The Dr. Jay Richards Show 06/03/17

The Dr. Jay Richards Show
Saturday, June 3rd

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These these Buffalo's home for ESPN radio on 15:20 AM and WW KB. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station at the advertisers or sponsors within now. Because it seemed like dude dude idea what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Just who's Beckett did. Mutations. You found the original. Hey kids. Believe it or not Diaz look at you would go Oilers sunshine right now. One minute after several hours trial and error seven how long now black. You know growing older as mandatory. Growing up as optional. And laughing at yourself as therapeutic. The number one weekend radio variety show arrives here in buffalo and you've got it right now. As we check out OK so show. Whether Torre cast plenty of sunshine today high temperatures around 68. Overnight low 55. Tomorrow rain may be at thunderstorms. High temperatures around seventy overnight low sixty. And I'm mostly cloudy showers around on Monday. Highs near 67. Currently the lake front has 52 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport staff people or. And a little downtown we've got 54 degrees. And sunshine. As the original and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. This is the Saturday morning show buffalo wakes up to. And AM fifteenth Ronnie got. JB WA. Yeah. Let me out I'm. Okay little. Never saw little woman's. And where it's. You know. And I knew my golden. So it's okay. Okay. Okay. When it's. Okay. It is. Here's to make this to slam the minds of homeowners found. Yeah not mind seeing a little less. It's. But when it's. Found new life may well. They use around the news level. So. Let me. Okay. Let me out. You know the it's. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's a little just. And among. Long. Create secret. News. Great man you know. A. I secret. He. Okay. Is. You mean. So are. I had the old. And me. Created. Man for whom I. Mean. Here. Fowl wind blows you. Why I had a little wind blow we. It's. Do. You of that goal and. Map pool Lulu. News. Yeah mind. Right. Bull you know. It. Live in mobile. Now did. Believe. In love them. Yeah woo. It's mind kind. Of hope and goal. Lose. Unity and world. In my eyes being rude. In those. Yeah. And. Powered by upstage Chevrolet of Attica find a new rose. She up 24/7. And Chevy have Attica. Does count. The moon glows. I think that was from the fifties repetitive. And of course Freddie. Vendors. In 1975. Made that into a country song his biggest hit. And my secrets about. 8 minutes after 7 o'clock. I'm glad to be would view as always you know we appreciate. Your company especially. On a beautiful. Country sunshine morning like we have right now as we listen Jerry Keller. It. It's. Yeah. It's. I. Every now and then. Someone comes to. It's. I. A dream has just come through well they're playing name. And I'm trying to use. Games. Yeah. In. Yeah input cute things okay. Have always. And you school. Mean this thing it would never. Well here it is failing to. Run on plan aims in CA. Yeah air land. There is. Am. China and the if you wrong. Yeah it flew me. Man. You can do. In. Match. That here and it may be. Love that game. Oh is very. Okay and now. Not a game. From the pioneer propane studios that JB. A lot. Are you paying for your pro. Call 1806158. Long floor report. Make again I put your dreams away thirteen minutes after seven a Clarke's eleven and thirteen. And they're coming up doctor carmody. At his 7:45. Iron this morning with his. Timely subject of today sponsored by size. Elm pharmacy. Say. Let me tea if you wanna go to an interesting website. If you're looking for trees especially kind of birds aren't going to Reese tree farm dot com. Where they roll back the prices fifteen years ago they're going back just you know the fifteen years. For their prices. Located at 630 Walt Ron wrote in Cuba. And phone numbers 7163728628. Now. They only did. Two year order. From April 1 until May fifteenth. So despray deal was overweight but what you do is order now. And they start digging again September 15 right through December. And they're taking Euro orders on white spruce blue spruce Black Hills Bruce. Norway spruce. All those kind of perspective they specialize. They are one of the largest. Tree farms. In the northeastern United States yes they ER. And day day to achieve your specifications. And your order and then you can get to between four feet and at twelve portraits. All right phone number once against 7163728628. And if you wanna find out more it's res treat farm dot com. My monetary out. Like you is gorgeous. There's Brooks and Dunn now. No you know I come com. Seeing her. Joseph the entire time. Yeah oh yeah. Man. Saying. Listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio and you've got to right now. Exactly 90 minutes after 7 o'clock this Saturday morning you know. I'm a marked signs. Located at 57. 58 South Park avenue and amber. Writer with Letterman affair. He's depressed and it comes to news sign age. And graphics and all that kind of stuff and as you well know he does everything for the Erie county fair. And Bart's phone number 716648. Size. Top line. May not okay. Learn. To get all I have heard you attacking that. Sent didn't use him key area that means yeah yeah I like playing games senate to do it hand eye coordination. Because. I think that children like we don't go upside down like we did your kidding right and I used to like and then America can and things like that. Sometimes I'm on the part of this decent Qaeda militants and being and ego well. I'm done. Then of course adds a lot of people aren't being that. Then there's gangs and pigeons and sun gift I give me he had he is homing pigeon. And their like are liked boomer move but he's been lying mean I have a lot of in the rule you that you. I think. That still. And I play like this one guy who is. I needed jumper cables weren't Dayton and fellow. Who I think can kind of talents and I act but didn't really. Yeah UK for you can use it four times and permanent. He was really in life and he got my kind studded and he played ticket hack. As we had to weigh you down there that wasn't the same way. He came out and waited Whitney because he now but sometimes I mean the people. And they aren't an NEC the most fun things. Phil. And that is nice theory on and we did news and then. Thank you Debbie. Dianne name. Outside of listening to it Democrats speech. What is more boring. And you know what she started out there and she said as she likes things with hand eye coordination. When about bringing in my own journalistic about it. Today. Wanted to minutes after 7 o'clock. Major market radio and a large market town of professional. Division and service. Stand by. It shows now. Yeah during the Bible as we love to do it and you're depending twenties mind WW can be and you call seven sixes and he's really. Funny. I. 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Mariah and now we check out the weather forecast. Course we would do want to mention that our chief engineer and producer every Saturday morning. Is he's a vast Andrew Clark CL ERK. Check it out the oh what. And it didn't say there's plenty of sunshine today. That is good news from high temperatures around 68. Tonight's overnight low 55. I gotta tell you assume demanded yesterday morning. When I got out because of where I live. It was 33. Degrees. Then as one diggreel away from freezing right in my high yesterday was fifty. So. Yeah I I've got to cool section of the southern tier preacher. Tomorrow high temperature around seventy it was a rain and thunderstorms. Overnight low sixty on Sunday night. And Monday mostly cloudy some showers around high near 67. Currently the lake front has 52 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 54. And a little downtown we've got 54 degrees. At the original and still the best from seven and 9 every Saturday morning. View past and on and tell friends we've put so it may appreciate dad. This is AM fifteen to one AW KV. Devastated. So you. Did spending yeah. And maximum GE. It's best to do some. Bad things. Anymore. And I need. That's ahead. Knees that. Moon and do. Wow. Tell me. Teens. Those again. Again. Years NN. Yeah C. Is. Still. And land itself. Its day. And that. Now let me. Staying. And yeah yeah. Naomi. For me. The end. Dad. I mean. I. Campaign. Yeah. Okay. Limits. I. I. Man. Okay. I. Days. The best friend a microphone ever had doctor. On KB AM 1520 WW KB buffalo. Now. Thing in the then. Okay. That's no. I. We'll announce. So imagine. It's. It's. It's. Yeah. March are blessed music amenable variety at least one song in a row. No song today X and we are free portable and prolific. I'm Buffalo's original. AM 52 money WK BW. A program that gives you something to think about some times. It is the third day. June 2017. And Andrew was pretty said. Went in the month of June you have to turn the firmness on their you know out of mind. Two so Steve I guess all about the weather. And summer breeze in there from. Susan crops. They want to let you know that my website. Is I'm a thing there for real. On the Internet. Right now let's put up about a month ago. But what you do is you go on Google and your coaches a doctor. And you can check out my a Mickey Mouse or a biography and my pictures and and there's a bunch of recent shows on there didn't they you can listen to from a previous Saturday mornings and why years there. The year in our click on to Tim lynch and get your group guard Geico quote. And check out his web site. OK so I go to the doctor. At the same time and get some quotes on your auto and homeowner's insurance. When the Tim lynch and the guys are okay. Are right it's time right now for their red landscape made spoke of the morning. Of course. Always known measure your butcher. Residents he meets 1585. 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I guess we will just continue with the program here to music. And the contents of whatever what you might be which we never know from time to time or at any time. If you know what I mean there but and the but also and about. It is 9 minutes before 8 o'clock. And of course is this portion of the program. Is sponsored by size. Alma pharmacy then you as a matter of fact. This song goes out to alma right now. As for you in Dayton diet. Is down Williams one of my favorites by god. And she never knew me at all on KB. She packed up. Pursue the case. And walked to the move. Should she won't come back. Like she's done wonderful. I'll bet she's in Dallas. A full recruits know. No shoes. She's Burry him. My home or. She knows well. She thinks I'll. It's. She and it's. I'm. It's time move news. She's a changed man. Shoot below the oh yeah. And have a good crew. And I. Laugh the most. I shoes look. There. The phone. You hear me. Should be. She. I don't know. 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Play me. Never. When you. Time. I'll play. She's me. He's due tomorrow. Or daddy's little nuns. Lol look kind of thing that is my hand out. Okay. And do. When someone else that is more time Karl Malone and today there are no good. You come home. Send your cultural. The problems that. Older. Send you long they're here. When I. Prove. Bone. Are you news. News or nuns alone on the kind of things on your head on doesn't. Okay time he's due. Or someone else. And only time will come along and take your local. We're. Girls there's. Just do don't you. We few. Girl's best dude don't you. Little sister don't you. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on 15:20 AMP WW KB. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and for a deal lives residing in the way it really is I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. No no lovemaking Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson who left a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a foundation and the doctor. Else. Because they don't lack of good vogue we've people on TV. Yeah as soon as they go on the radio. Just ride out head citi's two minutes after raids. My wrists and laugh and learn the best radio. On the radio and you've got to right now as we check out the weather forecast. And I today plenty of sunshine. High temperatures around 68. Tonight low 55. Tomorrow rain and thunderstorms possible. High temperatures around seventy. Monday mostly cloudy showers around. Eisner's sixty sevens. Currently the lake front has 55. As the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 56 degrees. And a live downtown 57. At the original and still the best from 79 baby. The radio show in buffalo that everybody wakes up 2 runs Saturday morning. This is AM fifteen to one AWK. I. Don't pose a boom. Oh yeah. Hello I'm got to touch haven't travel in the all of those. Back door and get and so our need repairman that area there. Got a rattling in the saddle call me acted to. Yeah. Well yeah. Girl on the that's the win back to tush our yard travels are behind you. We can't we can't go. So we'll just. You. Which playing. Can I. Which way. Yeah. Tonight. Yeah. This. Laying. I. Countries sunshine Saturday morning Joseph 8 minutes after 8 o'clock. Major market radio and a large market turnout. Division and service of and wanna tell you right now that was that was to poppy family. On back to seventies. Cores. Allegheny hills dot net. If you wanna check out there menu items that retiree. They've got to greatest through the whole world watched that. And of course the Allegheny hills golf course and restaurant. As large wholly owned and now it's beautiful. Between Cuba and rush for located at 962182. Parties corners wrote. And are open seven days a week if you want find out on the telephone. What membership is or if you wanna make reservations. 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He's not man weighing. I'm we. To take your hand of thought wow I believe is that she's. He was going at all it's I mean. Releases. People. These stuff home that loves me go chest pain. You will take. Made me plug it T. Never scared tonight game. And means seeing. Young mass at street run. An easy. Yeah me easy. It's the word out a big game is so bad. Don't leave me all there's no way. They need. Path to. And flipped cars domains. Diamonds sounds. It's still very slim guy. Recall my. Easy. And easy. We'll be damn. How long. Don't do this thing. You. It's when you owe me. You. When you roll. Well night. Eight million. Net slash. You want me out. Without. Pulled me down. Roan who. Hear the word out video game lead so that's. All right that's tees Carradine. 1976. I'm easy. Exactly 14 minutes after 8 o'clock. Kevin coped a with sports coming in here. In about one minute right now want to let you know. About my new web side and what you do is go on to Google. And you. Punch in doctor. And check out to new way upside there was a little bios of pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday morning. Then while you're there. Click on to Tim lynch and get a free quote from Geico. On your auto and homeowners. That's to doctor. I'm Google. Our gang in many good. It is time for sports with Kevin coped. Always sponsored by degrade folks and their comfort funeral home in South Wales. CY more families are choosing locally owned comfort funeral home. Serving their greater East Aurora area at sixty or 69 and over again wrote that drew sixteen in South Wales. General street nations and pre planning which funeral director Ali should triggered. She provides a top flight professionalism. And guidance and their compassion you've come to expect from a family owned business. Kind of beautiful campus. Visit www. Comfort funeral home Dutch town. Or call 7166528760. Our ride and my body and C has been for many many years. They are real top flight professional. And what's your name again. There would be Kevin cook all right guys CIA. All right does hang in there has now my morning. Two maybe it's yours tell hi you doing all right Jack did you. Uttered not a sports go and then this week there are right we got high school sports across the board. As system like weather yesterday. Everyone was able to get games in which was awesome. But everybody is in playoff mode in high school sports has sent teams are heading on to. State championships. And the Catholic schools and their playoffs as well Georgetown cup playoffs will be about two games coming up this week's saint Joe's. But you know big merry itself Lancaster in boy he's baseball. A three game series June 5 sixth and seventh that's it Coca-Cola field the field on all games. Hurry at 4 PM so like Catholic boys baseball there. And so it starts this is a week at Coca-Cola field to based public school games. And boys' baseball include plant double late. Equate taking on Clarence. At 3 PM. Debt will be at Niagara Falls at frontier field in Rochester it will be old Ian first Pittsburg Sutherland that's at 7 PM game under the lights. Clay SP action at Niagara Falls Livonia will be kicking out for don't yet add new. Clancy baseball at Detrick park in Jamestown Al bond will be set about the plane Maple Grove the dragons making it into the class seat finals. That's going to be coming up today class the frontier field in Rochester dark Collins person Lima Christian. It's a 430 start. Flight eight but she gains in girls' softball. These are west regional and class double play action at Rockport it was Victor over Williams don't north by a score of five to one. And class say. It was will ease over merge the eighteen to three in that one Jessica Weaver with three hits two runs in that game. Class B softball at Rockport to pew over Whelan car hot didn't. Thirteen to nothing in that one to eight games in the far west regional girls' softball. In Dunkirk it'll be bishop parity taken out pork bill at 4 PM. Plans. PM start. But chicken as employees across section at saint John Fisher Orchard Park tapping Pittsburgh. Are acutely orchard park at this for a pardon me that's at 10 AM start today also had John Fisher Hamburg first victory at 1230. And Grand Island taken on Elmira macedon that's at 3 PM start. One other game Akron verse ten yen at 530. Start. Let's head on to some pro baseball the buffalo bike in yesterday's successful they took on Charlotte. And the buy in victorious in nine before Ian that game. Other Major League diamonds it was Baltimore copy Boston three to two Toronto over the Yankees 75 they're Plano home stand up in Toronto this weekend if you look at pop up for that one. Detroit over Chicago fifteen to find Kansas City topic Cleveland fort adopting. Those were in the American League. It and actually Chicago or Saint Louis three to two separate Cisco shutting out Philadelphia ten to nothing. Miami over Arizona's seven a five. Since that he can't beat Atlanta three to two in ten innings and the match dropping a game to the Pittsburgh Pirates twelve to seven. I Clayton Kershaw leaving the Dodgers to a victory over Milwaukee last night. Of course hockey tonight as the Nashville Predators will played their first ever. Stanley Cup final game as they take on the Pittsburgh Penguins. And then that tomorrow the NBA finals the Cleveland Cavaliers look to rebound against the Golden State Warriors. LeBron James and crew getting out pretty soundly spanked. By Golden State in the first game they're yeah games series so you know LeBron this is his seventh. NBA. Finals. In a row. Which is absolutely unbelievable the best player on the planet no question. But he has his work cut out. Against Golden State with Kevin Durant in step concur in that crew is there are formidable opponent for sure and that. Is a look at your weekly sports. 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Popular people like you on the program certainly certainly well. Does that date CI didn't do that ended and it. Tease. Anyway. Hey we've got week to talk about here again a couple of things. Even though Donald Trump wants to like kind of the state things with. The Russia investigating and investigation closed in and out of he adds that himself this week. And again an issue that a lot of people are saying is that nonissue and I understand some of their statement on it. But the terrorists climate accord though I wanna play quick cut by Bernie Sanders started about this is the United States. Take a void of leadership under the trump it leadership they're ago. The decision. Hope president trump to withdraw from the Paris agreement. You got it. Genius it is a decision which is shortsighted. It is extremely. Dangerous went from third during the campaign that climate change. Was a hoax. He was dead wrong. Put the United States the withdrawal from the Paris agreement. It's not only going to endanger. Countries all over the world in terms of climate change it is all flow an application. Of US leadership. In so many air. So basically the rest of the world believes that. Climate change is something that we should. Rebound of knowledge and I'll put me in there there's millions of people that don't believe and it's a biggest fraud ever perpetrated by a man. Scientific. You can go almighty god has been disproven so many times how have been to this group. While you don't get this. Temperature of the planet or any age is going up yet. It didn't ads tops it would go up one degree and a hundred years if this is global warming. Mr. Al Gore's global warming if this is it then what the hell was the ice age. It well you're going to be you're gonna be floating in some lake front property probably get it won't what is being what it what do you want to do for a future generations factor today. While we're at it and we're all god right we're gonna save the delicate mix Kevin Britt nature. Mother nature and it who is god does what he wants to were polarized right right. It should scientifically it's been proven that the temperature of this planet is is going up would you get that back couple who were you just asked that. You could go look anywhere. Online look any Coke total volume I can go to to any national bureau and find and take a look at the type of climate. Studies that have been it's it's almost brought the limit total fraud let's move onto the next topic let's put it well. Let just let me finish here give me thirty seconds the developing countries of the world. Found a way to suck billions. Out of the United States in a different way and it's called truth is a global warming fraud. Now at trump trump his work cut off their gravy train and they can't take it. Beat the sucked billions out of it basically what it is it's a policy. Doctor today yeah that's sucking billions they're it's a policy. There states. Can't countries should try to work to adhere to certain certain rules. Relative to climate change let's make certain pilots doing that all the United States again guess what after the. World with a guy like they do it anyway itself honey three out of the 28 countries. Aren't paying their fair share my debts. Are paying their fair share. I had little let's get the risk move on to the next topic. As go to the James Coleman now outbid the White House. Latest news. James Cole Lee's testimony. He's scheduled to give testimony before the senate intelligence committee on Thursday. Released now trump White House attempting to block his appearance by invoking executive privilege. That's a report from CNN. Destin retort from CNN what the White House out. Straight not so light up. Obviously the transparency of this truck presidency. Right there were were gonna work and there are doing everything the block this Russian investigation. I wanna play cup for John McCain. Who talked about what's going on with Jared Kushner this week. They are still trying to change election just tried it affect the outcome of the French election. So. I put my view Vladimir Putin whose dismembered Ukraine are sovereign nation and I just don't I don't I know that. Some administration officials are saying well that standard procedure. I don't think it's standard procedure prior to the inauguration of a present United States by someone who was not in an appointed position. And I think to mr. called me we now know. Took action that he did in regards to then candidate Clinton. Because of some faults. News. That was being put out by the Russians I mean it is this becomes more and more and more bizarre and does he retired you can't make it I am nervous from time to time. I do believe that the president has. Well I it is getting senile yet well let me put it this way if trump is trump. And has no issues why he would return trying to block this thing there is dictating a dentist and doctor. It has nothing. Dad has been proven for seven months now then why not anything between trumpet garage or the White House in Russia. It's all of this smokescreen. To keep a negative reaction looking upon mr. trump. And why is trump himself trying to block it if he's not that's news from Europe that does not scattered stations you like. One lady these sit here all ready. Only intensified their trump tried to influence them and their meeting that is so that we don't know why why is trump doing that why did trump fired those are soured re notes that he wrote after trump and his. Eight to say there anyway yep you got it brother whatever as he would actually. I see it now I've Bubba. And of course that was. Our untimely as our good liberal buddy Kevin Cooper. Ed is the 838. And it's Time Warner. JIAEA. Report. Sponsored via upstate Chevrolet have medica. Size six lumber and open supply. JP and little valley where friendly service is family tradition. And by your local Geico agent and hammers Tim lynch better coverage for a lot less phony three to thirty to 53. By Holland Speedway Motorsports complex. The Stanley value place seize that future stars of NASCAR on asphalt the high banks of Holland. International Speedway. Now the man who's always on speed here's our good buddy day sounding good morning good morning director it is a good one did. Freedom get their thing and last night. Freedom that the thing in last night it was it was a good joke and then a few more modified but. There was a a new sportsman series it's that's been started in the area. And it's spent as the bell under electric lightning sportsman series and it's really taken off bless Sunday night they had 32 cars 32 of them two up but numbers don't. And when you get that many Karen's going north of the border you know there on the top of what they're doing. Is they're paying a thousand dollars to win and it and and for sportsman that's a big payday. So they got it in. It was a good race. Very interesting you know how they play oak Canada before. And the US National Anthem before all races around here it's a good thing they did because. In the sportsman feature five Canadians. The top I think we're all waiting. And the Canadian won the modified race. It's that it's a nice deal for that number one they get a chance to live go to attract that they don't normally go to a number two. Maybe a little bit supply I am but at thousand dollars a US. Is about thirteen hundred to 14100 dollars Canadians yeah. The payday is a little bit better but yeah it was it was a good night. And the yet and they've finally got a couple of races and I'm starting it that that this this rain has been so. So devastating. Of the grant to build finally got to show and last night as their first full though. Of the year I don't and and ironically the modified which is their top players didn't rebel and because on the schedule that was the sprint Harrison and so they rent sprint cars the first time. On this new surface. They were having difficulty that night I went. The track was in bad shape and everybody knew what. And they had tried to work on it but they've been rained out a couple of me you know oh the that rain up there Lake Ontario area. That and it's just been terrible so. I don't know I haven't heard yet I did read that they got that show in night ID he has checked with my sources that the other trek was. But freedom. In the day that the track there was excellent. The drivers winner I'm very happy with the and they've had trouble there too in the past that and by a priest put down new clay over the winter and it's taking very well. And so good show there. Coming up tonight and again this is something that that you know I I don't usually get a area of plugging. But for those people who have never seen. It's like Paris super modify it's that they are finally coming to Western New York they usually run out of Oswego. But they're going to be at Lancaster tonight and date for the only time in the area and that. I I'll be going over there and now give your report on that I can say that. The last time they were here which was a number of years ago is one of the greatest races terrorists just because these things are so fast. And so twenty and that things that they do you know the does the left to right right to left I mean it's. You just use your hang in and your seat wondering how they can do it so that that that's scheduled for donated and while I'm Lancaster. The we talked about the problems they had with city. With the rowdiness and how they had a couple of incidents they have decided to reopen and they have hired a security firm. And they're going to now charge. Five dollars for everybody who wants to park and the infield hits on the trek is that the track you don't have to pay that piece is going in the stand. And for that five dollars you get one run down Nate. Drag strip and that's the drop the places. And cruised Matty you get a chance. You you get to net with your buddy his say I've been taken you know drew this. And then they pay five bucks each and get things they do. Their engines and there's been blown up their engines or do whatever they let so. That is the whole thing is it's a net it's a Nora and use it if but if a facility get to bed named. Whatever night of the week it is it affects everything now also. You know also if you get that going and then your Friday and Saturday ratios you're Drake in the Spaniards back urged those were better so. Good news from that standpoint. The there are a couple of things coming up next weekend which. Nine. I should say little belly upgrade out again as it seems to be our. Our blog here we've lost more than half commercial as they say we because there and also at work. That they're back on and tracks next week next Friday and Saturday night. One of the few races and of the year at Lake Erie speedway the ROC will be at Lake Erie and again that's a place for anyone who's never been there. Used to be regular facility but through a number of things that happens it is anymore it only runs the couple chose a year but this is one of them. And there are also gonna do the ROC. Race of champions at the end of the year there. It's not far away it's the first exit in Pennsylvania out than ninety. And those are things to look forward to so on the local scene. Things seemed to be coming the other although. Tomorrow night. It's looks like it's gonna rain again so harbors to normal which is exactly one show in. That is going to be hard pressed to get another and I went to that has its and they put on a goat good chill here. They're so short drag racing around here is good if they can ever. Get a chance legitimate. But. Good news from there. Now we can switch over to the last week and of course Memorial Day a couple of interesting things happen. I'll talk in the first because. That's that's the race of the weekend. In spite of NASCAR's attempt to say otherwise. Mum to school bus stops so one of the Indy 501 Japanese. Citizen to win that race. Six different winners in the last six races. That is the scary thing happened in that race and this is what happens with the IndyCar is guzzler so lighten the powerful. Scott Dixon if you look at the pictures there's some dramatic pictures the one that. But that sticks in my mind is the one where he is actually higher than they kept. The he gave you get locked in March these things and there's nothing you can do except hang and everybody thought when he landed he is going to be. Is going to be busted up while apparently had dozens or ligament that. But the good thing was. Then a big crowd the tradition has returned. Two Indy and I found out of them I never know and I bet you're going to be surprised to hear it muted here already said. They have had exactly one sellout. And in the in the history Hillary's than it was last year. They now sell out sell out Serbs are in now. What does sell out. I saw some ice on cement DC's. Yeah though there might that lettuce sold the tickets that people didn't get there the whole thing is a sellout they did this last this in February with the Daytona they says. Knows slash Daytona has sold out all reserved seats. Are right that means a lot. It's a sellout well they count as a result but. Reserved seats they have general admission to and so they don't sell out either so but does the fact is that deed. The old tradition and and you might know when I went rewrote brought up. A uses certain new. A Memorial Day everybody at a radio let everybody want to know who was on the pole I don't think we'll ever get back to that dark I mean that's a reality but. The fact that it's taken over it and come back and and there is a lot of interest I think one of the things it's kinda. Stick to keep it from. The tradition is what keeps that there the if it was up to the drivers and it. Most of them are foreign there are only a couple of American drivers they think that was one of the reasons why people credit drifted away from it. But now the the tradition and the pomp and circumstance. As seems to overshadow that him and we take it and it. And do well in my era at my commanders will Holler and he's from Australia but he lives in Charlotte now. So do you consider him an American or Australian. Well you do you do you go pipe by country of origin. You know a lot of them have moved over here they don't they don't live in their native countries but. It's yeah it's it's you know the old American born. But still today as long as they're racing is good and and I can tell you that when I went to the Indy race at Watkins got last year. I was very impressed the only thing about the Indy races it. What the plan was made and have a lot of currently on it like 22 car. But still it's that's the good news the bad news of course is NASCAR the brickyard at NASCAR is taken up beating. It was down to 50000 last year and a place that holds 300000. And they're they're gonna tried to to boost that up. Good to good luck for that the other race of the day. After the Indy. Was the big Coca-Cola 600 they used to call the world 600 at a couple things that came from Matt that it that are worth mentioning number one. Tell bush making a complete idiot of himself and and again here's a case where. You know one man's. Poison the rents fees what he did was he lost the race. They lost the race to Austin bill Austin bill won the race on if you will. Fuel I hate fuel races. What I'm saying in case people don't realize. Is you at the end of the race you gamble and having more fuel than a guy that might be faster than you. But you OP gonna run out and that's exactly what he did he was able to ostriches feel Miley did they ask Kyle Busch. Who finished second after the race. In the press conference you DePaula would have I've said that before the last thing you wanted to. At a press covered the tip but he granted he was the runner so they cause they haven't come in and he has his power look at this case and they said to him. Where you surprised that Austin Dillon gets so much violence and he'd looked and is in the most sour look you could say any says. Nothing surprises me congratulations. When he dropped the Mike and stalked off. Yeah and how did it you know this is a case where. Do you want Q what do you think that that's that's him exit size increased beat him being himself or do you think it was a powerful. Dale Earnhardt junior disappointed me a little bit and he said. He thought it was a neat he says that's Kyle that's why we'd like them. Yeah maybe that's why you like him but it does not reflect well on the sport I cannot believe. That Eminem is thrilled when their driver would there's sued. Can be happy to hear this guy make a full of themselves in front of national cameras but does. That's you know they're they'll do anything for attention now Austin Dillon brings up an interesting point. Austin Dillon. Is the grandson. Of Richard Childress. Richard Childress his car won the race. A lot of people saying that the bill of boys get special treatment because they're the grandson of Richard Childress and who also owns the number threes that tailored their girl. He is driving the number security. And there are arguments that. May be. That number should have been retired. When Dale Earnhardt it and I am one and again I'm a traditionalist I think that would have been a good idea I think I think. They do it baseball all the time and it would have been a tribute to us this seven time champions and one of the icons of the sport. Big reverse argument there the other side of the argument is. Richard Petty 43 is still don't. Yeah that's right but. There's a dynamic here. The fact is that Richard Petty himself. Our lives said I want it I do not want to retired I wanted to keep goal is so. When Dale Earnhardt died then he had no input in it I have a feeling. Knowing dale or parent. He would have said that the market but the thing is an owner. Owns the number and Richard Childress owns that numbers that he can do whatever he wants but take a break and howl we'll wrap it up and we come back. 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And a little valley 619 Iraq's city road. They have an 800 number. 180836076. Died. Six lumber where friendly service is family tradition. Hey buffalo Tim lynch here from Michael local office so he does catcher auto renewal in your rates went up again let me help you say call me they three to thirty to 53 or just stop them across from the boulevard mall on tunnel Wanda open evenings and Saturdays for your convenience they buffalo Tim engineer and Michael local office haven't got you're Geico quote yet. Can't save money that way. Call me any three to thirty to 53 or just up in cross from a boulevard mall on tunnel Wanda. Open evenings and Saturdays for your convenience. Fred turned out loud yeah today today yeah. I'd baba Louie is on overtime. Right now I'm gonna make this quick race at Dover this week and one mile trek used to be the toughest track on the on the circuit because you never get a chance you're I was turning left. And you it's almost round and Mark Martin said it was a tough to strike here when. Also thought was when the pastor are they're gonna try to put this and stick them down to give it more lanes will see if it works. It's. Maybe I was too. You can see snow. It's. Seeing in ever really is Samsung. And things. It. Maybe this Lil way. Reddy's. Man. Okay okay. Being god. That's proud and sad. It's very dear. Okay. How would she. And. Our end. We'll. And I don't know. AM thirteen point eight WKB. And W. Charlie Rich. And he's kind of going with the flow. Before that Johnny doc in 1976. And his strangers. Shame on do you guys take it nice ride this weekend out two masters in his garden center and are quite a nursery. At 725. Only enrolled in East Aurora. Air's parent Larry Lee. I hate big baby good morning. I know. Okay okay. Room. While I'm listening and yeah I know. It has been caught everybody has whom. Always in you know we appreciate you so much. Have yourself a wonderful weekend and a better week than you did last week and remember. Adversity builds character. You know would a character you. I'm on my way home mama now I just they cannot to back you know are we go along with the women out alive. The fire is no room. They see that all. Good things must end. Call it a night. Iron. Oh. Tomorrow. Yeah. One occurring easy prey is it hard. I've seen so many. The last thing that's there. The use. You're having fun. Look at need. I am. The fire is. Through life. Little tired is. Okay. Things must end. Call it and I. And oh yeah. Tomorrow. Okay. Ones I am happy. Alumni. I didn't keep plugging. Live from needless just one party. And another. I broke her heart. So many time. Now in my head RD line. Then one day she says we've. Are you so. Turn out flu like. Little fired his. Believe at all. Things must now. Call it the night. The iron heads the yeah. Okay. Tomorrow. Oh yeah. And in the senate not. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AM WW KB.