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These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it to advertisers or sponsors. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and point of view a lot of residing in the way it really is I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize if you can not do sharper Al Sharpton. No love making Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson got a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a big. The doctor. And now. Because it seemed like dude dude idea what we were grown you needed cheap tale. Guess who's back in gear and mutations. You found the original. Okay. Always back lives local land maybe even lovable today he would never no 1 minute after 7 o'clock. Growing older is mandatory. Growing up as optional. And laughing actors out this therapeutic. The number one weekend radio variety show right here in buffalo. And as you've got to right now as we check out the no weather forecast. And today. Warmer with clearing. Are you serious. What area. High temperatures around 67. Overnight low tonight 53. For tomorrow becoming cloudy. Highs near 75 overnight low sixty. And Memorial Day a couple of morning showers. High temperatures around 68. Currently don't lake front has 53 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 54. And a low downtown we've go 54 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to nine. Every Saturday morning. This is the radio show that buffalo wakes up to. And AM fifteen to one AWK. Eight VAW plays yeah. Let me up. Okay. It is it's a very long. There. Never saw little woman not. Miles away in it's. Field. Was gone. And I knew my excellent. So break via okay. Okay. Okay. My man kind of the okay. It's. Use to make this. A slam tonight from the moment bound. Yeah. Being a little less. It's. When it's. Found new life may well. Fingers around the news mobile. So it's. Okay. Let me out the window and saw. It's. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's a little just. Large our last music you're amenable variety at least one song in a row. Those are tags and we are free portable and prolific. I'm Buffalo's original Canadian fifteen point eight WKB. Eight W. A program that gives you something to think about sometimes. 1972. Bad finger at the day after day 8 minutes after 7 o'clock this earning all eights. And have you checked out. Doctor. Do you go on Google to blood doctor. And the first one that pops up there you click it. My website. Comes. Personal pictures and you can listen to previous programs from the last few. Few weeks months whatever. And also. If after you get done look at it my website. You. Tim lynch is on there from Geico. And view punch him. On chairmen if you if you wanna start in the face but it says click here. That's where you long ago and go to his website and get a quote. On your auto insurance. So that's the doctor. And pull it up and check it out if you're. Doctor pat carmody is in the studios. Witnesses. But anyway and and I say good morning views are good morning there. And he's got some interesting stuff to speak on this morning. Which will be needed to hear momentarily. And pat you don't. My mind. Thanks John stupid things go outside that's what keeps me Euro signal but. You know the weather. Are arranged on North Carolina NC did it figures certain escaped a cold in the snow and everything. While they've been getting hit an all kinds of rain. And tornadoes. And hurricane season is coming up. And they have TV stations down there. That are doing it half follower of weather. Now up here we get it every three minutes on the team you know sports and mark but every three minutes. And that chuckle of the whole thing is they think they're fooling people. By having one station has. A year European. Whether computer a European wrong. Now that's better than anything we have here and US don't you know domain to another station has Mickey Mouse today and they run around and woods. Two or three year RadioShack 100 dollar computers. And they tell you they're gonna give you a better weather forecast. Between the Amherst and can more Morgan a tight it was. And then no one that really knocks me out. As channel two with their roof top weather hot now. What is the purpose or idea. Of something as insane as that. Stand up on a rooftop. And I give you a better weather forecasts. So I was thank him maybe when I do mind. Whether from now on I stand on top of toilet. I give you had a thought that weather forecast how's that. Why you should go to may not. Right down if if it's if it's crappy day we'll tell yet you know a right John Andrew Andrew Clark our chief engineer and producer every Saturday morning here's Paul Davis. And I'd go crazy. Yeah do. Eleven after seven. From K deep navy. And a good morning to you. Oh this is. This movie good. I yeah. A smile. Us. For. A sounds to. The last time. It's. So. He sadness and I. You still do all. Kind of. Then in the yeah me. Then. You spend. This pain. Okay thanks. Yeah. It's. Okay. Women. So it. Yeah. Lesson I learned the rest radio. On the radio. And you've got it right now kids it is it's 715 Paul Davis acts. And I go crazy major market radio and a large market town of professional service and division. Do you clarks to infinity broadcasting. Wanna tell you now about specific auto sales and Franklin video. Or you can pick up at 2011. Chevry Impala LT eight. 474. Dollars a month. For 66 months. How about 2012. Ford Mustang GT. 4169. Here is what I say. A Chevry Impala limited. 2016. Shabby and have a limited. Four to 29 a month for 66 months and I give you one more. And 2012. Dodge Caliber. SXT. 66 months or a 184 dollars a month. That's epic auto sales and service. 6762129. Route sixteen in Franklin bill Doug Nixon is a guy. You. Column in telling you wanna check out. Maybe a couple of these vehicles and I. Doctor pat carmody in the studio that. 8:15 this morning it's sports with Kevin coped. Sponsored by the comfort funeral. And then coops comments which would be. I'll look forward to every week. Archer doctor Kermit always interest who used to hear your debate. And I try not to make it a good day I'd rather talk about anything from politics. That in here's the other thing at 830. A day of selling. Radio award winning KB speedway report. Now you wanna get into solar. Sure go ahead was you know over the past year and bowl or I've been talking about solar city and the giveaway here. A large taxpayer money buyer buddy Andrew. Kabul 755. Million dollars. Gave it to a billionaire and he has CO best. Best. Popularity rating he's ever had professionally he's he thinks he's going to be the next president follow that as so we need no liberal there. But the plane is. He gave away 755. Million dollars of your money my money New York State tax money to a billionaire. The left and follow is bank. And this gig a factory called solar city went up in south buffalo. And the problem is. They came up with the idea that they were going to be the solar panel company of the world yes and they were gonna have a monopoly and ever made one and a that's the that's the truth and everybody has sought Buffalo's gonna benefit from it because there's going to be to lose 34000. Jobs. My guess what all of that is then blown away yeah I'll blow him. Our body Elon Musk the president and CEO. He is a multi billionaire. He has three companies he has solar city he has Tesla Motors. And he has a racket company which is now supplying. Goodies to the space mission in space. Knowing he he he is as a gigantic break oversee supplying the Russians at odds. All eyes I thought our space program a Democrat was dead so what we do is we use the space station. And anybody that's had been wants to be an answer is up there. Russians. And anybody whom they have to get supplies periodically. And and he just won a major contract with his racquets that's great and felt like the guys have real sharp is no doubt about it that I set along time ago. At this premise that solar city was going to be a lot called the ball. And all is a lot of baloney because there's no big secret to making it solar panel. And approve it I found the best news I've heard a lot of time a company called the forward labs or okay. It is a new start up company. But it's it's based in Palo Alto, California. What they're doing is there coming up with a solar rope that is totally different than any solar roof anybody's putting out. You might as well one what's the big deal first of all. When you buy a brand new 600000 dollar house. And you put solar panels. Your choices are limited. They're going to be black. And they're only going to be placed where the sun news from the drive down to talk about curb appeal. He sees his beautiful 600000 dollar house and hammers and you see this big patch of black solar panels wander off. It's an ugly thing in the world. He felt. What this company has done is they have produced. A six layer. Panel that goes irony as irregular roof. Okay it covers all of the road even those areas and are now involved with the solar trapping OK so the point is. They come in a different collars matches black. He gets late you get all these various color hello that cost 13. As much as let's solar city is charging that they made an AM. Alia they're their big in San Francisco on the Bay Area. And they have beta sites here in New York State. Now it costs one looser less fans know what we're talking about it solar city. And more importantly it takes one half the time to install them so that the client. First I was gonna get a better looking homes at a hatch is refer to it looks like it well from he's gonna get a beautiful row of the color of his choice. It's gonna be highly efficient and it's gonna cost 13 less. Then what is you know commonly thought to be the price are they doing a rainbow colors for the homosexuals from San Francisco on all of the answers I don't know that answer. But I thought that this was really entrance and that. We all knew. There's Como was wrong and and and talking about solar city one of the times he got a two Micah ponies is this is a biggest industrial company. Of production of solar city the truth of the matter is that you it is indicated they never made a solar panel. It they. They have never made a solar panels they always use vendors that's amazing yeah so what they're doing now Indians held up well. Is they are now going to start to use solar panels. Dating incorporated Panasonic. The Panasonic has joined them. And they bought another solar city company which in theory has that high efficient panel but here's the problem. You can't have a monopoly on something that anybody can make OK other companies up Chan. I'm going to put a patent on well within this thing about it is what they're trying to do is smaller cities are trying to make a roof like. Solar panels though it looks rough Wheeler late. Because forward labs already be into the punch with a much more efficient. And better looking. And so the solar a rough are you a spokesperson for these are people. And now that that I've been watching this very carefully because in Elmo we have a moratorium on solar now. You know we know. And are a lot of things happens assign them well. Koroma and I'd love them. Soon as we get rid of the habits you get beat the national fuel so you have but he still took those poor people or court. I'm Mayfair is and it's so they took them to court drive people wanna check this out on on the web video. Just do a school will forward labs. Forward labs and you're going to be very impressed because. This is what I anticipated. Nobody's gonna have a monopoly we haven't even talked about what Cheney can do. Well all get back to this momentarily right now let's go back to 1976. Here's Dickey lead. And this is her arcade. David and Paul. Hey I'm 51 AWK. IV and W. Day feeling from the pioneer propane studios at KB. What. Are you paying for your pro. You call these guys as I geared lying to me geared. But I'm talented. You know more than likely beat your price you pay now 180615. 8144. All right. Now doctor carmody back in 1950. They're reached tree farm. What they were. Doing was selling Christmas trees. But in 1997. They started good the balled and burlap. And have become. One of the largest. Tree farms in the eastern United States. They have over 500 acres. And a half million trees in the ground. Now what they do during the year when they're not digging them up for. Is taking your orders. And their phone numbers 7163728628. Or you can go to re street farms dot com. And check out the whole deal on the web site. They sell everything from four foot 212 foot white spruce blue spruce. Black Hills spruce. Norway spruce and well all the kind of offers you know. And April 1 through May fifteenth. Which has passed. They will dig your order order now they'll take it and dig it for use September 15. Through December. All right. So re Streep farms dot com. And I wanna let you know this they have rolled back the prices. To where they were fifteen years ago. Should. He shows now. During the Bible as we love to do what you are depending twenties mind WW can be your call 71 six's and really. Funny and who. Brad are you getting real. Dogfight your real name or how about a dollar Tony nine gallons. With the first Billups had a dollar ninety. Called pioneer propane incorporated. At seven point 65922068. Locally owned and operated. Residential commercial and agricultural services. 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Data security and advance trip prevention solutions are critical to the business success Dell's small business technology advisors can help you find these solutions and services to keep your business and your customers safe call 1877. By bill. There's absolutely nothing traditional about my small business and when it comes to technology. I need someone who understands my unique needs. That's what my Dell small business technology advisor comes in. With one phone call he said it would tailored products and services. Am on my advisor is focus on my head I can focus on my small business. Get and then some. Including PCs featuring Intel Core processors college advisor today at 877 by itself. All right kids here we go the whether. Taught at top weather. Where's our life and Prager. Today warmer what's clearing. High temperatures around 67. Overnight low tonight 53. Tomorrow's 75 becoming cloudy Sunday. And I overnight low sixties. Memorial Day Monday a couple of morning showers. Highs near 68. Currently the lake front has 53 at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport fifty fours. And the little downtown we've got 54 degrees. At the original and still the best from seven to nine baby. This is AM fifteen to money WKV. Deborah. In season. Down. It's not. Today it's. Below. Okay. Yeah. And Kyle is. Okay. It was on it. Okay. I'm okay. Where did you live. Mean. Use okay. And. Coming. And you. Yeah. I'm just happy. Me. Yeah. And. Yeah. 97 day parade Tony Orlando and dawn. Pan how appropriate. This Memorial Day weekend attack a yellow. Out of them. Nineteen to four rates act Allegheny hills golf course and restaurant. Locally owned the golf course between Cuba and rusher. Where I just happened to be a member about that 96 wanted to hardee's corners road. Right there between Cuba and rushed for. Allegheny hills dot net. And check out their membership fees and a what the courses are all about beautiful eighteen holes. Bent grass. Greens and fairways. They're phone numbers 1585437. When he won 63. Open seven days a week. And if you want a good greatest in food if you wanna go out and have a great time. I don't Friday Saturday night Wednesday night whatever. You go to Allegheny hills. Golf course and restaurant. 96 Tony two parties corners road. Just outside of rush for. A little further to Cuba. About you know we're talking about. If he had done to. Then what you do is go on the Internet. And look at it okay now a doctor Kermit it's it's always great to have you in the studio but what I wanna say is. Are you familiar with this. EU Polly I know about the DD yeah yeah I know people they use him and have been successful in using the well a one on it last night on the Internet I ranked. Looking for a woman. And that this is what got. Yes. Hate to see. And do you ever fitness enhancement for him he's lucky he is he all right there league let's hear it. Okay. If you're. And they told cheering look at me chink. And ran its nineteen to eighteen. Her spirit be there I know write. Books and and it's really I can't. Especially peach and Brad wian. Analysts in principle to. I'm not looking at from copying and that's really. Tear you. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. You. Let's say you are on days. It is time for doing red led ski meets poke this Saturday morning. Remember. Red the landscape meets your butcher for decades. 1585. Volt an avenue in Cheektowaga. Phone number 8925355. Now his jammies starter and the orchestra. All right there you have Jim mr. My good buddy and guys. Doctor pat Kermit hey are you done that way the solar. Story. I am I think that will be keeping an eye on this development. And other. Pretty equally companies. This portion of the program sponsored by size some of pharmacy. And everybody knows where that is in downtown. Alma. Not that that's kind of a tongue in cheek thing is that downtown alma we wanna keep it away. It's. When you speak of well embassy. You can actually blink your rise absolutely and then missed a downtown absolutely. I so he had this idea about Indy cars. Yeah that's coming up. And it brings back some real big memories for me tomorrow write him I was I was in a major major. Race guy and always and still am. Hey pit passes at Watkins Glen. And I was in the pits the Formula One drivers and everything else that the thing I remember the most was the early sixties mid sixties. When the Indy 500 really was some some. It was such a big deal at my wife and I we weren't married at ten. We would go to clients music while you're living together not at all or okay. My wife and I we would go to tie his music hall. Where they had a closed circuit. Presentation. Live panel large screen. Of the Indy 500 from start to finish. And you'd sit there and watched the race and who is phenomenal and you go downstairs. And you did have some lunch some cocktails and come back wants a conclusion of the race. It was an interesting thing because in those days. There were no limits as to what kind of car you could have. But for that probably. For twenty years prior to that all carries were who were there. Powered by Abe often Hauser four cylinder engines. In the front of these monster. So called roasters. So that was a whole story. Hand and when you turn and to watch the Andy you're stuck with watching opera house are powered tires held at the same hand. They were front engined big deal so Dan Gurney rumored Dan Gurney of course later Dan Gurney. He set up this all American racers. And 1963. He did something spectacular you already England. And he asked the question. I would like consider using a rear engine car instead it is bulky. Force on there often homeless. And the people in England says let's give it a shaft. There was a guy who it was called Mickey Thompson yep and he was a major he was a major EU would be useful in round rear engine cars. So. He got ahold of our boy Dan Gurney put him into a Cooper climax then and the race started. And this little Cooper climax when whizzing around the corners faster in these big laugh Anheuser power roasters room. And he came in ninth but it. No he was the first person in 1963. To drive their rear engine tire at Indy. That was 1963. Now listen to this. In 1964. Was the last year a front engine tire won the Indy 500. And 64 and 65. Only six of the 33 tires in front engines. All right who was 64 was at ages four don't want. I don't. 64 I know that primarily Jones began earning 63 yeah that's accurate but this thing about it is all the sudden. Mickey Thompson in and Dan Gurney started talking to forward. And they started talking to Colin Chapman. Who. Designed to Lotus cars for Formula One Racing yes there waiting on Nathan what we put. And nice little Ford engine of that of one of your Formula One type cars if you beef up who's going to be the eight. What do you think. He said I think it's a great idea though. Timmy Clark who world famous driver Formula One driver he came over with this car. And he came in second. He did he came in second with a controversial. Finish. But the point is he didn't have the pit crew. Because he wasn't used to it the next year he hired to woods Brothers is beyond those there alone and he won. And Jimmy Clark and his 256. Cubic inch V8 forward. Within a Lotus chassis. Set the stage. For Indy and that was how it went for years and years and years. You could have a turbine powered car running at Indy and they did. There was no limit get a card can run on four wheels and wheelchair racing and Indy if you qualify. So the point is it was exciting it was the best thing in the world and then they screwed it up. I know what you mean nobody talked about there. Right now all the tires are completely regulated their all this pain. Yet they are you don't want to have you been watching that time trials are now. They're averaging 220. Miles an hour and don't care about interest. The other point is they took all the all the spears. It. They you have to have X number of pit stops. So now fuel. The density of the fuel that is absolutely. Important because. The number of grams per ounce of fuel. Depends on the weight of your car. Isn't the way NASCAR's going to allow you I don't know they'll donate just baloney. Let people race tires for God's sakes. There are cars out there today and blow away. Other cars that I'm I'm a race architect for example my vet to blow your pore had a chance you know enemy that it's him. The nerves that is a very fair as Karen and I of course it will blow it away. 385. Hours dollars or 63 point 700 nanny. I've tapped me I will bull that correlate. That's Tupperware on wheels that's at least called the plastic clock that's. Where that in mind half at. Doctor Kermit you want to speak of size dome forms it is the best place it is in downtown L we've lived in all of my wife and I. Since 1973. And we have to go to size and that's where it's that's from Iran and tell your neighbors as for all the goodies there. Frist about the need pharmaceuticals. You're dealing with the top people. There expert in general post he's the owner and and he knows everything about everything very sharp individual. And his whole family they're all pharmacists they have three or four different pharmacies. But the thing is legal and Obama pharmacy. You're greeted by people that military talk about military doing nowhere as things are. And they have an inventory. And you and I both know. It is unusual. Or media. And single store. You go to some of these other single drug sellers and the one or two bottles as size they have sixteen year eighteen so that you're never run out. They have everything they have a blood mobiles showing up to routinely. You can get your flu shots there you'd gauge your other shots there. It's it's it's who is the lifeline for people that live in the East Europe valuable Lancaster area. Hoya absolutely. And I tell if two people don't know that by now owns and well. Wake up yet hotel leaving gifts happened yes ties. Then I use the last however appreciate it to pay beautiful gifts in a different entry of carriage. It's it's all I saw. The hallmark. But but only better Alia. It's a great place it really is they there right now senator talent. And they're run by a wonderful people knowledgeable people and it's a good experience. All right four minutes before eights and what coaches yet. Well I really I just wanted to continue it is Indy 500. I think I think they ruined it. And watching it now leaves me ice cold as ice cold that I love carries him I really do we suspend. Days it weapons and we used to camp overnight intense. And I don't don't choose to Inca pad that. Open I've talked about this would tapes of and he agrees with me. I believe that open wheel race the Indy cars is is truest form of race. Well there are nothing compared to formula. Well there you ago and I I had pit passes at Watkins. I had a friend who is added the United Press International in buffalo and you heard about my love for car racing in the news and I was going to black and solid and so is it. How would you like pit passes official pitch if this is so I got my college roommate myself pick as the media to very early in the morning and sign a waiver. Stating again that we had killed the wasn't their fault because we're right in the middle of these pets and I was there were Jimmy Clark and Graham hill. Jackie Stewart tolerance on it was something I thought at best and like I said we would we would bring their tents and we've sleep in the infield. It was fabulous fabulous time. But it's all changed now at all. The top crazy so what happened there likens. I don't know if you noticed it was an international place yes indeed we had the United States Grand Prix there and when we would attend my my girlfriend who is now my life. And my roommate. We would go to the Grand Prix. And people from Europe where there you know they would come all the way from Europe to see the Grand Prix of the United States which is at Watkins clan. Well what happened was. The ownership of Watkins made a horrible mistake one time it happened in the sixties and early seven beef. They had a motorcycle race at likens plans. OK and there riff Raff. Came in and stop what was on that. There was this huge huge tract. Where all this in field camping was taking place. Prior regime but the people there were priority we're respectful and quiet and sophisticated. While these bikers showed up. They say holy macro we found something that is really cool but it's all that hinted that they had they. They turned to Watkins Glen in two and that's. The first thing they did when they came back the next year they took a huge Greyhound bus. One of those almost double deckers and drove it into this area and sedated and fighter. You know I heard this Aaliyah Aaliyah I heard this Alia. And then. The state police would be there but they would be afraid to go near the camping because of all what happened is these people. Willie commandeered in the state police vehicle. And drive it into the pits and said it gunfire all there was brutal winter in the middle of that but we tried that to get you know heard anything. But that's what happens when you open up a beautiful venue like Watkins Glen why. Us with his international clientele. And sophisticated racing people. To people that these people never went to the races there ought to loot the motorcycle races. They be sleeping all day long they hand out of the doors of their tires. And then night all hell broke loose. And men that are here. All right doctor carmody appreciate the information and data is exactly 8 o'clock. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB. Show us because they don't lack of good food good people on TV. Guess who's back go on the radio. Our CIA upstate Chevrolet. Vatican my new roads. Shop on line 2147. And yet they have Attica. Dodd job. Now you wanna know about the weather report this holiday. Weekend. Today warmer words clearing which is. I hope they're right high temperatures around the 67. Overnight low tonight 53. Tomorrow high of 75 becoming cloudy. Overnight low sixty and Monday Memorial Day. Couple of morning showers. High temperatures near 6868. On Tuesday partly sunny may be some showers around. And Wednesday's same deal high 65. Currently the lake front has 55 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 56. And aloof downtown babies we've got. 57 degrees at the originals and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. Their radio show that buffalo who wakes up to on Saturday it's. It's on AM fifteen to one AWK. BSW. Phone phone pose a boom. Well he. The. From. We can't we can't be good. So we'll just. Maybe now. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Six minutes after. 8 o'clock. 806. Massachusetts. Those are the beaches before that opening up things as we do every second hour. With Harlow Wilcox and the Hokies. And groovy grunt work. I told you about my roommate. It folks if you heard this before I'm sorry. About. I had a roommate you know there's certain words. Even me I forget what your race. That. Have trouble pronouncing. Joseph coach. He was a big time linebacker on the football to New Mexico. And he could not say Massachusetts. He years to say added this is no joke and used to get upset with himself. He used to say Massa took shifts a pop up. And you know all. Then I start making fun of them and that we beat didn't to a fight in the role would be a best of beds would be thrown all over the place in the dressers. But anyway we editor at seven minutes after eight and 57 degrees our temperature forgot what I was gonna do. But. Anyway we indicated in our allies he couldn't he Binghamton. Binghamton and hated being in and my wife could never say. That my wife could never say sentiment. Well. She just couldn't do it analysts was when my hand. Trouble with blue bonnet. Plague is and how you say yes all right I said it right that I have tropical downward. Anyway. Being it is Memorial Day weekend. And you folks who have been around for a few decades. You don't remember. This song. From sergeant Barry Sadler. Fired in Seoul looters on moonless sky and. Fearless and then boom. Good job then die. Never seen. Just one day safe. Both brave men. All the pain relief. Still blue green. Thought I owned it. There is on the fun does best. 100. Will test Tuesday and the only free. When they're playing Blu-ray news. Crane who live. We'll all need. Trained in con man. And then. Fine. My night. Learn anything. Okay. Soon. This is our. It's. One Monroe and end. We'll test the day. Please. It's okay. Don't know why we. Heard green me. Stay. He has the locals love president. It is painful. This last we left. Fox News. One day. Others' memories director. Sergeant Barry Sadler and the ballads of league remember rate. 11 after 8 o'clock good morning to you our phone number here 71680315. To want me. One Italian by union auto and truck repair. 1516. Harlem road that unit number two in Cheektowaga. And not today is Sunday are your AC Delco. Service dealer. And you go to union auto and truck repair. Get a lube oil and filter plus tire rotation. For 2995. Phone number for Rick and Mark Jones 322062. Guys. 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Or call 7166528760. All right 17 after 8 o'clock and the man who always is. I'm time with the scores and mortars here's a Kevin cooped. And Grimes. It. Like did you like that this Turkey. We've got lots of sports lots of high school sports and of course this is this season where all the Major League sports converge. A great time he appears sports fan but let's get right to it between the raindrops believe it or not to baseball was played yesterday. Teams would turf fields being able to get in their games let's go to the Georgetown cup playoffs. That's the attempt with Quaker school saint Joe's yesterday beating bishop I meant by a score of forty doping given caloric. And two hitters in that game available on. He Georgetown cup playoffs we have other games going on nichols' first Saint Francis tonight. That's at 6 PM on Sunday chambers of Lancaster takes on pert little old era. At the nortel's that are two of the three game series coming up can nation's first St. Joe starting on May Syria. If they move toward the championship. And it's Coca-Cola field in section six baseball it was so Lancaster Williams sold nor move to better day to day at 2 PM. In the class double A semi finals. Class a finals will sell will be taking and over again today at noon at Niagara Falls Playskool baby beautiful. Baseball complex up there. In Niagara Falls yet as quest beat final will be all been taking calls for don't get it zoo. Clad feet it'll be Allegheny limestone first Maple Grove at 3 PM that hit Dietrich park. In Jamestown. Class. As we turn to the softball diamond with the ladies it's Orchard Park defeating Niagara wheat field by a score. Seven to two. Yesterday's meeting police went two for three in that game. A Lancaster will norte facing off in softball today. At 2 PM let's say action on Tuesday will each will be taking an all the end to pew person that sign up. Capacity to belly will be taking notes should talk late. Ian. And other games Clancy to action will be pork bill also picking on Maple Grove. At 7 PM. That's coming up later this week. We go to the college diamond. Echinacea is college eliminated from the picture of it yesterday. They lost to lie you'll know by a score of five to two sow their seeds and it is now done. Let's take a look at some other stuff that we had to the major leagues. Scoreboard from yesterday it was Oakland copy my yankees Ford want even though Tanaka struck out thirteen batters. Still loses the game that baseball for a one Toronto over Texas seven the excuse that he topic Cleveland six the war. The red sex shutting out Seattle to redeveloping. Houston over year old's doctor Kate cute enough things Tampa Bay topic Minnesota 522. Ian the National League it was the Mets beating Pittsburgh 821 Washington topic in San Diego five to one. Cincinnati over Philadelphia five to two. Colorado and Saint Louis nothing Arizona defeating Milwaukee an extra innings. 422. Big weekend Ian sport actually big week in sports we've got a couple of things kicking off championship series in the NHL. It will be Nashville. First Pittsburg. In the Stanley Cup finals that starts on Monday. In the NBA. The same two teams going at it for their third straight year the Cleveland Cavaliers. And the Golden State Warriors their championship series kicks off. At 9 PM on Thursday. And you know LeBron James that's step Currie. Just two fabulous players two great teams. All of these state championship series should be really good. And it will be interest you know buffalo link error in Nashville. In the NHL Pete Weber many people may remember Forrest worked it WP he had. And then buffalo by and so. Baseball broadcasts yes under the result. He can get the opportunity to call his first. Stanley Cup final as the play by play man. For the national predators. So. Little bit of buffalo connection there on that one and Lansing and hockey. All the coaches you know are kind of Major League sports seem to have been fired. Yesterday the Rochester Americans fired their coach. Bill. To collect everybody's been cleaned out. Then we've got all the coaches. Hopefully better and the previous season and he did not have a good year so wrapped up sports. Well whoever they next coach is hopi and enjoys his two years there. Typically like all the other a couple of coaches. Wanted to after it blocked. And we'll be back with Cooper's comments right after this since 1970 fours Amy's car wash and detail center has been serving our greater. Easter rural areas with the best. How about Sandy's dog watch. The biggest in the area. Immaculate facilities was high quality products for your dog always included. Like warm water. Open 24/7. And a large spacious room. Warm and cozy with big tubs for you and your dog for your dogs. Online as Sammy is why should dot com. 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Sorry Kevin we're out of time. Yeah I know but for the better going. You know I noticed or reported important but it just. You're ducking me last week doctor Jay Leno Letterman and here and we let we let big let me give me your proper introduction. Ladies and gentlemen. That irritate a Democrat. Used logic and facts. Yes. By the way yeah that that's great hey you know what I don't try to put away for his big foreign trip this week yeah it's been affected in in Saudi Arabia they welcomed him with a brand new song did you did you actually hear it go. Strict and up anyway it's. Sounds right holes. Basically it's a comedy of errors once again for the drug administration. Has he run in run support in its oil. To escape. What cannot be escaped. The effect of he's up to his you know what he'd do do yen edit with this Russia controversy. And breaking news of course happening. Yesterday. Wait a minute let me do this again. Ladies and gentleman but a living proof. That two. Liberalism is a mental disorder now now there's Kevin cooked it. Now and then hey you know what honestly there is reality. And being. Confronting. I issues with true. If stats is that the alternative universe then I guess then that I'm I'm I'm a liberal but. Jared Kushner your now it's under investigation. Right. Yes yeah sure he actually freaked out the Russian ambassador. Again to react actually suggesting. That they use Russian diplomatic facilities force secret communications. You know X capital back channel network setup through Russia yeah it's this this this is what's going to do you. Oh what this whole Russian thing is all about our it's just smokes a smokescreen. To cover up Obama's spying. On the trump campaign. Yeah cable boy where to gauge your news from bright part or I don't let's not just take that well I'll tell you what let's talk about. Some of the major issues this week let's get right to visit budget. It is guiding budget it's in tax breaks for the top 1%. Of our country. Contentious. Hearings this week. In the in the senate. And I'm gonna play a cut by Bernie Sanders who took gotten nick Mulcahy. Who is the budget director for the trump campaign if you complain that Indy. Which serves all objected participants there's no change their meals on wheels is not reduced at all the change that we make it through the CB DG broke him to a limit or block grant thing that you eliminate the block grant you tell me that doesn't that plugs program meet me that those eleven about the program responded senator Ernie got app. It's old age for senior nutrition program I think three HHS which we don't change its docket that is true actually this CD BG program is a block grant the states and some states do choose choose to say use some kind of eliminate that you'll programs and that our bottom line is that senator I mean if you. By air to the total money for meals on wheels that comes from CD BG is 3%. But it. And I don't know heightened possibly contend that we are you are illuminating for the program that plugs not only meals on wheels but many all the programs at the discretion. All of governors and I would be more than happy have a long discussion about CD BG yes about Medicaid as well. That slashing of of Medicaid the dramatic cuts to Medicaid. Disease slower growth in Medicaid. There's one year exception during an Affordable Care Act where you for help the American health care act. Where we bill calls for the into expansionism small reduction act here but generally speaking LT tenure budget. Medicaid spending goes up. And dealt with photos of health care inflation we go through these games every single year inflation is going up a lot less money that you're putting and audible and if Kobe but let me get back to one questioner why do you think global definitely B 52 billion dollar tax for my guess is that you're you're basing that assertion on the only tax the tale that we have in the budget repeal of the healing. Exactly right and that we wanna have a talk about why repealing got to be more than happy to do it stalled because ordinary people are paying more. No ordinary people do not have a well 128 billion dollar average ordinary average increase across this nation see about it at the box here lies percent. Yeah. It you can see basically the crux of what's happening in this country. We're turning around. Programs that may need to be manned missions some place. But were cutting into Medicare were cutting into needed nutrition were cutting into programs that serve people who need it the most. What about those Social Security recipients who haven't had a raise in three years you talk about inflation. Hey it's 830 pound you have a great weekend. I'll see a camera but I've. Time for the KB speedway report sponsored by upstate Chevrolet have medica. And buys six lumber and building supplies and JP and little valley. Where friendly service it is family tradition. And by your local Geico agent in Amherst Tim lynch better coverage for a lot last donate 32 at thirty to 53. And by how has speedway motor sports complex. The family value place seed the future stars of NASCAR on asphalt the high banks of Holland International Speedway. Now the man who's always on speed. Here's de Soledad good morning sir hey Dave it's. It is a good morning bride to be here. And now it's not raining for a change I don't know how long battle but lot of things going on back during in his split it kind of and a half here. With between NASCAR and the local causes stuff on both. The big news emanating out out of Kansas. Which we didn't get a chance to talk about was that Danica Patrick was in another. Crash and this one wasn't over on making but. After the race after the courage that she was in. There were commentary. What happened is doing let go broke took her out and then Eric Amaral of rolled into it. Bottom line is after the it commentary after they came the it appears senator. Do really got to made a point as saying things about Eric camera what was their airlifted out of there wound up for the Burke broken vertebrae. Dedicate came out and ended. Mentioned that she was. Feeling bad she it was Evan bad luck she after they found out that her neurological. Process these were good. She felt the cheese she's just it got bad luck and seagate keeps getting cut up bottom line is we came out that's it was poor me. While Amaral is being operated it really hit. And I hit and you and I both agreed social media can be it dog but the social media went after her like. Like I've never seen it before and I usually don't cover it won't watch that. But they really went after and date they've finally started it things about her. That a lot of people don't know the fact is that in and we've talked about this. One other thing loses she is one of the most foul mouth people. In NASCAR. Wouldn't think them coming from a little hundred pounds dripping. But she he she is is lethal that way and I've told you this before and I told the audience I get her stuff I get PR stuff from a lot of drivers. And yet not one of them in five years or whatever how long she's been doing that. As she admitted that she ever made a mistake it's always somebody also was poor made it really did not play well and since that time. Talked about her retiring his has for ramp up. Talk about Tony Stewart in firing her his revved up and and and the reason for that is simple he has most sponsors. He is their couple linked together sponsors and when you don't have sponsorship and that's the reason nature that you're racing. This is this is lethal by the way. We talked about the lawsuit that she had against the the the bakery nature's secret that's been settle. Very quietly in the last few days it's been settled but it was it was one of those we gonna get rid of this because it's dragging us down. And if it if brief means virtually nothing they kissed and made up. Nature's victory is gonna sponsor for racist too for her and two for Clint Boyer who is also always. Also having trouble getting sponsorships so. It just basically went away. Ricky craven came up with a better. A better idea Europe better theory as to why she might retire. Cheat sheet admitted that. You know that that are progress that are career has progressed her best. Sure every change in darker than like 24 when he fifth and that's despite having the best at having equipment that puts her in the cup. Fifteen anyway. So anyway. The cumulative effect. Of these injuries and she's had some good news is that what in Kansas was that gentle and she's had a number of these. So watch for this to happen. Rather than have Tony Stewart fire which look rules. They're gonna come up with she's had too many injuries. She's only use it as a is that you don't encounter problems. Ricky craven pointed out there's only so much that a body can take and I agree with that I really do and she has been pummel. So I'm looking for either her to announce her retirement. At the end of this year that or if not sooner. Because. The doctors say so or because she wants to. Get married and have a family but they're gonna and I think I can almost guarantee it. This is it for her the last thing is this is her last season as so you know it was a good experiment it didn't work. It's time for her to go. Hey how about her going up and a boost with their potty mouth. She is actually going to be one at the and they're they're gonna drag gimmick in. In in this support 600 where she actually. Is going to be commentator. I guess they're gonna have several of doing and trek. Play by play in their cards and is different statements that she's got. Be one so I was as. It is via the welter so there are used and by the way well we're talking about useless here's another little tip. Kyle Busch. Won the truck race at Kansas. And all of a sudden Kyle has decided. He's gonna try to win all three divisions. He's gonna is gonna run the full truck. Slate the fully committed these slate an awful as current slate trying to become the first guy in history to win all streets and guess what. He'll win the core trucks in the walls 'cause there's nobody can touch. He'll win nick Kennedy because other than then Kyle Larson and may be duly legato and a couple others. Who don't run the whole series. He should win that and then it'll come down to. Whether he wins the basket when that'll be the artist on the last thing NASCAR needs is for cowboy. To be that champion at all three it would be it mobius said. Situation. It if it that would happen so keep an Matt also. The Indy road course. Is that being considered. As a possibility. For the brickyard 400. I consider this. They're only getting about 50000 in a place that you know omelets in the old that old clothes and 300000. They can't get tickets the weight of that anymore so now they're contemplating possibly using. There road course inside we talked about they have also of a golf course in there at the ones don't anyway so let's say you do that. It's hard enough to get people to watch when they're gone by now they're going around in the infield to dig in and day again. How is that government markets that I had their does. Doctor just grasping at straws and it's said because there are. They've they've run out of ideas. And then the other thing that the other big nose in this system to keep keep on. With with NASCAR well the other stuff they're trying to do. Is they are realizing that these tracks that have two events are are it's not work. And they're looking to take some of the tracts and hit two events. And spread them around to other tracks the problem is they're out that many others they're making it sound like they're sharing the wealth pulpit where it's about they're losing money. A place like Dover a place like. Well I'm Bristol also much. But a place like Michigan where boredom is the worst possible thing to connect the best possible thing you can get out of that. A New Hampshire where nobody can get to. The only places in my mind that tube that we're two races makes sense are Bristol. Had to have my own. Richmond at two. Daytona which is the headquarters. And Atlanta only has one. And Atlanta is the best sister I can NASCAR by the way that it's not Talladega and say it. They were fastest speeds are retained there so they're gonna fool around with that. And which Americans may back to when they tried again actually get rid of darling remember when they get rid of Rockingham. North Borough. And they tried to get rid of Darlington. And they took one race away give it to Texas and they turned around and they scheduled the southern 500. Actually it was a yeah I think it was a southern 500 which was of the debate one of the biggest race schedule. They tried they said okay will proved he has the added that they care where we're gonna put it up Mother's Day. Which which stated. And and when they did the fans showed up we guess what. If they did it again. They wouldn't show up because even Darlington as as unique as it is. Has lost it's luster what along with everything else so I don't know what they're gonna do it there. But they have some serious trouble and now they've got this help but trust the world 600 come in tomorrow. Running opposite the Indy 500. Actually around afterwards. How do you make a 600 mile race exciting. Kyle Busch ran away with the oust their race it was it was this new loser and they were there was there's nothing they can do about that. So you've got this world 60400. Laps around the mound I have tracked. I as they're they've made it into force stated they give in May and eight stated it doesn't matter that's much much too long. The bottom line is everything in there that they're trying is failing and they're grasping at straws. I hope bigger as a good 11 of these days because they need it let's take a break when we come back I can wanna talk about some local things that would go on. All right upstate Chevrolet you know they want your trade in and there are buying all makes and model vehicles. They are looking at your motorcycles you rate TVs here are the easier boats year jet skiing is. They will trade on just about anything. And by the way they're all open Memorial Day weekend. 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Hey buffalo Tim lynch here from Michael local office so he does catcher auto renewal in your rates went up again let me help you say call me they three to thirty to 53 or just stop them across from the boulevard mall on tunnel Wanda open evenings and Saturdays for your convenience they buffalo Tim engineer and Michael local office haven't got your Geico quote yet. Can't save money that way. Call me any three to thirty to 53 or just up in cross from a boulevard mall on tunnel Wanda open evenings and Saturdays for your convenience. The best friend a microphone ever had. Doctor. KB KM 1520 WW KB buffalo all right Dave you've got blown mid Atlantic. Okay I'm gonna try to make it quick. You know you've heard a lot about Lancaster the last couple weeks there last week or so. That the YouTube film and they over the incident. At the trek with a with a guy back in a pickup truck fight with a security guy keep in mind that this wasn't cruise night. Cruise night is Wednesday night this is a night when people go and show off their iron and they get into their cups a little bit. And get carried away and they try to do their stuff in the park and loud as well on the drag strip. It's unfortunate that that that that appeared may be it'll do some good but keep in mind that stacked aren't a direct program as a on the weekends. And today aren't. I have nothing to do with that. And gestured rethinking their their philosophy on that it's a great night if it can be policed hopefully it can. And lastly. Freedoms be waived. Debuted that modified class all different kinds by all accounts it was a great show it the the racing was good. Assailed penalty if you've never seen a month terrorists that little different but good jump off point for freedom. And it if the weather clears. Little valley tomorrow night one of its force shows. The super late models and the 358 out of sides. Try to get between the raindrops try to go to or race. Arrived Dave have a great weekend okay that. See around campus is not. Lowe and his. My. That's who. That's too. Where the sky days are. Okay. I see. Where birds and sea. It's. Very. No matter here why. Pain. And I. He's. Time. He ran. I. I. It's. Then we shall. Sure sure you remember. So yeah. Yeah. Tees around him. Teaching me at ten. Man oh man. Even yeah. I can't. Yeah. And being. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. From the pioneer of rock band studios. JB what are you praying for your pro rated. Call 180615. 8144. I loved that kid Leann Womack and actually you know. It's RA. Is who's talking here I'll pass playing with a stone. Anyway I start as say I'd love Leann Womack. And she's fine now. And before that we heard from David Rogers. And a world called you a fellow that my wife sang with in Redding Pennsylvania in 1972. As a matter fact. All right seven minutes before nine are you done by now I'm done OK a one man and virtually you wanna say some wonderful things about president. Truck yeah a unanimous favorite guys you know well. All right these animals but the point ought to cut tango. He did couple things that and noteworthy. First of divesting it he has done for me. Is that he has kept Hillary out of my living room the next eight years. That's a good day at the very. Oh what he did is he went over to Saudi Arabia. And he shook them up. And he said things like the following he did you people are all Sunnis. And they say yeah we are he says al-Qaeda is Sunni. Prices is Sunni why don't you people get your act together and correct what's going Allah those two idiot groups. And they they looked like you know that's a good idea. But that's really what's going Iraq this this saudis have the power. If they wanted to do to crack down. Because. What they're doing is they're doing and number. And and I ran which is okay but they're not doing enough to Iran. But they're not doing anything to their own people. The bad decision Sunnis of al-Qaeda in a bad Sunnis devices and he brought that up and I think that her first time. That is a big gate change. It is aid he did a lot. Good things just the past ten days whatever but you know kind of I just. Certain things stick in my mind and did the Pope again on his case. Last year about a wall. Between Mexico and us. Well. How about taking down the wall around the Vatican. Why do you need a wall. Can man I. I had to hold up anybody. I mean we're talking about the Berlin Wall and we're talking becomes law. There one of those names them okay hold back people that attic walls it's there forever. But the neat thing about this is for ten years the Obama administration has been really nice to Iran. That nuclear. Oh well nuclear concessions. Was a total joke we knew we. Turned over billions of dollars of their money they could blow away our own people of course OK so at least one thing about trump. Is he recognizes that that is is stupid thing. And so finally although those concessions and all that money that we've been handing over to Iran is gonna come to an end. And he's gonna is Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Sunni people to start cracking down and the real bad people. And sooner or later there's going to be peace over there between the saudis and in Israel. All right doctor Kermit EI thank you for your commentary this morning as always and it's great to see you and yourself UN cat have a great weekend new. Folks it has been upon nice save did this song for last. And it's says a lot to be. And you have a great weekend ladies and gentlemen. Here are the Stadler Brothers as we sneak out the back story. So all from. There are. As it is again. She took. The words. Pain. Home. Yeah. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AM WW KB.