javy up arms supplies 3101. Route 39 in New York sheer. By upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram 125. Prospect street in Attica. Buys six lumber and building supplies in little valley and JP. Where friendly service. Is a family tradition. Also by Sammy is car wash deet tails center and dollar lodge. Located at 170 grey street in east room. And by. Where it's quality pre owned automobiles. Interest free. Buy here pay here. By precision. Re manufactured engines. New and used 3160. Union road in Cheektowaga. Where it's a warranty. That matches that are quality. Good morning good Dave's Sally. There Dave IKEA make this stop on. And you got to use it. Couple weeks ago. Dave and I got done playing golf open current crude crest. And I had my Pittsburgh Pirates had there was this seventies pirates in. Yellow were to black terminal. And so we're sitting outside having a beverage. And that day says to me do you know you look like with that head on and I should Yahoo!. Now with the sunglasses to pieces canticle for. That's okay yeah I remember Ken. So anyway I am I said oh that's that's a compliment thank you. Forgone a Pittsburgh. Dug hard and he's driving on sitting next to him. Head to head out on this our glasses I said delegate. What I look like with his hat and sunglasses. He looks at me about two and a half seconds he says can't coal. And crisis all right come. Is a pretty good test. Some away gets better against better guys. Get to the stadium Wednesday night. And our good friend their Ritchie who's an usher. And so. We weren't in their five minutes and I looked at him ahead. Same. Stuff on and I said. Or rich. Hardaway looked like. Took him about six seconds cases are canticle. So wait a minute I not done so and then there is a souvenir stand. And the girl's name is Kate. And she's one of the people running the place. And I got to know or Lou bets on standard prices. Katie. As she's only 32 years old she was born 1986. She doesn't remember the seventies. Pirates. Ices over I looked like. Just this whole grounds just cola. She says cantor cold and it's as this is to check pink tank so does she pulls out she had a card right there of Kent. So she showed me anyway I have to tell that story because. It all right it's tough to make up our. Some day I'll lover tell you guys again about my. Fenway Park story. On how one night there back in 1980. I sat there and signed a bunch of all progress. In our joke anyway day. Had a great time. Last Saturday night really enjoyed it. The that's super modify its. Just great. The super modifies. The delivered as eight yeah. Does that suggest that they would. I I said last week that anyone who would who has been to racing or had never been rated this would be a great way to start because you start at the top. Now when I'm saying that the top. I mean there are a lot of different classes have a lot of different talent but when you want to see pure speed. All. When you talking about doing a buck 23. Yeah every. Average. And led can't do which is a little over half. That means that you're got to be up to about forty going down the straightaway and that is wicked fast. And for people who are aren't aware of what these cars are the power to reach it won't do weight ratio is absolutely astonishing I thought it was. Really statement TK news because they're lightning have. 18150. Pounds 470. Cubic inch 900 plus horsepower. Is the giants entered plus. And if you noticed. The motor is not that it's upset to two lead over almost to the left front of the car if they didn't. The left pro would never stand my ground. Even with the even with the the wings. Yeah that that it's just that the technical marvel I mean when these things go down mr. DeWitt now with the wing goes flat. And then they turned up and it and it gets him into the turn it integrates show. It's at right now it's it an annual affair here I think you know. You don't want over and over saturate. But then when you get a chance this issue like that. And it and it was a good crowd there a real good crowd the other good thing about alteration and this is just. Me is that the guy who want it. Mark Hammett is from Ontario effect most of those. The Ismet drivers now are from Canada. Unlike the in the guise of us we go to to different groups a couple of my. Ma oh overlapped. Early bold soon. Or way. They believe these guys are law bulletin Derek that's it it's kind of a club yet. And the they travel around and I'm telling it. Just if if novelty and speed and just daring do the thing about these cars that's different from most is. With that incredible power and how life there they dark. And and argues sealed darting in and out that was the first the first time levers was two years ago. Atlanta guest during a Sunday afternoon and that's what Steve joy and made you choose Mike McLaughlin we're running. And that was the thing that I noticed not only were they go on like crazy but they would dart in and out and he just say man one false move. And these things are in the stands whether so. It it if you will it. Weren't appear excite I'd open numbers you were able to go because. It's it it was Croatia on they will be coming back. Well I don't wanna get down to this story about Danica Patrick anything anymore I mean that we haven't done after enough of that. Seeded or are you bears so blood anyway able what I say is. I just can't picture. Her. Driving one of these super modify. The way they unbelievable and you know what there was now one wrecked all night long. No no they see. In order to drive those not only have to you have to be incredibly talented but you also have to have a lot of respect. For you or. Competitors. And they do there Merrill good friends. And they go hammered out yes this is that this is the sport this this particular classes is unique and and they did it hit it are among others it is and in a bit of a decline they don't have the numbers that they used to have because. They're expensive there's no question about it but as long as as you get it chances to Yemen and a pure. That they will be back at Lancaster and next year. On the other side of the coin. I went last yeah I dimensions to I was going to mean ever had a chance to talk about it last week. I went to the first column Lancaster alliance challenged. At the hillsides speedway and does say I was disappointed would be an understatement I was going to freedom and it rained out so I said our I doubt I'll go over to Harlem because it was rained out yet I thought it would be but it was. So anyway I went there in the plan was to offer and it between Tim Beckman and they and the the new operating group. Daniel Hutchinson. They agreed to have four races between the two strikes and and it would be the pros chrome sides. They call of necessities that at Howland at the pro modified does to sports but that's not the big blocks but still it's a good place. They're gonna give a thousand bucks an anesthetic tires at the end of the year for the guy who has the best finish. It's sounded like a good idea. Being on Friday night the Lancaster guys dropped their point six of them registered. Four of them made the trip over and that went what is. Eight terrorists from. Hillsides. So a total of twelve cars were on hand. You can have a good race with twelve cars but when you're racing for the war in front of fifty people that can't. I mean the aid it has not been it hasn't caught on yet. But the biggest frustration for the participants. And for anyone else like me who who grew rocket and an amber really. I want that to succeed. If you don't publicize it you don't tell people you're you're there. Years you're not gonna draw anybody there is there's a plan in place. By mr. Hutchinson. He he believes it'll work. But it it. It showed me the the room a lot of a lot of holes in the fabric. They're the people who were who are operating. I think our new recruits. They're a little then staff but give me an example of how dramatic it was. The announcer was not able to attend. So they wound up calling Kenny hang our the iconic announcer good friend of mine he was sitting in a bit more with south buffalo an hour before the show. And they called and said Kenny could you come out here and and now because. Our announcer isn't here. And he raced out there and and did it he had no line up sheets. Because apparently they didn't do any so he had to identify the car is that you're on the track of these there. Things that the average fan would not understand you know because. It all float it all slowed because you have a couple of pros up in the at at in the power but the but what it tells me. Is that there there is a lot of work to do the drivers themselves. That did show up. It was one of those things where they wanted. They wanted to get some outlets and they want to run heat and and at the driver's meeting they expressed a little bit of frustration. Which I think was well well placed that that in all. Nobody knows were here. They're gonna do the crash around which which is not the pressure have anymore because it's a different company a local guy is taking over which is fine. That's that's not a problem at all but. They said well nobody knows about it. There's got to be more exposure and I don't know when that's gonna happen I hope it does I really do. But. I'm I'm I'm a little concerned right now. Admittedly they took over the place in March which is a a late day. But. I think there are there things that could be going. That that does not. Now the last Thursday night. I went to Lancaster. Now Thursday night. Racing during school this school years is risky business immediately the reason to have Pacman did it. And I give a heck of a lot of credit is because he wanted to give his modified grab guys who race in the ROC. The chance to race Saturday night at. Lake Erie which is and I and so he he took he bit the bullet he took it even rated race. Two good races it was there was. Completion of a rain out. A lot from left fourteen to those other 21 laps and that then they rent later. A 35 leopard Patrick ever going wound up winning them both and they're both very good graces I mean he he had to beat his teammate in the first one. And then he held up to a console than a real good race and the second one. But the the big news is that Pacman was willing to do that. So that the the guys could race at Lake Erie. And again that's tonight and I'll be going down there at the festivities start in the afternoon at they make old they have it's going to be yet. 75 lap feature at the end when when when they race but it. That. Is that the main reason why he did that and again I give a lot of credit the other thing is in the Indian event that there are dirt fans. And I'm sure there are some kids who live in this southern area. If you would like to do that. State line is running the all stars series. Sprint cars and Tony Stewart will be there and Tony will likely be racing he owns the series. And he will be racing so. A couple of choices. Through the dirt people if you want to state line is not the easiest place to find but. Aid when you get there it's worth it. Lake areas either side you're just take that are way down and take the second exit. In Pennsylvania route 89 goes out that you're there and it is about four miles it's dead as a nice facility. It because it starts early use should be home early so. That's tonight those are nice opportunities to let's take a quick break we get back I do. A little bit of this. Our ride and I've got so much in front of me here to tell you people about. Let me start off this way the eighteens. Upstate automotive group tag sale. Gigantic. And it's the biggest tent sale in the history. Upstate Chevrolet. Chrysler. And Toyota from. Batavia. Now this is June 13 through his seventy. And they have so much inventory it had to be relocated. Two prospects. Square plaza. That's one running one prospects creeped in Attica. That's where is going to be and Wednesday it kicks off from 9 AM until AP. Right through Friday. AM delayed Pia. Saturday. June 16 9 AM to 5 PM and Father's Day. Nine until three. And they have over 700. Vehicles. There. For you to choose for a and free gifts for everybody stopped NN spin the prize wait don't. There when yourself so okay they gadget instant approval. 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They will be back frequently three more times I'm not sure exactly when the date stated that dates are but there there's scattered throughout this summer and of course the US open it at the end of the year is one of them as well so. Yeah and I I can look that up and I can get that for you. Just a couple things about NASCAR number one. Martin Truex you know on one the pocono race and that Kurt Busch is on the pole for the Michigan race you can either go. Watch that or go out in the Arab and watch the grass grow that'll be how exciting it's going to be they can run four or five wide flat out. And if it's it it's really not been bleeding but this is an interesting thing from your your boy the polish prince says. That under the current all star package which says. Restrictive plate spoilers and stuff the create pack racing he says that they don't do something about that. The best drivers are not going to enter NASCAR they're not going to do because it's too it is that the he says it takes. That that techno takes over for the drivers and it does I agree with a interestingly enough. He didn't mention anything about dangerous thing which is an abysmal failure you know why was he invented it. Well I think it's stinks. I do too and he needs to take a reality check but. Lot of things going on I will be done at the arrows DL have a report on that and we'll see you later. All right walls next week you've got to wake up. Yes I do we're gonna re run the sixty show yet so. OK well then I'll have plenty of things to the following week. That's a beautiful thing thanks Dave are needed used cars but how about buy here pay here. Go to DNN so sale like transit and Genesee hits deep interest free corner. Next to Salvador's CNN says they're great selection of cars suvs and trucks plus set BMS. New finance your vehicle in first for. 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That's in the prospects square plaza. Have yourself a wonderful week we'll see in a couple of weeks and remember. Adversity builds character. Analytic character you mark. We've gone what Willie. Turn out who lives so. Iron. This city and then all. Good things must end. Call it a night. My. Okay. I. Okay. Wanna occurring easy for me. He's. You're okay. Need. Time. Blue line. Rely. Okay. College and I. I. Okay. Yeah. The ones I am. Okay. Right. Hard line. Then one day. Turn out to my. Time. Yeah. Call it the night. I. Okay. Okay. You're listening to be a crucial voice someday you'll people's 50000 YE SPN 1520 WW. KB buffalo.